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Why Commercial Printing Solutions Providers Must Have Web-To Print in 2013? If you are a printing services provider, and have still not implemented a Web-to-Print solution into your online storefront, you are missing out on a big opportunity to give your business prospects a huge boost. As your target customer s access to the web increases and becomes all pervasive, it makes sense for you as a commercial printer to offer web enabled printing services. The profile of a customer is changing day by day. These days, they are less patient than they were ever efore, a d hat s ore the are looki g for the ut ost o e ie e a d e tre e levels of professionalism when they conduct their business. If our usi ess a t offer ser i es that meet a certain standard, they will look elsewhere to satisfy their needs and requirements. So, why risk it. 2013 should be the year of minimum risks and maximum profits and that is why Web-to-Print is such a brilliant option. Let s see why Web-to-Pri t should e the go-to solution this year. Quicker Process – Maximum Output

Time is always of the essence. Time is also money. So, in essence Web-to-Print solutions will help you make money and lots of it. What you are actually doing with such solutions is lessening the time taken to deliver a product to its customers. Imagine somebody who wants to print a certain amount of company brochures; typically, without a Web-to-Print solution in place, the whole process, right from the time that the client discusses the project with you till the time you deliver the brochure, will take a considerable amount of time. But, what if you offer a web to print software? All that the client has to do is choose from the numerous brochure templates, key in the number of prints that he wants, and place the orders.

That s it. The reins of his brochure printing job are i his ha ds‌ all ou are goi g to be doing is giving him a platform to accomplishing his printing job. As can be imagined, this saves a whole lot of time, and in the long run will maximize your output. Easier to Offer new Products and Services The word offer here refers to oth the deli er of the produ ts and services and also their promotion. So, if you have an online printing solution in place, you already have a readymade platform to promote your produ ts a d/or ser i es. Let s fa e it, it is heaper a d i a a easier to ensure that your products and services reach your customers if you take the online route. So, without putting in a pretty penny, you can be assured that the new service that you are offering is definitely making its presence felt. You can keep adding to your Web-to-Print services portfolio, and without missing a beat, you can take certain online promotional steps to ensure that your audience is aware of what new updates you are bringing to the table. Direct and a more Fulfilling Customer Engagement Why is your competitor earning more brownie points for his printing services than you are; after all, your services are as good as his? Here, the answer lies in customer engagement. In 2013, even larger businesses will be expected to interact on a one-on-one level with their customers. Why should your printing business be falling short? A Web-to-Print solution will help you personalize your printing services, and the interesting thing is you are allowing your client to create a solution of their choice, but your business is getting the credit for it. You are making customers a part of the printing process and not keeping them at an ar s length from it. This is what the consumers of 2013 want and will appreciate. Great for Monitoring Client Behavior If you want to improve your services and want to keep achieving the highest standards of client satisfaction, you will need a handle on the decisions and behavior of your customers. There are plenty of Web-to-Print solutions already available that help you track and analyze the choices of your customers. This will help you make strategic changes to your bouquet of printing services and you can keep updating them to ensure that your printing business is in sync with the latest needs of your target market. To Conclude

At the end of the day, an online printing storefront means that your shop is always open 24x7. You are ope for usi ess e er da , e e if the orld is o a holida . Also, ou do t iss out on a customer just because you are short on staff or ou do t ha e a sales depart e t that is just not big enough to handle all the queries. Why would you want to miss out on a printing solutio that allo s ou to gro our usi ess prospe ts? You ould t right!! That s h I think commercial printers need to implement a Web-to-Print Solution in 2013.

Why Commercial Printing Solutions Providers Must Have Web-To Print in 2013?  

If you are a printing services provider, and have still not implemented a Web-to-Print solution into your online storefront, you are missing...

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