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// VandKant

How might we make it desirable for commuters to use public transportation by applying the feeling of water?


Brian Frandsen, Kolding School of Design, Denmark Maya Wilson, Unitec, New Zealand Rebecca Marx, University of Southern Denmark


See mere and the VandKant movie: http://www.etrans.dk/studentprojects

The team created a tent above a water bed making the designers assessing and commenting the projects. The Triangular Area

Their point of departure is The Triangular Area in which Kolding is situated; a business area with a lot of commuters demanding a comfortable journey and personal space on public transportation. Buses and trains connect the main cities of the area, but the thing that really binds them together is the wonderful, soothing opposite to a stressful bus or train ride: The water. By changing sensorial factors within the environment of public transportation, personal space can easily be achieved – even when it is not actually there.

Profile for Designskolen Kolding