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Different Effects Different Styles

Different Effects Different Styles


he pictures above show some of the different effects in Photoshop. This shows that Photoshop has so many effects. The background is the original photo, and the photos on the borders are the different effects applied to the original photo. The different effects make the photos look very different. Sometimes I create something I could of never thought about. Personally I love editing photos on

Photoshop and Illustrator, because the different effects fulfill the missing parts of the photo. It is very hard to get a perfect photo, but Photoshop makes the imperfect photo perfect. By using Photoshop, the same photo is used to make many different effects, that have many different feelings in total. Just with different effects you could get totally different styles in just one click!

Why PHOTOGRAPHY? by Chung Min Smith  

Why photography is a important part in life

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