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ecently, I sat down with our contributors discussing a theme for the upcoming issue. We all agreed that since we launched some years ago, our focus has primarily highlighted Architecture and Houses within the United States. Because we are equally fascinated with the abundance of architectural diversity worldwide, we are enthusiastic to introduce our readers to: “The International Issue!” Yes, we’re publishing the works of numerous skillful Architects that have submitted their projects for our readers to enjoy. We’re certain that this issue of Design Space Magazine will be a definitive addition to your collection of design publications at home!

Adolphus K. Shannon, Jr. Founder and Editorial Director Design Space Media Group, LLC

2011 vol. 1


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2011 Vol. 1

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Hairu Hair Treatment

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Artist Space: Marcus Antonius Jansen Montreal Penthouse


The Bertolini House


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Lily Street House


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letters Dear Mr. Editor,

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Executive Publisher Jim Cheng

Production Manager

Firstly I would like to introduce myself; my name is Edy Hartono, and I’m an architect in Jakarta, Indonesia. I’ve hit Design Space Magazine (architecture + design) regularly, and I’m interested in submitting some of my projects to be reviewed. Are there any special requirements for the entry? In case there are no special requirements, I’ve attached some images of my projects for your consideration. Thank you for your attention. I’d love to hear your reply soon. Best Regards, Edy Hartono, edah architects

Danielle Palencar architecture + des gn

Executive Assistant Nathalie Williams

Advertising Consultant Sara Wells

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Contributors Edy Hartono / edha architects Christophorus Jauhari / Chrystalline Architect René Desjardins ODR Architects / LifeSpaceJourney Marcus Antonius Jansen Studio Paralelo Object Society

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Dear Design Space Magazine, I’m usually very excited every time a new issue comes out. This is such an immaculate publication. Last year we submitted an entry to your annual “Show Your Space” Contest. I never did see who won. Will the winner be published in an upcoming issue and was there a 2nd or a 3rd prize winner? My boyfriend and I are planning on entering again this year because we’ve recently made some new renovations to our 500 sq. ft. condo. We’re hoping to hear from someone soon with more information. Mandy Wellerton Phoenix, Arizona

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VPG HOUSE Architects: Edy Hartono (edha architects) Location: Kelapa Gading, Jakarta, Indonesia Floor Area: 5930 sq. ft

The philosophy of this building is based on the architects’ admiration of the Barcelona Pavilion Building, one of Mies Van de Rohe’s masterpieces. The solid surfaces created a massive but transparent effect. The mixture of light and heavy components supported by using various kinds of materials composes neatly creating simple details, still very considerate. The architects were influenced by many of the designs used in this project for others. As for the façade of the building, various materials are mixed based on functionality. For example, the first floor is dominated by a service area which uses a grey emulsion coated textured stucco. The second and third floor is the center of the house and is dominated by the main dwelling area. The material used is a cream pebble washed terrazzo, with wide surfaces covered with white emulsion paint, plus Bengkirai Wood for the doors and the third floor’s lattice. Before the design process began, the owner of this house informed the architects of the space requirements that he wanted the house to have. Conflicting with the design process, the architects persuaded him and gave several suggestions in order to decide the dimensions of each room and which needs had to be prioritized.

2011 vol. 1


The organizing system in this project is based on design and how the spaces function themselves. On the first floor, most of the service areas are placed here; the garage, store room, maids’ bedroom, and the main kitchen. On the second floor, most of the space is utilized as public areas such as the parlor, living room, pantry, work room, and guest’s bedroom. Third floor is dominated by private areas like the children’s bedrooms (2), master bedroom which includes a walk in closet and master bathroom. Besides functionality, almost all parts of this building are arranged by the Chinese traditional belief principal better known as Feng Shui. The owner of this house is a strong believer of this belief. The Feng Shui based arrangement then becomes one of most unique features of this project. The position of the rooms had to be consulted with a Feng Shui expert before being decided. Moreover, the doors’ width, position, and direction of stairs are also considered based on Feng Shui. All doors and windows in this house


are custom built because they’re all designed in unusual sizes. The width of the door is decided by the Feng Shui calculation, while the height is an adjustment to the ceiling height. Another unique feature in this project is the open plan applied to the area around the dining area, pantry, and the living room. It’s designed to gain a broader impression of the space.

