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WINTER 2018 - Issue 7

teamtalk Tingdene nominated for

Behind the scenes of Tingdene Lifestyles new uniforms

Hoseasons Award


is it the end of budget holidays abroad?

NEW PARK PROFILE Daisy McAndrew at the Hoseasons Annual Awards 2018

Humberston Fitties

teamtalk This Autumnal / Winter edition of Team Talk means we are drawing to the end of another year already.

WINTER 2018 - Issue 7

It is said that any business can be reduced to three words: people, product and profit. It is worthy to note that Tingdene Lifestyle realise that people are the most important; you are our

Benjamin Race

greatest asset. As we draw to the end of 2018 and move into a new, exciting year, lets take a

Group Sales & Marketing Manager

look back at our latest team news.



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Why budget holidays abroad will be a thing of the past after Brexit The end of summer doesn’t mean the end of holidays for our guests Battling Cancer - Cycling 122 miles with Fran A fresh new look for the future! Lifestyle Parks portfolio Suffolk students return from Denmark boat trip, sponsored by Tingdene Humberston Fitties - A New Era AllSeasons team settle in to new Group Operations offices Tingdene nominated for ‘Best Park’ at the 13th Annual Hoseasons Conference Teamtalk Making a big difference Tingdene Christmas Party 3

Why budget holiday be a thing of the pas Any replacement for free movement, even if visa-free, will require a registration fee that will add to the expenses of family holidays. Lets look at this hot holiday industry topic and how it may effect families in 2021 and beyond.



If you read the 104 page White Paper to check what will happen once we eventually meet Brexit, after the transitional period ends on 31 December 2020, you may find something disturbing things... Research has found that our trips to the French holiday hot-spots, Spanish resorts & villas, Italian music festivals and family getaways with the grandchildren won’t quite be so simple in the summer of 2021.

Why? Because of the end of free movement and its vague replacement, “the mobility framework�.

ys abroad will st after Brexit We must note that immigration rules

Problem Solved?

between the UK and EU are set to be matched. Therefore, by looking at how EU

Not quite – “visa free” isn’t as simple as it

citizens arriving in the UK will be treated,

sounds, as if you have unchecked tourists

as set out in the Brexit White Paper, this

being able to arrive by simply saying they’re

allows us to know how we’ll be treated as UK

a tourist, what’s to stop them staying far

citizens visiting the EU.

beyond a period of tourism? There needs to be some kind of register at least, if there is

Well, you need a Standard Visitor Visa, which

no visa system or EU free movement. With

will set you back around £90 plus. Don’t feel

Brexit, we might not be “leaving Europe”, but

like adding £93 per person to your holiday

it looks set to become far less accessible.

over to France or Spain? Not to fear; the White Paper promises us all “reciprocal visa-free travel arrangements to enable UK and EU citizens to continue to travel freely for tourism in the future”.


The end of Summer doesn’t mean the end of holidays for our guests That’s it folks, summer time is officially over. The heat wave was fun while it lasted, and now Autumn is here, the weather is cooling down and the leaves are starting to fall. But that doesn’t mean the end of holidays for our guests and holiday home owners, now is the perfect time for potential owners to invest in a UK holiday home. 6


AUTUMNAL ACTIVITIES There’s no pressure to be outside now the weather is cooling and there’s plenty to do near our parks. Museums, cathedrals, shopping, churches, coffee shops, restaurants and plenty more. It’s the perfect time of year to head to the bowling alley or marvel at old architecture, or just sit by the fireplace in a cosy pub. Plus, it’s less busy everywhere now the summer is over! Check out our maps of things to do near our parks. SUFFOLK NORFOLK ESSEX HUMBERSIDE LINCOLNSHIRE

WANTLESS WALKS Now might not be the typically perfect time for the beach, but an autumnal walk with no particular destination can’t be beaten. Time to wrap up warm in layers, scarves and boots and enjoy the brisk air. There’s loads of guided walks to find, check out Walking For Health to find a group or just get out there and explore the nature around you.

THEY CAN GET COSY AND COMFORTABLE It’s definitely time for hot chocolates, warming soups and delicious stews. Holiday Home owners and staycation goers can cook themselves up a treat with local ingredients, sit back and relax under a blanket. They can watch their favourite films or go for a series binge, read a book, play some card games. Just stay indoors and stay cosy in their own home away from home! Is there a better feeling?


