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September-October 2012 VOL. 2 • ISSUE 6 • `100

Suntosh Baheti

A Paprika Media presentation

“Trust of the clients is my real earning in so many years as a designer and I cherish it the most.”


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had heard about him from other professionals many times in the course of my career as a design observer but never got to meet designer Suntosh Baheti. Though Pune, where he is based, is not very far (and I do keep visiting that city often), the events just turned out such that our paths never crossed – that is till we started putting this issue together! What I found behind that sunny smile is for you to read in the Cover Story. This is what I love about my work (and that is also probably why this old war horse is still around!) – there is a new discovery almost every other day – be it people, places, information, products, material, the list is endless. This issue is one such journey, right from the cover story that features Suntosh Baheti to glass frames by Ultra Violet; discovering the wonders of aluminium or history of tattoos to the gems Harsha shares with us from London. She has managed to unravel the mystery of why women are shopaholics – it is the fault of the window displays! They entice us to commit the ultimate sin – SHOP! Check out her column and let me know if you feel differently. All this talk of shopping reminds me that we are completing two years and it’s time to celebrate our association. While partying is a given, what we are also doing is opening our doors to your creativity (many of you are part of that process already). There are contests to be won, goodies to take home and get featured in Design Matrix. ‘Like’ our facebook page and participate in the activities that start from September. As we complete two years, the crown of success belongs to you as we are led by your suggestions and critical appreciations. Keep those comments, emails, posts and messages pouring in. Whether it is unraveling mysteries of the creative mind or the way it gives form, irrespective of the canvas, there is so much to learn and the journey brings us in touch with so many talented people…and it is a pleasure to traverse this path with you.

Babita Krishnan

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• Cover featuring: Designer Suntosh Baheti • Photograph by: Anand Diwadkar • Location: Baheti Residence, Pune



The warmth and charm of his personality is reflected in his designs – Suntosh Baheti. Pg 24

AR. AAMCHER Ar. Aamcher discovers in Delhi that keeping your surroundings can also be fun. Pg 39

YOUNG GUNS Harendra Kapur on the trials of being a cartoonist and loving every moment of it. Pg 40

CONVERSATION Mansi Manjerakar talks about her inspirations and her store that caters to all tastes in furniture. Pg 66


We look at Mumbai’s Laxmi Industrial Estate that is slowly emerging as a design hub. Pg 91

All you wanted to know about MR+ – a Merino presentation. Pg 70



New products to entice your aesthetic side. Pg 117

LEISURE DESIGN Ar. Reza Kabul urges you to look forward to your business trip – as luxury awaits your arrival. Pg 46


Featuring the Maritime Xperiential Museum in Singapore that draws references from the maritime Silk Route. Pg 74

DESIGN FOCUS Continuing our focus on Aluminium, we talk to the façade expert V.S.Ravi of Façade India. Pg 54




Harsha Kotak takes us window shopping to London, Paris & New York. Pg 58

Sagar Datta creates an aesthetic residence fusing different elements successfully. Pg 88

Learn all about Tattoos – right from the origins to the craft. Pg 83

ETCETRA Information and news from the world of design – space review (Out of the Blue) and product review. Pg 121 ERRATUM The name of designer Chandaa Narang was wrongly mentioned as Chanda Kochar in the slug Conversations of the July-August 2012 issue. The error is deeply regretted. SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 17

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July - August 2012 VOL. 2 • ISSUE 5 • `100

Canna Patel



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6/28/2012 8:26:01 PM

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I really liked your review of the Orbit Tower; it

Read about The Orbit in Global Eye. I think

was very informative as we did not get much

it is definitely an eye-catching structure

information on it in India. Harsha Kotak must

with its red colour, but is a confused design

have spoken to Anish Kapoor and I wonder

monument. But, I love it, as it is a masterpiece

if he mention that the basic idea at the

of this contemporary world. People may

conceptual stage was of ‘a thumbs-up sign’ ?

become aware of its design concept after 5-6

Because, to me, that is what it looks like.

year just like the Hindi film Mera Naam Joker.

Reenu Paul,


Sent via Email

Sent via Email

I went through Design Matrix & really enjoyed

I have been reading your magazine avidly for

reading, especially the column by Ar. Harsha

the past five issues, but your last issue (July-

Kotak. I was really impressed by her portfolio

Aug) was the best of all, in fact it was one of

and would be getting in touch with her to

the best issues of any magazine that I have

know more about her company. When in

come across recently. There is only one word

London, I am looking forward to catching

to describe it, “happy”. All my complements for

up with her. Thanks for introducing such a

the photographer Tanvi to have successfully

talented fellow professional.

captured the essence of Canna Patel. The Rohan Kowli,

way she has been captured in the interview,

K+A Design Studio, Mumbai

both in words and images, I could sense that

she is a woman who is extremely satisfied in I really loved the cover story on Ar. Canna

her spheres – both personal and professional.

Patel. I have of course read about her father

Looking forward to more involving issues in

and heard about her achievements, being a


student of architecture, but saw a different

Swapnil Mukherjee,

side of her through your magazine. Small


instances of her youth and experiences as a young woman and professional make you look

I picked up your magazine for the first time,

at your own life and learn from people like her.

and was thrilled to see a vast variety of articles.

I think all credit goes to Ar. Hasmukh Patel and

The photo feature on illustrator Abhishek

his wife for imparting such wonderful values

Chaudhary’s work was brilliant. The colours

to their children that have not only kept them

and intensity in each artwork is great. And your

grounded and focused but helped them

layouts make all these designs and designers

become wonderful human beings as well. All

stand out a lot more. Great work!

of this and some more came out beautifully in

Sanjay Mehta,

the interview as well. I look forward to more

Visualizer, Hyderabad

interesting interviews in future. Kshitij Mehta,

Thank you readers for ‘liking’ us on




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Furniture with Soul

Suite No. B-4, Hind Service Industrial Estate, Dyaneshwar Mandir Road, Off Veer Savarkar Marg, Shivaji Park, Mumbai 400 028 India T - +91 22 2444 6177 - Contact Person Gaurav Parmar E -, M - +91 98208 77745 W-

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Cover story



It doesn’t matter what your genetic code is, if your soul responds to the creative tune then that is what you will sing to. Pune-based Suntosh Baheti responded to his soul but channelized it through his Marwari genes to make a success of his designs. Of course, that he has a sunny and ever smiling persona only adds to his accomplishments. Words: Babita Krishnan; Images: Anand Diwadkar


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Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 25

9/3/2012 2:40:03 PM

Babita Krishnan: You don’t have a design background, so how did you get interested in architecture & interiors? Suntosh Baheti: I come from a Marwari family and it was assumed that I would join the family business. I completed my diploma in Civil

the course and did not know much. But he insisted and it came out very well and for the next year I kept on getting projects from people who saw it. Till then the perception at home was that designing is a hobby but to earn money I will have to join the business.

Engineering from Wadia College and started working with my dad’s friend who was in the construction business. But I soon realized that I

BK: This is interesting!

was more interested in drafting and the creative aspect, which had no

SB: (Smiles) But I put my foot down and was adamant to con-

scope here. But you are young and can’t take decisions, so I continued

tinue my studies. Convincing my dad was a task but once that was

with what I was doing. Then Marathwada College of Architecture was

done, he insisted that I should concentrate only on my studies.

established, the first design college in Pune, and they had a course on

Coming from a business family has its advantages, since project

design and decoration which I joined and within two months I realized

were coming, I continued working simultaneously and by the time

that this is what I want to do with my life. I have always believed in only

I passed out, there were 3 designers working in my office. Those

one philosophy, enjoy what you do.

were fun years! I had projects and would get guys from the class to work along with me but we had no formal training, so would go

BK: So that is how you shifted from being a potential businessman to a designer?

secretly to the sites of our professors to see how they give drawings, ask the contractors – sir ne kya samjhaya, etc., sometimes took guid-

SB: Oh no, it wasn’t that simple. Just after I joined MCA, my uncle

ance from the teachers as well and learnt on the job. By the time I

bought a house and asked me to design it. At that time there was no

completed my course, I had a full-fledged office. I met my wife also

concept of hiring a designer in Pune and I told him that I had just joined

in college, so that was a great time.


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 26

9/3/2012 2:40:32 PM

BK: So yours is a love match?

in Jamkhed. I agreed to do it even though had no clue to where this

SB: No, no, not at all (laughs). To me there was no issue as we were

place was. During the course of conversation I realized that it was a

of the same community and I wanted to get married to her, but she is

small town an hour away from Ahmednagar and that the space to be

slightly stubborn and flatly refused saying that we are friends and I will

designed was a 10, 000 sq. ft. shop on the main road, which looked

marry a guy of my parent’s choice. We got married in ‘89 after convinc-

more like a kuchcha road. It was a job and I did it.

ing everyone that I was the best choice for her (laughs). BK: In so many years of practice you must have worked with so BK: You started at a time when there was hardly any concept of hiring a designer. Take us through the beginning.

many people and trained so many of them. Has there been a change in the way people approach the profession now?

SB: Initially I would do all kinds of projects – from homes to offices

SB: Of course, times have changed, priorities have changed. My

and hospitals. And being an engineer, I did RCC drawings as well for a

old associates still call me to wish on gurupurnima just like we do to

lot of bungalows in Pune, but within two years realized that all the has-

our teachers. But today’s kids are a little different. I have had people

sles associated with getting approvals from the corporation etc. were

working with me for a year or two before moving on but now the kids

not my cup of tea. Also, I began to enjoy interiors more hence concen-

feel they are ready to move in a month or two, sometimes even in 15

trated on that. In fact, I don’t remember having done any architectural

days. A lot of kids today get into the profession for commercial reasons

project after 1990. In the last 25 years, I have done a vast range of proj-

or with a “let me try” attitude. So the dedication and passion is obvi-

ects, most of them in Maharashra, and I don’t think I have ever refused

ously less. If I sit dedicatedly from 9 o’clock in the morning till 7 o’clock

anyone based on location or budget, etc. You need me to design, I will

in the evening, I can complete the drawings of a 3 BHK apartment with

come and do it. Some years back, this person came to me for a project

details. It takes them two to three days. This is one major shift in attiSEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 27

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 27

9/3/2012 2:41:08 PM

tude that pains me a lot, but it is not as if it is a thumb rule, there

SB: Frankly, I have this mental block that I can be a good

are some kids who approach design with passion and it is fun to

teacher but not formally. I cannot address a classroom. I have

interact with them.

been approached by so many schools for this but have always told them that you send me students for practical training but

BK: Have you ever thought about getting into academics,

not in class. I will take them on site and explain the practical

teaching design at some school in Pune, if not regularly then as a

intricacies of designing. If and when I overcome this fear (smiles),

guest faculty?

I would take up teaching.


