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Design Trust Futures Studio 2018 Concept Presentation 未.共研社 設計概念簡介會 Date 日期

2018.4.21 Venue 地點

The Hive Spring

Guest Critics 評論嘉賓 Michael Young (Founder, Michael Young Studio), Marvin Chen (President, HKIA), Frank Leung and Irene Lai (Co-founders, Via Architecture), Kacey Wong (Visual Artist, Founding Member of Art Citizens), Elita Lam (Head, Department of Fashion and Image Design, Hong Kong Design Institute), James Acuna (Founder and Creative Director, JJA / Bespoke Architecture), Mark Blackwell (Partner, Morphis), Willie San (Senior Property Services Manager, ArchSD), Doris Fok (Assistant Director, LCSD), Horman Chan (Chief Leisure Manager, LCSD), Sean Affleck (Director, Make Architects), Amy Chan (Curator, Learning and Engagement, M+), Eric Schuldenfrei (Associate Dean, Faculty of Architecture, the University of Hong Kong), Benjamin Cha (Chief Executive, Grosvenor Asia Pacific), and Donald Choi (Chief Executive Officer, Chinachem Group) Michael Young (Michael Young Studio 創 辦人),陳沐文 (香港建築師學會會長),梁 以立與 Irene Lai (Via Architecture Limited 聯合創始人),黃國才 (視覺藝術家及藝術公 民創始成員),林綺妮 (香港知專設計學院 時裝及形象設計學系主任),James Acuna (JJA / Bespoke Architecture 創辦人兼創意 總監),Mark Blackwell (合作夥伴,莫爾菲 斯),辛偉賢 (建築署高級物業服務經理), 霍李湘玲 (康樂及文化事務署助理署長,康 樂事務),陳明昌 (康樂及文化事務署康樂事 務經理),Sean Affleck (Make Architects 總監),陳曉嵐 (教學及參與策展人,M+), 邵達輝 (香港大學建築學院副院長),查耀中 (高富諾有限公司亞太區行政總裁),及蔡宏 興 (執行董事兼行政總裁,華懋集團)

13:00 – 13:15

Reception 接待

13:15 – 13:25 Design Trust Futures Studio 2018 introduction 「未.共研社」簡介 Marisa Yiu, 姚嘉珊 13:25 – 13:40 Sharing by M+/ Design Trust Fellow M+ / Design Trust 研究學人分享 Fan Lok Yi, 樊樂怡 13:40 – 13:50 Questions and discussion 問題與討論 13:50 – 14:10 Group presentations on design concepts of micro-parks 微型公園設計概念簡介 14:10 – 14:55 Discussion with guest critics 與評論嘉賓討論 14:55 – 15:15 Group presentations on design concepts of micro-parks 微型公園設計概念簡介 15:15 – 16:00 Discussion with guest critics and conclusion 與評論嘉賓討論及總結

Lead Curator’s Message 主策展人的話

“In bringing various communities together, both in the public and private sector, educational arena and across borders, I hope we can advance a spirit of generosity and dialogue within our region and internationally. We advocate for the positive values of design in the role for shaping a better city and region we live in. Our new flagship programme DESIGN TRUST FUTURES STUDIO is a pilot programme to explore and experiment with new ideas, exchanges and ultimately transform the individual and collective notion of how we participate in the production of a city”. 「透過跨越工商、教育界別及地域的社群,我希望我們 能夠促進一種慷慨的精神,建立地區性及國際性的對 話。我們提倡正面的設計,能夠建立更美好的城市及居 住的地區。信言設計大使的旗艦項目『未.共研社』是 一個促進交流、探索和實踐新意念的平台,最終改變個 人或大眾如何參與城市創造。」 Marisa Yiu 姚嘉珊 Co-founder, Executive Director of Design Trust (an initiative of the Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design) 信言設計大使聯合創辦人及執行總監

Design Trust Futures Studio 2018 未.共研社 Design Trust Futures Studio 2018 (DTFS 2018) is a long-term flagship programme that makes visible the processes and positive role of design in the culture of contemporary design and production. The programme stems from a project-studio concept that promotes life-long collaborations through a mentor-mentee programme.


Design Trust Futures Studio is a cross-disciplinary initiative created and conceptualized by Marisa Yiu, Co-founder and Executive Director of Design Trust. Experts from different fields will contribute to the mentor-mentee teams in the exploration of materials, production, and put forth the positive value of design of public spaces in Hong Kong, the Pearl River Delta Region and internationally.


As an extension of last year’s inaugural Design Trust Futures Studio, the 2018 theme for Futures Studio is “PLAY IS FOR THE PEOPLE”. Tackling and promoting the ideas of innovation, leisure and play, which creates meaning from the people, for the people with human factors, ergonomics and physical designs in play. Four practical yet playful micro-parks will be realized in four different locations around Hong Kong. Following the positive momentum of last year’s inaugural programme, Design Trust Futures Studio 2018 continues to work with international and Hong Kong-based Mentors, together with nine senior mentees who are continuing their participation along with nine new mentees. With an aim to foster practical and innovative designs for different communities in Hong Kong. The four teams will share and collaborate with members of the public, district councils, and design agencies in both public and private sectors. Design Trust Futures Studio 2018 is presented in three phases, beginning with an introductory workshop in February 2018. From February to April, the teams focused on site research and initial public engagement through a series of workshops and site visits that drives the teams’ conceptual designs. For the second phase, the teams will fine tune their microparks design and prepare prototypes for the public presentation and exhibition in September. Finally, the teams will plan, develop and prepare for build and constructions in order to realise future parks for public enjoyment. 2

現代設計和生產文化中的過程和積極作用顯現出來。他們集 中討論前瞻思維,並展示出設計如何能為社會和公共空間帶 來正面的貢獻。該項計劃源於一個項目工作室的概念,透過 導師與學員互相學習而促進終身合作。 「未.共研社」由信言設計大使聯合創辦人及執行總監姚嘉 員團隊探索不同材料的運用、製作及如何能夠改善香港的公 共空間;進一步將香港、珠江三角洲以至國際的正面的公共 空間設計再推前。 作為去年首屆「未.共研社」的延伸,2018 年的主題是 《眾.樂樂園》。針對和促進著創新、閒暇和娛樂的創意思 路,從人們中找到意義、為人們創造意義,及結合具有人為 因素,人體工學和實物設計的概念,四個實用而且具趣味性 的微型公園將會在香港四個不同的地方活現出來。 承接去年初推出之成功,「未.共研社」繼續與知名的國際 和香港導師合作,以及九位去年曾參與 「未. 共研社」 的 設計師學員和九位新成員。計劃強調跨領域合作,及以促進 香港不同社區實用和創新的設計為目標。四組設計師團隊將 與公眾、區議會及各公、私營的設計機構分享及協作,以促 進不同社區的實用和創新設計。 「未.共研社」主要由三個部分組成:首先是本年 2 月舉辦 的簡介工作坊。2 月至 4 月期間,各組別與導師有緊密的溝 通、出席工作坊和進行實地考察,以推動設計師團隊的微型 公園設計概念。在第二階段中,團隊將微調他們的微型公園 設計,並為九月的展覽製作原型。最後,設計師團隊將規劃 和預備興建所設計的微型公園,使之實現給予公眾享受。

Play is for the people

2018 Theme 2018 年主題

眾.樂樂園 What is the future of micro-parks in hong kong? 香港「微型公園」的未來?

The 2018 theme is “Play is for the people” on PLAY: PEOPLE AND MICRO-PARKS. Looking especially into the context of different neighbourhoods in Hong Kong, Design Trust Futures Studio 2018 will culminate a series of multifunctional public rest gardens, playground and sitting-out areas that supports the people’s needs. 2018 年的主題是《眾.樂樂園》。在香港不同社區的背景下, 「未.共研社」將會建造一系列多功能的公共休憩花園、遊樂場和 休憩處,以滿足市民的需求。



• Project studio concept

• Promote exchange of ideas and processes


• Continuing learning 持續學習

• Life-long collaboration 終身合作

• Mentoring as a collaborative process 以師徒指導為合作過程

• Mentor as mentee, mentee as mentor 導師與學員互相學習


• Use design to advance and improve social well-being, health and community interaction 以設計推進及改善社會健康及社群交流

• Raise awareness of environmental issues through creative means 通過創意手法提高對環境議題的意識

• Produce collaborative campaigns or alternatives to advocate for the positive values of design 以合作活動或另類活動來提倡設計的正面價值


People 成員


Design Trust Futures Studio 2018 brings together international and Hong Kong-based mentors to work together with diverse and multidisciplinary designermentees. There are nine senior mentees who are continuing their participation along with nine new mentees. In total, we have sixteen Hong Kong-based designer-mentees and two from the Pearl River Delta Region. Each mentor works with a group of designer-mentees. The teams explore the theme "Play is for the People" to develop a series of concepts of micro-parks for future Hong Kong. Each team will transform their design concepts in various districts around Hong Kong and the designed micro-parks will be realised and built as pilot parks. International and Hong Kong-based advisors from the public and private sectors work alongside the mentors and designer-mentees, offering guidance and practical solutions to help instigate the micro-parks concept designs. 「未.共研社」由知名的國際及香港設計師擔任導師,與來自不同 設計領域的設計師學員緊密合作。本年有九位去年曾參與 「未. 共研社」 的設計師學員以及九位新成員參加,當中有十六名是本 地的設計師學員,還有兩名來自珠江三角洲地區的學員。 每位導師都與四至五位設計師學員合作,一同探索《眾.樂樂園》 這個主題。他們將會為香港設計一系列微型公園的概念。每個團隊 都將會把他們的設計理念轉化成現實,在香港不同地區的選址上, 他們的微型公園概念將會在未來實現建成。 來自不同公、私營部門的國際及香港顧問亦會從旁指導,協助導師 和設計師學員為微型公園的設計概念提供指導和實用的解決方案。


Lead Curator 主策展人

Marisa Yiu 姚嘉珊 Marisa Yiu is an architect and Founding Partner of ESKYIU, a multi-disciplinary architecture and research design studio actively integrating culture, community, art and technology based in Hong Kong. She was the Chief Curator of the 2009 Hong Kong & Shenzhen BiCity Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture located at the West Kowloon waterfront; and also curated Studio-X Shenzhen at the Value Factory. Along with her partner Eric Schuldenfrei, they were awarded the ‘Architectural League Prize’ for their installations featured in the Venice Biennale and New York’s Lower Manhattan Cultural Council; received Architectural Record’s 2014 Design Vanguard recognition and Design for Asia Award for Ephemera, commissioned by Swire Art Basel and Movement culture: installation for Ido Portal. They edited, INSTANT CULTURE: Architecture and Urbanism as a Collective Process and co-authored “Unitary Urbanism” in the book, High-Rise – Idea and Reality.

