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Cleaning Got you Down?

No Problem. Just Magic-All

Cleaning in the City: How I Do It oming to Korea was a pretty big change for me. New people, new food, new way of life. However, I think the biggest change that I can possibly think of is the cleaning. Gone are the nostalgic clothes drying on the clothesline back in my home in Virginia. Now, to maintain my highly demanding and in-city life, I have to adopt new methods of efficiently cleaning. Fast. Cleaning isn’t some subtle art that has to be mastered. Nor does it have to involve a lot of techniques. No, if I was to name one crucial thing to cleaning, it has to be diligence.

Yes, some days you just can’t be bothered to do the laundry or vacuum out the carpet. That just means more accumulated filth later on for you to tackle

though, and often times, by then it’s too late, the filth having permanently encrusted into the flesh of your floor, your rug, whatnot. Constant

cleaning will keep you up and shiny. Use new products! There’s a lot of new, innovative products out there currently that help you with cleaning. Ranging from a really good cleaning agent to fully automated robots, you’ll be surprised how many things come up on the market. Try it out! I love cleaning, it’s my life. If you ever want to talk to me about cleaning, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at ElenaCleansCity@gmail.c om. xoxo


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