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E D I F I C E Our Vision is to keep our designs Sensitive to the context, client and environment

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enjoy basking in nature’s glory; glaring at the twinkling stars; the enchanting mountains kissing the blue skies; the lovely butterflies; chirping birds; flowers in varied hues; the green trees – the list is endless. Life will indeed be blessed and beautiful, if we all come together and strive to make our universe a better place to live in. Recently, I met a charismatic person, who established his own firm with this vision. Guess who? He is none other than the young and dynamic Ar. Ravi Sarangan. A walk through with Ravi opened my eyes to the fact that even a simple change in our lifestyle can bring about a big difference. I am sure all the readers of Design Matrix will learn the small but big lessons of life through our cover story on Edifice Consultants Pvt Ltd. Flipping through the cover story, you will come across a new style bringing out a strong essence from the world of architecture. When I asked Ravi to pose for Design Matrix with a gentle smile, he revealed that he believes in celebrating design as a team, and your spirits will be high to see the cheerful Edifice Team. Celebration is always a part of our lives. I am thrilled to celebrate the upcoming International Women’s Day and I am sure the women folk would love the conversation with Bollywood’s favourite trousseau designers – the mother and daughter duo Neeta Lulla and Nishka, exploring their design for a luxurious brand Portico New York. The beautiful residential spaces, the intellectually designed employee-friendly office spaces, the luxurious restaurants covered in this issue will definitely cast a magical spell on you. We are sure you will enjoy the new style in which the cover story is presented in this edition. Chao

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Bead curtain adding aesthetic to any décor , Looking for the same, then MOAB is your right destination. pg 96

Design Matrix recently entered the world of Edifice, a firm believing in doing everything in a different style. Curious to know more…. Read. pg 22

DESIGN CORNER Ar. Amritha Karnakar designs an oasis of escape and modernity in busy bee Mumbai. pg 100

GLOBAL EYE Home and Office… Get away in to the third space and rock in. pg 44

ROVING EYE Diamond Spell – Ar. Paras Shah designs the magnificent office for Kiran Gems Pvt Ltd. pg 104

CORPORATE DESIGN Ginza an intellectual work space boosting the work power. pg 50


PRODUCT DESIGN Feel the unusual furniture design with designer Lekha Washington. pg 56

RESIDENTIAL DESIGN Creating a fusion in the world of interior design. Look into their design world and invoke our senses. pg 58

DESIGN PEDAGOGY Design Optimization with MIT ID. pg 64

ARTY TECHTURE Experiencing heavenly bliss at home. pg 80



Eat well and be happy …. mouthwatering designs by Zeppelin. pg 114

We venture in to their new world of design at Portico New York, a leading home fashion brand. with mother and daughter duo- Neeta Lulla & Nishka Lulla. pg 84

FUTURISTIC DESIGN Chitrakoot a dwell for three different generations. pg 68



Weaving spaces and infusing a sense of exploration into them in the Ashwathnarayana residence by Maya

Creating mind blowing designs with minimalism. pg 72

Creative and Nifty residential space by Ar. Milind Pai & his dynamic team. pg 110

Architects. pg 90

TREND CORNER Pallate now in new look & feel. pg 120

PRODUCT FEATURE, the user-friendly online store by the much acclaimed designer Krsna Mehta, offers design centric lifestyle products. pg 122

NEW PRODUCTS Alluring Products ... pg 124 MARCH-APRIL 2014 • DESIGN MATRIX 19


January-February 2014 VOL. 4 • ISSUE 2 • `100

Zarir Mullan & Seema Puri Good Design is one in which, both the interiors and exteriors blend together

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12/26/2013 5:28:30 PM

We would love to have your views, comments and/or suggestions on what you would like to see or read in our pages. Please email to: or write to Design Matrix, MRJ Creations Pvt. Ltd., C-201 Shyam Kamal Agarwal Market, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai-400 057 or Call on 022-26187132.



Exploring Design with Architects Seema

The article on Tropical Leaf House was very

and Zarir was an expressive piece. I like the

interesting. The images were catchy and

unique Design Matrix style of interviews

mind blowing. I feel Design Matrix should

and this makes the magazine more

bring in more of these kinds of interesting

interactive. All the best!

articles across the world. I look forward for

Roshni Sehgal Mumbai

the same in the future issues.

Sumeet Kumar Bengaluru

I thoroughly enjoy reading Design Matrix; all the articles are well written and presented

I am a student pursuing interior designing.

in superb style.

I like the articles on MIT ID College; I loved

Prof. Rajan Iyer Pune

the furniture designs presented in the last issue of Design Matrix. Waiting eagerly for the next issues.

First and foremost I would like to congratulate Design Matrix for completing three successful years in the Design world. The InFocus piece on Portico New York had a great pictorial value and great flavour. I could sense the real passion of entering a world of fashion in the furnishings segment. This kind of pieces upgrades the readers on the latest trends and new products.

Jyothi Kulkarni Hyderabad

Priti Kandelwal Nashik

All the articles carried in the last issue of

Design Matrix were worth reading. My personal interest lies in residential projects and I liked the Vadodra project and the futuristic design article. All the images in both the articles were a visual treat.

Priya Raman Chennai

Delight in Dombivli, the article on RR Boutique was very attention-grabbing. I

The article on Buddha and interiors was

really feel there is a need for such budget

amazing. The images were glaring and the

hotel with modern amenities in the central

piece was a well researched presentation.

suburbs, as in the recent times a lot of

I have rarely seen such informative articles

township is splurging in these areas. Thank

on artefacts carried in other design

you Design Matrix for entering this spaces

magazines and this is what makes Desgin

and bringing out the delightful changes.

Matrix, a complete design magazine.

Arpita Karnik Dombivli

Varsha Somaya Rajkot


Cover story


DESIGNS Architecture is coming together of art, science and diverse creative minds; with this ideology the young and passionate professionals at Ediſce create ecological designs with efſciency, distinctiveness and practicality. Words: Marilyn Madathil

Ar. Ravi Sarangan


Ar. Sanjay Srinivasan

ndeed our world will be a beautiful place to live in, if each one of us strives for it. With a bright vision to design a better world, Ravi Sarangan and Sanjay Srinivasan, both alumni of Sir JJ College of Architecture, set up a design practice firm in 1987. Today with its presence in 7 cities in India - Mumbai, Hyderabad,

Bengaluru, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai and New Delhi; Edifice Consultants Pvt Ltd, have grown into a leading design consultancy firm in the country. Ar. Ravi Sarangan, Founder Director, Edifice Consultants Pvt Ltd, shares the inspiring and interesting legend of ECPL with Design Matrix. Excerpts... DM: We would like to know about your first project... RS: It was a kitchen unit at Chembur Colony done for INR 6000, and that included the cost of the unit.


After establishing ourselves as Edifice, we completed the

We were fortunate enough to be surrounded by great

secretariat project for Indo American Chamber of Commerce,

clientele, since the time Infosys became our customer; there

Churchgate. They had about 800 members and most of them

has been no looking back. Soon we secured some great

trusted our design methodologies and approached us. With

jobs offered by IT giants– Wipro, Cognizent and Tata Con-

this kick start, we got opportunity to work with few compa-

sultancy Services (TCS). The time span from 1998-2000 was

nies that had American tie ups.

a great boom period for our career. We established ourselves as architects for large floor plates, mainly the IT segment.

DM: You experienced a turning point in your career

Later the BPO’s and the banks approached us. IDBI bank and

with Infosys. Your journey as a beginner...

Standard Chartered Bank were our first valued customers. To

RS: Imagine a time span with no computer or an email sys-

diversify, we went in to retail; Shoppers Stop became our cli-

tem and a scenario in which one has to promote a budding

ent, we designed some of the McDonald’s outlets in South



I firmly believed in direct marketing and power of writing.

Thanks to the “Father of the Indian Economic Reforms”–

I wrote a letter to Mr N. R. Narayana Murthy, the co-founder

late P V Narasimha Rao; the ninth Prime Minister of our

of Infosys. To my surprise, within just 10 days, I got a positive

country for bringing in the economic liberalisation. The

response to meet him. It was a stunning moment and turning

journey then was great and we diversified to various verticals.

point of my life. We were chosen to expand one of the Infosys building

DM: Which are the different verticals, Edifice is into?

and Mr Murthy expressed his interest to visit our 16’x 8’ office;

RS: Starting with corporate interiors, we have expanded into

indeed a garage at Chembur.

Architecture & Master Planning across IT, Residential, Health-

We bought our first computer – an assembled PC in 1995.

care, Retail and Hospitality verticals. With two decades of

I recollect, the guy who assembled ours was assembling, the

expertise, we are proud to share a healthy relationship with

Bollywood stardom–the tech freak, Shah Rukh Khan’s Pc at

our clients and more than 70% of our business comes from

the same time. We hardly knew CAD, but we slowly learnt

existing clients.

the same. In the recent times, we are known as one of the most tech savvy firms, having invested quite a large sum in

DM: Edifice strength lies in...

technology . We have our Data Server in our Mumbai office

RS: Our strength lies in our ability to retain customers. Right

and other designers from any of our branches can access this

from the beginning, we have decided that we will run our

service and work on the same drawings in real time.

firm ethically. That being our foundation, no customers have


ever got a chance to point a finger on us. Another factor, which has resulted in our growth is in our ability to retain talent with in our firm. Our attrition rate is one of the lowest in the industry. The team at Edifice believes in serious introspection of the design and delivery process. We have highest levels of transparency within the system. We are an extension of the client because they can trust us completely. Our entire brand Edifice has been built on trust. DM: How would you define team spirit within your organisation? RS: If you have mutual respect, under-

L-R Standing - Sanjay Srinivasan,Ravi Sarangan& Sanjay Naik,Sitting (Row 1) Sachin Bhatt, Ramji Sarangan & Rahul Kadam, (Row 2) Prashant Manjeshwar, Manoj Choudhury, Laxmi Menon & Sangeetha Shennai

standing and a strong value system, the team aligns immediately and works

and we are proud of every project, we

together. It is important to set goals and

deliver. The design approach of ECPL is

work with a vision.

to achieve the most ideal design solutions possible without compromising

DM: So, what is the vision of Edifice?

on functionality; to infuse creativity

RS: Our vision is to keep our designs

and lateral thinking in order to achieve

sensitive to the context; client and the

design innovation within the confines

environment .We don’t preach sustain-

of the brief. In 2008, we started Chloro-

ability but practice it in our designs

phyll, the sustainable initiative of Edifice.


DM: Can you explain the Chlorophyll initiative in

DM: Apart from Design, how is your firm



RS: Our profession allows us the enviable power and

RS: We conduct lectures in our office and most of our

opportunity to Create!

competitors attend the same. Another thing that we do

Chlorophyll was initiated for design review and inter-

differently is, if any architectural firm face any problem;

nal audit process of all projects within the office. Green

be it accounting or sharing the wealth; our doors are

guidelines were developed to ensure that a cost-effective

open to seek consultation.

sustainable solution is delivered to the client, irrespective of the client’s inclination to go for a formal green rating

DM: Charity begins at home, your insights for a

system. Though it does not exist in the current Edifice sys-

better world with Edifice Foundation

tem, we are proud to say that 70% of our projects are truly

RS: Edifice charitable foundation is a non profit

sustainable. We have to walk an extra mile to make 100 %

organization established in order to provide education

but we are assertive about the same.

to the underprivileged. It is a charitable foundation run by the employees of this firm with no external funding.

DM: Which are the construction materials that you

We thought it is high time to do something good for the

are fond of using?

society. We believe that this foundation will help build

RS: The minute you have likes, you are not doing justice to

our nation in a small way and we would be happier to

your profession. One should use the materials that go well

see other firms come forward and take similar steps to

with the environment and that which reflects the client’s

attain this goal.

image. Edifice has a specification section with in the office to channelize the products durability before use.