2011 vol. 1


Photography by: Fernando Gomulya – Tectography des

2011 vol. 1




Apartment Architects: Chrystalline Artchitect Location: Jakarta, Indonesia Floor Area: 484 sq. ft.

Our attempt was to optimize the function in every part of this apartment so that the space, materials, and furniture would accomodate all of the client’s activities. Our client is single and has businesses all around Indonesia, thus he travels a lot. While staying at his apartment in Jakarta, he prefers to order takeout when his friends visit because he doesn’t cook. Based on his requirements and needs, we designed a kitchen set without a stove & hood and replaced the bathroom partition from being a standard brick wall into a frameless glass that makes it see-through and also added a roller blind to provide guest privacy. By using a frameless mirror as wall treatment on a side wall, the dining area doubles the visual space which also has a hanging dining table with a steel structure that is hidden in the back of the mirror panel. The dining area is designed as the favorite room for the client to entertain his guests with an extended small sitting room. This area is connected to the bedroom through a hidden sliding door. The use of the door is to make the space more efficient. Along the “bridge” from dining area to the bedroom, we placed the wardrobe with mirror panel sliding doors in order to omit the narrow space in corridor.

2011 vol. 1


“Dwelling within the limits of space.� The color material is a combination of White Oak veneer and the wall treatment panel and is finished in maple and a whitish color. The floor is finished with maple parquette combined with concrete exposed staging that serves as the connecting statement between dining and bedroom area. The bamboo leaf pattern on the frameless glass partition in the bathroom became the main accent of the entire apartment. The steel structure which is also used for the bench in the sitting area and television cradenza is exposed in steel and with a clear waterproof coating. The ceiling is designed in two separate layers and colored in contrasting black & white in order to make a defined line drop in the ceiling which is layered with flourescent lighting.


2011 vol. 1


warm & light the main themes for this apartment.


Photography by: William Sebastian

2011 vol. 1



Bath & Kitchen Products. Tile & Stone. Design Consultation.


Volkswagen has teased us with spor tscar dreams since 2003, but has yet to make one a reality. That may be about to change. Sources in Europe say the marquee brand for what is now the world’s third largest automaker will probably add an affordable mid-engine 2-seat conver tible patterned on the Concept BlueSpor t from the 2009 Detroit Auto Show. Just don’t rush to your local dealer. Those same sources say the VW Roadster isn’t likely to materialize until 2012 at the earliest. Well, VW is feeling pretty good these days, being one of the few major automakers that actually gained sales in 2008 despite the deteriorating global economy. The Concept BlueSpor t seems

So why tease us again with an evidently showroom-‐ready design, and so far in advance? meant to symbolize the company’s health and rosy future. No less impor tant, it sends a message that VW won’t sacrifice driving fun for low emissions and high mpg. In other words, VW wants you to have it all, and at a reasonable price.

2011 vol. 1



Hairu Hair Treatment Architects: Chrystalline Artchitect Location: Jakarta, Indonesia Floor Area: 753 sq. ft.

This project began with a modular design and was built with generous clean and simple detailing. Constructed using a natural material scheme and color, the salon allows you to experience leisure. It may look like a salon, but Hairu is hair health-care with treatments for hair loss, hair spa, and offers massage therapy. The focus point is the rough two-faced Balian Stone which is also a transition door to the wash area. The ribbon mirror on the double sided wall is carried through with a view of the space although giving private views for the client without having any eye contact with the therapist or stylist. The soft vitrage material acts as a divider which is removable depending on needs. A harder material with cotton treatments is the permanent divider from the main corridor.

2011 vol. 1



idea // “Creating a sanctuary where you can relax with ambiance. ”

2011 vol. 1



2011 vol. 1


Imagination in Metal! If you can design it, we can print it.

