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Listening music gives me relax time. I often listen music when I want to change my mind and be relax.

Inspirational story step1

relax time



tea break

the spread of the sounds

tea + the spread of the sounds

eating chocolate good points of Beo Play A9 sleeping

presence in the room

chocolate + luxury

taking a bath


reading books At first, I thought some words from “relax.� Then I chose two of them that I think which has simiral meaning as museic to me.

Second, I went to Bang & Olfusen`s store in Tokyo and listened the sound of Beo Play A9 to find its good points.

Next, I mixed together which I think fit.

Inspirational story step4




tea + the spread of the sounds

chocolate + luxury

I thought ,the tea`s color changing inside to outside looked like the spread of the sound.

I decided this design and named it “TEA BREAK.”

And another I thought ,the milk spread in the tea looked like the spread of the sound.


Design spefication Fabric front cover

Legs Material: Solid walnut wood Finish: Oiled - no shine

Design spefication Back plastic parts Panton color code: 181 Finish: Matt laqured

Aluminum ring Panton color code: 457 Finish: Matt laqured

How customers live

About me.

Yuki Goya School:Musashino Art University Department:Science of Design Almost students in my department make graphics. I like it too, but I`m interested in product design same as graphic design.

Tea Break by Yuki Goya, Musashino Art University