DM: Your message to next gen architects

In Edifice, for example ,we make use of fly ash bricks,

RS: Architecture is a valued profession, which needs

it is ecologically a good product. We are sensitive towards

to be respected and has to be practised diligently. The

misusing natural resources and also assess the embodied

basic necessity of our life is food, clothing and shelter,

energy prior to specifying a product. Let me give you an

and an architect is a person who takes care of one basic

example – In every office, we design, we insist not to use

need. It is important to be conscious of this fact while

paper napkins in the wash basin area; isn’t it sensible to use

adhering to the fundamentals of architecture.

the handkerchief to serve the purpose. Save paper, save trees; try and make our earth green.


Exploring the Software World T his project was envisaged as a

slender curvilinear floor plates planned

high-tech software development

around an oval, open to sky landscaped

centre with a contemporary feel to

court. These blocks get proliferated over the

act as a brand vehicle for the company. This

site, responding to the climatically appropri-

aspiration is realized by adopting distinct

ate orientation and to the desired view and

dynamic curvilinear built forms rather than

access of the central landscape feature as

a regular gridiron planning approach.

well. The working zone derives diffused nat-

The site is a green field, a composite site

ural day light along the linear facades. The

of two land parcels with a minor connection.

heart of the site is marked by the presence

The master plan unified these parcels in the

of a plaza bounded by the cafĂŠ and the wel-

form of a contiguous landscape armature.

come block. The welcome block is designed

The design of all the Software Development Blocks is modular in nature, with


as a kiosk immersing the occupant in the lush landscape.

Syntel Ltd. Project: Global Software Development Campus Location: SIPCOT IT Park, Siruseri, Chennai Land Parcel: 29 acres BUA: Ph I - 800,000 sqft, Ph II - 1,400,000 sqft

Aricent Technologies Ltd Project: Software Development Centre Location: Gurgaon, NCR Floor Area: 10,000 sqft.


with a high degree of space efficiency and shared areas with strong visual and aesthetically appealing qualities were


ricent desired to explore the

aim to assist Aricent migrate to the next

designed to stimulate creativity and col-

feasibility of the more spacious

level of office facility. This included the


option of hot-desking vis-a-vis

direct participation of the end users in the

To tackle the requirements for dif-

the existing L shaped user dedicated

existing facility under the guidance of the

ferent user groups, easily transformable

hierarchal workspaces. This would offer

Aricent project team and in turn helped

spaces were designed for multiple usages.

more spacious workspace units along with

the transition from smaller individual work

Modularity of spaces was incorporated for

larger number of interactive spaces. The

spaces to larger rotational common work

transposition between cabins, four seat

ambience was to be of a futuristic flexible

spaces and combined ownership of the

meeting and video conferencing rooms.

working envelope.

staff for the same.

The furniture was customized to switch

Edifice set up a tailor-made interactive

With research and analysis opportuni-

between these needs smoothly. All office

and transparent approach to the archi-

ties and challenges posed by the existing

enclosures use glass partition systems to

tectural, design and construction process

setup and the emotional and practical

maintain transparency, optimizing day-

to meet the tight time and budget con-

requirements of the users were mapped.

light, reducing noise and achieving the

straints while endorsing a very broad par-

After various permutations and combina-

required degree of privacy.

ticipatory design methodology, with an

tions functional and neutral workspaces


The open office was designed in

lighter colours with low height partitions, interspersed locker units, for a more spacious feel and personal storage. Apart from meeting rooms, informal meeting areas have been designed, which have a more relaxed atmosphere for teams to have group discussion. While collaborative work was encouraged; quiet rooms were provided for single users for private focused work. These smaller enclosures were carved out of corner spaces and put to effective use. The outcome was all in all a very efficient, flexible and budget friendly work envelope.


Tata Consultancy Services Project: Software Development Campus Location: Synergy Park, Gachibowli, Hyderabad Land Parcel: 51 acres BUA: Ph I - 350,000 sqft, Ph II - 850,000 sqft









ily comprises 3 Software Development

Consultancy Services is set in a 51

Blocks and Associated Facilities Block. The

acre campus that is designed in

structures have been restricted to a height

two phases to house approximately 10,000

of 3 floors, keeping them immersed in the

software professionals.

abundant tree canopy existing on the site.

The first phase design scheme primar32 DESIGN MATRIX • MARCH-APRIL 2014

The floor plates of the structures

exceptional glare free light that percolates into a substantial portion of the office space and hence artificial light is kept to a minimum along the central strip of the floor plate. This quality of light combined with reduced heat results in substantially lesser power consumption. A catchment reservoir / mini lake was designed in the low lying area of the site for rain water harvesting. The harvested water can be used in the water cooled system and for irrigation. Its perimeter was designed with informal sit-outs, green pockets and formed a vital landscape element with work areas overlooking the space. The second phase of the campus development




professionals, set in a bow tie shaped parcel of 13 acres, out of the 51 acre earmarked for this project. The primary modules comprises two buildings unified by a plaza, evolved from underlying geometry of the parcel, optimized work plate depth and the climatic context. The primary work areas are lifted off the gently sloping terrain, evolving as they ascend in a lattice pattern, forming a spatial network of well lit enclosed work spaces, shaded community decks, voids that function as courts and with intersections planned as cores anchoring to the terrain. The lower level embracing the comprise primarily a linear work space, the

North glazed face, resulting in a long triple

terrain is set aside for common facilities

longer side oriented in the North South

height atrium. The building is covered in

like reception, cafes and library defined

direction. Service and meeting spaces are

a vaulted roof, which incorporates North

in transparent enclosures, occupying

planned along the length on the Southern

facing sky lights, which pour light into

minimal foot print, set in generous free

side, in a way acting as a heat buffer. The

the atrium, eliminating direct ingress of

flowing landscape, preserving many of

work plates stagger outwards towards the

light from the South. The building has an

the existing trees. MARCH-APRIL 2014 • DESIGN MATRIX 33

Relaxing Orb A n existing building of Meghalaya Urban

Our role as the architect was to create a distinct

Development Authority was leased by

identity at Shillong, which would be contextual

the client and they proposed to build a

while being aesthetically pleasant. As a result of

mall and a hotel by utilizing the extra fsi of the

this, we wanted to use wood as the same is locally

adjacent plot. The challenge of the project was

available and used widely. But due to Fire Rating

that the site was in the heart of Shillong (Police

Issues we went in for High Pressure Laminate in

Bazaar) which attracts both locals and tourists.

wood finish - Century Exteria, for the project.

Marbaniang Enterprise Project: Mall and Hotel Scope: Architectural Built-up Area: 80,000 Sq. ft. Location: Shillong.

KGA - Crowne Plaza Project: 5 Star Hotels Location: Kochi, Kerala Land Parcel: 7 acres BUA: 350,000 sqft


A Memorable Stay


his 5 star Hotel by the KGA group at scenic Kochi in Kerala, had been designed for the sharp business

and vacationing traveller who appreciates sophistication & simplicity, combined with the convenience of the latest features and value for money. The




around the making of a luxury hotel, conforming to Crowne Plaza Standards. Crowne plaza is an upscale brand in major urban centres, gateway cities and resort destinations offering business travellers high levels of comfort, service and amenities. The orientation and dynamic form created by Edifice are responses to the location that boasts of prominent frontage to the highway in one direction, and the view of the backwaters on the other. The arrangement of the guest rooms are defined by the view and the highway. The public areas are raised on a podium so as to be level with the main road which is elevated along the frontage. Landscape



atop the podium seamlessly continues down to ground level, extending up to the river/backwater which it meets as a promenade.

Achievements • WAN AWARDS 2009 for Commercial Head Quarters • Design Excellence in Corporate Architecture – 2010 • Artists in Concrete Award for SYNTEL IT Park – 2011 • Ar. Ravi Sarangan bags the iGEN 50 award – 2012 • Indian Concrete Institute awards PBEL City ( Andra Pradesh) with Ultra Tech Endowment Award – 2012.


Photo courtesy: Vishal Chaudhary

A Pan Shop in Mumbai is a typical Third Place – a place for social gathering

Global eye

THE THIRDSPACE! Having worked in the Ofſce Interiors industry for more than 15 years, I have seen many a trend come and go. But the current trend of having a ‘third space’ in ofſces seems to have stayed for long enough to capture my fancy. Words & Images: Harsha Kotak


Photo courtesy: Vishal Chaudhary

A coffee shop is a ‘hang-out’ place for the young and savvy


hat is a ‘Third Space’?

keep up with this change in our lifestyle

products for this. The concept has spread

Traditionally the ‘Third

and work style, the office environment

like fire and over a time this concept

Place’ was defined as a

needs to change too. And thanks to the

has developed a lot from being break-

place between home (personal) – first

advanced technology we no longer need

out areas in Tech and Media companies

place and office (work) – second place.

to be tied down to one spot and there is

where Snooker tables were added along

For example a pan shop in India where

less need for a fixed desk. What we need

with a coffee machine for the young

people meet after dinner is the (social)

is flexible working environment and this

minds to foster. Today the third space

third place. But in this modern day and

is where the third space comes into the

can be a place to hold informal meet-

time a more suitable example of the third


ings, a place to collaborate or just a per-

place/social environment is a coffee shop

A third space can accommodate a

where people can take their laptops to

mix of functions allowing the user to

work and socialise both.

decide how best to use the space on any

This social space between the home

particular day.

sonal pod to take a nap and wake up with some fresh ideas. And this boom of third space concept has led to an overflow of products

and the office is now brought inside the

Now the question comes where

and ideas in the market. Products rang-

office and is generally an area between

and how was the ‘Third Space’ born? My

ing from seating to media units and from

workstations and formal meeting rooms.

guess is that one day a designer coined

highly efficient acoustical ceilings to

This area is named as ‘Third Space’.

this term and the next day all the office

floorings – all trying to fit into this trend.

As technology is changing so rap-

product manufacturers went in a tizzy

idly, the way we work changes with it. To

and started researching and developing

Here are some samples.... MARCH-APRIL 2014 • DESIGN MATRIX 45

Photo Courtesy: Peter Wurmli



Paszcza (Meaning: The Mouth) Sofa Chair


Photo Courtesy: Peter Wurmli

This space is defined by the character of the company, its work-

About Author

ings, age group of the staff, the direction of growth desired etc. Many companies only have a small area dedicated as a break-

Harsha Kotak, an alumni of Savannah Col-

out are which can be used by mobile staff that only come into the

lege of Art & Design, Georgia, graduated

office once in a while and need some place to plug and play or as

with an MFA in Commercial Interior Design,

the name suggests – to take a break. Whereas, some companies

and for the last 17 years has practiced in the

have an elaborate break-out or collaboration area where people

US, UK and India. She has worked on many

can make a private call or enjoy a chat with their co-workers (all in

prestigious projects for the White House

the name of the game).

and Pentagon in the US, as well as for the

This connected social / work environment is not only about

US Embassy in New Delhi, India. Currently

redefining our mind-set about what furniture we need and how

based in London, she handles projects

our space needs to be reconfigured to be effective, it requires

across UK & Europe.

new appraisal of how people and technology interact for the

Harsha’s hobby of writing took her to

benefit of employer and employee. The technology revolution

the prestigious Oxford University and that’s

offers new potential that will require all of us to embrace flex-

where the journey of Global Eye began.

ibility and change how we work and collaborate. And this will

Her passion to explore the world of design

keep changing.

and share her views gave birth to this regu-

But the bigger question is – does this third space really help

lar column. She also regularly writes about

in combining the social environment with the working environ-

‘Global Trends in Design’ for various Ameri-

ment. Does it satisfy the social needs of the busy worker and in

can publications.

turn makes the working environment more desirable? Or is it just a passing Fad? What do you think?


Corporate design

OPTIMAL WORK SPACE PROJECT DETAILS Project: Ginza Industries Location: Lotus Business Park, Jogeshwari East Size: 9,000.00 sq ft

Ar. Tanmay Mukherjee, a proſcient architect and interior designer offers a balanced design approach with Ginza; understanding the project economics, functional use of space, and ƀexibility for future needs. Photo courtesy: Dinesh Mehta






into the big leagues. Understanding all

modern office space and Ar. Tanmay

the fundamentals of a corporate office,



the designers within a span of 7 months,

moulded a clean corporate look for Ginza

crafted this space. “All different spaces

Industries, Mumbai. The designers added

have been designed in such a way that

a touch of splendour in the ambience by

they harmoniously gel with each other

using all the materials in a unique style;

as well they stand out with their own

exuberating warmth and professionalism

individualistic identity,” adds Ar. Tanmay.

for a family owned business, stepping

Let us take a look in this office space....






