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Spring Issue             2010  Volume #1 

Next Event Announcements

• Pujari will celebrate Holi on March  27th, 2010 at Shree Mandir between  11:00am to 2:00pm. Come join us to  celebrate the colorful festival of Holi  with us and amongst friends. Enjoy a  day filled with fun, music and dance.  Prior request is required for group  dance presentations.  A nominal fee of $10/family for  members will be charged and RSVP is  required by all who wish to come.    • Pujari will celebrate Baisakhi   Date:  Saturday, 17th April 2010  Venue: Berkmar High School  Lilburn, GA 

Pujari has  been  successfully  and  enthusiastically  quenching  the  cultural  thirst  of  the  Atlanta  Bengali  community  for  more  than  a  decade.  Started  by  a  group  of  highly  energetic  and passionate volunteers living in and  around  Atlanta,  Pujari  began  as  a  convention  to  celebrate  the  culture  and  rich  heritage  of  India  to  fulfill  the  nostalgic affinity. 

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

Happy Birthday to all of you! Jan‐May Jaba Ghosh Soumya Bhattacharya Byas Dev Saha Biswanath Bhattacharyya Mayuri Roy Soma Datta P K Das Gouranga Banik Samaresh Mukhopadhyay Pranab lahiri Santanu Kar Saovik Ganguly

Pradeep Biswas Bob Ghosh Kallol Nandi Madhumita Mukhopadhyay Rupak Ganguly Supriya Saha

Please email your birthdays, anniversary dates, special announcements etc. so that we can publish them in our next newsletter

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Sudipta Samanta 

VP, Finance 

Swapan Mondal 

Be−¾c¢l p¡Nl q−a EWm f§S¡l£, q¡−a q¡a fË¡−Z fË¡Z −k¡NÉ ¢cn¡l£ z q¡¢l ¢S¢a e¡¢q m¡S, HLp¡−b L¢l L¡S, fy¡Q −b−L f’¡n , a¡C q−u¢R BS z Bq¡ j¢l j¢l −j¡−cl Nlh f§S¡l£ zz HLp¡−b−a JW¡ hp¡ HLp¡−b−a L¡S Qa¥¢cÑ−L f§S¡l£ e¡j deÉ −j¡l¡ BSz A¢Qef¤−ll p¤¤Se −p −k, e¡C −L¡−e¡ a¡l S¥¢l, e¡Q N¡e Bl Eap−hl a¥hl£ g¥mT¥¢lz Bq¡ j¢l j¢l −j¡−cl Nlh f¤S¡l£zz eª−aÉ m¡−pÉ q¡−pÉ i¡−pÉ Bjl¡ f¤S¡l£ m¡−S i−u œ¡−p −n¡−L Bjl¡ f¤S¡l£ B¢R −j¡l¡ HLp¡−b−a q¡−a q¡a d¢l b¡L−h¡ −j¡l¡ Hi¡−h−a BS nfb L¢l Qmh −j¡l¡ f¡−u f¡−u BS nfb L¢lz Bq¡ j¢l j¢l, −j¡−cl Nlh f¤S¡l£zz h¡−S −ke jd¤ju h¡q¡¢l hy¡nl£ B¢Qef¤−ll p¤¤Se −p −k,−eC −L¡−e¡ a¡l S¥¢l Bj¡−cl f¤S¡l£, −j¡−cl Nlh f¤S¡l£ zz

¢nÒfpj BL¡−n−a Q−s ¢cC LÒfe¡−m¡−L f¡¢s e¡Q N¡e −i¡Se −Mm¡ Bq¡ j¢l j¢l f¡m a¥−m H¢N−u Q−m ¢fËu f§S¡l£ c¤cÑj p¡qp j−e ¢fR¥f¡ q−a e¡¢l ¢lš²X¡−m ph¤S fln −j¡−cl f§S¡l£ Bj¡−cl f§S¡l£, −j¡−cl Nlh f§S¡l£ zz

Treasurer   VP, Marketing   

Vikram Das    Samaresh Mukhopadhyay 

Publication Secretary 

Sutapa Datta 

Public Relation Secretary 

Soumya Bhattacharyya 

Membership Drive  Secretary    VP, Logistics

Event Mgmt. Secretary   

Pranesh Chaudhury    Subhojit Roy    Joyojit Mukherjee 

Food & Services Secretary 

Arnab Bose

Kids Cultural Secretary

Mayuri R.

Youth Cultural Secretary

Tinny Datta

Adults Cultural Secretary 

Sutapa Das

VP, Operations 

Surojit Chatterjee

Decoration Secretary 

Aradhana Bhattacharya


Rupak Ganguly

Our proud Sponsors


Pujari www.pujari.orgÂ

Please feel free to email us

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