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 28

9/3/2012 2:41:32 PM

BK: You are doing a vast range of projects simultaneously. How do you manage to give equal attention to each one of them?

ing to a specific need that has to be completely addressed and to the client’s satisfaction. And all of this has to be done with in the

SB: Experience (laughs). I know the areas of interest and exper-

budget. Also, I believe in using each material in different styles – this

tise of my team and so they assist me based on that. Every morning

creates novelty in design and hence you also are not at the risk of

we have a design discussion which is only on the creative aspect,

repeating yourself.

we do a separate meeting for material or other problems. One needs to study every issue in detail because each interior is cater-

BK: Ceilings are a conversation point in all your projects. SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 29

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 29

9/3/2012 2:41:45 PM

SB: Designing is not about picking up stuff from the market and

in Pune and is now practicing but not with me. I didnot want her

placing it well in shelves and wall units. It is the way you will enhance

to start thinking like me but develop her own independent style;

the entire space. But designing has its limitations given the spaces

that is possible only if she works somewhere else for some time.

that we have today – you can’t change the height of the bed, you

Also, I don’t want the feeling of her being treated like the boss’

need to give maximum storage, so on and so forth. The only place

daughter. She has to learn the ropes just like everyone else before

you get with no restriction is the ceiling; also it is the one space that

she makes her place in the professional world. So she will learn

is in clear view at all times. So I have deliberately shifted my focus up

like everyone else and then join me. This learning curve is very

there and love to give special ceilings for different areas. Even if it is a

important for the correct grooming of the mind. My son has just

small touch, you will find something on the ceiling from me.

joined an architecture college in Pune, but I did not want him to choose architecture as a profession under pressure – because of

BK: You told us earlier that your wife is also a designer, so does she also practice with you?

me. It had to be his choice completely and after a lot of counselling, we realized that he genuinely has the talent and passion for

SB: Initially she worked for some time, then the kids came along

architecture. I even asked him why you want to do architecture,

and there was a very long break. I have never told her not to work;

why not interior design since I am one. To which he replied that

one should keep busy in anything that gives you satisfaction. She

with me joining you as an architect the studio will become a com-

is a very socially active person and is involved in some associations,

plete practice.

etc. of our community. But then in the last few years I felt that this

Not wanting to argue with such clarity of thought, we shall

was not enough and she has a degree which could be used, so she

wait for the future to unveil itself in a few years. Till then, it is a cel-

is slowly getting into the general working of the studio to begin

ebration of what Suntosh Baheti is busy creating – designs from

with and then let us see how it develops.

the heart that touch the soul. “The faith that the clients place in me is something that every designer wishes for and this freedom

BK: And the next generation is also getting ready to join the studio! SB: Yes my daughter has completed her interiors from BNCA

also enables me to give them my best. But this also comes with a responsibility towards them which cannot be abused.” This explains why most of his clients are almost family…


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9/3/2012 2:42:44 PM

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 31

9/3/2012 2:43:01 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 32

9/3/2012 2:43:15 PM

Cover story

RAW INDULGENCE Words: Natasha Bohra; Images: courtesy the architect

Interiors of this bungalow designed by Suntosh Baheti not just perfectly complement the structure by Sanjay Puri but add to its style.


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 33

9/3/2012 2:43:34 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 34

9/3/2012 2:43:42 PM

The raw yet modish charm of this bungalow leaves one with an awe-struck with wonder.


he very essence of the word ‘design’

are tilted, thick and thin and all of varying

implies planning, organization and

sizes. This turned out to be a big challenge



for Baheti when he had to design the

the architecture with the interiors of


interiors for the home. He had to maintain

the bungalow, designer Suntosh Baheti

the look and feel of the architecture of

has incorporated a positively simple yet

the bungalow, he did it and how!

stylish home for his client, in Rajasthan.

With the completely open hand that

The architecture of the house was

Baheti received from the client who lives in

designed and executed by Ar. Sanjay Puri,

Kolkata, he bestowed a home after being

who has maintained a very raw look for

absolutely certain of what he wanted to

the exteriors. Exposed concrete makes

deliver. With a common thread running

for the façade of the bungalow while

through the design in the form of materials

keeping none of the RCC walls similar to

and colours, each area blends in perfectly

the other. There are no brick walls. Some

with the other and yet stands out individually. SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 35

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 35

9/3/2012 2:43:57 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 36

9/3/2012 2:44:22 PM

This project’s intrinsic power lies in its simplicity and right combinations. With its subtle palette and use of the right materials, the decor of this home flourishes with a modest elegance.


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 37

9/3/2012 2:45:01 PM

Creating a harmony between the

ceiling, to add some drama to the huge

exterior and the interiors, Baheti has

space, that otherwise houses only one

kept a minimum of one wall as exposed

seating area.

concrete, in each area of the 10-BHK

Another place where Baheti has

bungalow. There are some areas with

used his streak of brilliance is in the use

two and some with all the walls that have

of curtains. The 20-feet wide and 10-

maintained the raw and unfinished look.

feet high windows, will almost never be

To match up to this, most rooms have the

opened considering that the house will

flooring of kota stone. Only the director’s

be used just about twice a month, since

room sees the use of granite. However, the

it is a guest house for the family in their

common element of flooring throughout

cement plant, here in Beawar. These huge

the bungalow has been maintained as

openings have been perfectly utilized by

only natural stone.

giving them stylish curtains that also add

Certain areas see the use of panelling

to the ambience of each room.

on walls, or there are simple art pieces

No house is complete just from the

used in innovative ways. This needed

outside. The dramatic architecture of this

to be done owing to the extremely big

bungalow is complete only with tastefully

sizes of all the areas of this bungalow that

done up interiors that comprehend

comprises of a built-up area of around

the entire look. The result is a powerful

20,000 sq. ft. For example, one of the

domicile that defines a sense of style,

two living rooms has wired artefacts on

ethnicity and simplicity expressing the

the walls arranged at different heights, in

style of the designers involved.

between wooden panels going up to the

With a common thread running through the design in the form of materials and colours, each area blends in perfectly with the other and yet stands out individually.

It’s raw! It’s massive! It’s beautiful!


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 38

9/3/2012 2:45:14 PM




Ar. Aamcher lauds the effort of AIR to make cleanliness effortless and fun.

n the occasion of World Environment Day, Art In Real (AIR),

a young and upcoming design team, created basketball

structured trash cans to make the basic act of disposing

garbage fun and interactive. AIR creates designs that contribute to sustainable development and change, and is enthusiastic about producing work which can influence people and thereby bring about a discernible change in their behaviour. The basket ball trash can was an effort towards making people interact with design. It aspires to observe the human tendencies to respond to a simple innovation integrated within the environment. The basket ball trash can was meant to involve people in keeping the environment clean effortlessly. This event aimed to create a community activity guised as a recreational event while simply endorsing cleaner surroundings. AIR designs experiences for the mind and believes in the pollination of design to initiate new ideas and mature them into tangible concepts. “Solution to a problem in communication is hidden within the communication itself. We at AIR believe in dissevering the hidden facets in between the lines,” says Aditya Raut, founder & director at AIR, which is a firm ‘‘not trying to fit in but to create its own genre that may be relevant to some and allow mark its existence.’’ AIR believes, design will save the world some day!   To share more such designs or experiences, positive or negative, contact Ar. Aamcher at


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 39

9/3/2012 2:45:30 PM

Young guns


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 40

9/3/2012 2:46:37 PM


PSEUDO W O R L D Words: Natasha Bohra

Nothing is more exciting to a cartoonist than a white space, ink, and the freedom to create your own world. We look at the journey of one such professional – Harendra Kapur


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 41

9/3/2012 2:46:43 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 42

9/3/2012 2:47:02 PM

By using visual metaphors and parodies to address situations, cartoonists can condense current events into a humorous picture that can be far more cutting than any headline.


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 43

9/3/2012 2:47:16 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 44

9/3/2012 2:47:23 PM


artoons don’t have to stop as we get

I bounce from style-to-style and topic-to-

niche was like a gold mine. And that I think is

older. Readers instinctively look at

topic that reflects my own chaos I suppose.”

the real ticket if you want to do well in India.”

pictures that go with any text, and

While maintaining the primary criteria to be

According to Kapur, “don’t aim to find some

even more so for cartoons. Although their

either funny or cute, the art too is extremely

sort of Pan-Indian voice because there isn’t

style, technique or viewpoints may differ,

important. “Make something that gives

one. We are a fragmented collection of cul-

cartoonists can help to draw attention to

somebody a moment. Whether it’s a giggle

tures and if you want to make art that is pow-

important issues.

or just a thought, whatever. Make some-

erful it has to be more specific to its audience.”

one’s morning that 0.1% better than it was

Moving to Italy, he has left that niche behind,

before they saw my doodle.”

something that he is not too happy with.

You think you know the type - that doodling type. Every time there is a pen and paper, they will be sketching something

The flying elephant, something that

Great design is honest design. It is when

down, with a mysterious smile, giggling qui-

Kapur would like to call it, took birth one

the person making what they are making is

etly and making funny faces. That is what you

fine day at his work place while working

doing it and they are clear about why. Even if

would type-cast a cartoonist to be. However,

on a brief. An effortless creation with very

it is just to be silly, one needs to be honestly

with Harendra Kapur it would be safe to say

little conscious thought, a rare moment

silly. This isn’t to say a bad designer is purpose-

that he could be an exception.

with a pen in hand, this shape was created

ly dishonest. “There are heaps of dishonesty

Technology has been awe-inspiring.

and “I found this ridiculously adorable little

in the little bit of work that I have done that

The decision to start drawing comics for

character in it. I think that’s why I love her so

I only discovered now. When you have that

Harendra started a few years ago when he

much too. It doesn’t feel like I made her as

clarity about why you’re doing it, you find

stumbled upon webcomics like XKCD, Cya-

much as I found her,” shares Kapur about his

better ways to do it,” shares Kapur honestly.

nide and Happiness. “I’d made a decision a

favourite creation so far.

Some of the artists whom Kapur follows and

long time ago to be a funny guy and I’m not

As a young artist Kapur’s creations are

loves the work of include Randall Munroe

entirely certain where that came from. All I

currently responding to other people’s

from XKCD, Alicia Souza, Olly Moss, Stanley

knew was making people laugh made me

expressions. However, as a long term goal,

Chow, Sam Spratt, Matt Synowicz.

feel better than anything else,” shares Har-

he wishes to find his own voice and a space

Make no mistake, as simple as a cartoon

endra. This is how he started to make com-

that’s only belongs to himself and yet make

appears the craft is demanding, a skill that

ics as a rip off of XKCD’s stick figure style.

it attractive enough for other people to

requires you to strip away non-essentials.

“Luckily the internet’s hunger for this kind

share it. “Keep drawing. Draw ridiculous

It is not enough to only draw the line, you

of stuff still hasn’t died and if anything it’s

amounts everyday.”

need a foundation and that is where a sense

only growing.” After moving around a few

Talking about the Indian psyche of

of humour is crucial. And this almost comes

schools and studying media, Kapur landed

design, Kapur has an interesting insight to

naturally. Kapur has wanted to be a funny

himself a job as a copywriter. However, after

share. There was a phase when he was work-

guy and that has what is worked for him. He

a year of doing that he strongly wanted to

ing where most of the stuff he did was India

has had fun doing cartoons, and in the end,

give Graphic Design a real shot. And now he

specific. “I loved that I was part of a space of

perhaps that’s what counts most, having fun

is in Florence, Italy doing just that.

shared humour that only the young, Indian,

doing what you love

Talking about comics, Kapur says, “I’m

middle class, college-going type of people

To view Harendra’s work visit

still finding my own voice with the comics.

would appreciate. I thought that finding that


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 45

9/3/2012 2:47:33 PM

Leisure design


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 46

9/3/2012 2:47:37 PM

BUSINESS WITH ELEGANCE Information & Images: Courtesy ARK

Ar. Reza Kabul forces you to look forward to even business trips – if 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 47 you stay at HotelSEPTEMBER-OCTOBER Express Inn in Nashik.

