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Working A day in the life of a YISS Student Written by Michael Yoon is an, altogether, ordinary S hin student. He goes to school, talks


with friends, plays sports, and studys. However, the school that he goes too is definitly NOT oridnary. Shin goes to Yongsan International School of Seoul.

“Truth, Ecellence and Diversity� There, Shin, a student from Japan, fraternizes with students from all the corners of the Earth - in one day, Shin might talk to a Korean, do a project with a Canadian, and have lunch with a Niger i a n . Combine this w i t h rigerous education, and a Christian atmoshpere, YISS is an unique school. In theiir own words, they strive for Truth, Excellence and Diversity


K C I T S H C T A M . R M

Fire meets Water in this zany, family adventure

Coming to Theaters Summer 2012

Produced by

Yoon Productions Star ing John Cadwell as Mr. Matchstick and Rosaline Smith as Lady Water

Notebook by Michael Yoon  

All about schools in South Korea.

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