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BUTTON The award winning Button series of orientation lights are different. Inspired by the traditional deep buttoned sofa, it has a gentle, soft, leather like appearance. But make no mistake: like all our other series the button is made of fully paintable CALCYTŽ plaster. This means you can finish it the way you like, and it ensures Button will fit in any type of interior. For sure the Button series look great with the lights on. But during the daytime, when the lights are off, Button will continue to surprise you with its nice structure and surprising shadow lines. The unique 360 degrees recessed LED light allows you to install the Button at various heights in the wall. Whatever the installation height, the button will always ensure glare free visual comfort. The Button series provide you with design freedom: no longer does orientation lighting need to be implemented in a linear fashion. With Button, you can take a new approach and combine the light fixtures in a new, more random way. All of this makes the button a unique orientation light - no wonder that it has been recognized with the 2012 ‘design Plus award’ !


Any colour: paintable plaster Ready for installation in solid walls Optional plasterkit for installation into gypsum walls

BUTTON 1 LED DIM REF N° 148 60 000 REF N° 148 60 100 REF N° 148 60 200 REF N° 148 60 300

LED DRIVER warm white 2700°K warm white 3000°K neutral white 4000°K royal blue

I - 1W - excl. LED driver - constant current 350 mA - IP40 - wired in series

PPLT-00205- 6W 1-4 FIXTURES PPLT00110 - 18W 2-12 FIXTURES Both 120-277V constant current IP20 - 350mA - not dimmable

LED DRIVER DIM PPLT00138 -4W 2-3 FIXTURES PPLT00139-12W 6-9 FIXTURES Both 120-277V 0-10V Dim IP20 - 350mA

230 VAC

Requires external LED driver (dimmable or not dimmable) constant current 350 mA

PLASTERKIT BUTTON REF N° 748 01 000 For mounting into gypsum walls R 6.89”x6.89” Housing: perforated aluminium



3” 6.7



7” 6.5 1,6 5”

1.7 3”

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Recessed LED Calcyt luminaaire in the form of a tufted button