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Interviews: Laura Jiménez - Andrea Böck - José Carlos Moya - Ramón Esteve Architects: Jorge Rincón - Gonzalo Gutiérrez - Francisco Fernández - Fran Silvestre Antonio Galisteo - Rodolfo Amieva - Diego Macías - Juan Gavilanes Cover Photo






French Art de Vivre

Photo Michel Gibert, photograph use for reference only. TASCHEN.

Libretto. Corner composition in leather, furnitures and lightings designed by Roberto Tapinassi & Maurizio Manzoni. European manufacture.

MARBELLA - C.C. Torre Real, Ctra. Cรกdiz - Mรกlaga km 185 - Tel. 952 777 858

3D Interior Design Service 5

Comprehensive reforms End of work and Parkings Communities, offices, tourist apartments and homes Hotels, hospitals, schools and shopping centers


“Atractiva Reforms� is a company of integral services dedicated to the maintenance and cleaning of all types of facilities, offers to your business; quality, experience and guarantee. We offer services in cleaning work, painting, glassware, maintenance, floors, facilities and facades. See if it requires a size. Free estimates without compromise. Spanish +34 600 726 299 English: + 34 622 950 134


Editorial We continue to pay full attention to this awakening of interior design and architecture. And we strengthen it with our commitment to praising the new talents and applauding the masters. In this issue, we present to you the winning projects of the 14th edition of the Architecture Awards by the Málaga Architects’ Association. The aim of the awards is to recognize and disseminate those works and creations of the province that will be of special architectonic or urban interest. Our city is at the forefront of sustainable development, and on these pages you can get to know the new, fashionable restaurant that is supplied with primary energy and raw materials, has its own geothermal energy plant, plots of land with its own crops, dense vertical gardens and a small forest, reusable materials and unique pieces of design and decoration. You can already enjoy the day and night in Marbella, caring about and respecting the environment. This is the premise of Breathe, which opens its doors as a pioneering multi-purpose facility in the Costa del Sol, putting its visitors in touch with nature, the cuisine and the best design. On top of that, we’ve wanted to enrich our section with this new year’s fashion trends, a universe that each time combines more closely with décor. From these pages, we want to encourage a sound and healthy way of life, and for that purpose, we invite you to discover the world-renowned therapeutic fasting at the Buchinger clinic in Marbella. Lola Gómez.











Interview with Laura Jiménez CEO of the Architecture Department at ByNok


González& Jacobson Architects Be lagom in Benahavis


Málaga Architecture Awards


Interview with Andrea Böck CEO and Creative Director at Ambience Home Design


Interview with José Carlos Moya Founder and director of Moya Atencia Architects.


Fran Silvestre Architects House in the Lake


Interview with Ramón Esteve Architect and Designer


Buchinger Clinic Therapeutic Fasting


BREATHE The eco-friendly trendy restaurant


The Ritz- Carton Yacht Collection


Fashion with Aida Aguirre


Art Re-mix by Eduardo Balanza

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Contributing Writers Francisco Fernández and Arturo López Francisco Fernández graduated from the Technical School of Architecture of Granada. Postgraduate Studies in Urban Planning and Territorial Planning and PhD at the Technical School of Architecture of Malaga. Since 2006 he has been practicing the liberal profession of architect, developing architecture and urban planning projects. Awarded in 2013 with the Málaga Architecture Award for the best collective housing project. Arturo López, Architect. Graduated from the Higher Technical School of Seville with specializations in Urban Planning and Building, receiving the Second prize Dragados y Construcciones for the Best Diploma Project of 1998 – year from which he started to pursue the liberal profession of architect in the city of Málaga, working on residential and urban planning projects.

Gonzalo Gutiérrez Graduated from the Escuela de Arquitectura of Universidad Europea de Madrid (UEM) in 2010 and has a BA in Fine Arts by UEM, 2007. He has worked for some international architecture offices such as Maison Eduard François in Paris or Asif Khan Studio in London. He founded estudio GonzaloGA in 2013, located in Marbella and working all along the Costa del Sol. His work has been published in specialized magazines and has received some international architecture Awards. It’s noteworthy the First Prize of Sabadell Solvia award to the Innovation in Housing, in 2014; the First Prize Europan 13 in 2015 for his project in Ingolstadt (Germany); the Arkitekturo City of Marbella Prize in 2016; and he has recently been awarded with the Special Award for Young Work of the Malaga Architecture Awards 2018.

Antonio Galisteo, Álvaro Fernández and Francisco Camacho. GANA Arquitectura is born with the unique aim of improving people’s lives. We try to generate a different architecture office, whose main goal is to give value to any space, to optimize any entity, architectural or not, and always to give preference to the best solution. In short, the city, and therefore the citizen, they both win. For this purpose, GANA Arquitectura arises from the union of two young architects, Antonio Galisteo and Alvaro Fernandez Navarro. Despite their youth, they both have a wide experience in both national and international architecture.

Fran Silvestre Fran Silvestre Arquitectos is an Architecture and Design studio based in Valencia. Formed by a multidisciplinary group of professionals, it develops residential, cultural, corporative or public projects worldwide, with clients in Europe, USA or Russia. Throughout its history, it has received international awards and recognitions, such as the MHK in Berlin in 2009, the Red Dot Design Award in 2013, the NYCxDESIGN Awards 2016 in New York, the German Design Award 2016 or the First Prize in the Category of Product Design at the XIII Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism 2016. The studio has also participated in international congresses such as the series of conferences “Spanish Art&Culture” in the United States in 2012, the Cityliv 2013 in Maastricht or the Archi Summit in Porto in 2016. Its work has been published in magazines such as GA Houses, On-Site, Architectural Record, Architectural Digest or Arquitectura Viva, and in editorials like Phaidon, GG, Taschen or Rizzoli.