建築師姚嘉珊為 ESKYIU 的創辦人之一,ESKYIU 乃一間駐

Yiu’s work and writings have been published in A/D, Domus China, MIT’s thresholds, and Architectural Record among others. She has spoken at numerous global platforms including TEDxCUHK, BoDW, UNESCO forum and at Harvard’s AsiaGSD conference. She has taught at London’s Architectural Association, Parsons, Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, School of Architecture at CUHK among others. Yiu is an AIA member, HKIA associate, served on the Board of Advisors for RTHK (seven years term), and Board member of the Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design for the past eight years, and is the Co-founder and Executive Director of its new initiative called DESIGN TRUST, that supports creative and research content related to Hong Kong and the Greater Pearl River Delta Region.

版》、《MIT's thresholds》以及《Architectural Record》

於香港的多領域建築及研究設計工作室,積極從事整合文 化、社區、藝術及科技等設計項目。她曾於 2009 年擔任 由西九龍海濱舉辦的港深城市\ 建築雙城雙年展總策展人, 並策劃了 Value Factory 位於深圳的「Studio-X」項目。 姚嘉珊與合夥人 Eric Schuldenfrei 二人曾以他們於威尼 斯雙年展和紐約曼哈頓下城區文化協會發表的裝置項目榮 獲「Architectural League Prize」;也曾以「Movement culture: installation for Ido Porta」及由巴塞爾藝術展贊助 的作品「Ephemera」榮獲《Architectural Record》2014 年「設計先鋒(Design Vanguard)」稱號與亞洲最具影響 力設計獎 (Design for Asia Award) 。他們共同編寫的著作包 括《INSTANT CULTURE: Architecture and Urbanism as a Collective Process》和《Unitary Urbanism” in the book, High-Rise – Idea and Reality》。 姚嘉珊的作品和文章曾發表於《A/D》、《Domus 國際中文 等出版物。她亦於 TEDxCUHK、設計營商周、UNESCO 論 壇、哈佛大學 AsiaGSD 研討會等國際論壇平台上公開演講。 她曾任教於倫敦建築聯盟學院、帕森設計學院、庫珀.休伊 特國立設計博物館以及香港中文大學建築學院,現為美國 AIA 建築學會成員、香港建築師學會附屬會員,並於過去八 年間曾受任於香港電台顧問委員會(七年任期)和香港設計 大使董事會。姚嘉珊現為信言設計大使的聯合創辦人及執行 總監,旨於支持香港及大珠江三角洲地區的創意研究。


International Workshop Mentor 工作坊國際導師

Elizabeth Diller Elizabeth Diller is a founding partner of Diller Scofidio + Renfro (DS+R), an interdisciplinary design studio that works at the intersection of architecture, the visual arts, and the performing arts. The studio's international body of work includes the adaptive reuse of historic infrastructure to create the High Line, and the renovation of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. Most recently, the studio completed the Vagelos Education Center at Columbia University in New York and The Broad museum in Los Angeles. The studio is currently completing The Shed and the renovation and expansion of the Museum of Modern Art, both in New York; the Tianjin Juilliard School in China; the Museum of Image & Sound in Rio de Janeiro; and Zaryadye Park in Moscow. Diller is a recipient of the MacArthur Foundation's “genius” award, the first awarded in the field of architecture. She is a Professor of Architecture at Princeton University.

Elizabeth Diller 為 Diller Scofidio + Renfro (DS+R) 合伙創 辦人。DS+R 為一間跨界設計工作室,遊走於建築、視覺藝 術和表演藝術之間,國際項目包括由舊基建活化改造的高線 公園及林肯表演藝術中心重建計劃等。工作室的近年項目包 括紐約哥倫比亞大學 Vagelos Education Center 及洛杉磯博 物館The Broad 等,正在進行的項目包括即將完工的紐約項 目 The Shed、紐約現代藝術博物館的擴建翻新工作、中國天 津茱莉亞學院、里約熱內盧 Museum of Image & Sound, 以及莫斯科 Zaryadye Park 等。Elizabeth 為麥克阿瑟基金 會" 天才獎" 得主,是建築界裡首為獲頒此殊榮的業界人士。 她是普林斯頓大學教授(建築)。

High Line, Aerial view at Little W. 12th Street.

Photo by Iwan Baan, courtesy of Diller Scofidio + Renfro


“Protecting public space is one of the most important things that architects should and could be involved in, because space is being progressively privatized and it’s very important to have these spaces of release where there is a public interest at stake. We need to be vigilant about this. I’m really glad you’re doing what you’re doing, because maybe if we can’t make another central park, we can make a hundred micro parks.” 「保護公共空間,是建築師應該做的其中一件最重要 的事情,也是建築師所應該參與其中的事。空間變得 越來越私有化,釋放那些關乎公眾利益的空間,是非 常重要的。我們對此事要非常小心。我很高興能有這 個項目,因為如果我們不能建造另一個中央公園,或 許我們能做一百個微型公園。」

International Workshop Mentor 工作坊國際導師

Richard Hassell Richard Hassell is the co-Founding Director of WOHA, a design practice based in Singapore. He graduated from the University of Western Australia in 1989, and was awarded a Master of Architecture degree from RMIT University, Melbourne, in 2002. He has lectured at universities around the world, and served as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Technology Sydney and the University of Western Australia. Architectural awards received by WOHA include the 2007 Aga Khan Award for Architecture, the 2010 International Highrise Award, 2011 RIBA Lubetkin Prize and World Architecture Festival awards in 5 di_erent categories in 2009, 2010 and 2016.

在 2016 出版的《Garden City Mega City》中,總括了 WOHA 的設計成為了重新思考二十一世紀建築與都市參考 模式。德國建築博物館在 2011 年 12 月及 2012 至 13 年更 以《會呼吸的建築》為展覽專題,展示 WOHA 的作品。於 2016 年 3 至 9 月,WOHA 於紐約摩天大廈博物館策展了 《Garden City Mega City》展覽。該展覽其後分別在 2017 年 3 至 4 月的墨西哥國際建築節及 2018 年 2 至 4 月的美國 德克薩斯州奧斯汀中央圖書館展出。 Skyville @ Dawson, Singapore

Photo by Patrick Binghamhall, courtesy of WOHA

Four monographs have been published on WOHA’s projects to date. “Garden City Mega City”, a summation of their template for rethinking architecture and cities for the 21st century was published in 2016. “Breathing Architecture”, an exhibition devoted exclusively to their works opened at the Deutsches Architekturmuseum, Germany in December 2011 and Taiwan in 2012-2013. WOHA also curated the “Garden City Mega City” exhibition at The Skyscraper Museum in New York in March - September 2016, which thereafter traveled to Mexico for the Mextropoli Festival from March – April 2017. The show returned to the United States in February – April 2018 where it is currently on show at the Austin Central Library in Texas.

Richard Hassell 為新加坡建築及設計公司 WOHA 的公司 創辦董事。他在 1989 年於西澳洲大學畢業,並於 2002 獲 皇家墨爾本理工大學建築碩士學位。他曾在世界各地的大學 講學,並在悉尼科技大學和西澳大學擔任兼職教授。收到由 WOHA 建築獎包括 2007 阿迦汗建築獎、2010 國際高層建 築獎、2011 RIBA 路貝金獎及於 2009,2010 和 2016 年世界 建築節獎中五個不同類別中獲獎。WOHA 項目更被列入四本 建築專題刊物。


Gary Chang and Team 張智強及團隊

Gary Chang 張智強 Hong Kong-based Mentor 香港導師

“Instead of creating a whole new way of living styles for the community, you should integrate their lifestyles into your design proposal.”