RECEPTION AREA It is rightly said that the first impression is the last impression. The reception area is the heart of any office, as it plays a pivotal role in welcoming the visitors. Entering Ginza, one would surely notice a unique composition of composite materials on the back drop of the reception wall rendering an immediate visual impact. The reception table is constructed in a stark combination of black and white Italian marble to bring out a contrast ratio in the back ground. The rich black and silver Italian marble acts as a unique canvas to this tubular shaped space.

MEETING ROOMS The visitor’s meeting rooms, although abutted into the vicinity of the reception area is built completely in glass, to allow complete transparency. This supported the reception with a much larger volume of space. The material used in the meeting rooms provides a warmly ambience, which renders an individualistic identity to each space without breaking the continuity of the one seamless continuous space.


CORRIDORS A corridor is a still path way, leading one towards the various other areas of an office space. With a unique addition of a curve in the form of a bend glass, the designers successfully added volumes to the quality of space of the foyer area, before one enters into the main office space. All passages and corridors carry all the essential electrical and HVAC ducting of the office, there by achieving more height in the general workspace area and all cabins. Elaborating on the prime challenges faced while working on this project, Ar. Tanmay states, “ For maximizing the height of the workstations and the cabins , the HVAC ducting has been carried out through the passages and corridors, which was perhaps the most challenging part in this project management and execution.”

CONFERENCE ROOM The beauty of any space lies in its attention to detail. Adhering to this ideology, the ceiling border lined with veneer and modular tile is a perfect example of an ideal blend of a classy corporate space. The table designed in veneer and Italian marble and the walls dressed with veneer impart richness to the overall space.


WORK STATION Considering the prime importance of abundant storage for each individual, the designers put this mantra into practice. The vibrant colours used on the table tops impart freshness and vibrancy in to the space.

EXECUTIVE CABINS Natural light flows in; all the peripheral cabins are constructed in glass. The Executive Cabins are kept small, yet functional with enough storage space.


LOUNGE AREA & EATING ZONES Stimulating colours and artwork will surely keep workers mind-set alert. A comfortable atmosphere allows them to take their minds off work and refresh their outlooks. A lounge is a special place to get away from your desk for a few moments, grab a cup of coffee and relax your senses. Understanding this need, the designers of Ginza created a lounge area with glass on all sides; sitting here one can enjoy excellent view of the Western Express high way. The usage of Black veneer adds drama to the sense of space and customized abstract art work by Himanshu Dabral, adds colour and vibrancy to the space. The pantry houses all the indoor AC Units and inbuilt storages. This area is kept dedicated wet and dry and from here one can enjoy a unique visual connection of the reception .


DIRECTOR’S AND CHAIRMAN’S CABIN The director’s and Chairman cabin is built by adding timeless quality to the space. The flawless balance of veneers, white composite materials and wall papers adds volume to these spaces. Ginza is nothing but a creative work environment stimulating and inspiring innovation.

About Tanmay Mukherjee Architects The





have a strong background as project architects and are responsible for design development,




supervision on highly visible projects. The

finishing schedule • Scheduling appointment of contractors and sub agencies • Assisting in procuring of all raw materials for site execution

scope of their work revolves around

• Procuring all kinds of finishing materials

• Understanding the client requirements

• Complete site execution, handling and

they create the layouts and designs.


• Preparation of all presentation ,working drawings, sample boards and providing MARCH-APRIL 2014 • DESIGN MATRIX 55

Product design


A sense of sinking into a cloud, a visual mirage, trepidation and payoff that’s well worth it- all of that and more are wrapped up in the sink collection for Ajji, the odd product company by Lekha Washington an actress, artist and product designer.



ekha Washington founded “Ajji- The

forms a space completely. It easily hinges

Odd Product Company” in 2013 to

on the wall, much like a flat- screen televi-

constantly support innovation and

sion, and is very comfortable to sit on. The

original design. The Sink Collection has an

Dot is a visual mirage, channelizing several

unusual line of furniture that combined art,

references, from the bindi to the circle of

design and technology.

the sun.

Every piece is repeatedly prototyped to give it not just the perfect visual finish

About Lekha Washington

and comfort, but to keep in mind porta-

Lekha is a self-taught sculptor and innova-

bility, ways to easily pack and store it, and

tor who used materials like fabric-infused

replace covers with no fuss.

resin in her creations, far before her generation did. Armed with a dual degree of lifestyle

The Pink Sink

product design and film direction, Lekha

Designed by Lekha Washington and pro-

graduated with honors from the presti-

totyped over six years, The Pink Sink col-

gious National Institute of Design, (NID)

lection, a standalone piece got a great

Ahmedabad .Keenly interested in being

response at Pallate, Mumbai. Soon this

on the other side of the camera, Lekha’s

product will mark its presence, across India

acting career took off soon after, with lead

in select high end interior design stores. If

roles in several languages. Lekha’s passions

one carefully examines the design of this

were two-fold and continued to evolve as

product, it looks like there’s no way you

she created several pieces of art and design

can sit on it... until one realize it’s a very

parallel to her busy acting schedule.

comfortable seating. This range is available

Lekha recently set up her new studio:

not only in pink but also in other shades

a hundred and fifty year old bungalow in

with removable covers, can be folded for

Bandra completely renovated to accom-

transportation and storage.

modate high-end art and design. The sculptor, actor, product designer and sto-

The Drop

ryteller all in one, is constantly ideating,

The Drop uses patented Sink mechanics,

innovating and bringing to life pieces that

have a slight swing, and are custom built

are absolutely unique.

to any space. It is foldable, very lightweight

She is currently working on unusual

and all it needs is a regular fan-hook to

lighting and lighting forms for her second

latch on to. The cover is removable, wash-

collection “Bent Light”. She has patents

able and can be replaced with a new one,

pending on this collection, too!

when required. This piece will instantly change any space, creating a dramatic and

futuristic effect.

The Squair The Squair chair is solid and grounded, yet it doesn’t lose the inherent play of the Sink collection. It has extra plush cushioning on the inside, allowing it to be ridiculously comfortable while at the same time having its tongue firmly in its cheek.

The Dot The Dot is an exercise in drama and simplicity, subtlety and precision. Originally designed in a vivid crimson hue, it transMARCH-APRIL 2014 • DESIGN MATRIX 57

Residential design


Lineage Interior designer headed by Kanu Mewada is known for creating a fusion in the world of interior design. Let’s step in to their design world and invoke our senses.


Palatial Home Client Name: Bhimraj Surana Location: Shrimoni Tower, Parel, Mumbai

guests entering this residence, decorated

Entrance of the house brings in foremost

by famous artist Gaurav Bharadwaj. The

energy, so it is necessary to blend in

entrance lobby is tinted with mirror

beauty in this space. Designer Kanu and

works. The console unit will marvel one

his team, in order to spell a cast over the

with its arch design and lighting effect.

this area with ‘S’ shaped ceiling, tinted with light fixtures. The safety door of this house is crafted with hand cut designs


Every Living room is special, as it is the space for the guests and family to share their joy. It is necessary to create a comfort zone in this place and as per the requirement of the client, the designers kept this space, spacious with a good view of the balcony. Dark colours dominate this space. The sofa, single seater and champagne finished TV unit with appropriate lighting creates freshness to this space. An informal seating space with a black and wooden carving swing blends the traditional and contemporary look to the house. A dining room is meant to be a place to gather with family and friends for everyday meals and special occasions. The Swarovski glass dining in fusion glass and matching chairs in American acrylic, the side board; the Wall Art queen spoon and king frock of natural wood will give one a great dining experience. Kitchen is always the heart of the women folks in the family but in urban lifestyle, a compact space is assigned for a kitchen. The Lineage team were instructed by the client to design a huge kitchen. The island platform, glass chimney with light in the centre of the kitchen; Corian ceiling, a focal crockery unit makes this kitchen – a complete functional space. It is an ideology that an individual’s bedroom is the reflection of one’s personality and is unique to each one. Apart from the other bedrooms, one will be bewitched by the Son’s bedroom. Understanding the mindset of the teenager boy fond of cars, his room is a combination of black and grey 60 DESIGN MATRIX • MARCH-APRIL 2014

colour. The head board is finished with Swarovski; the bed is crafted with black and pearl marble finish. The same marble is used to place the TV unit. The other striking elements are the Jacuzzi bath tub with wall hanging car and designer tiles with inlay stripes on it. The daughter of the house wanted a bedroom that is completely different with a modern look. The designers planned it in such a way that the Wardrobe is hidden behind the art of design. The white back painted glass wardrobe shutter and other shutter with magic mirror, sourced from a well known company creates a magic. Sliding this shutter, one will be entertained with a LED TV. The Bed and ceiling concept replicates as water drop waves. An American folding acrylic fan with light look like a fancy chandelier gleam the entire look. The big mirror and the cosmetic unit are very special to this girl. The mirror makes the room look big in size. The bathroom is designed in white marble. To break the monotony, a stone sparrow abstract inlay in horizontal panel with deep groove is used. The basin in this space is a photo basin portraying young dancing girls. The shower cubicle, multi functional rain shower, the side ceiling with mood lighting, hidden music system, the vertical on built body jet enhances a great bathing experience. The Bhimraj Surana residence is not only a thoughtful design but also a lavish residence. MARCH-APRIL 2014 • DESIGN MATRIX 61

Prestige Symbol Client Name: Ashok Bafna Location: Lodha Bellissimo, Lower Parel


outside, eye catching panoramic view of Race Course and the Haji Ali sea face and surroundings, up to the view of Bandra sea link.

Designer Kanu sets a benchmark with

Ashok Bafna’s residence is the per-

a prestigious Luxury Apartment in a

fect space with rich materials and sober

comfy tower by Lodha group; located

colours. The leaf shaped dining table,

in pristine landscaped environs, incred-

the console unit in full oval shape with

ibly in the heart of South Mumbai. This

antique knobs, the background wall with

residence is located on the top floor with

semi arch Kalpavrush embossed tree and

an open balcony similar to a terrace area.

the whole area finished with champagne

From here, one will be enchanted by the

foiling makes the entrance area vibrant.

The centre ceiling chandelier matches

ver wall paper matching with the curtain,

with the flower leaf pattern of this space.

creates an alluring decor.

In the guest room, the leather finished

The children in the house being teen-

bed, the wardrobe panel in embossed

agers; their room is created in bright colour

leather adds to affluent ambience. White

with modern theme. The study table is

and dark grey combination rules this space.

designed as a big book hanging on the

Master bedroom being the rest and

wall with artwork like pages, converted in

the dream room; big king size bed resem-

to a bird wall panel with miniature Ferrari

bling the alphabet ‘C’ is floating from floor

car . The ceiling looks like a white race road.

level, supporting the wall and ceiling. The

The flow of lights creates a car race feel.

head board in laser cutting with mood lights, both side table walls with rustic sil- MARCH-APRIL 2014 • DESIGN MATRIX 63

Design Pedagogy



MITID At MIT ID ‘Interior Spaces & Equipment Design department,’ The buzzword is “design optimization.” Guided by their mentor, the department is dotted with eye catching prototypes created by students. MARCH-APRIL 2014 • DESIGN MATRIX 65


s part of their “Structures & Joinery course,” the students of ISED semester 5 designed ‘display stands’ for a varied range of products. The prototypes were displayed and validated in the context of space,

ergonomics and the audience movement around the freestanding displays. As explained by the course faculty Prof Rajan Iyer; the students were given the constraint of working with MS flats which is challenging to work with. The students internalise the concepts of strength, stability and joinery with a hands-on approach. The display of varied products from books to trophies, ornamental brassware to laptops each student came up with a distinctly different approach. The students experienced, working with tubular metal sections is easier compared to MS flats, which tends to oscillate like a steel ruler! Each student explores and discovers the concept of strength and stabil-

ity to come out with a stable configuration. The use of appropriate joinery with rubber wood panels in combination with steel was explored from conceptual sketches to prototypes. It is fulfilling for a faculty to give direction and shape to the student’s individual thought process in order to realize their concepts.


