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fter a few years of publishing successfully, it’s exciting to bring you another issue of Design Space Magazine! Although our publication has grown and expanded in many ways, we have been able to stay on course by continuing to bring quality in all of our articles and reviews. We strive to offer top-notched editorials and various solutions for making your life easier and more efficient at home. This issue of Design Space Magazine is no exception! As you flip ahead, we will give you simple tips for green renovation, showcase an Indiana couple’s passion for modern spaces, and feature BOKLOK (an IKEA company), apartment homes that are both affordable and environmentally friendly. Also, we explore architect Christopher Lawton’s design of a 600 square ft. condo in Chicago, which offers function and an abundance of practicality for the home dweller. Lastly, in this issue, we were able to catch up with the renowned interior designer, V. Carr, as she explains her approach to interior design, and her idea of “modern sophistication.” As always, I hope you find this issue to be both informative and helpful in improving your everyday lives at home. x

Adolphus K. Shannon Jr. Founder and Editorial Director


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letters Dear Editor,

Publisher Design Space Media Group, LLC Founder and Editorial Director Adolphus K. Shannon Jr. Executive Publisher Rodney Perry Art Director Carol King

After reading another great issue of Design Space, I had no choice but to write in! Let’s hope this letter is published so I can express to your readers how impressed I am with this magazine! I’ve been a reader since your first issue, and was one of the readers who constantly were inquiring about the magazine through your website. I must admit that since I’ve read my very first issue, it has become a favorite new addition to my forever growing collection of Dwell and Metropolitan Home! Scott Silva Portland, Oregon

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Dear Readers, In our spring/summer 09 issue, we mention Interior Designer Cary Weldy in the article, “Chicago Town Home Facelift”. Unfortunately, we listed the company’s name and website incorrectly. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by our error. The correct name of Cary Weldy’s company is: Cary Weldy LLC and his website is Again, we apologize for this error. Best regards, Editorial Staff, Design Space Magazine

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KitHaus Design Within Reach


By: Llyod Alter There has been a proliferation of garden shed designs recently; they are a great way to get more space without permanently adding on to your house, and can be a great place to work, work out or just get away from everything. They also often do not need building permits or zoning permissions. Kithaus, designed by Tom Sandonato and Martin Wehmann, is one of the lovelier units, and it is now available at Design Within Reach. This is fulfilling the promise of prefab: Architecture as industrial design, available to anyone off the shelf at any time. Architecture as product instead of service, possibly the future and salvation of the profession. Starts at $29,500, and is $44,900 as shown, without shipping or installation. Aric Chen says in the New York Times: “Starting today, the Kithaus, an instant freestanding room manufactured by a Southern California company of the same name, is available through Design Within Reach. The 9-by-13-foot aluminum structure has a clean, modern look, with decking, louvers, canopies and interior finishes made of sustainably harvested ipe. Insulated and wired for electricity, it ships flat in four to six weeks, ready to be assembled for any number of uses.

Fall/Winter 2009



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Since 1987, Ashley Norton’s premium door hardware has graced the homes of discerning clients and upscale resorts worldwide. Designed in England, our product range includes a wide selection of contemporary and traditional designs to accommodate almost any architectural style. 800.393.1097 |

Successful Living From Diesel With Foscarini And Moroso [ A ssociated P ress ]

Diesel’s Home Collection is soon to be enriched by the addition of two new partners – both leaders in the world of interiors – Foscarini for lighting and  Moroso for furniture.

The two new licenses will be of a 4 year duration with a worldwide retail agreement which is starting with the European and US markets. The collections will be presented to press and buyers at a worldwide preview on the occasion of the forthcoming International Milan Furniture Fair, Salone del Mobile. Both respective lines will be on show within the Salon with around 100 square meters of dedicated space for each collection. The new furniture line will be on display at the Moroso store, whilest the collection of Diesel lamps will be available to view on the Foscarini store situated in the Euroluce exhibition. The whole Diesel Home universe, including the home textile collection created in partnership with Zucchi, will be shown in the Diesel Milan HQ in Via Stendhal, with an exhibition in the “Fuori Salone” which will end with a huge event upon invitation on April 23rd. Designed by the Diesel Creative Team, headed by Wilbert Das, the new Home Collection will be developed around innovative materials and styles, each item is customized thanks to the usage of the unfailing Diesel treatments presented in all its collections, shown for the first time in the design world.