Texture is what’s hot in design trends for the kitchen and bath and Metaltec Innovations offers an extraordinary way to incorporate texture into custom metal work. Their dimensional decorative tiles, murals, hardware and sculptures are perfect for creating the “wow” factor in design. Metaltec’s technology allows designers and consumers to create cost-effective custom designed products in just a matter of days. Metaltec pushes design and manufacturing boundaries to create a finished piece that is a fusion of creative genius and technological know-how. | Ph: 724-863-9663 | ProMetal, LLC - An Ex One Company

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MARCUS ANTONIUS JANSEN Born: 1968 in Manhattan New York

Marcus Jansen had his first exhibition in 1974 at New York City’s prestigious Park Avenue Lever House at age six. Over 30 years have passed for the now multiple Biennial and International award winning painter who managed to change his career from a Gulf War Soldier to transforming ordinary gray streets into some of the most sophisticated and characteristic urban paintings to date. Jansen is a leader in this Century’s growing dimension of Urban-contemporary artists that are quickly changing the face of traditional and non-traditional art and visual media. He highlights the beauty and forgotten in our 21st. Century largely neglected urban areas sharing his experience and observations with his audience through objects and human traces. “What used to be the fields for Van Gogh, is for my generation the urban environment” says Jansen.


The recently crowned “New Artist of the Year” 2005 by the Alliance for the Arts, has been juxtaposing sophisticated, complex and culturally as well as socially inspiring works since his military discharge. Fluent in the German language, Jansen has traveled extensively to places like SW and SE Asia and lived in different parts of Europe since a young age. He was commissioned by Ford Motor Company as their Centennial artist in 2003 and has exhibited with famous artists such as Robert Rauschenberg. Jansen, is referred to in Paris France as the American “Pope” of Urban Expressionism and has exhibitions in respected Galleries and Museums such as the Tampa Museum of Art, the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art and the Southwest Florida Museum of History. The solely committed Jansen Gallery is located in Paris France in the Famous “Le Marais” Art District American Art Gallery.

2011 vol. 1


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New Ravello Double-ended Tub And Coordinating Sink

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Penthouse in

Downtown Montreal Interior Designer: René Desjardins Location: Montreal, Canada Floor Area: 3,300 sq. ft.

“The client, after spending many years in a large home on Ile-des-Sœurs, had taken an apartment with a panoramic view of downtown Montreal, Mount Royal and the St. Lawrence River. From the start, it seemed to me that this magnificent view – one of the best in Montreal – should become the focus of the project. The client wanted to live in a bright, warm loft-style apartment. I suggested a space much like the large contemporary lofts of Manhattan or Los Angeles, a loft that would speak of calm and comfort yet look out over the continually changing showcase of the city.”

Since the building was still under construction, anything was possible. The space consisted of a large 3,300 sq. ft. unit assembled from two penthouses on the 23rd floor. As a point of departure, space intended for a corridor to one of the penthouses could now be used to house the mechanical and electrical systems. This meant that the apartment could take the form of a great pure rectangle spanning across the full length of the building, with full-height windows on the North, East and West sides that would provide exceptional natural light.

2011 vol. 1



The apartment comprises two zones: on one side, the shared areas: the living room, dining room and kitchen as well as a living area/home theatre; and on the other, the private quarters of the client and his son. Detailed work began on the interior envelope, playing with different coatings and colors for the volumes, using whites and shades of grey and brown to create a pared-down, warm environment. The very high ceilings were lowered slightly to accommodate lighting fixtures and conceal the electrical controls for the window coverings. Each recessed lighting fixture has two spots, multiplying the lighting possibilities with a minimum of means. Window treatments received particular attention. Sheets of fabric combining natural fibres with threads of stainless steel â&#x20AC;&#x201C; completely invisible when raised â&#x20AC;&#x201C; descend from the ceiling at the touch of a button to temper the light and preserve privacy. In order to maintain the spirit of a loft, the structural columns were simply sanded down and painted in the same shades and finishes as the walls.