Futuristic design


TOUCH Ar. Nikhil Kant Founder, eSpaces Architects; designs Chitrakoot in the plush area of Jaipur Three different generations of different families reside in this contemporary setting.


n increased awareness about global trends and changing aspiration has given birth to a new

kind of home. It is a delicate task to achieve a balance on the fragile border between the freshness of the new language and the solemnity of the old without succumbing to nostalgia or an excessive desire to make a mark. Architecture asks questions and set challenges.

Chitrakoot Design Photo courtesy: John Abner Andrew 68 DESIGN MATRIX • MARCH-APRIL 2014

“Contemporary architecture conceives

space as continuity with variations, as

with separate staircase as duplex for the






The family room connects all the private living quarter with each other as well

translate into possibility of experiencing

The second floor is also designed in

as the rest of the house via staircase. The

a house in its entirety, of moving through

such way that it is connected from inside

role of staircase to connect between the

it the way life flows, enjoying the

as duplex for exclusive 1250 sq ft. terrace

upper and lower levels as well as to enable

combination as well as the details, the


vertical line of traffic is becoming increas-

hidden corner, intimate spaces, and open

The public and private living spaces

ingly important in an architectural space in

views. Stairs divide, connect, modulate

are arranged within the fixed building

accordance with their position and detail

and move space and house itself becomes

envelope, thus the living room is designed

of shape. The staircase leads to dining area.

a dance,� adds Ar. Nikhil.

to facilitate different moods for conversa-

The dining room uses a formal yet rich aes-

The ground floor is designed as

tion and togetherness. The soothing furni-

thetic to set a tone for meals that might be

recreational area with home theatre,

ture and furnishing and the right choice of

then just convivial. The central music sys-

bar, lounge and an office; connected

lights adds to a royal ambience.

tem in this area will revive the senses. MARCH-APRIL 2014 • DESIGN MATRIX 69

The hallways connecting between kitchen and living room (horizontal line

overall charm of blankness. The minimal

remain and the rooms to engage actively

space in the kitchen is well utilized.

with it. The purpose of the design of the

of movement) and staircase connecting

The bedroom extrudes a sense of

courtyard is to have the privacy while it

above floors (vertical line of movement)

richness with their clean lines and leath-

is situated in the urban area. The court-

are situated in a single place to avoid

er touch. The new rooms have essentially

yard reveals itself as a kind of plaza on a

crowdedness and provide a relaxing and

been carved from the original terrace

micro-urban scale ideal for entertaining.

comfortable atmosphere based on the

house, permitting the rear courtyard to

It meets green design as it utilizes passive strategies of climatic control offering benefits to the client and reduced ecological footprint to the community. Catchy Element The spaces are sequences that flow and break, suggest and promise, while inviting one to continue the journey as eyes anticipate. Light joins in with its own rhythm and its own reflections, pointing out the start of staircase, which leads to the heart of the house, and where every footstep is accompanied by the echo of the floor. The window is much more than an opening to let in the sun and air; it is presence of life and the rush of beauty.Furniture serves as an intrinsic element in the creation of atmospheres that define each space and


design elements. The home theatre room with comfortable chair and fabric optic lighting set the mood for entertainment .

About Ar.Nikhil Ar. Nikhil Kant with a deep interest in modern




design. He established Espaces in 1999, with a mission of creating sensible and functional designs. His extensive hardwork and eye for balance and proportion is clearly reflected in the successful completion of numerous projects. For him, interior designing is a refuge. It’s responsive, it’s meditative and it surely beats everything in his life. Gifted serve to express who their inhabitants

an element of the homogeneous office

designers like Nikhil have a way of bring-

are. Without them, house falls silent. The


ing mélange of sensibilities in every proj-

interior features furniture in a diversity of

The bar area is dramatic as horizontal

ect. Styles, substance, sophistication &

style, which complement each other due

meets the vertical in the basement leav-

serenity are the forces that intermingle

to the refinement of their material and

ing it with a royal look. Bar area is filled

in all his work.

finishes. The good old writing desk of

with artificial light. The bar has a trapped

former times has been transformed into

ceiling and slits in wooden panels as MARCH-APRIL 2014 • DESIGN MATRIX 71

Design aspect




JJ design, a Pune based interior designing and architecture ſrm has been successfully handling residential and commercial projects in the city. The ſrm is headed by the two brothers– Jitesh and Jayesh Makwana. Photo Courtesy: Anand Diwadkar

Designing with Personal Touch The concepts of minimalism and transparency will strike one after entering JJ Design. With minimum use of colour and material, this office space with an area of 650 sq. ft, is segregated into reception, work studio, conference and a common cabin for both designers. Rather than reducing the overall floor area in each section, by providing two different cabins, the designers Jitesh and Jayesh decided to club their work space and enjoy working together.

The designing and detailing The extensive use of glass partitions in this space, stresses the Client Name: Jitesh & Jayesh Makwana

designers’ philosophy of transparency. It also signifies their

Project Name: JJ Design Office

of spaces is achieved by matching the grooves on the floor-

clarity of vision, while approaching a design. Connectivity ing and theme in the ceiling. Beauty of the glass panels is enhanced by avoiding patch fittings for the same, aiding the

Location: Ashok Nagar, Pune

designers to keep an eye over all the corners of the office and

Area: 650 sq. ft.

trast is created by using Mango onyx marble for the recep-

remain approachable to the staff and visitors. The predominant theme being white and grey, a contion table, colourful picture frames in the office cabin and MARCH-APRIL 2014 • DESIGN MATRIX 73

conference area; the RGB globes are placed rightfully in the studio area. The designers work desk is made from Corian and the main table is a combination of Silver Porto black Italian marble and white Corian. Great attention to detailing is reflected in every piece in the office – be it the interesting mural in white at the reception counter or the storage unit in the conference area or the manner of matching the exact shade of the soft board in the studio with the shade of the wall paint or be it the positioning of the LED professional screen in the reception area to highlight their projects. While keeping the requirements of a design studio in mind, the two designers Jitesh and Jayesh have


accomplished in creating a soothing area by keeping the elements to the minimum and selecting a neutral colour palette. Entering this office, one will sense an artistic touch with a welcoming gesture.


The Shades of Nature The entire office of Kuber Properties is

ers successfully brought in the greenery

created – one clad with honey gold Italian

divided into smaller units as per the func-

inside the office with minor civil changes.

marble and the other with black tile with

tional requirements, avoiding the room-

Windows were enlarged – height was

stone finish. The tiles are fitted in a seem-

wise differentiation. The spaces simply

increased and minimum sill level was

ingly continuous mass, without grooves.

flow from one to another. The separation

maintained. In order to incorporate nature

The reception area has a professional

is often visual rather than physical. The

into the design, a matching brown veneer

LED screen, installed to display the ongo-

Accounts department is divided from the

was introduced for the furniture.

ing projects – an interesting and effective

rest by a low height partly glazed partition.

One challenging aspect was that

way of advertising the same. Glass pan-

two external walls were not exactly per-

els are used in the entrance passage to

Design methodology

pendicular to each other. To counter this

increase the feeling of space. To nullify the

Located in the verdant area, the design-

drawback, two mock solid surfaces were

unequal depths of the beams, a distinct


stepped treatment is given to the ceiling. The main cabin has interesting features. The flooring is a continuation of the honey gold Italian marble on the wall. The main table is made using white Corian. Another striking feature is a mural adorning the wall.. The continuity in the flooring and ceiling pattern, in almost the entire area of the office, irrespective of the various functions, the designers created a homogeneous effect.

Client Name: Vikas Bhalgat Project Name: Kuber Properties Location: Prabhat Road, Pune Area: 1,040 sq. ft.


Delectable Experience Ar. Jitesh and Ar. Jayesh faced many chal-

at separate sections. The kitchen and

exclusive handle lounge–set on a slightly

lenges while designing the marvellous

bathroom accessories were given their

elevated platform with laminated wood-

outlet of Tara Hardware. The designers

own rightful corner, on the mezzanine

en flooring; this has a display of exclusive

firmly believe that each project has dif-

floor. The wooden flooring options, be

handles. Catering to a different clientele,

ferent requirements and challenges. If

it the laminated kind or the engineered

the area is set apart by the use of red

the functionality and the aesthetics of

types, as well as the range of wallpapers

colour, symbolic of the red colour in the

the design blend together, the end result

were displayed on the mezzanine level

logo of Tara hardware. An 11’ long single

is refreshingly different, as evident at the

alongside a personal cabin cum office

white Corian piece with Italian marble is

Tara Hardware Showroom.

space for the owner. The mezzanine floor

used for the cash counter, set against a

also houses actual demo area for sliding

wall clad with natural stone.

Smart Planning

tracks and hinges for glass shutters. The

All in all, without forgetting the func-

Understanding the prime need for more

pillars supporting the upper deck are

tional utility of the space, and at the same

space, required for a hardware showroom

incorporated,into the design of the dis-

time, retaining the hallmark philosophy of

to display a wide array of product lines,

play unit below.

minimalism and complementary colour

a mezzanine floor was added and clev-

A staircase leads the visitors to the

scheme, JJ Design has made sure that

erly integrated in the design. The display

upper deck, a display centre for the steel

Tara Hardware would provide a visitor

was segregated as per the functions of

railings and glass solutions.

with a comprehensive solution for all the

the products. The door handles, knobs,

The CNC cut panels of Jali work in

mortise locks, cabinet handles, night

acrylic; Corian is also integrated in the

latches, drawer locks, were all displayed

design. Another interesting feature is the

Project Name: Tara Hardware Location: PCMC Area: 2500 sq ft


hardware needs.



Beauty with S I M P L I C I T Y


Kamat & Rozario Architecture, headed by Smruti Kamat and Lester Rozario recently created clean and contemporary interiors for the Penthouse Hazel; with a floor area of 3,800 sq ft at Bengaluru. Photo Courtesy: Lester Rozario MARCH-APRIL 2014 • DESIGN MATRIX 81


et up in 2007 Kamat & Rozario Architecture,



in architecture, interiors and furniture

design. “Our work is an expression of our beliefs. We believe in strong ideas that are native to their context,” says Ar. Lester explaining the design ideologies followed by this firm. The designer duo believes in reacting instinctively to a design problem without adhering to any formula or style. Be simple is their mantra and with this, they have successfully designed this abode in a unique style. One will experience a classy and elegant feel entering this house. The designers created a fenestration between the exterior and interior of this house in such a way that it could be moved out of the way completely, blurring the boundary it inhabits and making the terrace a part of the


living room. The living space on the lower floor crafted with a cutout opens out to be a family room on the upper floor. Light emitted from the bespoke light fixture becomes the tying element between the two spaces.

Design contrast The main areas of this house are rather kept deep with the source of light at one end, creating dark and dimly lit corners. The flooring was conceived as a white reflective surface to carry maximum possible incident light deep into the space. The plain white walls also play the same role. The rusty brown slate used for the terrace stands in sharp contrast to the white interiors. The furniture and ceiling elements were a combination of white with dark wood veneer. “Our endeavor is always to put forward simple, yet strong ideas. We believe that each project and each client is unique and for this reason, each design must also be unique,” says Ar. Smruti sharing her experiences while working over this splendor home.



REALM OF FASHION Design Matrix celebrates the approaching International World Women’s Day 2014 with Bollywood’s favourite trousseau designer – Neeta Lulla and her free spirited daughter Nishka. We venture in to their new world of design at Portico New York, a home fashion brand.



ashion to me is the interpretation of


and focused on getting the right creative that I aspired

mysticism that lies beneath the woven


the body; Style is the contouring of fashion,” says

DM: Anything special for this woman’s day...