Battling Cancer Cycling 122 miles with Fran from Holidays for AllSeasons Back in 1984, my dad decided to bike from Great Ormond Street Hospital to The Norfolk and Norwich Hospital to raise money as my sister had received treatment and care at both hospitals. Unfortunately, a few months after going into remission, my sister’s cancer came back and she lost her battle a month before her fourth birthday. 8


Fran Heaney

At the beginning of August this year, we received the devastating news that my dad, who has previously overcome a brain tumour, had cancer in his liver and bowel. I decided that my brothers and I should complete the same bike ride and raise money for The Sandra Chapman Ward at The James Paget Hospital in Gorleston where my father receives his chemotherapy every week.

“I would like to again thank Tingdene for providing crew t-shirts for the bike ride, its times like these which make you appreciate working where we do, the personal support and

On Sunday 21st October, we set off from

help through this difficult time

London at 6:30. With four stops along the

is invaluable and demonstrates

way, a group of ten friends and family biked one hundred and twenty-two miles back to Norwich and we raised over £5,000, smashing our target of £2,500. We are continuing our fundraising; this time

the company’s consideration for every employee, whatever they maybe dealing with in their private life.”

the outcome will be different and we will beat this together as a family along with the support of such wonderful friends with the determination to help others who have been

Fran Heaney Holidays for AllSeasons

put in this unfortunate position. 9

A fresh look for the future! Behind the scenes of Tingdene Lifestyles new uniforms Back in 2008, Tingdene Holiday Parks launched and rolled out their first uniform across the sector. Whilst it was suitable at the time, it has become tired and outdated; the logo used is now an old version and it generally no longer conforms to brand guidelines.

This appeared to be the perfect opportunity

With regards to style and comfort, we

to refresh the look of the company’s uniform

reflected on the feedback and recognised

and update the branding logo.

that the previous uniform was quite

So, in a bid to be involved in the process, a very excited Mel and I approached Group Ops with the request to start the process, which was agreed. Firstly, we spoke to other team members to learn what it was about the uniform that they did and didn’t favour, and how we could improve the uniform going forward. It was very clear that from the information we received that comfort, style and durability

Melanie Pacey, Kizzy Saunders

were key factors to be considered. After some brainstorming, idea sharing and

restrictive with regards to body shapes and sizes, as there were minimal garment options available. The new uniform we have chosen offers a variety of styles of garments incorporated within the same range to offer versatility, comfort and style. We hope you will enjoy wearing the new uniform which will be launched in 2019! “The new uniform is smart, comfortable, low maintenance (the blouses don’t need ironing!!) and I feel much more confident

of course, bearing in mind the feedback

coming to work in it. There is a variety of

from other team members, we were able to

products within the range so it’s lovely to

approach our chosen uniform supplier with a detailed brief.

have the choice to mix it up a bit to suit each individual. So many people have said how nice it looks and I can now get out of the car

Mel and I were both in agreement that we wanted the colour scheme of the new

without worrying that the skirt is going to rip!” Hannah Hewitt

uniform to fit the branding of Tingdene Lifestyle. From the very beginning we knew

“The new, modern uniform offers a fresh and

that incorporating a palette of blue, navy

professional appearance. There is a range of

and white would immediately modernise the uniform and deliver a professional image.

different styles available to all and is a welcomed introduction to Tingdene Holiday Parks.” Paul Whittington



Lifestyle Parks Portfolio Let’s take a quick snapshot of our portfolio looking at numbers‌ you may wonder how many owners do we have? How many plots do we have? How many have we left to sell?



1484 1374 16 94 We currently have in total 1,484 plots

We have 1374 owners across our portfolio of Lifestyle Parks

16 plots are reserved

94 plots are available for sale

Suffolk students return from Denmark boat trip, sponsored by Tingdene Back in May, we told you about a group of Suffolk children from East Point Academy setting sail to Denmark on a historic boat, with support from Tingdene, as well as kind donations from the public as well as sponsors The Norfolk Boat charity, Sentinel Leisure Trust and construction company Wellington.

Back in May, we told you about a group of

We have received a thank you card from

Suffolk children from East Point Academy

Chantelle from The East Point Academy for

setting sail to Denmark on a historic boat,

our donation towards the children Excelsior

with support from Tingdene, as well as kind

trip; Chantelle says “the children have grown

donations from the public as well as sponsors

in confidence and his opportunity has given

The Norfolk Boat charity, Sentinel Leisure

them skills to work as a team.”

Trust and construction company Wellington. To Tingdene, East Point Academy sent nine students on a

“Thank you so much for your kind donation

once-in-a-lifetime voyage aboard an historic

to our Excelsior trip. We had a wonderful time

fishing smack, sailing from Denmark to

and have built upon our confidence, resilience


and social skills because of it. THANK YOU!”