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 47

9/3/2012 2:48:17 PM


f you need a textbook example of

popular and sort-after destination for not

how state-of-the-art technology can

only the regular business traveller but also

combine with modern architectural

for families on outings and functions.

principles to create a sustainable, energy-

This resulted in the client purchasing

efficient structure, Hotel Express Inn –

the adjacent property and creating phase

Nashik designed by Architect Reza Kabul

2 that is now connected with a skywalk on

is where you look. Ideally located on NH 3

the 2nd floor. The first building comprises

Mumbai-Agra Highway just off the Ambad

of an innovatively planned hotel with over

Insdustrial Estate and in close proximity

100 guest rooms including suites, fine din-

to the Pandavelna Caves, its design and

ing restaurants and banquet halls with a

strategic location has rendered it the most

superlative ambience; while the second has


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 48

9/3/2012 2:48:52 PM

rooms, health club, temperature-controlled

nity with an aura of warmth, a specialty of

outdoor swimming pool, banquet halls,

Reza, that gives a glimpse of what lies ahead.

multipurpose hall, conference rooms as well as a landscaped podium.

The 24-hour multi-cuisine coffee shop – Aster – with a chic counter and live kitchen

Using a palette of recyclable mate-

is as fresh in design as the flower it is named

rial, such as stone, steel and wood as well as

after. The pastel red lamps hanging in clusters

glass, creates a strong sense of transparency

of 9 radiate positive energy that makes the

on arrival. The glass façade is the USP of the

mystical surroundings more appealing. The

structure while a waterbody at the entrance

large brown armchairs are extremely comfort-

radiates calm. The enormous double-height

able and cozy giving a perfect homely feeling.

entrance lobby gives an experience of moder-

Kansar – the executive Indian thali restauSEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 49

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 49

9/3/2012 2:49:33 PM

Chinese bamboos and traditional stone waterfalls give a feel of being one with nature even indoors. The soft trickling sound of the waterfall calms nerves and releases all stress from the body. 50 DESIGN MATRIX • SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2012

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 50

9/3/2012 2:50:46 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 51

9/3/2012 2:51:22 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 52

9/3/2012 2:51:56 PM

rant on the ground floor – has been designed

which create a beautiful rhythm of light.

bamboos and traditional stone waterfalls give

along modern lines with a touch of the ethnic.

Reza has experimented with lights by shun-

a feel of being one with nature even indoors.

The grille work is kept constant even on the

ning typical chandeliers and selecting an

The soft trickling sound of the waterfall calms

chandeliers to match the flow of the design.

ultramodern, chic and contemporary light

nerves and releases all stress from the body.

Designed using free-flowing form and

fixture and barrisol ceiling.

A fully-equipped health club on the first

pattern in contrast with the remaining

All the rooms (including 6 suites, 17

floor overlooks the temperature controlled

areas, is the lounge bar that is illuminated by

deluxe rooms, 17 executive rooms, 4 family

outdoor swimming pool was also added. The

natural light during the day creating inter-

rooms and 51 standard rooms) are highly spa-

poolside has cane deck chairs clad in blue

esting patterns of light and shadow; but at

cious with modern lamps and large mirrors

stripes and life-size tortoise placed all around.

night the subtle ambient light encourages

which visually increase the space. A worksta-

Provision for indoor activities like table tennis,

an intimate yet vivacious ambiance. The

tion and perfectly placed armchairs complete

squash and pool has also been made. Reza

ceiling in curvy form and niches binds the

the simple design imparting a contemporary

has experimented with abstract designs on

place together and the form continues in

elegance that maintains a beautiful balance

the ceilings and played with lighting to com-

the lounge chairs. The use of white, natural

between entertainment, work and comfort. A

pliment the game room. A salon, steam room

grey and mauve shades with frosted glass

clear view of the Pandavleri caves from almost

and Jacuzzi are also provided for.

and metal create an understated opulence.

all the rooms relaxes one immediately.

The architect who worked closely

Kalash, one of the three banquets, gets

In the second phase, a spa was added

with his Senior Associate Akber Naro-

sophisticated white walls and royal red

with provisions for both twin as well as single

dia, has fashioned a multilevel hospital-

carpets matched with modern chandeliers

massage rooms. The spa lobby has a rustic

ity equipped with every lifestyle facility.

that beautifully blend with the elegantly

look with copper plates on its walls, while the

From the ingenuity of the ingredients to

designed ceiling; Grandeur, the other ban-

massage rooms are done up in warm shades

the flawless execution, every aspect of the

quet is done up in warm shades of cream

of yellow and browns that beautifully blend

hotel is set to entice and win accolades –

and brown and elegantly designed grilles

with red to give an energetic feeling. Chinese

truly a Reza signature SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 53

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 53

9/3/2012 2:52:33 PM

ALUMINIUM – A FENESTRATION REVOLUTION! Continuing our column on the Aluminium industry, we focus on the increasing demand for this versatile material in fenestration.


Design focus

he word fenestration comes from the

durables like appliances, HVAC & cooking

Latin word fenestra (window). Fen-

utensils, electrical components, equipment,

estration, refers to the design and/or

food, and all facets of building and construc-

disposition of openings in a building or wall

tion. In construction industry, the use of this

envelope. Fenestration products typically

metal grows along with the building industry.

include: windows, doors, louvres, vents, wall

The tallest buildings in the world use alumini-

panels, skylights, storefronts, curtain walls,

um façades in one form or another—whether

and slope glazed systems.

it is for windows, curtainwalls, panels, store-

Aluminium is used in almost every indus-

fronts, entrances or column covers, to name

try in the world – transportation, packaging,

just a few applications. Aluminium has been


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 54

9/3/2012 2:53:26 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 55

9/3/2012 2:53:38 PM

stand about light, heat, acoustics, etc. It is all very dynamic and thus extremely interesting. There is so much to explore and learn. One has to look into the material performance, which means how long will it last. We are designing buildings to last for 100 years or more and one needs to test the material for all endurances. DM: I have never come across something called Design Life. VSR: That is where the consultant steps in. There are two lives that design has – interiors & façade – one is which can be changed when you get bored of it, but the façade or the building envelop is not something you will change sometime soon and both depend on execution. The structure is more permanent in nature, not so much the interiors and that life is what we need to look into. The other concern is the material performance – heat, acoustics, wind, etc. Our job is to give façade solutions. Let the structure be complex but we have to give the façade a solution that is so simple that it can be understood and executed easily. That is most important and is a challenge for the best of designers. In fact, our office motto is “we are proud to do the most complex building in a simplified way that can — and continues to be — the choice material

industry, we decided to talk to an expert on

be executed by anybody – even the most

for fenestration in commercial construction.

the subject — Mr. V.S.Ravi of Façade India. An

unskilled workforce”. Hence the design should

According to David Mills, CEO of Azon USA

engineer by training and a façade and fenes-

be so forgiving and foolproof that the execu-

Inc. in Kalamazoo, “The construction market

tration expert by passion and choice, we got

tion is perfect. And of course the cost – client

grows about 5 per cent to 10 per cent per year,

him to talk about his line of specialization and

should get the value for his investment hence

while it continues to find new and innovative

much more…

the budget is very imp.

ways to use aluminium in the building envelop, more uses for the material grows.” There are wide-ranging reasons for its use. Aluminium does not warp at high tem-

Design Matrix: What is the role that a façade expert like you plays in the scheme of things?

DM: So is there a synergy between the architect, the client and you? VSR: Yes, we sit with the client to under-

peratures nor does it shrink and become

V.S.Ravi: Every field has and needs spe-

stand the use and design of the building. Sec-

brittle at freezing temperatures or after the

cialists. Just like a surgery finds doctors who

ondly, we have to understand the life expec-

moisture content evaporates. Warping and

are experts in different fields coming together

tancy of the building which has to be more

shrinkage can cause excessive air infiltration,

to make it a success, a good building needs

than the design life. The clients are highly

degrading the fenestration performance.

the expertise of different people working

informed and challenge you and you have to

Another attribute that make it an excellent

together. The architect and the client need to

be ready with answers.

choice for fenestration is its ability to accept

know what are the right practices in façades

a variety of colours and finishes. It can be

and the right materials to be used.

DM: How do trends affect the façade industry?

extruded into very simple or complex shapes to complement the aesthetics required for

DM: So typically what do you look into?

building projects.

VSR: In each project I need to understand

site condition and the requirement. If the

VSR: First of all we try to understand the

To get an in-depth understanding of this

the building structure design and its basis,

trend can be woven into it, we do it because

dynamic material and an equally dynamic

depending on the façade material under-

that is what we are experts at – providing


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 56

9/3/2012 2:53:50 PM

solutions. If there is some problem that follows a particular material, you find the solution for it – that’s our role. DM: Where would you place aluminium as a façade material? VSR: I think everything is moving towards aluminium – not just as a support system but even as a metal. Of course, there are other expensive metals like stainless steel, titanium, zinc, etc. but 80% of the industry depends on aluminium. It is the most performing metal, there are no issues, there is structural balance, recyclability, etc. DM: Yet it is not widely used in India as compared to other countries? VSR: Probably due to lack of awareness. Though at a project level most clients are quite aware of its properties, there is a lack of

DM: Has an architect ever changed his

our design office began and this became a

awareness of its uses at a personal level – and

design due to your material recommenda-

major advantage as we know both aspects

that is required for it to become acceptable or


– design & material. The one unique point

even popular. Its uses are not clear to the com-

VSR: Many a times (laughs).

of our lab is that our technicians know how a material should behave under certain con-

mon person, though the professionals know that the civil work has been almost complete-

DM: And they give in without a fight?

ditions and when it doesn’t we identify the

ly changed to aluminium as it is non-corrosive,

VSR: Most architects are very flexible

problem and give solutions. Not just in lab,

non reactive, long life, and then almost 100%

and approach it with the attitude that this is

what we can design today is not less than

recyclable. Using it for a 100 more products

a specialized subject, let a specialist decide.

any international design firm. The team is

apart from construction has not caught up in

Though there are a few who might insist, but

enthusiastic and passionate about design, so

India as yet. But it has slowly started and will

the fact remains that they are good at archi-

irrespective of a project, they keep at design-

find its footing sooner than later. We might

tecture and not at materialurgy. Everyone has

ing. We keep on improving our capabilities to

have been late in adapting to the new tech-

to work together to safeguard the project but

deliver different solutions irrespective of the

nology, but the speed at which we are going,

at the end of the day the captain of the ship is

demand, as all of us at Façade India believe

I see us catching up with the rest of the world

the architect and we all support him to make

that when the demand comes we should be

in the next five years.

the project successful.

ready with the solution.

