May-June 2012

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Item Number is a brand conceptualized to spice up, glamorize and boost the sty le quotient of a home, workspace or wardrobe. Arif, a self-lea rnt artist and Inderjit, a fashion designer by profession , thought of Item Numb er, while working on a project tog ether in Hyderabad. “We both love to travel and that helped us rediscover the wonde r that is India. There’s an organized chaos in this countr y and that was something we wante d to capture. The ver y Ind ian-ness was hugely inspiring for us,” says Arif about their inspiration. While Inderjit continu es, “We also love Hindi Cin ema, known popularly as Bol lywood, and wanted to do something with that too. Like wise, pop -art, the retro era, Indian wall art, signs and signag e… the list kept growin g. We wanted to amalgamate all these, totally kitsch the m out, repackage them and pre sent them through some medium; a medium that was both fun to work on, to sell and (for the customer) to buy, but ver y importantly, inexpensiv e and affordable too.” And this is what Item Nu mber is all about... a bra nd that caters to all those wh o wish to break away from ‘sameold-prett y-cute’ and ste p into a vibrant world of fearless colours, intriguing pat tern s and unabashed ‘desi-pa nn’. It was started for people wh o want to make a bold sty le statement about the way the y are or about the way they feel, knowing that they’re get ting a satisfying return for their money spent. brand.itemnumber@gma


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