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M e s s a g e f r o m e d i t o r ’s r o o m

When it comes to fashion, we dislike rules, regularity and order. Nth' is like a fresh breath of air in our tiny fashion world that brings constant surprises and refreshing moments to the overly savvy and jaded fashionistas who are residing on our sunny island. What makes us so sure that Nth' won't be just a another magazine title in the market? It is the first Japanese-style magazine that Singaporean girls can relate to very closely. Put together by various local and Japanese creators every issue, Nth' is created for all who are passionate about fashion in the Lion City. We bring you the latest and coolest trends and news from the fashion capital, Tokyo. This is a magazine close to our hearts, just like our models who are everyday girls like you. It is beauty made possible for all of you everyday girls out there. So enjoy and develop your own trends, not just emulate from an idol who is miles away from you.

Girls from all corners of Singapore, from Woodlands to Sentosa, Tuas to Changi, and even further, we'll like


to introduce to each one of you, the Nth' debut!

If you're looking for the latest Japanese fashion styles and news, look no further for Nth' has arrived on the Singapore shore. We hope you can find your

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favourite style amongst the choices we have provided. In Nth', you will find hip and cute Japanese fashion sense and culture.


38 DROPTOKYO Our models are all everyday girls just like you are. So,

46 50

search for your own style and try it out! What's more,


we hope to inspire you beautiful girls of Singapore, to become part of our magazine as our 'DOKUMO' (model from readers).

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So, Asian beauties! It's time we create a storm for our




own fashion scene in Singapore. Are you in?






e v a H o t e v Ha

1, 2, 3, 4

! O G

Details on your accessories can make or break your look. So choose your items with care and find the synergy that will lift your look a cut above, and make you shine…. Photographer: Takao Hara Stylist: Fumi



[ は な がら]

[し まし ま ]

Pay attention to your accessories too. A flower motif will make you look 30% more feminine.

The Blooming! Big flowers deliver huge impact! A perfect mix of feminine look and casual feel. Top: $55 (SKYroom)

A cute, sexy look, with the beige peeking through the black lace. It’s both sexy and fashionable! Lace Pants: $99 (Naked Room/ PARCO next NEXT)

A feather-light texture. Purple + Beige. A ribbon on the shoulder. A perfect piece to bring out the cuteness in a girl! Floral Dress: $299 (rosebullet)

A versatile cardigan that can be worn in the marine, retro, or natural style. You know you will definitely want one in your wardrobe… Border Cardigan: $79 (Dip Drops)

The center of attention!? Wear a pair of wedge soles, which is a trend this year, in this playful style and you’re done! Multi-Border Platform Sandals: $175 (NINE WEST)

A simple, yet handy tote bag. This year, up your fashion sense by tying a scarf or bandana on it! Border Bag: $33, Dot Bag: $35 (SKYroom) Dot Scarf: Stylist’s Own





A timeless classic. Retro celeb style is cute, but aim to be a sophisticated fashionista and wear it cool!

The recommendation is to have one item in pink in your overall coordination. There are plenty of variations this year so find your favourite pink item! A rosy cheek completes the super girly look.

Make a sexy one-shoulder top miraculously casual. We recommend a posh casual look with denim and pin heels! Dress Top: $189 (egg3)

4 Nth’

Indispensible for the marine look. But instead of the standard T-shirt or dress, be different from the rest and incorporate it casually to look more fashionable and be noticed!

Creates a superior presence by giving off a pop and catchy atmosphere. Wearing a transparent chiffon top elegantly is the trend this year! Polka Dot Shorts: $139 (rosebullet)

There’s nothing more fashionable than incorporating dots on your feet! On days where you want to wear pop polka dots in a cool style, start from your feet! Pumps: $195 (NINE WEST)

Soft material in nude pink. A modern and feminine presence!! See-Through Top: $149 (Ownmuse)

Even the intimidating python leather heels, by coming in coral pink and a rounded toe, can become feminine!! Python-motif Pumps: $300 (STEVE MADDEN)

e st all th Among at are h t ems it s u o r e nume duce th we intro . s trendy, ave item must-h Girl”, the “It e b o t d ant here an If you w go out t o t t o g rites you’ve r favou get you y does! verybod before e

Photographer: Joel Low Fashion Stylist: Fumi Hair Stylist: Makiko Yamamoto (KIZUKI+LIM) Makeup Artist: Jennifer Model: Miyu

Street Style is distinctive for its "mix-and-match" style. Free from any existing rules of fashion, you can fully enjoy whatever you wear.

Dress: $219 (egg3), Socks: Stylist’s Own (Dip Drops), Red Enamel Pumps: $79 (Dip Drops), Necklace: $19 (SKYroom), Hat: Stylist’s Own (TOPSHOP)

t e e l r t e S ng



E VAL . t fea

A fairy-like tulle skirt. Wear it like a rockstar and enhance your feminine look! Flower Print Jacket: $139 (egg3), T-shirt: $89 (rosebullet), Skirt: $49 (Dip Drops), Gold Sneakers: $120 (STEVE MADDEN), Hair Accessories: Stylist’s Own (MONSOON Accessories)

t e e Str gel

n A

t. fea



Bold border textile prints. Immerse yourself in the psychedelic vibe of the ‘60s. 自由 に 旅 する私 The epitome of "girly": a polka-dot dress. Put on a belt and a pair of heels, to achieve the mature feminine look. COOL!

Dress: $289 (marimekko/ STYLE NORDIC), Sandals: $140 (STEVE MADDEN), Earrings: Stylist’s Own (egg3)     

Polka Dot Dress: $129 (egg3), Bow Belt: $49 (Dip Drops), Bag: $99 (Dip Drops), Heels: $220 (STEVE MADDEN)

Nth’ IT COLLECTION Brands such as Hunter and Marimekko are not defined by trends. Instead, their products are lovingly crafted by artisans and are adored by chic individuals all over the world. Photographer: Takao Hara (Marimekko)



unter represents an aspirational lifestyle shared by people around the world. Whether your landscape is urban or rural, one true constant is Hunter’s unique attitude of elegant confidence and reliable performance. Founded in 1856 by Mr Henry Lee Norris, Hunter Boots gained a trusted reputation and popularity for producing sturdy boots suitable for conditions in flooded trenches during the Wars. Today, Hunter combines modern technology with traditional techniques, to offer hand crafted designs to a very diverse worldwide audience. The current Hunter footwear range includes urban and country casual footwear and children’s boots. Hunter Boots are available at the Singapore Polo Club, Isetan Scotts and other select retailers. To see the full Hunter range available, visit or Hunter Boots Singapore on Facebook.

These celebrities love Hunter: Kate Moss, Nicole Richie, Angelina Jolie, Ashley Olsen, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Liv Tyler The crocodile textured collection (jn collaboration with Jimmy Choo) is a best-seller and a great topic-starter!

10 Nth’



ounded by Viljo and Armi Ratia in 1951, Marimekko is a leading Finnish textile and clothes design company. The Helsinki-based company ushered in a new era of fashion with its radically bold yet iconic designs. Enlisting the help of several Finnish artists, Marimekko produced wildly successful collections with colourful prints and clean cuts. Soon after, the quintessential Marimekko touch can be found in every aspect of fine design, from fabrics to dinnerware. Despite the death of founder Ratia in 1979 and a brief financial crisis at the turn to the 1990s, the company maintains a vice-like influence over the fashion industry under the new direction of Mika Ihamuptila. In recent years, Marimekko design has arrived increasingly to the international market. TV hit series, Sex & the City have featured Marimekko designs. Marimekko has also carried out interesting collaboration with H&M and Converse. Today, Marimekko shows no sign of slowing down as it continues to inspire consumers and designers alike. Marimekko has found fans in fashionistas all over the world, including in fashion capital Japan!

Long live, design. Long live, Marimekko.

Nth’ Vol.1 2 8 Jun e 2 0 1 1

RIE SD OM Vol .1



RI E M I YATA Starting as a sales associate of fashion brands, then being a buyer and PR, Rie became a fashion journalist with deep understanding of both consumers’ and producers’ points of view. She writes articles for a great variety of media and is an instructor for fashion seminars and schools. Continually widening her sphere of activities, she specialises in Tokyo fashion, international fashion trends, next season’s trends and celebrities’ outfits analysis.


What are the Japanese style “Mixed-taste” and the “Mismatching” fashion technique? Japan’s fashion scene is different from those found in New York or Paris because of its broad range. It is said that there is no other country in the world where not only the rich but even the “common people” dress themselves up so fashionably. The fashion style unique to Japan, which is ubiquitously described with the ambiguous term “kawaii”, is still evolving to this day. In this series, we will try to explain Japan’s various fashion styles in a simple, easy-to-understand approach. If you read this and understand real Japanese fashion better, or if it can be of any use to you, we’d be really glad. For this first issue, we would like to introduce something that has taken the Japanese fashionistas by storm – the “Mixed-taste”. In Japan, most notably Tokyo, where hordes of labels abound, the age where you could be cool just by merely wearing branded goods is long

over. Now, you are only considered a fashionable person if you can match (or mix) a branded piece of clothing with one that is really cheap, and still look good. Simply donning yourself from head to toe in branded goods no longer works. The individual’s fashion sense and technique has become more important than ever before.


– intentionally mixing two different trends together Mixing and coordinating different items of different moods; you can say that “Mixed-taste” is symbolic of the Japanese style of dressing. Instead of painting yourself in just one tone, mix a few different styles together; making you look more fashionable. Moreover, choosing clothes will be more interesting and fun, and instead of having just one pattern to

your style, you can adopt as many different personas as you want. It used to be a good thing when someone told you that “you look right out of a fashion magazine cover”, when coordinating branded goods from head to toe was considered the pinnacle of fashion. However, that soon became “boring” in the minds of some and slowly a trend began to emerge, one that intentionally mixes different elements together, like pairing masculine items with feminine ones, formal wear with casual clothes, luxury brands with fast fashion items, just to name a few. A new style was born from the genius of the wearers, solely dictated by them. Wearing a formal jacket over a feminine dress is a typical example of a mixed coordination. The dress, on its own, can look too sweet, so by wearing the jacket, it suppresses the effect the dress by itself may have. The upper and lower halves of your body each gives a different feel and add more depth to your guise. That is the appeal of “Mixed-taste”. Since the main feature of this style is to mix items with totally different moods, sporty with ladylike, formal with casual, there would be an element of tension from combining items that are complete opposites of each other. However, beware of horribly mismatching your clothes; because “Mixed-taste” is not about just randomly picking clothes to wear, it’s about striking a balance while still giving the “hmmm?” impression.

The “Mismatching” fashion technique

– subtly upsetting the balance A similar style to the “Mixed-taste” is the “Mismatching” technique. For example, instead of matching your elegant dress with high heels, you wear flats or sabots; it’s a style that intentionally prevents yourself from looking flawless. Other variations include folding up a suit jacket’s sleeves, or wearing cut-and-sewn under a suit instead of a shirt or blouse. The merit of this style is that, by slightly perturbing your overall balance, you have an element of surprise to your look and will easily attract other people’s attention. It will prevent you from looking too uptight and formal, so you will appear more approachable. Basically, it’s the opposite of looking ceremoniously perfect and inhuman. Also, you will seem more cool and confident for dressing so differently from the norm. Compared to “Mixed-taste”, “Mismatching” is more like a little trick. It’s a technique that intentionally opens a hole in the coordination by merely changing one item of clothing. It is thereby also called the “Coordination of Subtraction”. An example of “Mixed-taste” would be to match a jacket with a dress, but “Mismatching” would be like, instead of topping off an elegant dress with a pearl choker, you put on an ethnic beady necklace, or putting on striking-coloured glasses together with

formal wear, or merely adding a bright coloured bag to a simple black coordination. The basic arrangement formula is simple: A + B = perfect coordination, and then substitute B with something totally different. It can be said that the fun of this style is to come up with a way to destroy the perfect coordination a little. The similarity between “Mixed-taste” and “Mismatching” is that a wearer’s originality, individuality, and fashion taste can be seen, since it’s up to the wearer’s idea and imagination. They also prevent the wearer from looking too boring and cliché, and moreover, you won’t have to worry about being mistaken for someone else! Since there are no fixed coordination patterns anymore, your wardrobe can (finally!) be fully utilised. “Mixed-taste” and “Mismatching” are styles that are born from the wearers’ ideas: people who were bored of being told what to wear by magazines and fashion labels, and people who wanted to be different from the norm. Those are the people who created these “democratic” styles of dressing. These two styles were made popular by celebrity websites and gossip columns where celebrities and fashion bloggers unveil their own version of “Mixed-taste” and “Mismatching” styles. Many feel an affinity with these personal and individual dressing styles, and the number of people who post their everyday fashion on public blogs are

increasing. An example is the Japanese site “”. There are also sites where readers can vote via SMS, so it seems like “Mixed-taste” and “Mismatching” will be gaining a lot more popularity and attention. Street snap sites are also increasing, so beginning with “DROPTOKYO”, the exposure of Japanese fashion to countries overseas is expanding. By just twisting the logic of your outfit a little bit your style can radically improve. We hope that, using the Japanese “Mixed-taste” and “Mismatching” styles as a basis, you can develop your very own unique style.