The new collections will be distributed through the best furniture and lighting showrooms as well as in Diesel stores and in selected department stores. Renzo Rosso, President of Diesel: “Diesel is a lifestyle brand - consumers choose us not only for the product but also for what Diesel represents: the way of life, our values, the ironic, creative and unexpected approach. We decided to start with this adventure to offer to our consumer the possibility to express himself and personalized his home with products he feels near his taste. At last we have found partners who are able to satisfy our needs in terms of quality and know-how; Moroso and Foscarini represent two leading managerial realities in the design sector, the best both for quality and professionalism and mostly for the great enthusiasm they gave to this new project”. Carlo Urbinati e Alessandro Vecchiato, Foscarini’s owners: “The Diesel collection is for us a new line, deeply different from Foscarini collection in design and style and addressed to new targets. Accordingly with the strong forerunner attitude of the company, the Foscarini team has been immediately and highly involved in the development of Diesel collection. The long experience in design lighting sector, the dynamic distributive network and the steady positioning into the market will lead Foscarini to an effective commercialization of Successful Living from Diesel collection”. Roberto Moroso, Vice Chairman of the Friulian company of the same name, explains the reasons behind the agreement. “It only took one meeting with Renzo Rosso for us to realize that, despite all our differences, we had a lot in common: an insatiable creativity, the drive to reach ever-greater levels of excellence, a strong sense of curiosity, and the determination to achieve new objectives and explore new worlds. This is a new challenge for Moroso, which has made its design and production know-how available to Diesel to create furniture and home accessories of the highest quality combined as ever with striking originality, this time designed by Diesel.”


Fall/Winter 2009


NeoCon Chicago 2009


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Want to make a difference? Help create opportunities for everyone in your community. United Way is creating real, lasting change where you live, by focusing on the building blocks of a better life– education, income and health. That’s what it means to Live United. For more, visit LIVEUNITED.ORG.

Ikea BOKLOK House by Jay Barker

If you’ve ever wondered just where to put all that furniture you purchased from IKEA, BOKLOK an IKEA inspired company has an idea - how about in your new IKEA/BOKLOK house. In selected European cities BOKLOK (an IKEA company) is building apartment homes that are both affordable and environmentally friendly. The company has built houses in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and more recently in Great Britain. Getting your house assembled could be another matter. Thankfully you don’t have to haul your new house in your trunk and then attempt to assemble it following instructions which feature a funny looking pencil drawn man as is the case when you buy, say a new chaise or love seat. BOKLOK (pronounced Boo Clook and translated as Live Smart) partners with housing developers who meet their building specifications. So when it comes to IKEA houses - no assembly is required. Prefabricated in a factory, BOKLOK houses are delivered to the site and can be constructed in a day. These timber-frame apartment houses have been built in Europe through the Hyde Group Housing Association, Paramount Homes and Skanska, IKEA’s partner in Scandinavia, and come in very simple one and twobedroom versions incorporated into a few different models (see photos). Because controlling cost of ownership was a goal for BOKLOK, the houses are highly energy efficient as a result of a “closed panel” insulated system and quality control that is monitored during fabrication and after getting to the site. The houses exceed all building regulation standards and have met European eco-housing standards as well. Designed for first-time house buyers the exterior is minimalists but the interiors are quite stylish including full IKEA kitchens. Each house then of course can be smartly decorated with goods from the local IKEA store (an IKEA furniture voucher is included). For homes priced $60,000 to $100,000 (US dollars) you can’t expect a lot, but these houses are an affordable energy efficient and stylish way to address the millions of people around the world who are currently living in far less capable housing units.

Fall/Winter 2009



Designed for first-time house buyers the exterior is minimalists but the interiors are quite stylish including full IKEA kitchens. Each house then of course can be smartly decorated with goods from the local IKEA store (an IKEA furniture voucher is included).

Fall/Winter 2009


by Nathalie Williams

A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist. –Buckminster Fuller Frank Zaremba is a recent graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art and specializes in Industrial Design, Print and 3-D Modeling. His BFA project Twenty % consists of designing for human behavior and thought. It is the percentage of the design community that he feels is designing for behavior and discussion/rhetoric. Two products created for the project are the EB01 Blanket and the Covey ii table. DesignSpace sat down with Frank at the International Home + Housewares Show where he placed second in the student design competition with the EB01 Blanket. 24

DesignSpace: In your statement for Twenty % you use the phrase “psychological mentality.” Define this phrase and how it relates to your blanket and table.

Frank Zaremba: When I say this I am referring to designing for the emotional impact of a product. It’s thought that strikes the individual first rather than the artifact. So it is how the product interacts with the individual/consumer psychologically. This is what I think distinguishes great design from good, it’s not a shallow design, it’s multi faceted. The blanket helps an individual cope with psychological stress after an acute traumatic event. Provided by emergency responders, the blanket comforts an individual with sensory experiences that alleviate distress. The soft, enveloping blanket integrates advanced technologies that allow medical personnel to assess and monitor a victim’s condition, while creating an environment that relieves anxiety for the injured during the critical first hour after an emergency.

I chose to approach the table design as a form of therapy for a psychological issue that affects human behavior: social anxiety disorder. The Covey ii table is designed to be a catalyst to change social behavior, to create a place of comfortable social interaction and conversation. The table is empty and comes with different plates to fill the space. It is completely under the control of the individual how the space is used. There are plates for eating and playing checkers/ chess, etc. The table causes the individual to think differently, question their behavior, and resolve issues. DS: What do you feel the current mainstream, contemporary design culture is comprised of?