Gary Chang is one of the most influential figures within the architectural, interior and product design world today. With a passion for transformational designs that exemplify ultimate adaptability and sensibility, Chang’s work has focused on spatial flexibility and the interplay between art and practicality. The tiny apartment in Hong Kong in which he grew up sparked a lasting curiosity in maximizing compact space. Chang founded EDGE Design Institute Ltd. in 1994 and has since created such notable works as the Suitcase House in Beijing, his Kung-fu tea-set for ALESSI, and the transformation of his childhood and current 32m2 apartment. 張智強是當今建築、室內及產品設計領域裡最具影響力的人物之一。他鍾情於能 體現極致的適應性和敏感性的轉變式設計,作品著重空間的靈活性以及藝術與實

「與其為社區創造一種全 新的生活方式,不如將他 們的生活方式融入到你的 設計方案中。」

用性之間的相互作用。在香港狹小的公寓環境中成長,激發他對如何將擠迫空間 改造為最便利及有效率抱有持久的好奇心。自 1994 年他創辦 EDGE 公司以來, 創作了無數著名作品,包括長城腳下的公社「箱宅」、獲意大利 ALESSI 邀請參與 Tea-set & Coffee Tower 設計元素之「功夫」茶具,以及童年居所亦即他現在居住 的「Domestic Transformer 」。 Domestic Transformer

Photo courtesy: EDGE Design Institute Ltd.


Designer-Mentees 設計師學員

Zoey Chan (HK)

Jose Fu (PRD)

Aron Tsang (HK)

陳芷瑤 (香港)

傅李程 (珠三角地區)

曾偉俊 (香港)

Architecture and Landscape

New Media and Technologies

Architecture and Landscape

Zoey Chan is a graduate of Master of Architecture from the University of Hong Kong in 2015. In her research she explores the influence of building regulations and developers on Hong Kong’s domestic and public spaces, and examines how small changes in code and design can benefit living space. Her design works have been published and exhibited internationally. Chan was the Design Teaching Assistant at the University of Hong Kong and is currently the Architectural Assistant at P&T Architects and Engineers Ltd. Current works include the design and construction of institutional projects in Hong Kong. She is also active in the implementation of BIM in the industry.(Zoey Chan is a participant of the inaugural Design Trust Futures Studio 2017)

Jose Fu explores the use of VR in education and entertainment. He is an MA graduate from Shenzhen University in Environmental Art in 2014. His work focuses on the use of IT in public welfare. In 2013 he founded Wing-wheel Angel Network Technology Co, where he has been developing and operating the EasyGo barrier-free travel App for disabled and elderly access. In 2014 he was awarded the HK Cyberport Creative Micro Fund, and the HK Cyberport Incubation Programme. (Jose Fu is a participant of the inaugural Design Trust Futures Studio 2017)

Aron Tsang Wai Chun is a Registered Architect in Hong Kong. Upon receiving his Master of Architecture in 2013 and Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies from University of Hong Kong with Distinction, he has worked in a number of renowned offices in Hong Kong, Seoul and Stockholm. His works have been awarded and featured at multiple competitions and publications, in which he was also awarded as one of the Hong Kong Young Design Talents in 2014.


陳芷瑤剛畢業於香港大學建築碩士系。她 的研究專注探索建築規章及發展商對香港 住宅和公共空間的影響,同時也研究法規 及設計中的小改變對生活空間產生的積極 作用。她的設計作品曾於國際上發表和展 出。陳芷瑤目前為香港大學的設計助教及 P&T Architects and Engineers Ltd 的建 築助理。她現時的作品包括為香港的公共 機構項目的設計和建設,同時她也在業界 活躍於 BIM 應用。陳芷瑤是首屆「未. 共研社」的參與者 。


傅李程探討了虛擬實境在教育和娛樂方 面的應用。他是深圳大學環境藝術碩士 畢業生。他的工作主要負責資訊科技 在社會公益事業的運用。他於 2013 年 創立了 Wing-Wheel Angel Network Technology Co,致力開發方便殘疾人士 和長者使用的 EasyGo 無障礙旅遊應用程 式,並於 2014 年獲頒發數碼港培育計劃 的香港數碼港創意微型基金。 傅李程是 首屆「未.共研社」的參與者 。


曾偉俊,香港註冊建築師,現為納研作室 設計總監。他畢業於香港大學建築學士學 位及碩士學位課程,亦曾於香港、首爾及 斯德哥爾摩的知名建築事務所工作。他的 作品獲得多個獎項,並發表於多個設計比 賽及刊物,其中包括贏得 2014 年度香港 青年設計才俊獎。


Designer-Mentees 設計師學員

Andy Cheng (HK)

Dennis Chau (HK)

鄭雋 (香港)

鄒樂勤 (香港)

Architecture and Landscape

Architecture and Landscape

Andy Cheng is a graduate of Master of Architecture from University of Hong Kong in 2013 and Bachelor of Architecture from Manchester School of Architecture with First Class Honour. Throughout his career he examines the tension between the temporal and permanent nature of architecture and its relationship with its ever changing context. He is a member of ACTEBITE, a research & design group interested in heritage revitalization in Hong Kong. His recent work was exhibited in the 2018 UABBHK – Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture that explored the future use of State Theatre, a Grade I listed historic building in North Point.

Dennis Chau is an architectural practitioner and researcher interested in ecology, place-making, rite of passage and tectonics. He designs architecture that evolves over time, gathers people, and gives a sense of serenity to life. He studied architecture at the University of Hong Kong and graduated from Bacherlor of Arts in Architectural Studies in 2012. He has exchanged to ENSA Paris-Malaquais prior to obtaining his master degree at University College London in 2016. His graduation drawing “Construction Manual for Lantau Commune” received the prestigious Hugh Casson Prize from the Royal Academy of Arts, London.

鄭雋曾於曼徹斯特建築學院獲得建築學士 學位,並獲得一級榮譽;其後於 2013 年 畢業於香港大學,獲得建築碩士學位。 在他整個職業生涯中,他都熱衷於研究 建築的時間和永恆性以及其與不斷變化的 環境之間的關係。他是 ACTEBITE 的其中 一員,該研究和設計團隊對香港的文化復 興感興趣。他最近的作品展出於 2018 年 UABBHK - 都市主義\建築雙城雙年展, 並探討未來如何使用北角一級歷史建築文 物,國家劇院的情況。

鄒樂勤從事建築設計及研究,著眼於生 態、場所、祭祀和築造的關係。其作品 隨著時間而變遷,聚集人群,而保留靜 謐。2012 年,他於港大建築系本科畢 業,並在 2016 年於倫大學院建築系碩士 畢業,並曾於巴黎-瑪拉奇學校 (前巴黎國 立美術學院建築系) 交換。作品「大嶼公 社建造指南」獲 2017 年皇家藝術研究院 Hugh Casson 大獎。




Sitting Out Area under Hill Road Flyover

Site - Gary Chang and Team 選址 - 張智強及團隊

山道天橋底休憩處 The Sitting Out Area (SOA) under Hill Road Flyover is located in Shek Tong Tsui. It is approximately 314 sq. m in size and has easy access from both the Queen’s Road West and the Lower Hill Road. There are a few benches and Chinese chess tables within the SOA perimeter. The support columns of the Hill Road Flyover are currently painted with graffiti and drawings, and the sitting out area mainly serves the local community. 山道天橋底休憩處位於石塘咀山道天橋下方。它的面積約為 314 平 方米,方便從皇后大道西和下山道進入。該處有數張長椅和附有中 國象棋棋盤的桌子。山道天橋的支柱上更塗有不同塗鴉和繪畫。此 休憩處主要服務於當地的居民。


Mimi Hoang and Team Mimi Hoang 及團隊

Mimi Hoang International Mentor 國際導師

“Small moves can lead up to big things.”

Mimi Hoang, AIA, is a principal of nARCHITECTS and an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Columbia University’s GSAPP (Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation). Along with partner Eric Bunge, she co-founded nARCHITECTS with the goal of addressing contemporary issues in architecture through conceptually driven, socially engaging and technologically innovative work.

「每一小步,都是邁向成 功的一大步。」

nARCHITECTS has been honoured with an American Academy of Arts and Letters Award in Architecture, the AIANY’s Andrew J. Thomson Award for Pioneering in Housing, Several AIA Design Honour Awards, the Architectural League’s Emerging Voices and the Canadian Professional Rome Prize. Hoang received a Master of Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and a B.Sc. in Architecture from M.I.T. Mimi Hoang(AIA)為 nARCHITECTS 主設計師,並於哥倫比亞大學建築、規劃及 保育研究院擔任兼任助理教授。她與合伙人 Eric Bunge 共同創立 nARCHITECTS,致 力通過以概念推動、涉及社區參與並應用創新科技的作品,解決建築的當代問題。 nARCHITECTS 歷年獲頒的獎項包括:美國藝術暨文學學會建築類別獎、美國建築 師學會紐約分會 Andrew J. Thomson Award for Pioneering in Housing、多項美 國建築師學會榮譽獎項、聯合紐約建築聯盟 Emerging Voices,以及 Canadian Professional Rome Prize。Mimi分別於麻省理工學院及哈佛大學設計學院取得建築理 學學士及建築學碩士。 Domestic Transformer Photo by Iwan Baan, courtesy of nARCHITECTS


Designer-Mentees 設計師學員

Stephen Ip (HK)

Kay Chan (HK)

葉希芃 (香港)

陳韻淇 (香港)

Architecture and Landscape

Industrial and Product Design

Stephen Ip graduated from the University of Hong Kong in 2008 with Distinction in Master of Architecture. While working in an architectural firm as an Associate Director, he also actively engages in competitions and community services to explore the synergistic interaction between architecture, community and environment. He has been the co-chairman of the Young Members Committee of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects in 2015-2017 and organized numerous activities for young architects to reach out to the community, promoting architecture as a tool of intervention in Hong Kong. Ip is a member of the ArchiVision group, which has an interest in city-planning related issues, and the Hong Kong Architecture Centre, where he helped to organize the “My Most Liked Architecture in HK” event and led an architectural tour to Japan. (Stephen Ip is a participant of the inaugural Design Trust Futures Studio 2017)

Kay Chan graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2009. She is the founder of Good Day Society, KaCaMa design Lab. The team excels in sustainable social design and exploration of new design strategies and art project that foster positive community and environmental values. They carry out novel product and service design through community driven intervention, brand building, event curation and projects for enabling cultural development. In recent years, they established certain numbers of community cooperation programmes and projects for the enhancement of local public space in which meaningful interaction between diversified communities and environmental issues are addressed.