DM: How much is the trend of ‘fusion’ a part of the fenestration industry, especially with aluminium in mind?

DM: Tell us about your testing lab.

DM: So what is the next step?

VSR: Ten years back after a lot of delibera-

VSR: The next level which is also a

tion I decided to quit from a position that no

dream is to acquire a much bigger land in

VSR: That is happening anyway since

one wants to leave – as the COO of a compa-

the near future, where a major part would

the support system is largely aluminium.

ny and we got into testing materials as no one

be dedicated to a façade library and an area

Steel is being fast replaced by it as one

was doing that. Today our lab is one of the

for practical training. We want to bridge

cannot go back and change the material

biggest probably in Asia and is comparable in

this gap of awareness gap. We have always

later. Wherever possible, people are opting

quality of testing with any lab in the world. All

been very open in sharing information with

for aluminium. So whether the architect is

our technicians are very alert and enthusiastic

the industry. We will be starting a quality

using stone or metal for cladding, it can-

– they not only work at identifying the prob-

programme shortly where we will invite

not be implemented without the help of

lems but also at finding viable solutions.

people from different areas of the indus-

aluminium. It is one of the best materials available to us and you can be assured of its performance which does not compromise on the aesthetics.

try and train them to enable them to use DM: You mean material or design solutions? VSR: Both. Actually that was from where

that knowledge in their area of proficiency. When people have the knowledge, responsibility can also be shared (smiles) SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 57

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 57

9/3/2012 2:53:59 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 58

Selfridges, London : Detail shot showing people queuing up to use the portable toilet on a camping site while a guy is with his pants down – cheeky!!

9/3/2012 2:54:11 PM

Global eye


London, Paris & New York Images: courtesy Harsha Kotak






Starting with London, the design team

thought about window display,

at Desigual is absolutely right – ‘London is

these beautiful displays will stop

not the same’. One can feel a lot of excite-

anyone in their tracks.

ment in the air here with Queen’s Diamond

These images that I collected from three

Jubilee celebrations followed by Olympics

fashion capitals of the world – London, Paris

this year. The windows of H&M and Self-

& New York are more like theatrical plays

ridges display these events of summer 2012

or movies which tell a different story every

in London with a lot of zest.

time. In these times of economic gloom,

Paris on the other hand is full of sophis-

there is a lot of innovation and sophistica-

tication and style as seen in these windows

tion in evidence in these shop windows

for Louis Vuitton. Whereas, Louis Vuitton in

than ever before. This can bring long term

New York creates ‘larger-than-life’ windows

cultural invigoration and economic uplift in

where their display doesn’t stop at the win-

any society. These displays are like whimsi-

dows but spans and covers the building

cal narrations, dramatic design statements

facade too

or illustrative sculptures that seem to leap out like dreams or ideas from story books.

Please write in with comments and ideas to SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 59

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 59

9/3/2012 2:54:36 PM

These displays are like whimsical narrations, dramatic design statements or illustrative sculptures that seem to leap out like dreams or ideas from story books.


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 60

9/3/2012 2:54:50 PM

Desigual, London – This wonderfully chaotic and colourful scheme screams “We are fun, we are exciting and we are full of life.”

H&M, London – Sportingly clear – Its Olympics and all eyes are on us.

Liberty, London – An ingeniously stunning display of shoes that can be lighter than air.


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 61

9/3/2012 2:55:42 PM

Louis Vuitton, Paris – Lets have some fun at the Fun-Affair.


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 62

9/3/2012 2:57:02 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 63

9/3/2012 2:57:09 PM

Louis Vuitton, New York – This display is to celebrate the collaboration of Louis Vuitton with Japanese designer Yayoi Kusama who sees her life as ‘a dot lost amongst millions of other dots’. These windows represent Kusama’s major artworks in her iconic colours Red & White. 64 DESIGN MATRIX • SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2012

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 64

9/3/2012 2:57:17 PM

I would like to thank a few people who shared some of the above images with us – Noel Y. Calingasan, Kiran Nambiar and Andrew Meredith.


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 65

9/3/2012 2:57:47 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 66

9/3/2012 2:58:41 PM


Words: Natasha Bohra; Images: courtesy the designer

A look into the harmonious balance of art and furniture by Manasi Manjrekar


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 67

9/3/2012 3:00:31 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 68

9/3/2012 3:02:20 PM







societies and their development.

Outstanding International Student

Among the first few designs that

of the Year in 2009 while studying

Manasi worked on were KBH and Plectrum,

Fine Arts at Rochester Institute of Technology,

both inspired by music. KBH or Koben-

Manasi Manjrekar’s extracurricular training has

haven is the Danish way of saying Copen-

groomed her into an achiever. Confluence

hagen. KBH is a double-cantilevered seat,

Elite, a Concept Store is a platform where

with an inbuilt magazine storage space.

mind and ideas meet birthing new concepts.

When flipped upside down it conveniently

Designs from her sketching journal became

turns into a small coffee table. Made of

a reality after coming back to Mumbai and a

veneer, the inside is flexi-ply to keep it cost

childhood dream for Manasi, it took almost

effective. Plectrum is a corner stool made

two years of enthusiasm and hard work for

of teak and resembles the shape of the

the store to come to life.

guitar plectrum. This piece is constructed

Venturing into design was the result of

in typical American Arts and Crafts style,

Manasi’s regular trips to her coaching centre

using Mortise and Tenon joinery and just

for table tennis. Passing through a bunch of

three hardware fittings. Plectrum has a

interior stores she was intrigued with the

subtle musical note carved on its top left

shiny lights and fancy products in there.

corner to salute the spirit of music.

And it was only a matter of time that turned

Discussing plans for the newly opened

her curiosity into love. She developed a

Confluence Elite, Manasi shares, “This kind

keen eye for the whys and hows of all those

of a retail venture is a part of many metro-

products. “Since then, nothing much has

politan cities around the world. Though this

changed. “How” and “Why” are still my

concept is not new to the retail industry,

favourite words,” smiles Manasi.

Mumbai has experienced very little of this

“As a designer, my designs come con-

flavour. It is our leitmotif to educate all, of

nected to have a harmonious balance

the benefits of this genre.” The store plans

between art furniture and utility furniture;

to have in-store promotions with designers

and I like to term them as “Util-Art” which I use

showcasing their products and propagat-

extensively,” she shares. As much as possible

ing how concept design gets in action as

the Shaker-Principle of design is what she tries

interiors, or product, or human interaction.

to follow – ‘Don’t make something unless it is

The first of their initiatives was hold-

both necessary and useful; but if it is necessary

ing a seminar titled ‘Concept Design and its

and useful, don’t hesitate to make it beautiful.’

application in the design world’, with final

Conceptual sketching, model making,

year design students. The students were

woodworking, ceramics and mixed-media

given exercises to apply what they had

rendering are an art of stimulating the mind

learnt in the seminar after which a com-

to generate good and sustainable designs. As

petition was conducted with the best

a designer Manasi, develops concept prod-

designs being felicitated.

ucts and attempts to make available modern,

A good design can feel like something

country non-specific products for the global

you have always been waiting for without

Indian. “Mock it up before you fork it up!” She

knowing. There is a saying, “It’s art if it can’t

draws her inspirations from Anthropology.

be explained. It’s fashion if no one asks for an

Anthropology is the study of humankind, in

explanation. It’s design if it doesn’t need expla-

particular, of culture or environment or inter-

nation”. With Manasi Manjrekar’s designs,

action. It is a comparative study of human

we anticipate no explanations!


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 69

9/3/2012 3:02:44 PM

Design promo



Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 70

9/3/2012 3:03:03 PM

erino introduces MR+ Tuff Gloss


should be stored horizontally with the top

laminate that is a range of super

sheet turned face down and a thick hard

gloss laminates and is resistant to

board placed on top to protect the material

scuff and Mar abrasions, making them ideal

from possible damage and reduce the chanc-

for use in places where creativity gets restrict-

es of getting warped. Stored laminate stock

ed for want of a better surfacing material. Mar

should be rotated such that older sheets will

is the ability of a surface to resist permenent

be used first. Laminate sheets should be pro-

deformation or mini scratches, resulting from

tected from moisture, and should never be

the application of a dynamic mechanical

stored where they may come in contact with

force. It refers to light surface damages which

the floor or outside wall.

are usually shallow and single – Mar may not

Maintenance: The abrasive pads, scouring

be readily noticeable. The existence of a group

powders or cleansers may permenantly dull

of such Mar, visibly degrades the appearance

and scratch the laminate surface making it

of surfaces.

susceptible to staining. Harsh chemicals such

Fabrication and assembly: High pressure

as oven cleaner, toilet cleaner, or drain cleaner

laminates should be properly conditioned to

will etch and discolour the decorative surface.

the ambient conditions of the surroundings

MR+ gloss laminates are not designed to resist

before they are used. For example, high pres-

continual contact with these chemicals. So do

sure decorative laminates and the substrate

not place frying pans or dishes directly from

need at atleast 48 hours to get acclimatized.

the oven or cook top on the laminate surface.

Provision should be made for the circulation

Even though the product has high heat resis-

for air around the components.

tance, exposure to temperature greater than

Storage: MR+ Tuff Gloss Laminate sheets

135 degrees is not recommended

ADVANTAGES • Merino’s MR+ tuff glass technology gives excellent Mar resistance thereby maintaining the gloss level three times longer than ordinary high gloss laminate. • It also gives 2-3 times better abrasion resistance than high normal glass laminate. • The gloss is over 110 when tested at 60 degrees angle on gloss meter whereas other gloss laminates have 80-100 gloss meter reading when tested at 60 degrees angle. • A special top layer along with the build up gives better impact resistance thereby protecting the surface from falling objects. It is 100 per cent safe to use it in the kitchen as it is non-toxic and non-porous. • A wide range of attractive solid colours, wood grains and design patterns are available. • The colour of the laminate will not fade over time. It is resistant to xenon light. • It can withstand a temperature of 180 degrees, making it ideal for use in kitchen applications. • It is also resistant to stain and shows better results as compared to other high gloss laminates. It helps in reducing scuffing during transit, on the site and during installation. SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 71

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 71

9/3/2012 3:03:42 PM

USER RESPONSE High gloss is much in demand and will lead the market for another few years. To find a versatile, easy-to-use and economic material is a Herculean task. Maximum materials available are imported and only a few are from reliable Indian suppliers. Also, the continuity of get-


ting the same colour again is difficult.

Rawat Brothers Furniture Pvt Ltd

Merino’s MR+ Tuff Gloss Laminates have a

The demand for high gloss laminates is more than ever before. However, the basic

better abrasion and Mar resistance than the

limitations is the lack of scratch resistance which very easily spoils the look of the

normal laminates. It’s life shall be equal to the

product. So it’s is more preferable for vertical surfaces (like shutter elements) rather

normal laminate but will retain gloss for up

than horizontal surfaces (like tops). The higher cost factor also limits its abundant

to three times in comparison. At present it is


available in limited designs. However, with our

MR+ Tuff is a laminate with high gloss finish having special scratch, abrasion

past experience we have noticed that Merino

and heat resistance. The customer expects the product’s look to be maintained for atleast a period of 4-5 years, which MR+ can easily deliver. MR+ has better scratch and heat resistance than acrylic or PU. Also we can get consistent colour repetitively which does not change over time. PU and acrylic both have a yellowing effect with time and getting consistent colours is difficult. Also it is comparatively less expensive. So far we have had a very good experience in using MR+. There have been no complaints from any customer and the performance is consistent with what the company declares.