Photo contribution:

12 Nth’

Nth’ 13

Photographer: Joel Low Fashion Stylist: Fumi Hair Stylist: Satoshi (LS Philosophy) Makeup Artist: Stephanie Kong Model: Misa



B $158 (soon Grey Blazer:

Pink Ribbon Top: $69.90 (Polka/ PARCO next NEXT)


Lace One Piec e: $39 (FOREV




GIRLY ♥ MISA’S 15 items for 13 coordinates The ONLY 15 Items You Must Have!! Pink! Grey! White! & Some Flavours!!! Try them on for a date, a casual party, the office and more♥

Cyndi Bow Collar Top: $109 (Chalk/ PARCO next NEXT)



I Jumpsuit: $35 (FOREVER21)



K on lee)

de Clutch: $119 (so

Orange Handma

Gold Ribbon Ba

g: $99 (ALDO)


M Scarf: Geometry 21) ER EV R (FO

14 Nth’

Pink Coat: $199 (Deja Vu Vinta

Olive Pants: ER21) $45 (FOREV


Red Belt, Stockings: MONSOON Accessories/ Stylist’s Own, Brooch: $24 (soon lee)

Lace Skirt: $89 (soon lee)

(FOREVER21) Pink Top: $35



Beret: $129 (Deja Vu Vintage)


Sanda Platform O) D L (A 9 $14

Suede Sand als: $199 (ALDO)

A+C+H+J+M+O I've got the flower tights today! Lovely, no?!

My dear director! I'm your little secretary…!(^O^)!


Ooooooops (T_T) I missed the friggin' bus!

Boyfriend will be late…! Wanna hold him now (・へ・)

C+G+N Badges, Straw Hat, Tights, Windmill: MONSOON Accessories/ Stylist’s Own

Going to the Jam♪∼(´ε` ) dance♪ dance♪ dance♪

D+F+M Hat: SKYroom/ Stylist’s Own

At the cafe with my favourite book! Enjoy being girly♥

B+C+I+N Straw Hat, Red Belt: MONSOON Accessories/ Stylist’s Own, Lace Socks: $29 (Dip Drops)

16 Nth’


A+C+F+N Feather Pen: MONSOON Accessories/ Stylist’s  Own, Bracelet: soon lee/ Stylist’s Own

Nth’ 17


Necklace: $29 (Polka /PARCO next NEXT), Red Belt: MONSOON Accessories/ Stylist’s Own, Lace Socks: $29 (Dip Drops), Glasses: Stylist’s Own

Hairband: $32 (soon lee), Pearl & Ribbon Necklace: Polka/ PARCO next NEXT/ Stylist’s Own, Diary: kikki.K / Stylist’s Own, Bracelet: Stylist’s Own, Lace Socks: $29 (Dip Drops)


1st Presentation (●^o^●) Will do my best!

Writing in my diary every day (^−^) Today, I've got a lovely episode! My secret♥

Gonna watch a movie with my girlfriends ヽ(´ー`)ノ Maybe, I'll be the prettiest!

Friend's birthday party @ the club(´ε` ) Don't dress up too much! This is cool!


A+G+J+M+N Red Belt: MONSOON Accessories/ Stylist’s Own, Hat: SKYroom/ Stylist’s Own

A+E+H+K+N E+F+I Pretending to be a painter(;´∀`) Need some cute idea!

D+H+L+O Pearl & Ribbon Necklace: Polka/ PARCO next NEXT/ Stylist’s Own, Charm & Lace Necklace: $69 (L'ile Aux Ashby /PARCO next NEXT)

18 Nth’

Rainy day。 。 。 。 (ToT) Wanna see a clear sky tomorrow☆


D+G+K+O Necklace: $29 (Polka/ PARCO next NEXT) Hair Ribbon Accessory: $39 (Polka/ PARCO next NEXT)



Crochet Blouse: $76 (TOPSHOP)

Beige Linen Jacket: $139 (TOPSHOP)


Invincible Basic Items!

Photographer: Joel Low Fashion Stylist: Fumi Hair Stylist: Satoshi (LS Philosophy) Makeup Artist: Model: Sae

You can become this cute♥


Denim Skirt: $159 (rosebullet)

Flare Jeans: $199 (rosebullet)

Border Top: $129 (rosebullet), Black Shorts: $139 (rosebullet), Bag: $135 (NINE WEST), Platform Sandals: $175 (NINE WEST)

te Style No

A casual look for the after-work party. The trick here is to not wear a formal dress, so you don’t look too perfect. Dress up with gorgeous accessories instead!

te Style No e

Style Not

Denim Jumpsuit: $289 (rosebullet), White Bag: $180 (STEVE MADDEN), Pumps: $180 (NINE WEST), Scarf: $43 (River Island)

A trendy denim jumpsuit coordination. A versatile item that, if you match it with a white jacket and a scarf, you can also wear to work! Remember to carry a bigger bag though.

Top: $89 (Naked Room/ PARCO next NEXT), Pumps: $180 (NINE WEST), Necklace: $35 (Naked Room/ PARCO next NEXT)

A border print coordination, which can easily create the marine look. The trend this year is to match it with shorts. Carry a colorful bag instead of a simple straw bag to look just as good as your friends!

Nth’ 21

te Style No

te Style No

Pants coordinate, for greater mobility at work. But don’t just wear any shirt, put on a girly top to look sweeter!

Match an earth-colored top that goes well with your skin, with a denim miniskirt for that sexy look. Sport a feminine wavy hairstyle for the perfect coordination.

Platform Sandals: $175 (NINE WEST), Necklace: Stylist’s Own (TOPSHOP)

Top: $39.90 (STRADIVARIUS), Necklace: $29 (TOPSHOP)

te Style No Pants: $89 (TOPSHOP), Pumps: $200 (STEVE MADDEN), Earrings: $29 (TOPSHOP) Top: $39.90 (STRADIVARIUS), Scarf: $19.90 (Bershka), Shoes: $175 (NINE WEST), Necklace: Stylist’s Own (TOPSHOP)

te Style No

te Style No

A classic denim miniskirt, a white lace top, and a jacket for an elegant style. The key to a white coordination is to play around with textures and tones, and most importantly, wear colorful wedge soles to show off those beautiful legs!

A flawless coordination of an ivory tunic and denim. The key to look more mature when sporting a Bohemian style is to put on bold but neat-looking accessories, and a pair of gold sandals. Carry a cotton clutch bag instead of a fringe bag. Go ahead, try it!

te Style No

A holiday resort style that can be easily imitated. Even an ordinary coordination can look more fashionable just by adding a big hat! Not to mention UV-ray protection!

te Style No A Bohemian coordination will bring out the cuteness in girls. Be ahead of the crowd by wearing an earth-colour themed top, baggy pants, and a scarf belt. A teased hairstyle will suit this look very well! Lacy Tunic: $73 (River Island), Bag: $125 (NINE WEST), Sandals: $175 (NINE WEST), Necklace: $29 (TOPSHOP)

22 Nth’

Add a white jacket for an elegant finish. A vivid-colored bag is a must-have this year, don’t forget to do your hair too!

Pants: $89 (TOPSHOP), Pumps: $180 (NINE WEST), Pink Tote Bag: $99 (Dip Drops)

Top: $69  (SKYroom), Sandals: $175 (NINE WEST), Hat: $77.90 (MONSOON Accessories), Necklace: Stylist’s Own (TOPSHOP)

Be daring! Wear a long, ethnic-looking top as a dress. Strike a perfect balance with a pair of gold sandals and a large ethnic bag.


Wear a classic white dress to be fired up for the day! The key to looking good in a white coordination, which is often seen as quiet and gentle, is simple: accessories. Look sharp and stylish with vivid green accessories!

Sae’s recommendations! Photographer: Joel Low Fashion Stylist: Fumi Hair Stylist: Satoshi (LS Philosophy) Makeup Artist: Model: Sae

Dress: $139 (egg3), Bag: $89 (egg3), Sandals: $175 (NINE WEST)

White Flower Dress: $239 (rosebullet), Green Bag: $155 (NINE WEST), Platform Sandals: $175 (NINE WEST)

Don’t you want to relax during a holiday? Then it’s an all-in-one: A strapless top + Flower patterns + Ribbon belt, which is a must-have this year! Wear a pair of heels so that you don’t look too childish! Flower Print Jumpsuit: $259 (rosebullet), Shoes: $175 (NINE WEST)

Shirt Dress: $199 (rosebullet), Lace-up Boots: $119 (Dip Drops), Necklace: Stylist’s Own (TOPSHOP)

A checkered shirt is a must-have this year! Try to create a Western inspired look. If you want to exude a feminine hint, then lace boots, instead of western boots, is your answer. Perfect look for an outdoor date! Nth’ 25

S ty l i s t

Fu m i ’s

P h o to

D i a r y

In the upcoming series of Nth’, I will share my photo diary with you. You will see me in my colourful and stylish outfits, while I go around running my daily errands. Hey girls…it is possible! Just need a little coordination with a little necklace here and a headband there, voila! You are ready to go!

The café serves a complete and no fuss menu including appetizers, mains, desserts and beverages courtesy of its Resident Chef, Max.

26 Nth’

Nth’ 27


A bit tired of the usual chignion hair? Try a fluffy up-style bun with a large headband!


Comb all your hair into a tail and tie it in a high position, at the top of your head. 2

Comb through the tail from the end downwards in order to create more volume.

hair our y b ! m ckco lume g ly ba ore vo a curlin d l o m B h t i t i w . ive to g he ends y finish t ss l a r l u c C for a iron



Pin the ends down to form a bun. Wear a headband to top it off!


Ready for a girls’ night-out or the dream date? The elegant half-up.

Hair Arrangement


A supervisor of rosebullet, Anna, who has below shoulder semi-long hair, tries new hairstyles for summer 2011. You can give yourself a completely new image with a couple of small tips. Must try!





TIP Bun your hair at the highest point of your head and remember the fluffy finish! Comb the top part of your hair into a tail, without the fringe, and pin it up.

Next, comb the right half of the back of your head upwards, into another tail, and pin it up.

Comb through the tails backwards, starting from the end of your hair, to create more volume.

Photographer: Eddie Teo Hair Stylist: Yuichi Soga Makeup: Joey Chang Model: Anna Clothes contribution: rosebullet, Dip Drops 28 Nth’

Nth’ 29

Find Nth’ fan page on

Yuichi Soga Hair Stylist I arranged it in a way that is simple but yet still allows you to stand out from the crowd! Give it a try, your friends will be surprised.


, e braids ishing th them n fi r e ft A sen d to loo it’s goo it. just a b

The classic beauty. Be ahead of your colleagues with a french braid headband.

Join today and talk to us! You can get the hottest news from Nth’ magazine and its creators. You might also find yourself or your friends on our fan page

Backstage gallery of Nth’ photo shoots, interviews, styling tips, and many more! Plenty of hidden information you must check



Braid your hair, starting from the nape of your neck, in a circular motion around your head.

30 Nth’


When you’ve reached a full circle around your head, braid the remaining length to the end and secure it with a pin.


Use the end of a comb to pull the hair on the top of your head slightly, creating more volume.

To all fashionistas in Singapore. We will snap  a picture of you and introduce you on our Facebook page. Be ready!