Most of the industry I feel just designs aesthetically, designing “shells” for objects, for example-your typical cell phone. The thought seems removed. A lot of it isn’t good design, its trendy and shallow. One can see right through it. I feel it is rare for a product these days to make one stop and say, “WOW!” for me design needs to be provocative. DS: Describe your growth as an artist/designer over the past 6 years.

FZ: Well as you know the Cleveland institute of art is/ was a five-year program, I’m “last of the five”. The first two years are catered to developing an individual as a fine-artist. The first year is about learning the proper skills. The second year takes these skills and uses them to create conceptual work. Focusing more on the content and meaning of the work rather than

the actual application of media. The transition from the second year to the third, which was becoming a major in Industrial design, was difficult. You are taught to think as an artist for the first two years and then your world is shook when introduced to design. The entire third year is about re-training yourself. Fourth year was a welcoming change. Most of us had summer internships so we better understood how design works in the real world, outside of school. This year was also the time were we could experiment and break more boundaries. This was a pivotal point during my time at CIA. I began combining the conceptual thoughts of art with design. This is how my Covey ii table came about. The fifth year is stressful because you’re on our own with little guidance from the professors. We create our own paths of design and choose our concept to pursue. You find out how passionate you are about design and your strengths and weaknesses. It was uplifting to come to a final solution since it represents all that you have worked for during your five years and its shows what you are truly passionate about making and designing. DS: Design is just a part of your background. Let’s talk about the art part of the work you create.

FZ: While I majored in design I had always taken a secondary studio class that was fine arts related, be it printmaking, fiber arts, ceramics, etc. I felt I needed something to balance my needs, wants and desires. I would have gone insane if I strictly designed 24/7. Our class is praised as the strongest group of designers that have come through CIA. One of the contributing factors to our strengths, as designers were our original roots: creating art. The majority of my ID class had thoughts of pursuing a fine art major rather than applied arts. This is why my class work and my work has a unique balance between art and design, and is why many of us design for behavior, thought, stories and psychology. frank_zaremba

Fall/Winter 2009


g reen li v i n g Great Green Ideas for Remodeling Your Home

Your home is your personal space and there are lots of ways to make it even more appealing with eco-friendly alternatives to standard renovation materials. These are just a few ideas for “green” remodeling, so be sure to keep your eyes open for more ways to minimize your home’s impact on the environment while maximizing your enjoyment of it!

by Pete Landin

1 2

Reclaimed Wood Flooring. Are you replacing the floor? Consider reclaimed wood from other buildings for flooring. There are companies out there that do nothing but produce quality flooring out of used wood. It looks great and performs wonderfully - without impacting the environment through logging. EnergyStar. Remodeling the bathroom? Try EnergyStar appliances, such as low-water toilets, energy-efficient shower heads and water-saving faucets. These can not only save hundreds of gallons of water, they can also really save on the energy required to heat your water. While you’re at it, consider a cover for your water heater or a new, better insulated one.


Non-Toxic Paints and Finishes. There are now

finishes for your wood that won’t poison you or the environment. This is especially important, as some finishes can still emit VOCs (volatile organic compounds) for years after drying. The same goes for paint. There are now companies that sell low-VOC and recycled paint, making it that much easier to decorate your home in “green”.

4 5 6

Buy local. Local stone, wood and other materials will cost your environment a lot less than ones that have to be transported. You will also be investing in your local economy.

Recycle wall materials. You can now find recycled drywall and insulation, often for much less than new. There are a growing number of companies that specialize in stripping buildings of recyclable materials and reprocessing them into something new and sometimes even more efficient. Heating and cooling system timers. If you’re away

from the home all day, it hardly makes sense to keep the heat on High or the air conditioning on Sub-Zero. A timer can save you energy and money by switching your climate control on just in time for you to take advantage of it and not before.

With these, and other ideas that you will find if you research “green” ways of remodeling your cabin, you can have an eco-friendly residence that ends up being cheaper in the long run.


A hip urban emporium that freshly mixes mid century modern with responsibly made items