The students embarked aboard the 100-year-

From East Point Academy

old wooden sailing boat, the Excelsior, which they will help to skipper themselves. Some of the students taking part have special educational needs; others have faced challenges such as having low self-esteem or being in care. 13

Humberst A New Era



ton Fitties Humberston Fitties is a historic location close to the Victorian resort of Cleethorpes. ‘Fitties’ is a local word meaning ‘salt marsh’. The Humberston Fitties were originally one of a number of fitties along this part of the coastline.

Nearby Cleethorpes sits on the Humber

Humberston Fitties is managed by the

Estuary and the sea at Cleethorpes is actually

Lincolnshire regional office. Since its

the mouth of the Humber. Humberston

acquisition in October 2017, Tingdene have

Fitties has been recognised as a billeting area

been working with North East Lincolnshire

for soldiers in both World Wars, with people

Borough Council to establish a clearer

settling at the site since the 1920’s. In 1996,

position in relation to the operation, history

the area was declared a conversation area.

and future plans of the park. Over the past

More recently, it has even been featured in a

12 months, Tingdene has also had many

doc-series hosted by Robson Green exploring

consultations with various groups that

Britain’s coastline.

represent the property owners, as well as direct interaction with the property owners which have been very helpful.


What’s happened in year one? Tingdene have instigated detailed surveys

Many of the lease agreements at

in relation to all the trees on the park, the

Humberston Fitties the legal agreement and

water & sewerage infrastructure and we

“way of working” between us (the Landlord)

have invested £150,000 into upgrading

and the Owners (the Tenants) have come

each property’s electricity meter to SMART

or will soon come to an end. As a result,


Tingdene will be issuing new optional leases to the owners in early 2019. A lease has many

We have also made sure, as we would

postives for both us and the owners, and

across any operation in our portfolio, that

will include new structured ground rent and

the recharging of electricity and water is

service charges.

compliant with the rules and guidelines issued by Ofgem and Ofwat. Tingdene have been improving the landscaping, with our initial approaches ensuring that the park and its open space poses no dangers or risks to our owners. After purchasing a holiday park operation, an initial part of our work is ensuring that we are doing things correctly, in terms of regulatory bodies, the permitted use of the park, planning permissions and property law (The Landlord & Tenant Act). 16


A large task at Humberston Fitties has

“Since our acquisition of

involved making sure that any properties,

Humberston Fitties Chalet Park

developments and improvements are in

October 2017, it has been a roller

line with planning documents, linking to the park’s Conservation Area status (granted in 1996). There is also a ‘Chalet Design

coaster of exciting challenges, new experiences and learning new

Guide’ which addresses various elements of

things each day, myself and the

development to existing properties, including

Humberston Team are looking

reference to the approved materials to be

forward to continuing the journey

used for window frames, walls, roof coverings,

and developing this beautiful and

rainwater goods, doors, glazing, fencing and other features. Upon taking ownership of the park, we were provided with a detailed list of breaches of

unique Park.’’ Sarah Newson Area General Manager

the conservation order or the chalet design guide (meaning owners had made additions/ changed etc to their properties where they shouldn’t have). Whilst some of the breaches are minor, others are of a more serious nature. Whilst our ownership of the park is in its early days, Tingdene and its team members are working towards a bright future of Humberston Fitties and welcome this unique park into our portfolio.


AllSeasons team settle in to new Group Operations offices

At the beginning of 2018, with the closure

The works involved knocking down walls,

of the shop at North Denes Park, it was an

creating partition walls, as well as adding

ideal opportunity to relocate Holidays for AllSeasons from a small office at Broadlands Park and Marina and incorporate the team with the remainder of Group Operations, who are based at North Denes Park.

cutting out walls to install windows and electrics, data cables, plumbing and heating, and cost just under ÂŁ20k. The relocation of Holidays for AllSeasons has also enabled Greg at Broadlands Park and Marina to settle into his own office, rather than rather than sharing with Sentinel Leisure Trust. This has created a more professional approach to sales and meetings in general. The investment has enabled Group Operations to meet more regularly and on a day to day basis, rather than as and

Paul Whittington, Head of Group Operations

when required. It has been welcomed by all members of Group Operations and has created a more efficient approach to working, now that we are all under one roof.