葉希芃在 2008 年於香港大學以傑出成績 畢業並獲建築碩士學位。他堅信建築可用 於探索和解決社會問題。於建築公司任職 副總監同時,他積極參與各類建築比賽 和社區活動,以此來探索建築、社區和 環境之間的協同作用關係。他曾於 2015 至 2017 年間擔任香港建築師協會青年成 員委員會的聯席主席,並為年輕的建築師 組織了眾多聯繫社區、將「建築」推廣為 改變香港的工具。他乃專注建築及城市規 劃相關議題的組織 ArchiVision 的一員, 也曾幫助香港建築中心組織了「我最喜歡 的香港建築」活動並率領了一個赴日本 的建築之旅。


陳韻淇於 2009 年畢業於香港理工大學。 她是社區好日子、KaCaMa Design Lab 的創辦人,專長於永續社區設計, 尋求 一種仔細考量過社區與環境因素的藝術及 設計方案。工作範疇包括產品設計及開 發、品牌包裝、活動策劃等多元化項目。 近年亦積極參與更多社區合作及改善公共 空間的計劃,希望透過藝術及設計可以帶 動社區互動及環境保護議題。


Designer-Mentees 設計師學員

Jonathan Mak (HK)

Christopher Choi (HK)

麥朗 (香港)

蔡旻諾 (香港)

Graphics and Branding

Architecture and Landscape

Jonathan Mak graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2013. He is a graphic designer from Hong Kong. Having worked with brands such as Coca-Cola, Airbnb, and Amnesty International, his designs have been awarded at the Cannes Lions (Grand Prix), London International Awards, Spikes Asia Festival, and more. He has also been featured in Creative Review, AdAge, and The New Yorker, among other publications. By day, he works as a digital designer, while exploring print and motion graphics during off-hours. He wants to create things that people remember (when appropriate, and for the right reasons).

Christopher Choi graduated from the University of Hong Kong with Distinction in Master of Architecture in 2015, with his research and design always emphasizing on local features of Hong Kong. Since graduation, he had worked in an architectural firm in Hong Kong on complex commercial projects located in Hong Kong and Macau, and is a Registered Architect since 2017. He is currently looking into alternative vertical greening and developing designs of miniature green walls.


麥朗於 2013 年畢業於香港理工大學, 是香港的平面設計師。曾與可口可 樂,Airbnb 和國際特赦組織等品牌合 作,麥曾於不同設計獎項,當中包括法國 「康城國際廣告節」雄獅獎、英國倫敦國 際獎、亞洲創意節。他還曾在 Creative Review,AdAge 和 The New Yorker 等 刊物上發表過文章。除以數碼設計為日常 工作,麥朗於工餘時更會探索印刷和動態 圖像。他想創造讓人們記憶的東西(在 適當的情況下,並且出於正確的理由)。



蔡旻諾於 2015 年畢業於香港大學,獲得 建築碩士學位,其研究和設計始終強調香 港的地方特色。自畢業以來,他曾在香港 的一家建築公司工作,負責位於香港和澳 門的商業大廈項目,自 2017 年起成為註 冊建築師。他目前正在研究替代垂直綠化 和開發微型綠色牆壁的設計。

Yi Pei Square Playground

Site - Mimi Hoang and Team 選址 - Mimi Hoang及團隊

二陂坊遊樂場 Yi Pei Square is located in Tsuen Wan. It is one out of four of the residential squares in the district. It is approximately 930 sq. m in size and is surrounded by mid-rise residential buildings, with several alleyways leading onto Sha Tsui Road and Chuen Lung Street. Within the park perimeter are a few fitness equipment for the elderly along with some benches and trees. Despite the lack of children's play equipment, the playground serves not only the elderly, but also children and families living nearby. 二陂坊遊樂場位於荃灣。它是該區四個住宅廣場之一。面積約 930 平方米,被四周的中層住宅樓宇圍成一個廣場,其中只有幾條小巷 通往沙咀道和春龍街。公園內有數張長椅及幾個供長者用的健身設 備,雖然這裏並沒有兒童玩樂的設施,但是遊樂場仍供予鄰近的家 庭及小孩玩樂。


Sam Jacob and Team Sam Jacob 及團隊

Sam Jacob International Mentor 國際導師

“The challenge of this year is how to translate the ideas into reality and to be embedded within the city to keep the practicality, persistence and open-mindedness.”

Sam Jacob is principal of Sam Jacob Studio for architecture and design. Previously, Sam was a founding director of FAT Architecture where he was involved in many internationally acclaimed projects including the BBC Drama Production Village in Cardiff, the Heerlijkheid Hoogvliet park and cultural centre in Rotterdam and the curation of the British Pavilion at the 2014 Venice Biennale. He has exhibited at leading galleries and museums including the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the MAK in Vienna and the Biennale. Jacob is a contributing editor for Icon magazine and columnist for both Art Review and Dezeen. He is a regular participant in talks and events for institutions such as MoMA, the Southbank Centre and the Soane Museum. Jacob is Professor of Architecture at the University of Illinois at Chicago, visiting Professor at Yale School of Architecture and Director of Night School at the Architectural Association.

「今年最大的挑戰是如何 將這些設計概念轉化成現 實並且融入到城市,從而 看到設計如何保持實用 性,堅持性和開放性。」

Sam Jacob 為建築設計事務所 Sam Jacob Studio 的主設計師。成立 Sam Jacob Studio 之前,Sam 為 FAT Architecture 的創辦總監,處理過多項國際知名的項目, 包括卡迪夫 BBC Drama Production Village、鹿特丹 Heerlijkheid Hoogvliet 公園及 文化中心,以及於 2014 年威尼斯雙年展中為英國館策展。 Sam 曾於多家首屈一指的藝廊和博物館展出作品,包括紐約維多利亞和阿爾伯特博 物館(V&A)、維也納MAK博物館及雙年展。他是《Icon》雜誌的特約編輯,亦於 《藝術觀察》及 Dezeen 撰寫專欄。他亦時常參與各大機構的講座和活動,如現代藝 術博物館(MoMA)、南岸中心和索恩博物館。Sam 現於芝加哥伊利諾大學擔任建 築學教授,亦是耶魯大學建築學院客席教授及建築聯盟學院夜校總監。 DKUK Hair Salon

Photo ourtesy of Sam Jacob


Designer-Mentees 設計師學員

Wendy Wu (PRD)

Ricky Lai (HK)

吳然 (珠三角地區)

黎偉傑 (香港)

Architecture and Landscape

Graphics and Branding

Wendy Ran Wu is an urbanist, designer and curator. She is currently the Head of UPRD (URBANUS Program Research Design) in URBANUS and Assistant Curator of 2017 Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\ Architecture. Wu has an Advanced Master of Architecture from Berlage Institute since 2010, and is Assistant Tutor at Hong Kong University for MArch program. She has worked as an architect and urban designer in several offices in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Chengdu and Shenzhen and she has also worked as a researcher for Shenzhen Center for Design. From 2011 to 2015, she has been involved in UABB Shenzhen as Opening Week Coordinator and Curator of both affiliate and thematic exhibitions. In 2016, she was the project manager for the China pavilion in the inaugural London Design Biennale.(Wendy Wu is a participant of the inaugural Design Trust Futures Studio 2017)

Ricky Lai is a multi-media Designer, Artist, and Curator. He is a graduate of Central Saint Martins, London in 2012, and is currently Creative Director of Open Quote Concept Store. He is an awardee of DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award. His work “69°N 51°W” was created in extreme environments in Greenland several years ago. Integrating the imagination of words, the visual stimulation of graphics, and the emotional affection of music, it is an exemplary work of crossing boundaries. With the mission to develop an appreciation for art in our society, Lai also founded Open Quote, a hub where artists can showcase their work to the public. With increased awareness, Lai believes that local creators will be able to focus on their art without having to worry about their livelihood. (Ricky Lai is a participant of the inaugural Design Trust Futures Studio 2017)


吳然是一位城市規劃師、設計師和策 展人。她目前為 URBANUS 內 UPRD (URBANUS Program Research Design) 的主要負責人和深港城市\建築雙城雙 年展的助理策展人。吳然擁有 Berlage Institute 的建築學進修碩士學位,同時 擔任香港大學建築碩士項目的助教。她 曾以建築師和城市規劃設計師的身份在 鹿特丹、阿姆斯特丹、成都和深圳工作, 也曾在深圳城市設計促進中心做過研究工 作。2011 至 2015 年間,她為深港城市\ 建築雙城雙年展的開幕周的會展和專題 展覽擔任協調工作並身兼策展人。2016 年,她擔任 London Design Biennale 中 國展館的項目經理。


黎偉傑是一位多媒體設計師、藝術家和 策展人。他畢業於倫敦的中央聖馬丁 藝術與設計學院,目前在 Open Quote Concept Store 擔任創意總監。他曾榮 獲「DFA 香港青年設計才俊獎」(Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award)。他 的作品「69°N 51°W」幾年前在格陵蘭極 端的氣候中誕生。作品結合了對詞彙的 想象、來自圖像的視覺刺激和音樂的感 性體驗,為跨界作品典範。以增進社會對 藝術的欣賞為使命,黎偉傑創辦了 Open Quote,讓藝術家們可在將其中向公眾展 示他們的作品。隨著認知的普及,黎偉傑 相信本地創作者可以無需擔心生計而更專 注於藝術本身。