High gloss is a global trend and is well accepted in the Indian market for kitchens. However


due to man-handling as a standard practice

Sleek Furnitech, Udaipur

is continuously increasing the range in MR+. The edgebands too are available easily with major suppliers.

MR. BHARAT KAWEDIA, Nirvana Modular, Mumbai

even in the manufacturing process, the panels are prone to micro scratches. Merino’s MR+ Tuff Gloss laminate has resolved our problems of mini and micro

The gloss levels of acrylic is much higher

scratches during processing to enhance the

than MR+ but in comparison it is very expen-

beauty of high gloss. The lifesycle of MR+ is

sive. Acrylic gets scratched easily and the

three times longer than high gloss laminates

designs available are very less. While, the gloss

for the same application area. Also, the scratch

level of PU is much higher than MR+ and you

resistance in MR+ is better than acrylic and PU

get a seamless finish,. The range is endless too.

finish. The laminates can be used for modu-

But PU is very expensive in comparison with

lar kitchens, wardrobes, wall panelling and

MR+, and its application needs a lot of capital

more. The Edgebands are also easily available

equipments, and the process is very sensitive

and we have a close match with Doelken and

and time consuming. We have been using

Rehau. We have already shifted our complete

MR+ since its introduction and the major

range to MR+ in all the shades available and

benefit we have had was in production. The

we also suggest the users to upgrade to MR+

material does not get scratched easily and the

if they need respectable quality product. We

gloss level is higher. The finishes of our prod-

have had a reduced number of complaints of

ucts have increased in quality.

scratched panels.


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 72

9/3/2012 3:04:19 PM

The high gloss trend in the market is in and will always be there, since PU and Ploy coating is an expensive affair. High gloss is fulfilling the aspiration of general middle class. It is a great

MR. RAJYA VARDHAN DEWRA, Smooth Furnitures, Kolkata

trend in the modular kitchen segment. However, some of the high gloss laminate colours are hard to use because similar edge banding is not available. MR+ Tuff gloss is a basic high gloss with a coating of Scuff proofing so that regular wear and tear will not have an effect on the laminate. It lasts as long as the furniture lasts. However, it is not available in all designs since there is a limitation of the coatings. We are also doing post forming (Flex) in MR+. We have used the product in almost all applications and also plan to use it in high-end wall panelling in an office, instead of PU.

MR. POPAT DHUMAL, Shree Kitchen, Pune

High gloss finishes entered the realm of

MR+ Tuff Gloss Technology gives a bet-

kitchen cabinetry several years ago via the

ter abrasion resistance than normal high gloss

top European design houses. Since then the

laminate and can resist permanent deforma-

popularity of the look has increased, and

tion or mini scratches. The life of the gloss of

high-gloss is becoming more prominent in

MR+ Tuff Gloss Laminate is almost three times

KM Kitchen Master, Gurgaon

everything from kitchens and baths, to clos-

longer than life of gloss of normal High Lami-

These days, the demand for high gloss is

ets and furniture. Materials technology has

nate. As compared to acrylic and PU finish, it

very high. Even the aged prefer high gloss

also advanced to bring high gloss to market

is value for money, scuff resistance and easy

shutters for their kitchen cabinets. I am sell-

across all price points.

maintenance. Matching edgebands are also

ing 7 kitchens in high gloss out of 10. There

easily available and Post Forming (Flex) is also

are so many materials available in high gloss

possible in MR+.

like acrylic sheets, high gloss membrane,

At every level, high gloss has proven a very popular finish that will likely continue to


thrive. Part of the allure is that the sheen can

We have made a special catalog for MR+

PU paint, UV shutters, high gloss laminates.

serve many different design functions. High

laminate shutter for our customers and dis-

But the basic limitation in using these high

gloss can create emphatic contrast, particular-

tribute the same along with high glossy edge

gloss materials is that they develop a lot of

ly when used with surfaces that reflect nature,

bending. The response has been great and it

scratches during handling, transportation

like the dark, textured wood grains that are

has turned out to be a good option for cus-

and installation .

also waxing in popularity.


The MR+ Tuff Gloss Laminate has Mar resistance with high scuff and abrasion resistance. It has the life of almost 10 years that is three times longer than high gloss laminates. It is available in limited colours but is sufficient. The Post Forming (Flex) in MR+is possible in in 0.8 mm thickness. MR+ can be used in kitchen, wardrobe, display shelves of showrooms, kids furniture, restaurant reception etc. Since the time we have started using MR+, we are getting almost nil replacements for scratches etc. SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 73

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 73

9/3/2012 3:04:29 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 74

9/3/2012 3:04:54 PM

Design insight


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 75

9/3/2012 3:05:28 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 76

9/3/2012 3:06:01 PM



Michael Graves

Patrick Burke-Taylor

Information & Images: courtesy MGA

Michael Graves & Associates designs a new maritime museum, Marina & Showplace theater on the island of Sentosa.


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 77

9/3/2012 3:06:18 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 78

9/3/2012 3:06:41 PM


nternational architects and designers, Michael Graves & Associates (MGA) completed the Maritime Xperiential

Museum (MXM) at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) in Singapore. The project, lead by MGA Studio head Patrick Burke, marks another phase in RWS’s development. MGA completed Phase 1 in February of 2011, a $4 billion project, which included top-flight hotels, family entertainment, fine dining, and world-class gaming on 121 acres just across Keppel Harbor from downtown Singapore. Michael Graves & Associates has been in the forefront of architecture and design since AIA Gold Medalist Michael Graves founded his practice in 1964. Today, the practice comprises two firms run by 8 Principals. Michael Graves & Associates (MGA) provides planning, architecture and interior design services, and Michael Graves Design Group (MGDG) specializes in product design, graphics and branding. Graves and the firms have received over 200 awards for design excellence and with their unique, highly integrated multidisciplinary practice, the Michael Graves Companies offer strategic advantages to clients worldwide – something that comes to the fore in MXM as well. The Maritime Xperiential Museum is an iconic structure that draws its inspiration from sea-going vessels and thus embodies the stories contained in the exhibits and programmes presented inside. Throughout the day, the shadows and dappled light cast by the ribbed frame enlivens the interior exhibits. The interactive exhibits and the circular 300-seat Typhoon Theater, created SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 79

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 79

9/3/2012 3:06:56 PM

by the international designer Ralph Appel-

plex. The Museum and Marina are themati-

baum, provide a wide variety of experi-

cally linked to the adjacent outdoor Marine

ences for visitors. The exhibit focuses on

Life Park and form a rich tourist experience

the maritime Silk Route, which historically

focused on the sea, marine life and mari-

stretched from Southeast Asia to Oman.

time experiences. Along the waterfront at

Geographically, Singapore is an important

the base of Universal Plaza is the Showplace

part of this history, hence has been woven

Theater, with large stone steps creating a

into the design.

seating area for 2,000 people. With views

The Museum is set back from the

across the bay to the main island, this is the

water’s edge by an esplanade with a cov-

location of Crane Dance, a nightly sound

ered pedestrian loggia that allows visitors

and light show in the water that epitomizes

to enjoy view of the mainland across the

the fun and drama of Resorts World.

bay. At night, when viewed from the water,

The view of Resorts World Sentosa from

the glassy façades of the Museum reveal the

the main island of Singapore and Cruise Bay

brightly-lit interiors, becoming a beacon on

focuses on the central waterfront in the

the water and a landmark on the horizon.

foreground, where the Maritime Xperiential

West of the Museum, a small marina

Museum, the Marina and the Showplace

displays examples of sailing vessels, a tour-

Theater are located. The Museum, the most

ist attraction in its own right, which lends

visually prominent of the facilities, creates

an air of authenticity to the museum com-

the first impression of the resort


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 80

9/3/2012 3:07:09 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 81

9/3/2012 3:07:41 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 82

9/3/2012 3:08:07 PM


Creative ideas

Words: Natasha Bohra

Tattoos can have a power and magic all of their own. They decorate the body but they also enhance the soul. A brief insight into the art of tattoos.


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 83

9/3/2012 3:08:18 PM


attooing has been practiced for


centuries in many cultures spread

Believe it or not, some scientists say that

ent things in different cultures. In early prac-

throughout the world. The Ainu, an

certain marks on the skin of the Iceman, a

tice, decoration appears to have been the

indigenous people of Japan, traditionally

mummified human body dating from about

most common motive for tattooing, and that

had facial tattoos. Today, one can find

3300 B.C., are tattoos. If that’s true, these

still holds true today. In some cultures, tat-

Berbers of Tamazgha (North Africa), Māori

markings represent the earliest known evi-

toos served as identification of the wearer’s

of New Zealand, Hausa of Northern

dence of the practice. Tattoos found on

rank or status in a group. For example, the

Nigeria, the Arabs in East-Turkey and Atayal

Egyptian and Nubian mummies date from

early Romans tattooed slaves and criminals.

of Taiwan with facial tattoos. Tattooing

about 2000 B.C., and classical authors men-

Tahitian tattoos served as rites of passage,

was widespread among Polynesians and

tion the use of tattoos in connection with

telling the history of the wearer’s life. Boys

certain tribal groups in Taiwan, Philippines,

Greeks, ancient Germans, Gauls, Thracians

reaching manhood received one tattoo to

Borneo, Mentawai Islands, Africa, North

and ancient Britons.

mark the occasion, while men had another

The practice of tattooing means differ-

America, South America, Mesoamerica,

Tattooing was rediscovered by Europe-

style done when they married. Sailors travel-

Europe, Japan, Cambodia, New Zealand

ans when exploration brought them into

ling to exotic foreign lands began to collect

and Micronesia. Indeed, the island of Great

contact with Polynesians and American

tattoos as souvenirs of their journeys (a drag-

Britain takes its name from tattooing,

Indians. The word tattoo comes from the

on showed that the seaman had served on a

with Britons translating as ‘people of the

Tahitian word tattau, which means “to mark,”

China station), and tattoo parlours sprang up

designs’ and the Picts, who originally

and was first mentioned in explorer James

in port cities around the globe.

inhabited the northern part of Britain,

Cook’s records from his 1769 expedition to

The cultural status of tattooing has

which literally means ‘the painted people’.

the South Pacific. Because tattoos were con-

steadily evolved from that of an anti-social

British remain the most tattooed in

sidered so exotic in European and American

activity in the 1960s to that of a trendy fash-

Europe. Despite some taboos surrounding

societies, tattooed Indians and Polynesians

ion statement in the 1990s. First adopted

tattooing, the art continues to be popular

drew crowds at circuses and fairs during the

and flaunted by influential rock stars like

in many parts of the world.