Rodolfo Amieva Jacobson and Diego Macías Domínguez González & Jacobson architecture it is a society of architectural services in all its branches born in 1993 in Marbella, work and interests arising from the meeting between Venezuelan architect and landscaper Carlos A. González Mora and Mexican architect Rodolfo Amieva Jacobson. Collaboration and exchange of ideas of their professional experiences in Venezuela, Mexico, the US and Spain finally make their common interests are realized in the creation of this Architecture Studio Design Firm. It is a Architecture Studio Design Firm that in addition to engaging Architecture also encompasses the planning, interior design and landscaping projects, large and small scale.


LAURA JIMÉNEZ CEO of the Architecture Department at ByNok

Interview by Lola Gómez Now an Estepona resident, she was born in Málaga and studied architecture at the University of Sevilla. Since 2004, she’s been working for Armando Gómez, a founding partner of ByNok, as CEO of the Architecture Department. Her curriculum vitae features such places as Dubai, Barcelona, Madrid, Murcia, Sotogrande and Costa del Sol, where she carried out various luxury residential projects.


There seems to be nothing she can’t deal with as she takes part in all sorts of hotel, residential, commercial and office projects. In 2013, ByNok, a construction and architecture company, is born, and in less than five years becomes the leading property developer in the Costa del Sol, managing to create a high-value brand designing the most exclusive projects and having one of the best marketing strategies.

“While seeking to provoke

emotions, we want to design the projects our clients dream of”

What makes ByNok so unique? Prioritising our clients’ satisfaction over everything else. While seeking to provoke emotions, we want to design the projects our clients dream of. We like to call that “the wow effect”, but it doesn’t at all mean that the functionality of the created spaces may become less important to be left in the background.


Your slogan says you make the design of a project free of charge. The client must decide beforehand if they really like what they’re going to buy. When you’re buying a dress, you’ve already tried it on, and when you see that it suits you well, you buy it. And we offer the same thing to our clients: before putting it out to contract we are keen to demonstrate that we’re able to design what they want. What made you want to be an architect? Since childhood I enjoyed drawing houses, visiting different places and observing them paying attention to all the details. So I had no trouble deciding what I would do in the future. I feel that I’m privileged to be able to dedicate myself to one of my passions, it’s totally vocational. The combination of working and enjoying the things you do makes you feel completely happy. An architect is a draftsman of dreams? An architect must be able to interpret what their client wants and materialize it, departing from an idea that gives meaning to everything.

“Good architecture always generates emotions”


A stellar building. There are so many of them!!! Although among my favourite projects, I would highlight the Fallingwater (the Waterfall House) by Frank Lloyd Wright and the German Pavilion in Barcelona by Mies van der Rohe. I´m also fascinated by the work of Le Corbusier, Louis Kahn and, of course, Zaha Hadid. A space that always excites you. Good architecture always generates emotions; this is precisely one of the objectives we can’t lose sight of when we’re designing. One thing that I really like about contemporary architecture is how the interior of the buildings combines with the exterior, without marking any boundaries, introducing nature, water, light... to the interior of the buildings. Those spaces always give me a thrill.

“I feel that I’m privileged to be able to dedicate myself to one of my passions” 15

Timeless Serenity By Jorge RincĂłn. / Architect

Building a new frontline beach villa in the Costa del Sol is always a luxury for an architect. With an existing construction that had to be previously demolished, the plot offered a unique combination of frontline sea views while being five meters over the beach level, allowing amazing views with full privacy, even when the future seafront promenade is developed. In a project of this kind, the main character is played by the sea and the architecture is moulded to take full advantage of the location and blend the indoor spaces with the outdoor and, specially, the views.

of architectural noise we are lately used to. In words of the architect: “we are concerned about the effect of short term trends in architecture, we seek to design timeless buildings using the shapes and architectural composition schemes that have remained constant through history, in a new contemporary way�.

While solid and closed towards the street and neighbours as a protection shield, the living areas of the villa are fully glazed and open to the sea, garden and south orientation. It is only once you open the front door, after crossing a pond, that, through A light box over a solid plinth, the villa is composed by a a double height glazed wall, you discover the breathtaking sea serene yet rotund combination of contemporary volumes views over the infinity pool and landscaped garden. arranged with powerful symmetry, trying to avoid the excess The result is a timeless, serene, rotund architecture.

16 17

Be Lagom In Benahavis Gonzรกlez & Jacobson Architecture



BE LAGOM is one of the most exclusive and distinctive projects that disembarks on the Costa del Sol, a design by the architects Rodolfo Amieva Jacobson and Diego Macías Domínguez. An ambitious project consisting of 13 exceptional luxury villas with magnificent sea and mountain views, within Benahavis municipality. A fascinating challenge that González&Jacobson Arquitectura has taken up with great enthusiasm and demand. The difficulty of this project lies in achieving to combine luxury with energy efficiency and sustainability, which a priori may seemingly be unrelated concepts, but in this project they go hand in hand in perfect harmony. A new concept within the luxury housing industry that is an architectural landmark without precedent in this area.

González & Jacobson Architecture


The fundamentals elements of the design are defined according to the needs and desires of the target public to whom the developers would like to address this real estate development:future residents who are looking for their own natural oasis, but without giving up the added value offered by the luxury comfort, design and exclusivity. Each villa is different and unique. All of them have been designed with great care, with meticulous attention to every detail, implementing the criteria of an eco-friendly and socially responsible architecture. In BE LAGOM, it takes on special significance the use of green materials, such as wood and stone, which have been carefully selected so that they can blend in with the surrounding environment. High-quality natural and warm materials that speak for themselves and create pleasant, balanced and warm spaces for those living here.


This project also includes some large common areas for entertainment, relaxation and outdoor life. These architectural features are complemented with the strength of a resounding landscape of exuberant vegetation, which articulates as the central axis for the whole estate. It is also outstanding for its infinity pools as refreshing elements that, in combination with its gardens, turn this residential complex into a real “green lung� that invites you to relax and delights its residents.

