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How sunglas es contribute to an image of health Exclusive comments on sunglasses by model Raymund Shin

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Statera Lucis

Fit N’ Tint Opinion: How sunglasses contribute to an image of health ave you ever seen a biker, a hiker, any athlete at all... who was wearing suglasses? The very radiance of health and energy that comes from them isn’t necessarily solely because of what they’re doing. Sunglasses function in providing a sense of fitness to the appearance of individuals. They help, through the way they hide the eyes and rather reflect the sun, to create an aura of passion and energy, that contributes to the healthy image of an athlete. The biker wearing sports sunglasses, the swimmer with his goggles. These are images that epitomize the athlete. There is a common adage that the eyes are the windows to the soul. They display the emotions and very essence of a character or an individual. Sometimes, while a body may say fit, their eyes may not. The toiling grimaces and beads of sweat that sting

the eyes may not necessarily indicate an image of health. What sunglasses do is they hide these eyes, the displays of emotion, and replace them with an image of the sun, a symbol that embodies fiery passion and endless energy. Through this, the way they mask the weak and portray the strong, help create the image of health. Here are model Raymund Shin’s thoughts on sunglasses and how they contribute to an athlete’s image, “I think that sunglasses, not only boost confidence, by shielding our vunerable eyes, but also replaces the depiction of our eyes with that of the sun, which symbolizes passion.” Raymund, as displayed on our very own front cover, demonstrates the image of health and passion through the sunglasses that reflect his image. 3

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Luke Oh


Statera Lucis

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Sports and sunglasses. How the two relate.