Designer-Mentees 設計師學員

Xavier Tsang (HK)

Kam Fai Hung (HK)

曾首彥 (香港)

洪錦輝 (香港)

Industrial and Product Design

Architecture and Landscape

Xavier Tsang is a designer and candle artisan. He holds a BA in Design Engineering from The Chinese University of Hong Kong since 2005, and has been awarded the Asia Design Excellence Award (2012), 40 UNDER 40 Award from Perspective Magazine (2013) and the Young Design Talent Special Mention Award (2013). In 2009 he co-founded his first design studio Atelier Poesia in Milan. After returning to Hong Kong, he began creating and exhibiting his works of wax and candles, under the label BeCandle. BeCandle has been sold internationally and featured in major design exhibitions including the Salone del Mobile in Italy and Maison et Objet in Paris. Inspired by Italian family-run atelier businesses, he set up an atelier shop in Sai Kung, Hong Kong in 2017. (Xavier Tsang is a participant of the inaugural Design Trust Futures Studio 2017)

Kam Fai Hung is a registered Architect and the founder of Minds Archgroup in Hong Kong. He graduated from the Master of Architecture of the University of Hong Kong in 2007. Carrying out architecture, public furniture and signage, interior and exhibition design, Fai is passionate about making creative and inspirational design solution into reality. He is also keen on integrating traditional and contemporary design elements and create minds refreshing designs.


曾首彥畢業於香港中文大學,主修 Design Engineering,是一位設計師和蠟 燭匠,曾獲多個獎項包括「Asia Design Excellence Award 2012」、《透視雜 誌》的「透視 40 驕子獎 2013」 和「DFA 香港青年設計才俊大獎優異獎2013」 。 曾首彥於 2009 年在米蘭開設了自己第一 個設計工作室 Atelier Poesia,回港後積 極以 BeCandle 的名義創作並展出他的蠟 工藝品和蠟燭。在全球銷售的 BeCandle 均有在主要設計展覽如意大利的 Salone del Mobile 和巴黎的 Maison et Objet 展 出。受意大利家族企業的理念啟發下, 他於 2017 年在香港西貢設立了一間工作 室專門店。



洪錦輝是香港註冊建築師,也是 Minds Archgroup 的創始人。 2007 年,他於香 港大學建築學院碩士畢業。執業於建築, 公共家具和標牌構思,室內設計和展覽 設計,洪錦輝熱衷於將創意和靈感設計 解決方案變為現實。 他也熱衷於融合傳 統和現代設計元素,並創造出令人耳目 一新的設計。

Portland Street Rest Garden

Site - Sam Jacob and Team 選址 - Sam Jacob及團隊

砵蘭街休憩花園 Portland Street Rest Garden is located in Mongkok, sandwiched between two high-rise residential buildings next to the Portland Street. It is approximately 376 sq. m in size with one side facing Portland Street. The rest garden is fenced off with exits on two sides. Currently there are four tall trees, a few benches and a Chinese chess table. The rest garden serves all walks of life. It is frequently fully seated despite the poor hygiene of the garden. 砵蘭街休憩花園位於旺角,被夾在砵蘭街旁邊的兩棟高層住宅大樓 之間。面積約為 376 平方米,只有一面朝向馬路。休憩花園的出口 在兩側,中間有四棵高樹,數張長椅和一張附有中國象棋棋盤的桌 子。休憩花園供不同人使用,而且經常滿座,但是衛生環境欠佳。


Stanley Wong and Team 黃炳培及團隊

Stanley Wong 黃炳培 Hong Kong-based Mentor 香港導師

“Design should be specific to people's needs. What should be prioritised is to improve life.”

Stanley Wong (anothermountainman) is the recipient of more than 600 local, Asian and international awards for his art, design, photography and advertising works, including 2 One Show gold awards form U.S., D&AD yellow pencil from UK and Tokyo TDC award. He came to international attention with his “red white blue” series, which he presented at the 51st Venice Biennale in 2005 representing Hong Kong. Many of his art works have been exhibited local and overseas galleries and museums for more than 100 shows included solo show in Tokyo ggg in 2015, and are now part of their permanent collection, including Hong Kong M+ and London V&A Museum. In May 2012, Wong was also awarded the Artist of the Year 2011 (Visual Arts) from Hong Kong Arts Development Awards and the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Awards 2012 from Hong Kong Museum of Art.

「設計應該針對人們的需 求。 最應該優先考慮的是 改善生活。」

黃炳培(又一山人)之藝術、設計、攝影及廣告作品屢獲國際獎項達六百多項,其 藝術及設計作品過百次於香港、海外展出。 以「紅白藍」系列作品積極推動「正面香港」精神,2005 年代表香港參加威尼斯藝 術雙年展。 作品獲多間國際藝術館永久收藏,包括香港西九M+ 及倫敦 V&A museum。曾獲 2011 香港藝術發展獎之年度最佳藝術家獎 (視覺藝術)大獎及香港藝術館頒發之香港 當代藝術獎 2012。 "red white blue" series 「紅白藍」系列

Photo ourtesy of Stanley Wong


Designer-Mentees 設計師學員

Samuel Wong (HK)

Vivian Ng (HK)

Sylvia Chan(HK)

王守賢 (香港)

吳泳雯 (香港)

陳曼霞 (香港)

Architecture and Landscape

Industrial and Product Design

Writing and Criticism

Samuel Wong is an MArch graduate from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2015, where he won the Best Studio Project Award. He graduated with a BSSc in Architectural Studies and minored in Integrated Business Administration, with all of his projects selected for exhibitions. During his degree programme, he received two scholarships; The DLN Awards 2012 and L&O Travel Scholarship for Design Innovation 2011. In 2014, his proposal “Sometimes” won the Times Square Living Room Museum Design Competition which was later built in January 2015. With a degree in Civil and Structural Engineering, Wong continues to carry his engineering knowledge into his practice. (Samuel Wong is a participant of the inaugural Design Trust Futures Studio 2017)

Vivian Ng is a product design graduate from Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2016. In her work she strives to use design opportunities to challenge assumptions about the conventions of an object. Ng sees design not only as a way to solve problems, but also as a key to open new modes of thinking and discussion. In her past projects she has designed for installations, furniture, lighting, houseware and fashion accessories. She is currently a product designer at THINKTHING Studio, and was a finalist in the 2014-2015 My Toy Design Competition. She was also awarded Merit in the 2014-2015 Hong Kong Smart Gift award.(Vivian Ng is a participant of the inaugural Design Trust Futures Studio 2017)

Sylvia Chan is lecturer and PhD candidate at the University of Hong Kong, and her research interests include architectural representations, translations in architecture, and the concept of Chineseness. Her dissertation working title is “Construction of Chineseness in Architecture through Translation from the Late Nineteenth Century to 1959.” Sylvia is the author of Writing In(to) Architecture: China’s Architectural Design and Construction Since 1949 (East Slope Publishing, 2012) and Style: In Defence Of… Chinese Architecture (Machine Books, 2017). She has published in Singapore Architect and Indesign Australia, and she writes for Indesignlive. (Sylvia Chan is a participant of the inaugural Design Trust Futures Studio 2017)


王守賢為香港中文大學建築碩士,曾榮獲 「最佳工作室項目獎」。他擁有建築學 學士學位並副修綜合工商管理,其項目均 被選入展覽。王守賢在讀書期間曾兩度 獲得獎學金,分別為「The DLN Awards 2012」 和「L&O Travel Scholarship for Design Innovation 2011」。他的 「Sometimes」計劃於 2014 年在香港時 代廣場 Living Room Museum 設計大賽 中勝出並於 2015 年 1 月建成。持有土木 與結構工程學位的他一直將工程知識運用 到設計中。王守賢是首屆「未.共研社」 的參與者。


吳泳雯畢業於香港理工大學產品設計系, 她利用設計挑戰大家對物件的一貫慣象及 假設。在吳泳雯眼中,設計不僅是解決問 題的一種方式,也是開放新思維和展開討 論的關鍵。對人與物之間的互動著迷,她 曾設計裝置、家具、照明燈飾、家居用品 和時尚配飾。目前她擔任 THINKTHING 工作室的產品設計師。她於 2014-2015年 度入圍「My Toy Design Competition」 決賽並在同年的香港智營禮品設計大獎 中獲獎。吳泳雯是首屆「未.共研社」 的參與者。


陳曼霞是香港大學的博士生,她的研究 興趣包括建築學意義、建築翻譯和中國 古典概念。她的論文題目是「十九世 紀末到 1959 年通過翻譯構建中國特式 的建築」。陳曼霞的著作包括《速寫 建築:1949 年以來的中國建築寫作與 創建》(East Slope Publishing, 2012) 和《Style: In Defence Of… Chinese Architecture》(Machine Books, 2017) 。她亦有參與《Singapore Architect》 和《Indesign Australia》的出版工作, 同時為《Indesignlive》撰稿。 陳曼霞是 首屆「未.共研社」的參與者。


Designer-Mentees 設計師學員

Elaine Tsui (HK)

Owen Chim (HK)

崔亦伶 (香港)

詹皓雲 (香港)

Architecture and Landscape

Architecture and Landscape

Elaine Tsui is a UK Chartered Architect and currently practicing in Hong Kong. She received her Diploma in Architectural Association School of Architecture in 2014 and her master of engineering from the University of Nottingham. She has co-founded Project Entangled Landscapes, which is an independent architectural research group. It explores the perceptions of the contemporary spatial operations expands the potential of the living environment towards a more integrated and sustainable development. Her work has been exhibited in 2013 “The Divan”, in 2015 “Urban Scene: Through the eyes of knowledge infrastructure” and “Urban Portrait of China” in 2017 at the Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\ Architecture.

