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a modern spin on... ...the white shirt and jeans look by pairing white shirts with unique blue plaid shorts

one outfit that’s a little more formal & a second outfit that portrays your personality

bring multiple outfits

sporting the bump? wear clothes that are a little more form-fitting and that have a tie or elastic just above your baby bump

select outfits made out of the same material but that have slightly different looks to them

wear the same designer

it’s OK to blend in! scout out your location early to see what colors are most present & match them :)

guys...don’t be afraid to wear pinks and purples that match up with your ladies’ outfits

real men wear pink and purple ;)

show off the shoes... kick up those cowboy boots or bring your favorite pair of heels

there’s no rule that you even have to wear shoes if you love to go bare-footed

...or get comfy & stay for awhile

bring the sass! whatever you wear, wear it confidently and know you look great!

do you play a sport? let’s talk about how we can catch you in action

do what you love

refl ect life at home

tell me what you or your children love to do as this is the time to really showcase your interests, such as reading or playing an instrument

bring that favorite stuffed animal or toy that is never out of their sight

best friends are welcome

pass on traditions bring treasured memorabilia, like a quilt that has been passed down through many generations of your family tree

feel free to bring whatever fun props you have lying around the house - empty photo frames, a guitar, antique cameras...

embrace your inner goofy

Designs by Prater: What to Wear {and Bring} Client Guide  

a guide for Designs by Prater modern portrait photography clients to use for clothing suggestions, as well as ideas of what to bring with th...

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