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WANT TO LAST L NGER THAN YOUR MONEY? Ask yourself the following to see how we can help. Do you have a retirement plan? Yes



Do you use the equity in your home for investments? Yes



HAVE Y U At Insight Wealth Planning we believe in providing our clients with services of value. We don’t use a “one size fits all” pricing structure but instead choose to tailor our costs to the needs of the individual client. The method of payment is based on what is most convenient for the customer.



Can your family maintain its lifestyle if you die? Yes No Unsure Is your money maximising its earning potential? Yes No Unsure If you were unable to work for several months or longer, due to illness or an accident, could you manage your expenses without a regular income? Yes No If something unexpected happened, could your partner afford a housekeeper/nanny to take care of your children? Yes No Unsure

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Insight Wealth Planning Pty Ltd is a Corporate Authorised Representative of GWM Adviser Services Limited t/a Garvan Financial Planning




As a member of the highly regarded Garvan Financial Planning Group you can be confident you are dealing with licensed professionals.

Did you know...

that many people fail to plan and end up living on less than they couldn’t afford to live on when they were working?

1. Holiday 2. Good health 3. Fine dining 4. Time for family

Insight Wealth Planning operates on a fee-for-service basis, rather than accepting commissions from superannuation and managed investment funds. This means you can be confident you’re getting the right advice - tailored to your specific needs- rather than based on which fund is paying the most commission. At Insight Wealth Planning we offer a comprehensive range of financial services.

Wealth Creation Planning

Our professional planners can help you make the most of your income and home equity to improve your wealth over the long term. Increasing tax deductible (good) debt whilst reducing personal (bad) debt is often a key component of wealth creation strategies.

If you want to retire early don’t plan too late.

OUR SERVICES Let us help you to safeguard your dreams so you can concentrate on living them.

Wealth Creation Retirement Redundancy Super Life/Income Protection Sucession Planning Estate Planning

Retirement Planning Insight Wealth Planning has excellent experience in the area of retirement planning. It is our aim to make the daunting world of Allocated Pensions, Annuities and bank deposits as easy to understand and non-threatening as possible. We also specialise in Transition to Retirement strategies which enable people to access their super via a non-commutable pension whilst still working.

Redundancy Planning Redundancy can be a difficult and daunting experience and it is our goal to ensure our client’s redundancy plans ease their financial worries. Maintaining a sufficient reserve of cash is often the main part of a redundancy strategy. The choice of an alternative superannuation fund to meet our clients’ ongoing needs is also very important.

Superannuation Superannuation advice for individuals and businesses is a core area for Insight Wealth Planning. We can provide expert advice on all types of superannuation funds and strategies such as salary sacrifice, government co-contributions, spouse rebates and Transition to Retirement.

Life and Income Insurance It is our aim to ensure our clients adequately insure their most valuable assets……their lives and their ability to earn income. Through Life, TPD, Critical Illness and Income Protection insurance, we can ensure that the financial impact of death, sickness and accidents is minimised.

Business Succession Planning Businesses should plan for the exit of key stakeholders through death, disability or voluntarily. A professional strategy to ensure all parties know the value of their share and the method of payment upon their exit is vital. Funding an exit due to death or ill health is often done with life insurance policies.

Estate Planning Wills, Powers of Attorney, Enduring Guardianships and Testamentary Trusts are all pieces of the Estate Planning puzzle. Insight Wealth Planning can provide advice and referrals to specialists in these fields.

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