Neeta Lulla. Design Matrix looks at the Bridal Bed

Neeta: Today’s women have progressed and devel-

Ensembles by her for Portico New York.

oped an ability to handle multiple situation with ease

threads into excellent art manifested on

and presence of mind. They have developed the cali-

The Beauty of Seven Lifetimes, Captured In One Collection

bre to take on a profession and succeed on every front

Neeta Lulla’s wedding trousseau Saat Phere collection

ing heart to handle their family with affection. I salute

for Portico New York is an ideal gift for the wedding

every women of today in their ability, dedication and

couple. She gets style to marry opulence for creating a

passion that makes us holistic.

at work and yet have the substance of a warm and lov-

dream room. Invite the glitter and the glamour of Bollywood into your bedroom; imagine the awe inspir-

DM: The experience behind designing the Saat

ing backdrops of popular films like Hum Dil De Chuke

Phere collection

Sanam, Devdas and Jodha Akbar, now your bedroom

Neeta: The new collection for Portico New York is a

reflecting the same regal feel on your special day.

perfect blend of classic styles with a contemporary

The latest bridal home fashion ensembles draw

touch. I’ve tried to play with colours and light to cater

inspiration from traditional aesthetics boasting her sig-

to a wide range of preferences. Hopefully this collec-

nature style and craft. Neeta’s collection brings to light,

tion will help fashion-conscious consumers, have their

centuries of Indian culture and tradition, with classic

home reflect an extension of themselves. It involved

Baroque re-interpreted to exhibit a modern style, a

a lot of sensibilities, it was like customising a garment

recurring theme in the line. The collection reveals an

for a bride, understand what she requires, her sensibili-

understated drama using techniques that allow for a

ties. It was an exciting experience. The emotions, hope

sensual interpretation of femininity. The attention to

and mood of a newly wed have been translated with

detail that is apparent through the entire catalogue of

creativity into constructing this range.

linen emphasizes the mysterious and powerful appeal it holds for true connoisseurs of luxury.

Portico New York also teams up with Neeta’s daughter,

Priced INR 6999 onwards, the collection compris-

Nishka Lulla; one of India’s youngest and most prom-

es bed linen sets with 2 pillow covers ,duvet covers,

ising designers. Let’s take a quick look at her alluring

comforters and bed covers available in combinations

Bohemian styles.

of gold with deep burgundy and elegant blue. Lend

Nishka Lulla for Portico designs spell vibrancy and

a little mystery and romance to your room with this

have a fresh touch of modernity in them. Her collec-

modern interpretation of the bygone era of baroque.

tion plays creatively with unique vintage hues and eclectic prints that offer spirited comfort.

Neeta shares her experiences with Design Matrix...

created a holistically unique set of designs that will def-

DM: Elaborate designing requires styling and

initely do away with any bedding blues one may have.


The collection draws from the rawness and unfinished

Drawing inspiration from Bohemian styles, she

Neeta: It’s very important to have elementary factors

quality, which is coupled with the simplicity of every-

and fundamentals right from the beginning stage

day life. It embodies the nomadic essence of the gypsy

of any design, if a designer is well-versed, then it will

spirit for the home linen collection, made up of layers

surely lead to expert design.

that make the collection versatile and mostly easy to mix and match with various co-ordinates.

DM: We would like to know your experience with

The uniqueness of this collection lies in its vin-

Portico in the world of home fashion.

tage hues, spirited ease and eclectic prints that offer

Neeta: It was superb to work with a professional con-

a plethora of options for easy and stylish living and

cern like Portico. They were enthusiastic, dedicated

travel. The collection is priced INR 2499 onwards.


A free spirited conversation with Nishka... DM: Whether your mom being in fashion design-

DM: What is your style mantra? Do you love

ing inspired you to chose the same as your career?

amalgamating western & Indian aesthetics in

Nishka: Yes, she has inspired me in some way since I

your creations?

developed the passion for designing while accompa-

Nishka: Style should be an honest extension of

nying her at work, that’s how I developed the interest

oneself . I like working on comfortable easy to wear

since childhood itself.

silhouettes that are inspired by everyday travel and MARCH-APRIL 2014 • DESIGN MATRIX 87


living fused with vintage Indian arts and crafts such as kalamkari, ikat or even fabrics like muslin and silk. DM: We would like to know the thrilling experience of bagging Creative Award for the Barbie all Doll up show at Lakme fashion week.... Nishka: Being the cute-little-girl I have been, it was like her dream come true of fantasy. I was on cloud 9 to receive this award accomplishing the 1st step of my wonderland. DM: What is so special about the Bohemian finery collection for Portico? Nishka: It was a lot of fun designing the collection for Portico New York and all the designs in this collection shows a sense of modern luxury that is elegant but still fun and relaxed. I am personally very partial to the Bohemian style and I think the new collection is perfect for the young fashion conscious home-maker. Whenever I’m designing, I look at something that I would realistically use. This line needed to be something that would act as a focal point, rather than overpowering the house. D M: My dreams are my world.... Nishka: My dreams are my world that shape my reality. Both the eye catchy collections by Neeta and Nishka are available at all leading home furnishings & lifestyle stores and online :

About Portico New York Creative Portico Pvt. Ltd is a leading player in bed & bath soft furnishing industry in India. Portico New York’s wide product range encompassing bed sheets, , duvet covers, mattress protectors and bath linen is designed around one philosophy.– Everyone is different. So is their sense of style, be it growing kids, restless youth, quintessential fashionistas, brides-to-be or health-conscious individuals, there’s a Portico New York for everyone. MARCH-APRIL 2014 • DESIGN MATRIX 89

Design focus


Weaving spaces and infusing a sense of exploration into them in the Ashwathnarayana residence, Bengaluru-based Maya Architects set out to redeſne their distinct vocabulary of residences. Words: Ar Apurva Bose Dutta Photo Courtesy: Maya Architects 90 DESIGN MATRIX • MARCH-APRIL 2014




The firm led by its principal architects Ar

urban context had minimal constraints (due to

have over their last 13 years of

Naveen Kumar Deshpande and Ar Dev

the availability of all resources) which further




Kumar has over the years dealt with diverse

inspired the designers to incorporate essential

a distinct vocabulary of the quintessential


typology of projects; however, the affinity

passive energy efficient techniques suitable to

‘nuclear family residence’ that while adhering to

with single dwellings stays conspicuous - the

the existent climate which gets reflected in the

contemporary styles of living, bears the imprint

simple, elegant, contemporary, aesthetic and

planning, orientation, structure and materials

of an innate sense of tradition and culture.

functional spaces that are thread together in

of the house.

Implementing this design philosophy in the

the milieu of a fascinating play of geometry.

The layout of the house (built-up area -

Ashwathnarayana residence may have been

The Ashwathnarayana residence, com-

12,150 sqft), which assumes the most emphatic

a little different - catering to the programme

pleted two years back on a site of 66’x88’

and creditable aspect of the design spans

requirement for a joint family of four brothers’

located in Channarayapatna (on the Bangalore

along four floors - a basement (parking), and

and their aged parents; nevertheless the

– Mangalore National Highway), a semi-urban

the higher levels incorporating the seven bed-

architects convey a similar allegiance to design

settlement had to respond to a certain degree

rooms; public, private areas on the ground

by ensuring an effortless harmony of space,

of homogeneity and an overall order; as the

floor plus a pool in a courtyard setting; private

materials, form, textures and light.

principal architects of the firm state. The semi-

areas plus terrace/roof gardens on the upper MARCH-APRIL 2014 • DESIGN MATRIX 91

being a binding space for the family also behaves as a climate controller. The design thus responds to these expectations of tradition and culture in an inimitable manner. A traditional exterior entrance around a tulasi plant leading into a foyer is greeted with a triple height water body in a small landscaped-court setting making a charismatic presence in front of a surreal vertical long and narrow volume cladded in dressed sira stone. On stepping inside the foyer, this volume that forms the focus element apart from camouflaging at large the interior family spaces at all levels, also acts as a pre-cursor to the explosion of space that’s unwinding itself on the other side. The natural texture of this stone stands out in the interior confloors. All the levels are connected through

marked by a noteworthy juxtaposition of

temporary materials like granite, marble and

an interactive plan that establishes them

materials complimented with a svelte pick of


sensitively in their own individual context,

furniture (sourced by the clients from China)

The living (with views of the exterior

while being integrated in a captivating spa-

and use of light (natural/artificial) in different

garden) has been very skilfully conceptual-

tial configuration.

formats (direct/indirect).

ised near this foyer area as a separate room

This intelligent play of levels (that suc-

Notably, the expressions have also had

which not only makes it’s a separate formal

cessfully balances privacy and public views)

to follow the protocol of the basic concepts

space but also maintains the privacy of the

takes into account the diverse programme

of a traditional Vaastu-compliant design (a

interior family spaces. As you walk past the

requirements of an extended family. While

regular in homes in South India). The design

vertical long cladded volume in the foyer,

at one end it gives way to spaces which

also aptly adapts to the courtyard (varia-

your gaze is pulled in different directions

encourage communications, each space is

tion) planning, where the courtyard besides

through the different range of spaces flow-


ing/cutting into each other across various architectural proportions; however, keeping it simple, and evading a cluttered and complicated semblance. Surprisingly, though the exterior also incorporates a play of different geometry through materials, voids, frames, sleek railings and grilling in wood and stone, emphasizing on horizontality; it is hard to anticipate the sequencing and treatment of spaces inside. The triple height family space beyond the foyer offers views of the double height tv room/upper family space on a mid-level landing, a pool-cum-deck, and the dining in a long linear stretch of space continuing from the family and ending in a hori-

The ceiling heights between these dif-

Glass at length plays an all binding fea-

zontal traditionally designed puja space

ferent spaces keeps on meandering thus

ture - flowing the communication through

(marked by a grand teak wood door with

inducing inquisitiveness and maintaining an

spaces and ensuring a visually connective

an overlay work of brass). Myriad views of

ideal balance between the vistas it should

design - it features in the staircase balus-

different spaces at the upper levels and the

control/withhold. Add to it, the veneers

trades and the full length glasses in the

first floor staircase tucking a storage space

surging in the partial false ceiling in the

family area and in the higher levels; it lets

underneath are the many other elements

rooms at certain spaces emphasize on the

the puja space maintain a connect with the

that create the rhythm. The dining, kitchen,

height variations. In its all-white palette,

house; and on the ground floor, it offers sce-

bedrooms on this floor have been concep-

distinguishing colours (highlighted by wall-

nic views of the courtyard.

tualised as a ‘series of linked pavilions’ to the

papers in some places) frame the different

family space.

interior levels as well as the bedrooms.

The pristine blue pool bearing the beautiful interplay of light and shadow of


the pergolas above brings a sense of rejuvenation as well as a sense of calm. The sira stone wall (albeit in a different pattern than the foyer vertical volume) encloses this courtyard space and continues its run to enclose the puja space. The pool views are extended upto the first floor, conveying the ambience of an outdoor pool, while still retaining its privacy. The architects explain that the residence context being that of a ‘semi-urban space’, the services of pools or spa are minimal; more the reason why this sort of a pool features in the house design. Circulation along the three levels also has a certain dynamics and a break in the monotony. There are two separate flights of staircases - one to reach the first level and another from the first level above. A lift opening into the dining area however maintains the connection through the four levels completely. Topping the second staircase (from the first level upwards) is a long narrow skylight that ensures an entire umbrella of natural light falling and hitting the puja space on the ground level. The presence of two staircases and the horizontal walk between them creates vistas of an altering space quality with varied expressions, that are encountered a long way. 94 DESIGN MATRIX • MARCH-APRIL 2014

living has straight line furniture, the family area has some artistic and contemporary furniture that due to their curvy semblance compliment the linearity of the entire space. The furniture in the TV room is more snug; while the upper living on the first floor has modish and casual furniture with interesting tables and stools. Lighting makes a statement in the house - it is used to highlight nuances, respond to functionality and define the ambience of the room by its sheer/reduced luminance and all through LED powered lighting! Significant lighting accessories make their presence an interesting offset is created by the two 15’ chandeliers hanging from the first floor (into the family area) and the second floor (into the first floor) which throw up the verticality of the spaces. Ceiling embedded lights accentuate the play of levels, lovely pendant lights hanging from the first floor make for a beautiful reflection in the shining floors, an optical fibre light and concealed lighting in the ceiling in the bar space feature in the first floor, and an interesting set of lights feature in the dining area. Adequate natural light also streams in whether through the triple height multiple skylights in the family area ceiling or the horizontal slit windows at the higher levels or naturally through the full length glasses in the family area. The bathrooms too ensure sufficient natural light with skylights planted in the bath area. Nature makes its presence felt throughout the house - whether it’s through the pool where a scenic ambience is created through pebbles, pink plants and green habitation; the landscaping in the foyer or the terrace and roof garden on the upper floors. Quoting the great master Frank Llyod Wright who once stated - “The space within becomes the reality of the building” - it is true that ‘space’ in design keeps on reinventing itself to explore new possibilities, new discoveries and new ways of living .The Ashwathnarayana residence makes great use of this very element of design in a subtle manner. The various pieces of furniture and