Be lagom in Benahavis 22

This project is, without doubt, a perfect example of healthy, sustainable, efficient and environmentally-friendly architecture, created in response to the latest demands and sensitivities of the current society, in perfect symbiosis with the soul and lifestyle that BE LAGOM wishes to offer. One more example of the strong commitment of Gonzรกlez&Jacobson Arquitectura with excellency, beauty and the mother earth.




Málaga Architects’ Association is presenting the Málaga Architecture awards within the framework of its 14th edition. The aim of the awards is to recognize and disseminate those works and creations of the province that will be of special architectonic or urban interest.

1º Premio y Premio Alfonso de Hohenlohe (1st Prize and Alfonso de Hohenlohe Prize) Work: Victoria Beer Manufacturing, Packaging and Distribution Plant Architects: Antonio Galisteo, Álvaro Fernández and Francisco Camacho (GANA Architecture)

Premio Málaga de Arquitectura (Málaga Architecture Prize) Work: Granada Restaurant 17 (Málaga) Architects: Juan Gavilanes and Francisco González (GG2 Arquitectos)

Premio Década (Decade Award) Work: Urban renewal projects of the historic centre of Málaga Architects: Juan Gavilanes, Francisco González and José Ignacio Pérez. (GG2 Arquitectos)

Premio especial Obra Joven (Special Young Work Award) Work: Casa del Búho in Benahavis Architect: Gonzalo Gutiérrez (GonzaloGA architects)

Premio Ciudad de Melilla (City of Melilla Award) Work: Rehabilitation of Victoria Grande fort Architect: José Antonio Fernández (Chacel8 Arquitectura)


Decade Award Architects:

Juan Gavilanes, Francisco González and José Ignacio Pérez GG2 arquitectos has received numerous prestigious awards in recognition of its architecture and urban design projects in different categories such as urbanism, public space, restoration and renovation and architecture. The studio has won various national and international competitions. Among its most important projects carried out in Málaga are the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University, the urban renovation of Marqués de Larios street, the Plaza de la Constitución (the Constitution square), the Plaza del Carbón (the Charcoal square), the Plaza de las Flores (the Square of flowers) and other works accomplished in the historic centre; the Teatro Cervantes and the Archaeological Museum in Álora, among others.

Marqués de Larios

Plaza de la Constitución

The regeneration of the historic centre of Málaga began at the end of the decade of the 1980s. The urban renovation projects, which we were able to carry out, are located in the heart of the historic centre, in the area surrounding the Cathedral and Marqués de Larios street. Thanks to these projects that we are presenting and that were accomplished from 1999 to 2007, the historic city acquired a new look after careful analysis and reading of the urban space and its historical development.

These projects, which involved renovation of the pavement, lighting installations and services in the streets and squares, have accompanied and boosted the rest of cultural interventions thanks to which the historical identity of the city underwent a remarkable recovery. The centre of the city of Málaga shows off, at present time, as a rediscovered historical heritage, with a renewed activity which is becoming more and more lively and intense.


Mรกlaga Architecture Prize


Granada 17 Restaurant (Mรกlaga) Design of small premises on the ground floor in the historic centre of the city of Mรกlaga. The Nasrid glazed tiles serve as a tool at the service of a new play of geometries and colours, as an abstract composition.


Premio Ciudad de Melilla (City of Melilla Award)


Rehabilitation of Victoria Grande fort (Melilla) In general, attempts have been made to recover the Renaissance atmosphere. The neutrality of the scene and “the truth� turn into a compass on the way of developing the work, seeking to recall the essence of the Franciscan Church, which used the texture of the bareness of the stone in order to enhance the sense of peculiar austerity of the order.


1st Prize and Alfonso de Hohenlohe Prize

GANA New Victoria Beer Factory in Malaga When an amazing brand like Victoria decides to come back to its city, location becomes the first thing to carefully analize in order to achieve the dream of giving back to malaga citizen their traditional beer. Thus, this factory is located between two of the main roads of the city, as its new entrance milestone, while ensuring a proper industrial functionality and allowing trucks flow in a very easy way. In order to build over the remaining structure of the former factory located there, a sustainable way of working was required, by combining their needs with the existing elements where urban planning and construction security become fundamental. However, this factory means to Malaga much more than the industrial revitalization described. This building has been an invitation from this local brand to its neighbors, in order to let them be part of its history, its productive activity and logistics, while offering this city a new cultural spot. That’s the reason why the design of its enclosure has been so important and special, creating a solid building whose white facades enhance its industrial soul and structure, and a main front facade completely made of glass that allow the building not just to take advantage of the signature light of this area, called ‘Costa del Sol’, but also introduce an innovative approach to the traditional and hermetic architecture of factories.


This creates an interesting dialogue between glass-made north facades and opaques elements made of ‘in situ’ sandwich panels that protect the building from harder solar orientations. A very respectful and sustainable exercise of design that foster functionality and maximize comfort among its users. A quite complex functionality that contrasts with its volumes simplicity, coordinating different areas and services like the tours guided by the brand through its multifunctional entrance hall; a tasting area; the commercial offices of this new headquarters of ‘Cerveza Victoria’ in Malaga; the brewery; the filling, beerdrive and packaging area; and also the storage and logistics area, with the whole offices and functions related and required by this warehouse. As a conclusion, this building homes an accurate relation of visually connected spaces, where light and guests become the main characters of the project.


Special Young Work Award



Refurbishment and extension of a singlefamily house. A single-family house (built in the 60’s) in a partial state of ruin is acquired by a new owner, who demands for new functionalities for the house. The original house was designed to accommodate a family of 3 members and a service person. The new configuration of the house should contain a family of 4 members, a guest area, an independent apartment, a playground and the possibility of dividing the house into two separate units.


