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Artists’ Life The Women by Hyun Young Park

Published on March 12, 2012


efore the red wetness barely has time to dry, I am brushed again and left with a yellow streak across my body. I stare into the face of an artist, who methodically mixes more paint on her palette and strokes more paint onto her canvas. I look carefully and recognize the face as my own. Often, I daydream about what it means to be the canvas being painted on – that is, what kind of persona I leave behind in my work. When I trace back to the time when I first started painting, I can remember that I approached art rather one-dimensionally; it served a function no greater than that of a mirror. The abilities to merely reflect what I saw and imagined became an achievement of utmost importance, and I diligently pursued that path before I realized that a replica is nothing more than a depiction of a transient phenomenon forgotten and distorted over time. I wanted to supersede humanity's unreliable memory, demonstrate the concrete and the eternal, and provide a window through which purest emotions would be glimpsed. I began to paint with a purpose – to suggest to the world what happiness is. As I honed my skills in utilizing diverse techniques and materials to convey a message of unadulterated bliss, little

by little, I felt the need to scrutinize the lens through which I view the world and, in turn, build conviction in my perspectives. I believed that only with such dedication to conceptualizing my perspectives would I ever become close to understanding the countless possible perspectives of others. That way, I would begin to envision the absolute experience of happiness and not a mere circumstantial emotion relative to my past experiences. Although I suspect that this will be a life-long endeavor, I know now that I am committed to studying the other side of the lens that views my art; I hope that my art is not a one-way street but an interactive pathway that channels synergy between me and the viewers. Thus, the boundaries which had framed me in the figure of the artist, merely replicating her perception of senses, at last dissipated. As I bask in enlightenment and relish every brushstroke, I feel my unbridled imagination and persona travel from my fingertips into the very paint I stroke onto the canvas. Droplets of my inspirations and aspirations as an artist Impressionistically saturate the canvas, which becomes the embodiment of my message to the world. As I wake from my daydream, I drift back from the white plains and the sedimentary hills of paint chips, to reality, knowing that my art is no


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Artist Profile by Hyun Young Park  
Artist Profile by Hyun Young Park  

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