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A RT S C U R R I C U L U M The arts department will begin an intensive evaluation of the arts curriculum Pre-K–12 with the goal of developing a sequential Pre-K–12 program. The dean of the arts and arts faculty will begin discussions with the three divisions on the interdisciplinary aspects of the arts. What student productions might resonate with students in a history class? What choral music might reinforce the learning of students in an English class? What art exhibition might edify the upper school student body? The arts department will begin to look at the whole child and how the arts can be illuminating for each child at Newman.

A R T S C O N C E N T R AT I O N P R O G R A M At Newman, students with exceptional talent in the visual or performing arts will not have to make the hard choice to leave Newman in the afternoon to attend an afternoon arts conservatory elsewhere. Arts Concentration students will have individually crafted schedules, with arts classes every term in concert with courses selected from Newman’s rich curriculum. Students may major in music, theater or the visual arts. The Arts Concentration Program will be launched in the fall of 2009.

DA N C E P RO G R A M In the fall of 2009, Newman is initiating a dance program for grades K through 12. Dance styles will include ballet, jazz, modern and tap.

A RT S C L U B The Arts Club is a forum for Newman students to express their ideas for the direction of the arts program. Club events include opportunities to perform informally and visit museums, theater and music venues.


S U M M E R A RT S P R O G R A M S In the summer of 2009, Newman will offer four-week camps in


music, theater, and the visual arts. Programs will include classes in the performing and visual arts for ages 6 through 12 and a summer

I S I D o r E N E W m A N S C h o o l is creating

theater arts conservatory program for grades 7 through 12. The

an arts program with the potential to be a national

summer theater arts conservatory program will offer classes in

model for how schools study, practice and celebrate

acting, dance and voice, culminating in a Broadway musical.

the arts. Creative pursuits will be integral to daily life at Newman, and this institution’s support of the arts

C H I L D R E N ’ S T H E AT E R S E R I E S F O R THE NEW ORLEANS COMMUNITY The Children’s Series is a venue for young children to begin to learn about theater and how the arts can impact their lives. The Children’s Theater may be a troupe of Newman middle and upper school students performing five or six times a year

will reveal itself in countless ways around campus and New orleans. We are blazing a new trail when it comes to the arts at Newman, but at the same time we will never lose

or booking Theater Works Productions, a New York City

sight of the artistic traditions that have been a part

professional theater company. The series will be inaugurated

of the Newman experience since its founding more

in the fall of 2009.

than a century ago. one of the few stipulations founder Isidore Newman made when he donated

ARTS DEPARTMENT MISSIO N STATEMENT We believe that the arts are a universal language that is essential to the development of the whole child. The arts develop creative thinking and self-expression. They strengthen self-confidence and heighten aesthetic awareness, sensitivity, and the ability to visualize through the creative process. The arts can inspire conversation, reflection, civility and building self-esteem among all students. The arts help students better understand themselves, while engaging them in developing an appreciation for the arts.

the money for this school was that there be classes in music and art. And any alumnus of a certain age fondly recalls “mr. Cooksey’s operettas,” elaborate Gilbert & Sullivan productions that virtually every student had a hand in staging.

The arts teach honesty, kindness, compassion, respect, responsibility, and what it means to be human.

Now, we want to create new arts traditions; we

At Newman School we value each individual in the arts, and strive to

hope this renaissance in the arts will mark a turning

provide the necessary tools to be successful in the world of the arts. We believe that every student is an artist and it is the mission of the arts department to foster the artist within each student. Through exploration of the arts, Newman students develop a broad and deep understanding of the world around them, greater intellectual development, and a wellrounded education. We want all Newman students to make connections between arts and life.

point in Newman’s history. We are calling this ambitious set of programs the Newman Center for the Arts.

THEATER A ND VISUAL ART S ATURDAYS – for Lower and Middle School students Weekend classes in the arts, also open to the public, will include: 3-D Design, Painting with Watercolor & Acrylic, Cartooning humans & Wild Creatures, learning to Illustrate Books, Act It out (acting through storytelling), and Theater – acting, movement, and musical theater. This program will be introduced in spring 2009. TR AVEL EX PERIENCES IN THE ARTS Working with the director of advancement, the dean of the arts will design one-of-a-kind tours in the arts for Newman parents, families and/or alumni. look for the first tour in 2010. Destinations may include: u A New York Broadway Theater Tour with four days in NYC seeing shows, pre-theater cocktails and dinner, post-theater


receptions and discussion for NYC alumni, backstage tours, et al. A london museum and Theater Tour with five days in london attending shows, going to museums, afternoon tea at the ritz, talk back with actors, et al.

GUEST ARTIST SERIES looking toward the future, the Newman Center for the Arts will offer a Guest Artist Series. The series will be launched after the school has successfully upgraded the backstage theater facility. There may be as many as six professional events a year that include dance, theater, music and musical theater. THE ARTS ADVIS O RY BOARD The Newman Arts Advisory Board includes representation from all the school’s constituents: faculty and staff, current parents, former parents, alumni and New orleans artists. The Arts Advisory Board advises the

dean of the arts on new projects and ideas for the development of the arts at Newman. The board is called upon to reach out to other art organizations in New orleans to help with the development of the arts at Newman. A special project for the Board will be the annual Arts Gala, an event to help raise scholarship dollars for the arts.

F RIENDS OF THE ARTS In the fall of 2009, you may become a Friend of the Arts at Newman. Newman is poised to become a leader in arts education, but it can’t happen without support from Newman’s extended family. membership supports student productions, concerts, student field trips to theaters, concert halls and museums, on-campus residencies, master classes, gallery openings, pre-theater talks and more.

A RTS NEWS L ETTER look for the Newman Arts Newsletter in the summer of 2009. Electronically produced twice a year, the newsletter will invite alumni, parents and grandparents to submit what they are doing in the arts around the country, and the arts faculty will submit stories on the arts at Newman.

PAUL J. TINES (M.A., Johns Hopkins University; certificate of advanced studies,Wesleyan University ; B.A. Pacific Western University; study at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts) is currently the Dean of the Arts at Isidore Newman School. he served as the Executive Director of the Paul mellon Arts Center and head of the Choate rosemary hall Arts Department from 1997 to 2008. he previously served in the same capacities at the Ward Center for the Arts at the St. Paul’s Schools in Baltimore. he was the lead consultant and architect for Broadway Asia Entertainment’s musical Theater Academies in China and South Korea, developing six musical theater academies for college age students, including summer camps and weekend programming for junior and high school students. he has served on several arts boards and has created arts curricula for the Edison Project in New York City.

School Arts Brochure  

School Arts Brochure

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