1819 W. Grand Ave • Chicago, IL 60622 • 312.829.6122

Eco-Chic Kitchen Design By: Kenneth Renetto

It’s a calm and uncluttered space and, for an eco-friendly home, interior designer Linda Woodrum would have it no other way. “I wanted an almost Asian feeling that was very clean and not overdone,” she explains. The walls, covered in glass mosaic tiles, punctuate the cooking space, which features streamlined espresso-colored cabinetry and sleek stainless-steel hardware and fixtures. CaesarStone quartz countertops, in a shade of bold black and crafted from recycled material, add a hint of sparkle and continue the green story, as they are naturally antimicrobial as well as mold- and heat-resistant. “The dark counters and dark surfaces become one with the pops of stainless,” adds Woodrum, “and then that tile just pulls it all together.” Water and energy saving were top of mind when selecting the Kenmore Elite appliances for the space. Energy Star-rated items include a “smart” dishwasher that determines the amount of time, water and energy need to complete each load; an induction range with stainless steel hood, which features fast and efficient cooking; a side-by-side refrigerator with icemaker; and a programmable coffeemaker, which features fast-brew technology. As a foil to the kitchen’s industrial features, including a Kohler stainless steel sink with low-flow faucet, Woodrum added a few organic touches, including a driftwood lamp, a potted aloe plant and stacks of cookbooks set atop a white pedestal. A wood cutting board is ready and waiting for the gourmet cook, and a platter of ripe and juicy pears offers a treat for those perched on the black oak and steel swiveling bar stools that serve as a divider between the kitchen and the lounge. “I love those bar stools,” adds Woodrum. “You walk in and those stools are so sculptural against the white wood bar.” A shaggy rug in a warm shade of cream adds a pop of retro-chic style against the darkwood flooring and echoes the color of dinnerware on display in the pantry. Green features of the kitchen include tubular skylights, which channel daylight into the kitchen during work hours and illuminate the space at night via compact fluorescent lights. A big bonus for the busy homeowner? A central vac inlet, nestled at the base molding of the kitchen cabinetry, eliminates the need for a bulky vacuum cleaner. Dust and debris swept into the inlet are directed through tubing behind the walls into a central vac unit installed in the laundry room closet. The kitchen ultimately serves as a central gathering space that caters to both the organizer and the food lover. “It has a sophisticated, clean and polished look,” says Woodrum, “yet everything is here for the perfect cooking experience.” x


The walls, covered in glass mosaic tiles, punctuate the cooking space, which features streamlined espresso-colored cabinetry and sleek stainless-steel hardware and fixtures

Fall/Winter 2009



Products of distinction that define the uniqueness of Graff.

3701 W. Burnham Street

Milwaukee, WI 53215

Toll Free: 800-954-4723


t h e

d e s i g n e r

“It’s fitting to say that V. Carr has a niche for art and interior design that radiates quite naturally. Being the owner of Vic Interiors Inc, an upscale home and residential furnishing retailer, Vic’s style of decorating is accordingly “sleek, modern and is always sophisticated”. DesignSpace: When did you first discover you had a natural talent for being an interior designer?

V. Carr I’ve been designing spaces since my first doll house at four years old. It was very elaborate and came with furniture, wall paper and flooring options. My aunt and I spent endless hours coordinating the furnishings and wall paper. Looking, back I’m pretty sure that was when I realized I could be good at this. DS: What are you influenced by? Where do you get your ideas?  

VC: Inspiration comes in many forms. It’s in the things that you least suspect or places that are often overlooked. It’s everywhere. Inspiration and ideas come when the ordinary sparks a fire in me that sets ablaze endless ideas. DS: What do you enjoy most about your role as a designer?    

VC: I enjoy having access to the finest products available and seeing the ingenuity and creativity of others at work. Having the opportunity to introduce my clients to the very best that the industry has to offer is a gift not only to them but to me. DS: You design for both residential and commercial interiors. What is your approach towards each?

VC: My approach to design in both residential and commercial projects is always to execute the client’s vision. It doesn’t matter how great I think a finished space is if my client doesn’t love it. It’s their space and their vision; I’m just there to execute the best possible manifestation of that vision within the financial parameters given. DS: There is obviously a strong presence of art and photography in your work. How important are both to you?

VC: I think art is of paramount importance in a space. It tells a hundred stories. It speaks without words.


DS: What early work experience had the greatest impact on you?  

VC: My experience as a U.S. Marine instilled in me a great deal of discipline, confidence and fearlessness which are a part of every area of my life including my work as a designer. “Adapt and overcome” was our mantra and is the way I still approach every task. DS: How would you define your personal style?  

VC: My personal style is what I refer to as The Residential Retreat. It has the trappings of a chic five star hotel with all the comforts of home. It’s an understated luxury. It’s a getaway. It’s an experience. DS: How is personal style important in your life?    

VC: George Bernard Shaw once said, “Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.” Personal style is part of that creation. It evolves as I do.

“I think art is of paramount importance in a space. It tells a hundred stories. It speaks without words." – George Bernard Shaw

li v i n g l ar g e

by Leslie Johnson Located on the 7th floor of a new modern highrise in Chicago’s South Loop, this 600 square foot studio, is designed to respond to the contemporary detailing of the building while maximizing the limited space and creating an open and comfortable living environment. Every inch was utilized to meet the owner’s request to have a place for dinner for four, a bike trainer, and the fluidity of the usual day-to-day activities of an urban apartment dweller. A piece of custom woodwork along the south wall of the apartment warms the space with its clear Baltic birch plywood and is the nexus of the multi-use space solution. Hiding a Murphy bed and storage, it flexes to meet the many needs of the owner. With the bed open, the kitchen has an additional area of counter and the owner has a place to sleep. With the bed closed, the bike trainer can be deployed and the counter is now accessible from two sides – creating the “dinner for four” space. 34

With the bed open, the kitchen has an additional area of counter and the owner has a place to sleep.

or’s Edit



Featured entry from DesignSpace’s Show Your Space Contest

Fall/Winter 2009



Clodagh Signature for Watermark

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Passion for Modern Spaces

by Shaila Wunderlich

MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. — It’s not as if they were in the market for a second home. They already had one in sunny Hilton Head, S.C. So when Jim Coffou pulled the car over to ask his wife, “What would you think about selling the place in Hilton Head and building in Michigan City?” Sara Coffou was confused. “Why would I want a second home an hour away from where I live, in a climate identical to the one where I live, in the-middle-of-nowhere Indiana?” she asked.