Tingdene nominated for ‘Best Park’ in the Lodges & Parks Portfolio for the East of England by Hoseasons Tingdene Lifestyle attended the 13th annual Hoseasons conference at the Celtic Manor Resort in Wales and

Deborah Meaden

were nominated for ‘Best Park’ in the lodges & parks portfolio for the east of England! The day featured talks around the UK Travel market as well as a host of stars and guest speakers including Deborah Meaden, Daisy McAndrew, Justin Urquhart Stewart & even surprise guest Paddy McGuinness at the evening awards!

Images courtesy of Hoseasons 20 teamtalk

Justin Urquhart Stewart

Finishing the day was TV Dragon, Deborah Meaden, who described the tourism industry as the ‘business love of her life’ and opened up in a very insightful Q&A... The evening awards saw Paddy McGuinness present the nomination of Tingdene Llifestyle Broadlands Park & Marina (Oulton Broad, Suffolk) for ‘Best Park’ in the lodges & parks portfolio for the East of England!

Paddy McGuinness

Political journalist, broadcaster and presenter Daisy McAndrew opened the conference. Simon Altham and Allan Lambert of Hoseasons updated everyone on the UK travel market after a challenging year, talking about the importance of park operators investing in the future.

Daisy McAndrew

The conference also included guest speakers Justin Urquhart Stewart giving a humorous yet educational talk, followed by Adrian Webster, author and motivational speaker, who inspired everyone to not to only challenge others but to challenge themselves.

Simon Altham

Adrian Webster

Allan Lambert 21

teamtalk Congratulations!...

Kim Deans had her baby on Tuesday 16th October at 4.12pm, Indigo Alexandra Deans was 10 days early and weighed 6lb.

Hannah Hewitt married Darren on the 29th September at Southwood Hall.

Matthew Mills married Samantha on the 16th June at the Special Memory Chapel, Las Vegas. 22


Louise Docherty gave birth to her beautiful son Beauden on the 16th March.

New Members of the Tingdene Team Who’s on the move? Claire Townley

Peter Bessey

Lauren Jones

Saddlebrook Chase


Humberston Fitties

Kayleigh Cassidy has joined Waterside Park and Hotel on a secondment from Broadlands Park and Marina as the Assistant Manager. In turn, Kizzy Saunders has moved to Broadlands Park and Marina and has joined the team there. Mel Pacey has remained at Waterside Park and Hotel and will be taking on some additional tasks and responsibilities. Kayleigh, Mel and Kizzy have been recognised for growth within Tingdene, and the moves form part of their planned progression within the Company.

Greg Smith

Antonia Maria Brighton-Dali

Michael Foot


Kenwood & Colleys

Rainbows End

Congratulations to Kayleigh, Mel and Kizzy on their progression and wish them all the very best on their new ventures! It is with regret that Karen Warren has parted company with Tingdene Holiday Parks Ltd on Friday 30th November 2018. We wish Karen every success for the future and would like to thank her for her work and contribution to Tingdene since January 2016.

Paul Weaver

Anthony Bargrove

Douglas Field


Saddlebrook Chase

Waterside 23

Making a Difference! Meet the Tingdene Team who are really making a difference by raising funds and awareness for their charitable causes and communities. 24


Sophie Group Ops In July, my sister and I completed the 5K Colour Run in aid of the Big C – Norfolk’s Cancer Charity, a charity very dear to our hearts. It was the first time we had run a full 5K (beating our target time) and it was mid heat wave, hence the sweaty mess in the picture! In total, we raised an amazing £1090 (with a target of £200); we even got an invite to see the labs at Norwich Research Park at the UEA. We met a variety of students and researchers to see what the fundraising goes towards.

Fran Group Ops I am now trying to raise £1,700 for the

Lynn Broadlands Park & Marina

Family Holiday Association by running the

I completed the 10-mile midnight charity walk

London marathon in April 2019, I am going to

for St Elizabeth Hospice on 12th May 2018. It

organise various events to achieve this target.

was pouring with rain most of the way but

I am having a cake and cuppa morning at

that didn’t deter us! The theme was Glow and

North Denes on 13th December, all cakes,

Sparkle and I smashed my £100 target to

visitors and donations welcome!

raise £250!

North Denes These photos are from our Macmillan Coffee Morning which we held on 28th September and we raised £90.20.


Coast Bar & Restaur ant


Friday 14th December 19:00 - 01:00

26 teamtalk


The TestostaTones Superstars from TV’s Britain’s Got Talent!


WINTER 2018 - Issue 7


Tingdene TeamTalk Issue 7  
Tingdene TeamTalk Issue 7