18th and 19th centuries.

the Rolling Stones in the early 70s, tattoo-


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 84

9/3/2012 3:08:31 PM


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 85

9/3/2012 3:09:00 PM

ing had, by the late 80s, become accepted

developed in different cultures. In North

coloured grooves in distinctive, complex

by ever broader segments of mainstream

and South America, many Indian tribes

designs were produced on the face and

society. Today, tattoos are not only routine-

routinely tattooed the body or the face by

buttocks by striking a small bone-cutting

ly seen on public figures such as rock stars,

simple pricking, and some tribes in Califor-

tool (used for shaping wood) into the skin.

sports persons, models, movie stars but

nia introduced colour into scratches. Many

After the Europeans arrived in the 1700s,

also on a lot of individuals.

tribes of the Arctic and Subarctic, mostly

the Māori began using metal that settlers

The market demographics for tattoo

Inuit, and some people in eastern Siberia,

brought for a more conventional style of

services are now skewed heavily toward

made needle punctures through which a

puncture tattooing.

mainstream customers. Tattooing today is

thread coated with pigment (usually soot)

the sixth-fastest-growing retail business in

was drawn underneath the skin. In Polyne-


the United States. The single fastest growing

sia and Micronesia, pigment was pricked

While the art of tattooing is certainly unique

demographic group seeking tattoo services

into the skin by tapping on a tool shaped

in the overall art world, many of the funda-

is, to the surprise of many, middle-class sub-

like a small rake.

mentals are the same. Studying the basics

The Māori of New Zealand, who are

of drawing, painting, illustration, and other

world famous for their tattooing, applied

forms of visual art are a great way to build


wood carving technique to tattooing. In

the skills needed to become a successful

An amazing variety of tattooing methods

the moko style of Māori tattooing, shallow,

tattoo artist. Most people actually start out

urban women.


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 86

9/3/2012 3:09:40 PM

by simply recognizing that they have both

mentals with other forms of visual art.

constantly moves from one location to

a knack for and an interest in creating art

Colour theory, depth and perspective,

another, rather than being displayed on

on paper. Maybe an aspiring tattoo artist

composition, and many other elements

a wall in a home or a museum or in the

has always been a doodler and eventually

go into creating a great tattoo, just as

pages of a book.

decided to take that hobby to the next level.

they do with any drawing or painting. Of

Unlike other canvases, however, skin

Formal training is certainly not the only

course, there are a number of differences

is very unforgiving. There is no erasing of

way to become skilled. Simply being dili-

between the art of tattooing and other

mistakes or throwing out a first attempt

gent about practicing can be more impor-

visual art forms, too.

and starting fresh on a new sheet of

tant than any college class for someone

Probably the most obvious difference

paper. In addition, receiving a tattoo can

who is dedicated and is able to develop

is the canvas upon which the tattoo artist

be rather uncomfortable, so the tattoo

his or her natural talents. There are also

works. Rather than actual canvas or some

artist must constantly be aware of the

thousands of art books available that can

sort of specialized paper, the tattoo art-

need to make his or her “canvas” more

teach all manner of techniques that can be

ist imprints his or her creations onto the

comfortable or to reassure it. Dedicating

applied to the art of tattooing.

skin of a living, breathing human being.

oneself to the art of tattooing requires the

This creates both challenges and benefits

ability to work with other people and to


that other types of artists will never expe-

inspire and earn their trust.

The art of tattooing shares many funda-

rience. For one thing, a tattoo artist’s work

Its forever, its for real! SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 87

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 87

9/3/2012 3:10:17 PM

Unmasking talent



Words: Chintu Parekh; Images: courtesy the designer

Sometimes dedication and creativity makes up for the lack of professional training – as proved by Sagar Datta in Casa 56.


ou have the innate creative talent but no professional training, the need to express it leads you to doing what Sagar Datta did – just going ahead and giving vent to his

creative juices anyway. The result is a decidedly well-turned-out space that screams for attention.


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 88

9/3/2012 3:10:42 PM

This young man has talent and the passion for design, but not being a trained interior designer, Sagar had inhibitions about going ahead with his dream to design interior spaces. That was till this project came his way and he got to design Casa 56 under his company Casa Interio. The project entailed to convert a very traditional set-up into a modern one that was one of its kind! The use of bold colours, especially different shades of purple and beige, make the colour pallet stand out – pointing to its uniqueness and elegance. The project unveils on a large scale, covering the drawing room, dining area, bar and living area, all on one level. Sagar managed to back-up his passion for interior designing along with an experience of two and a half years of contracting to customize the existing set-up using a variety of modern furniture, artistic showpieces and flower decorations. Keeping time and quality as the chief objectives, Sagar has used his creative vision to not only plan but also personally select every item that’s used in the project and believes in going through every detail to get a desirable output that speaks for itself. Believing in customer satisfaction and the concept of beauty within the budget, Sagar has created a luxurious space that manages to bring out a chic and simple ambiance SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 89

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 89

9/3/2012 3:11:48 PM


July - August 2012 VOL. 2 • ISSUE 5 • `100

Canna Patel

Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 1

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 90

6/28/2012 8:26:01 PM

9/3/2012 3:13:12 PM

FROM INDUSTRY TO DESIGN What was meant to be a hardcore industrial area has slowly but surely graduated to becoming a design centre. We look at the journey of the Laxmi Industrial Estate in suburban Mumbai.


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 91

9/3/2012 3:13:32 PM

DESIGN HUB Featuring some of the style destinations for the design conscious.

VINEET LIFESTYLE Vineet Lifestyle offers as an ultimate collection of a vast array of customized veneers, laminates, non-woven wallpapers, wall highlighters, wall tattoos and more. The brainchild of Basannt Rasiwasia, the store specializes in exclusive selections and designs tailor-made to suit individual preferences. Amongst many others, the store


houses Ego wall decor and Shaileys wall

Arc One is the brainchild of interior designer Rashmi Anand. It houses

art. Ego wall decor has a wide variety and

a range of novel ideas from around the world to choose from - fabrics,

colourful range of wall coverings in asso-

leathers, blinds and windows. Vibrant hues and styles like Traditional,

ciation with its international partners across

Metro, Villa or Glamour helps you accessorize in a mesmerizing way.

the globe. The Haute Couture collection and

The store houses wallpaper brands with modern, contemporary and

the Sand and Stoneplex range designed by

romantic collections, wall coverings with coordinated fabrics, weaves

Architects Paper, Germany, Swedish brand

or voiles and also digital wall art. Arc One also has under its roof the

Mr. Perswall, acoustic wall coverings from

largest uPVC windows - Fenesta. Fenesta specializes in the design,

Texdecor, France and AP1000 by Porche

manufacture, installation and service of precision-engineered, made-

Design Studio are worth a mention. From

to-order UPVC window and door systems to suit every need.

kitsch to classy, Shellys’ Walls provides customized designs that define your spaces. They are also now available with crystallized


Swarovski elements.

The connecting stand of the world of Zuaa Interiors has always been eclecticism, and has attempted to maintain a strong identity while adapting to the most diverse of requirements. ‘‘Interpreting the evolution of those that share our values, without engaging our own luxurious and exclusive character’’. Every piece of furniture at Zuaa Interiors is not only an aesthetic masterwork but is also engineered to sustain many years of regular use. In every phase of production, beginning with design, where harmony, proportions and colours are carefully studied, the only concern is quality.


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 92

9/3/2012 3:13:50 PM

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 93

9/3/2012 3:14:48 PM

ESSENZA Established in the year 1999 by Kiran Gala, Yogesh Wadhwana and Bhavesh Ganga, Essenza houses a wide range of modern and contemporary furniture imported from Italy and


other places. At the showroom,

The Ego store showcases a range of products that

design and furniture with func-

include flooring, wall dećor and ergonomical chairs.

tional and economical solutions

The concept store has about 115 shades of Ego wood-

and the strength is attention to

en flooring, along with over 6,000 designs of wallpa-

detail. Keeping up-to-date with

pers and a collection of 65 ergonomically designed

availability of latest materials

chairs, known as the Bluue Mango series. The myriad

and technology in the market,

designs and shades of the floor range, wall dećor and

Essenza attempts to define the

the collection of chairs are all uniquely displayed with

language of spaces and furni-

an international appeal. Ego offers three kinds of floor-

ture. “The passage of time has

ing – Engineered, Laminate and Solid. The engineered

not dampened our optimism

and solid flooring are a natural wood collection. The

or zeal for design and furniture;

laminated collection includes four unique ranges of

but has rather imparted wisdom

laminated wooden flooring: Elite collection, Enigma

and a sense of craftsmanship

collection, Enchant and Classen collection. Ego also

that comes from having gone

offers Deck flooring, which is perfect for outdoor spac-

through the process many a

es like the pool-side, spa or balcony.

times,” shares Kiran Gala.

emphasis is on excellence in

INDU ART & FRAMES Over the last few years, art has grown in prominence and hence seen to play an important role in the interior design scheme. The designers spend days and sometimes months to identify the right artwork for your wall to complement the dećor. But an artwork in itself is no use if it is not presented properly. Experts say that a frame can make or break, enhance or ruin not just the painting, but also the look and ambiance that the designer has worked so hard to create. Indu Art & Frames has a wide range of frames available right from Italian and Spanish frames in different sizes and styles, to metal mouldings and museum glass from Germany, conservation mount boards and special acid-free tapes from Holland. A wide range of mirror frames are also available that can be made as per customer’s size specifications. 94 DESIGN MATRIX • SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2012

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 94

9/3/2012 3:15:12 PM

Vineet Lifestyle offers as an ultimate destination for a vast array of customized veneers, laminates, non-woven wall paper, wall highlighters, wall tattoos and more. The brainchild of Basannt Rasiwasia, the store specializes in exclusive selections and designs tailor-made to suit individual preferences.

Vineet Lifestyle 11/B Laxmi Industrial Area, New Link Road, Andheri West, Mumbai 400053. Tel – 32517231/ 66717131, E mail –,

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 95

9/3/2012 3:15:48 PM

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 96

9/3/2012 3:16:02 PM


nterior Interior

Furnishing Furnishing



Inte Furniture

nterior Furniture

Furnishing Interior


Furniture Interior





Interior Designing





is the art of



arranging Furnishing

In nte

Furnitur nitu e




erior things,

Furnit rnit

Furnishing urnishing



Furnit nitu ture e

Furnitur urniture e Furniture e Furnitu u ure Furnitur ture

Zuaa Interiors Pvt. Ltd. Unit No. 25H/25R, Laxmi Industrial Estate, iture Andheri (W), Mumbai-53. (+91) 022 67258688 / 7904.


rniture *This image is for illustrative purpose

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 97

Furnish urnishing hin Furniture 9/3/2012 3:16:30 PM

REDSKIN HOME DECOR PRIVATE LIMITED Accentuating your living spaces, Redskin Home Decor Private limited has a wide product portfolio that enables the store to be a one-stop-destination for all dećor needs. Its product line includes furnishings, wall coverings, wooden flooring, art, custom framing and accessories. The brands under its roof are Arte Wall coverings from Belgium, Elitis Wall coverings from France, Harlequin Fabrics, Designer’s Guild Furnishings and Muraspec wall coverings from UK, Phillip Jefferies wall coverings from USA amongst others. They are also the distributors for five brands in India of the company Holden Decor Ltd. from UK,


namely: Emporia (contemporary/ abstract),

Metrika Kitchens, a part of Metrika Enterprises, bring together fin-

Maia (foil), Links (glass beads), Two x Two

est designs and technology to offer impeccable functionality and

(kids collection) and Rosetta (floral). Amongst

extremely high quality in kitchens. Keeping the young consumers in

many other credits to the store, one is that the

mind, Metrika has introduced Open Kitchens, a European concept. Not

niche furnishing brand Cassaro from North

just interactive and easy-to-use, the open kitchens are stylish and com-

America has appointed Redskin as their first

pact with straight lines and smooth edges. Customers can choose their

distribution partner in India.

style, favoured look, define their requirements, and at Metrika a unique, custom-designed kitchen will be ready. For a modern look, absolute white kitchens are available, with a very young, fashionable and sculptural appeal. Another delectable design is that of a woody texture in shades of charcoal. Kitchens by Metrika are available in three styles – Modern, Classic and Contemporary, and each kitchen is designed keeping in mind Indian kitchen requirements and beautifully fuses functionality with aesthetics.