Such a structure would never work within the concrete confines of Chicago, their home base, nor would it be possible in the more traditional resort setting of coastal South Carolina. “Hilton Head codes would never allow this type of architecture,” Jim says.

Jim explained. This wasn’t so much about vacation living as it was the chance to finally build the Modern house they had dreamed about forever. The Coffous’ passion for everything Modern was ignited at the same time as their passion for each other, about 22 years ago. “It started when we got married,” Jim says. “We were collecting midcentury paintings and photography. That was the genesis.”

Though not completely convinced, Sara understood the appeal and decided to go with it. From that point on, she says, “it was all about the house. Indiana became irrelevant.”

Their collecting prowess soon evolved into furnishings, and eventually -- after trips to Barcelona, California and Plano, Ill., put them in front of houses by Mies van der Rohe, Richard Neutra and Philip Johnson -- the Coffous found themselves full-blown architecture buffs. “Modern architecture to me evokes peace, calm,” Sara says. “It just speaks to me.” Neither city nor resort The Modern house of their dreams was some modest version of the works they had admired in their travels and in magazines such as Metropolis -- a simple, all-glass, prairie-nestled box -- something along the lines of Mies’ rectangular Farnsworth House.

But now, a new opportunity was in front of them. Friends of the couple were offering to sell them a parcel of their woodsy acreage along Indiana’s lakeshore.

All about that view With their big-picture vision long established, the Coffous turned to architect Brad Lynch of Chicago’s Brininstool + Lynch to translate it into something real. Brininstool + Lynch’s award-winning MidwestModern portfolio is known for its simple, sustainable, environmentally aware homes, making it just the firm for the Coffou project. Lynch mapped out a three-bedroom, 3 1/2 bath, 2,700-square-foot structure made up of two main pieces, a “living volume” and a “sleeping volume.” The west-facing living volume, the biggest piece of the house, consists of a 36-foot-by-26-foot combined living room and kitchen, plus a 26-foot-by16-foot enclosed porch. The east-facing sleeping volume houses the bedrooms and baths. Connecting the two volumes is a small core, that houses some of the home’s more practical components (bath, laundry and storage facilities). “It’s easy-living in the sense that there aren’t a bunch of separate, small rooms competing for your attention,” Lynch says. “Most of the daytime living occurs where the view is, in the living volume. It’s all about that view.” That view. It’s an uninterrupted, panoramic expanse of wooded prairie populated by a mix of towering black oaks, medium-size maples and a carpet of native grasses. Wanting the scene to envelop the house -- and the owners’ consciousness -- Lynch wrapped the building in glass on all sides. Only the north-facing front wears a different outfit, a dramatic cedar screen meant to buffer the house from chilly lake winds.


A getaway’s getaway Even the interior details defer to the outdoor stage. A palette of cedar, concrete, slate, limestone and aluminum in shades of mostly gray keep the feeling calm and the maintenance low. The one extravagance, if it can be called that, is a tiny cove in the house’s core that features a fireplace and built-in sofa. “They wanted a fireplace,” Lynch says. “To me, it seemed a fireplace in the middle of the living room would be a distraction from the real focal point, the view. We had a discussion about their reasons for wanting a fireplace; Sara said she wanted to curl up in front of the fire with a book. So we ended up with this space where she can enjoy the fireplace without it taking over the whole house.” Now nearly a year after they settled into the house, Sara loves her warm-and-cozy nook and she is ecstatic she went with her husband’s house-building whim. They have the Modernist home they always wanted, and wouldn’t you know it, Michigan City turned out to be a fine escape.

The two spend long summer weekends biking and golfing, and short winter weekends cooking, entertaining and watching deer congregate around the house. “This area is great for cross-country skiing too,” Sara says. “One of these times, we’ll get around to that.” The house will not ever be more than an occasional respite retreat; the Coffous and their two daughters are “city rats” at heart. “We’ll never do full-time here,” Sara says. But they cherish the sporadic times they do spend there and hope to one day leave the house to their daughters, Julia, 17, and Anna, 20. “I love that you can be 65 miles from the city, yet when you pull into this driveway, you leave all of that behind,” Jim says. “It’s extremely isolated. No one sees you. You see no one. “If it hadn’t been for this property,” Jim says, “I doubt the house would exist.” x

