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Design Online February 2018

The mission of APLD is to advance the profession of landscape design and to promote the recognition of landscape designers as qualified and dedicated professionals.

Participate, Validate, Educate: Be Market Strong!

APLD Board Establishes

New Programs for 2018 The APLD Board of Directors has been developing several new programs and projects to benefit members and enrich their experience in the association. More details will emerge about each of these programs in the coming months. In the meantime, here is a synopsis of some of the new projects:

Student Career Fair APLD will exhibit at the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) National Collegiate Landscape Competition March 14-17 at Alamance Community College, Graham, N.C. Board members are looking for individuals who will be in attendance to help work the booth. Please contact Michelle at

Virtual Student Chapter APLD plans to create a virtual student chapter for individuals who do not have a chapter in their geographic area and for any other interested students. This chapter will provide an opportunity for students to network with each other using Google Drive and Hangouts and to learn about what APLD can provide them educationally and professionally both now and in the future.

Job Board Through this new member benefit, members will have an opportunity to advertise positions they have available and recruit employees. APLD would disseminate the information through all the major job-seeking platforms.

Sustainability Projects APLD’s Sustainability Committee will seek and provide pictures of sustainable or climate change trends in landscape design that members then can share with their clients. Members will also be asked to share photographs showing sustainable products and to use #sustainableAPLD on social media. A map of the United States will be developed to share pictures of sustainable projects and provide a visual representation of what is occurring regionally on sustainability.

StateScape Access/Webinar Training Membership in APLD provides access to StateScape, a legislative monitoring system for every state in the United States. APLD members can request a username and password to get regular updates on happenings in their state. To sign up, please contact APLD Advocacy Chairperson Naomi Goodman at A free webinar held Jan. 23 trained interested members. In addition, members can request an individual training session with StateScape. Call Ian Zukauskas, Director of Client Development with StateScape, at (703) 525-7100 or email him at 1

Design Online - February 2018

Association News Featured Chapter

Oregon Chapter Designs Public Garden at Low-Income Apartment Complex The APLD Oregon Chapter recently undertook an outreach project to help elevate the chapter’s image within the community and share the chapter’s values with the public. Led by design team Bonnie Bruce, Barbara Simon, APLD, and Catherine Trzybinski, the project created a public-space garden at a multifamily apartment complex in Portland. The structure, Taylor Street Apartments, is owned by REACH, a nonprofit organization that owns and manages residential properties for low-income residents.

Creating beautiful landscapes is great, but creating beautiful landscapes for those who need a little boost is most rewarding and most appreciated. — Bonnie Bruce The project was designed with two phases: streetscape and courtyard. The streetscape design by the chapter’s design team was completed in October 2016 and installed in September 2017. The courtyard design was completed in March 2017 by students at PCC Rock Creek and presented to the property manager, but the installation is on hold, awaiting funding from REACH.

The Streetscape Design

The design team: Catherine Trzybinski, Bonnie Bruce and Barbara Simon, APLD

Previous landscaping at the street was minimal with a scattering of old rhododendrons, large conifers and western sword ferns, which were competing with roots from the street trees. After consulting the property manager, the residents and the site maintenance supervisor, the design team decided to create areas where residents could sit, pause and have conversations with their neighbors. A monkey puzzle tree growing within a few feet of the structure was removed to open up the site. A failing railroad tie retaining curb was replaced with a new permanent retaining wall, with three niches integrated into the wall to hold benches that would invite neighborhood use. The street area was revitalized with hardy, drought-tolerant native plantings, and irrigation was installed. Because it is a public space, landscape lighting was added for both aesthetics and security. 2

Design Online - February 2018

“My early life experience as a low-income housing resident motivated me to work on the REACH project and give back. Transcending the biases often associated with addressing the needs of low-income urban folks, including nature deficit disorders, fueled my efforts to engage the residents on planting day and work with them toward transforming their space to be welcoming for all.” — Catherine Trzybinski BEFORE: Previous landscaping was minimal with a scattering of old rhododendrons, large conifers and western sword ferns.

Although REACH funded the labor for the landscape installation, most of the materials, design and labor were donated by area companies as well as APLD Oregon. To help secure donations, services and approval for funding, the design team developed a Vectorworks CAD 3D presentation plan. Catherine used Landmark, 3D Tools, Spotlight and Helidon to create the plan. “It needed to be juicy to gain the attention of the decision makers at REACH for funding this project,” Bonnie said. To incorporate sustainable strategies throughout the project, the team used Vectorworks solar analysis to determine the best plant selection and placement, and lighting supports were customized to accommodate plant growth.