CONY’s profile


Born and bred in Sapporo City, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan. Qualified beauty therapist who studied Aromatherapy, Beauty and Health in U.K. Worked as a trainer for Thai therapists at an exclusive Spa in Bangkok. Currently residing in Singapore as a popular beauty and health blogger. Produced own brand of natural products using Chinese and Western herbs.

5 factors to make your skin glow that affect the glow of your skin. They are known as “U NA HA DA KE” in Japanese.

1. うるおい Uruoi (Moisture) 2. なめらかさ Namerakasa (Smoothness) 3. はり Hari (Firmness) 4. だんりょく Danryoku (Elasticity) 5. けっしょく Kessyoku (Complexion) Let’s take a look at each factor in detail.

1. Moisture Do you know that the skin of a newborn baby contains 70% to

32 Nth’

gently remove accumulated skin

destroy collagen and elastin,

cells (exfoliation) by using gentle

causing saggy and aging skin.

are irritated by acne, exfoliation

IFA Aroma therapist, CIDESCO/ CIBTAC/ ITEC beauty therapist

Today’s lesson is about 5 factors

the sunlight can damage and

scrubbing or mild peeling. If you


Hi girls! Welcome back.

areas of your skin, you need to

may help to prevent your skin

5. Complexion

from having acne breakouts.

The transparence of your skin and

Usually, the skin sheds dead skin

ruddiness of your cheeks depends

cells through a natural process

on the flow of blood, which is

called desquamation.

essential to your healthy skin as

For those with acne, the natural

each cell of the skin can get

desquamation process will not be

oxygen and nutrition from the

smooth, and dead skin cells will


remain stuck in the skin's follicles,

It means your diet plays an

creating a clog.

important role in making your skin

This plug of cellular debris and

glow radiantly!

excess oil will form blackheads or

Something that is as important as

even inflamed blemishes if

your diet in your quest to have

bacteria enter the plug.

radiant skin is for enough oxygen

You can consult a beauty adviser

supplied to every part of your

at any beauty care shop to select

body. Just as how oxygen is

the best exfoliation method which

paramount to our survival, it is

is suitable for your skin condition.

also essential in the regeneration of skin cells.

80% of water? As we get older, our

If you feel that your skin is dry, you

skin loses more and more moisture,

may need to apply skin lotion, oil

and this in turn causes aging.

rich cream or oil to supply moisture

3. Firmness & 4. Elasticity

When you look closely at the 5

Do remember that “aging of the skin

to the skin while drinking lots of

Firm and elastic skin consists of

factors we have discussed, you will

water at the same time.

collagen and elastin in the dermis

realize that the basis of having

skin”, so it is important to drink lots

Omega 3 oil, made from salmon,

of the skin. The loss of collagen

beautiful skin is actually good

of water every day! The ideal

flaxseed and walnut, is also good for

and elastin ranks high as the

health. In other words, having

amount of water you should drink is

moisturising dry skin.

leading cause of saggy and aging

beautiful skin is in fact a reflection


of a healthy mind and body. When

is triggered by the drying of the

about 1 to 2 litres a day.

you are both happy and healthy in

You may feel that as Singapore is so humid, the skin will also be

2. Smoothness

The key lies in your daily diet in

mind and body, only then will your

moisturised. However, the strong

Smooth skin has a soft and supple

order to keep your skin looking

skin glow the brightest.

ultraviolet sunlight still dries and

texture. Just imagine the skin of a

firm and young.

dehydrates the skin. This is why it is

baby; it is as smooth as silk! There

Consume appropriate amounts of

I will tell you more about the diet

also important to avoid excessive

are also no extra dead skin cells on

red meat, fish, eggs, fresh fruit,

to make your skin beautiful in the

exposure to sunlight.

the surface of smooth skin.

fresh vegetables, unrefined

following lesson.

If dead skin cells are accumulated

carbohydrates, and good oil such


cold indoors, this is explains why a

on the skin, it becomes thicker and

as extra virgin olive oil. They are

lot of moisture is lost from the skin.

harder like the ill-groomed sole of

all good resources to make your

The best natural moisturizer to your

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Illustrator: kolbee

Nth’ 33



A Eye colour : RMK Mix Colors for Eyes (Shiny) Ex-04 Green $62 B Mascara : MAJOLLICA MAJORCA Lash Beautifying Mascara Frame Plus (BK999) $23.30 (include Eye reset Gel) C Eye liner : KATE Super Liner (BK) $17

Prep your eyes by applying the base colour!


The Cosmetics

Dab a mix of colour 1 (Pearlescent Green) and colour 2 (Forest Green) from (A) onto your eyelids


Add contours to give your eyes a 3D effect!


Apply colour 4 (Gold) from (A) on the outer corner of your eyes in the shape of a V. This makes your eyes look sharp and 3D to achieve a more dramatic impression



Highlight your eyes ‘pop’! to make them




Using colour 3, the lightest shade of green from (A), highlight the inner corner of your eyes and extend it to the middle of your lower lashline




Add some definitions with eyeliner

4 Upper lashline

Lower lashline outer half

SUMMER SUNSHINE Are you out of makeup ideas after experiencing Singapore’s endless summer? Go bold this season and update your look with Nth’s Make-up Tips! Meet Rei, our makeup expert who’s going to teach us how to look fresh and effortless this season.

REI Rei, who's also a graphic designer, became a makeup artist when she decided that she was done communicating with computers!

34 Nth’

Tips defined eyes, draw your 1. For bigger anda whi te eye pencil. Then draw the

Photographer: Eddie Teo Makeup Artist: Rei Tan Writer: Lenne Chai Model: Yu

waterline with line with brown or outer half of your lower lash black eyeliner! shade to the . Dab eyeshadow of a lighter your eye makeup a centre of your eyelid to give more 3D effect. nd a little . To soften harsh eyeliner, ble across your our eyeshadow of the same col lashline!


Model: Yu (25)

Use (C) to draw your upper lashline, as well as the outer half of your lower lashline. Try not to make it too bold


Use mascara to create the illusion of larger eyes Apply (B) to extend your eyelash radially. Try to make some bundles of eyelashes and don’t forget your lower eyelash as well!


Nth’ 35

colour, 1. For longer lasatinsimg lip ilar

use lip liner of a base colour across lips as ck. sti lip ing ply ap before 2. For strongercodencfineaitiolern,alotryng tracing a little s to the contour of your lip e! ap sh eir th bring out



Apply Lipstick with a brush even finish to avoid an un Apply lipstick across lips. Move the brush from centre to side. Don’t put too much on the edge

The Cosmetics Cheek : BOBBI BROWN Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks (Pale Pink 11) $41

The Cosmetics Lipstick : MAC Cremesheen lipstick (Rossetto) $28



1. Don’t attempt to apply Apply the cream blush ks onto your chee Dab the cream blush onto the apple of your cheeks with a foundation brush or sponge.

36 Nth’

Blend, blend, blend!

Add the finishing touch!

Blend it evenly upwards and outwards, towards the hairline until the edges disappear.

To set your blush, brush translucent loose powder gently across your cheeks!

the entire cream blush at a go! Instead, gradually apply a small amount. For more intensity at the end, use a powder blusher of a similar colour to set your blush instead of using loose powder.


Remove all excess Blot off the excess gently with a piece of tissue. This also makes lipstick stay longer

xier pout Get a fuller, se lipgloss with Dab on lip gloss; apply more to the middle of the upper and lower lips for a fuller, sexier pout

Area: fancyHIM ANOTHER/ Name: Mayumi Kamitai/ Age: 28/ Occupation: Graphic designer/ Favourite shops: IIDA/ Hair salon: Gross

Area: Harajuku, Tokyo/ Name: mictim/ Age: 22/ Occupation: VINAL/ Favourite shop: killers/ Hair salon: SHIMA

A truly original look with the clashing of colours! The key to her unique look is to mix pastel tones of yellow and green with bright colours of red and purple. She even painted her nails with the same shades!

I n t roducing T okyo’ s u niqu e & cool f ash io n str e e t sn a ps

Drop Tokyo is a web magazine unveiling the real cool styles of Tokyo. Catch the latest Tokyo street fashionistas!

DROP TOKYO introduces real Tokyo fashion styles to the rest of the world. You can find street snaps, fashion news columns and interviews. From here, you'll witness fabulous variations of fashion, from cultural to street and mode. More than a world of fashion, DROP TOKYO is your window to current news on art, music, movies, design and culture. It even features blogs of working professionals who are mostly from the fashion or creative industry. Follow their blogs for updates on their cool styles!


Area: Harajuku, Tokyo/ Name: Pon-chan/ Age: 20/ Occupation: Sugi-no-topoko/ Hair salon: Velo Yuma-san!

38 Nth’

Area: Harajuku, Tokyo/ Name: Ono Dizon/ Occupation: Kumakko Club

Area: fancyHIM (Tokyo) / Name: PELI/ Occupation: Stylist, DJ

Nth’ 39


Area: TWIST@ever

40 Nth’

Area: FAKE TOKYO 1ST ANNIVERSARY PARTY/ Name: YUYA NARA,YOON Occupation: Hair stylist, AMBUSH Design & visual director/ Hair salon: SHIMA

Area: Harajuku, Tokyo/ Name: Daicy, Fumiaki Sakai/ Age: 25/ Occupation: Student

Area: Harajuku, Tokyo/ Name: Eri, Aya/ Favourite shops: SAKURA, HISUI, AN-TABU/ Hair salon: Bloc

Nth’ 41

Area: Nakameguro, Tokyo/ Name: Mikael/ Occupation: Model, etc./ Favourite shops: XANADU, Edition/ Hair salon: SHIMA (Yuya Nara)

Area: Shibuya, Tokyo/ Name: ANNY/ Occupation: Sales promoter (Valentine), stylist/ Favourite shop: Valentine/ Hair salon: Valentine


Area: Shibuya, Tokyo/ Name: Fuyuri/ Occupation: Sales Promoter (Sister)/ Hair salon: Valentine (ANNY) Area: FAKE TOKYO 1ST ANNIVERSARY PARTY/ Name: Sayo Yoshida/ Occupation: Model/ Favourite shop: CANDY/ Hair salon: SHIMA

Area: Harajuku, Tokyo/ Name: Camille/ Age: 27/ Occupation: French teacher, model/ Favourite shops: Wut Berlin/ Hair salon: Coiffirst

Area: Harajuku, Tokyo/ Name: Kurosawa/ Age:18/ Occupation: Student/ Favourite shop: American Apparel/ Hair salon: BLANCO

Area: Harajuku, Tokyo/ Name: Apyo/ Age: 21/ Occupation: Sales promoter (the Virgin Mary)/ Favourite shops: the Virgin Mary

Area: Harajuku, Tokyo 5/ Name: Miyo/ Favourite shop: Gaijin

Area: Shibuya, Tokyo/ Name: Kaori/ Occupation: Sales promoter (Grimoire)

Area: Shinjuku, Tokyo/ Name: IYO/ Occupation: Fashion student/ Favourite brands: COMME des GARCONS, Yohji Yamamoto/ Hair salon: LimCode

Are: Shibuya, Tokyo/ Name: Hitomi Nomura/ Occupation: Sales promoter (Grimoire)/ Hair salon: Bloc

Area: Harajuku, Tokyo/ Occupation: Part time worker


Area: Shibuya, Tokyo/ Name: Aya Iizuka/ Age: 28/ Occupation: Hair stylist/ Hair salon: Bloc de gemmes

44 Nth’

Nth’ 45

KANTARO LIM hair General Director

DOB: 27 April 1975 Blood type: B Managing and training LIM hair (11 locations, 80 people) in Tokyo, Osaka and Singapore. A “missionary of beauty” who moves and pleases his customers with his hairstyles.

