Turtles go to Camp - Everwood Day Camp

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Written by Lynne Berman 1Illustrated by Kim Gatto

Turtles go to Camp It is June and the sun is out! Everwood is ready without a doubt. Campers, Counselors, and Specialists too, everyone is ready to welcome you! Young Turtles daydream about summer and fun, filled with singing, friends, and fun in the sun! The mailman brings an envelope that is heavy and white, and the Turtles see the Everwood logo. . .what an awesome sight! As the Turtles open it with one big tear, they find a first-day name tag to wear.

Although they might be a little scared, this book will help Turtles feel prepared! They may be kind of worried about things that they don’t know, but as their parents read to them, they’re eager and willing to grow. They get excited realizing how many new friends they’ll make, as Turtles playing, dancing, and swimming in the lake. Here are a few of the things we do at camp, which makes each Turtle quite a champ! Read along so you can see, how delighted you will be!

Alena loves Arts and Crafts each week. She enjoys making alligators and airplanes, anything unique. Creating things using glue, paint, and clay, she doesn’t want to leave and just wants to stay!

Bakari is excited to go on the bus, as it’s his first time taking a ride. He doesn’t want to miss a thing, so he’ll make sure not to hide. Riding the bus, playing games, and singing songs is a lot of fun, bus counselors help make riding the bus number one!

Casey and their group head to Lake Massapoag. They are using the big canoes and may hunt for frogs. Counselors and campers work together to cross the lake in the beautiful weather.

Divya enjoys music and is always ready to dance. She can’t wait to perform on stage and looks forward to the chance. Moving to the music makes Divya feel free. Her group will be able to share their dance at assembly!

Eva loves everything Everwood, yes she does! She loves the activities, her group, and even when the bees buzz. Everwood is such an amazing place for you to be true. Eva’s got spirit, how about you?

Finn touches a worm as he tries to catch a fish, while the sand under his feet goes squish, squish, squish. He loves casting his fishing pole with his camp friends. Finn never ever wants fishing to end!

Gael is excited to try out GaGa, a new sport. To learn the rules, he can listen to the Counselors report. Having fun and playing fair, if Gael gets out, he does not care!

Higashi really likes to climb, and has such very high hopes. So, the first elective he’ll choose when he’s old enough, is High Ropes. Looking up into the trees, way above, Higashi knows that High Ropes is something he will love!

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, id per soluta aliquam lobortis, tale mucius impexid, eam sint meis urbanitas ei. Sed eu harum iudicabit dissentiet, ad ius vivendum iudicabit, Derek is a happy little preschooler, excited for his first day at Everwood Day Camp. Follow him and his cute little Turtle friends as they embark on their “Best Summer Ever!” The most exciting parts about camp are meeting new friends and trying new things. Derek is so excited to swim, catch a fish, climb on the playground, and enjoy days filled with singing, playing and having so much fun. As you turn the page to each new activity, you’ll feel Derek’s excitement, confidence and friendships grow!

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