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Book one by DesignReligion.

We’re a creative company.

We do creative things.

Creative things that help you to connect with your target audience.

DesignReligion helps clients to exploit the opportunities offered by brand, design and digital communications. Our methodology is simple; generate effective creative solutions that work hard and look good, regardless of scale and budget. We combine our experience in strategic development, design and technology to create effective, award winning creative solutions that deliver.


and. We create brand experiences that connect clients and their audiences at every level, by developing the powerful emotional bonds that build brand loyalty and generate business growth.


sign. We create intelligent, attractive and effective communications that help our clients stand out. Our approach is simple we believe in the clarity of message, visual impact and the quality of delivery.


gital. We create engaging digital marketing solutions that give you control, excite your users and deliver business. Our unique digital approach gets to the heart of your audiences’ online behaviour and is built around robust technical architectures.

We’re motivated by loads of things; books we’ve read, films we’ve seen, places we’ve been to, the people we meet, materials and techniques old and new - and even each other.

The way we think, work and play all reflect one thing: We love what we do.

Here are some people who love working with us:

Design is our Religion.

Subaru World Rally Team. Our brief was to capture and communicate the passion, excitement and drama surrounding the Surbaru World Rally Team.

We created key communications collateral aimed at exciting and engaging the fan base to reinforce the team’s position as one of the most recognisable brands on the World Rally Circuit.

Brand Development Annual Rally Review Book Event Marketing Merchandising Product Packaging Art Direction

James Newman Jewellery. Young and well-established, James Newman is the up and coming jeweller based in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.

Working with James, we have developed his brand identity and designed a bespoke online cost management application, integrated with a Flash catalogue collection of his work.

Brand Identity Corporate Literature On-line Management System Website

Kurfue Clothing. Brand Creation & Identity Art Direction Product Catalogue Website

Minds are like parachutes they only function when open. aaaa Thomas Dewar

News Team International. News Team International (NTI) is the UK’s leading independent photo-news agency supplying articles, pictures and features to national, regional and international newspapers, magazines and professional media organisations.

Over the past 20 years the name NTI has become synonymous with responsible newsgathering and superior photography, gaining a respected reputation for the quality, speed and reliability of its services.

Our brief was to refresh and modernise the NTI brand, building upon its heritage, to create a new dynamic visual style that communicates across both corporate literature and digital channels.

Brand Identity Corporate Literature Digital Presentations

Aston Martin Racing.

Uni-Ball. Part of the Mitsubishi Pencil Company, the Uni-Ball brand is the largest player in the UK Rollerball market. Deriving its name from the word ‘unique’, Uni-Ball already had a secure market position.

DesignReligion has worked closely with Uni-Ball to promote their products by designing a unique product catalogue and websites for the UK and Ireland.

Product Literature Website

Ten 4 Magazine.

You see hundreds of messages everyday. Which ones do you remember?

End Child Poverty. To end child poverty by 2020 was a bold initiative by the Government and one that was the catalyst for the creation of End Child Poverty as an action group and charity. Supported by leading child poverty charities, End Child Poverty’s function is to raise awareness and keep the pressure on the Government to attain its targets.

Working with the End Child Poverty team we developed a brand and identity that would raise the profile of the campaign amongst key stakeholders and the wider public. This clearly communicated the key issues and through the campaign ‘Keep Your Promise’ created maximum impact. The campaign culminated in a rally in Trafalgar Square.

‘Keep Your Promise’ Event Trafalgar Square Saturday October 4th 2008

Matt Lee Photography. Brand Identity Corporate Literature Direct Mail Website

SureWeld. SureWeld is the market leader in the specialist Aluminium Site Welding industry. DesignReligion were comissioned to look at their current brand and working together,

we created a totally bespoke brand identity along with marketing materials, website and advertising literature that helped raise their profile and reflect their position in the marketplace.

Brand Identity Literature Marketing Material Advertising Exhibition Design Website

Central Foiling. Central Foiling is one of UK’s leading foilers and embossers. DesignReligion were approached to create an art book to showcase their techniques and processes to potential clients within the creative and print industries.

Everyone’s fighting for the same customers. So why should they choose you?

The Artlounge Gallery. Graffiti Artist Temper’s Private View Invitation

Personal Training

MK Personal Training Academy. MK Personal Training Academy is a fast growing personal fitness organisation that offers a wide range of health and fitness programmes aimed to make clients feel their absolute best.

To maximise the target audience. company’s growing profile we developed a new brand identity, visual styling, online presence and retail fitness book that combine to formulate a clear and consistent communications strategy aimed at informing and engaging their

SmartWater. SmartWater is the UK’s leading crime prevention service and has been featured on CSI New York and Crimewatch. SmartWater utilises sophisticated forensic technology to deter crime, targeted at both individuals and business.

DesignReligion has developed the SmartWater brand both on and offline. The delivery of key communications across channels has included the development of an online shop, corporate website, corporate stationery, marketing materials, exhibition collateral, information sheets and Industry-focused advertising.

Brand Development Corporate Literature Digital Presentations Communications Collateral Event Collateral Advertising Packaging Website Newsletter Press Advertising

Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group. Working in partnership with one of the UK’s premier cosmetic surgeries, DesignReligion developed the brand of Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group and further consolidated their market leading position. Using different print techniques, we refreshed the look and feel of existing designs, thus developing the brand and advertising capabilities. This involved

art directing a photo shoot, to include model selection and producing the procedure booklet and folder collateral. In addition we designed and developed banner stands for exhibition and display work and individual clinic branding that included signage and brand guidelines.

Brand & Identity Development Brand Guidelines Corporate Literature Digital Presentations Event Collateral Clinic Branding Exhibition Displays Art Direction

You laugh at me because I am different; I laugh because you are all the same. kppp Daniel Knode

Ridgian. As with most businesses, the key to developing a brand and identity for Ridgian was to understand who they are, to define and succinctly articulate what they do and promote why this is of benefit.

Identifying itself as a Business Intelligence Specialist, Ridgian and DesignReligion have worked together to develop a creative strategy and proposition. This refreshed identity has enabled Ridgian to engage new customers and be repositioned in the eyes of the existing market place.

Brand & Identity Development Brand Guidelines Corporate Literature Digital Presentations Website

Ridgian Limited 1st Floor Victoria House Quay Place 92-93 Edward Street Birmingham B1 2RA

Telephone +44 (0) 121 233 7200 Facsimile +44 (0) 870 950 5995 Email


Force India Formula One Team. In the run-up to the eagerly anticipated beginning of the FIA Formula One World Championship, Force India wanted to create a real buzz around the team. Wishing to raise their profile for key press audiences, Force India briefed us to deliver “truly collectible” creative work that would both engage and inspire audiences.

It was also clear that Force India wanted to articulate the team’s vision. With these aims in mind, DesignReligion created innovative materials and stylish designs to fashion a Press Pack providing the press audience with that ‘Wow’ factor. Similarly, the distinctive Race Cards that were designed not only showcased the drivers and vehicles but also reflected the passion and style of the Formula One environment.

Brand Development Press Pack Brochure CD Presenters Event Race Cards

Reality leaves a lot to the imagination. aaaa John Lennon

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Passion. Inspire. Define. Explore.

Book one by DesignRe ligion.

Book one by DesignReligion.

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Book one by DesignReligion. We’re a creative company. We do creative things. Creative things that help you to connect with your target audie...