Upon completion of his BA Degree majoring in Environment and Interior Design from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2016, he was awarded the Best of Show in the School of Design Annual Show 2016, Owen is currently an interior and graphic designer based in Hong Kong. Working in different multi-awarded international studios, his project involvement includes initial design to documentation in numerous projects across China, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. With a passion for delivering projects from master-planning and mixeduse developments, to commercial and retail complex projects, he appreciates professional solutionbased skills with problem-solving strategies.


崔亦伶是英國註冊建築師,目前在 香港執業。她於 2014 年獲得英國 Architectural Association School of Architecture 文憑,並獲得諾丁漢大學 工程碩士學位。她也聯合創辦了獨立建 築研究小組 Entangle Landscapes,探 索當代空間活動的觀念,並干預變化的迫 切條件,以探索和擴大生活環境的潛力, 實現更加一體化和可持續的發展。她的 作品曾於 2013 年「The Divan」、2015 「Urban Scene: Through the eyes of knowledge infrastructure」及 2017 年 都市主義\建築雙城雙年展上的「Urban Portrait of China」展出。



於 2016 年獲得香港理工大學環境與室內 設計專業學士學位並獲頒 2016 年設計學 院年度最佳展示獎之後,詹皓雲是目前於 香港執業的室內和平面設計師。他曾在不 同獲獎無數的國際建築師樓工作。他的工 作涉及到眾多從中國、東南亞到中東的 項目,主要包括初始設計到研究的階段。 憑藉對從總體規劃和混合用途開發項目, 到商業和零售複雜項目設計的熱情,他的 專業展示了強大的解決方案技能和策略。

Hamilton Street Rest Garden

Site - Stanley Wong and Team 選址 - 黃炳培及團隊

咸美頓街休憩花園 Hamilton Street Rest Garden is located in Mongkok, around the corner of Portland Street and Hamilton Street junction. It is approximately 243 sq. m in size, which is the smallest site among the four. The main feature of the rest garden is a large lush tree. The garden is popular and usually fully seated, serving all walks of life. Hamilton Street Rest Garden is in close proximity to the Portland Street Rest Garden. 咸美頓街休憩花園位於旺角,在砵蘭街和咸美頓街街交界的一個角 落上。它的面積約為243平方米,是四個中最小的一個。花園的主要 特徵是一棵青蔥的大樹。這花園非常受歡迎,供不同人使用。 咸美 頓街休憩花園跟砵蘭街休憩花園大十分接近。


Advisors & Collaborators 顧問及合作夥伴 Christopher Law studied Architecture at the Bartlett School of Architecture UCL. He is a founding director of the Oval Partnership Ltd, working from offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Cape Town and London. He is a director of the sustainable and smart city action research organization INTEGER Intelligent and Green Ltd. Chris is member of a number of public committees in Hong Kong including the Antiquities Advisory Board, the Energy Advisory Committee of the HKSAR Government and the Development Committee of the West Kowloon Cultural District.

羅健中先生於倫敦大學巴特列特建築學 院修讀建築。他是歐華爾顧問有限公司 的董事和創始人,曾於香港、北京、上 海、開普敦及倫敦工作。他是可持續發 展研究機構 INTEGER 智慧和綠色有限 公司董事。羅先生是香港若干社區機構 的主席和衆多委員會的成員,包括古物 諮詢委員會、香港政府能源諮詢委員會 及西九文化區管理局發展委員會。

Christopher Law 羅健中 Advisor 顧問

Law is Chairman of the heritage conservation and community participatory Viva Blue House Project and Chairman of the Community Development Committee of the St James' Settlement, and the chief curator and founder of the public space action research organization Very Hong Kong. He was made an honorary member of the American Institute of Architects for his contribution to Architecture. Christopher Law is a Justice of the Peace of the Hong Kong SAR. Maggie’s family name Lin (連) means “to connect”, same as the Sanskrit word for yoga, yuj. For her, well-being comes from better connecting with the body and mind, with other people, and with the world around us. To deepen such connections, she leads creative and sensory experiences. Inspired by Hong Kong’s history as an incense producer, she cofounded city perfumery nose hk, on smell and emotions. Previously she cofounded The Pocket Parks Collective, humanizing urbanscape through interventions. She teaches yoga, is the mindfulness teacher-in-resident at HKICC School of Creativity, and is featured in a documentary Creativity Is.

連君婷的家族姓氏「連」的意思是 「連接」,跟 Yuj 瑜伽梵語同義。對她 來說,健康是源於與身心靈、與他人、 與我們周圍的世界連接。

Maggie Lin 連君婷 Advisor 顧問

受到正念修習的啟發,教授瑜伽以外, 她也創造感官體驗,和用故事方法,連 結身心靈。nose hk,香。港 ── 感官 漫步及 Courage Piece 項目,鼓勵大 家開放感官,重新感受內在和外面的環 境。較早前,她共同創辦的 The Pocket Parks Collective 名義推出,以藝術方 式呈現以人為本的城市。她現職為香港 兆基創意書院駐校身心靈瑜伽導師,亦 被《原來我》創意短篇紀錄片訪問。

黃英琦為跨界文化及教育倡議者、律 師、香港當代文化中心總監、Make A Difference 創不同主席、Good Lab 創 辦人、香港兆基創意書院校監。

Ada Wong has led a varied career as solicitor, educator and social entrepreneur. She is a staunch advocate of social innovation, creative education and cultural development. She is also Convenor & Director of The Good Lab, Chairperson of Make A Difference Institute, Director of Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary Culture and supervisor of HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity.

Ada Wong 黃英琦 26

他現為藍屋城市保育和公衆參與項目籌 委會主席,以及聖雅各福群會社區發展 發展委員會主席,也是社區主導的文化 機構,非常香港基金會的策劃人和創始 人。羅先生因其在建築領域的貢獻於 2013 年成為美國建築師學會榮譽會員, 並授勳為香港特別行政區太平紳士。

Advisor 顧問

Dr. Kacey Wong studied architecture in Cornell University and received his Master of Fine Arts degree from Chelsea School of Art and Design and Doctor of Fine Arts Degree from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. He is the founding member of Art Citizens and former curator & member of Para/Site Art Space. He is also a former Assistant Professor at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, School of Design’s Environment and Interior Design Discipline. Currently he is an Examiner of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. His research investigates artist’s and designer’s role in social political causes.

黃國才博士在康奈爾大學學習建築,並 獲得切爾西藝術與設計學院的藝術碩士 學位和皇家墨爾本理工學院的美術博士 學位。他是藝術公民的創始成員,前藝 術空間 Para Site 的策展人兼成員。他 也是香港理工大學環境與室內設計學院 的前助理教授。目前他是香港藝術發展 局的評審員。他的研究主要是藝術家和 設計師在社會政治中的作用。

Kacey Wong 黃國才 Advisor 顧問

Wong’s experimental art project investigates the space between men and their living environment with a social intention. He thinks being an artist is similar to being a detective, the case on hand is to investigate the self. His mobile tricycle project “Wandering Homes” was featured at the 2008 Venice Architectural Biennale in Italy. His floating house “Paddling Home” was performed on Hong Kong Victoria Harbour and his mobile bunk bed “Sleepwalker” was the star features during the 2010 and 2012’s Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture exhibition.

黃志恆是香港首屈一指的獨立當代藝術 空間 Para Site 的創辦人之一,她亦是 視覺藝術家、設計師及教育家。她修讀 視覺藝術及景觀建築,作品揉合其藝 術興趣,模糊視覺藝術及景觀建築之 間的分野。

Sara Wong is the co-founder of Para Site, Hong Kong’s leading independent contemporary arts space. She is a visual artist, designer and educator. Trained in both visual art and landscape architecture, her practice combines her artistic interest blurs the distinction between the two platforms. Sara has exhibited her works both locally and internationally in museums and biennales including Venice Biennale, Gwangju Biennale and Shanghai Biennale. She was resident artist at PS1 Sara Wong 黃志恆 Contemporary Art Center and the Bronx Advisor 顧問 Museum of the Arts in New York; Ecole Cantonale d’Art du Valais (ECAV) in Switzerland, and the Nordisk Kunstnarsenter Dalssesen in Norway.She has developed the Landscape Architecture programmes in the Hong Kong Design Institute and involves actively in educating future designers, landscape architects and architects. Elita Lam has over 20 years’ teaching experience in fashion and textile design, experience in planning and developing new academic programmes, and specialist short programmes for industry and commerce. Lam developed and leads the HKDI Centre of Innovative Material and Technology (CIMT), which allows for inter-disciplinary design activities and knowledge exchange through multi-material applications. Her recent project is to develop the HKDI Multidisciplinary Knowledge Centres, including the HKDI Retail Lab and HKDI Fashion Archive.