Photos: Luis Díaz Díaz 31

STRATEGY The biggest challenge posed by the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the house is the integration of a new area with more surface in the same pre-existing footprint. Due to the partial state of ruin it is necessary to demolish the eastern rectangular wing of the original house. The new construction must contain this new available space and multiply the built meters to accommodate the new programmatic needs. The spatial configuration is developed by concatenating successive blocks of program (kitchen, living room, bedrooms and bathroom) with the inclusion of an L block that houses an apartment with independent access. The reading of the blocks can be done through the volumetry expressed in the façade and roof of the house.

Casa del Búho

TACTICS The most notorious modification occurs in the reconstructed east wing where the height is doubled (enabling a previously non-existent basement) and reconfigures to accommodate the new program. With the intention of creating a quality and functional basement, a tropical English patio that allows light to reach the basement is created. The glass envelope throughout this lower floor provides light and favors the reading of the continuous space, connecting the English patio with the garden to the south of the house. The new reconstructed wing has a formal and constructive duality, sharing aesthetics and similar solutions to the previous house in the entire north façade (arrival to the house), since it is in this area of the house where you can see both eras. This facade has been resolved with traditional construction techniques to achieve the integration of the new part with the old. On the other hand, the south façade takes advantage of the views and the sunlight by opening large windows, resolved with a constructive hybrid system between the traditional and contemporary construction techniques. The roof of the building is done with a structure of metal trusses whose inclinations vary in each block. Part of the new roof is made with the old tile recovered and the rest is completed with a flat tile similar to the preexisting, giving continuity to the language of the original house.

Photos: Luis Díaz Díaz





Collection by Moneo Brock has been designed for Ecus’ exclusive catalogue ICON

Photo: Sonia D collection by Moneo Brock for ICON by Ecus.

Ecus perceives icons as unique and valuable creations. A plain and clear design ensures a longlasting result. The pieces of furniture that we can find in ICON easily adapt to contract projects, living rooms, lounges, meeting rooms‌ Ecus is focused on creating comfortable and functional articles and thanks to ICON they can achive their purpose. The prestigious studio Moneo Brock participates in ICON and they have specially designed the Sonia D collection. The great Ukranian painter and designer Sonia Delaunay inspired the design of Sonia D collection. The design of this sofa clearly points out shapes, colours and circles in a humble way, just what abstract artists used to do. Sonia D sofa has a compact design, clear patterns, soft curves and bright colours. It looks as if it was cast from a single mould, but in fact it has been manually assembled through a semi-industrial and handmade process. An original collection with curved back and armrests that invite us to gather with family and friends. The collection is made of: sofa, armchair and stool.


ANDREA BÖCK CEO and Creative Director at Ambience Home Design

Interview by Lola Gómez Andrea Böck is a German-born interior designer and curator who founded Ambience in 2002. Her unequivocal taste for contemporary and luxurious interiors has launched Ambience as the leading interior design firm on the Coast. Her team consists of 23 professionals: architects, interior designers , 3D render artist , furniture designers, communication manager, project managers, the admin & logistic team and the installation team. Andrea’s creative eye and attention


to detail, and passion for both décor and refurbishment projects, are equally matched by the experience and know-how she’s acquired in the many years of dedication in the field, which have been keystone to Ambience’s international success and expansion. Since 2005, Andrea has been commissioned to work on luxury projects in the UK, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Egypt, and St. Lucia, and has ongoing projects with renowned architects and developers in both Spain and abroad.

“I wanted to be somewhere where you have great weather by the sea, with an international feel and people living there from all over the world�

Why did you decide to move to Marbella? 17 years ago I realized that I no longer wanted to live in a big cloudy city and that I needed to do something about that. I wanted to be somewhere where you have great weather by the sea, with an international feel and people living there from all over the world and with a magnificent country side. Once I lived here for a while I felt like it ticked all the boxes and I then discovered my true passion for Interior Design and Architecture and that Marbella is just the perfect outlet for that .

La perla Blanca/ Estepona


What makes you different from other decorators and interior designers? We do take a great deal of time to brief our clients very thoroughly in order to design their dream home and not just to fulfill our creative needs. It’s important not only to understand what they want but also what they need and how they live at home on a daily basis. Once you know all of these tiny details it all falls into place. It´s such an incredible personal thing to create someone’s home. It’s supposed to be the most powerful place where one can retreat in order to recharge and relax from their busy life. Among all the projects you’ve worked on, which do you remember with the greatest affection? Gosh, there are so many. Each client is special, and with that, the project. However, our Award Winning Project La Perla Blanca on the new Golden Mile was different because we didn’t have a brief and we could do what we wanted. The brief was just to make it amazing . However, we also just finished a Lake Side Residence close to Amsterdam where we refurbished the entire Property and seeing this was our client´s second property we knew exactly what they wanted from the beginning. Every detail was designed by me and my team. Our Spanish carpentry team of 8 spent nearly 3 weeks at the house to install all wardrobes, wall claddings, kitchen and bathroom units, etc. After that we installed all the furniture for another week. Photos of this will be soon released and seen on our webpage. Which restaurant is your most favourite with regard to its interior design and décor? Well , there are many but one of my ultimate favorites must be the Spice Market in NY. But I can tell you a few on my list to try : »» Chefs Club in New York »» Catch Seafood restaurant Kiev »» Lai Heen in Macau

And the hotel that has surprised you the most? Recently for sure the Delaire Graff Estate Stellenbosch in South Africa, because it is a phenomenal place with so much valuable art and some tremendous views. And the kitchen, let me tell you, is just divine. What is the project of your dreams? Well, of course, to design a 5 Star Boutique Hotel where the sky is the limit .

“Each client is special, and with that, the project”

Puente Romano/ Marbella 38

39 40




El muelle

By Francisco Fernรกndez and Arturo Lรณpez / Architects

www. We like to see architecture as a living organism, capable of mutating and transforming itself, of growing and reorganizing itself in order to match the different periods of time when it functions in the service of society. Our project starts with an existing villa from the 1970s that enjoys a beautiful private garden around it and is provided on the east end with a small building used as a garage. Given the need to extend the existing home, we propose to transform the garage and adjust the garden accordingly. We have designed two independent openspace pavilions for guests that are organized around a central core housing different services. Each pavilion opens to capture different parts of the delightful garden, as if we had created a sort of panopticon of nature.


