The Butter Book

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Written by Jillian Miller

Illustrated by Kim Gatto

I eat


rite t y favo

is m Butter



I'd tak

yb it on m

nd co a s n a e

it wit

Or m

h my

y hea


d ins




Every day at breakfast time, I butter up my pan. It makes food taste yummier Than anything else can.

How much butter do you like? A piece or pat or glob? Do you like a scoop or scrap, Or maybe one big blob?

I'll eat my butter any way: Salted, whipped, or dipped. Give me one big heaping dish, Dolluped, cubed, or flipped!

It's the glue in whipped frosting, The crisp on a grilled cheese. It gives a cookie it's crumble, I wish it grew on trees.

Volcano butter pileups Are perfect on my corn. I love it when it sits on top Of my bowl of popcorn.

Buttered biscuits, buttered eggs, Butter on my toast. Buttered noodles, buttered buns, Buttered up pot roast.

So many things that you can do, Boil or bathe or baste. I want to roll around in it, I love its yummy taste!

Harper and Major, you both are the butter to my bread EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

Butter Facts: Unlimited ways to serve 100%

Deliciousness: Total Spreadability: Sharable: Dipped: Scooped: Dolluped: Globbed: Stacked:

% Daily Enjoyment No doubt Yes please! 100% All day! Higher the better

The % Daily Enjoyment tells you the amount of happiness in every bite of butter brings to your life.

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Text copyright © 2021 by Jillian Miller Illustration and design copyright © 2021 by Kim Gatto All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction, in whole or in part, in any form.

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