黃國才博士的實驗藝術項目以研究人與 其生活環境之間的空間。他認為成為一 名藝術家就像是一個偵探,現在的研 究是調查自我。他的移動三輪車項目 「Wandering Homes」在 2008 年意 大利威尼斯建築雙年展中展出。他也 在香港維多利亞港展示他的浮動房屋 「Paddling Home」。另外,他的移動 雙層床「Sleepwalker」亦是 2010 年 和 2012 年港深城市\建築雙城雙年展的 重點作品。

黃志恆曾多次於本地及國際博物館及 雙年展展出其作品,包括威尼斯雙年 展、光州雙年展及上海雙年展。她是 紐約 PS1 當代藝術中心、紐約 Bronx Museum of the Arts、瑞士 Ecole Cantonale d’Art du Valais (ECAV) 及挪威 Nordisk Kunstnarsenter Dalssesen 的駐場藝術家。她發展了香 港知專設計學院的景觀建築課程,並 積極教育未來設計師、景觀建築師及 建築師。

林綺妮具有超過 20 年的時裝及紡織設 計教學經驗,除了規劃和開發全新學術 課程外,亦專於工業及商業短期課程。 林綺妮帶領成立香港知專設計學院「知 專設創源」資料庫,通過多重物料應用 為跨領域設計活動和知識交流提供平 台。林綺妮近年的項目為開發香港知專 設計學院多學科知識中心, 包括「零售 體驗廊」和「時裝資料庫」。

Elita Lam 林綺妮 Advisor 顧問


Chris Yuen has a great passion in the social dimensions of design and particularly keen on working for different children’s playground projects with social values. He is serving in Playright Children’s Play Association (Playright) to educate the values of child-friendly environment, universal designed inclusive playground and playground safety in Hong Kong. He has extensive experience specialized in playground research, playable space design, playground assessment, safety inspections and professional training. Since 2012, Chris focus to lead the team Chris Yuen 袁漢昌 to implement the inclusive play space Advisor 顧問 development projects, including the Quality and Quantity Researches on Inclusive Playground, Play for All Training Programme, Inclusive Play Space Design Ideas Competition/Exhibition and Junior Playground Commissioner Incubation Programme @ Tuen Mun. In 2016, he completed the publishing works for “Inclusive Play Space Guide’ which supported by UNICEF HK.

袁漢昌現職於推動兒童遊戲權利的非牟 利組織 - Playright 智樂兒童遊樂協會。 於 Playright 智樂服務期間,特別關注 本地兒童遊樂場發展並積極倡議公眾和 專業人仕了解兒童友善環境,共融遊樂 場設計丶遊樂場安全及通達性。他過往 負責的遊樂環境顧問工作包括: 遊樂場 @ 究丶設計丶評估丶安全檢查及專業培 訓。自 2012 年,他專注策劃執行一系 列推動共融遊樂空間發展的項目,包括 定質及定量調查、遊樂大同培訓教育、 共融遊樂空間概念設計比賽、展覽及小 小遊樂場專員培育計畫 @ 屯門。並於 2016 年完成由聯合國兒童基金會香港委 員會支持出版的 ”共融遊樂空間指引” 撰寫工作。

Francis Ngai is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Social Ventures Hong Kong (SVhk). SVhk is a philanthropic organization that inspires a culture of social innovation in Hong Kong. They focus on inventing, incubating and investing in social start-ups that address urban challenges through sustainable and innovative business solutions.

魏華星為香港社會創投基金的創辦人及 行政總裁。香港社會創投基金為一家專 注於社會企業的創業、孕育和投資的創 投慈善機構,致力透過可持續發展的創 新商業方案解決社會問題,並啟發香港 的社會創意文化。

Prior to establishing SVhk, Ngai was the Head of Strategy in a listed technology conglomerate in Hong Kong. He graduated from the City University of Hong Kong and Francis Ngai 魏華星 in 2013 he was conferred as an Honorary Advisor 顧問 Fellow by the University. He was selected as one of the 100 Asia Pioneers by The Purpose Economy in 2014, a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum in 2012 and one of Hong Kong’s Ten Outstanding Young Persons in 2011.

Dr Lesley Lau is an art museum curator and currently the Head of the Art Promotion Office (APO). Lau is the founding curator of APO and Oi! (Oil Street Art Space). She has also worked for the Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Heritage Museum and Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre(vA!) in the past. She has been the project manager for a number of public art projects at parks, historic buildings and government buildings, which included Seats.Togehter, Park Déco, ArtAlive@Park and Hi! Houses, Lesley Lau 劉鳳霞 etc. Lau obtained her PhD degree from Advisor 顧問 the Chinese University of Hong Kong, specialising in Chinese export art, public and community art development of Hong Kong. Lau has been a research fellow in the British Museum and the Philips Library of the Peabody Essex Museum.


在成立香港社會創投基金前,魏華星曾 任香港一家上市科技公司的策略主管。 他畢業於香港城市大學,並於 2013 年 獲香港城市大學頒發榮譽院士。其他 獎項包括 2014 年度《亞洲目標性經濟 100 名》、2012 年度世界經濟論壇全 球青年領袖,以及 2011 年度香港十大 傑出青年。

劉鳳霞的專業為美術館館長,現為香港 藝術推廣辦事處總監,曾任職於香港藝 術館、香港文化博物館及香港視覺藝術 中心等,為藝術推廣辦事處及油街實現 藝術空間的創館館長。 她亦曾策劃多項公共藝術項目,包括「 樂坐其中」、「潮裝公園」、「藝綻公 園」及「邂逅!老房子」等。劉鳳霞畢 業於香港中文大學,獲哲學博士,研 究中國外銷藝術,以及香港的公共及 社群藝術,並曾於大英博物館及美國皮 博迪艾塞克斯博物館 Philips 圖書館作 訪問學人。

陳明昌是康樂及文化事務署荃灣區康樂 事務經理,負責審查和製定娛樂設施( 包括公園和遊樂場)運營和管理的政策 和指導方針。

Horman Chan is the Chief Leisure Manager responsible for reviewing and formulating policies and guidelines on the operation and management of land-based recreational facilities including parks and playgrounds.

他最近協助展示《城市藝裳計劃:樂坐 其中》美化公園及花園座椅項目。

He recently assisted in the display of artistic furniture in some public parks and gardens under the Seat - Together project.

Horman Chan 陳明昌 Advisor 顧問

辛偉賢是香港建築師學會的註冊建築 師。他於 2009 年加入建築署,現任建 築署高級物業服務經理。

Willie San is a Registered Architect under the Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA). He joined the Architectural Services Department in year 2009 and he is currently the Senior Property Services Manager in the Architectural Services Department.

Willie San 辛偉賢 Advisor 顧問

凌藝廉經常穿梭澳洲、亞洲、歐洲及北 美作獨奏、樂團及室樂演出。他曾隨薛 迪夫卡、朱拉納及諾斯學習,於德國國 際現代合奏學院進修,並於瑞士琉森音 樂節學院隨布萊茲學藝,亦是2005年羅 馬布基音樂大賽得獎者。

William Lane performs as a soloist, orchestral and chamber musician in Australia, Asia, Europe and North America. He studied under Jan Sedivka, Bruno Giuranna and Garth Knox, as well as in Germany at the International Ensemble Modern Academy, and in Switzerland at the Lucerne Festival Academy under Pierre Boulez. He was a prizewinner of Valentino Bucchi Competition in Rome in 2005. Lane was Principal Viola of Ensemble Resonanz and a member of the Hong Kong Philharmonic; and has appeared as guest violist of Ensemble Modern and the Lucerne Festival Strings. Based in Hong Kong since 2008, he is Founder, Artistic Director and Violist of Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, Asia’s most active professional chamber ensemble dedicated to new music. In 2013 he was awarded the Award for Young Artist (Music) from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

© Wing Shya

William Lane 凌藝廉 Advisor 顧問

凌藝廉曾是香港管弦樂團樂師及德國鳴 聲弦樂團的首席中提琴,亦曾於德國現 代合奏團及琉森節日弦樂團作客席演 出。他自2008年起於香港發展,是香 港創樂團的創辦人、藝術總監及中提琴 手。他於2013年獲香港藝術發展局頒發 「藝術新秀獎(音樂)」。



Phase 1: Conceptual Scheme February - April 第一階段:概念設計 2月 - 4月






第二階段:新原型設計及研究成果 5月 - 8月




FEBRUARY - MARCH 2月 - 3月 6

Phase 2: Prototype & Findings May - August






Site Analysis & Research / Ideas Generation 資料搜集,構想意念

Introductory Workshop 簡介工作坊 Team Site Visit & Research 設計師團隊實地考察及研究

7-16 17


Internal Mentor Mentee Workshop 導師學員工作坊 Public Lecture: Richard Hassell 公眾講座:Richard Hassell Design Concept Development 概念設計

MARCH - MAY 3月 - 5月 14

Fabrication Workshop 研制工作坊


Concept Presentation 設計概念簡介會 Team Design Finalisation 設計師團隊設計定稿

22-5 6

Micro-parks Concept Design Submission 設計師團隊提交微型公園概念設計

MAY - AUGUST 5月 - 8月












第三階段: 規劃和發展 9月 -

Build & Construction 微型公園興建


Phase 3: Planning & Development September -

Production of Prototypes 製作新原型設計

1-9 Planning & Development 規劃和發展

Public Presentation & Exhibition of Prototypes 公眾分享會及原型設計展覽

SEPTEMBER - DECEMBER 9月 - 12月 Construction of micro-parks 興建微型公園

DECEMBER - 12月 -

Workshop Highlights & Site Visits 工作坊回顧和實地考察 The Introductory Workshop of Design Trust Futures Studio 2018 held on 6 February kicked off the exciting year-long programme. Moderated by Marisa Yiu, Co-founder and Executive Director of Design Trust, the workshop brought together the Designer-mentees, the two Hong Kong-based mentors, Gary Chang (EDGE) and Stanley Wong (anothermountianman), and advisors from the public and private sectors. Our two international mentors, Sam Jacob and Mimi Hoang also joined in via Skype. All participants shared their unique views and experiences about the design of parks and public spaces, which would help inspire the design of the future micro-parks for Hong Kong.