Guadalmina Baja, Marbella www. 45

JOSÉ CARLOS MOYA Founder and director of Moya Atencia Arquitectos Co-founder of sunhouse360º

Interview by Lola Gómez José Carlos Moya is an architect from Malaga and is the founder and director of Moya Atencia Arquitectos, an architectural firm in Marbella. With its team of multidisciplinary architects, the firm has extensive experience in single-family homes, residential buildings, and luxury villas.

A few years ago, in an effort to bring humanity closer to energy self-sufficiency and to be able to take advantage of what nature gives us, the firm created Sunhouse360º. This line of houses and rotating platforms can achieve savings of up to 70% in energy consumption, thanks to its turning capacity and its high-quality construction systems. After years of work and research, the first smart rotating homes in Europe have been commercialized.

“The house autonomously decides the best orientation to get the desired indoor temperature”


What must a house have to be a smart home and how did the idea come about? In our case, when we talk about a smart home, we refer to a system that is able to guide the orientation of the house to its most optimal position with respect to the sun. This allows us to maximize - at any time of the day - the thermal comfort levels in our home, all while also enjoying the best available views from the chosen house. In other words, the system is able to recognize if we need heat in our home or if, on the contrary, the house should be facing another way to lower the indoor temperature. There is no doubt that a house’s orientation has always been a fundamental issue in its design and construction. Architects have often been challenged by their desire to make the most of sunlight and enjoy the effects that natural lighting provides,

as well as heat the interior of the home. This is what brought about the idea of creating a housing design entirely free from the constraints of a fixed orientation. We were already aware of the existence of houses capable of turning on an axis, but the goals our design went further. We wanted to develop a rotation system that, in addition to being able to operate at a full 360 degrees, was able to do so “smartly” according to the needs of the user. After several years of research and development of the project, today, SUNHOUSE360º is the crystallization of modern, sustainable, and versatile homes. Homes which not only meet the highest quality standards of principal European regulations, but are at the same time able to combine innovation, technology, and avant-garde in their designs.


“We wanted to develop a

rotation system that, in addition to being able to operate at a full 360 degrees, was able to do so smartly according to the needs of the user”

With its sophisticated smart home automation system, it only takes the house about 15 minutes to make a complete rotation. How is this movement possible? When we talk about the house taking about 15 minutes to make a full turn, we refer to the maximum speed at which it rotates. This speed of rotation can be used in the ONE and MAN modes, since they are the manual modes in which the user decides in which position they want their home. (In the ONE mode, the user chooses one of the views determined in the home automation software, and in the manual MAN mode, the user decides the direction of rotation and the speed.) In the other two modes, the “smart” ECO and EGO modes (in the ECO mode, the house autonomously decides the best orientation to get the desired indoor temperature, and in the EGO mode, a selected room will be oriented to the sun and from that moment on, it will continue to follow it), the speed of rotation will be in accordance to the movement of the sun. In both cases, said speed is barely noticeable by the user. Do you feel that this sort of sustainable housing is the way of the future? In SUNHOUSE360º we are sure that the use of this system could soon become a standard for many constructions. This attempt to bring man closer to energy self-sufficiency and to be able to take advantage of what nature provides us is one of the main causes of the design of our homes. Developing housing with zero energy consumption and having more independence from non-renewable energy sources means that we can focus our attention on what the future of energy will be. Undoubtedly, this line of thought and research is a path that society must follow; it is unthinkable today to consider any architecture or design without having energy efficiency in mind. Is the interior design of the house also yours? Yes, the interior of each of our models has been designed by our architects to provide indoor spaces with maximum comfort and adapting them to the essential needs of liveability. We have also signed a commercial agreement with the French furniture design firm RocheBobois. This allows us to provide any client who so chooses with an exclusive study of the interior design of the house, capable of personalizing and satisfying the needs and wishes of each client.



“Innovation, technology,

and avant-garde in their designs”

Is it possible to build a revolving house other than SUNHOUSE360? Although the initial model, SUNHOUSE360º (now called SH360º), is the flagship of our company, we have developed three additional models, each adapted to the different requirements of a client. Our model with the least surface area, which we call SH Compact, retains all the characteristics of its “big sister” SH 360º (energy efficiency, turning system, quality of construction, exclusive design, etc.), but does so in a space of 92 m2, ideal for either a small primary residence or a luxury holiday home. And, keeping the same characteristics, we have developed a third model, SH Compact +, which with an area of 120 m2 plus a large terrace, is the perfect home for those seeking a balance between luxury and functionality, at an affordable price. And we complete our wide range with the SH Urban Model, a revolving two-story dwelling, which, of course, retains the same characteristics of design, comfort, and energy efficiency. This house has a surface area of 304 m2 spread over these two stories and, as can be seen in the infographics, has a completely avant-garde design. In addition, not only are we willing to develop the designs requested by clients, but we have also made ourselves available to other architects to consider the possibility of integrating a rotating platform in a project that they have in mind (obviously with a series of restrictions). That is, whether it be the renovation or the extension of a house, or the development of a non-residential project (such as a restaurant, bar, gym, etc.), we can offer a rotating platform designed to suit your needs. Where has the first house been built? We currently have an SH Urban Model under construction in the municipality of Estepona (Málaga), near the sea, which will be finished by the summer of this year. We have also recently concluded agreements to promote our homes in various countries, such as Turkey, Russia, Canada, and Portugal.