They are chic, lovely pieces - all suited to the

accessories articulate the design further.

spaces they are catering to. While the formal MARCH-APRIL 2014 • DESIGN MATRIX 95

Creative ideas




Memories of a Butterfly specialize in creating high-end fashionable customized bead curtains and screens in a modern, dynamic and more eclectic avatar. Photo courtesy: Memories of a Butterƀy


very space needs to be tackled

having happy customers who wouldn’t

with its own distinct design and

have imaged the joy a spectacular bead

lifestyle requirements, with this

curtain can give them”, adds Sreeti.

mantra, Sreeti Mondol, Director and Principal Designer, MOAB believe in

Eye Catchy Range

customizing every piece of her work

Sourcing is really the backbone of any

with architects,


company and for MOAB– it’s mostly

builders and individual home owners.

the beads. As India is proud of its glass

All the unique products are handmade

work, the designer is inspired to use the

and designed to suit the clients’ lifestyle

beautiful glass beads that are individu-



ally handmade. She source from abroad

Memories of a Butterfly is a phrase that

and use a variety of other bead materials

has stuck with me since I was a child,

including shell, acrylic and glass crystal,

inspiring vivid, mystifying thought and

bone, wood, textured PVC and stone.




image. Today, this is the essence of my company,” says, Sreeti.

One will be certainly bewildered entering the world of MOAB. The Acrylic

Although making bead curtains

White Crystal Beads in various shapes

turned out to be the most important

and sizes will definitely create a stunning

step for this creative firm in terms of

effect. A bold and dramatic appeal will

business; it all started with sheer pas-

follow with Champagne Green Acrylic

sion for Sreeti. Bead Curtains play with

Crystal Bead Curtains. If anyone wants to

colour, light and texture of a breathing

create a rain drop ambience, then Cham-

space and enable to create natural con-

pagne Gold Acrylic Crystal Bead will

nectors between the spaces. It is indeed

be a perfect choice and that is not the

a unique spell enabling one to create

end, one can pick a Red Acrylic Crystal

privacy without disconnecting an area

Gold Bead Curtain, Sea Blue Green Aztek

from the rest and that is why this has

Beaded Curtain, Glass White Hexago-

become a leading trend – right from a

nal Crystal Beaded one and many more

home, office, bar, hotel, or a restaurant.

unique patterns.

“It is the uniqueness of the bead cur-

The essence of this firm lies in evolu-

tain that allows me to create an edge by

tion of various design sensibilities. Elab-

exploring extensively, in style, material,

orating further, Sreeti explains, “Some

dimensions and design. The reward is in

bead curtain designs have survived and MARCH-APRIL 2014 • DESIGN MATRIX 97

blossomed through the test of time.

Vivid feel

units for walk-in closets and dividers for

The Pomegranate Gold  bead curtain

A bead in any form is always a centre

temple rooms and sitting areas. In res-

that has now been replicated into

of attraction and colourful beads have

taurants and hotels, these curtains can

Champagne Gold Bead Curtain, Purple

always remained an important part of the

be used to separate seating spaces and

Silver and many other derivatives is one

fashion industry. In the recent times the

tables, as entrance decor and dividers.

design special to me and our clients. It’s

beaded curtains has become a unique

Similarly one can use this fine range in

one of the first few designs I created and

lifestyle and a true fashion statement. It

Club Houses, SPA and Car Museums.

this one I had done for our portfolio.

is a simple and malleable concept, with

The beaded curtains by MOAB are

I love rain and waterfalls and perhaps

the right creative treatment; it can make

exported across the globe. Sreeti–the

that might explain why I got into mak-

dramatic or subtle, albeit either way, very

creative butterfly takes pride in com-

ing bead curtains to begin with.The

effective statements in interiors and

pleting international projects, over the

inspiration behind “pomegranate gold”,

architecture. If anyone is keen on setting

years, she and her creative team have

and many other curtains, was and is rain

up their space with a consideration not

lured the design world with beaded

and descending waterfalls and the joy

only the aesthetics but also practicality,

curtains across most states in India.

and light and luminescence they bring.

then one can use bead curtains in home


Nature has always been an inspiration for

as a decor in living rooms, as separators

my creation.”

in kitchen and dining areas, as hanging


Design corner




Built in the midst of Lokhandwala; the sleepless city of Mumbai, Banka residence had to become an oasis of escape and modernity. Photo courtesy: Kunal Bhatia MARCH-APRIL 2014 • DESIGN MATRIX 101


he client brief was to have a sober

liant dark wood detailing. The Turkish beige

which could be seen from the main sofa

yet modern look and feel. The

Italian marble flooring in the living room

seating. At the same time this open pow-

other prime need was to have

has a patch of contrasting wooden floor-

der room area was an entry point into the

ample storage space. The deft balance of

ing, which carpets the dining table and

three bedrooms. “We designed our basin

form and feel was achieved by keeping

spills out into the balcony. All furniture right

to look like a vase and have a mixer that

everything from the get go simple.

from the sofa to the centre table, the dining

comes from the ceiling to give it an innova-

Elaborating on the challenges faced, while

table and chairs has been designed specifi-

tive yet classy feel. Instead of giving one big

designing this project, Ar. Amritha Karnakar

cally to the needs and comfort of the client.

mirror behind the vase basin, we made all

adds, “It was a real challenge for us to make

The dining table was given a twist by

the flushed white glossy doors merge with

this a clutter free space; knocking off a lot

using a bench concept on side amidst the

the walls ,embedded lotus cut outs in mir-

the walls to create a sense of openness and

chairs. The dining table has been high-

rors and mother of pearls in them. The mir-

omit waste spaces.”

lighted by the use of a copper stone pellets

rors reflecting images gave a very calm and

sandwiched in a resin sheet. The back-drop

composed space,” says Ar. Amritha.

Adding a dazzling touch

of the dining table from the main seating

The colour white is the residing deity of this

is highlighted by the glossy white bar with

Differential Design

residential project. It is critical to the proj-

the contrasting rose petals sandwiched

In every room storage has been given

ect’s casual feel and warmth, and also for its

in resin panels. “We have always tried to

uttermost importance. The main idea was

sense of spaciousness. The living room is a

search and use new materials for every

to not have them visible to the eye. Full

plush warm space that is devoid of unnec-

project,” says Ar. Amritha

height storages have been tucked away

essary frills. The sofa seating is kept simple

The identity of the clients has been

but is luxurious in white leather with a burst

creatively carved on the doors in order to

of bright coloured cushions. In spite of the

avoid name plates and the carving gave a

expressed preference for white, this home

sense of existence to every member.

behind walls acting as surprise element on being pulled out. The concept of the white has been followed into all the room but giving a twist

has managed to retain an air of informality.

A very big challenge was to do away

to each room in its own way. The master

The whiteness is often punctuated by bril-

with the banal look of the powder basin,

bedroom has the concept of continuity


where the flooring turns into the headboard and the ceiling .The glossy white ribbon stands out against the beige flooring and the wall papered ceiling, giving a sense of unique importance to the bed. At every given space there has been a remarkable subtle play of contrasts, may it be the versatility of the composite stone to the marble, or the glossy duco white against the reflective mirrors, which break the monotony of colour in the house. Carefully placing the veneers of oak brought in a solid sense of purpose. “The home is in one of the iconic Mumbai buildings so there were limitations to what we could do. We kept whatever we had to, and still built a visual identity that was light, modern, fresh and cool,” says Ar. Amritha

About Amritha Karnakar An architect graduated from KRVIA, Mumbai with an exchange programme degree from Bern University, Switzerland, she has specialised in Interior designs for hotels from Domus, Milan. Her firm Architexture Buro started in 2010, works on various architectural, interior, landscaping and product design projects. The designs are a concoction of symmetry and elegance with a dash of quirkiness. She believes she is a dreamer, an artist, a part time teacher and a full time student. MARCH-APRIL 2014 • DESIGN MATRIX 103

Roving Eye

Setting Benchmarks There was a lot of effort, meticulous planning and quality workmanship, which has gone into making of Kiran Gems Pvt Ltd. Ar. Paras Shah is behind creating this magnificent work space. Words: Hitesh Mistry


here’s an adage, which says “Having money is one thing, spending it well is something else.” How true! “Have money, will flaunt money” is something that our

generation firmly believes in. But this generation of ours is very particular about which labels they use, which brands they endorse and what aesthetic appeal it carries. So it’s not that easy to fool this generation of ours, which lives by its belief, in every sphere of their life. The sign of this attitude is pretty much evident as you enter the reception area of Kiran Gems. The very first thing that strikes you is the opulence of

Mavjibhai Patel


space and the décor. The material used is

To start the transformation, Ar. Paras

very diverse yet it has combined to such

shortlisted various materials such as

an extent that nothing feels out of place.

Veneer, Glass, Marble etc. based on the

Located in very affluent office realty

architectural vision - in the form of office

in Bandra Kurla Complex; Mumbai; it is

space, inclusion of plush materials, selec-

a 14,000 sq ft huge office space and the

tion of awe inspiring colour palette and

brain behind this opulence is Mavji Patel,

above all most modern lights.

MD - Kiran Gems Pvt. Ltd. It’s the world’s

Although, the entire theme is based

largest manufacturer of diamonds and

on an earthy brown palette, each one

has presence all over the globe. Ar. Paras

is uniquely different from the other – in

Shah & Associates is the firm who master-

shade, texture, design & pattern - each

minded and plotted this grandeur.

one combination is appropriate for its

The initial brief of the project to the

intended use. e.g. the conference hall

architect was very simple “Nothing but

makes use of a darker palette, and lighter

the very BEST.” Being the world’s pre-

colour scheme is used for the most part

mier diamond manufacturer the ambi-

but in varying degree of shade and in dif-

ence of the office needed to portray

ferent combination. But the most intrigu-

lavishness. It had to represent luxury, be

ing aspect – all forming a part of big fam-

employee friendly and give out posi-

ily and yet maintaining a unique identity.

tive vibes with pride. After all to be best,

Let’s examine the nitty-gritty of the

one needs to have best working space.

design in detail, to understand the art

And to design best working space –

behind it. Yes, it’s an Art, although people

money is not the only criteria. Oh, one

consider architecture more as a science.

more thing, this office space was meant

The whole project took about 135

to be visited by international clients all

days for completion because of the cur-

the time, so it had to exceed interna-

few imposed, to work only after 6pm, as

tional standards. Now, that’s a tall order!

the premises is abuzz with offices during

daytime. Work proceeded smoothly only

The design theme is roughly divided

after an assurance was issued that all the

in many sub thematic looks, based on

noisy part of construction cycle will be

the utility of the area. The reception area,

conducted overnight.

CEO Cabin, Conference Rooms, Passage

LBT agitation played its part in

and the Entrance Lobby shares same light

increasing difficulty quotient, as much

beige dominated texture, balanced well

of the material was sourced from Surat,

with appropriate coloured panels.

Gujarat. Placing orders for the right quan-

Assembly Hall, Conference Room,

tities was very essential as any re-ordering

Account Executive Cabin, Assortment

meant a whole new set of problems. Well

Cabin, Executive Wash Rooms, General

enough of setbacks, time for real gem to

Wash Rooms, Pantry & Kitchen all carry

shine brightly.

independent theme from each other.

If you look closely, the lights used are soft, rich, elegant and always of right

The inventory must have been very exhaustive.

luminance yet finding the source of light

But a good Interior Design does not

requires some effort. The light fitting

consist only of different colour palette

actually magnifies the ambience hun-

and proper lighting. The layout plays a


very important role in maximising the MARCH-APRIL 2014 • DESIGN MATRIX 107

available floor plan and resulting area. Any interior designer worth his salt initiates his project with an innovative use of the carpet area. And here I’m referring to someone with extraordinary design skills, so it will be. The place is divided based on the workflow as: Accounts department, Assortment section, Conference hall and special area reserved for CEO usage. Account section is well separated from others & everyone is assigned separate cabins. The passage itself is decorated with rich panels and some well-placed paintings which lends the place its unique identity. The marketing department is located strategically from where it can have free access to conference hall, IT section, 108 DESIGN MATRIX • MARCH-APRIL 2014

Accounts & even to the assortment area.

has been specifically developed keeping

The accounts department is equipped

in mind the number of overseas visitors

with modern modular filing cabinets that

visiting it on regular basis.

can store at least 3,000 files.

But the one area that deserves a spe-

The assortment area is fitted with a

cial note is the conference hall. It’s made to

separate entrance and capable to house

cater for 32 people at any given time. This

more than 150 assorters at one time, and

can be utilised either for in-house meet-

that’s a huge number. The area is given

ings or for Video conferencing to outer as

extra room by strategic use of mirrors.

well as in-house agencies. The theme is

An innovative method is approached to

very dark & is outstanding in its implemen-

afford extra space required for achiev-

tation. Elaborating the experience, Mavji

ing this. Instead of erecting regular walls,

bhai says, “The experience had been good

marbles are used which saves on critical

while working with Ar. Paras. He had been

passage width and creates an aura of con-

capable of capturing a vision to the reality.

summate vastness.

He is knowledgeable, well equipped and

The washrooms bore an immaculate

deft at his work.“

and clean cut look which gets superseded only by washrooms reserved for CEO. This MARCH-APRIL 2014 • DESIGN MATRIX 109



E X O T I C and W E LCO M I N G

The Gosavis’ Residence located in a prestigious tower at Khar, Mumbai; is a perfect balance of an aesthetical design and reſned luxury, reƀecting the client’s luxurious lifestyle.


r. Milind Pai and his team recently conceptualized a dream home for an extremely design conscious NRI client, who wanted an unusual home by using

many unique materials. The design team specially crafted this project into a functional, modern and efficient design with a flamboyant look.

Modern Classy Interiors Covering an area of 2800 sq. ft, the entire house is the balance of clean-lined and contemporary design. The team in line with its vision to merge its strengths with the client’s aspirations and achieve great heights of excellence; conceptualized a residence that survives the test of time. The entrance of house with serene statue of Buddha fills the place with sacredness and transforms the whole context from a ‘Modern’ to an ‘Oriental Fusion Ambience’. The MARCH-APRIL 2014 • DESIGN MATRIX 111

naturalness of the Rustic Marble adds to

The Guest Room introduces itself into

this feel.

a well-refined personal ambience, which

The living room is crafted with a mod-

is in line with whole theme. The bed back

ern accent; catering to the youthfully opu-

and wardrobe design detailed in Mosaics

lent taste of the client. The use of marble

Motifs, breaks the monotony. The tones

for TV Unit adds an element of the natural

of dark brown coupled with black book

grandiosity. The dining table stands out

design dominate the room. To suit the

as one of the stunning elements of the

design sensibilities and client require-

redefined luxury; a seamless part of living

ments, the ceiling pattern is kept simple.

room. The ceiling design plays the pivotal

The interplay of ceiling in fabric accentu-

and a defining role to divide the two areas.

ated with the cove lighting adds to the

The wooden bands on ceiling add to the

splendid feeling of the room.

richness, obliterating the monotony of

‘Relaxing in Luxury and Privacy’ is what

simplicity. The theme is complete with the

most of us look for in a Master Suit and the

incorporation of the Grand Fan Lamp to

Master Bedroom of the client is the perfect

balance the style with comfort of the cool

blend of both with added aesthetics and

breeze; creating a proper fine dining expe-

lavishness. The use of textured Gold fabric

rience. The soft elements play a vital role

for bed back adds to the elegance. The

in striking the balance between the tradi-

Look & feel

touch of sparkle is provided by the gold

tional and contemporary interiors. Sofas

The passage designed to complement the

leafing on bed back giving a distinct iden-

and the curtains evoke feeling of warmth

existing area leads to Guest, Master and

tity to the room. The extensive use of mir-

and solidity.

daughter’s bedroom.

ror in this room adds to the spaciousness.


The lavatory in brown and cream,

can connect aesthetically and functionally

which gets pop of colour in the form of

to enhance the family living environment.

golden washbasin and distinct pattern on

Ar.Milind Pai and his team has facilitated

wall, give an overall lively touch.

this into a reality with creative and nifty

In the daughter’s bedroom, the use

designing and valuable inputs.”

of cork sheet, which flows from bed back to ceiling with the studs, gives a unique

About us

touch in a picture perfect setting. The

Established in 1987, Milind Pai - Architects

leather finish laminate on the TV wall gives

& Interior designers craft various spheres

subtle backdrop to the overall vibrant

of design from architecture to interiors of

design and adds to the success recipe of

residential, corporate, hospitality, retail,

the design.

institutional and health care. The firm has

The attached rest room with brown

evolved into a dedicated team of profes-

and copper theme, comprising Hi-end

sionals committed to designing excel-

sanitary fixtures and the mosaics; add to

lence. The result is an ’Outstandingblend

the elegance of the design.

of sophistication and beauty. The customized spaces created by Ar. Milind and his

Kitchen is the area where series of task

team respond to the clients’ needs and

based work centres. The playful combination of black and white colour dominates

tion and delight the client says, “Every

the anticipated future trends in the cur-

the whole theme of kitchen wherein the

human being has a dream to own not only

rent International Design Trends.

travertine marble finish wall tiles provide

a house but a well designed home where

further splashes.Explaining the satisfac-

a family can live happily and healthily and MARCH-APRIL 2014 • DESIGN MATRIX 113

Luxury design


Rahat Pervez

Som Sengupta


EXPERIENCE Craving for good food? We take you to different food lands, relish over a sumptuous meal with fun. Enjoying great food is more than just the taste. Experience it! Words : Marilyn Madathil Photo Courtesy : Som Sengupta & Tanmay. J


e all are lovers of good food and will certainly enjoy eating out at our favorite restaurants. Dining out is not just about the food, but an experience that we tend to make unforgettable. Appetizing

food, excellent service, and an authentic ambience of any restaurant makes the guests linger around. Zeppelin has marked its presence in the design world, by creating designer

furniture, restaurants, interactive spaces and brands with a singular focus on the client’s objectives and user aspirations. They add a classical sense in all their designs. Spearheaded by Som Sengupta and Rahat Perverz, the core strength of Zeppelin has been the integration of interior design and graphic design capabilities to deliver client and consumer delight. Let’s enter the ecstasy of food designed by Zeppelin.

Culinary History Made in Punjab, the name itself signifies that

The designers successfully created a

this will be the perfect place of dining for the

fusion of Indian and post modern elements

lovers of North Indian cuisine

to achieve a sense of harmony and under-

Made in Punjab is nothing but an

The designers coined a dinning concept

stated elegance. The bi-chromatic colour

endeavour to revive the rich culinary history

that recreates the experience and grandeur

palette of the walls is sharply contrasted

of the Kingdom of Punjab; offering its patron

of the erstwhile Sikh Empire with the seam-

with teakwood and William grey stone fur-

a rich experience with the wonderful diver-

less amalgamation of the cuisine of the

niture. Muted gold accents are used in the

sity of food.

region with its rich cultural past.

Indian lattice work as well as the lighting

Project Name: Made in Punjab Location: DLF Cyber Hub , Gurgaon


schemes to divide spaces and create visual tapestries.

Frontier Food Destination The ambience, décor and food at this restaurant, no doubt will surpass all your expectations. The Hiatus was conceived as a fine dine concept for the urban elite, the connoisseur of the bling. A place to unwind, lounge and have an unmatched dining experience, the designers divided the space into four zones: the lounge bar, the dining area, the wine cellar and the outdoor areas. Each of these spaces delivers a cohesive but distinguishable choice of ambience to the guests. Located at South Delhi’s chic hotel Qutab; The Hiatus is a successful attempt of elegant space planning. It is a repository of great experiential concepts, for example eating at the chefs table is a unique experience that is unparalleled. The cellar reveals a magical and ultra luxurious space in an unexpected location. The design at all levels attempted to be simple and effective to deliver a great ambience, all the while managing to get the maximum out of the space. A combination of gypsum and lacquered glass is used on the ceiling. The Engineered Wood used for flooring both in the indoors and outdoors with a combination of natural slate adds warmth in this space. The bathroom and the cellar area gleam with the Italian marble. The dark mirror, natural dholpur stone, the wine displays on the walls will draw one’s attention. One will be awestricken entering this subtly stunning architectural space with a scintillating menu that bridges the gap between Asia and the West; The Hiatus is a shining star in the city’s lifestyle sky cape.

Project Name: The Hiatus - Clarion Collection Location: Qutab Institutional Area


Project Name: Turquoise Cottage Location: DLF Place Restaurant Block, Saket


Feeling Fresh Turquoise Cottage has been a much loved brand for rock lovers in the capital. However the brand needed a fresh infusion of ideas and there was this opportunity to reinvent the concept. Zeppelin was given the responsibility to reposition the interior look of the space and introduce a new format for its new flagship store at DLF Saket. The designers created a fresh new format for all furniture and designed the interior to be rugged and yet aspiring. A large stage was positioned strategically to make in visible from most angles and enable the restaurant to transform into a fantastic venue when needed. Primary materials like cement plaster, slate and wood dovetailed beautifully with the original TC brickwork gives the space its unique look. Pretty cozy ambience of TC invites you to chill out with friends or a romantic candle-light dinner with your special one.


Trend corner

A CUTTING EDGE NEW LOOK Pallate, the lifestyle store, re-opens at a new location,Mahalaxmi, Mumbai. The lines are clean, the materials simple, the lighting functional and the overall feel inviting.



esigned by Ar. Chetan Shah of

possibility for deconstruction and

Coloured Pencil, this modern

separation to create different options

retail gallery is fashioned to

within a single piece. “These are fun

give context to the collections on

forms that redefine design. We are

display rather than overshadow them

extremely proud to present Pallate

with unnecessary frills. Pallate houses

Trends, creations of the Pallate Design

everything from furniture and home

Studio which stand for creativity and

accessories to upholstery, curtains and

functional art in design” says Rajesh

wallpaper sourced from some of the


most noted brands worldwide.

Rajesh Balachandran & Chetan Shah

A visually refreshing display of

These pieces are affordable and

beds, sofas, coffee tables, occasional

always on trend without compromis-

chairs, consoles, dining tables and

ing on quality or style.  The vision is to

chairs accessorized with the latest col-

provide customers access to a range of

lections from Mukul Goyal, Indi Store,

coveted products that have the ability

Klove Studio, Alex Davis and eclectic

to inspire and change the way they

mix of pieces from South East Asia

design their spaces, both personal and

makes Pallate a ‘must visit’ destination.

commercial. The store has constantly

Pallate at this new address, con-

focused on quality and innovation and

tinues to integrate contemporary

over the years managed to distinguish

design with the traditional to create a

itself as an exciting nexus of interest-

supremely versatile collection of furni-

ing design and contemporary living.

ture, accessories, lighting, soft furnishings and upholstery having partnered

Pallate Trends

with some of the world’s best known

A collection conceptualized by the

design led brands in furniture, lighting

versatile designer Rajesh Balachan-

and accessories like Edra, Kartell, Ken-

dran, makes an entry with a new

neth Cobonpue, Santoreni, Dedon,

range of items that combine design

Cassina, Ceccotti, Verdesign, JC Pas-

with functionality and affordability.  

sion, Moooi, Piet Boon Zone, Brand

Focus on textures and finishes, play on

van Egmond, Christopher Guy, LSA,

shapes and colour defines these trend-

Detalia Aurora to name just a few.

setting ensembles from Pallate.  What is remarkable about each piece is its MARCH-APRIL 2014 • DESIGN MATRIX 121

Product feature




DESIGN, the user-friendly online store by the much acclaimed designer Krsna Mehta, offers design centric lifestyle products and solutions with a deeper palette, opulent darker shades and gem-tones.


ndia Circus presents a line of Floor Cushions, a wall art range titled “Bombay Deco” and a collection of Premium Crockery and Tableware. With exquisite designs ranging from galloping horses to peacocks, the floor

cushions are unique and perfect to make a living room look cozy and warm. The Bombay Deco collection has exquisite art works, which highlight the grand old days of Mumbai by featuring some of the most iconic art deco-style architecture in the city. The premium crockery dinnerware is a line of fine dining tableware. The collection comprises various designs and colourful motifs. These dinner sets are perfect for sophisticated, elegant evenings providing a setting for inventive and inspiring food presentations that leave a lasting impression. Each piece is delicately crafted and extremely well detailed in Krsna’s signature style. India Circus offers contemporary-chic, sophisticated, and affordable style for

various areas of your life, from home décor to personal accessories. Inspired by life in India today, India Circus appropriates this rich effervescent, historic, and idiosyncratic experience into its designs. Under the leadership of internationally renowned and award-winning artist and designer Krsna Mehta, India Circus products manifest his artistic vision in various lifestyle and personal accessories.



January-February 2014 VOL. 4 • ISSUE 2 • `100

Zarir Mullan & Seema Puri Good Design is one in which, both the interiors and exteriors blend together






Pay for 10 Issues and get 2 Issues Free

Bi-monthly Magazine Subscribe for 12 Issues `1000/- only SUBSCRIPTION FORM (Please fill in CAPITAL LETTERS)

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TERMS & CONDITIONS 1) Allow 3-4 weeks for processing of your Subscription. 2) Rates are valid in India only. (Overseas Subscriptions are not accepted) 3) Please write your name and address on the reverse of the cheque/DD also. 4) MRJ Creations Pvt. Ltd. will not be responsible for postal delays, transit losses or mutilation of the subscription form. 5) All disputes are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of competent courts and forums in Mumbai itself. 6) This is a limited period offer & MRJ Creations Pvt. Ltd. reserves the rights to terminate or extend this offer or any part thereof at any time. 7) MRJ Creations Pvt. Ltd. reserves the rights to accept or reject any or all forms received at their absolute discretion withoutassigning any reasons.8) We may disclose your personal identifiable information to companies not owned by MRJ Creations Pvt.Ltd.who want to market products or services to you unless you specifically refuse to entertain any mail from companies not owned by us. 9)Terms & conditions are subject to change.



H C N LAU near So ith w ic g a m e th te a re c Re ne with its uty and style. Brown Rhinesto amalgamation of natural bea

eers are a per fect y capture the Sonear’s latest exotic stone ven . The Amber Woods would aptl interiors a whole new meaning the give to es mis set, being pro Rus ure ber text Tim tougher looking a classy touch and it creates. Ochre Grove adds to look and ur tion and colo the solu rior with rs inte romance of outdoo ainable, affordable, stylish s. The Glazed Auburn is a sust way tic exo y man in d use be lightweight can rior and exterior needs. Cocoa Bars blends well the inte ww w.sonearply. com



Enduring Elegance with the

Great Eastern Home The exclusive range of Leather sofas from The Great Eastern Home embodies a harmonious blend of style, sophistication and comfort. These sofas are elegant in design and finish; swathed with top-grain leather, hand crafted with top quality wood and a high gloss polish. The sofas reflect meticulous and artistic craftsmanship, and set an enduring standard for comfort and elegance.

Stunning C A console

tables at

Living in Style

The magnificent and stri king designs of C A Con sole tables introduced by Living in Sty le have been intricately cra fted and designed to create its ow n assent niche. These tab les are gre at for adding vases, lamps, cer amic shaped accessories, can dle sta nd at any room. These Con sole tables are not only clas sic and sty lish but also enhances elegan t and contemporary feel. The smooth and solid finish of these console tables are ver y dur able and multifunctional and ver y eye-catching. ww



d Caracole comes to In

in ions from America’s high The latest furnishing opt India, to es com ”, nd – “Caracole style and high value bra ign des rior tive – an inte with Space Design Collec exclusively offering world and g atin cre solutions group, acole utions in the countr y. Car famous interior design sol ssic Cla : ries ee style catego furniture is available in thr ual, and New Traditional, Cas lly ura Nat Contemporary, in different irs, closed storage units ranging from dining cha sign De ce Spa at irs, and desks sizes, sectional sofas, cha Collective ww w.spacedesigncollec

Spring summer 2014 C ollection by

Hands Carpets

Hands, India’s leading car pet store, have introduced its Spring Summer 2014 luxurious collection of car collection of Hand Knotte pets is influenced by tim d Carpets & Rugs. This eless and elegant Persian These hand knotted carpet designs jux taposed with s with their skilful use of chic contemporary pat tern we avin g techniques showcase s. sensibilities synonymous the excellence, tradition, with Hands carpets. Ava innovation and design ilable in soothing pastel colors and warm ear thy tones. The collection is ava all exclusive Hands stores ilable at in Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mu mbai, Bangalore & Chenna i. Tel: 022-26320609 / 011-26 503239/48


Linen Collection by

World Baazar The linen collection of sofas and chairs under the label World Bazaar Originals is designed keeping the Indian Climate in mind. The Oakwood in white wash color give it a classy look. The look is casual yet Colonial French and lights colour woods are used to make even the smaller room look bigger in appearance. The earthly colours of beige, browns, natural linen and greys add a perfect look. Each piece is upholstered in 100% Italian Linen and have Duck feather filling in the seat and back cushions for utmost comfort..

Ravissant unveils Silver Lapis Lazuli collection Ravissant unveils Silver Lapis Lazuli collection which consist of Silver nut bowl, bar set, Jug set, fruit platter, tea set, rice and vegetable dish, centerpiece and soup tureen. These products are crafted from sterling silver and lapis lazuli stone, which adds luxurious accent in any kitchen. This collection is designed in a contemporary style with unique concepts and shapes of the Art Nouveau into today’s times. Knobs, handles, stands and shapes of the products are designed very elegantly to give it a very unique touch.

GLOSSARY IFC: Exteria Century Plyboards (I) Limited 6, Lyons Range, Kolkata – 700 001. Tel: (033) 3940 3950 Email: Pg. 1: Ebco Pvt. Ltd. 402-3, Hyde Park, Saki Vihar Road, Mumbai 400072 Tel: (022) 67837777 Email: Pg. 2: Concept Dekor Surface Dekor (India) Pvt. Ltd. Abdul Satar Lakdawala Comp., Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road, Jogeshwari-East, Mumbai – 400 060 Tel: (022) 28242424/28362424 Email: Pg. 3: Cera Cera Sanitaryware Ltd. Madhusudan House, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad 380 006. Tel.: (079) 26449781/26449789 Email:

Pg. 8: CLS Industries CLS Industries Pvt.LTd. Plot no.38, 43, 44 & 45, Survey No.89, Meghpar Borichi, Anjar, Gujarat, India. Tel: 09711192810 / 09099052288 Email: Pg. 9: Lunawood Exterior Cladding & Decking • 935, Bhagwandas Wadi, Behind Kismat Talkies, off V.S. Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai 400 025 Tel: (022) 24318222 Email: • 9/B & 9/K, Laxmi Ind. Estate, New Link Road, Versova, Andheri (W), Mumbai – 400 053 Tel: (022) 26327733 / 34 Email: Pg. 11: KiTEC Flexibility KiTEC Industries (India) Limited C-18/11, Jeevan Bima Nagar, Borivali (W), Mumbai – 400 103. Tel.: (022) 2895 1144 Email:

Pg. 4 & 5: Durian Office Furniture Durian Industries Ltd. 401, The Summit, Western Express Highway, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai 400057 Tel: (022) 26269000 Email:

Pg. 13: Jalaram Flooring • 935, Bhagwandas Wadi, Behind Kismat Talkies, off V.S. Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai 400 025 Tel: (022) 24318222 Email: • 9/B & 9/K, Laxmi Ind. Estate, New Link Road, Versova, Andheri (W), Mumbai – 400053 Tel: (022) 26327733 / 34 Email:

Pg. 6: FINfloor Laminated flooring MRJ Trading Pvt. Ltd. 201, Shyam Kamal ‘C’ Bldg., Agarwal Market, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai – 400057. Tel : (022) 26187132 / 26131442 Email:

Pg. 14: LG Hi-Macs New Patel Sawmill Group 204/B, Vertex Vikas, Sir M V Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400069 Tel: (022) 26833377/0952 Email:

Pg. 7: Geeta Corporate Ad. Geeta Aluminium Company Pvt. Ltd. D/4, Ansa Industrial Estate, Saki Vihar Road, Saki Naka, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400072. (M) : 09930806685

Pg. 15: Birla White Wallcare Putty Ultratech Cement Ltd. Ground Floor, Ahura Centre, 82, Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri (E) Mumbai 400093 Toll Free: 1800111717

Pg. 16 & 17: Uniply Elementz Decorative Veneers Uniply Industries Ltd. #52, Harleys Road, Kilpauk, Chennai – 600 010. Tel: (044) 26605995 Email: Pg. 40 & 41: Le Cdeor MRJ Trading Pvt. Ltd. 201, Shyam Kamal ‘C’ Bldg., Agarwal Market, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai – 400057. Tel : (022) 26187132 / 26131442 Email: Pg. 42 & 43: Uniply ATS Plywood Uniply Industries Ltd. #52, Harleys Road, Kilpauk, Chennai – 600 010. Tel: (044) 2660 5995 Email: Pg. 67: UBM-INDEX Trade Fairs Pg. 99: Travette flooring MRJ Trading Pvt. Ltd. 201, Shyam Kamal ‘C’ Bldg., Agarwal Market, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai – 400057. Tel : (022) 26187132 / 26131442 Email: IBC: Sleek Kitchen Sleek International 224-227, Blue Rose Ind. Estate, Western Exp. Highway, Next to Maruti Showroom, Borivali (E), Mumbai – 400 066. Tel: (022) 64527616 Email: BC: Durian Office Furniture Durian Industries Ltd. 401, The Summit, Western Express Highway, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai 400057 Tel: (022) 26269000 Email:

FORM IV Statement of Ownership and other particulars about magazine entitled –Design Matrix to be published in the first issue every year after the last day of February. 1. Place of Publicatiosn : MRJ Creations Pvt. Ltd., 201, Shyam Kamal ‘C’ Building, Agarwal Market, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai - 400057 2. Periodicity of its publication : Bi-Monthly 3. Printer’s Name : Mr. Karan Jhunjhunwala, Nationality : Indian, Address :MRJ Creations Pvt. Ltd., 201,Shyam Kamal ‘C’ Building Agarwal Market, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai -400057 4. Publisher’s Name : Mr. Karan Jhunjhunwala, Nationality : Indian, Address : MRJ Creations Pvt. Ltd., 201,Shyam Kamal ‘C’ Building Agarwal Market, Vile Parle (E),Mumbai -400057 5. Editor’s Name : Ms. Marilyn Madathil, Nationality : Indian, Address : MRJ Creations Pvt. Ltd., 201,Shyam Kamal ‘C’ Building Agarwal Market, Vile Parle (E),Mumbai -400057 6. Names and addresses of individuals who own the newspaper and partners or shareholders holding more than one per cent of the total capital. a) Karan Jhunjhunwala , MRJ Creations Pvt. Ltd. 201, Shyam Kamal ‘C’ Building, Agarwal Market, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai – 400057 b) Manohar Jhunjhunwala , MRJ Creations Pvt. Ltd. 201, Shyam Kamal ‘C’ Building, Agarwal Market, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai – 400057 I, Karan Jhunjhunwala – Publisher ( Design Matrix), herby declare that the particulars given above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Date: 1st March, 2014

Sd/Mr. Karan Jhunjhunwala Publisher


March-April 2014 issue of Design Matrix  

A design centric issue with elegant residential, corporate, and hospitality projects from different parts of the country to evoke your desig...

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