WINDOW TRENDZ Window Trendz is associated with German brand VEKA, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of uPVC windows and doors. VEKA India draws from the parent organization’s supreme expertise and has ample capabilities in catering exclusively to specific Indian needs. At Window Trendz you can experience live demo on functionality of various system window types suiting all needs. One can find the widest range of profile systems of uPVC windows, doors and much more. These door and window profiles don’t just offer exquisite looks but also have a range of inherent benefits. These products are fabricated using galvanized steel reinforcements, highest quality EPDM gaskets and fittings. The multiple chamber system design helps insulate heat and noise and is also capable of accommodating different glass thickness through the use of glazing beads of varying sizes and enables optimum values in terms of security, noise reduction and thermal insulation. 98 DESIGN MATRIX • SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2012

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 98

9/3/2012 3:16:42 PM

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 99

9/3/2012 3:17:38 PM

PEACOCK LIFE Peacock Life is the coming together of a landscapist (Neelam Sagar), an artist (Ganga Kadakia) and an interior designer (Shabnam Gupta). Together, they create a belief in a way of life that draws inspiration from the Mother Earth around us since 2010. At the store, interior products range from fusion furniture to old-world and modern contemporary, artefacts and lights and accessories that will add charm to any dećor; colourful art journeys through pop art to tribal forms that mark timelessness and wall installations to add drama to the spaces; and the long-forgotten greens are brought to life by trying to make every home a ‘green home’ by creating gardens wherever possible. You will find recycled and environmentfriendly furniture, a varied lighting collection, quirky wall hangings and playful accessories on display. There are also stone and landscape artefacts and the clients have the option to buy from a ready range or custom order furniture to specification. Peacock Life has the ability to transport you into a different era and a dreamy design world.

LE CDEOR The Le cedor store is a metaphor for contemporary lifestyle combining new age effervescence with a sophisticated intricacy of style and design. The latest addition is the metal series, conceptualized and produced by Philippines-based company Miles Ahead Corporation. Human figurines, vases and interesting artefacts made out of recycled metal are only some products from the fine-line collection available. The Le cedor store in essence offers basic, limited edition products that enjoy eternal style. The collection available at the store seamlessly blends beautiful looks to create a con-


temporary living experience. The rus-

Impressions offers a wide range of veneers and

tic, earthy mediums are put together

laminate options that are a blend of form and

in unusual chic designed with classic

function, durability and style. On offer are decora-

appeal. Beautiful lamps, attractive

tive veneers, designer veneers, colourful veneers,

crockery, exotic candlestands, wall

textured veneers, customised veneers (teak wood,

hangings, and more present a beau-

natural wood, finished wood veneer, non teak

tiful array of home dećor options

wood veneer, and shaded wood veneer), lami-

sourced from all over the world.

nates, plywood and more.


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 100

9/3/2012 3:17:49 PM

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 101

9/3/2012 3:18:35 PM

Stepping beyond the realm of interior design

ESSENZA ESSENZA DESIGNER FURNITURE Unit No. 23AH/ 23BJ, Laxmi Industrial Estate, New Link Road, Andheri (W), Mumbai – 400053 Tel – 67103835/ 32420622, Email –,

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 102

9/3/2012 3:18:54 PM

3-C, Shree Laxmi Ind. Estate, New Link Road, Andheri (W), Mumbai 400 053. Tel: +91-22-6507 1206, 6507 8206,;

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 103

9/3/2012 3:19:04 PM

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 104

9/3/2012 3:19:11 PM

Peacock Life 31 N, Laxmi Industrial Estate New Link Road, Andheri (W), Mumbai – 400053 Tel - +91 – 22 – 26323321/ 31 Email –

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 105

9/3/2012 3:21:54 PM

NEW SARAL CERAAMIC Founded in 1985 by Shri Paraagg K. Shah, New Saral Ceraamic is a designer ceramic


studio that deals in a luxury product line of

Experience WOW is the country’s first branded audio, video, home

tiles, sanitaryware, fittings, mosaics, semi-

automation solutions and accessories concept centre. Targeted at

precious stones, spa and wellness systems.

endowing top-of-the-line solution to luxurious gadgetry desires, Expe-

They have customized design solutions like

rience WOW is the absolute destination offering concepts and deisgns

engraving, itching and laser cutting on sur-

in the form of innovative and unique products. Mirror image TV, invis-

faces like tiles, glass, metal, stone, marble.

ible speakers, high-end speakers for autophiles and home theatres etc.

They source a variety of products from a

are just some of the products that the store offers in its vast arsenal.

number of reputed companies namely Ver-

Experience WOW has also tied up with the leading brands from across

sace, Venis, Porcelanosa, Kalebadour, Glass

the world such as Ad Notam from Germany, Totem Acoustics from

Design, Onix and products are sourced

Canada, Waterfall Audio from France, Solid Drive & Induction Dynam-

from a variety of locations like Turkey, Ger-

ics from USA, Basalte from Belgium, Busch-Jaeger from Germany and

many, Italy, Spain, Brazil and China.

many more.

MICASA Micasa is a lifestyle store that helps people decorate their homes with accessories that augment both aesthetically and practically, in any part of the house. Micasa figurines are known for their detail, their work with paint, for a very special combination with light and an emotional impact. The product line includes figurines, photo frames, tissue boxes, clocks, glasses for the bar, exclusive candle holders, vases, fruit platters, bookends decorative mirrors and much more. 106 DESIGN MATRIX • SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2012

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 106

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ARC your decor essentials

Formerly Known as THE One Give your space a complete makeover.Visit ARC One and shop for brands from all over the world, all under one roof.

Furnishings I Fabrics I Floorings I Curtains I Wallpapers I Windows I Blinds 3G, Laxmi Industrial Estate, Link Road, Andheri (West), Mumbai - 400 053. T: +9122 4295 6000 I E: I Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 108

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Image courtsey THIBAUT

Image courtsey Casadeco

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AUDIO EXCELLENCE Audio Excellence is a leading provider of audio-video products and equipments in Mumbai. Headed by Anil Srivastava, the brainchild behind Audio Excellence, the company provides complete solutions in home theatre, making movies a theatrelike experience. They are the distributors for some of the finest audio-video brands like Definitive Technology, Sim2, Request, Panamorph, Legacy, Torus Power, Wire World Cable Technology, Parasound and Stereostone.

JALARAM Jalaram, Veneers & Floors has been the leader in the plywood industry for decades now. They have ventured into wooden flooring and have a vast variety that includes a number of international brands under their roof such as Finfloor, Faus Travette amongst others. Jalaram has also stepped into a new dimension of marketing the exclusive bathroom furniture manufactured by Dansani a leading Dutch brand. The expansive showroom has been beautifully laid out on two levels, to help the customer experience and get a feel of all the products.

Celebrating Celebra Like design View us us on on issuu facebook Subscribe to us on Magzter




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Noise-free living with uPVC windows from Window Trendz.

Enjoy a Chaos free life. Thanks to our special Acoustic design systems. Window Trendz uPVC window and door offer high quality noise proofing. From elegant designs to everlasting quality we give you complete comfort that you will cherish for a lifetime, backed by decades of experience in making world class, maintenance-free window and door profiles, we let you enjoy a relaxing life in more ways than one! Just fit it. And Forget it. Ask your architects to contact Window Trendz for uPVC windows made out of VEKA German profile.

Associate Fabricator for

Window Trendz Showroom: D 9, Laxmi Industrial Estate, New Link Road, Andheri (w). Mumbai : 400 053 Contact Rajender Singh; M: +91 9768080878 E: Gurjeet Singh; M: +91 9892308852

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Le Cdeor is a name synonymous with artifacts, sourced from all over the world - be it contemporary, traditional or fusion. These are available in a variety of materials like stone, ceramic, recycled metal, glass, fine bone china, polystone, porcelain, wood, etc. The artifacts perfectly blends with any interior decor. Ideal for gifting purposes also. Visit our exclusive showroom in Mumbai.

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Official Distributor for India:

MRJ Trading Pvt. Ltd. 201, Shyam Kamal ‘C’ Bldg., Agarwal Market, Vile Parle (E) Mumbai 400057. Tel: 26187132 / 26131442 Fax: (022) 26191014

Flagship Showroom: Le Cdeor: 8/H, Laxmi Industrial Estate, New Link Road, Versova, Andheri (W) Mumbai 400053. Tel: (022) 26327733 / 7734. Mobile: 098676 75556 Email: Le Cdeor Network: Ahmedabad, Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, Bangalore, Baroda, Bhavnagar, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Mumbai, Raipur, Thane, Nagpur, Nanded, Nashik, New Delhi, Pune, Surat TRADE INQUIRIES SOLICITED.

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AUDIO EXCELLENCE D-11, Laxmi Industrial Estate, Andheri - Malad Link road, Andheri (west), Mumbai - 400 053, Tel - 42647270 - 72, Fax - 42647273, Mobile - 9833686108 Email -,

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H C N LAU Love, Dream, Joy by Letternote As a tribute to their trademark style of sophisticated minimalism, LetterNote launched their Love, Dream, Joy series this summer. Kraft paper, timeless icons and a dash of simplicity makes up this series. The offerings include the bold and flamboyant Truck notebook, the Big Black Book, and the revolutionary Freedom Notebook. The Cassette Notebook is a trip down memory lane, while the Indian woman Notebook is all about letting your senses surrender to the glitter and glamour of jewellry.