House In The Lake By Fran Silvestre Located in the PGA golf course, in Girona, the house seeks the best views over the place where it is set. The project is solved by means of two extruded spaces, two overlapping volumes, in which the upper one moves towards the lake in front, giving as a result a cantilever that aims to generate a great shaded terrace. Two elements that define a single project, in which we appreciate facades of great dynamism generated by different openings in them, that allow for a comfortable reading of the building. In the interior space, the ground floor is distributed in two areas divided by the staircase, positioned perpendicularly to the volumes, with a double-height and in charge of separating the service spaces from the noble ones. Nevertheless, in the upper floor the staircase stays at the back and the rest of the rooms are allocated so that they all face the golf course.



House In The Lake Architecture: Fran Silvestre Arquitectos Interior Design: Alfaro Hofmann




RAMÓN ESTEVE Architect and Designer

Interview Ramón Esteve is the founder and director of his studio since 1991. Doctor in architecture by the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia and architect by the Higher Technical School of Madrid. With this education he is a creative who directs and develops his activity both in the field of architecture and interior design, as well as in industrial design and artistic direction, in the national and international level.

VONDOM has expanded its construction policy in order to make a collection like Tablet possible, with new materials and textures that integrate the collection to indoor spaces.

Photos: Vondom


Why Tablet? The name links new technologies and flexibility to the versatility of a sectional composition. Mobile devices adapt themselves to each user’s needs and that is the collection’s goal. Your new collection for VONDOM is named TABLET. What do you want to communicate to the current technological world? What does it represent? By one side we look for versatility and technology; by the other, kindness, comfort and integration. I look for a piece that has this duality: identity and integration. Being characteristic and unique but at the same time blending with the space and fitting in a contemporary surrounding as much as it would in a refurbished historic building. Tablet is an ambitious project because it’s been designed both for indoors and outdoors, as well as for both residential and commercial use. Due to its comfort and geometry will perfectly fit in commercial projects, even though the technic of its manufacturing provides additional comfort that makes it suitable for residential use. Harmony, timeless and contextualization are some of the key concepts in your design idea. How do you integrate this philosophy in Tablet? What would you like to transmit with it? Harmony is connected to order and to the relation between the whole and the parts. When I talk about harmony in this collection, I mean the proportions, which in this case, generate a balanced piece through those bumpy squares, slightly deformed, to get a small curve that, thanks to the foam, generate the fabric tension that provides comfort. Timeless refers to durability. I want it to go beyond, not being a fashion piece with expiring character, but perfectly balanced and able to resist timing.


Please tell us about colors and textures chosen for this collection. The collection’s construction, based on polyurethane foam with polypropylene fabric, makes TABLET a perfect collection both for indoor and outdoor spaces, thanks to its sophisticated aesthetic and finishing. The fabrics used are made by Enzo and have strong textures that, at the same time, are so natural that remind you of materials like cotton, linen or wool. By one side, they are highly resistant to the elements, UV, etcetera and by the other, are warm enough to fit in an indoor space. VONDOM has expanded its construction policy in order to make a collection like Tablet possible, with new materials and textures that integrate the collection to indoor spaces. What do you think that this change means for the company? In this case, Vondom is embracing evolution and technology, opening a new field that gets as a result a collection with a warmer and more domestic look. In spite of its high technology design, thanks to the upholstery and the absence of visible plastic, Tablet becomes a perfect piece both for residential and commercial use. Lastly, where would you like to see this collection? I would like to see it in many surroundings; from a classic or Renaissance building to the offices of a modern company like Apple. The collection could be placed as well in a house that I could design for this purpose.


Photos: Vondom

The collection’s construction, based on polyurethane foam with a metallic structure upholstered with polypropylene fabric, makes TABLET a perfect collection both for indoor and outdoor spaces, thanks to its sophisticated aesthetic and finishing.


BREA By Dedon



Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby has been selected as a winner at this year’s British Design Awards. An outdoor sofa system of quiet luxury and superior quality, BREA was recognized for ‘Best Outdoor Design. The concept for BREA derives from Barber & Osgerby’s belief that outdoor furniture should receive the same attention to detail as the finest indoor designs. Sophisticated construction and an ingenious system of connectors give BREA a modern profile and maximum versatility. Advanced cushions and elaborate belting on the frame ensure indoor levels of comfort in an outdoor-ready design. The designers’ attention to quality and detail at every step is perfectly expressed in BREA’s aesthetic of elegant simplicity.

ELEGANT, MODERN, INTELLIGENT. 100% SUITABLE FOR OUTDOOR USE. BREA’s cushions offer the luxurious look and feel of the best indoor sofas but can be easily slipped off and stored. For even greater comfort, the cushions are supported with belts of tensioned webbing. A water-repellent covering, together with stain- and water-repellent fabric, gives the cushions unprecedented weather protection.





essential marbella®magazine

W W W. E S S E N T I A L M A G A Z I N E . C O M



With The Buchinger Wilhelmi Fasting Method, we can help to prevent and heal physical and psychological illnesses.

Buchinger Therapeutic Fasting is based on the ability of the human organism to temporarily live off its fat reserves and to cleanse itself in the process.



How does this happen? The Buchinger Wilhelmi Fasting Method »» Cures illness or significantly improves the symptoms. »» Prevents ill-health and disease by reducing risk factors. »» Strengthens the body’s own self-regenerating mechanisms. »» Delays the biological aging process. »» Revitalizes powerfully our energy resources. »» Promotes a change towards a more healthy life-style. »» Enhances internal harmony and improves quality of life. »» Disconnects from routine and reduces stress levels. How does it work? The fasting period is divided into three stages: »» Preparation: it is essential to rest and

prepare yourself for the transition with a light high fibre diet for at least one day thus enabling your body to adapt and to promote the elimination of liquids.

»» Fasting: during this stage you will only ingest

liquid foods in the form of freshly made vegetable broths, fresh natural juices, herbal teas and mineral water.

»» Readaptation: the gradual introduction of solid

foods over a period of 4 days ensures proper digestion. An intense and pleasurable experience that is important for the success of the treatment in the long-term.