No 1

! t h g i Alr

rajuku have a shop in Ha rse we, LIM hair, uku, raj is Harajuku (of cou Ha In . ☆) popular becoming more which is rapidly ng people you s ou sci on crazy fashion-c feels where so many there makes you r Japan, every day ove all m fro gather contest. tanis hio fas Hey Singapore cuties, nice to meet you☆ Kantaro is a of ded in the midst like you have lan stylish outfit a the name, I am a Japanese hairstylist. While I'm g around in a lkin wa 're you ere, if Th ay I take your "M : based in Osaka, I work in four places and travel every ask ht come over and photographer mig graph can find oto ph other week to Tokyo, Singapore and recently Taiwan the in s, the cuties ture?". Afterward pic w them to sho to style the hair of lovely girls. It's my job to give them ines and blogs or magaz their pictures in happiness with the hairstyles I create. Because girls really their friends.☆ expect me to do their hair, I can go anywhere and very cute, and I l atmosphere is is kind of genera s get Th me eti som I n really enjoy my life, all thanks to you, fans of Kantaro! py. Eve rybody is so hap like it ’cause eve t, too.☆ tha ut Besides working in the Salon, I also do hairstyles for abo py e, am very hap learn asked for a pictur shows on Japanese TV, models for magazines, ies in Singapore ng how the cut eri nd wo I'm d An s from ine gaz ma d advertisements, fashion shows etc. Last year, I was rea would think they t, about fashion? I pan it is like tha lucky enough to do the hairstyles for the Dior and as a lot☆ In Ja rse ove or pan the Ja m fro n hio fas Chanel collections in Singapore. I style hair, day after and g for information everybody longin , though, is to day, never stop, that's who I am. When I turned 18, important thing st mo I e Th e. or Europ have US decided to become a hairdresser. There were lots of ups e cuties in Japan n original style. Th develop your ow then they t bu as rse and downs and in no time, 18 years have passed, and now ove y styles from always tried to cop hion instead, and I am the boss of more than 80 hairstylists with LIM hair. ir own unique fas the of lot a d create What we do have, of course, become fashion, a culture, rld calls: a tice what the wo suddenly you no philosophy or way of life even, and to get recognition as a hairstylist and fashion leader from young people as well, is re I believe that the absolutely fantastic. It gives me the feeling that people pical country, so Singapore is a tro s. thi ts lec ref t n tha accept my hard work in the world of fashion so far. al, original fashio should be a loc l appear wil les sty al e that origin Actually, I believ n, hair rns about fashio Well. re everybody lea mo the lly, ura nat t: spo I wonder if it's the same in Singapore as it is in Japan, world, watch this that and culture. Now, some older people criticise the young for not being "up to it" like them when they were young. But, if you ask me, you, Uncles and Aunties, instead of saying bad things , all the hard this kind of thing about young kids, you should be following us!☆ can help create

yle!”☆ “It’s Japanese st

d from "The fashion tren Singapore". If I

“This is our world now!” I think the young kids should be proud of themselves. These days, with all the information we can get from the net, social networks like Facebook and Twitter etc. we shouldn' t be judging things only by what we used to think we know.☆ "Fashion" is something which is continuously created by young people, newly developing and forming culture. I am

not going to allow people to negate the crazy ideas of young people - although I do know that there is some refineme nt

while. work will be worth Singapore cuter to make cuties in ing go I'm ay, Anyw ! Yoroshiku! ☆ through hairstyling see me in town. u yo if hi Please say YO" which is a a blog, "DROPTOK P.S. I am writing cuties who can blog, so if there are Harajuku fashion twitter ID is my ase check it out, read Japanese ple kantaro0427☆

coming with age. But, young people should play more with fashion and also enjoy it more.☆ So, in Japan the centre of the young people's fashion

46 Nth’



















The Beautiful Girls Book?

















What is







The sensational Phantasmal Free Book has arrived! 20,000 copies of a sensational photobook were snatched off the shelf just a week after it was published in Japan. It is now here, “The Beautiful Girls Book Singapore”! Starring all you beautiful girls in Singapore, it is to the joy of our talented team of creative professionals (hairstylists, fashion stylists, makeup artists, and photographers) to use their skills to bring out your ultimate charm. Your modeling dream comes true in our photobook.



1 N 1 o 1 N







No 1 No 1 1





1 N 1 o 1 N



No 1 No 1 1















Be a star on your own stage in our next issue.


It is time for you to take centre stage in a new wave.

‘Sequence’ shows portraits of Beautiful Girls in the city. We are on a quest to search for eligible girls who will eventually have their photos taken by talented fashion photographers.







Huey Wen

Landa Alycia

Pei Ting

Tsuriki Kelly

Sandy Choco





Huey Wen

Thanks BGSG for giving me a wonderful shooting experience!! I believe every girls can be “Beautiful Girl” with their own style;)

I’m so happy when I get this opportunity for the photo shooting.

Everything was organized and done professionally, from the make-up, dressing, hairstyling to photo shoots.

The shoot has been fun and interesting! I bet the magazine will be awesome!!





I feel the shoot has been a fun experience, working with a team of helpful and efficient crew!

The photo shoot session was enjoyable and topped with lots of fun!!

It was a great experience with such a fantastic crew!

That day, I truly feel like a model. It’s a dream come true!!



Pei Ting


The photo shoot was not at all commercialized and stressful. The pictures taken portrays the personality in us.

You guys really know how to make me feel at home, which definitely kept my nervousness at bay.

It was a dream come true for me!! And BGSG’s royal treatment would make any girl feel like a princess★

I think it's quite fun! And it's a very good experience. Thank you BGSG!




BGSG crew helped me be at ease and were very encouraging throughout. I’m thrilled to get to work with them!

I love having my shoot with such a sun team and other friendly models!

It was so fun!! I think BGSG/Nth is really interesting magazine! Thank you★

Talented Hair Stylists Collaborate with Fashion Photographers ‘Kasha’ is a showcase of Singapore’s talented hairstylists at work through the expert eyes of our photographers.

Participating Salons




One-piece: $40 (Forever21), Scarf: $43 (River Island), Shoes: Stylist’s Own

Shirt: $49, Pants: $89.90 (Bershka), Scarf : $59 (MANGO)

Best: (SABRINAGOH) )/Stylist’s Own, Knit one-piece: $39 (Forever21), Leggings: $179.90 (SABRINAGOH)




Tops: $29 (Forever21), All-in-one: $89 (In Sight), Accessories: $9 (Forever21), Hat: Stylist’s Own

Tops: $ 95 (egg3) Skirt: $35 (Forever21), Hair Accessories: $38 (egg3), Shoes: Stylist’s Own

T-shirt: $19.90 (UNIQLO), Long skirt: $35 (Forever21), Belt, Hat: Stylist’s Own


Huey Wen

T-shirt: $79 (earth music & ecology/ ISETAN SCOTTS), All-in-one: $119 (E hyphen world gallery/ISETAN SCOTTS), Neckless: Stylist’s Own

T-shirt: $21 (Forever21), Skirt: $31 (Forever21), Accessories: Stylist’s Own

Tops: $33 (Forever21), Tube tops: $9 (Forever21), Skirt: $89 (blackmarket No.2), Neckless & Scarf: Stylist’s Own

Pei Ting



Tops: $99 (E hyphen world gallery/ISETAN SCOTTS), Skirt: $173 (IORI/ ISETAN SCOTTS), Boots: $179.90(HUNTER/ ISETAN SCOTTS), Scarf: (Chocol reffine/ ISETAN SCOTTS)

One-piece: $45 (Forever21), Neckless & Vest: Stylist’s Own

One-piece: $23 (Forever21), Tank top: $19.90 (UNIQLO), Neckless: Model’s Own



Tops: $40 (Forever21), Short-pants: $29 (Forever21), Bandana:Stylist’s Own

Tops: $136, Pants: $139 (blackmarket No.2)

KIZUKI+LIM belongs to one of the top group salons, ‘Lim hair group’. Experience high quality services and try out latest hairstyles by top stylists in a stylish and modern interior inspired by the “Snow Mountains”. 328 North Bridge Rd, #03-03/04 Raffles Hotel Arcade Singapore 188719 Tel. +65 6221 6320  Hair Styling: KANTARO Make-up: Stephanie Kong Model: Valerie Photographer: Joel Low Location: The Pond

Working hours Weekdays 10:00 − 22:00 (Last appointment 20:00)  Thursday, Sunday & Public holidays 10:00 − 18:00 (Last appointment 16:00)


Closed Monday

‘Beautiful hair is only made by beautiful scalp’ is the firm belief of Monso Hair Design Tokyo. Expect skilled hairstyling and healthy hair and scalp care when you visit Monso Hair Design Tokyo.

Hair Styling: SOGA Model: KELLY Photographer: Yann Cloitre Location: Flux fotography

1 Nanson Road, #01-06 Gallery Hotel Singapore 238909 TEL. +65 6836 5585 Working hours Weekdays 10:00 − 19:00 Weekends / Public holidays 10:00 − 18:00

Rina Tops: $169.90 (SABRINAGOH), Short-pants: $165 (blackmarket No.2), Glasses & Neckless: Stylist’s Own

Check Out What the Models Wear!

We are always looking for talents...

everyday girls, photographers, fashion stylists, makeup artists, hair stylists, designers, writers,editors, and all other talents. If you are interested, please contact:

Special Thanks! Goodman Arts Centre opened its doors recently with a vision to be a youthful and energetic centre providing a wide range of arts offerings, and serves as a place to bring in the different communities to experience and be engaged through the arts in an intimate manner. With staggering arrays of styles, media and culture from fine art to a multifaceted creative force, the incredible diversity and depth of creativity flourishes at Goodman Arts Centre, making it the perfect setting for inspiration and creative work. Place Management Office | GOODMAN ARTS CENTRE (Managed by The Old Parliament House Limited) 90 Goodman Road, #01-31, Block E, Singapore 439053 T: 6342 5790 | F: 6345 3712

BACK COVER ARTIST DAN TAKEDA My dream is to share the true beauty and value of flowers, to create new functions for flowers in every Singaporean's life. Flowers are not only meant for special occasions, but can be incorporated into our daily life. I hope to use my artistic skills to realize this dream.

Singapore idol group

With one simple goal in mind: to share their passion for anime with everyone; four girls are connected to form a new and powerful group. Handpicked as talents from the “Moe Moe Kyun Maid Café”, the four girls, namely Beryl, Valerie, Wynnie and Estelle, were chosen for their unique personalities and the passion they share for anime and Japanese culture, to form SEA★A.

S ea



Nth’ 47


Beryl, although having the look of an Asian beauty, is shy and modest. She is the most hard working member in the group and is reflected in her studies.


DOB: 1991/01/29 Blood Type: O Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Birth Place: Singapore Favourite Food: Mum’s home cooked food, Steamboat, Teppan Yaki, Sushi, Ramen Favourite Anime: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY, KImi ni Todoke, LOVELY★COMPLEX, Hakuoki Places I want to go in Japan: Akihabara, Shibuya, Harajyuku

48 Nth’

e i r e l a V Valerie has a brilliant figure with the therapeutic power! She has the beauty and a cute voice of an anime character.

Valerie's PROFILE

DOB: 1991/02/14 Blood Type: O Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Birth Place: Singapore Favourite Food: Mother’s homemade pasta, Curry Rice Favourite Anime: TORA DORA!, Kaicho wa Maid Sama, Kurage Hime Places I want to go in Japan: Akihabara

e i n n y W

Wynnie is the moe, cosplaying member of the group. She inspires others with her innocent personality and natural cheerfulness, providing the best cheers and moeness to everyone that she meets.

Wynnie's PROFILE

DOB: 1989/06/10 Blood Type: ? Zodiac Sign: Cancer Birth Place: Malaysia Favourite Food: Roti Pisang, Teh tarik, Sashimi, Chawan-mushi Favourite Anime: ONEPIECE, NARUTO, K-ON!, My little sister cannot be this cute, Kaicho wa Maid Sama, Please!! Teacher, Please!! Sister, Chobits Places I want to go in Japan: Akihabara

Estelle Estelle is the most active person in the group and is also the youngest member. She has a transparent voice and a natural born talent for dancing, with soul and sharpness.

