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Interviews: Aida Aguirre - José A. Flores - Victor Periañez Architects: Moneo Brock - Ismael Mérida - David Tuan - Alejandro Martín María Dolores Donaire - Sir David Adjaye Cover Photo






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Kenzo Takada dresses the Mah Jong



Summer invites to enjoy the colour, the energy, and live life alfresco. Spaces get embellished with touches of colour and are completed with innovative design solutions, all of which have been enjoyed by us at the Milan Fair. In this issue, we present to you the winning project of the 3rd International Architecture Award organized by DOM3 and introduce you to José A. Flores, interior designer and owner of Aalto Furniture (exclusive designer furniture company in Marbella) with projects in Marbella, Dubai, Paris, London, Tehran, the USA, etc. In the Fashion section, we interview Aida Aguirre, an influential blogger and an expert in luxury and fashion, who, aided by her social media channels, demonstrates to us the latest trends of the most influential fashion companies based in Marbella. So, find a nice shade and get ready to enjoy the fresh pages of this edition. Happy summer!

Лето приглашает насладиться цветом, энергией и проводить как можно больше времени на свежем воздухе. Пространства становятся краше благодаря новым цветовым оттенкам и инновационным решениям, каждое из которых нам довелось лицезреть на выставке в Милане. В этом номере мы представляем вам проект-победитель третьего международного конкурса архитектурных проектов, организованного ассоциацией DOM3, а также знакомим вас с Хосе А. Флоресом, дизайнером интерьеров и владельцем местной компании Aalto Furniture, работающей в сфере элитного мебельного дизайна и имеющей проекты в Марбелье, Дубае, Париже, Лондоне, Тегеране, США и т.д. В разделе «Мода» мы берем интервью у Аиды Агирре, авторитетного блоггера и эксперта в мире предметов роскоши и моды, которая, извлекая максимальную пользу из своих социально-сетевых каналов, демонстрирует нам самые свежие тенденции наиболее влиятельных домов моды Марбельи. Итак, присядьте в тенечке и получите удовольствие от прочтения свежих страниц этого выпуска. Отличного лета!

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E , M O C WE L



Specialists in kitchen countertops

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Interview with José A. Flores


Bealstone and Mortex


Interview with Victor Periañez


Salone del Mobile in Milan


Ismael Mérida


Moneo Brock


NY Fair


David Tuan and Alejandro Martín


Beach Club




Interview with Aida Aguirre



Contributing Writers

Ismael Mérida

María Dolores Donaire

Belén Moneo and Jeffrey Brock

David Tuan and Alejandro Martín

Architect, graduated from the University of Seville, owner of an architecture studio whose head office is located in Marbella. The firm operates mainly in the Costa del Sol and has projects spread across the Spanish geography, Lisbon, Casablanca, Tangier and the Dominican Republic.

Architect and design collaborator in the PielSen projecT. Research focused on sustainability and energy efficiency linked to the building envelope, new technologies and the use of natural resources.

Belén Moneo (Harvard, 1988) and Jeffrey Brock (Princeton, 1985), founded Moneo Brock in 1993 in New York City after receiving their Masters of Architecture from Columbia University. The firm opened its Madrid office in 2002

The Project “Terral y Virazón”, developed by the two architects, wins the III International Architecture Award DOM3 Prize. The winning team received 60,000€ on behalf of the main sponsor DEI-Homes and the imminent execution of the Project.




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José Antonio Flores

Interior designer and owner of AALTO EXCLUSIVE FURNITURE www.aaltofurniture.com

“we are sellers of dreams

and emotions ”


Interview by Lola Gómez AALTO Exclusive Design is an internationally acclaimed interior design studio and architecture practice, co-founded by interior designer José A. Flores, which offers a complete range of professional, residential and commercial interior design services to clients worldwide, with projects in Marbella, Dubai, Paris, London, Tehran, the USA, etc. Spanish-produced luxury furniture is what you can see in its exclusive store with 700 square metres of exhibition space, located in the Golden Mile of Marbella. What made you want to be a designer? I really think that it’s something innate, something you carry inside of you, and when you begin to discover that, you must work on it and thus improve your creativity to the maximum. Since childhood, I remember that I enjoyed visiting my friends and I used to mentally redecorate their houses; it was something I found extremely entertaining. First I used to treat it as a game until I completed my education and turned this pastime into my passion and profession. You’ve been professionally involved in interior design for 20 years. And what about designing furniture? In some projects, I used to design certain pieces that I couldn’t find for some particular spaces. So I started designing my own collection, if you like, to handle my own orders for my clients and from then on, I went further and further. Basically, I feel more fulfilled when the projects include technical aspects and decorative realisation. Thanks to these orders, I’ve had the opportunity of decorating houses in many important cities of the world and meeting very interesting people who always bring gratifying experiences into your life.

Is there a space that always excites you? I’d say that there aren’t any particular spaces, rather a series of determining factors that make a space special. Natural light, the building’s location, the relief of the terrain, the materials, textures... etc. Thanks to all these elements, combined in the right proportions according to their fair values, each space becomes idyllic and invites to dream. I faithfully believe that, as creative people, we are sellers of dreams and emotions. What is the first question you ask your customers? I’m guided by my instinct, every client is a world on its own, I try to capture their essence in their way of talking, thinking, acting, in all the information they communicate to me, and through this in-depth psychological analysis, the necessary questions that need to be asked get formed. We make personalised designs, and for this reason, every client is unique and special. In your shop, you also work with notable interior designers as well as renowned furniture brands. Yes, indeed. Apart from AALTO COLLECTION, we work with some leading brands at international level in the world of furniture and design in order to offer the best of services to our clients. Besides, we have designers of international acclaim, who count on our company to accomplish their projects.



www.aaltofurniture.com 15

ХОСЕ АНТОНИО ФЛОРЕС дизайнер интерьеров и владелец компании AALTO EXCLUSIVE FURNITURE Интервью Лолы Гомес Получившая мировое признание студия дизайна и архитектуры AALTO Exclusive Design, одним из основателей которой является дизайнер Хосе А. Флорес, предлагает широчайший спектр услуг в области профессионального, жилого и коммерческого дизайна по всему миру и работает над различными проектами в Марбелье, Дубае, Париже, Лондоне, Тегеране, США и т.д. В принадлежащем компании эксклюзивном магазине, в самом сердце Милья-де-Оро в Марбелье, на 700 квадратных метрах выставочного пространства, вы можете найти элитную мебель от испанских производителей. Благодаря чему вы захотели стать дизайнером? Думаю, что у меня к этому склонность от рождения, это что-то необъяснимое, что есть у меня внутри, и когда вы начинаете это осознавать, то важно тщательно работать над этим, чтобы раскрыть ваши творческие способности в максимальной степени. Когда я был ещё ребенком, помню, как мне нравилось бывать в гостях у своих друзей и мысленно представлять, какую новую отделку я бы сделал в их домах. Меня этот процесс сильно увлекал, и сначала для меня это было чемто вроде игры, а потом я получил образование и сделал все это своим призванием и профессией. Вы уже на протяжении 20 лет профессионально занимаетесь дизайном интерьеров. А что вы можете сказать о дизайне мебели? Работая над некоторыми проектами, мне приходилось заниматься дизайном отдельных предметов мебели, которые я не мог подобрать для конкретных интерьеров. Если можно так выразиться, я начал создавать свою собственную коллекцию, чтобы выполнить свои собственные заказы для своих клиентов, а потом у меня стали появляться все новые и новые идеи и я без труда находил пути для их воплощения. В основном, я чувствую, что мне удается гораздо полнее себя реализовать тогда, когда в проектах, помимо технических аспектов, мне приходится работать также и над внутренней отделкой. Благодаря этим заказам, мне довелось заниматься отделочными работами во многих важных городах мира, встречая на своем творческом пути очень интересных людей, общение с которыми доставляет удовольствие и оставляет неизгладимый след в вашей жизни.


Существует ли какое-нибудь место, которое всегда приводило бы вас в радостное волнение? Думаю, что неправильно было бы говорить о какихто определенных местах, скорее, речь идет о целом комплексе определяющих факторов, благодаря которым конкретное место становится особенным. Естественный свет, местоположение здания, рельеф местности, материалы, текстуры и т.д. Благодаря всем этим составным элементам, скомбинированным в правильных пропорциях в соответствии с их значимостью, каждое конкретное пространство становится идиллическим и побуждает мечтать. Я искренне верю, что, как творческие люди, мы являемся своего рода продавцами мечтаний и эмоций. Какой первый вопрос вы обычно задаете своим клиентам? Я руководствуюсь своими внутренними ощущениями, каждый клиент – это отдельный, неповторимый мир, я стараюсь понять, уловить его сущность, судя по тому, как человек разговаривает, думает, действует, пользуясь всей информацией, которую я получаю от него. И благодаря такому глубокому психологическому анализу, у меня появляются необходимые вопросы, которые мне нужно задать клиенту. Мы создаем дизайн-проекты по индивидуальным заказам, и по этой причине, каждый наш клиент уникален и особенен. В вашем магазине вы также сотрудничаете с известными дизайнерами интерьеров, равно как и с общепризнанными мебельными брендами. Да, это верно. Помимо самой AALTO COLLECTION, мы работаем с некоторыми ведущими торговыми марками международного уровня в мире мебели и дизайна, так как мы стремимся предлагать нашим клиентам только все самое лучшее. Кроме того, у нас есть дизайнеры с мировым именем, которые делают ставку на нашу компанию на пути осуществления своих проектов.

www.aaltofurniture.com 17

BEAL International SA is a Belgian family-owned business founded by Jean-Bernard Thiry in 1974. The company’s history is based on constant innovation. Since the beginning, BEAL International SA has developed its own range of products with the aim of finding solutions to humidity-related and other specific problems. The firm produces its products at the headquarters in Belgium and from there they are distributed to a large number of countries around the world. In Spain, the company already has 20 sales outlets, a training centre in Guadalajara, launched in 2017, and more than 10 years of experience in the domestic market. The firm’s most distinctive products are MORTEX® and BEALSTONE®. www.bealinternational.com

MORTEX by Alejandro Giménez Architects

BEAL INTERNATIONAL ON THE COSTA DEL SOL BEAL’s product range appeared on the Costa del Sol thanks to Belgian citizens who were already familiar with the virtues and good results of using MORTEX® in other projects in Belgium. The confidence they had acquired by dealing with it lead them to demand the same finishes for their second residence on the Costa del Sol. Red Verde was one of the first distributors of Beal International in Spain and even opened a showroom in Málaga. The application of the materials is carried out by independent companies. During this period, there have been companies, such as AM Tematizados and Microcementos, Prodecor and C.F.M. Ecoconstruir, which, after receiving necessary training, have been utilizing MORTEX® as a unique continuous coating solution in their projects. And even, in some cases, there are companies that focus exclusively on using the materials produced by Beal International, as is the case with AM Tematizados and Microcementos. Among other companies that follow suit is Econcret, which occasionally use the material when accomplishing some of their clients’ orders. Their interest in the products made by Beal has even made them travel to Belgium with the purpose of getting to know the factory and familiarising themselves with the application techniques of the other product, BEALSTONE®. Architects and designers do not stay indifferent to the success of MORTEX®, and such architecture studios as Atrio Arquitectos and Alejandro Giménez Architects have completed various projects using this material... Over the past year, these have been joined by other studios, such as Fermont Galván or Martínez Galván, which have begun to utilize this micro-mortar in some of their projects.

MORTEX It’s an innovative solution that offers numerous possibilities and advantages, within the field of continuous coatings, due to its technical characteristics and aesthetics. It is a lime-based mineral micro-mortar, which is totally waterproof and characterised by extraordinary adhesiveness, great hardness and flexibility, with countless finishes, effects and colours. This millimetric continuous coating allows finishing any space or element that may come into contact with water or humidity. You can use MORTEX® to cover floors, walls, terraces, showers, saunas, bathtubs, ceilings, countertops, pieces of furniture, ... It is perfect for application both in newly constructed projects and renovation projects; thanks to the exceptional adhesion properties it can be easily used on a wide range of surfaces. It is also highly effective in recoating all kinds of furniture and countertops. MORTEX® is a product that has already been on the Spanish market for ten years, architects rely on it for carrying out all sorts of projects: from private housing to hotels. BEALSTONE The other product that stands out in BEAL International is BEALSTONE®, a new-generation continuous decorative terrazzo, which is fully customizable. Its base layer is composed of binding powder that can be mixed practically with all types of aggregates: quartz, metal, marble, terracotta, broken glass, mirror shards, stones, silica particles and even semi-precious stones. This enables each client to create their own personalised and exclusive coatings. Depending on the colour chosen as the base and the pieces of material that are aggregated, a very original and creative visual appearance can be achieved. The product is being very warmly welcomed by the industry because it can be used to design all kinds of furniture items and because this continuous terrazzo can also be applied on vertical surfaces. This makes BEALSTONE® perfectly suited for manufacturing furniture: bar counters, desks, items for bedrooms and bathrooms, even in much more original projects.



by Alejandro Giménez Architects

(floor and stairs)

VICTOR PERIAÑEZ Director of Illusion www.e-illusion.es

Interview by Lola Gómez He was born in San Pedro de Alcántara (Marbella). His professional career started in 1997 when he joined the franchise Bang & Olufsen Marbella, succeeding in becoming nº1 in sales at world level. In 2003 he moved to Dublin (Ireland) to administer the logistics department and manage the establishment of the Bang & Olufsen headquarters. In 2006 he decided to return to Marbella to open Illusion with his partner Malen Horton, and it’s there where he has been developing his professional career since then, making the most of all the acquired experience. In 2016, having already dedicated more than twenty years to his line of business, he launched a new entrepreneurial venture by opening the Bang & Olufsen shop in Málaga, which is today already a well-consolidated enterprise.


“They have a team of 36 people and an exhibition shop in San Pedro de Alcántara and the Málaga capital.”

What are the primary services provided by Illusion? We advise our clients, from a very early stage, on how to carry out a comprehensive project, coordinating advisory work, design and after-sales service in order to obtain the desired result. We consider design to be a fundamental part of a project, we provide ideas and solutions and accomplish them throughout the construction process with exhaustive professional follow-up. Among the principal services offered by us are consulting, design, setting up and maintaining lighting projects, video/ audio, intelligent systems for enhancing comfort with lighting-climate management, and movie halls. What nationality are your clients? Well, we’ve got customers of various origins, coming from different regions in Spain, Holland, Belgium, England, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Poland, Nordic countries and other more distant countries such as the USA and the Arab Emirates.

What are the latest market innovations in the field of intelligent home systems? The software industry is undergoing a revolution. Since the major players, Google, Apple and Amazon, arrived in the world of technology, everything has rapidly evolved, clients have gained confidence and this has increased the demand. Our solutions by Lutron, Delta Light and Bang & Olufsen are fully compatible with the previously mentioned systems, and this makes our clients benefit from a total experience with a high level of comfort and a totally exclusive design. What projects are you carrying out at the moment? They are residential projects in Palo Alto, exclusive villas in the residential area of La Zagaleta, and a number of unique projects for our clients in Sierra Blanca and Los Flamingos.


“Among the principal services offered by us are consulting, design, setting up and maintaining lighting projects, video/audio, intelligent systems for enhancing comfort with lighting climate management, and movie halls.� www.e-illusion.es


Компания располагает штатом из 36 сотрудников и имеет магазин-салон в Сан Педро де Алькантара и в столице – Малаге. 23

ВИКТОР ПЕРИАНЬЕС директор компании Illusion

Родился в Сан Педро де Алькантара (Марбелья). Его профессиональная карьера началась в 1997 г., когда он стал участником франчайзинга Bang & Olufsen Marbella, впоследствии выйдя на первое место по продажам на мировом уровне. В 2003 г. он переехал в Дублин (Ирландия), где управлял отделом логистики и организовывал процесс создания головного офиса Bang & Olufsen. В 2006 г. он решил вернуться в Марбелью и основать компанию Illusion вместе со своим партнером по бизнесу, Мален Ортон. Там он по сей день развивает свою профессиональную карьеру, извлекая максимум пользы из уже приобретенного ранее опыта. В 2016 г., посвятив к тому времени уже более двадцати лет своей специализации, он начал новую предпринимательскую деятельность, открыв магазин Bang & Olufsen в Малаге, и это дело к настоящему времени уже успело перерасти в солидный бизнес. Какие главные услуги оказывает компания Illusion? Мы консультируем своих клиентов, начиная с самого раннего этапа, по вопросам, связанным с реализацией комплексных проектов, координируя процесс консультирования, дизайн и послепродажное обслуживание с целью добиться желаемого результата. Мы рассматриваем дизайн как фундаментальную часть любого проекта, мы предлагаем идеи и решения, воплощаем их в рамках всего строительного процесса, а также обеспечиваем всестороннюю профессиональную поддержку на последующих этапах. Среди основных наших услуг можно выделить консультирование, дизайн, создание и поддержку проектов освещения, аудио-видео, интеллектуальные системы,


служащие для создания большего комфорта, с функциями управления климатическими условиями и светом, а также кинозалы. Какой национальности ваши клиенты? Клиенты к нам приезжают из самых разных мест, из различных регионов Испании, Голландии, Бельгии, Англии, Швейцарии, Германии, России, Польши, скандинавских государств, а также из других, более отдаленных стран, таких как США и Арабские Эмираты. Какие последние рыночные инновации в сфере интеллектуальных систем для дома вы могли бы отметить? Настоящая революция происходит в области программного обеспечения. С тех пор, как такие ведущие компании, как Google, Apple и Amazon, появились в мире технологий, за короткий срок произошли значительные изменения, клиенты обрели уверенность, что привело к увеличению спроса. Наши решения от Lutron, Delta Light и Bang & Olufsen на сто процентов совместимы с упомянутыми ранее системами, и это способствует тому, что наши клиенты извлекают пользу из полученного опыта и всей гаммы своих ощущений, находясь уже в более комфортных условиях и получая удовольствие от самого эксклюзивного дизайна. Над какими проектами вы работаете в настоящее время? Это жилищные проекты в Пало Альто, эксклюзивные виллы в жилом массиве Ла Сагалета, а также ряд уникальных проектов для наших клиентов в Сьерра Бланка и Лос Фламингос.


The Salone del Mobile, showcasing the very top Italian and international products and “driver” of manufacturing in the city of Milan opens under the banner of its new Manifesto and fuelled by renewed optimism and dynamism. The doors to the Salone del Mobile.Milano, the unmissable appointment for the sector at international level, and the showcase for creativity, innovation and quality par excellence, have swung open again. The 57th edition reprises the founding values of the event and its powerful links with Milan. The pillar of the event this year is its very first Manifesto: a declaration of intent geared to channelling the forces in Milan to work together to preserve the leadership role of both the event and the city, and attract ideas, projects and new resources. President of the Salone del Mobile Claudio Luti had this to say: “When you look at the thousands of people streaming through the pavilions each day, it’s easy to understand why the Salone del Mobile.Milano is not just a simple trade fair but a global experience and an emotion that attracts companies, creatives, communicators and professionals from all over the world. Precisely because of this power of attraction, the Salone del Mobile is a great resource for the Italian system, concentrating the innovative excellence of thought and product in a single moment and in a single place. It is during these few days that the initial, virtuous and fruitful dialogue between productivity and creativity that will inform great projects over the coming months is sparked. This is where extraordinary meetings take place, capable of changing the course of things and triggering meaningful collaborations. This is where the words of the Manifesto come alive and become concrete, with business and cultural opportunities for those who believe in quality and in a future fuelled by internationalisation.”


1,841 exhibitors, 27% of them from 33 other countries, showcased their products at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition, EuroCucina and the International Bathroom Exhibition, plus the 650 designers under 35 featured at SaloneSatellite – three of whom were presented with the Salone Satellite Award. 27

Salone del Mobile Milano 2018: huge crowds and business growth An extremely positive result for the 57th edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano, both in terms of attendance and in terms of the quality of trade relations, is testament to its power of attraction and its capacity for involvement and excitement, palpable in the exhibition pavilions right from the off. 435,065 attendees, in 6 days, from 188 different countries, made for a 17% increase compared to the 2016 edition, which last featured the biennial kitchen and bathroom exhibitions, and an increase of 26% compared with the 2017 edition.



The project

Living Nature La natura dell’abitare, produced in partnership with the Carlo Ratti Associati (CRA) international design and innovation studio, has been a huge success. Located opposite Palazzo Reale in Piazza del Duomo, it has drawn in over , An ideal continuation of the Salone in the city, it is a laboratory combining design, engineering and botany, and the only one of its kind. the Salone del Mobile.Milano will be gifting the splendid greenery of all four seasons to the City of Milan: twenty-three species of tall tree – including a Himalayan Birch, a Japanese Flowering Crab Apple, a Common Alder and a Persian Ironwood – along with flourishing beds of typical plants and flowers. Salone del Mobile Milano 2018




Salone del Mobile Milano 2018 – Trends Anyone looking for a clear and unequivocal answer to the question “what approach will design take in 2018? ” within the context of the great Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano cannot fail to be surprised. There is no one single approach, but many different, if not radically different, design approaches. In fact one could attempt a play on words, to the effect that the lack of a well-defined trend should be seen as the driving trend. Unless we are very much mistaken, it is fair to say that this is an observation that has been made increasingly frequently over the last decade - despite numerous attempts to pin new “ism” labels on things, this has simply not happened. There have been many and varied style approaches in 2018, from organicism to a return to the classic, a search for purity or fantasy and, within each different strand, there are designers from the most diverse cultural and geographical contexts. This sends a clear message that creatives all over the world are guided by their “reference tribes”, moving endlessly around a global market in which localisms appear, from a creative point of view at least, to be on the wane. The definitions that attempted to identify “national styles”, postulating Italian rather than Scandinavian or German design, now appear meaningless. Now, with all due respect to the purists, it would be perfectly possible to find a German designer working for a Greek company drawing on a Scandinavian lexicon (one such example is Catharina Lorenz | Steffen Kaz and their Halla chair for Anesis). Equally, in the design world, the term ethnic is declined in a Marco Polo-esque dream that blends Africa and the East, Lapland and Peru together like spices (Paola Navone is showcasing Carve, a hand-carved mahogany armchair for Gervasoni). These polymorphic instances (the phrases “inclusion” and “cultural crossing” have also been gathering pace) seem to have become increasingly unrelenting since the beginning of the new millennium and, as we have said, it is not clear whether we are likely to witness other unitary and long-lasting movements such as functionalism, “fine design”, postmodernism or minimalism again in the foreseeable future. While this absence of unidirectional approach should be powerfully stressed, there remain various characteristics common to all the trends evidenced, first and foremost the retrieval of the narrative value of objects, of their ability to create an ambience and live alongside each other in spaces conceived along the lines of cabinets de merveilles, collectors’ treasure chests. There are few references to the so-called white cube, now usurped by rooms (the loft concept is now extremely passé), steeped in shades of pink/red and grey/ petroleum. Furniture, lamps and objects adapt perforce to this mood, “warming up” their images with fine woods, precious finishes, enveloping fabrics and, especially, a very particular kind of tactility. Furnishing in 2018 demands to be caressed by the eye as well as by the hand. There are no neutral presences, rather talking simulacra, capable of expressing our ideas, our passions – narrating them. This is particularly evident when it comes to organicism, a sensual trend enjoying. 32


The Dedon stand for the Salone del Mobile 2018, designed by gamfratesi 34



LUXXU www.luxxu.net


Body: Brass, Mirror & Crystal Glass


Inspired by its peculiar shape, the Anguis is a modular and adaptable Sofa, built to take a variety of profiles without losing its comfortable and luxurious facet. The skin that covers it reflects the refinement of its manufacture and ensures high


levels of strength and durability, while the lacquered wood conveys a sense of refinement in the details. A timeless piece built using manual processes, and high quality materials, able to adapt to the most varied ambiences.


Like a savage beauty, this masterpiece brings the powerful evocation of the sublime. It’s perfect to use as a single item or in harmony with more than one element in the same area in the dining room. Its lush presentation gained inspiration from Alexander McQueen creations and in each leaf is forging his identity in brass and gold plated finishes, giving a set of rhythmic, luminous branches that end up with the touch of beautiful Swarovski crystals.



A hymn to sophistication and design, the Apotheosis console creates a strong presence that will revolutionize the looks of any project. Its straight lines make for a glorious construction, embodying the spirit of exclusive design. A daring and elegant balance between marble, lacquer and brass lines

Inspired by our remarkable Darian sideboard, the Darian Side Table II rises has a luxurious side table, impotent and lavish. A ravishing handcraft side table, that is made of round smoked glass placed on top of a wooden structure in black lacquer touched by gold-plated brass bars. This luxury item adapts perfectly to any ambiance or style.



Designed from the soft blend of emotional yet beautiful lines the Gala Suspension is the perfect outcome of brass and crystal glass. A superb piece for timeless creations.

The circular gold plated brass levels of the Babel Suspension brings elegance to any luxurious ambiance. The exclusive uneven shape of each crystal glass made by the craftsman’s exceptional know-how creates a unique pattern of lighting refraction. An impressive object of desire.






Villas de Riva

By architect Ismael Mérida

“… As we enter the property area, we are accompanied by the sound of water, flowing down the waterfalls at the entrance, which is going to take us right to our home.” This is the spirit of our project: creating a refuge while getting the most out of the environment and making it part of ourselves. The water. From the waterfalls we are welcomed by to the infinity swimming pool embedded into the gardens, the presence of water is felt throughout the building complex. Each villa is equipped with a private swimming pool and boasts sea views. Fusion. We find ourselves facing a project that, being essentially Mediterranean and having pure, minimalist lines, merges with the East without losing sight of modernity. Stone and wood are essential elements of the project: they are present in the facades and in its interior, providing us with necessary warmth and thus achieving a balance within the architectural ensemble. www.ismaelmerida.com 38

Promotion of 6 ‘boutique’ villas in Marbella, each with 4 bedrooms, with unbeatable views of the sea and the luxuriant pine woods in the Artola area. Adjoining the golf course, the property development is located next to the Cabopino beach.

Property developer: Metrovacesa


Moneo brock’s colorful casa TEC 205 in monterrey is a homage to mexican architecture By the architects Belén Moneo and Jeffrey Brock The Casa TEC 205 is located very close to the Chipinque ecological park, an urban landscape dominated by the Sierra Madre, omnipresent backdrop to the city of Monterrey. This house is the first prize in a raffle organized every year by the Technological University of Monterrey to raise funds for its students. The house design follows a number of complementary motives. The first, it could be said, was to preserve four large extant trees on the site, three walnuts and a trueno. In a context where house developments often raze all remnants of a prior life on a site, we decided to not just preserve these trees, but to make them part of the project. Since the house occupies approximately half of the site, and because the trees are distributed across its slope, the house necessarily surrounds and frames them. Now embedded in the house, the trees definitively characterize the spaces they inhabit. The second motive was to open up the public spaces to the sky and the views, and to maximize the area of green space in those parts of the site not occupied by the building’s footprint. Because the land slopes steeply down from the entry level we were able to invert the conventional arrangement, placing the bedroom floor below the entry floor instead of above. This has various advantages. The bedrooms take advantage of the earth’s thermal mass, bringing natural freshness to the house and lowering cooling loads during the many months of high temperatures in Monterrey. This arrangement allows the more public floor to enjoy the better views that it’s higher position affords, and provides direct access to the garden for all the bedrooms.


Photos: Adrian Llaguno


A final consequence of this arrangement is that the outdoor public areas, the pool and grill and outdoor entertaining space, is shifted off the ground plane and onto the roof. The roof terrace is accessible directly from the street entry, from the more private breakfast terrace off the family room, and from inside the house by way of the main stair. It is conceived as a large exterior room, delimited by walls and windows that frame the fantastic views of the Monterrey mountains. A third motive was that each major interior space of should enjoy a direct connection to its own corresponding outdoor space, be it a garden, a patio or a terrace. By this means, each room is associated with a different landscape, giving it a unique character and an individual light, be it reflected, direct or filtered. In order to gather the outdoor spaces into the project, a series of large wall planes intersect in the house’s center and project into the surrounding outdoor space, creating large surfaces that run continuously between the interior and the exterior spaces of the house. Rather than create an architecture of discreet closed volumes, this constructivist assembly allows the walls to be read as independent, plastic elements, their transgression of the building enclosure effectively blurring the distinction between inside and outside space. Having always admired the use of color in Mexico, from its vernacular architecture to that of the masters Luis Barragån and Ricardo Legorreta, we applied strong colors to these walls not only because we typically use color in our work, but as recognition and homage to this great heritage as well.


Photos: Adrian Llaguno 43

In the interior of the house, the color has been the protagonist again. The pigments applied to walls run inside and outside, emphasizing their autonomy and determining the character of each space. In some rooms, we have used vibrant wallpapers that create murals to provide color and design. In others we have placed Mexican tiles with geometric patterns and bright colors. We have chosen furniture designed by leading international designers and prestigious brands with other more generic but equally beautiful pieces. For example, in the living room there are two sofas by Patricia Urquiola designed for Kettal and a Polder sofa by Hella Jongerius for Vitra. The large pendant lamp was designed by Arik Levy for VIbia, while the TamTam floor lamp was designed by Fabien Dumas for Marset. Two of the seats, the Slow Chairs, were designed by the Bouroullec brothers for Vitra, Some of the products included with the house were designed by Moneo Brock, including the colorful, geometric carpets and the “PlexiJazz� screen of translucent acrylic and colored vinyl, which receives visitors in the entrance hall and establishes the general character of the interior design. The large carpet derived from the herringbone pattern of wooden boards in a parquet floor is our design, as is the loveseat Sonia D, made for Ecus.


Photos: Adrian Llaguno 45

In its very conception, the project incorporates bioclimatic measures to minimize its ecological impact. In Monterrey, the largest climactic energy loads occur in the cooling season, when high temperatures mix with high humidity to make a very uncomfortable atmosphere. The heating season is essentially non-existent. The several patios with their mature trees create a cool and pleasant microclimates, offering natural light and clean air to the interior rooms. Besides the dappled shade offered by the trees, the house interior is protected from excessive insolation by a combination of exterior shutters on the windows to the east, vertical screens located to the side of the windows to the west and horizontal eaves over them to the south. The sun is in this way allowed to enter directly only a few hours each day in the cooler months, and never in summer. In addition, the windows are placed so as to take advantage of the prevailing eastwest winds, inducing natural cross-ventilation. The location of the bedrooms on the lower level, against one-story tall retaining wall allows them to take advantage of the stable, cool temperature of the earth’s mass. The bedrooms are exposed to the garden facing northeast, the optimal orientation for these rooms. The location of the pool on the rooftop takes advantage of the continuous processes of evaporation and nighttime to maintain a cool thermal mass in this location. The roof, in addition to having a thick layer of thermal insulation, is protected from excessive overheating by pergolas and sunshades. To complete the passive design we have treated carefully the potential energy loss via thermal bridges, insisting on the continuity of an adequate layer of insulation and of course all windows incorporate thermal breaks and double glazing. Inside the house, we selected low-energy appliances and electric lighting systems based on LED technology.



26-27-28 October • Palacio de Congresos SAVE THE DATE

Discover the best Marbella has to offer at this home & living fair In case you are planning to purchase or refurbish a property, or you want to discover the latest living & house trends, you best pay a visit to this international home and living expo. The last edition received more than 1400 visitors.

Participating exhibitors interior and outdoor design construction and renovation companies real estate providers

architects home design and art telecommunication and lifestyle

www.homefairmarbella.com 47


New York North American global design fair ICFF celebrated its 30th edition on May 20 – 23 at New York City’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. With nearly 900 exhibitors and more than 36,000 industry professionals, the event saw increases in every key category of attendance; more architects, interior designers, developers, and luxury retailers-plus exhibitors saw more international visitors and greater concentrations of senior designers from North America’s top 100 architectural and design firms.




Spanish Architecture Awards The CSCAE gave awards to projects in a public recognition of our architecture and urbanism and the excellent work done by Spanish architects.



Museum of the royal collections of Madrid authors: Mansilla and TuĂąon Arquitectos

Photos: Luis AsĂ­n Lapique


Palace of Congresses and Hotel of Palma de Mallorca Author: Francisco Mangado Architect

Photos: Juan RodrĂ­guez 51

The Project “Terral y Virazón”

By architects David Tuan (TUAN&CO. Arquitectura) and Alejandro Martín (Espacio Renders)

We had to design a 40 high standard appartment building, with spacious communal areas (gimnasium, wellness centre, a communal swimming pool, lounge, etc.) and a total of 10.000 m2 on the seafront, at the entrance to Estepona’s city centre. For us, the natural surroundings of the plot were decisive. Due to its location and lack of obstacles in its way, the building would have amazing views and also would be exposed to the northern and southern winds, this definetely was an aspect that we wanted to take advantage of to improve the building’s bioclimatic functions. That is how we came up with “terral”, a well known wind of our coastal area. It happens during nightfall, due to the sea taking longer to cool down than the earth. The difference of temperature between both generates a current of air that moves from land into the sea. On the other hand, the “virazón”, or marine breeze, does exactly the opposite. Our proposal is based on this dialogue: a Project located between the sea and the mountain, that fosters spaces for a relationship between both of them, and interprets this condition to draw passive design strategies, favouring crossed ventilation, generating natural convection currents with interior patios, and promoting the evapotranspiration with the use of plant walls which, in addition, isolate the terraces completely. We propose a motorised system of sunshades located in the edge of the framing, to create a variable textile façade. It resolves the four façades in a uniformed manner, achieving various aims: protect from radiation, improve privacy without giving up the terraces, adding up the interior and exterior surface without increasing the net floor area and finally, the wood together with the white colour of the façades, evoke the sails and the nautical atmoshphere. www.espaciorenders.com www.tuanandco.com


developed by the architects Alejandro Martín and David Tuan wins the III International Architecture Award DOM3 prize. The winning team received 60.000€ on behalf of the main sponsor DEI-Homes and the imminent execution of the Project.



www.espaciorenders.com www.tuanandco.com 55

Crystal Folds By María Dolores Donaire Architect and design collaborator in the PielSen project


What happens when combining architecture, design and innovation? Crystal folds is a set of works inspired in nature that is born of the study of an intelligent skin in buildings The design process generates many sketches, models... This documentation is stored as part of the evolution process of a project. “Crystal Folds” is a collection of works inspired by the first sketches of the design of an intelligent facade for the PielSen research project. This collection belongs to “ Chrysalis”, an artistic project that aims to collect a series of human emotions and sensations. In its representation, the incorporation of new materials contributes to be the key to capture the message transmitted by each of these works, decontextualizing them from their habitual use. Although it is presented as an independent work of the intelligent envelope, its essence is still present. Its composition is developed from a three-dimensional geometry and a study of visual perception. Characterized by its uniqueness, these works allow us to observe through them a different, changing and personal reality that depends on the context in which we are. Currently the collection presents an exhibition program that can be visited in different establishments. The material par excellence is glass, present in different modalities, combined with other types of materials: wicker, fur, velvet or angel skin textiles ... making each work unique and exclusive.



One of the most influential architects in the world

Sir David Adjaye Is recognized as a leading architect of his generation. Born in Tanzania to Ghanian parents, his broadly ranging influences, ingenious use of materials and sculptural ability have established him as an architect with an artist’s sensibility and vision. He founded Adjaye Associates in 2000, and immediately won several prestigious commissions including the Nobel Peace Centre in Oslo (2005) and the Idea Stores in London (2005), which were credited with pioneering a new approach to the provision of information services. His largest project to date, the $540 million Smithsonian Institute National Museum of African American History and Culture, opened on the National Mall in Washington DC in fall of 2016 and was named Cultural Event of the Year by the New York Times. Adjaye Associates now has offices in London, New York and Accra with projects in the US, UK, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. These include the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO (2010), the Sugar Hill mixed-use social housing scheme in Harlem, New York (2015); the Aishti Foundation retail and art complex in Beirut (2015); and two neighborhood libraries in Washington DC (2012). Prominent ongoing projects include a new home for the Studio Museum in Harlem, New York, a major neighborhood masterplan in San Francisco, and One Berkeley, a £600 million redevelopment project in London’s prestigious Piccadilly area.


Moscow, Russia. School of Management SKOLKOVO

Washington DC, USA - Main entry canopy view of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture NMAAHC


ARGO by Pujol Iluminaciรณn

Lighting is an irreplaceable and fundamental element in a space because it takes the responsibility of providing it with the desired environment and manages to emphasize the architecture of the space where it is located. The lounge floor lamp ARGO is a unique piece inspired by the purest industrial design.

www.pujoliluminacion.com 60

The best

Beach Clubs

of Marbella and its vicinity

The Costa del Sol and Marbella beach clubs are perfect to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea. They offer a safe environment, an atmosphere that invites tourists to relax and have fun at any moment of the day. The architecture and the services offered by these clubs were designed so that tourists enjoy the beach and soak up the sun without compromising comfort. Large Bali beds, bar and restaurant services, spas with beauty treatments and therapeutic massages, theme parties, live music shows‌ Everything you need to have an unforgettable experience by the sea. We invite you to take a look at the 7 best beach clubs of Marbella and its vicinity.


www.nikkibeach.com 63

Nikki Beach The brand’s first venue to reach the shores of Spain is turning 15! Nikki Beach Marbella opened its doors in 2003 on one of Costa del Sol’s finest white sand beaches. From the very beginning, this beach club has been a place where an international crowd has come together to spend an enjoyable summer in Marbella. This location has a large swimming pool with VIP beds, an open-air restaurant, a bar and a VIP terrace with spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea. Playa Hotel Don Carlos. Carretera de Cádiz km. 192. Marbella +34 952 83 62 39 www.nikkibeach.com



Puro Beach

A pool with hammocks and nomad beds, a deck, a yoga area, a restaurant area, a bar, live music from a select group of Djs, exotic theme parties, spa services and a dock for ships. It offers a transportation service to and from your anchored ship, so you can spend the day at the club. It also offers a delivery service to the anchored ships for those who prefer to spend the day at sea. Centro Comercial Laguna Beach. Ctra. N-340, salida 160, Km 139, Estepona. +34 952 80 00 15 - www.purobeach.com

Amàre Beach Hotels 66

Wooden decks will lead you into this exclusive beach area where comfortable sunbeds with waiter service are at your free disposal. You can also enjoy the experience of getting a relaxing massage. But if you really want to catch the Mediterranean taste we recommend the Amàre Beach restaurant, with fresh ingredients combined in a healthy, genuine and innovative cuisine that you’ll enjoy served on the beach terrace. Paseo Marítimo Marbella 29603 - +34 900 828 426 www.amarehotels.com

Beach Club

Beach Club owes much of its fame to the extraordinary international day time buffet. Highest-quality fresh ingredients: healthy salads, grilled in front of you meats, traditional paella and just-caught fish. Every day of the year, diners are tempted with an extraordinary display of platter upon platter of European, Asian, Lebanese and Spanish flavours. Marbella Club Hotel, Golf Resort & Spa

MC Beach

Chic chiringuito in tones of blue captures the essence of Spanish beach life for those with contemporary sensibilities. Marbella Club Hotel, Golf Resort & Spa Bulevar PrĂ­ncipe Alfonso von Hohenlohe, s/n, 29602, Marbella +34 95 282 2211 - www.marbellaclub.com 67

La Cabane beach Club With its location on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Club La Cabane is one of the most elegant and exclusive places on the Costa del Sol. Its magnificent panoramic views and its functional and modern design make it the ideal place for enjoying a relaxing day. Moreover, for more than 250 days of sunshine a year, you can enjoy hammocks, cabins and VIP beds. Club La Cabane offers you the chance to enjoy a VIP experience. Enjoy an unforgettable day in an exclusive reserved area of one of the best beach clubs in the Costa del Sol. The service includes a bottle of champagne, a fruit dish, special amenities, refreshing towels and personalised service round off this spectacular experience. Club La Cabane offers free and exclusive parking for guests and direct access to the beach. Hotel Los Monteros SPA & Golf Resort 5* GL Carretera Cรกdiz, Km.187, 29603 Marbella +34 952 771 700 www.monteros.com



Ocean Club

Ocean Club is synonymous with the sumptuous yachts, super cars and top brands of Puerto Banús because it offers an exceptional and privileged experience. The business is high-end hospitality but the task has been to redefine it in a modern summer seaside setting.

Avenida Lola Flores s/n. Puerto Banús +34 952 908 137 - www.oceanclub.es 70

Ocean Club provides the perfect combination of luxury, pampering, legendary parties, delectable cocktails and culinary experiences within a trendy, modern setting. The property boasts 9000sqm of elegant décor throughout. As such, it is associated with summer, style, luxury and glamorous lifestyles.



Bikini or Swimsuit 73

Aida Aguirre Businesswoman, model and influential blogger in the field of luxury fashion and lifestyle in Marbella Interview by Lola Gómez She is the owner of the first marketing agency specialised in dealing with influential bloggers in the south of Spain. The firm offers creativity and provides event organisation, advertising and public relations services from the best luxury companies in the world of fashion, travel, leisure and entertainment. Born in Bilbao and mother of three children, she collaborates with such television companies as Televisión Española, Tele 5 and Antena3 where she is regarded as the ambassador of the most recognised brands in Marbella. Being a graduate in business administration, as well as an expert in marketing and international trade, she has worked as a model for the most influential fashion companies in the world in Boston, New York and Mexico City, apart from representing her homeland as Miss Bizkaia. She is known to have won the award as the Best Spain’s Video-Blogger and is considered to be a great communicator whose posts on fashion, travel and lifestyle have gained her huge popularity for advocating a healthy culture of wellness, as she is a firm supporter of the trend “Eco is the New Luxury.”


Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo Photographer by Diar Fotografia @dear_marco 75

Where does your passion for fashion come from? I’ve always had a continuous curiosity for fashion, which is in my DNA, and as I’ve been wearing uniform all my life, my creativity and entrepreneurial personality have been making me search for clothes that could reflect the way I perceive the world. Surprisingly, luxury fashion found me while I was walking with my books and notes in Boston. I combined studying at university with walking along catwalks and my first job in the Glamour division of the ”Main Corporate Office” in Victoria´s Secret. In the United States, my love and sensitivity for fabrics and pattern designing became very much stronger, after I got to know the spirit and enthusiasm of the great designers. Apart from the backstage and catwalk adventures, in New York City I fell in love with the dreams that fashion can create for those who identify with it. What must a good influential blogger possess? As brand ambassadors, we are committed to generating conversation and original content. For my part, I’m a specialist in the field of luxury, so I’ve got a job that requires commitment, confidentiality and vision, yielding creative results distinguished by quality and excellence.

Photographer by Diar Fotografia. Salvatore Ferragamo


You provide a new form of announcing, advertising and recommending products because people trust your opinion. We, as influential bloggers, have become creative directors, who accompany large companies, and we’ve turned into the image and “living” voice of the brands. The revolution in the social networks broke out when the advertising business was in need of restructuring itself. Users were searching for a viewpoint, for an emotion, seeking to get to know and test the products through those people who had personal experience with them. It was then that I reinvented myself, studying for a master’s degree in digital communication, learning how to give a twist to the advertising system, transforming it from “I like it and I’ll buy it” to “I like it – I know you – I’ll buy it – I’ll share it”, with my supporters being the best potential clients and subscribers with their “likes & shares” for the brands I represent. For this reason, personally, rather than being just influential bloggers, we are Brand Ambassadors with our own voice, helping brands to reach people. What does your cover letter say about you, as an influential blogger? Creative, passionate about life, sociable by nature, lover of well-made and well-done things, a firm believer in “nothing is impossible if you try it”, and, no less important, I always want to think that I’m a good person who others can trust, who has empathy for anyone that can meet me on my way. You can find me on all social networks @aidaaguirre_tv