The ideal fasting therapy is of three weeks duration, including 1 preparation day, 16 fasting days and 4 days of readaptation back on to solid food.



The Buchinger Wilhelmi Programme The minimum length of stay for the fasting therapy is 10 nights although it can be extended by full weeks or single nights. The initial medical examination will determine the type of treatment to be undertaken. Those who choose not to fast or who are unable to do so may discover the delights Buchinger Wilhelmi’s whole food lacto-ovo-vegetarian cuisine which can be adapted to individual nutritional requirements, allergies and personal preferences. Integrative Medicine The medical services offered at Buchinger Wilhelmi combine the advantages of modern diagnostics with complementary medicine. This includes naturopathic and alternative methods from Western and Oriental cultures. We place a particular focus on prevention of illnesses and encouraging a sustainably healthy lifestyle. To this end, lectures are held on health-related, medical and therapeutic topics. Psychotherapy and Coaching Day by day at our clinic, patients enjoy new and positive experiences. We would like you to take as many of them as possible back home with you and blend them into your daily life, as the best success is a long-term change in lifestyle. An important part of our programme is designed to provide vital information by means of lectures and practical courses in the areas of psychology, sport, fitness, etc. In this way, your visit not only gives you new vitality, but also new perspectives. Nutrition and Dietetics Nutrition has a major influence on the preservation of our health and vitality. By offering you a wide range of incentives and suggestions to enable you to continue your new conscious lifestyle when you return home. In lectures, you can learn about the correlation between nutrition and health. In our cooking demonstrations, you will learn how to prepare dishes which are not only healthy but tasty too. Av. Buchinger, 15, 29602 Marbella


Physical Therapy The processes triggered in the body through fasting are enhanced by means of external therapies such as massages, physiotherapy and wraps. An extensive variety of treatments is available, some of which derive from other cultures worldwide. Guidance as to the choice and number of treatments can be given on consultation with your attending doctor.

Exercise and Relaxation Active exercise, preferably in the fresh air, is essential to achieve optimal results. During your stay you are encouraged to take part in our daily programme which offers a variety of group activities including gymnastics, pilates, yoga, meditation, qi-gong/tai chi and many more, thereby improving your fitness levels and learning to relax. Inspiration and Spirituality A stay at Buchinger Wilhelmi is not only beneficial for your physical health, but also for your mind and soul, the true needs of which unfold through fasting. We take this into account with a wide range of cultural activities such as concerts, excursions, art exhibitions, handicrafts, yoga workshops and meditation, lectures and group discussions on fasting and health related topics. Beauty and Hair Care Feeling attractive and feeling good are directly related to each other. In our in-house cosmetics studio and hairdressing salon, our experienced cosmeticians and hairdressers will pamper your skin and hair.


We manage: Homeowners associations/Administration and Company Management/ Patrimony Gestionamos: Comunidades de Propietarios/ Administración y Gestión de Empresa/ Patrimonio


Offices in Marbella and Málaga C/ Nuestra Sra. De Gracia 7- Edificio Ansol – 2ºC - Marbella C/ Don Ricardo nº 2- 4º A (Junto Corte Inglés) – Málaga Marbella: Málaga: +34 952 77 11 64 / +34 617 160507 72


Design in its purest state in Harmony with the environment. Rodolfo Jacobson (González & Jacobson, head of Hotel Río Real and El Lago restaurant) and Mathieu Lèbre (Lema Paisajes and the DOM3 International Award for Architecture in 2016) are the multiaward winning creators of this versatile space and responsible for connecting people with nature in it through a stunning architecture and landscaping project. The décor has been provided by one of the pioneering brands in design and interior design in Spain, Becara, responsible for creating all the furnishings in a personalised way, piece by piece and bespoke, as well as salvaging unique elements with character and history, that come from the world´s most remote places. Becara is taking another step forward with Breathe, updating its classic style thanks to the incorporation of the extremely young interior designer Marta del Ganso. Along with the architect behind the company, Begoña Zunzunegui, they form a winning duo Their premise was that Breathe should be completely inspired by nature and that to achieve that, no material should be artificially treated. Everything is based around vegetation, the best natural marbles, raw teak, oak, iroko and wood or unvarnished bamboo, in order for them to evolve, like the space, and the environment itself, over time. Nueva Andalucía, Calle los Lirios, 29660 Marbella


BREATHE The eco-friendly trendy restaurant



ECO & SUSTAINABILITY Being aware of the planet that we live in and of our own bodies need to be part of our daily lives with every action and decision we take. The philosophy of Breathe, of its founders and everyone that comprises it goes way beyond a simple recycling or organic food concept. Breathe has its own geothermal energy plant, largely formed by 12 drill holes in the earth that go underneath the restaurant, each of them is approximately 120 metres Breathe has its own geothermal energy plant, largely formed by 12 drill holes in the earth that go underneath the restaurant, each of them is approximately 120 metres deep. They contain a circuit full of water that acts as a heat exchange. This makes it possible to sustainably make use of the earth´s temperature (of approximately 18ºC) in order to cool the building during the warmest months, heat it during the coldest months, and have hot water throughout the year.

Also, in order to reduce emissions, it consumes carbon in situ through the plants. It is helped by a total of 175 m2 of dense vertical gardens, as well as a small forest that works towards that end. Every decision taken has been studied beforehand in order to save energy. The selection of plants, the materials used, all of which are recyclable... Even the water itself can be reused: It is purified and remineralised for consumption via a process of osmosis and, the surplus water, as well as the rainwater collected, is used for the plants. At Breathe we want to raise awareness about tackling the use of plastic and that is why you will not find a single item here that contains plastic. We use alternatives such as paper and PLA, a material that looks similar to plastic but that is produced from 100% renewable resources and completely biodegradable.