There is great value in community volunteerism. It can be a time for each person to reflect upon how they are part of their community and what they can impart to their community. — Catherine Trzybinski PLANTING DAY (photos by Chris Lastomirsky)


Design Online - February 2018

“You can’t thank your donors too much.”

“My mantra... simplify.”

— Barbara Simon, APLD

— Barbara Simon, APLD

Advice from Experience Based on their experience with this project, the design team offers the following nuggets of advice to any other chapter considering a community outreach project: • Understand how decision making works within a corporation and build additional time into the design schedule. The larger the corporation, the more time needed to give all parties input.

• Partner with other trade professionals early in the project (professional landscape contractor associations, nursery representatives, suppliers) to share the load.

• Address the project budget with the outreach client first to educate them about what is a realistic budget.

• Plan time into the project for public relations and marketing once the project is completed.

• Offer your local APLD members an educational opportunity during installation to focus on the challenges and the solutions that emerged. As an example, the Oregon Chapter provided “site visits” to members during the landscape design installation.

• Involve an APLD-certified designer to further publicize APLD credentials and elevate standards of practice. • Divide the tasks within the members of a design team and play to their individual strengths.

AFTER: The street area was revitalized with hardy, drought-tolerant native plantings, and benches were added.

It was impressive how nearly everyone we approached for donations did so without hesitation. — Bonnie Bruce 4

Design Online - February 2018

visit the website at

Attention, Members: Keep Track of Your CEUs in 2018 APLD associate, professional and certified members are required to submit their CEUs to obtain and maintain their certification. To document your CEUs, log into the members’ area of the website, and click on “Upload CEUs.” Please keep in mind this quick reference when logging CEUs:

• Lecture = 1 CEU per hour • Workshop = ½ CEU per hour • Guided tour = ½ CEU per hour To renew your certification online, click on “Certification” in the members’ area and then click on “Recertify.” If you have any questions, please contact APLD Headquarters at or 717-238-9780.

Save the Date! 2018 APLD International Landscape Design Conference Sept. 13 - 17, 2018, Toronto, Canada

If you’re planning on joining us in Toronto, don’t forget your passport. If you currently have one, double check to make sure that it does not expire before the dates of the 5 conference. Click here for information on securing your passport.

Design Online - February 2018

APLD would like to recognize its affiliate organizations.

Chapter Announcements • Check out upcoming training opportunities from your local chapter. To find a chapter close to you, go to chapters. • If your chapter is planning an event, remember to have it approved for CEUs. Contact Kelly at APLD Headquarters at if you have any questions. • Chapter Leadership conference calls are now held twice a year (April and September). Chapter leaders are encouraged to use the Google Hangouts app to share ideas and events with each other in a casual, ongoing basis, while continuing to use email for more formal or pressing items. Please contact either Anna Brooks at or Kelly Clark at if you have any comments or questions regarding Google Hangouts. • Watch your emails for the quarterly Chapter Leader newsletter, a brief read containing pertinent reminders, chapter updates from around the country, and tips for making chapter leadership a little easier. Topics are always welcome. Please email Anna Brooks with suggestions. Chapters, please send chapter news to the Design Online editor, Amy, at

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Design Online - February 2018

The Designer Call for Submissions The Designer, APLD’s quarterly journal, is seeking pitches for the Summer 2018 issue. The theme is “sustainability,” and the plan is to feature different aspects of sustainability, including environmental, financial and career, and materials durability. These topics can fit into regular features, such as those listed below, or you may want to pitch a new idea. Editor Katie Elzer-Peters is also looking for writers of regular features such as Plant App(lication)s (plants in landscape design), Wander.Lust., Travel Inspiration, Business, Design Masterclass (an in-depth look at a subject/skill/technique), Case Study (review of a project and what other designers can learn from it) and any suggestions of new or interesting places/things/books/services for the Design Roundup (Go/See/Read/Spec/ Plant). Please email Katie at editor@ Emails are returned Monday through Friday. 

