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Everyday. Miro Virta Industrial Design Student Aalto University, School of Arts, Design & Architecture

Me. I am a second grade industrial design student from Finland studying at Aalto University school of arts, design & architecture. As a finn, the simplicity and kind of a asceticism of Scandinavian design attracts me. Lately I’ve also found the works of Japanese masters, like Naoto Fukasawa, highly inspirational. The finesse of Japanese designers work is something you cannot find anywhere else in the world. At this point of my career, I can’t really say that I would have a clear, defined and identifiable style. I’m taking all the influences around me that I can, trying to build my own designer identity while gathering experience in the industry.

Everyday. I wake up to it in the morning. It makes my daily commuting more enjoyable. It gets my flow on when working. It helps me push that extra 20% in the gym. And at the end of the day, it helps me relax. Music. For me, it is an essential part of everyday life. I’m listening to it right now, while writing this. It’s presence makes mundane situations feel special and exciting. Yet, late on a Friday evening it can turn a whole space of people into pure magic. Those moments have a certain special quality that can only be accessed with music. This quality is essentially what I want to express with my design. The hint of magic in everyday things. This is very hard because the original design conveys exactly that, and very well. So I took it as a task to bring the magic up a little bit, because that is exactly what music does to my life.

It makes ordinary extraordinary.


Hey, you gotta start from somewhere!


Fabric. Morning and evening are something we are guaranteed to get every day. The perfect moment in the morning when the city lights have just turned off but the sun isn’t quite in it’s full blossom yet. Or in the evening, when the streetlights have again turned back on but there is still a tiny hint of sunlight on the horizon. The fabric is divided in two sections by a line. By rotating the cover one can get either a morning horizon or a evening horizon to remind of these special moments. For the colors I chose Pantone Velvet Morning and Pantone Twilight Blue.

Back & Ring For the color of the back and the aluminium ring I chose the Velvet Morning Pantone color with matte finish. Because as mentioned, mornings are something we face in our everyday life and what would be better than velvety mornings?

Legs. I chose to preserve the original shape of the legs, because it is perfect in all it’s simplicity. I picked birch as the material as it is a tree that has conquered every place in Finland. It simply is everywhere. For the finish I wanted something special and I chose a similar finish to the bowls made by Hatchet & Bear that are also in my moodboard. They’re finished with linseed oil and beeswax for the perfect semi-matte surface with a hint of red.

Miro Virta Industrial Design Student Aalto University, School of Arts, Design & Architecture

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Everyday by Miro Virta, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture