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Interviews: Cécile Peyrard - Javier Alcántara - Donald Gray Architects: José Carlos Moya - Alfonso Castellón - Fran Silvestre Rodolfo Amieva - Diego Macías

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Creativity has no borders Autumn has arrived loaded with fashion, with new designs presented at the Pasarela Larios Mรกlaga Fashion Week, whose 300-meter long walkway is considered to be the longest Haute Couture catwalk in Europe. Mรกlaga is already the reference point in the world of national and international fashion. The Pasarela has positioned itself as a first-rate cultural and tourism event. It is an occasion aimed at supporting local economy and commerce, providing a space where artists and designers can demonstrate the latest trends and novelties from their collections directly to the public. This year, Javier Alcรกntara, a designer from Mรกlaga, has received the Alfiler de Oro award. We hope you enjoy this issue!

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Architecture of Marbella


Interview with Donald Gray


González& Jacobson Architects


Moya Atencia Architects


Alfonso Castellón, Interior Design Architect


Interview with Cécile Peyrard


Rosas Café


Fran Silvestre, Architects




Interview with Javier Alcántara, Fashion Designer


Pasarela Larios Málaga Fashion Week


Art that invites you to think by Alejandro Hermann

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Contributing Writers José Carlos Moya Moya Atencia Arquitectos is a renowned architecture office based in the Costa del Sol for more than 20 years, and has an extensive career in the design, construction and decoration of all types of works, from Sotogrande to Nerja. With a multidisciplinary team composed of architects, designers, surveyors and engineers, Moya Atencia Arquitectos currently offers all the necessary services for the integral management of construction projects both for new construction and renovation, as well as for interior design and decoration of Villas, Apartments and Commercial Permises, taking care of all the aspects related to your project, from the processing of the works license or opening before the authorities to the delivery and installation of the furniture, once the process is finished. www.ma-arquitectos.com

Alfonso Castellón Is a creative interior designer with a strong vocation and an extensive university education. He graduated from the University of Granada, with a Bachelors Degree in Architecture where he was awarded a special prize upon graduation. He completed his academic curriculum by enrolling for an Industrial Engineering Degree in the University of Malaga, where he specialized in electrical installations. Prior to the opening of his own studio, he worked with some of the most reputed professionals in Marbella and learned their unique and exclusive ways and felt proud of being part of an exclusive group of professionals who have been able to reinvent themselves finding their own balance and giving their best to clients. His big chance came when he was offered to participate in the construction of the well known Shopping Center “La Cañada” in Marbella. He has also collaborated with Architects in Marbella, and other well known Developers and Builders from whom he has learned the job amongst great professionals and friends. www.interiordesignmarbella.es

Fran Silvestre Fran Silvestre Arquitectos is an Architecture and Design studio based in Valencia. Formed by a multidisciplinary group of professionals, it develops residential, cultural, corporative or public projects worldwide, with clients in Europe, USA or Russia. Throughout its history, it has received international awards and recognitions, such as the MHK in Berlin in 2009, the Red Dot Design Award in 2013, the NYCxDESIGN Awards 2016 in New York, the German Design Award 2016 or the First Prize in the Category of Product Design at the XIII Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism 2016. The studio has also participated in international congresses such as the series of conferences “Spanish Art&Culture” in the United States in 2012, the Cityliv 2013 in Maastricht or the Archi Summit in Porto in 2016. Its work has been published in magazines such as GA Houses, On-Site, Architectural Record, Architectural Digest or Arquitectura Viva, and in editorials like Phaidon, GG, Taschen or Rizzoli. www.fransilvestrearquitectos.com

Rodolfo Amieva Jacobson and Diego Macías Domínguez González & Jacobson architecture it is a society of architectural services in all its branches born in 1993 in Marbella, work and interests arising from the meeting between Venezuelan architect and landscaper Carlos A. González Mora and Mexican architect Rodolfo Amieva Jacobson. Collaboration and exchange of ideas of their professional experiences in Venezuela, Mexico, the US and Spain finally make their common interests are realized in the creation of this Architecture Studio Design Firm. It is a Architecture Studio Design Firm that in addition to engaging Architecture also encompasses the planning, interior design and landscaping projects, large and small scale. www.gjarquitectura.com

Architecture of

Marbella The Creation Of A Brand By Alfonso Castellón

Marbella conceals in its DNA a masterful formula that is difficult to copy, the guiding thread of the miracle being its tolerant nature, the cosmopolitan spirit and the conservation of its Mediterranean roots. Substance and depth have been its ingredients that, being slowly cooked, have transformed it into what it is today: a tourist destination of great international prestige. But we cannot forget that this model of urban development, of which we are proud today, has been made possible thanks to a group of visionaries who viewed Marbella as an ideal location to invest in. For that reason, it is not surprising that its main streets bear the names of Ricardo Soriano, Alfonso de Hohenlohe or José Banús. Here settled such families as the Goizueta, Bismarck, Goldsmith, Thyssen-Bornemisza, etc. that permanently changed the appearance of Marbella and attracted a large number of politicians, artists and rich businessmen from all over the world. Among all those personalities that arrived here were architects of considerable stature who, aided by their own particular genius and critical thinking, designed the model of the city which we now know as Marbella, creating together, in a natural and spontaneous way, something that is now called “architecture of Marbella”. Among the professionals from that time the following names stand out: Melvin Villarroel, who developed the famous theory of the void space, designing spaces of great harmony between man, nature and architecture; Donald Gray and his famous country towns where he masterly summarizes the essence of Andalusian architecture; Luis Gutiérrez Soto and his exquisite rationalism imported from the north of Europe; or the multifaceted Fernando Higueras with his building models, which, despite being intended for mass tourism, managed to fit, with great overall success, into the landscape.


All of them share the experience of creating a wide variety of residential communities and private villas, and their joint efforts have contributed to the creation of the Marbella brand. All these architecture studios have nurtured a lot of disciples who in their turn have helped many other architects mature professionally and be able to view Marbella as an extraordinary location where one could live, establish their residence and explore their creativity in a setting full of opportunities and visited by a large number of quality clients. Some of those architects and designers are well-known both in and out of Spain: Angel Taborda (the recently disappeared), Miguel Tobal, Carlos Lamas, Jean Pierre Martel, Ismael MĂŠrida, and many other young talents who are yet to be discovered. We are thankful to Design Marbella for their involvement in popularizing our local architecture. They certainly do a great job consolidating and exporting the Marbella brand around the world, a city which is, without a doubt, at the forefront of the sustainable tourism development. Congratulations!


DONALD GRAY A LIVING LEGEND OF ARCHITECTURE Born in Australia, he has Spanish nationality and is based in La Alpujarra (Granada). He arrived in Málaga in 1959, and while making his living giving English classes, he gradually fell in love with the architectonic tradition of the white Andalusian towns and villages and their inhabitants. In 2015 he was awarded the Rafael Manzano Prize for Classical Architecture and Restoration of Monuments in recognition of his contribution to the development and recovery of Andalusian architecture in Marbella, Málaga and La Alpujarra. Among his most prominent projects are: Las Lomas del Marbella Club, the residential neighbourhood La Virginia (Marbella), the town hall of Pitres and the hotel La Tartana (both located in Granada). by Lola Gómez

What do you think is the secret of the impact of your career? There´s no secret. I have knowledge of design and I became interested in architecture or the actual building of houses as a result of my great admiration for Andalusian style buildings. I found something positive, even joyful, in its clean lines and perfect adaptation to the climate. You’re a self-taught person, you’ve never been to university. Is it true that your experience has given you the best diploma? Rather than self-taught, I was taught by the master builders I worked with as well by craftsmen I dealt with, carpenters, and blacksmiths. In most universities this kind of knowledge is unobtainable. Andalusian architecture is not taught in any university. How do you imagine the architecture of the future? Architecture has been getting worse for the last 50 years as a result of the way it is taught and the philosophy dominating its teaching. There is one university in the United States that teaches real architecture. The rest keep on with the idea of destroying the past and doing something new or as they call it contemporary. As we can see by having a look, the results are almost always bad. Does Spain lead the way in the world architectural culture nowadays? Spain is in the same boat as everywhere else. They are doing the same kind of thing in China as in Motril. A tourist has good reasons for preferring to visit the old town rather than the new one. Do you think that the two residential neighbourhoods in Marbella you have designed are the best examples of the typical Andalusian towns and villages? It is difficult to say they are the best. As far as I know, they are the only ones. What’s your favourite Andalusian town or village? Vejer de la Frontera. And an architect you admire? Leon Krier, Quinlan Terry, Antonio Matias de Figueroa.


�Andalusian architecture is not taught in any university�

Lomas del Marbella Club 15

ЖИВАЯ ЛЕГЕНДА АРХИТЕКТУРЫ Дональд Грей родился в Австралии. Он имеет испанское гражданство и проживает в округе Ла Альпухарра (Гранада). В 1959 г. он приехал в Малагу и начал зарабатывать себе на жизнь, давая уроки английского. Постепенно Грей влюбился в архитектурные традиции белых андалусских городков и деревень, а также их жителей. В 2015 г. он был удостоен награды Rafael Manzano в области классической архитектуры и реставрации памятников. Таким образом, был признан его вклад в развитие и восстановление андалусской архитектуры в Марбелье, Малаге и Ла Альпухарра. На счету выдающегося архитектора – множество разнообразных проектов. Среди наиболее значимых стоит выделить следующие: Las Lomas del Marbella Club, жилой район La Virginia (Марбелья), здание муниципалитета в городке Питрес и отель La Tartana (оба последних объекта находятся в Гранаде). Г-н Грей, разрешите в первую очередь поздравить Вас с заслуженной наградой. Как Вы думаете, в чем секрет Вашего успеха? Здесь нет никакого секрета. У меня есть знание дизайна. Искренне восхищаясь андалузским стилем домов, я заинтересовался архитектурой или, так скажем, современным строительством. Я нашел нечто оптимистичное и жизнерадостное в их чистых линиях и безупречное в том, как они прекрасно вписаны в окружающую природу и климат. Вы ведь самоучка и никогда не учились в университете. Вы считате, что жизнь дает лучшее образование? Я учился у архитекторов, с которыми работал, а также у мастеров и профессионалов своего дела: плотников, кузнецов. В большинстве университетов этот вид образования вы не получите. Андалусскую архитектуру не преподают ни в одном университете Андалусии. Каково ваше видение будущего архитектуры? Архитектура на протяжении последних 50 лет переживала свои худшие времена, как результат преподавания, в котором было больше философии, чем самой архитектуры. Есть только один университет в Соединенных Штатах, где преподают настоящую архитектуру. Остальные продолжают идею разрушения прошлого и создания чего-то нового или, как они говорят, современного. Как мы можем видеть, результат почти всегда печален. Как Вы считаете, доминирует ли сегодня Испания в области мировой архитектуры? Испания находится в такой же ситуации, как и весь мир. В Китае делают то же самое, что и в Мотриле. Поэтому турист имеет все основания для того, чтобы больше бывать в старом городе, чем в новом.


Являются ли два жилых комплекса Марбельи, разработанные Вами, лучшими примерами андалусской архитектуры? Я бы не сказал, что они лучшие. Насколько мне известно, они единственные. Какой Ваш самый любимый городок или деревня в Андалусии? Вехер-де-ла-Фронтера. Работой какого архитектора Вы восхищаетесь? Леон Криер, Квинлан Терри, Антонио Матиас де Фигероа.

Lomas del Marbella Club

Urbanizaciรณn La Virginia 17

We manage: Homeowners associations/Administration and Company Management/ Patrimony Gestionamos: Comunidades de Propietarios/ Administración y Gestión de Empresa/ Patrimonio


Offices in Marbella and Málaga C/ Nuestra Sra. De Gracia 7- Edificio Ansol – 2ºC - Marbella C/ Don Ricardo nº 2- 4º A (Junto Corte Inglés) – Málaga Marbella: jlam@cisneros-anton.es Málaga: ysc@cisneros-anton.es www.cisneros-anton.es +34 952 77 11 64 / +34 617 160507 18


By Rodolfo Amieva Jacobson and Diego Macías Domínguez González & Jacobson Architecture www.gjarquitectura.com For this avant-garde and revolutionary design project located in Marbella, the architects’ studio González&Jacobson Arquitectura started from a wise interpretation of the environment, which has then given rise to an open architecture that embodies a perfect symbiosis with the surrounding landscape. The outdoor space merges into the indoor space becoming one of its key characters. Its exuberant and emphatic fully-glazed volumes, the balance in the use and mixture of textures and materials, as well as its straight lines blend seamlessly with the blue tones of the sky and sea. The house looks splendorous and plays with the contrasts of light and colour, which smoothly modulate the perspective of the building. The building has four levels. The ground floor has been designed as the main stage for family life and it is directly connected to the outside as a single space. The most private area is the upper floor and on the roof you will find the surprising design of a big terrace with a swimming pool designed for stimulation and delight of the senses “leitmotiv” of the project. Orientation was another crucial factor when determining the design of the house, giving priority both to energy sustainability and the absolute predominance of the wonderful views of the Mediterranean sea, which, without doubt, make it more valuable. Nature plays a leading role thanks to the large windows that allow sunlight to flood into the house transmitting the feelings of lightness and transparency, which turn indoor spaces into spacious, bright and colourful areas that encourage you to relax and enjoy the different rooms embracing the landscape. The purpose of this design is not only to allow you to contemplate the landscape, but also to become part of it. Another constant factor of the design has been the search of sunlight, which floods into the house thanks to its orientation and opening to the outdoor space. The spacious terraces and amazing porch that dominates outside play with the volumes as they please and, at the same time, frame and endorse the landscape interacting with it and integrating it with the house itself. Water, which is present in the two pools and the pond, aligns with the environment and joins the architecture as a refreshing element, contributing to create a peaceful environment that is the complement of a minimalist and eclectic landscaping design based on green and sustainable criteria. In short, a unique and innovative design with the distinctive style of González&Jacobsoon Arquitectura. 20

Clip house: A landscape-based design that invites you to disconnect and relax





Classic house in Saudi Arabia By JosĂŠ Carlos Moya

www.ma-arquitectos.com Our client entrusts us, this time, the integral project of interior design for a building for the use of reception of guests, and that, will have the task of hosting events, official meals, parties of various kinds, within a complex of about 25,000 m2 of surface located in the city of Al-Khobar, east of Saudi Arabia, ... In this way, and in a building that exceeds 1,000 m2 of floor space, we find a diverse layout in which, in an orderly manner, large banquet halls are arranged, for receptions, perimeter lodges, outdoor courtyards... How to intervene, then, in spaces so characterized, so regulated, so geometrically recognizable, so steeped in history?

We opted to play with light, and noble materials, not to interfere with the naked essence of spaces, to enhance their dimensions, their height, their spatiality: sifting the imposing blinding light of Arabia, dampening its power, defining various scales of materials: from large pieces of marble board, to small pebbles placed by hand on the carpet of the exterior floors ... Redistributing the openings, we frame the arcades, we stucco the large canvases of the main rooms. Curtains, carpets, textures, silks, marbles, handicrafts, leather goods, hand carvings on wooden furniture, water jets in patios, chiaroscuros, interior gardens, skylights, chandeliers with Murano glass.

An interior paradise of nuances and sensations under the imposing sun of Arabia.


Render by Jesús Gómez 25


Render by Jesús Gómez

Detached house in RĂ­o Real In this project we wanted to resume a game in which we were involved some years ago. The dichotomy between the skin and the skeleton, between the envelope and the content, between the skeleton and the muscle. As if randomly, here and there, stripped the house of its shell, its shell, its skin, to reach its framework, its skeleton, its stage as if for a moment, the project left us, unveil us secrets of him. The house adheres to the boundaries of the site and forms an outer space and living space at its center, semicovered at times, others open, and covered others, which ends up becoming the leitmotiv of the project, in a false Roman courtyard with one of its flanks open towards the southeast, towards the golf course, and further towards the Mediterranean. And everything revolves around this outer space, all the rooms are related to it, visually, topologically, physically. The courtyard then becomes the heart of the house, its nerve center, the place where everyone looks, and where everything happens. The rest is a murmur of water on the golden skin of the pool, and the shadow of bare concrete beams on the wood of the patio. Architecture is still a question of proportion, beauty, rhythm, light. www.ma-arquitectos.com

Render by JesĂşs GĂłmez


Golfriend´s by Alfonso Castellón / Interior Design Architect

www.interiordesignmarbella.es Golfriend´s is a golf shop located in the heart of the Costa del Sol, situated in the Centro Comercial Mustang at only 5 kms from Puerto Banus towards Estepona. The store is divided into two floors, with a total Surface área of over 600 square meters, being one of the most complete and prepared stores to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. The establishment has been designed to make your visit a unique experience, thanks to its ergonomic simple shapes and uncluttered style. In the interior you can enjoy a combination of natural and artifical light from our amazing skylight and state of the art LED displays. The two floors are connected with a wide eliptical staircase that lets you take in all the unique details such as our 360º LED televisor and our futuristic curved glass bannister. Our interior also has a spectacular natural vertical garden which have never been seen indoors before in Marbella. We have carefully studied all the details to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere with the design of high ceilings and combination of sound dampening materials in order to achieve the perfect acoustics to make the store an unforgettable visit.

GOLFRIENDS SHOP Centro Comercial Mustang, Carretera Nacional 340, km 167, 29688 Estepona 28



the new lounge chair by CANCIO

Minimalist nature, smooth weaves and the use of harmonious colours are some of the characteristics that distinguish the designs of CANCIO, producer of more than 50 years of history. Now CANCIO is introducing one of its newest creations, Aris lounge chair. DESIGN. Aris has an upholstered seat with internal flexible polyurethane that guarantee its comfort due to its ergonomic forms. FABRICS. Four different collections are available, with a wide variety of colours and textures, with vinyl, crepe or felt: Xtreme: Xtreme is a modern crepe weave fabric made from 100% recycled polyester, diverting waste from landfill and saving virgin raw materials. Its stretch properties, coupled with inherent flame resistance, durability and non-pilling properties make Xtreme an ever popular fabric for task seating. Aspect: Aspect is a subtle mélange, textured fabric with a warm soft handle, balancing superior flammability performance and a natural aesthetic. The palette incorporates sophisticated and co-ordinated muted tones along with strong contemporary accent shades. Blazer: Blazer is a classic pure new wool upholstery fabric with a billiard cloth felted finish. It is made from premium New Zealand lambswool, where responsible farming provides the highest quality raw material which is soft, clean and bright, which is ideal for spinning, weaving and dyeing. The colour palette is an exciting mix of solids and mélanges across the full colour spectrum, creating a versatile fabric suitable for wide-ranging furniture applications.


Vita: Vita is a leather-look vinyl, with a subtle surface grain effect and full matt appearance. It provides maximum protection for heavy duty end-use areas in sectors such as contract, healthcare and public transport. Vita does not contain phthalate plasticisers or heavy metals, yet remains soft, stretchy and pliable. It benefits from a modified durable top coat, which offers improved resistance to alcohol cleaners and excellent wearability. ARIS by CANCIO is presented in L size with organic volumes and the most cosmopolitan furniture essence, and XL, that converts Aris into a modern Armchair. To give the design an elegant touch, the legs of Aris are manufactured in steel with a squared section of 35x35 mm. Its thickness contributes to a solidity and sturdiness aspect to create a unique piece. The legs are available in the standard epoxy colours of Cancio´s collection but it can be customized for contract projects, like in the image with golden legs. Aris collection is suitable for restaurants, coffee shops, bars or hotels that look for a differentiation together with functionality. A perfect design for the contract sector.

CUSTOMIZATION. Aris is a totally customizable collection due to the possibility to select the finish of the seat and the colour of the metal legs. In Cancio´s website this piece can be configured in any of the available option thorough a very useful online tool that allow to choose the best combination. CANCIO is inspired in the essence of the Nordic furniture style, offering ARIS, a collection with a suitable design with soft and ergonomic lines.


Photo: ARIS lounge chair by CANCIO 32


TORU www.toru.barcelona

TORU is a young craft and design company that produce beautiful, simple design furniture with exquisite materials. All the products are handmade by local artisans, and are either unique or produced in small series. Made in quality leather, produced locally with the highest standards of craftsmanship and using vegetable tanned leather only. Founded in 2015 by Jordi Ribaudí, the company is based in Igualada, Barcelona, a town with deep roots in the leather industry. The headquarters is located in a restored nineteenth century tannery. Toru’s passion is to make the most of leather in furniture design.

Babu is a nomadic chair. You can fly on a carpet or chill on the sand while sitting in it. Its design is inspired by the great journeys of the desert tribes, during which men feel close to the earth, rest on it and merge with the landscape. Babu is a spot for relaxation and meditation; a place to rest, a shelter. Babu takes shape from a single 6mm-thick leather piece, which folds back on itself to create the backrest. Some small brass feet keep the structure together. The leather, vegetable-tanned and wax finished, is available in four different aniline colours: natural, brown, hazelnut, and black. The seat cushion is available in cotton velvet and leather.


Clop With an unusual fold on top of the back, the Clop lounge chair represents the end of a journey that goes from the simplicity of a clog shoe – half wood, half leather- to a chair. Ideas and materials come together. This chair is created following a primitive way of making natural, hard, but authentic objects. Like a bonfire in the woods.

Pony Inspired by riding horses. Dreaming of becoming a horse–maybe a centaur. The Pony stool brings the user and the object itself together, creating a whole, a single meaning. This gives a symbolic content for its form and function.


CÉCILE PEYRARD Director of Roche Bobois Marbella www.rochebobois.com

Interview by Lola Gómez

“Customers are keen to have their decoration customized, and that is a luxury”


After directing the opening of brand shops in Paris, Mexico, Argentina, Israel, Greece and Africa, Cécile Peyrard decided (12 years ago) to live in Marbella in order to run the only Roche Bobois shop owned by the French multinational in the province of Málaga. The high-class brand of luxury furniture was created in 1950 in France by two families and has existed in Marbella for more than 30 years. Besides, the company distributes its products on the international market and all of its models are exclusive and highly customizable, depending on the customers’ needs. They have three exhibition shops in the shopping mall Torre Real where all kinds of home designs and a wide variety of decorative accessories are sold.

How has the Marbella shop evolved during this time? In 2008 the shop’s exterior was renovated. We remodelled the facade and the display windows, and we also changed the staircases and the inside arrangement. The shop has three separate buildings, with the total area of 1,200 square metres, which allows us to display a wide range of furniture items and sofas. Every year we adapt ourselves to the design of the new collection and change all the decoration of the shop, including the paintings and wallpaper. Can customization be considered as a key trend in the current luxury environment? Customers are keen to have their decoration customized, and that is a luxury. Roche Bobois offers its products in a wide variety of materials, colours and sizes. We personalize our services creating tailor-made solutions and providing our clients with unlimited opportunities in choosing textile fabrics, colours, skins and leather, wood varieties, finishes, etc. Every piece of furniture turns into something unique and exclusive. You provide a wide array of services. Do you carry out all kinds of decoration projects? We work with the housing plan and, together with our clients, choose the kind of furniture that our customer likes and prepare the final version of the project in 3D, including the paintings, wallpaper and curtains. We also give advice on which carpets, lamps, accessories, pictures, etc. to select. We create a complete environment.

Roche Bobois excels at design. And is exclusiveness another strongest point of your brand? We collaborate with the best designers in the world in order to constantly make exclusive collections, and every year we present two new collections, ‘Spring/Summer’ and ‘Autumn/ Winter’. We always keep an eye out for fashionable clothes collections and adapt them to seasonal trends. What are the current furniture trends for this season? We’ve just launched our new collection “Globe Trotter”, designed by Marcel Wanders. As he said, “This collection is a tribute to the adventurers that we all dream of being”. The new trend is full of colour and takes us on a journey to Paris, Istanbul and London. Are your clients mostly domestic or do they also come from foreign countries? The majority of our customers come from abroad since Marbella is a place where one can find people of different nationalities. But we’ve also noticed that there have been more and more clients from Spain, and we are very pleased with that. In your opinion, what is the best designer furniture fair in the world? The Milan Furniture Fair, which takes place in April. It’s a huge and impressive place that offers a lot of decoration ideas.


СЕСИЛЬ ПЕЙРАРД директор Roche Bobois Marbella

Сесиль Пейрард руководила открытием фирменных магазинов в Париже, Аргентине, Израиле, Греции и Африке, а 12 лет назад решила переехать в Марбелью, чтобы управлять единственным магазином Roche Bobois принадлежащим французской международной компании в провинции Малага. Престижный бренд элитной мебели был создан в 1950 г. во Франции благодаря усилиям двух семей и вот уже более 30 лет эта торговая марка пользуется большой популярностью в Марбелье. Помимо этого, компания занимается реализацией своей продукции по всему миру, и все представленные модели отличаются эксклюзивностью и адаптируются под требования каждого клиента по любым параметрам. В настоящее время открыты три салона-магазина в торговом центре Torre Real, где представлены всевозможные дизайн-решения для дома, а также широчайший ассортимент отделочных и декоративных аксессуаров. Что изменилось в магазине в Марбелье за все это время? В 2008 г. магазин был отремонтирован снаружи. Мы усовершенствовали фасад и витрины, а также сменили лестницы и внутреннее оформление. Магазин функционирует в трех отдельных зданиях, общей площадью 1200 квадратных метров, что позволяет нам выставить на всеобщее обозрение огромный ассортимент предметов мебели и диванов. Каждый год мы делаем необходимые изменения, так чтобы все соответствовало дизайну очередной коллекции, и меняем всю внутреннюю отделку в магазине, включая картины и обои. Можно ли считать стремление удовлетворить все потребности каждого отдельного клиента ключевым трендом в мире современного элитного убранства и роскоши? Клиенты хотят, чтобы вся отделка полностью соответствовала их потребностям, была индивидуализирована, и это как раз и есть роскошь, категория «люкс». Продукция Roche Bobois выполнена из самых разнообразных материалов, имеет широчайшую цветовую гамму и широкий размерный ряд. Мы индивидуализируем наши услуги, создавая решения по условиям заказчика, и тем самым предоставляем нашим покупателям безграничные возможности в выборе тканей, цветов, видов кож, видов и сортов древесины, поверхностных отделок и т.д. Каждый предмет мебели превращается в нечто уникальное и эксклюзивное.


Вы предлагаете широкий спектр услуг. Имеете ли вы возможность воплощать в жизнь любые отделочные проекты без ограничения? Мы работаем над жилищно-строительным планом и, вместе с клиентом, подбираем именно ту мебель, которая нравится заказчику, а потом готовим окончательный вариант проекта в трехмерном исполнении, включая картины, обои и шторы. Мы также даем рекомендации по поводу внутреннего убранства помещения: какие следует выбрать ковры, лампы, аксессуары, картины и т.д. Мы создаем полностью готовое пространство. Дизайн – конек компании Roche Bobois. Можно ли то же самое сказать об эксклюзивности? Это тоже сильная сторона бренда? Мы сотрудничаем с лучшими мировыми дизайнерами с тем, чтобы постоянно создавать эксклюзивные коллекции. Каждый год мы представляем на суд наших клиентов две новые коллекции: «Весна/Лето» и «Осень/ Зима». Мы всегда внимательно следим за всеми коллекциями модной одежды и адаптируем их под сезонные тренды. Какие современные мебельные тренды предусмотрены на этот сезон? Мы только что выпустили нашу новую коллекцию «Globe Trotter», разработанную Марселем Вондерсом. По его словам, «данная коллекция посвящается искателям приключений, коими мы все мечтаем быть». Этот новый тренд полон красок и позволяет нам отправиться в путешествие в Париж, Стамбул и Лондон. Вы ориентируетесь в основном на внутреннюю аудиторию, или же вы также обслуживаете клиентов из-за рубежа? Большинство наших клиентов – иностранцы, ведь Марбелья – это место, где можно встретить людей самых разных национальностей. Но мы также заметили, что в последнее время у нас все больше и больше заказчиков из Испании, и нас это очень радует. Какая, на ваш взгляд, лучшая выставка дизайнерской мебели в мире? Мебельная выставка в Милане, которая проходит в апреле. Это огромное, впечатляющее место, где каждый может найти для себя множество идей в области отделки.






CELEBRATING FRENCH ART DE VIVRE AROUND THE WORLD Roche Bobois is a world leader in furniture design and distribution. Working closely with renowned designers such as Kenzo Takada, Ora Ito, Cédric Ragot, Sacha Lakic, Christophe Delcourt and Stephen Burks and with Haute Couture fashion houses such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Missoni Home and Christian Lacroix Maison, Roche Bobois offers a broad range of exclusive made-to-order

designs, manufactured with a high level of customisation in small European workshops. Browse our full collection of premium-quality furniture, including sofas, armchairs, cocktail tables, dining chairs, sideboards, beds, wardrobes, storage and accessories including lighting, cushions and rugs on roche-bobois.com or in any of our 255 showrooms around the world.


A Family History Roche bobois is the story of two families, the Roches and the Chouchans, not predestined to meet. In 1950, Jacques Roche purchased the old Alexandre Dumas theater on rue de Lyon and built two stores. His sons, Philippe and François, joined the company and together established the company’s development strategy. They began to distribute the very best contemporary furniture, which was heavily inspired by Bauhaus designers, such as Minvielle, Steiner and Airbourne, and equally inspired by renowned designers such as Pierre Paulin and Marc Berthier. At this time, the Chouchans were selling furniture in Paris on Boulevard Sébastopol at “Au Beau Bois” (which later became Bobois).


Rosas Café Elegance is Timeless

Rosas Cafe Interior design was conceptualised jointly between co-oweners Amy Bowers, Ana Santos and Space Invaders Contemporary Interior Design. Inspiration for the interior design came directly from images of the lovely food that was going to be served. Colours and textures associated with that soon began to take over: smooth blush pinks that melt into skin tones, contrasting with beautiful grey-white marble and dashes of copper. And, as a wow factor that captures everybody’s attention, over 30.000 decorative flowers dress the two main walls. Other additional design points that were used to make our vision a reality included a swing, high ceilings with amazing imported French lamps, a huge open terrace carrying on the interior colours and design with a flower arch and a flower picture frame.The perfect scenario for the food and the people, specially designed to thrive on social media and offer a memorable experience for direct costumers. As the briefing given to Space Invaders explained that the target consumer was healthy, vibrating women with sense of style and fashion, we wanted the interiors of ROSAS to reflect that in a sophisticated way, while keeping it cozy and seductive. It is a place to see and be seen in. Every object and detail was carefully chosen to tell the story. ROSAS’ interiors were created to generate positive vibes and a feel-good atmosphere, but more than that, a place that becomes part of the costumer’s lifestyle at an emotional level.

www.rosas.cafe 40

Av. Playas del Duque, 3, Puerto Banús ( Marbella)


Sophistication, authenticity and glamour are a matter of principle for Soher and they have always guided our path as a brand. A philosophy of luxury, perceived as exclusivity, refined attention to every detail and a personal service adapted to the style and needs of every customer.


Ritz Bedroom The Belle Époque was much more than a historical period of happy years between the end of the Franco-Prussian War in 1871 and the beginning of the First World War of 1914. They were years that marked a whole era and the influence of this period has survived up to the 21st century, with classic furniture proposals that have preserved their sophisticated and exclusive essence. Ritz collection is inspired precisely by the premises and values of César Ritz, the promoter and creator of the luxury hotels that defined an unparalleled lifestyle and aesthetics. 42

The majestic style of the classic Ritz furniture is expressed in a formidable headboard and a very detailed coffered ceiling to which the padding and upholstery provide just the right level of comfort required by the bedroom at night-time. The Ritz furniture line shares materials with its bedroom version, to be precise, its American black walnut veneer, it’s beautiful marquetry and its wood carvings with gold leaf, which make up all the pieces of high class furniture and decoration, including mirrors and dressing tables.


Ritz Salon Ritz represents sophisticated luxury furniture, exclusivity, good taste and personalised attention. And it shares the philosophy and values of César Ritz, whose surname became synonymous with luxury hotels for the most discerning clients. His legacy stems from a life marked by his ability to excel, his determination and the constant search for the sublime. César Ritz (1850-1918) was the thirteenth child of a modest Swiss family who, in spite of all the difficulties, became a hotelier to kings and to nobility and made hotel services a luxury product. Ritz was a pioneer in the installation of bathrooms in hotel rooms, a revolutionary initiative that was considered, at the time, the height of comfort and exclusivity. His seal of identity consisted of luxury furniture and high-class decoration which included the best woods, gilded mirrors and details in bronze. This elegant style spread to the homes of the nobility and became one of the greatest architectural and decorative exponents of the Belle Époque.

Ritz collection pays homage to the essence and sophistication of the hotels of the same name. Made from American walnut root veneer, beautiful marquetry and gilded carved wood, this line of luxury furniture succeeds in imbuing living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms, around the world, with the magnificence of the decoration of the Belle Époque. Armchairs, sofas and coffee tables bring into the twenty-first century the spaces used for the discussions and meetings of intellectuals and aristocrats that defined a whole era. An exquisite design and black, red and golden tones aesthetically define the furniture of the Ritz dining room: chairs, tables, sideboards, display cabinets and decorative elements of inimitable sumptuousness.



MetrĂłpolis Avant-garde aesthetics permeate the Metropolis collection, a line of high-end furniture inspired by the film of the same name that became the greatest exponent of German expressionism in the 1920s. The futurist style based on art deco principles imagined by Fritz Lang takes shape in this collection, defined by walnut wood, leather and bronze decorations. The iconic pieces of this collection of high-end furniture include its chairs, which bring together an avant-garde style and the elegance of art deco in their design, in the white ivory colour of their leather upholstery and in their gold-plated details. Their stately essence is transmitted elegantly to the rest of the room. In this collection, chairs recover their historic status as a symbol of distinction. In ancient Egypt, the chair represented the power and nobility that distinguished the pharaoh from the people. And just as art deco takes inspiration from the great masterpieces of antiquity, Soher transmits to these chairs the aura of exclusivity that they always enjoyed and which now


imbues homes, meeting rooms and luxury hotels around the world such as the Westin Dubai Al Habtoor City. Avant-garde design thus connects with traditional handcrafted techniques thanks to the master cabinet makers who handle the wood and work carefully on each one of the products of Metropolis. The chairs of this line bear the stamp that guarantees the authenticity, exclusivity and craftsmanship of the furniture and haute dĂŠcor elements of Soher. Characteristics that they share with the other pieces of furniture in the living or dining room, including sofas, armchairs, occasional tables, sideboards and display cabinets, which are complemented by vases, lamps and other elements of haute dĂŠcor. Metropolis also brings its sophisticated essence to the bedroom, visually characterised by the contrast between the light tones of the leather and the dark chromatism of the wood, and taking shape in beds, dressing tables and bedside tables. The sumptuously upholstered headboards and stools provide the necessary warmth and comfort to the room.


House in Sotogrande By Fran Silvestre

The projected building results from the work of a plant with a characteristic geometry such as a square, completely open to the outside. Inside will have a rectangular volume that will give privacy to the house, with the opportunity to be closed or open to the outside according to the needs of the tenants. The outdoor terrace and the swimming pool have proportional aureas measures of square that form the project. It is proposed a single-family house integrated into the environment, which remains as a single light piece on the slope. This allows golf to see a single plant very light and transparent, with a low impact that respects the situation of it. It also has a ground floor (partially buried considering basement) open to a patio for ventilation on the Southwest side. www.fransilvestrearquitectos.com


By Fran Silvrestre








INSIDHERLAND www.insidherland.com

A Magical Christmas Design As the cold crispy days of the December approach us, so does the most magical time of the year. Christmas brings out the desire for warmth, comfort and dreams. We let ourselves get involved in the atmosphere created by the seasonal red and gold tones in contrast with the grey in the sky and the white of the snow in the ground. These colors create an aura of luxury and sophistication and can be the theme to decorate the home for the season, but also to enrich any professional interior design project. Follow the Christmas spirit and discover some of the suggestions InsidherLand has for you. I often use golden materials with bright reflexes, which turns the pieces even more special for the most wonderful time of the year. Joana Santos Barbosa Founder & Creative Director


The Eagle sofa gets its inspiration from the majestic shape of the Golden Eagle’s wings, used by the Kazakh Hunters to help them in their hunts through the Mongolian icy mountains. While opened, the long feathers of these birds are perfectly aligned, creating a beautiful effect. Entirely handcrafted in smooth velvet, this sofa features a luxurious red as the predominant color, the perfect tone to get any living room ready for the Christmas Eve.



This golden creation is an abstract representation of a tree, a natural wonder of our planet emerging in different shapes and sizes. Made in brushed brass with the best Portuguese handcrafted techniques, Inspiring Trees creates a magical environment due to its unusual shape, lighting the surroundings in an unexpected, almost ethereal, way.


Bringing to mind the snow and cloudy skies of December, this unique pieces takes inspiration from the irregularity found in the tree branches, with its base made handcrafted in hammered brushed brass and from the wild side of nature, with the top in white Mongolian Lamb fur. Delicate and graceful, this design is the perfect addition for a seasonal upgrade to any interior design project.


GOLDEN DINING TABLE Robust and uniquely irregular, the new Golden Rock dining table resembles the shape of the natural element in which it was inspired. This sophisticated creation has been recently created in gold leaf, achieving a more extravagant and luxurious look, perfect to gather the family around it and celebrate the Christmas eve.


Essence Hotel www.essencehotel.es

“A very chic renovation with business vision” The old hotel “Don Paquito,” situated a mere 100 meters from Bajondillo beach, was one of the emblems that made La Costa del Sol a prime tourist destination in the 1960’s. In an increasingly more globalized and competitive tourism industry, a reinvention of the hotelier space to offer a unique guest experience was required, with an ample variety of services, and beyond its former “bed and breakfast” lodging style. For this very reason, Ukrainian entrepreneurs have made an effort to renovate it completely after acquiring the property in 2013. Thus, creating the “Essence Boutique Hotel & Spa”. As


reward for their determination and attention to detail the hotel has gained one star, becoming a four star hotel. Furthermore, according to Booking.com, its average occupancy rate soared up to 98%. The highest in Torremolinos. The renovation project, tailored by architect Román Chalyy (Роман Чалый), creates alluring spaces, offering different ambiences and a rich variety of materials. As a common denominator that blends all its eclecticism in a unique concept, the essential design ideas from la Costa del Sol and the Mediterranean sea were invoked.

Avenida del Lido S/N - 29620 Torremolinos - Málaga (España) (+34) 952 38 77 11 www.essencehotel.es

After crossing the main entrance, a metallic structure inspired by crab legs’, we approach the reception area. From there, the hall, the bar, the wine cellar, and the restaurant can be observed in successive diaphanous spaces, only separated by crystals. These elements together with the marine tridimensional decoration that was made by hand, help recreate the bottom of the sea. To highlight the Mediterranean gastronomy, a great piece of furniture to be used as a buffet was erected, with organic shapes that were obtained thanks to the use novelty material “Krion.� 55


In the courtyard, the main protagonist is the pool, with a complex saltwater filtration system which recreates the organoleptic conditions of the Mediterranean sea. From there we have the option to enjoy the Hammam, covered with beautiful Arabian tiles, or go up to a pleasant solarium that has a jacuzzi; which is shadowed by retractable umbrellas of Austrian assembly. In the same manner, the halls of each floor are decorated with portraits painted by hand that give a nod to Spain, with images of our beaches, flamenco, and bulls. Throughout its 68 rooms, as well as the main spaces of the hotel, furniture carefully tailored and decorated is used. This, to not let us forget that it’s about a four stars Boutique Hotel. 56


When you aspire to excellence, when comfort and exclusivity are your premises, when only the well-being of your clients matters... Then, and only then, can you rest easy knowing that distinction is your true essence. These are the foundations of the new Essence Hotel Boutique & Spa ****, by Don Paquito. 57




“We dress your natural stone projects with excellence”

SHOWROOM Ctra. Na. 340 km 175 Río Verde, C.C. RIMESA-TINO, Puerto Banús, 29660 Marbella, Málaga www.tinostone.com 60

Tailor -Made Projects We represent the best choice for renowned interior designers and are the reference in Marbella for luxury projects with marble as the protagonist. At TINO Natural Stone we are experts in tailor-made natural stone projects. All thanks to our quality in consulting, design, and 360ยบ service. We offer more than 500 references of materials, allowing our clients a wide range of possibilities in their designs. Our global network of partners allows us to meet the requirements and needs of any type of project: from top hotel chains to large palaces and mosques.


“Convert your dreams, no matter how unique, into reality� TINO has participated in more than 600 luxury projects, with examples as noteworthy as the Bvlgari Hotel in London, the Ritz-Carlton Moscow, or the Barneys Shopping Mall in Beverly Hills. TINO Natural Stone is the international reference in tailor-made natural stone projects.


STONE-CARE TINO Stone Care division, an integral part of TINO Natural Stone, has decades of experience in the field of recovery of marble or natural stone.







Each natural stone has different properties and our technical team, with the help of TINO R+D+I, knows how to act according to the stones composition. TINO Stone Care team has a wide set of tools for different conditions, solutions, preventive actions and maintenance of marble and natural stone.



The latest trends in kitchen flooring The kitchen has evolved as a design space and allows the application of infinite decorative styles. AZUVI, a leading manufacturer of porcelain tiles, AZUVI commits to an elegant kitchen, in which you will find standing out both its finishes and an aesthetic with personality. Gastronomy is almost a way of life and having a welldesigned kitchen is a recipe for success. Being one of the most frequented and important spaces of the house needs it needs, in addition to being well distributed, high quality materials. AZUVI presents floor collections that fit perfectly in kitchens. Collections of modern technical features that also have natural finishes that adapt to the latest trends. The use of matt finishes and neutral tones are preferred by architects, interior designers and decorators, as well as by the user, with a high interest in minimalist kitchens with warm touches. AZUVI has a wide range of floor and wall tiles that adapt to different styles of kitchens. Collections like ESSENZA satisfy www.azuvi.com Photo: Essenza Snow by AZUVI. 64

the most exclusive needs, and on the other hand, collections like BASIC fit perfectly into more minimalist projects. ESSENZA by AZUVI is an appropriate collection for kitchens in which a material with a design that provides naturalness and warmth to the space is desired. Ideal for kitchens with a cosy flair, ESSENZA presents a matt finish, available in rectangular format of 20x120 cm or 22.5x90 cm, completed with a skirting of 10x120 cm or 7.5x90 cm. The collection offers four different shades ESSENZA Classic (a greyish colour) y ESSENZA Beach (an earthy colour), ESSENZA Snow (whitish colour) y ESSENZA Coal (dark ash). BASIC by AZUVI is the collection that lines, with a shading and subtle design, the most contemporary spaces with a floor format of 75x75 cm. It stands out for its four timeless shades in matt finish, Plomb (anthracite grey), Moka (coffee), Steel (grey stone) y Taupe (sand). AZUVI offers collections of impeccable aesthetics, accompanied by the advantages of porcelain tiles in terms of durability and maintenance, fundamental for the kitchen.




Alfiler de Oro Award JAVIER ALCÁNTARA www.javieralcantara.es

Photo: Óscar Lugo


“For me, Haute Couture is a form of artistic expression, it is creation” Interview by Lola Gómez The designer from Málaga has received the Alfiler de Oro within the framework of the 8th Pasarela Larios Fashion Week 2018. The award was given to him in appreciation of his professional career path, thanks to which he has achieved exceptional recognition in the field of haute couture both in his native city and elsewhere. After beginning to study architecture, he decided to change his career opting for fashion design and styling, and in 1995 he started his creative work in his haute couture atelier in the centre of Málaga, designing wedding gowns, festive and celebration garments. Congratulations on your award! What does this recognition mean to you? It is definitely a recognition for 23 years of work, effort and perseverance that have helped me make a name for myself in the province of Málaga and outside of it and maintain this reputation even during difficult periods. How would you define high fashion? For me, Haute Couture is a form of artistic expression, it is creation. It’s about expressing a part of yourself through fashion. Where do you find inspiration when you make your designs? There are a lot of sources of inspiration: travels, cultures, movies, artistic movements, but whatever it is, it is always the Sun and the Sea, enjoyed by us on our earth, that are, somehow or other, present in my creations. What designers have influenced you the most? There have been quite a lot of them. But among the classic ones, Balenciaga and Christian Dior are my favourite. And as to the contemporary designers, I like Elie Saab very much. What is your dream? What would you like to achieve? One of my dreams is to have my designs displayed on Parisian catwalks, as this city is, without a doubt, the cradle of fashion. And I’d like my creations to have international exposure. If you could dress any woman, who would you choose and why? I’m ready to dress any woman that can have full confidence in my skill and my creativity, I really enjoy that process. It’s a pleasure to dress her for a special occasion, without any limits, just seeking to ennoble her and make her unique.


ХАВЬЕР АЛЬКАНТАРА приз ‘Alfiler de Oro’ Дизайнер из Малаги, Хавьер Алькантара, был удостоен премии ‘Alfiler de Oro’ в рамках очередного, восьмого по счету, мероприятия по показу мод ‘Pasarela Larios Fashion Week 2018’. Он был удостоен этой награды в знак признания его профессиональной карьеры, благодаря которой он добился широкой популярности, заняв почетное место в мире высокой моды, как в своем родном городе, так и за его пределами. Начав изучать архитектурное дело, Хавьер, спустя некоторое время, решил изменить свой карьерный путь, сделав выбор в пользу дизайна и стилизации одежды, и в 1995 г. начал творческую деятельность в своем ателье высокой моды в центре Малаги, посвятив себя дизайну свадебных платьев, а также одежды для праздников и разного вида торжеств. Поздравляю вас с получением приза! Что значит для вас это признание? Да, это действительно признание, награда за 23 года усиленной работы, награда за старания и настойчивость. Благодаря всему этому я получил широкую известность в провинции Малага и за ее пределами, и смог удержаться на этом уровне даже в трудное время. Как бы вы охарактеризовали понятие высокой моды? Для меня высокая мода – это способ художественного выражения, созидание. Это возможность выразить себя через моду. Где вы черпаете вдохновение, когда находитесь в творческом процессе? Источников вдохновения множество: путешествия, культуры, фильмы, направления в искусстве. Но, в любом случае, во всех моих творениях всегда в той или иной степени ощущается присутствие Солнца и Моря, которые радуют нас на этой земле. Какие дизайнеры оказали на вас наибольшее влияние? На самом деле их много. Среди классиков, это Баленсиага и Кристиан Диор, они для меня на первом месте. Что касается современных дизайнеров, мне очень нравится Эли Сааб. Какая ваша мечта? Чего бы вы хотели достичь? Мечтаю, чтобы мои модели были представлены на подиумах Парижа, так как это город, без сомнения, представляет собой настоящую колыбель моды. И еще мне бы хотелось, чтобы мои творения стали известными во всем мире. Если бы вы были способны создать наряд для любой женщины на свете, кого бы вы выбрали и почему? Я готов порадовать любую женщину, которая сможет полностью довериться моему мастерству и творческим способностям. Мне очень нравится этот процесс. Мне доставляет удовольствие готовить женские наряды для особых случаев, без каких бы то ни было ограничений, просто стараясь возвысить женщину и сделать ее уникальной.


Photo: Óscar Lugo


Málaga, a Fashion destination

The most important Haute Couture show in Málaga, with its characteristic blue carpet covering the largest catwalk in Europe, celebrated its eighth edition on the 14th and 15th of September at the Marqués de Larios street. Málaga is already the reference point in the world of national and international fashion. The Pasarela has positioned itself as a firstrate cultural and tourism event. It is an occasion aimed at supporting local economy and commerce, providing a space where artists and designers can demonstrate the latest trends and novelties from their collections directly to the public.


Photos: Lorenzo Carnero



Photos: Lorenzo Carnero

Photos: Lorenzo Carnero 77

Art that invites you to think The Argentine artist Alejandro Hermann, who has been based in Marbella for 10 years, is exhibiting a selection of his best work at Amàre Marbella Beach, a hotel recommended for adults. This exhibition, open until 24 November, brings to a close this season’s Amàre Art cycle, aimed at bringing together this emblematic hotel’s discerning clientèle with works by some of the best local creators

At Amàre Beach Hotel Marbella - To 24 November - Free entry For more information: + 34 951562083




Hotel walls are among the best exhibition spaces for contemporary art. At least this is the case at Amàre Beach Hotel Marbella, the best recommended for adults hotel establishment in the centre of Marbella, whose Amàre Art, launched last year, aims to bring it discerning clientèle together with works by the best local artists. To achieve this, there’s nothing better than adorning function room doors, the outside of lifts and large picture windows with suggestive, striking and exclusive works such as those by Alejandro Hermann, the Argentine artist who has been based in Marbella for 10 years. An admirer of Leonardo da Vinci and his chiaroscuro technique, and with a versatile soul that leads him to use many different materials -such as fabric, leafs, wood, stones and coins- in his works, Alejandro Hermann defines his work as art that inspires you to think. He says that it has stemmed from an exquisite fusion of expressionism, realism and spiritual dreaminess; his main objective is to portray a psychological representation and the moods of his characters. Guests staying at Amàre Beach Hotel Marbella will be able to soak up some of Hermann’s best works while strolling through the hotel, getting a feel for his paintings and entering unaware into his unique universe, featuring women with character and famous celebrities such as Frida Kahlo and Audrey Hepburn, among others, with their intense gazes that speak volumes without blinking.

Alejandro Hermann exhibition at Amàre Marbella Beach Hotel





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Design Marbella is a magazine on design, interior architecture and high-quality decoration, aimed at foreign middle-aged readers with very h...


Design Marbella is a magazine on design, interior architecture and high-quality decoration, aimed at foreign middle-aged readers with very h...