Do you use Instagram? Be sure to follow and tag the official APLD Instagram account, @LandscapeDesigners, in your posts. We will be promoting members’ posts via the official Instagram page. 7

Design Online - February 2018

Member News Members in the News

Welcome, New APLD Members Allied Members Tom Lawson Seattle, Wash. Errol Navickas Property Prep Technology, Granada Hills, Calif. Greg Tiffany Avalon Northwest Landscape LLC, Seattle Wash.

Educator Member

Amelia Lima, APLD, of Amelia B. Lima and Associates, Inc. Del Mar, Calif., will be giving a talk about the work of Roberto Burle Marx, who has been called “the real creator of the modern garden,” on Feb. 21 at the Modernist Week in Palm Springs, Calif. Amelia, who spent time in the studio of Marx, Brazil’s most renowned landscape architect, in 1989, will be showing new images of some of his gardens that were recently renovated. Click here for more information.

Jules Bruck Newark, Del.

Professional Members Neil Chambers Chambers Design, South Orange, N.J. Vern Chellberg Canton, Mass. Nick Lupinacci Gasper Landscape Design & Construction, Richboro, Pa. Katherine Moreau Waccabuc, N.Y. Alexander Noelani Habitats, LLC, Seattle, Wash. Nicholas Pugliese Earth Work Design, Yardley, Pa. Lisa Sangelo Boulder, Col.

Roberto Burle Marx

Have you or one of your designs been in the news lately? Send an email to Amy at, and we’ll share it with the entire membership.

Student Members Erika Do Moraga, Calif. Corrine Iasilli Rusted Wagon Design, Glen Cove, N.Y. Nadja Kuhner Berkeley, Calif.

Wanted: Student Members

Congratulations to our newest certified member! Randy Tumber Tumber & Associates, Ltd., East Luther, Ont. Anyone interested in becoming APLD certified should click here to learn more. Note: There are two portfolio submission dates each year: Feb. 1 and Sept. 1.


APLD is seeking new student members. If you know any students interested in a career in landscape design who might want to become members of APLD, email Membership Director Angela Burkett at The student recruitment flyer pictured on the next page may also be used to recruit student members. Feel free to copy and circulate. Contact Angela for a pdf of the flyer.

Design Online - February 2018




The Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) is the only national association dedicated solely to landscape design professionals.

Student Member Benefits Ability to join local APLD chapters Leadership and networking opportunities Design Online monthly newsletter Ongoing industry training through local events, annual conference and webinars One free APLD online webinar Discounts for APLD annual conference “The Designer” magazine quarterly publication Sample business documents

EDUCATION NETWORKING LEADERSHIP ADVOCACY Our Student Members are enrolled in US and international landscape design, landscape architecture horticulture programs. Connect with APLD online


Visit our website at

Design Online - February 2018

Sustainability Committee News Seeking Photos of Sustainable Design Projects The APLD Sustainability Committee, under the leadership of Chair Mark Brotton, APLD, meets regularly to promote sustainable efforts and support the sustainability policy. We have a large group of designers working together and would like to hear from our members about their projects. Our goal is to promote sustainable design, and we hope to collect images of projects around the country. Using a selection of the photos shared, we will develop a map to show what is happening regionally on sustainability. Of course, sustainability is a worldwide concern, and contributions from our international members will add to our efforts.

Iowa. A front yard rain garden is now filled in with mostly native flowers and grasses creating habitat and enhancing the house.

Iowa. A short grass prairie surrounds a small rectangle of lawn, filling the right of way and encircling the lot. The prairie absorbs runoff from the site and creates habitat for bees, insects, butterflies and birds.

Iowa. A front yard rain garden collects water from a downspout and runoff from the driveway and lawn and includes an overflow channel constructed with limestone.

Photos showing the trend of incorporating sustainable elements in landscape design will be available to other designers to share with clients as another way to promote sustainable design. Also, we encourage members to post photos of their sustainable projects on social media using #sustainableAPLD. We continue to define landscape design. Please send your photos to Michelle at communications@, indicate your state and include a short caption for each photo. Future articles in Design Online will update you on our efforts. Iowa. A deer-resistant landscape of native and non-native plants fills the slope surrounding this home. The low-maintenance landscape provides habitat and a constantly changing palette of color and textures.