Estelle's PROFILE

DOB: 1992/12/01 Blood Type: B Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Birth Place: Singapore Favourite Food: Pasta, Chicken Rice, Sashimi, Unagi, Shishamo, Chawan-mushi Favourite Anime: Card Capture Sakura, Chobits, Angelic Layer, Magical Knight Rayearth, Mobile Suite Gundam SEED DESTINY, NARUTO ‒ Shippu Den Kizuna, Kaicho wa Maid sama (loves CLAMP works!) Places I want to go in Japan: Akihabara

Nth’ 49

Buy from Japan!

w e i v r Inte a e S h wit


They started off as four ordinary girls from the same Maid Café with an interest in anime and Japanese culture. Now, they have been selected to represent South East Asia as a new and upcoming girl group, ready to take on Asia! The four girls have been training as a group since March, and their training schedules consist of vocal trainings and dance lessons around twice a week. “Aside from the trainings, we will practise on our own as well, and usually the time spent (practising on our own) is a lot longer than the usual trainings,” said Estelle. Of course, getting the coveted opportunity to be a part of a girl group that is soon to be known throughout Asia does not come without sacrifice. “There were times when we seriously wanted to give up because it was just too exhausting, but when we thought about what we intended to do and the chance for us to share our passion, it is that mental war that pushes and challenges us to move forward,” said Estelle. The four members also credit each other as a source of their motivation. “We gelled together very well as a team, because we have common passions like the Maid Café we worked in,” said Valerie. “When we worked together, we didn’t feel like strangers, so it was easy for us to bond!”

Sea★A is also very grateful to their “senpai”, which means senior, with whom they have been touring with: May’n! “Before performances on stage, May’n senpai will come up to us and say “Ganbatte!” in order to calm our nerves. We are really thankful for her encouragement even though we are a new group,” said Valerie. As a group with the mission of sharing their passion for Japanese culture and anime with others, they also support the distribution of Japanese magazines in Singapore, such as “Nth’”. “A Japanese magazine in English would help to connect the local people to Japanese cultures and trends,” said Valerie. Sea★A’s very first single, “Dream Shooter”, has been decided as the ending theme song for the TV anime series “Card Fight! Vanguard” and will be officially released on August 10th 2011! They look set to advance rapidly in the tough Japanese entertainment industry, so do watch out for them! Who knows, maybe sometime in the near future we will get to see Sea★A hosting their own concert!

ONLINE SHOPPING GUIDE There are many shopping worlds out there, and this one is only a few clicks away… If you used to wonder where the only-in-Japan, must-haves come from, you can now tap the source! “Un-ob-tain-able” became “Just delivered.” in a racing heartbeat.♪

Go to the web and order online!

Shipping to Singapore


Writer: Bjorn Teo

Sea★A’s Latest Information Wynnie will be regularly on “Studio Musix”, in ANIMAX Japan The 1st on air: 3 Jul 2011 9pm - 10pm The 1st single “DREAM SHOOTER” on sale! The 3rd ending song of TV anime series “Cardfight! Vanguard” Release date: 10 Aug 2011 50 Nth’

Don’t know Japanese? No worries! Rikaichan is a popular add-on in Firefox to help the navigation of Japanese websites. It shows little popups with the translation when you're hovering above Japanese characters. Although it is not a full translation tool for sentences, it eases quick navigation of Japanese websites, Japanese forms, etc. (There're other add-ons that do similar things but Nth’ prefers this one. You'll need to install the add-on itself and the dictionary. (^o^)/ )

Buy from Japan!

ONLINE SHOPPING GUIDE There are many shopping worlds out there, and this one is only a few clicks away… If you used to wonder where the only-in-Japan, must-haves come from, you can now tap the source! “Un-ob-tain-able” became “Just delivered.” in a racing heartbeat.♪

Go to the web and order online!

Shipping to Singapore


Don’t know Japanese? No worries! Rikaichan is a popular add-on in Firefox to help the navigation of Japanese websites. It shows little popups with the translation when you're hovering above Japanese characters. Although it is not a full translation tool for sentences, it eases quick navigation of Japanese websites, Japanese forms, etc. (There're other add-ons that do similar things but Nth’ prefers this one. You'll need to install the add-on itself and the dictionary. (^o^)/ )

Mainstreet shoes and advice at an online price

Cutting-edge street fashion



Famous for its 99days return guarantee (which is unfortunately not available for customers outside of Japan), offers a huge variety of shoes and an unparalleled shoe-advisor service. Just send them a mail (english OK!) with your preferences and will get back to you with a bunch of recommendations.


Web: Brands: Over 50 Products: Shoes for women, men, sports, kids & babies Payment: Credit card (Form in Japanese) Shipping: Via Shipping fee: ¥900~ (EMS) + ¥490~ (Service charge) Cancellation, change, or return: Not acceptable after finalised order has been submitted

Models' choice for cute and sexy underwear JPN


CHI is known for its 'erokawa' (sexy and cute) lines of lingerie, lounge wear and related products. Since it's pretty reasonably priced, it has become the first choice for models and non-models alike!


Web: Brand: Lots of original designs Products: Lingerie for women & men  Payment: Credit card (Form in Japanese) Shipping: Via Shipping fee: ¥900~ (EMS) + ¥490~ (Service charge) Cancellation, change, or return: Not acceptable after finalised order

52 Nth’






The most up-to-date place for the ever evolving world of Japanese street fashion, also has the biggest line-up of famous, cool, chic Japanese brands.


Web: Brands: Over 500 Products: Apparel for women, men, kids and home accessories Payment: Paypal Shipping: EMS by Japan Post Shipping fee: ¥2100 (EMS) + ¥500 (Service charge) Cancellation, change, or return: Not acceptable after finalised order has been submitted

Brings the loot to wherever you roam JPN





You need a Japanese address for your purchase from a Japanese website? can provide the address and then forward your purchase worldwide for a minimal handling fee. English is zen-zen OK!

D ATA Web: Products: Woldwide shipping/forwarding service Payment: Credit card/Paypal Shipping: EMS by Japan Post Shipping Fee: ¥900~ (EMS) + ¥490~ (Service charge) Cancellation, change, or return: Not acceptable

Nth’ 53


FITTING ROOM S rosebullet @ MB


Soft petals and Metal steel are attributes of the modern woman today. The rosebullet dress line is created for the woman who needs versatility in her daily life. In the day, wear it underneath a jacket for the office. In the night, slide off the jacket and you’re ready to paint the town red!

This is cute, too!


KELLY(20) Live, spontaneous, unscripted. Welcome to The Fitting Room, where we introduce our recommended boutiques. Follow our model, Kelly as she shops at rosebullet at MBS today! Originally from Japan, rosebullet appeals to the fashion-conscious masses with its versatile pieces infused Japanese fashion.

What about this piece?

Classic, Glamorous and Sexy

Kelly was fascinated by the stimulating colours and girly styles of the clothing at rosebullet and loves the functionality of it all.

A staff member shows Kelly one of the many bright tops found in the store.


Photographer: Mikiko Garrett Writer: Bjorn Teo Presented by: rosebullet





The rosebullet is the brainchild of Joanna Guevara, a New York based artist. “The aim to creating rosebullet is ying and the yang of life. Today’s women are looking to be whole and for that you need to tap into both feminine and masculine attributes; for the masculine to be complete, the feminine is also needed. A rose and a bullet are symbols that represent a woman and a man respectively, and also their freedom.”

t us Now, le ! begin

Sleeveless dress $209, Large ribbon $69, Red wedges $199, Brown bag $109

Striped top $119, Beige skirt $99, Bag & scarf $109, Sandals $259

For a casual look, try out a floral-print vintage dress!Add trendy hair ribbon & red platform, to complete the look!!! hould You s m out! k the chec

Take your boyfriend's breath away! Be your prettiest self with a marshmallow colour top with a white frilly skirt!!!

Marina Bay Sands B2-116 Opening Hours: Sun to Thu 10am to 10pm Fri & Sat 10am to 11pm Website: Tel: 6688 7345

54 Nth’

Embellish the look with a glittery black bolero! If a long dress is too much, try a cocktail dress! You’ll be a 120% cuter!!!

W H AT K E L LY B U Y S : I tried on many pieces! The staff was very friendly and even gave me good tips for my style too! Girly colours like pink, red, & yellow define my mood today♥, I'm definitely coming back very soon!

SHOP DATA rosebullet

Pastelcoloured dress $319, Black shawl $199, Gold necklace $119, Black heels $139


BAG & SCARF $109

DRESS $199

Nth’ SMART PARTY GIRL Photographer: Eddie Teo Fashion Stylist: Fumi

Necklace $89

Pretty but Stylish

(L'ile aux Ashby/ PARCO next NEXT)

Getting bored with the black “body-consious” dresses? Be a fashionista by breaking the fashion rules! Mix and match your casual & formal outfits for a refreshing look. You can pair your comfy white tee and skirt combo with a smart vest. This unpredictable look will surprise your friends and make you stand out in the crowd!




Bow White Tank $49 (Kenji/ PARCO next NEXT)


Holy Black Vest $119 (soon lee)

groovy game fishing

String Bag $45 (FOREVER21)

Team Tricks, accomplished fashion addicts and trendy toyboys Eric and Yutakis went to some trendy nightspots and had a good time spotting who’s hot and who’s got it to party in style. Here’s their go at the night’s catch: Photographer: Arjuna Chandramohan

Team Tricks

Orange Suede Sandals $199 (ALDO)

Flower Skirt

Smart Vest!

$25 (FOREVER21)

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56 Nth’

Yutakis James (23) Model/blogger

Eric (20) Model/blogger

I ♥ Nth’!! Every girl should own one!

Nth’ is the daily guide to staying fabulous and guide to living.

Eric (E): Here we go! We’re “home”! Yutakis (Y): Hmmm, Model 1 needs to maybe wear a puffy dress or something like that. E: Not so bad, just different, darker colour jeans, maybe ash green or black and she’ll look better. The light colour is not so flattering on her. Y: Jeans too tight and colour too light. E: Adding some accessories will be nicer, maybe unbutton more of the top, too. Y: What about that one on the right, with the grey dress (3)?

E: Great colour combination grey and brown… Y: Ya, she stands out coz of her hair colour and shoes. Not so sure about her friend on the left, the black will just blend her in to the club. E: She needs to work a bit harder, maybe add heels to bring out her nice legs. Y: The one in-between (2) has a nice daring mix and match, most girls would pair this with heels, but this is better, and ….. E: I LIKE girls with a waistband, she’s

4 got a nice body proportion and mini skirts with boots are so much better than with heels. Just nice. Y: ... it’s very easy to go wrong with mix and match but she did a good job. Oh, whoa, look at model 4, she’s a knockout. E: She’s very chic. Y: Definitely, first noticed the shoes. E: Low cut, too, love that. Brings out her sexy legs with the platform wedges… Y: Also very daring with the short, cropped hair. Nth’ 57

E: Oh, these two (1) look like they’ve taken the Harajuku style to heart, totally LOVE the mix of fur, synthetic fur is trendy again. The one on the left, I LOVE her top! Very, very cute, usually Singapore girls play safe and chose black. No? Y: Well… E: I love the rusty brown fur, looks nicer. Y: I… E: That waistbelt is sososo Vivienne Westwood, very cute. So nice to see a knee capped skirt, very different as usually girls will choose short or mini skirts. Y: …, well, I, like the bag. E: And all that fits sooo well with the hot pink heels. The one on the right wears a more normal clubbing outfit, but I

love the heart shaped prints mini skirt and the platform heels. Nice short hair on model 2, short hair looks stylish on girls, gives them a more masculine look. Y: Very nice, daring dress and yeah, most girls wear their hair longer. E: She’s setting the short hair off with the dress/see through lace, though. I also love the sequin, coz it will sparkle in the club, very nice and attention grabbing! Y: Art student, my guess. Model 3 wears a very typical Singaporean outfit though. E: Hmm, pretty simple. Maybe going to the prom? Maybe let her hair down to not look too studious. But, cute coz her belt brings her waist out. With

E: Here comes the Zirca girls. Not sure I like this one (1), very simple and last season’s headband. The headband takes all the attention away, she should remove that. Y: Clever move to wear tights, makes her legs look nice. But, the headband should go, too attention grabbing and….wait for it… Y+E: MORE ACCESSORIES! Y: Love how the long cardigan color matches with dress. (2) E: I think it’s too much grey…


@ B U T T E R FA C T O R Y

1 58 Nth’

simple clothes, the focus should be more on hair and make-up. E: Hmm, Number 4, how? Y: Colours blend well. E: Love the choice of lighter colour tones. The heels are attentiongrabbing. Y: OK for clubbing/dining and chilling out with friends, clever actually, not overdressed for chilling with friends… E: ... and not underdressed for the club. Usually has more sparkly, dark and bold colours for clubbing, though. Could also change the shorts to fitting leggings instead. Y: Yes. E: Maybe more accessories? Y: What do we think about model 5? E: Whoa, NICE! , leopard prints and fur is back. Y: Clever that the bottom leopard print is darker but better to change the top instead of leopard twins. E: Yep, top could be just simple black, so that the attention is on the fur coat, leggings and shoes. Should try bigger earrings and more gold colour… Y: I love the look!