Introductory Workshop 簡介工作坊 Date 日期

2018.2.6 Venue 地點

Campfire Collaborative Spaces

「未.共研社」2018 的首個簡介工作坊於 2 月 6 日舉 行,展開了這個全年的計劃。是次工作坊由信言設計大 使聯合創辦人及執行總監姚嘉珊主持,匯集了設計師學 員,兩位香港導師包括張智強 (EDGE) 和黃炳培 (又一 山人),以及不同公、私營部門的顧問。我們的兩位國 際導師 Sam Jacob 和 Mimi Hoang 也通過 Skype 參 與是次活動。 所有參與者都分享他們對公園和公共空間 設計的獨特見解和經驗,對未來香港微型公園的設計帶 來啟發。

The designer-mentee teams had a thoughtprovoking afternoon at Kafnu, Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong, with our mentors, advisors and experts from different related fields. The four teams shared with us their concepts of play with site analysis and their initial design ideas for the future micro-parks of Hong Kong. The sharing of each team is followed by an in-depth discussion with our Hong Kong-based mentor, Gary Chang, our advisors, Sara Wong and Maggie Lin, and experts from different related public and private agencies.

Internal Mentor Mentee Workshop 導師學員工作坊 Date 日期

2018.3.17 Venue 地點

Kafnu, Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong 香港嘉里酒店 Kafnu 32

設計師團隊在香港嘉里酒店 Kafnu 與我們的導師,顧問 和來自不同相關領域的專家共同渡過了一個極具意義的 下午。這四支設計師團隊與我們分享了他們對「玩」的 詮釋、實地考察的結果以及他們對未來香港微型公園的 初步設計理念。隨後更與我們的香港導師張智強,顧問 黃志恆和連君婷以及來自不同相關公共和私人機構的專 家進行了深入的討論。

Public Lecture - Richard Hassell 公眾講座 - Richard Hassell Date 日期

2018.3.19 Venue 地點

Kafnu, Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong 香港嘉里酒店 Kafnu

Prior to the public lecture, the designermentee teams shared their initial concepts with International Workshop Mentor, Richard Hassell, whom he emphasized the importance of pragmatism in translating creative ideas into reality, as well as crucial element of public engagement so the final designed parks can be a part of the community’s everyday live. The sharing is followed by a public lecture, where Hassell shared with us his vision on environmentally-conscious and sustainable designs, rasing the importance of inclusivity, community, and the diversity of “living and growing architectures”. The evening ended with a provocative panel discussion with Christopher Law (Founding Director, Oval Partnership); Andrew Tsui (Co-founder of Rooftop Republic Urban Farming); Ada Wong (Convenor of The Good Lab & Make A Difference) and Marisa Yiu (Co-founder and Executive Director of Design Trust). 公眾講座前,設計師學員團隊與工作坊國際導師 Richard Hassell 分享了他們的設計概念。他強調將創意轉化為現 實以及公眾參與的重要性,設計出來的公園才可以成為社 區日常生活中的一部分。在隨後的公眾講座,Hassell 與 我們分享了他在環保和可持續發展設計方面的理想,其中 強調了包容性,社區主義和多樣性的重要,以達致「活生 生和成長的建築」。其後,信言設計大使聯合創辦人及執 行總監姚嘉珊與討論嘉賓羅健中 (歐華爾顧問有限公司創 始董事) ; 徐伽 (雲耕一族聯合創辦人); 及黃英琦 (好單位召 集人、MaD創不同召集人) 進行了一場具啟發性的討論。

The designer-mentee teams conducted several site visits and research in their individual sites during February to April. They engaged the local residents, families and children as well as different public and private agencies, including local NGOS, LCSD, ArchSD, the District Council members, and so on, in order to gain understanding of the local communities’ needs. The initial research will help the teams to create more human-centric and site-oriented design proposals.

Site Visits – Designer-Mentee Teams 實地考察 - 設計師學員團隊 Date 日期

在二月至四月其間,設計師學員團隊在他們各自的選址進 行了多次實地考察和調查。他們邀請了當地居民、家庭和 兒童以及不同的公、私營機構,當中包括不同非政府組 織、康文署、建築署、區議會成員等等接受訪問,以深入 了解當地區情,以便日後可以創建更多以人為本和適合當 地社區的設計的方案。



Sketch Diary - Sharing Concept 素描筆記 - 分享概念 Mentors and Designer-Mentees use the Sketch Diary to document their process, making visible the invisible process of design. Their research, sketches and final concepts are documented throughout the project and shared on Design Trust Futures Studio 2018 website. 導師與設計師學員以素描筆記把設計過程記錄下來,讓大家一瞥不為人知的 設計過程。 他們的研究,素描和最終概念將被記錄下來,並透過 「未.共研 社」2018 的網站上與大眾分享。

Gary Chang and Team 張智強及團隊


Mimi Hoang and Team Mimi Hoang 及團隊

Sam Jacob and Team Sam Jacob 及團隊

Stanley Wong and Team 黃炳培及團隊


About Design Trust 關於信言設計大使 MISSION 宗旨 Design Trust creates active long-term, intelligent and meaningful platforms to fund and advocate for the positive value of the process of design, debate and creative sharing. We support innovative, thought-provoking investigations in various design disciplines from graphics, media, wearable technologies, architecture to the environment to actively accelerate creative research, design and development of meaningful projects that advocate for the positive role of design.

信言設計大使倡議積極、長遠、知性及有意義的 發展平台,旨於推動及資助具創意、新思維的設 計研究方案 。我們鼓勵嶄新、具前瞻性的設計 研究計劃,範圍觸及各大設計領域,包括平面 視覺、媒體、穿戴產品科技、建築及生活空間, 創意研究,設計或任何有助拓展設計議題計劃項 目,藉此提倡設計的正面價值。

ABOUT US 本會簡介 Design Trust was established in 2014 by Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design, a registered charity in Hong Kong since 2007, as a grant funding platform. Design Trust supports creative projects that develop expertise, build research initiatives and content related to Hong Kong and the Greater Pearl River Delta Region. Working across a multiplicity of design disciplines from graphics, media, architecture to the built environment, Design Trust aims to actively accelerate creative research, design and development of meaningful projects that advocate for the positive role of design.

信言設計大使為一個成立於2014年的專案資助 平台,由2007年創立的本地註冊非牟利慈善團 體「香港設計大使」創辦。信言設計大使旨於支 持香港及大珠江三角洲地區的設計專案,推動專 業知識、設計研究議題和創意項目,涉及多個設 計領域,從平面設計、媒體、建築至生活空間。 信言設計大使旨於積極鼓勵創意研究、設計及別 具意義的計劃發展,藉此提倡設計的正面價值。

CORE ACTIVITIES 主要活動 • Grants 資助計劃 • Design assembly & dialogues 設計講座和對談 • Engaging the community & public events 社區及公眾活動


BOARD OF DIRECTORS 董事會成員 Alan Lo (Chairman) 羅揚傑 Desiree Au 歐詠詩 Jay Parmanand Jehan Chu 朱沛宗 Joyce Tam 譚載怡 CO-FOUNDER / EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR 聯合創辦人及執行總監 Marisa Yiu 姚嘉珊 DESIGN TRUSTEES 信言設計大使贊助人 Victor Lo 羅仲榮 Jennifer Liu 廖偉芬 Denise Lau 劉思蔚 Daryl Ng 黃永光 Amanda Loke 陸桂蓮 Akarin Gaw 吴繼淦 Yama Chan 陳雅文 Adrian Cheng 鄭志剛 Joanne Chow 周凱瑜 Jo Black Ming Wai Lau 劉鳴煒 Donald Choi 蔡宏興 Yvette Ho 何馬美域 Jimmy K.W. Chan 陳光華 Vanessa Cheung 張添琳 Kristine Li 李敬恩 INTERNATIONAL ADVISORY COUNCIL 海外顧問團 Beatrice Leanza 畢月 Brian Wong 黃明威 Eva Franch Lars Nittve 李立偉 Liu Xiaodu 劉曉都 Lyndon Neri 郭錫恩 Rodman Primack Thomas Heatherwick 托馬斯.赫斯維克 Zoë Ryan PEARL RIVER DELTA DESIGN COUNCIL 珠三角洲設計顧問 Aric Chen 陳伯康 Andrew Au 歐子健 Arnault Castel Cole Roskam Eric Schuldenfrei Giovanni Alessi Anghini Jean T Miao 繆永珍 Leslie Lu 盧林 Ole Bouman 奥雷·伯曼 Stephanie Poon 潘芷慇 Suzy Annetta Tat Lam 林達 Tim Li 李民偉 William To 陶威廉 Winnie So 蘇詠寧


Acknowledgements 鳴謝 Lead Organizer 主辦單位

Community Event Partner 社區活動夥伴

Workshop Venue Partners 工作坊場地合作夥伴

Hotel Partner 酒店合作夥伴

DTFS 2018 Concept Presentation Programme Booklet  

Design Trust Futures Studio 2018 Concept Presentation Programme Booklet

DTFS 2018 Concept Presentation Programme Booklet  

Design Trust Futures Studio 2018 Concept Presentation Programme Booklet