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Teenage Dream Find the Perfect dress for YOU!

Spring is Here!

Movie Night Out!

Now MUSIC can play under WATER!

Party It Up! nce in a while, big parties come up and you have to go fish for the out fits. There are some tips to which kind of dress you are meant to wear. Since everybody has a different type of body shape, you have to be wise on which dress you buy. Just because it looks pretty doesn’t mean that it looks good on you. When your body is like the really skinny type, go for the vase shaped dresses. Wearing the tight dresses would make you look even more skinnier

with no volume. On the other hand, if your body is more of a curvy type, go for those tight dresses! You want to show off your curves! Also for you curvy types, i don’t recommend the dresses that has a lot of layers or has too many lines because it just makes you look longer sideways. Also, you can choose which type of dress you want according to how you want to look! You should get dresses with laces when you want to look cute! If you want to go for more of a revealing look, go for a V neck dress!


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