Fall/Winter 2009


We Dig It! Illustrations by Nevena Durlova

t Hankbuilt x Tanner Goods Chair No. 2

Normally cow-print furniture wouldn’t exactly appeal to us, but we think we can make an exception just this once. Hankbuilt and Tanner Goods teamed up on a special version of Hankbuilt’s Chair No. 2 which has its modern lines shaped in hand bent steel with cowhide stretched over birch plywood. $595

q Nixon Green Rubber Player

If you’ve been keeping up with Nixon’s limited edition 4X4 Rubber Players, you’ve probably already got your hands on the Red and Blue editions. They’ve just revealed the third one and its ... green. $170

t Strata Bed Tuesday

If your bedroom needs a bit of a makeover, how about starting with a new bed like this one from Z Gallerie called the Strata Bed. The bed has a sleek modern design built from sustainable solid mahogany with a semi-gloss lacquer. Matching drawers and nightstands are also available if you want to complete the look. $900-$1000


q iPhone 3G S

The third-generation iPhone, a new version of the smartphone that revolutionized the mobile Internet industry, is now called iPhone 3G S. It is available for sale in United States and other selected countries (such as Spain) now. $199-$299


9 Tumi Townhouse Mooregate

Wheeled Carry-On Duffell Tumi’s Moorgate is a great looking carryon that’s perfect for those week-long trips. Tumi’s signature ballistic nylon keeps the bag durable and leather trim gives it that first-class look and feel. $995 Tuesday

q F by Ferragamo Pour Homme Black

F Black is the type of fragrance you wear when the occasion calls for pulling out your favorite expertly tailored saville row suit for a night on the town. The fragrance features top notes of Lavender, spicy Black Pepper and Coriander middle notes, and a base of Labdanum and Tonka Bean. $60

t Bodum Canteen

Bodum’s Canteen cups are made from double walled porcelain so whether its a hot cup of coffee or filled with ice cold soda it’ll keep your beverage cool or warm much longer than your conventional glass. They’ve also wrapped it in silicon for added grip and a splash of color. $25-$40

Fall/Winter 2009


auto review 2010 Audi A7 by Tony Quiroga

Audi goes coupe crazy! Details are emerging concerning the upcoming Audi A7, a four-door “coupe” that will be a direct rival to Mercedes-Benz’s popular CLS and BMW’s upcoming entry, the Gran Turismo. The A7 could appear soon as a 2010 model, built on the architecture of the Audi A5 (which also will be the basis of the next A6). The A7 is, in effect, a four-door coupe version of the next A6. At the top of the lineup will be a 600-hp, twin-turbo V-10 version likely to be dubbed the RS 7. The buzz is that a cabriolet will be added in early 2011. The four-door coupe craze that began with the CLS in 2004, is burgeoning with other entries planned, including the Porsche Panamera, Volkswagen Passat CC, and Aston Martin Rapide.

Raising the Bar: Independent ArtistS to watch

brock brockington I’m a designer/artist based on the south side of Chicago. My studio is located in a timber-framed building in the Bridgeport neighborhood. I  have a background in construction, and training in interior design. My  intentions are to produce hand-made modern pieces that honestly  display the materials they are made of, incorporating recycled  material when possible. “Undefined” is a dresser/table made of walnut, walnut veneered  plywood, and aluminum. The rear panels are constructed of scrap  plywood. It received honorable mention in DWR’s recent MDF furniture  design competition. “Shoo Kabnet” is a 6 ft tall cabinet with eight configurable shelves  for various types of footwear. The image shown is actually a working  prototype made of cherry-stained birch ply and painted pine. The final  piece will most likely be built with solid cherry or walnut.


Imagination in Metal! If you can design it, we can print it.

Texture is what’s hot in design trends for the kitchen and bath and Metaltec Innovations offers an extraordinary way to incorporate texture into custom metal work. Their dimensional decorative tiles, murals, hardware and sculptures are perfect for creating the “wow” factor in design. Metaltec’s technology allows designers and consumers to create cost-effective custom designed products in just a matter of days. Metaltec pushes design and manufacturing boundaries to create a finished piece that is a fusion of creative genius and technological know-how. | Ph: 724-863-9663 | ProMetal, LLC - An Ex One Company

Raising the Bar: Independent ArtistS to watch

kristina petrovic I have two years experience in the product design industry, with clients varying from Whirlpool Corporation to Bosch tool Corporation and including many projects in furniture design.  I was trained as an industrial designer at Purdue University with a minor in Furniture Design. I began the first several years of my education in the fine arts, and developed a passion for the sculpture classes I was taking. A lot of my sculptural work began to take on more functional aspects leading me into industrial design (much to the dismay of my parents, who feared I would remain a student forever)! I’m inspired by new places, new people, and the experiences I encounter every day. I let my inspiration guide my creative process, which varies greatly from project to project.  First, I focus on who will be using the end product and then I work from the inside out. I try not to take things (life) too seriously, and approach design with a sense of humor. I love to laugh, who doesn’t!?! After all, I design objects for everyday life, and think we should be able to surround ourselves with things we enjoy and products that function to their fullest potential. My focus right now, is on creating a total human experience. I think the consumer should enjoy every aspect of a product, from the design itself, to the branding and packaging, even the advertising that promotes it. As a designer, I am continually evolving and learning.  I have a passion for this industry and never want to lose it. I have fun every day and don’t look at what I do as a job, but rather, a way of life!