3 4 5



Y: And nice choice of heels, to look even more perfect, she can add one more color element into the entire outfit, just think that the entire outfit color is "too safe". Pretty girls like her can be more playful and daring! E: Better to take off the sweater. Try to go along with a mini jacket and more accessories please!!! Y: OK, (3) now, Hmm, her outfit flatters her figure. Very chic and very suitable for clubbing. E: Ya, very clubbers look. Should have more … Y: Accessories? E: Yes, accessorise more.


Y: The oversized top cover her hips and thighs. A very good clubbing look. And the last one (4). Both girls look like they’re having fun! E: (Girl on the left) I love the pink mini skirt but I feel that the top is too plain. She could’ve worn animal prints since it’s back in trend. Y: I think they got super cool outfits for a girls’ night out. Maybe they can don neon headbands or accessories to complete the retro look! E: (Girl on the right ) More accessories will be better. And her jeans can be folded up to lengthen her legs. Wearing a black biker-style leather jacket will be perfect!


So girls, the next time you hit the nightspots, be dressed in your best and we’ll feature you! Nth’ 59


Guys, ever wanted to spiff up for a date but ended up with the usual t-shirt and shorts? Follow Shawn as he transforms from average Singaporean lad to elegant fashionista! Photographer: Julian Loh Writer: Bjorn Teo Fashion Stylist: Taoki Mishima Hair Stylist: Ryu Oba Location: KIZUKI+LIM, NAKAME-STYLE


Usually, I can’t be bothered and leave my hair as it is. I don't dress up that much either, just wear normal shirt, shorts, sneakers when heading out.

Shawn Tay (24) & Yu Hui (24)

The sweet couple before the makeover! The girlfriend wishes he would try to dress up more often, but the boyfriend prefers to stick to his comfort zone.


With a simple yet stylish outfit and a spiffy new hairdo, Shawn has gone from “Average Joe” to “Eligible Bachelor” (But sorry girls, he’s attached!)

I let him try a look that he has not tried before. I think that blue suits him very well. I chose tapered pants to fit his thin build, and a slightly casual belt to balance out the formal shirt. Personal stylist Taoki Mishima used to work in a clothing store in Harajuku, and has had his stylings featured in Japanese fashion magazines. Promoting the NAKAME-STYLE in Singapore, he holds workshops and actively widens his styling scope.

The buttoned-down collar gives a neat and tidy look. It also creates shape for the upper-half of the shirt. Shirt: $179 (drifters/White Room)

His hair is quite flat at the top. I always ask him to do something about it, but he doesn’t care... His clothes are also very plain, no colour or variation there.

mation r o f s n a Tr complete! This is a really new experience for me! I like the belt; it’s very colourful and I like the texture. But my favourite piece is the cropped pants. I’ll definitely consider getting one myself!

With his plain tee, white shorts and slippers, Shawn looks just like any other guy on the streets of Singapore. “Operati on starts!”

From day one, KIZUKI+LIM in Raffles Hotel Arcade has become the hairstylist of choice for artistes and fashion-conscious individuals. The top-level Japanese stylists deliver professional care and flair, to hair and soul.

These shoes can be worn on various occasions; be it a formal dinner, an outing with your girl or even a picnic. They also enhance the smart casual look and go supremely well with the cropped pants. Pants: $189 (drifters/White Room), Shoes: $189 (Furrmus)

The casual and colourful belt breaks the overall blue combination, and adds a bit of fun to the overall equation. Belt: Stylist’s own


He looks so different! The shoes are my favourite! The colour, design, and, most importantly, functionality are great. I want him to get those!

Hairstylist Oba-san uses a hair-twisting method that creates more volume and layers for a refreshing look.

I used glossy gel to create a Mohican-shaped hairdo to make him look younger and more vibrant.

Ryu Oba Hair stylist

60 Nth’

Who’s next?

Girls, are you interested to see how your man will look after a full transformation by an experienced stylist? Contact us for an exciting makeover session now!

Please send your application to with: • Couple’s names, ages, and occupations • A photo of you and your partner

Nth’ 61

Known for her upbeat electro-house and dirty-dutch sets, Nicole uses remixes of popular hits to get the crowd up and pumping!



Nicole Chen

Dance, Dance, Dance

Nicole Chen Profile: DJ, Model, Miss Earth 2007, Actress.. and the list goes on! As Singapore's very own Model-DJ, Nicole Chen is a familiar face to many. Photographer, Writer: Lenne Chai Photography Assistant: Marcus Choo Location: Zirca

Nicole was inspired to become a DJ for a simple reason that most girls can probably relate to. “Everybody takes hours to dress up, to go to a club, and they play lousy music? What a waste of time! I remember thinking to myself, ‘Goodness. Why don’t I be the DJ?’” Six years on, Model DJ Nicole Chen has gone international. Spinning sets in hotspots such as New York, Tokyo, Melbourne, Seoul, and Hong Kong, Nicole has opened gigs for the likes of Steve Aoki, Benny Benassi, Felix the House Cat and Johnny Vicious. Despite her numerous achievements, people still automatically assume that she merely “presses the buttons”. When asked about this common perception that people have of her skills, Nicole gave a wry smile and recounted an experience she had with a friend who regularly attended her sets. “After 8 months of partying together, she took a peek into the

booth and exclaimed, ‘Oh my god! You can actually DJ?!’” Laughing, Nicole shakes her head wearily and continues, “I was like, ‘Thanks ah! You’re such a great friend!’” While Nicole only started to DJ professionally in 2010, the model and former beauty queen has actually been training to become a DJ ever since 2006. Saving up the money she earned from modelling, Nicole took it a step further by enrolling herself in a DJ school in Melbourne. “Learning DJ-ing was really difficult because you really need the ‘ear’ for it, as well as a sense of creativity. It took a lot of time and practice, and I think my classical piano training helped as well.” The fan of the Dirty-Dutch and Electro-House genres likens the psychological aspect of her gigs to a test. Aiming to move every single member of the crowd, the former marketing student applies her marketing knowledge to cater to the

various audiences to achieve her goal. “I’m a perfectionist, and I feel very stressed out even if one person isn’t moving along or enjoying the music!” Similarly, Nicole is extremely critical when it comes to music selection. As a result, she enjoys partying in Miami and Melbourne most, as that’s where her favourite DJs such as Afrojack and DJ Chucky spin their sets. “I wish that somebody else played music the same way I do, so that I could get out there and dance!” Nicole feels that she’s starting to receive recognition for her work, because DJ-ing is what she’s most comfortable with. No stranger to the entertainment industry, she’s open to other options, but her first priority is still her music. So how does she feel about the people who don’t appreciate her sets? Nicole gives another wry smile before saying, “If some people don’t like chocolate, you can’t force them to eat it, right?”

I want to move crowds, and I want to do it through my music.

Nicole will be back to Singapore in September after her world tour. Check the schedule on her website:

Nth’ 63

MUSIC Writer: Si Min Chong



As a throwback to the basics, singersongwriter YUI’s debut single, “It’s Happy Line” featured simply the then 18-year-old with a guitar.

Rock outfit FLOW’s rise to becoming a staple in every self-respecting anime fan’s playlist is so well played that it deserves an anime series of its own.

In a way, that shot captured the essence of YUI, a down-to-earth girl who prefers to wear jeans because she loves sitting cross-legged while playing the guitar she is never seen without.

With their tunes being featured in popular series like Naruto, FLOW has come a long way from its humble beginning as an X Japan cover band in 1993. Following the demise of X Japan, founding members and brothers, TAKE and KOHSHI decided to perform original songs under the name, FLOW.

Growing up in a single parent household in Fukuoka, YUI (born Yoshioka Yui in 1987) switched from her high school to a private music school under the recommendation of her friends at the age of 16. After which, she performed her compositions regularly on the streets, while battling her shyness. It is evident that this experience has served YUI well as she later edged out no less than 20,000 candidates in an audition held by Sony Music for a recording contract.

A quick look through YUI’s discography yields an unchanged conclusion since her debut: look beyond an unassuming exterior and you’ll find a girl who’s determined to follow her dreams wherever she goes, be it on the streets of Fukuoka or to a soldout crowd at Nippon Budokan.

©Sony Music Entertainment

Upon her win, YUI left for Tokyo and wrote her major label debut, “Feel My Soul”, which was also featured on a prime-time drama. From then on, YUI’s rise to stardom was marked by a series of hit singles, such as the inspirational “Life” and the heartwrenching “Goodbye Days”, a theme song for her acting debut, Taiyou no Uta. Her latest single, Hello~Paradise Kiss~ will be released in June.

©Amuse Inc.


HELLO~Paradise Kiss YUI’s newest single, “HELLO~Paradise Kiss” will be featured in the live-action adaptation of Ai Yazawa’s Paradise Kiss. The shoujo manga depicts Yukari’s transformation from a wallflower to a supermodel with the help of the Paradise Kiss crew. Seeing a parallel between her former shy self and the mousy Yukari, YUI wrote the uplifting opening theme “HELLO~Paradise Kiss” and the ending theme, “YOU”, a ballad about Yukari learning to be more confident but losing her love interest in the process.

FLOW has just released a new album, titled “FLOW ANIME BEST”. Not to be dismissed as a run-of-the-mill Best of album, it is a denser compilation of the band’s chart toppers from 2004 till 2009. The featured tracks were used as the opening or ending themes of anime series, which include their breakthrough hit, “GO!!!” from hit series Naruto.


TOP10 in Japan


AKB48 - Everyday, Kachuusha


Team Amuse!! - Let's try again


Kanjani 8 - My Home




French Kiss - Kakko Warui I Love You




Perfume - Laser Beam / Kasuka na Kaori


aiko - Koi no Super Bowl


DiVA - Tsuki no Uragawa



After getting vocalist KEIGO, drummer IWASAKI and bassist GOT’S on board, FLOW became a band playing hip hopinfused rock music with two vocalists. Between 2000 and the first half of 2003, the five-piece released five singles and EPs, including their last indie single, “Okuru Kotoba”. Subsequently, FLOW released their first full-length album, “SPLASH!!!”, which earned them a deal with Ki/oon Records. This was succeeded by their major label debut, “GAME” and a string of chart-topping singles. In a defining moment for FLOW, “GO!!!” was used as the opening theme for Naruto in 2004 – a move that marked the start of the band’s close relationship with anime. The following years saw their discography expanding along with their fan base in Japan and beyond, leading to their first overseas gig at Dallas’ Anime Festival in 2006. Fast forward to 2011, FLOW has just released “FLOW ANIME BEST”, a compilation of songs used in anime series. If the band’s love of exclamation marks is anything to go by, FLOW is set to rocket up their upward curve of success to, perhaps, infinity and beyond.

(1st week/ June 2011) 64 Nth’

Nth’ 65

SHOP Writer: Lenne Chai

For the uninitiated, EGG3 is a one-stop lifestyle concept store filled with innovative items with a quirky twist. With four retail stores located at Erskine Road, The Cathay, Mandarin Gallery and Playfair Road, the mini shopping emporium offers a wide array of handpicked merchandise from all around the world, providing a unique “anything-goes” mix of homeware, clothing, and accessories. On the other hand, EGG3 Café, which is located at Mountbatten Centre, provides a relaxing atmosphere for diners to unwind. Like all of EGG3’s other stores, the café is a visual treat for the eyes. Formerly an old classroom, the space is now furnished with vintage items and décor that are refreshed monthly. True to EGG3 philosophy, the pieces and décor in the café can be purchased as well!

Unlike a typical retail store, EGG3 brings in very few pieces of each item, making the products truly one-of-a-kind!

EGG3 is like a Kinder Surprise; you never know what treat you'll find!