2011 vol. 1



2011 vol. 1



2011 vol. 1



Photography by: AndrĂŠ Doyon

2011 vol. 1




Bertolini House Architects: Studio Peralelo Location: Bento Gonçalves, Brazil Floor Area: 2610 sq. ft.

The house is located in the city of Bento Gonçalves, the mountainous region of Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil, in an area that originally was part of a rural site. The proposal was developed for a couple that was eventually expecting to have three children. The land which is almost a square 32 x 30 meters has flat topography broken by a smooth declivity in the North limit. Next to that natural irregularity, a set of Araucarias Trees, a native species of the mountain region configures the landscape. The house is a rectangular shape with reinforced concrete separated from the ground in a smooth unevenness of 0.90 meters. The program is organized in two levels. The elevated ground floor is the “L” shaped terrace which conforms and gives access and integration to the garden.

2011 vol. 1



Complementing the program, a little house shelters the wood oven, baths and the volume of the water tank. The South faรงade facing the street establishes the rhythm of the openings to the degree of privacy in the different sectors: total permeability in the access controlled in the social area and hermetic in the intimate one. The North face takes advantage of the best views with glass panels that establishes the connection of the interior with the garden.

The materials used were reinforced concrete, brick wall, and aluminum windows with thermo-acoustic glass and metallic sliding bars. The space disposition of the program is synthesized by the stripe moved away from the ground which obtains new points of view over the landscape thus respecting its scale with minimum interference for the city.

2011 vol. 1



2011 vol. 1



Photography by: Eduardo Aigner

2011 vol. 1





Create your space where the cares of the world recede, the hassles of daily life melt away and a restorative calm and balance await you. Tekura® by BainUltra® is a new art of living – an experience like no other. A conscious choice to pursue a balanced and healthful lifestyle that can be life-changing. Indulge your inner spirit in a Tekura and journey to a place of inspiration and wellness. Tekura, the first step to your inspired bathroom. The Tekura bathtub concept was designed around textures, forms and colors of nature. The shape of the wooden accessory captures the energy of the majestic mountain landscape. As for the Acrystal accessory it’s a reminder of the sea, the warmth of the sand and the motion of the waves.

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Object Societyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 2nd Annual Exhibition in Chicago

While in Chicago for the NeoCon show, we visited the Object Societyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 2nd annual exhibition. The Object Society is a group of individual designers in Chicago who get together every year to show some of their recent work.

Participating Designers: Michael W. Dreeben Ray W. Doeksen Michael Koehler Carson Maddox Jason Lewis Elizabeth Hayes & Ross Fiersten Bridgette Buckley Manny Torres Jonas Wahlstrom Jonathan Marti Gunschel/McGuinness Seth Deysach Andrew Kephart

2011 vol. 1



Lily Street House Architects: ODR Architects and LifeSpaceJourney Location: Melbourne, Australia Floor Area: 1,399 Sq. ft.

The client asked for an architectural box in an interesting site in the western suburbs of Melbourne; however, ODR Architects devised a response that shows consideration for context, history, climate, materials, urbanism and program. The proposal for the new house embraced the materiality and the fabric of the laneway. We looked at square footage in a wider context, and proposed an elevated recycled corrugated shipping container with zero setbacks, reminiscent of the docks that have such a strong presence in the area. However, the client and council had reservations about the corrugated iron, with the council asking the architects to ignore the sheds, setbacks and fences of the immediate surrounds and requesting a roof. This did not meet the clientâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s expectations and we therefore needed to reconsider the design. In the finished design, the house exterior turns its back on the context. There are no obvious windows, no articulation, no surveillance, just a foreign object in a laneway. Internally, the courtyard forms the centerpiece. The internal spaces revolve around this space, which heats and cools the space as well as providing separation in the plan. It also unifies function. The residents circulate around it, cook in it, and breathe through it. Opening the doors changes the environment inside. It also serves as a reminder of the surroundings â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the two conditions juxtapose each other, giving validation to both. We have also allowed the outside world to engage through transparency and blurred moments of living.

2011 vol. 1



2011 vol. 1



Photography by: Derek Swalwel

2011 vol. 1


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Design Space Magazine 2011 Vol. 1  

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