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From “La-La-La” To “Ha-Ha-Ha”

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March 2012


2 pinocchio march 2012



Puzzle Tray

From “La-La-La”

To “Ha-Ha-Ha” H

ave you ever seen children’s concentrated

faces as they imitate their ballet teachers, dash for a football, and dip their tiny fingers into paint in preparation for the next squiggle on paper? If yes, you have seen arts and physical activities dig deep into the children’s heart and mind to water the innate seeds of endless potential. Play is essential to children’s cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and communicative well-being and development. Art and play may seem like fun and games -- and they are! -- but these simple, seemingly trivial mundane activities are lifelong benefits for children. Play unknowingly challenges children’s ability to understand, express, and share new ideas, allowing them to practice creativity, imagination, and dexterity. Children are provided with the opportunity to project their feelings freely. Thus, they are given an outlet for both negative and positive emotions, as well as space for confidence to grow. It is crucial, however, to separate “talent” from “creativity” -- a meaningful aesthetic experience does not come from creating a masterpiece of the decade. Perfection or discovery of the new Picasso, the new David Beckham, or the new Yuna Kim is not the purpose -- should not be the purpose -- of children’s hobbies. The goal is to let the innocent minds socialize, learn, teach, encourage each other, and -- of course -- keep themselves entertained.

3 pinocchio march 2012

Ms. Pea

Ms. Pea

Ms. Pea


coming summer 2013

credits: DAHSOM KIM Starring MS. PEA and MR. PEA COMPUTER APPS PRODUCTION 4 pinocchio march 2012

Pinocchio by DahSom Kim  

Looking deep into children's minds and hearts

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