181 Orchard Road Orchard Central #02-11/12 Tel. 66342201

Sabrina Goh is a Malaysian-born, Singapore-based designer who graduated from LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts. A finalist at the Singapore Young Designer Contest in 2006 and 2007, her label ELOHIM was launched in early 2009. The label soon caught the attention of the local fashion scene, and was showcased later that year during Audi Fashion Festival. Inspired by structural form, ELOHIM is known for its signature gender-bending designs. Sabrina’s designs are all about stark silhouettes and unexpected details, so expect a bold mix of colour, texture and construction! Now, SABRINAGOH is a self-titled concept store located in Orchard Central. The store stocks up on ELOHIM as well as local labels such as L'ile Aux Ashby and See You Tomorrow.

Inspired by Form The café serves a complete and no fuss menu including appetisers, mains, desserts and beverages courtesy of its resident Chef, Max.

SABRINAGOH, her first flagship store, carries Sabrina’s own designs as well as accessories and leather goods by designers from all over Asia.

Founded by three partners, Annie Tan, Edwin Lee and Mike Tan in 2004, EGG3 aims to offer ideas and suggestions to inspire every individual to create their own unique environment.

TONG YUAN INDUSTRIAL BUILDING 85 Playfair Road #07-01 Tel. 63455200 Mon- Thu * By appointment only, Fri to Sun 10am-6pm.

ERSKINE 33 Erskine Road #01-10/11/12 Tel. 65366977

EGG3 at The Cathay. Customers, on average, spend 30 minutes just browsing through the store!

THE CATHAY 2 Handy Road #01-18 Tel. 67330889

MANDARIN GALLERY 333a Orchard Road #04-26 Tel. 68875815

66 Nth’

Nth’ 67

us elicio Mudvudpie) (M 0 $9.8


(3 Scoops)



(2 Sco p ops)

Sweets-a holics, unite! At this spot, you’ll find the latest into on the hippest sweets, those that dream them up and how to get a handful.


The Ice Cream with No Cream! Have you ever wondered if it’s possible for healthy ice cream to exist? With no dairy, no gluten, and absolutely no artificial ingredients, Brownice Ice Cream makes guilt-free indulgence possible. Photographer, Writer: Lenne Chai

Ice Cream: One of the seven deadly sins. Long associated with all things unhealthy, it’s impossible for me to enjoy a serving without looking down to check if I can still see my feet.

Brownice, noticed how few desserts lactose-intolerant people could relish. That, combined with her desire to create guilt-free indulgence, eventually brought Brownice to life.

So imagine my surprise when I discovered Brownice’s all-natural, dairy-and-glutenfree ice cream. Made with organic brown rice instead of cream, it only contains as low as 2% (ice cream usually contains a whopping 15%-40%). Simply put, it’s a healthier alternative that lactose-intolerant people can also enjoy!

While I initially reacted with excitement, my inner skeptic began to wonder, “How can anything that healthy taste good?” That’s also the sort of question that Denise most commonly receives. As a huge believer in taste, she simply responds by saying, “What’s the point of desserts that doesn’t taste good?”

Inspired by her stint at an organic store, Denise Lim, owner and glacier of

And after trying Brownice’s Peanut Butter and Caramel ice cream, I can only say that tasting is believing. It tastes just like “real” peanut butter but smoother,

creamier, and much more delightful. The taste isn’t compromised, and the way it melts on your tongue will only leave you craving for more. One should definitely try the French Chocolate flavour as well. It’s pleasantly creamy with a rich “chocolatey” flavour, and you’ll love how it doesn’t overwhelm you with sugary sweetness! After experiencing this unique brand of ice cream, I’ve learnt the answer to my own question: Yes, something that healthy can taste pretty amazing too! Brownice can be found at Real Food Café, located in The Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #B1-52/53. T. 65360882

Girls want to have fun, love and be beautiful! You may enter this door if you’re one of them…

Our secret girl talk

No Guys Allowed!

may begin!

Nth’ 69

Do you remember what your first kiss felt like? Nth’ brings you a report on that bittersweet (and occasionally disastrous) memory more commonly known as First Love. Writer: Lenne Chai


With students and even teachers amongst our survey participants, it comes as no surprise that the number one place for budding love to take root is in school! Other popular hangouts for Cupid include workplaces, churches, and even the Internet.


1. CLASSMATE 20 years old

19 years old 18 years old



YES♥ 89%


8% 8%


Before Age 10



14 years 15% old


16 years old

When did you experience your first love? A majority of our respondents experienced first love at the age of 17, while others had their first taste of love before they were even 10!

More than 1 year & still together

It didn’t work out...

16% How long did the relationship last?

While some are left with a fleeting memory, our results show that first love isn’t necessarily short-lived! A large percentage (44%) of our respondents dated for more than a year, whereas 16% of our respondents and their significant other are still going strong!

More than 1 year




4-6 months

6-12 months


18 years old

14 years old




YES♥ 77%

Age 10


17 years old

Uh... Not yet


5% Before



9% 17 years old

Only 23% of our respondents saved their first kiss for a future romance! As a matter of fact, the only thing that may be more memorable than kiss itself may be its aftermath. One of our respondents recounted how her father witnessed the kiss and actually got mad! Another respondent only remembers the sweaty palms of her first love.

Uh... Not yet

1. Have you been in love?


Have you already had your first kiss?

16 years old

15 14% years old


Reader’ s Quotes: Soft warm and joy ^^ and his palm is totally wet.... (Student, age 19) First kiss should have this kinda loveliness♥

My first love is my best friend now. (Unemployed, age 23) Is it a good thing? I hope it is.

He surprised me by decorating the beach with candles and sparkles on my birthday. (Student, age 22) Boys, Please stay that way.


When was your first kiss?

Our survey shows that most people have their first kiss at the ages of 14 or 17. Coincidence? Interesting backdrops to that special memory include the beach, the bus, as well as the lift!

1. HIS ROOM 2. PARK 3. IN A CAR Not nice, he knocked his teeth into mine, and he had too much saliva! (Artist, age 20) It happens! Don’t blame him, girls. Just walk away... lol at least for a moment.

Well actually the kiss was an accident, we were just tickling and wrestling on the bed and suddenly he tripped and fumbled and our faces met. (Student, age 19) Just like a movie~~♥ Enjoy the youth, young ladies. This kinda thing happens only in a short time...

Do you find yourself smiling or cringing when you reminisce your first encounter with love? If you’ve yet to have your own escapade with love, have patience! Love will find its way to you. Love always, Mademoiselle Nth’ XOXO




The potential of the QR code has been explored in many ways. Here are some examples of how it has been used:

Billboard in NY Famous for their controversial ads, Calvin Klein featured a QR code directing to a, well, slightly racier than usual video for their Fall 2010 campaign. Presented in a billboard at New York City, the code can be scanned from over 90 metres away.

iPhone S60 Android Windows BB


Another way to make real life more digital; businesses are jumping on the bandwagon of embedding QR codes on T-shirts. Reminiscent of a Threadless shirt, this T-shirt featuring QR code can contain information from your Twitter account to even your phone number.

i-nigma uses the de-facto standard technology for Japanese handsets. It reads ‘normal’ barcodes, QR and Datamatrix - and supports Thai and European lingo. iPhone S60 Android Windows BB


Event guidance In Rochester, the organisers of the city’s Jazz Festival decided to create smart posters featuring QR codes. This poster provides instructions on scanning the code and also downloading a reader app (if needed). Upon scanning, attendees were directed to the Mobile Festival Guide on their mobile device.

the QR-Code Writer: Si Min Chong

72 Nth’

The Neoreader is your one-stop, one click, barcode scanning app. It does QR and plenty of other formats (Data Matrix, Aztec Codes, EAN etc.).

T-shirt design

Bridging the gap between real life and the digital world:

This is probably what most people think when they see this futuristic image of black squares arranged in a Tetris-like white background (pictured above). This image is known as the Quick Response code (or, simply, the QR code), a 2-D barcode that can be scanned by a smart phone's camera and transfer information to the user. Created by Denso Corporation, a subsidiary of Toyota, in 1994, it was originally used to track parts in vehicle manufacturing. Eventually, the code





ScanLife does QR and the other formats like Data Matrix, UPC, EAN or ISBN. There’s a scanlife blog with other, related codes and applications, too. iPhone S60 Android Windows BB

RED Laser branched out into other commercial uses as it started appearing on various print and mobile platforms to transmit information online. The QR code is especially popular in Asian countries such as Japan and Korea. A single QR code can hold about the same information as two SMSes. (as long as it’s ASCII) Users can create their own QR code to share a website, email address, business card or a very long text message. Closer to home, QR codes are still seldom seen in Singapore. However,

it has started to catch on in print media, with local dailies such as the New Paper providing links of websites and videos related to their articles. This, as opposed to keying in the website manually, is much easier as it just requires the smart phone user to download the QR reader app, scan the code and voila! For the launch issue of Nth’, we present our very own QR code. So whip out your smart phone, scan the image and enjoy the virtual Nth’ experience!

The popular choice. Appears to be quick, accurate and well, um, popular. Features UPC, EAN, QR, UPC-E and EAN-8 and some nifty tricks.






bakodo Find your favourite QR/barcode app in your device’s app store. Click the “free” button and install it.

Run the app and point your device at the code you’d like to scan.

If all went well, you’re now on your way to decode the world around you.

The Runner-up: new, yet highly rated for its databases with plenty of product info and seamless integration. It scans QR, UPC A, UPC E, EAN-13 and EAN-8. iPhone Nth’ 73

BLOOD T R A I T- O R R In Japan it's very common to ask "What's your blood type?" to show that you're interested in somebody - and also when you hope to find out something about a person's traits. Suprisingly, it can be pretty accurate. This time, we'll investigate how it might affect your love life♥

74 Nth’

Careful and compassionate

Kids at heart

Strong and determined

Smart little devils

Your Personality: You're the kind-hearted type and always try to please your partner even if you have to change yourself. It might be not so easy for you to open up early in a relationship but you usually are rewarded with stable relationships. Your biggest strength is in your ability to adapt, fulfill your partner's wishes and are there to cook - or to listen when needed. This kind of stability and emotional support makes your kind of guy fall for you.

Your Personality: You're a pure-hearted, child-

Your Personality: You're a strong person and will get your desired partner with sheer guts and because you believe in yourself. When you're in a relationship you're always strong and confident and never question your partner's feelings for you. Should the relationship happen to be on the rocks, you just take it in stride and move on without looking back. Your directness and strength make you succeed and get lucky more often the harder you try.

Your Personality: Women with type AB blood are

like and innocent girl. You gain or lose interest quite quickly and don’t have the time to wait for somebody to chase you, so you'd rather do the chasing yourself. This shows even in your love life where, once you have set your sights on somebody, you will turn a deaf ear to anything others might say. However, this rare carefree attitude is what guys often find attractive and let them be charming about you.

Trends in love: You'r not the quickest off the mark and prefer to watch your 'target' from a distance, observe habits and friends before you allow yourself to develop feelings for him. You are concerned about your image and wouldn't want to be embarrassed by anyone - let alone your partner. This could even go so far that you choose a guy simply cause he'd fit well with your peers. Be careful of this! Also, see that your compassion with a partner that you don't love doesn't get you to two-time your partners and drag on the wrong relationship for too long.

Trends in love: You need somebody who's on the

Trends in love: Type O women always feel that

same frequency or at least the same planet with you, somebody who shares your quirky sense of humor and your lifestyle. You often lose interest if the guy's life is too different or you have not too many things in common or too few things to do together. Most days, your gut-feeling decides your actions and when challenged, you'd explain: " 'cause I llllllike (or hate) it!", this might, just sometimes, hurt other's feelings. But, as long as you keep your impulsive streak in check, your relationship will be just fine.

they need to be the dominant party in a relationship and are most compatible with younger guys or "herbivore men", as such pure-hearted men are faithful and stick around even when pushed and bossed around. One thing to watch out for though, is that you sometimes tend to consult too many different people for advice in your relationship. Just remember that your relationship is about the the two of you, nobody else, and your love will be flying free…

often natural born little devils. You attract the men whimsically and, once they're stuck, never let them go. You're also good at reading your partner and can easily tell (once you know his blood type) what he likes and then adapt to that. You have little rules about everything and exist in a glorious attentiongrabbing bubble that, unfortunately, can sometimes discourage guys since they think they're out of your league.