—Judy Nauseef, FAPLD


Design Online - February 2018

Industry News Featured Book

No Garden is an Island! The Northwest Garden Manifesto Create, Restore and Maintain a Sustainable Yard

By John J. Albers, Ph.D.; Photography by David E. Perry Home gardens are places to go to get outside, relax and entertain. But these gardens are also extensions of nature, vital links to the urban ecosystems around us. In The Northwest Garden Manifesto, scientist and garden expert John Albers shows how even gardeners with small urban backyards can play a role in alleviating strains on the environment using easy, small-scale methods.

At the core of his manifesto are seven key gardening principles. Through clear explanation, practical examples and inspirational photos, Albers guides you through improving each of these elements, one step at a time. The book features hands-on ways to restore and preserve a garden’s biodiversity and includes detailed lists of the best trees, shrubs and perennials for Northwest gardens, as well as how to determine the right plant for the right place. Available in bookstores everywhere or contact Mountaineer Books, Seattle, Wash., at

The Seven Key Gardening Principles 1. Protect, create and conserve healthy soil. 2. Maintain healthy plants and create a sustainable landscape. 3. Conserve water and other natural resources. 4. Protect water and air quality. 5. Protect and enhance wildlife habitat. 6. Conserve energy. 7. Use sustainable methods and materials.

An Invitation to APLD Members:

Attend AOLP’s Illuminate ’18 Feb. 22-24

The Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals (AOLP), one of APLD’s affiliate organizations, invites APLD members to attend its annual conference and expo, Illuminate ’18, Feb. 22-24 in Tampa, Fla., at member pricing. Illuminate ’18, held at the Innisbrook Golf & Spa Resort, offers the chance to retreat from the cold and learn from industry leaders at informative educational sessions, network with fellow landscape design and lighting professionals, and enjoy roundtable discussions aimed at helping you grow your business. Click here for more information. Click here to register online.



Design Online - February 2018

Upcoming Educational Opportunities & Events APLD provides a listing of educational opportunities and events on its website, Horticultural Symposium at Longwood Gardens 6 CEUs Feb. 2, Kennett Square, Pa. 2018: Ready or Not, Here We Come! Hosted by APLD San Diego District Feb. 3, San Diego, Calif. Northwest Flower and Garden Show Feb. 7-11, Seattle, Wash. GardenPRO Conference up to 8 CEUs Feb. 9, Seattle, Wash. Nor Cal Landscape & Nursery Show 6 CEUs Feb. 15, San Mateo, Calif. The Work of Roberto Burle Marx Feb. 21, 10 a.m., Palm Springs, Calif. Illuminate 2018: Annual Conference & Expo Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals Feb. 22-24, Tampa, Fla. Green Matters Symposium:Restoring and Renewing Our Urban Landscape 6 CEUs Feb. 23, Silver Spring, Md. Sustainable Landscape Design 5.25 CEUs Feb. 26, New Brunswick, N.J.

18th Annual Land Ethics Symposium 5 CEUs March 15, Doylestown, Pa. A River Runs Through It – The New Landscape Paradigm April 7-8, La Cañada Flintridge, Calif. Society of Garden Designers Spring Conference April 21, London, England Living Future unConference May 1-4, Portland, Ore. Grey to Green Conference May 15-16, Toronto, Ontario 2018 TNLA Nursery & Landscape Expo Aug. 16-18, San Antonio, Texas 2018 CitiesAlive Conference Sept. 24-27, Brooklyn, N.Y. APLD 2018 International Landscape Design Conference Sept. 13-17, Toronto, Canada America in Bloom Symposium Sept. 27-29, Lexington, Ky. 2018 International Japanese Garden Conference Sept. 28-Oct. 2, Portland, Ore.

Manor View Farm & Perennial Farm Education Seminar 4.75 CEUs Feb. 23, Towson, Md.

2018 International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo Oct. 28 – Nov. 2, Las Vegas, Nev.

Philadelphia Flower Show March 3-11, Philadelphia, Pa.

GrowerTalks Webinars Current and archived free webinars on a variety of topics related to plants, greenhouses and landscapes

Garden Bloggers Conference March 4-6, Beverly Hills, Calif.

Have an educational opportunity to share with APLD members? Send notices of upcoming events to

Ecological Landscape Alliance Conference & Eco-Marketplace March 7-8, Amherst, Mass.

Would you like to seek CEU approval for an event, workshop or seminar you are conducting? Fill out the APLD CEU Request Form and submit it to Kelly at


Design Online - February 2018

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Design Online - February 2018

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APLD Design Online - February 2018  
APLD Design Online - February 2018