Photographer by Damian Rilo Studio Kreoidea. Elisabetta Franchi


Opening of boutique of the Italian designer

Elisabetta Franchi in Puerto BanĂşs


Opening of

Picรณ Luxury Furniture Avda. Ricardo Soriano 59, 29601 Marbella

Photography: Foto Marbella 79


Personal Trainer - Online Nutrition Advice

MARBELLA patriciomartin.ifbb@gmail.com +34 637 410 880

Patricio Martin Ifbb Elite Pro Athlete



On the 28th of June, TINO Natural Stone held the fourth edition of TINO Design Networking. The event took place at the recently renovated TINO main showroom in Puerto BanĂşs, bringing together more than 400 professionals in the field of architecture and interior design, both at the national and international level. www.tinostone.com


TINO SHOWROOM: Ctra. Na. 340 km 175 Río Verde / C.C. Rimesa-Tino / Puerto Banús ( Marbella)


Inauguration MARBELLA The Sake ceremony is a special Japanese tradition the co-founders, Nobu Matsuhisa, Robert De Niro and Meir Teper, do to mark an official opening. It is a custom where a sake barrel is filled with Nobu’s signature sake and the co-founders break open the barrel with wooden mallets. The Sake is then served to everyone present and a toast is then made to signal good fortune and an official welcome.


Also known as the Kagami-biraki ceremony, Kagami refers to the lid of the Sake barrel, which, due to its round shape, is a symbol of harmony; Birakimeans “to open�, welcoming in good fortune. The event is also usually complete with floating Japanese lanterns, taiko drummers, and of course Nobu cuisine and cocktails.


MARBELLA Named one of luxury’s 25 Most Innovative Brands by Robb Report, Nobu Hospitality is ranked among an elite selection of global luxury brands. The natural growth of Nobu hospitality, built on service, image, and reputation, offers the complete spectrum of hotel, restaurant and residence management for unique projects around the world. Founded by Nobu Matsuhisa, Robert De Niro and Meir Teper, with operations spanning five continents, the Nobu brand thrives in the world’s capitals as the ultimate destination lifestyle experience. Nobu Hotels have been awarded an array of accolades, including Hottest New Hotels by CNN Travel, Wallpaper Best Urban Hotel, Top North America Hotel Opening by

Luxury Travel Advisor, and Luxury Travel Advisor’s Award of Excellence. The first Nobu Hotel opened in 2013 as a boutique hotel within Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas, Nobu Hotel City of Dreams Manila opened in 2014, Nobu Hotel Miami Beach in 2016 and the Nobu Ryokan Malibu, Nobu Hotel Shoreditch London, Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay and Nobu Hotel Epiphany Palo Alto opened in 2017 and Nobu Hotel Marbella recently opened in 2018. Nobu Hotels in development for Barcelona, Riyadh, Los Cabos, Chicago, Toronto, São Paulo and Atlanta. Nobu is strategically focused on further expanding its global portfolio of hotels through a solid development pipeline.

Robert De Niro, Co-Founder Highly acclaimed actor, director, producer and twotime Academy Award winner, De Niro was instrumental in bringing the artistry of Nobu first to New York and around the world. As a core principal of the group, he has co-founded and provided creative direction for all the Nobu restaurants and he continues to provide creative leadership and insight into the development of Nobu Hotels for years to come. His support of the brand draws actors, musicians, and socialites from around the globe.


Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, Executive Chef & Owner Nobuyuki Matsuhisa – known to the world simply as “Nobu” – is the acclaimed and highly influential chef proprietor of Nobu and Matsuhisa restaurants located across five continents. Born and raised in Saitama, Japan, Nobu served a rigorous apprenticeship at a respected sushi bar in Tokyo. It was not long before his dreams of seeing the world moved him to open a sushi bar in Peru. A classically trained sushi-chef, Nobu was challenged by the new culture and regional ingredients, which kindled his inventive style, known today as Nobu Style. After three years in Peru, Nobu moved to Argentina, then home to Japan, then on to Alaska, before finally settling in Los Angeles. Nobu opened his first restaurant in the United States, Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills in January 1987. An instant success, it was here that his relationships with Robert De Niro and Meir Teper began, leading the trio to open their first Nobu restaurant together in 1994.

Meir Teper, Principal Hollywood film producer Teper, in conjunction with De Niro, convinced Chef Nobu Matsuhisa to open the first restaurant and has been instrumental in the growth of Nobu on the world stage. As a principal voice, Teper brings the unique vision and foresight of the Nobu brand into the namesake hotels and living experiences. Never one to rest, he also has played an integral role in the development and funding of several other businesses including Ted Lapidus, Häagen-Dazs USA, Tribeca Grill, Ago and Rodeo Drive real estate.

Struan McKenzie, COO As COO for Nobu, Struan McKenzie’s expertise covers all aspects of hospitality spanning development, operations, marketing, and financials on a global basis. With a strategic focus driven by returns, his multi-disciplinary on his experience across hotel, food, beverage, and luxury retail sectors has created a strong foundation for success. His extensive resume of brand building, business transplantation and strategic planning and execution includes roles at Global Hyatt, COMO Investment, COMO Hotels and Hard Rock Hotels and Casinos.

Trevor Horwell, CEO Visionary of the bespoke hotel business, marketing and development, Trevor Horwell has been CEO of Nobu Hospitality since 2009. Throughout his career, he has been instrumental in evolving the luxury lifestyle hotel and residential concept throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Prior to Nobu, he was Global Head of Hotels for Hard Rock Hotels and Casinos; CEO of COMO Investment and COMO Hotels; and had a distinguished career with Global Hyatt.


August 16 Plaza de toros de Estepona

August 19 Tenis Club Puente Romano Marbella 88

Tickets + info: www.rocklounge.com

/ +34 638 422 445

/ Doors: 20:00h. / Concert: 21:00h.





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ARTENOVUM Welcome to the world of Grupo Artenovum, a small exclusive Danish/Spanish company and brand, filled with art & ideas. Unique paintings, digital art, murals, decoration, classical and happy scultptures and so much more...


The Bobby Bear introduced by Grupo Artenovum in 2017, instantly became a classic design item in many homes both here in Spain and abroad. The Bobby Bear and the sculptures are elaborated by a 3D printer, using PLA filament which is an eco-friendly 3D printer material made from renewable resources (corn-starch). The sculptures are made from start to finish in the Artenovum workshops in Southern Spain. In the whole process - the electricity used, is 100% certified Green Energy.

Mugge Fischer 90 del Sol & Ose



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Profile for Design Marbella Magazine


SUMMER 2018 Re-upload Download Publication cover...


SUMMER 2018 Re-upload Download Publication cover...


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