“FRESH-THINKING GASTRONOMY� Breathe is much more than a straightforward restaurant, it is an experience for the senses, but its purpose goes much beyond sensory satisfaction. Its mission is to connect with people, nature and fresh-thinking gastronomy. Energy saving is essential in order to look after the environment, just as slow food is crucial for looking after the body. Breathe is joining this eco-trend by offering the purest raw produce and respecting its natural origins. Just a few kilometres from Marbella are the plots of land where Breathe has its own crops. All the fruits, vegetables and greens are harvested there and the dishes in the restaurant adapt to the range produced each season. The kitchen gardens do not use pesticides or artificial products therefore they offer the most honest and best quality products. CUISINE Italy, London, Ibiza and, now, Marbella. At Breathe, Simone aims to surprise diners with a mixture of different world cuisines and traditional Spanish dishes with a different touch. Among the starters, it is worth highlighting the detox gazpacho of avocado and green peas with toasted sesame seeds, the aguachile (spicy ceviche) of sea bass and the tartare of mature beef with apple, caviar and parmesan cheese. It also has a variety of tapas produced in the Robatayaki-style, a cooking method similar to the western barbecue that is used in Japan, mainly to prepare fish, seafood and vegetables. The beef Wellington with Galician meat, the mojito risotto with red mullet and Brazil nuts and the lobster and clam ravioli are the favourite among the main courses along with another selection of meat options, every week, such as beef ribs from Salamanca and Duck cooked in beer. The menu of the Gastro Bar and the Garden area, which is home to the bar, offers a more inexpensive range of dishes and snacks that are perfect for sharing and enjoying a lunch in a more informal atmosphere with friends or family.


AIR: COCKTAILS & MORE The building is topped off by AIR, the sky bar at Breathe, which has the best views over Puerto Banús towards “La Concha” of Marbella. This is an outdoor terrace with vegetation, fire lights and a fountain that hangs in the air to create a unique environment for enjoying the sunset and the early hours of the night in the best company. At the sky bar, the cocktails are sweet, fruity and influenced by the expertise of Fran Manrique, who creates unprecedented mixes with seasonal fruit. The menu is varied and innovative, notably including mixed drinks such as the Lady Peña (with vodka, lime juice and water melon), the Garden (vodka, mango and passion fruit) and the Diablo (tequila, orange and lemon juice, mango and chilli), also inspired, just like the cuisine, by the world. AIR does not just create new cocktails, it also reinvents some classics by revising the tasting notes of these mixes, reducing the strength of the alcohol in some cases or enhancing the flavour through spices that balance the taste. These cocktails perfectly connect with the gastronomic range of the sky bar that offers an Oyster Bar and a selection of raw dishes such as different ceviche dishes and caviar, most of which come from Spain, as in the case of Riofrío caviar.




As the name of inaugural yacht

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C. is delighted to announce the name of the first of three yachts from The RitzCarlton Yacht Collection. The first yacht will be named Azora, meaning “sky blue”, a word of Spanish origin derived from “azure” and the color “azul”. “We are thrilled to officially reveal the name of the inaugural yacht from The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection,” said Doug 80

Prothero, CEO of The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection. “We wanted to select a name that embodies the wanderlust of a luxury journey at sea and inspires travelers to dream of their next destination. Azora, which evokes the beauty of the sky and ocean, does both. To the mind, the color blue also a suggests a distinct sense of peace and clarity, emotions we hope to stir in our guests during their journey with us.”

The specially designed yacht, which is expected to set sail in February 2020, will measure 190-meters accommodate up to 298 guests and feature 149 suites, each with its own private terrace. The yacht will also feature two 102 square-meter, lavish Owner’s suites, each with its own private 55 squaremeter terrace, modern craftsmanship and interior finishes jointly designed by The Ritz-Carlton and leading design firm Tillberg Design of Sweden. The onboard experience will reflect the sublime comfort and unparalleled level of individualized guest service for which the iconic Ritz-Carlton brand is recognized.

The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection guests will enjoy an all-inclusive luxury experience including spacious accommodations, onboard activities and entertainment, beverages, multiple dining venues, WiFi and watersports from the yacht’s marina platform. Signature experiences available for an additional fee include a culinary experience at the yacht’s signature restaurant designed by Michelin-starred Chef Sven Elverfeld of The Ritz-Carlton, Wolfsburg, spa treatments, and immersive excursions offered through The Shore Collection.



Just like the intentions, in January the wardrobe is renewed with new trends and colours. @aidaaguirre_tv Photography @dear_marco 82


Aida Aguirre

Puerto Banus

Businesswoman, model and influential blogger in the field of luxury fashion and lifestyle in Marbella






Without doubt, the silver colour makes a strong entrance in the luxury brand collections, without leaving aside the yellow colour.

The lustres, the incrustations and the see-through items will be your allies for this year.


Carla Ruiz



The Yusto/Giner gallery, whose projects are focused on encouraging contemporary artistic production, and whose objective continues to focus on serving as a catalyst and link between artists, critics, museums and collectors, uses three of the four rooms available to exhibit the work by Eduardo Balanza, where we can find a dynamic dialogue between the art pieces and the exhibition space.

Pol. Ind. La Ermita, Calle Madera, 9, 29603 Marbella


The work of Eduardo Balanza revolves around music, sound, urban trends and technological archeoÂŹlogy. He does not work only in one discipline but in various to create sculptures, photographs, videos, objects and installations, taking urban references to develop a work based on the appropriation, dance floors, radio broadcasting, outdated technology and human relationships through music.

The display of musical trends and its sociological interpretation is his field of research. Obsolete dance floors, old clubs and technology have inspired its development. In recent years he has developed and researched domestic cassette covers and the techniques that we used to use to illustrate our home mix tape sound library.


n publishing the best desig



Profile for Design Marbella Magazine


Design Marbella is a magazine on design, interior architecture and high-quality decoration, aimed at foreign middle-aged readers with very h...


Design Marbella is a magazine on design, interior architecture and high-quality decoration, aimed at foreign middle-aged readers with very h...


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