Facet Chair, 2006 Material: Fiberglass, steel Airplane, 2008 Material: Alaskan Yellow Cedar plywood Desk Chair, 2008 Material: Birch plywood, beech veneer, powder-coated steel Bed, 2009 Material: Ash, maple, plywood

philip de los reyes After studying furniture design at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), I’ve settled back in the Chicago area where I practice furniture and industrial design. My objects challenge perceptions of what designed objects can be and are driven by working with existing material technologies in unconventional ways. I often work with 2-d designs, models and full-scale construction side by side. Blurring these boundaries allows me to work quickly and intuitively within my development process. Most of my work right now falls into the furniture category, but I have an active interest in many aspects of design. Fall/Winter 2009


Generation “Y” Not?

by Jay Barker

Don’t look now but Generation Y (that’s people in their 20’s) is already beginning to influence new condo amenities, and any condo lifestyle accounting for Gen Y foretells a future filled with high tech goodness.


While we still mostly think of urban condos as an oasis for middle-age urban professionals and empty nesters who have moved back to the city, Generation Y now with a combined US earning power of $1.6 trillion wants to change that perception and change lock-n-go living even more. As most developers continue to build with the older set in mind at least one developer, Novare Group in Atlanta whose niche market is affordable urban condo towers for young professionals, is listening to the future. What are they hearing? Generation Y is demanding exactly what they have been brought up on - high tech gadgetry and conveniences that revolve around advanced electronics. A lot of current condo buildings offer electronic security monitoring, Internet wiring, and big screen TV’s in the clubhouse, but that isn’t high tech to someone who graduated high school after the Internet boom (and some even after the Internet bubble). Sure, Novare like other developers utilizes LCD screens in fitness center equipment so homeowners can watch TV on the run (literally), but Gen Y is demanding a lot more, such as an online system that enables residents to place restaurant orders from remote locations. And that’s just the start. Since Generation Y has been brought up to believe everything is possible and their lifestyle should suit them Novare’s new Viewpoint condo tower in Atlanta adds technology that enables a young buyer to customize their whole building environmental experience, not just a particular purchased condo. Novare To The Rescue Here’s how it works. Let’s say you are having family or friends over to see your new place. You reach the front door and with a swipe of your electronic key card the building morphs into your pre-set preferences. As you saunter through the building art hanging on the lobby walls smartly changes to your preselected tastes, and as you enter the elevator to begin the climb up toward your condo music you enjoy accompanies you along the way. The elevator display also brings up messages and announcements that pertain to you, and all this is after TV’s in the parking deck elevator have shown you your favorite channel. Technological amenities designed to suit Gen Y don’t stop there. WiFi hotspots are located throughout the building ensuring residents stay connected to the web as you move around, Ipod (they’ve had one since high school) docking stations are linked

into the clubroom audio system, and just in case you actually need wires to connect (that is so last generation), the clubroom also includes Internet terminals. To Generation Y being social is more than just a personality trait. Constant communication with friends is a lifestyle trend Gen Y has perfected like no other group before them, and Viewpoint makes it simple to access infotainment (redefined by Gen Y) instantly. At the push of a button you can communicate with and request services from the concierge, gossip with neighbors in the building chat room, and even contact the board of directors or management office. Novare Group has also integrated technology features every Viewpoint buyer can appreciate - not just Gen Y. At your own console you can program your home’s temperature to auto adjust when you leave or come home, report maintenance issues or submit maintenance requests, access appliance operating manuals, and even get tips on how to care for your new condo Home Of The Future Living Gen Y is expected to be the catalyst that delivers many of the home technological innovations we’ve heard about and have been promised for years. In fact a big part of the future competition between (I’m a) PC and (I’m a) Mac will be about who can more effectively influence our in-house lifestyle. Microsoft has already pushed it’s Home Of The Future, and even though Apple has been relatively quiet on the subject (true to form), one has to believe their product planning is largely based on this idea (use your IPhone to pre-heat your oven, turn down your thermostat or Tivo your favorite shows for example). Certainly those two won’t be the only contributors, Sony, Panasonic, Phillips and others see the future too, and the consumer battle will be fought around Gen Y wants and needs. Condo developers should take heed of what Novare already knows, the next buyer segment expects (not just wants) hi-tech conveniences like those integrated into Viewpoint. To help reluctant developers with the idea, they should consider the almost staggering statistic that by the year 2015 Gen Y will account for more than one third of the US population (and a higher percentage in many Euro and Euro-Asian countries). Condo lifestyles are about convenience and Gen Y with their penchant for anything that makes any task more convenient may turn out to be the spark that ignites the next condo boom. Fall/Winter 2009


design directory Apple Store 679 N Michigan Ave Chicago, IL 60611 (312) 981-4104

Crate & Barrel 646 N Michigan Ave Chicago, IL 60611 312+787+5900

Flight 001 1133 N State St Chicago, IL 60610 312+944+1001

Architectural Artifacts 4325 N. Ravenswood Ave. Chicago, IL 60613 773+348+0622

Design Inside 2839 W. Palmer St. # 3 Chicago, IL 60647 800+776+3609

Fort Pitt 1400 W 37th St Chicago, IL 60609 (773) 247-3523

Ashley Norton 800+393+1097

Design Space Media Group 1620 South Michigan Avenue Suite 908 Chicago, IL 60616 312+823+6385