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Game tables by

International Furniture Brands

International Furniture Bra nds has introduced a collection of game tables and leisure furniture from Maitland-Smith, USA. Thi s range includes exquisite billiard, pool and snooke r, poker, foosball tables and a variety of card and boa rd game tables. They are complemented by a ran ge of leisure furniture tha t includes game chairs, poo l benches with cue holder s, ball and cue racks and ligh ting, that give your hom e unparalleled elegance. Bea utifully designed to cater to both traditional and con temporary spaces, this ran ge of luxurious game tables can help you enhance you r gaming experience with utmost elegance and sty le. ww w.if

Simple ideas by

Fusion Access

simple ideas s introduces Fusion Acces e and decoat d with delic ire pa e ar at th grand collecs to create a rative design e and Mirror re. the Smok tion of furnitu egant with a simple and el collection is Smoke and e ern flair. Th od m of h uc to exquisite cenoard and the Mirror side b ld mirror an antique go tre table have making ifs ot Moroccan m . While patterned in om ro y an l point of ca fo e th em ta th ning ble is d gold leaf di the variegate gold leaf and piece with its an exquisite ch infuses glass top whi back painted . The floral om ro the dining opulence to interpreted ern has been gold leaf patt t motif. as a starburs 4541 Tel: 022 2215

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Handbags by


Risa bags by Riddhima & Saloni Sayal was born out of a wealth of international experience, and has bee n especially created for the fashion con scious and trend set ters. Their design philosophy is contemporary chic, wit h each piece created by specialist craftsm en using modern production techni ques in combination with traditional skil ls for enchanting designs and an intricat ely designed handcrafted product. The leather for each bag is individually chosen , with careful consideration given to var iations in style and elements that go into the making of each bag to ensure a distinctive and exclusive product each tim e. ww

from Italy. furniture range “Bimax� has introduced the luxury re sto e itur variety of a furn in e ury itur lux Idus, the ses & bedroom furn quality sideboards, bookca al , materiion rics ept fab exc of ke nds ma ble ax Bim ted and unique. With the tica his sop are s g origiign des atin coordination, cre finishes, and their representation of colour the is ax Bim home es the nish fi and e als, colours and nic effect to furnitur which attribute to a sce ns, gloss atio h bin hig of com ting atic coa om a nal chr process foresees s reand colour. The lacquering t ces ligh pro of s Thi use h. the oot h sm oug tly thr ing the sur face per fec der ren s thu t ed duc buff pro a tly lacquer subsequen labour but produces technologies and skilled ed anc ng adv , agi to ort eff nt e, ista tim res quires more e, free of impurities and result is a smooth sur fac no other can offer. The ing of the lacquer.. phenomenon and yellow ww

Idus introduces Bimax

luxury furniture

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Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 120

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THE BLUE Out of the Blue, Pune has been made, taking the psychology of the customer into account as much as the aesthetics and decor. Subtle drama in the form of art gives the place a distinctive character.


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 123

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Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 124

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fter making waves in Mumbai

in some form or the other. Whether it is

starting at Bandra then Powai,

hosting shows, showcasing and selling art

Out of the Blue has opened in

or promoting artists, the trend continues

Pune. The design concept here seems a

in Pune as well. Rahul Mukherjee, an artist

generation ahead of its oldest counterpart

from Baroda has created an art work in his

in Bandra, that was designed almost a

own impeccable style using elements that

decade ago.

often work as a part of eateries such as, a

The design inspiration at this eatery,

couple drinking wine, half peeled banana

is inspired by psychological impacts on

etc. He has created a unique Out Of The Blue

the minds of the clients using colour and

painting rather than a painting for Out Of

material. A monochromatic restaurant with

The Blue. The artists at Dr. Art and Design

hues of grey coupled with white creates

created a doodled panel on both the toilet

a relaxed environ. While a touch of wood

doors and relevant art inside the toilet –

through furniture and cladding of the roof


gets the warmth.

The courtyard is carved out of an air

Mumbai-based Dr. Art and Design, has

conditioned space with a wall of plants

worked on the project in collaboration with

running from one side to another creating

designers Shweta Kaushik and Pravin Oswal.

a garden look. In order to make the

“We wanted to create a slightly bland look

restaurant look very casual, the designers

on the walls, floor and ceiling; highlighting

have used the cheapest stone available in

the accent of the walls and the bar that has a

the country for its flooring. They replaced

lovely rugged carved Malad stone look with

the refined looking composite marble

the oak above,” informs Mitali Bajaj founder

with stained Shahabad stone to give it a

of Dr. Art and Design. “The tasting corner

not-so-new look.

was created with an oak look that included

Another interesting element of the

the wine cabinets to give continuity to the

design presence is the wizard, a new mascot

bar and to add zing to the otherwise placid

of the restaurant who will be a mouth piece

feel.” The designers created a teakwood

for every communication of Out Of The

trellis that runs across the restaurant and

Blue. This was another concept developed

added mileage with touches of art.

by Dr. Art and Design who handled Out

Ever since its inception, Out of the Blue has always been associated with art

Of The Blue from conceptualization to implementation SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 125

Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 125

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Product review

SELF PORTRAITS A New Collection of Mirrors Designed by Warhol Superstar Ultra Violet


ocated in New York City, (Art) Amal-

Chamberlain and Ed Ruscha. In 1988, she

gamated is a new project space that

published her autobiography, Famous for

bypasses the conventional gallery

15 Minutes: My Years with Andy Warhol, which

system. Founder Gary Krimershmoys show-

received favorable reviews. Her artwork has

cases both modern and contemporary art,

been shown in numerous galleries and art

with a particular emphasis in utilizing inno-

fairs including a 2006 solo-exhibition at Ste-

vative methods for the curatorial framing of

fan Stux Gallery.

the shows. (Art) Amalgamated’s goal is to

“Self Portraits” as she calls them

provide an exhibition platform that does

are mirrored glass with text additions

not fit comfortably within the confines

framed within a cast resin baroque-style

of traditional art venue, but rather a com-

frame and reveal her long preoccupation

prehensive entity encompassing full art

with light (as her “stage name” certainly

advisory, collection management and art

implies). These mirrored works are a natu-

appraisal services.

ral extension of her aesthetic investiga-

The latest project showcased here is a

tion of the properties of light while also

new collection of mirrors designed by Ultra

being visually arresting and elegant works

Violet (Isabelle Collin Dufresne), who is best

of art. The artist has been able to strike

known as one of Andy Warhol’s Superstars

a delicate balance between presenting

and has appeared in dozens of his films

works that are at once firmly rooted in

between 1965 and 1974. She is consid-

the seductive and immediately appealing

ered one of Modern art’s greatest “muses”

sensibilities of Pop Art, while also having

because of her numerous associations with

the interactive and performance qualities

artists like Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, John

of Conceptual Art


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 126

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Mirrored glass with text additions framed within a cast resin baroque-style frame and reveal her long preoccupation with light. They are a natural extension of the designers’ aesthetic investigation of the properties of light while also being visually arresting and elegant works of art.


Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 127

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GLOSSARY IFC: DANSANI Bathroom Furniture

Pg. 13: Astral ALCA

Pg. 120: MRJ Flooring

Ultramine Group Chatterjee International Centre, 33A, J. L. Nehru Road, 6th Floor, Suite #10, Kolkata 700 071 (M) 9874430000 Email:

Astral Poly Technik Limited 207/1, Astral House, B/h. Rajpath Club, Off. S. G. Highway, Ahmedabad – 380 059. Tel: (079) 66212000 Email:

MRJ Trading Pvt. Ltd. 201, Shyam Kamal ‘C’ Bldg., Agarwal Market, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai – 400057. Tel: (022) 26187132 / 26131442 Email:

Pg. 14: LG Hi-Macs

Sleek International 224-227, Blue Rose Ind. Estate, Western Exp. Highway, Next to Maruti Showroom, Borivali (E), Mumbai – 400 066. Tel: (022) 64527616 Email:

Pg. 1: Jalaram:

Agar Bazar S. K. Bole Road, Dadar (W), Mumbai 400028 Tel: (022) 24318444/555 Email:

• 9/B & 9/K, Laxmi Ind. Estate,

New Link Road, Versova, Andheri (W), Mumbai – 400053 Tel: (022) 26327733 / 34 Email:

Pg. 2 & 3: Ebco Pvt. Ltd. 402-3, Hyde Park, Saki Vihar Road, Mumbai 400072 Tel: (022) 67837777 Email:

Pg. 4 & 5: Durian Doors Durian Industries Ltd. 401, The Summit, Western Express Highway, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai 400057 Tel: (022) 26269000 Email:

Pg. 6: Natural Veneers Turakhia Overseas Pvt. Ltd. 307, Traffic Lite, M.G. Road, Ghatkopar (West), Mumbai- 400 086 Tel: (022) 25114285 Email:

Pg. 7: Cera Cera Sanitaryware Ltd. Madhusudan House, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad 380 006. Tel.: (079) 26449781/26449789 Email:

Pg. 9: Prayag Prayag Polymers (Pvt.) Ltd. Customer Care: 9310002486

Pg. 10: Birla White Ultratech Cement Ltd. Ground Floor, Ahura Centre, 82, Mahakali Caves Road, Near M. I. D. C. Office, Andheri (E) Mumbai 400093 Toll Free: 1800111717

Pg. 12: Uniply Elementz Decorative Veneers Uniply Industries Ltd. #52, Harleys Road, Kilpauk, Chennai – 600 010. Tel: (044) 26605995 Email:

New Patel Sawmill Group 204/B, Vertex Vikas, Sir M V Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400069 Tel – (022) 26833377/0952 Email:

Pg. 15: Geeta Slide & Fold Windows Geeta Aluminium Company Pvt.Ltd. D/4, Ansa Industrial Estate, Saki Vihar Road, Saki Naka, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400072. Tel: 9930806685

Pg. 20: KiTEC Potable Water KiTEC Industries (India) Limited C-18/11, Jeevan Bima Nagar, Borivali (W), Mumbai – 400 103. Tel.: (022) 2895 1144 Email:

Pg. 21: Bharat Flooring 32, Mumbai Samachar Marg, Fort, Mumbai 400023 Tel: (022) 40574444

IBC: Sleek Kitchen

BC: Tangent The Furniture Mall Pls refer ad on back page to locate a store near you •

Pg. 91-116: Special Feature redskin (E):

Vineet Lifestyles (E):

Indu Art & Frames (E):

Zuaa Interiors Pvt. Ltd. (W):


Pg. 22: Kunst Karigar


Suite No. B4, Hind Service Ind. Estate, Dyneshwar Mandir Road, Shivaji Park, Mumbai 400028 Tel: (022) 24446177 Email:


Pg. 23: Capstona Blue Bird Minerals 33-B Ambamata Scheme, Udaipur (Rajasthan) Cust. Care: +91 9887311111 Email:

Pg. 31: Durian Laminates Cedar Décor Pvt. Ltd. F/2, Shapath-1, Nr. Cargo Motors, S. G. Highway, Ahmedabad - 380015 Email:

Pg. 82: Uniply ATS Plywood Uniply Industries Ltd. #52, Harleys Road, Kilpauk, Chennai – 600 010. Tel: (044) 2660 5995 Email:

Pg. 116: UBM-INDEX Trade Fairs


Essenza Designer Furniture (W):

New Saral Ceraamic (W):

Ego Floor (W):

Peacock Life (W):

Metrika Kitchen (W):

Arc One (E):

Window Trendz (E):

Le Cdeor (E):

Experience WOW (E):

Audio Excellence (W):


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Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 129

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Design Matrix_Sept-Oct12.indb 130

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Profile for Design Matrix

September-October 2012  

This issue celebrates designers from varied creative fields - Suntosh Baheti, Reza Kabul and Michael Graves & Associates as space designers;...

September-October 2012  

This issue celebrates designers from varied creative fields - Suntosh Baheti, Reza Kabul and Michael Graves & Associates as space designers;...