Fusion Interior Design 2542 W Chicago Avenue Chicago, IL 60622 773+227+1454

Bloomingdale’s Home Store 600 N Wabash Ave Chicago, IL 60611 312+324+7500 Cary Weldy LLC Chicago, IL 773+359+1300 p 773+359+1301 f Cassona 5241 N. Clark St. Chicago, IL 60640 773+506+7882 CB2 800 W. North Ave. Chicago, IL 60622 312+787+3829 Champagne Furniture Gallery 65 W Illinois St Chicago, IL 60610 312+ 923+9800 Colori-Chicago 2243 W North Ave Chicago, IL 60647 773+252+4923 Community Home Supply 3924 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago, IL 60613 773+281+7010

Design Studio 225 W Hubbard St Chicago, IL 60654 312+527+5272 Design Within Reach 1574 N. Kingsbury St. Chicago, IL 60610 312+482+8661 Designs of the Interior 1035 Lake St Oak Park, IL 60301 708+848+4280 Diesel 923 N Rush St Chicago, IL 60611 312+255+0157 DM Design Solutions, Inc. 4243 N Greenview Ave Chicago, IL 60613 773+398+6393 European Furniture Warehouse 2145 W. Grand Ave. Chicago, IL 60612 312+243+1995

Graff Faucets 3701 W. Burnham St. Milwaukee, WI 53215 800+954+4723 Harrington College of Design 200 W Madison St Chicago, IL 60606 866+590+4423 Holly Hunt-Warehouse 4215 W 45th St Chicago, IL 60201 Home Element 700 N. Michigan Ave. Chicago, Il 60611 312+587+8724 I.D. Modern Home 3337 N. Halsted St. Chicago, IL 60657 773+755+4343 Jonathon Chicago 3161 N Halsted St Chicago, IL 60657 773+327+7000 Kohler Store 222 Merchandise Mart Plaza Chicago, IL 60654 312+755+2510 Fall/Winter 2009


design directory Le Magasin 408 N. Clark St. Chicago, IL 60610 312+396+0030

Nadeau Furniture 4433 N. Ravenswood Ave. Chicago, IL 60640 773+728+3697

Sweden Shop 3304 W Foster Ave Chicago, IL 60625 773+478+0327

Lego The Store 520 N Michigan Ave Chicago, IL 60611 312+494+0760

Orange Skin 223 W. Erie St. Chicago, IL 60610 312+335+1033

Urbanest 5228 N. Clark St. Chicago, IL 60640 773+271+1000

Lightology LLC 215 W Chicago Ave Chicago, IL 60610 (312) 944-1000

Patina 5137 N. Clark St. Chicago, IL 60640 773+334+0400

Verde 2100 W. Armitage Ave. Chicago, IL 60647 773+486+7750

Luminiare 301 W Superior St Chicago, IL 60610 312+664+9582

Post 27 1819 W. Grand Ave. Chicago, IL 60622 312+829+6112

Vincent Grech 3000 N. Allen Ave. Chicago, IL 60618 773+384+1313

Mars Gallery 1139 W Fulton Market Chicago, IL 60607 312+226+7808

Repose 3544 N Southport Ave Chicago, IL 60657 773+525+7378

WATERMARK 350 Dewitt Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11207 800+842+7227

MCA Museum Store 220 E Chicago Ave Chicago, IL 60611 312+397+4000 The Merchandise Mart 222 Merchandise Mart Plaza Chicago, IL 60654 312+527+4141 Modlife 3061 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago, IL 60657 773+868+0844 Morlen Sinoway Aetlier 1052 W Fulton Market Chicago, IL 60607 312+432+0100


Room & Board 55 E. Ohio St. Chicago, IL 60611 312+222+0970 Room Service 5438 N Clark St Chicago, IL 60640 773+878+5438 roomservice – Rubin’s 3045 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago, IL 60657 773+281+8998 Scandinavian Design 501 W. North Ave. Chicago, IL 60610 312+337+4200

Weber Furniture Services 5915 N Ravenswood Ave Chicago, IL 60660 773+275+1832 The White Attic 5225 N Clark St Chicago, IL 60640 773+907+9800 Wow & Zen 1912 N Damen Ave Chicago, IL 60625 773+269+2600 Zella Brown 1444 N Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL 60642 773+276+1746


Home Security $850 VALUE System!

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Our state-of-the-art system includes: n Front and Back Doors Protected n Infrared Interior Motion Detector n Digital Keypad with Police, Fire, and Medical Emergency Buttons n Interior Siren n Control Panel with Battery Back-up n Lawn Sign and Window Decals Your home security system is monitored by ADT professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As an added benefit, installing a Security System may qualify you for a Homeowners Insurance discount.

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