Trends in love: For you, the important thing in a relationship is to stay true to your values and ideals. Arrogant and self-centered guys will be suffocating for you and the relationship short-lived. In contrast, being in a relationship with an open guy with many different interests you'll both be happy and keep your lives intact. The most charming point is your cool attitude, but sometimes you can be a bit too mystifying for the people around you. By opening up more to others and letting them take part in your complete life your love life will be even more fulfilled.

Illustrator: kolbee

Nth’ 75


Hi hi! Here we introduce our models, Sae-chan and Misa-chan. They’re both working professionals and enjoying modelling with Nth’, stay tuned and see their exploits ahead!

Favorite female model or actress:

Rinka & Bridgitte Bardot

What was your dream when you were little?

A pink rabbit…lol

Describe yourself with 1 word:

Favorite spot:


Favorite female model or actress:

Jun Hasegawa & Gisele Bündchen

What is your dream?

I wanna live in Spain!! ;)

片山 小愛 Sae Katayama

If you have free time now, what would you like to do?


Date of birth: 27th May 1987 Age: 24 Blood type: AB Nationality: Japanese Zodiac sign: Gemini Hobby: Golf, Darts Singapore: 1 year

Because I’m always hungry. ;)

[Comment for Nth’ readers] Hi girls! Why don't you join our magazine? It’s so fantastic. ;) Please don't be shy!! Lol… I’m waiting for you♡ What kind of food do you want to eat should the world end?

If you can use magic only once, what do you want to do?

World Peace!!!

My favorite thing to do:

Yakiniku!!!!! (Japanese BBQ)

Taking pictures ;)

But I need to learn photography...!!

Describe yourself with 1 word:


Sae Katayama’s blog account: sae_kata

76 Nth’

I’m a

What was your dream when you were little?

A NINJA girl!!

very “serious” person. No, it’s true!

If you can bring 3 tools to a desert island, what do you want?

What kind of food do you want to eat should the world end?


iPhone, my cats and a HOT guy!

Only the very expensive kind though.

宮川 光彩 Misa Miyagawa

CAT! Describe yourself as an animal:

Date of birth: 20th November 1988 Age: 22 Blood Type: AB Nationality: Japanese Zodiac sign: Scorpio Hobby: Cooking Singapore: 13 years

Favorite spot:


[Comment for Nth’ readers] Any of you Singapore girls can be on Nth and be one of us models, and I think that’s really exciting! Girl Power! If you‘re reading this, you’re already part of the Singapore Girls Fashion Evolution! We are all beautiful and can express our fashion creativity, creating history with Nth! Favorite comic?

Dragon-ball, One-piece, Ranma 1/2, Ruro-ni-Kenshin, Slam dunk, BECK, Saint-Onisan, Kyo no neko-murasan…

Aah too many to list down, I’m a comic otaku! (geek) Me and my cats♥ meow!

See? I just look like my cats! I wonder if my cats came to look like me or the other way round... ;)

Nth’ 77

Let’s be BGSG model! We are looking for confident and fun-loving girls in Singapore! You can also recommend your friends too. All females can have the opportunity to become a model. Upon application, you will be asked to an audition that will determine your eligibility as a BGSG model. It’s going to be one exciting experience you will never forget. This may become your first step to a dazzling modeling career!


Are you the next Nth’

DOKUMO? Make your debut as a BGSG model and you won’t be limited to just one issue. Be a Dokumo and you’ll get many modeling opportunities under a contract. So, come register as a BGSG model now! Who knows, you might just be the next Nth’ Dokumo!


For both direct applications and referrals, drop us an email with following details:

DOKUSYA (readers) + MODEL

• Name • Contact No. • Age • Occupation • Photographs (full size & close up) ♥ STEP


Editorial team to process applications and shortlist candidates for the first round of audition.




Candidates who passed the first round of audition will proceed to the second round. ♥ STEP



[ A model from readers ]

Candidates who are eligible for the 2nd round of audition will be asked to an interview and photoshoot session (takes only 15 min) in our office. ♥ STEP


Your profile will be used for final selection.



e od

Su p Nth port ’s r ed b ead y ers





Selected candidates will join the Nth’ team for the actual production of the magazine. ♥ STEP


Check out Nth’ magazine or BGSG to view your photos!


Audition and register as a BGSG model You become a BGSG model!

Send in your application today, with subject heading “BGSG model application” to 78 Nth’


You will show up many places as a contracted model


BEHIND THE SCENE Our contributors information.

Joel Low Photographer “Great fun shooting for Nth! Beautiful people, clothes and places. All the best for the launch!”

Eddie Teo Photographer “Beauty lies in simplicity and this is what the magazine is All about, simple to read, beautiful contents within.”

Mikiko Garrett Photographer “Nth’ has passion!! This magazine is for everyone who enjoys fashion and art. I look forward to working with Nth’ again!!”

Julian Loh Photographer “Very nice to work with the team. it’s great they’re bringing Japanese girl's style to Singapore!”

Takao Hara Photographer “I always do my best! Thank you!”

Yann Cloitre Photographer I had a great time working with BGSG team! Let the Japanese vibe invade Singapore!!

Arjuna Chandramohan Photographer “What I see in the diverse cultures and styles on display on Friday and Saturday nights in Singapore. Hope to see you in the crowd!”

Lenne Chai Writer/Photographer “Working with Nth' has been an incredibly exciting experience! I hope that you'll enjoy Nth' as much as I do!”

Kantaro Suzuki Hair Stylist ”Watch me showing you the Japanese way of coolness and cuteness. I have my ways to do that★”

Yuichi Soga Hair Stylist “I quite like to create one work together with people who has their own speciality.”

Satoshi Hair Stylist “I enjoyed the photo shooting quite a lot. I will create more hairstyles. I hope you like it!”

Ryu Oba Hair Stylist “I felt that it is important to always have the thought and conscience to become beautiful.”

KIZUKI+LIM: 6221-6320

monso hair design tokyo: 6836-5585

LS Philosophy: 6732-1318

KIZUKI+LIM: 6221-6320

Makiko Yamamoto Hair Stylist “As a creator, I have enjoyed works which have possibilities.”

Joey Chan Makeup Artist “Nth’ really benefit all the ladies in Singapore who love Japanese style. And not only that, So well done! : )” Makeup Artist “Nth’ is a great magazine - always interesting and featuring the latest fashion trends!”

Stephanie Kong Makeup Artist “Nth’ is a breath of fresh air to our local scene; Japanese style and flair has reached our shores!”

KIZUKI+LIM: 6221-6320

We are looking for creative talents photographers, fashion stylists, makeup artists, writers, editors and all other artists. Si Min Chong Writer “Si Min dislikes two things: taking photographs of herself and smiling. But she likes Nth’ enough to take this photograph of her not smiling.”

Kolbee Illustrator/Designer “To do is to be. Cheers girls!”

Taoki Mishima Fashion Stylist “Congrats Nth’!! I’m happy to work with you.”

Fumi Kawaguchi Fashion Stylist “My aim = make everyday girls beautiful☆ Let's be a fashionista!!!”

*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

Rei Tan Makeup Artist “Finally! A delightful styling treat for local dollies with the loveliness of all things Japanese!”

If you are interested, please contact: 80 Nth’

Nth’ 81



Please answer these questions and send them to Q 1. How did you find out about our magazine? 1) friends 2) club 3) shop 4) cafe/restaurant 5) other (




SKYroom 6224 6345 (the Central)

Goodman Art Center 6342 5790

ALDO 6509 1198 (ION ORCHARD)

Soon lee 6297 0198

Red Dot Design Museum 6327 8027

Black Market No.2 6634 5201

STEVE MADDEN 6336 1285 (Raffles City)

PIEDRA NEGRA 6291 1297

Dip Drops 6238 0130 (313@Somerset)

STYLE:NORDIC 6737 1508 (Delfi Orchard)

Q 3. Are there any particular Japanese brands you like?

Egg3 6536 6977 (Erskine Road)

White Room 6279 1280

Q 4. Have you ever bought clothes from Japanese online shops? If yes, which shops are they?

Real Food Café 6224 4492

Q 5. How much do you spend on clothes and cosmetics every month?

Butter Factory 6333 8243 Zirca 6333 4168 Home Club 6538 2928 (1pm onwards) NAKAME STYLE 9655 8237

ELOHIM by SABRINAGOH 6634-2201 FOREVER21 6834 4423 (313@Somerset) Hunter 6733 1111 (ISETAN Scotts)

Q 7. Any particular Japanese female model, artist or actress you like?

Spirit Sports Limited 6376 3600 ISETAN SCOTTS 6733 4988

KIZUKI+LIM 6221 6320

NINE WEST 6336 5488 (Raffles City)


PARCO NEXT next 6595 9100


rosebullet 6235 5756 (ISETAN Scotts)

1) sometimes 2) often 3) always 4) never

Q 6. Do you encounter any difficulty when doing your make-up and hairstyling?

Furrmuse shout

[Hair Salons]

Q 2. How often do you read Japanese magazine?

Q 8. Any particular Japanese male model, artist or actor you like?

Q 9. Describe your fashion style in 2 – 5 sentences.

WIN total $100 of vouchers!

Q10. Which is your favourite style in this magazine? Ex. page xx, right bottom picture with denim skirt and... Q11. Which contents interest you the most?

Simply answer the questionnaire and win a voucher! We will inform 5 winners by email.

Q12. Any new contents you will like to see in the next issue?

[Shops] Alodge Far East Plaza #03-94 Asylum Shop 22 Ann Siang Road beautifull Far East Plaza #04-28 Black Market No. 2 Orchard Central #02-10 blackclover Far East Plaza #03-17 carhartt Orchard Central #03-29 champagneadone Far East Plaza #04-113 COLLAGE 61 Haji Lane, Far East Plaza #04-138 depression Millenia Walk Parco #P2-21 Dip Drops 313 Somerset #03-09/10, ISETAN Scotts L2, ISETAN Orchar L1 Dr.Martens Orchard Central #03-05 Dulcetfig 41 Haji Lane egg3 33 Erkine Road, Mandarin Gallery #04-26, The CATHAY #01-18, 85 Playfair Road #07-01 eighty two tales 78A Haji Lane ELOHIM by SABRINAGOH Orchard Central #02-11/12 Fashion 8aR Far East Plaza #03-41B First Day Far East Plaza #03-91 green poppies 11 Haji Lane hansel Mandarin Gallery #02-14 HDLN 61 Haji Lane, Far East Plaza #04-139 ISETAN Scotts 350 Orchard Road Jason Quek 41A Haji Lane

Joe Tham 16 Haji Lane LEFTFOOT Far East Plaza #04-108, Orchaed Cineleisure #02-07A m&m 67 Haji Lane mono Far East Plaza #04-140 ninos felices45 45A Haji Lane ohm Mani 29A Haji Lane Parco next Next Millenia Walk Parco L2 praise Orchaed Cineleisure #02-04 rockstar by soon lee Orchaed Cineleisure #03-08 rosebillet Marina Bay Sands #B2-116, ISETAN Scotts L2, ISETAN Orchard L1 Salad Shop 25 Haji Lane Shopaholic Far East Plaza #04-20 Skyroom 84 Haji Lane, The Central #01-49 SMUDGE Orchaed Cineleisure #03-03A STEIVE GENERAL STORE 99 Club Street STYLE:NORDIC Delfi Orchard Sup 34 Haji Lane The Black Chamber Far East Plaza #04-30 The blogshop Far East Plaza #03-93 The Vanipot Boutique 42 Haji Lane threadbare&squirrel 43 Haji Lane UNITED LABEL 69 Haji Lane VICTORIA JOMO 47 Haji Lane Walk In Far East Plaza #04-45

WHERE TO FIND Nth’ 82 Nth’

WARPED Far East Plaza #03-119 WHITE ROOM 37 Haji Lane woodwood Far East Plaza #03-88 Zhai 82 Haji Lane [Hair Salons] KIZUKI+LIM Raffles Hotel Shopping Arcade #03-03 MONSO Hair Design Tokyo Gallery Hotel #01-06 LS Philosophy 15 Scotts Road #01-03/04 [Café] PS. CAFE Paragon L3 [School] LASALLE College of the Arts 1 McNallry Street Blk E Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts 80 Bencoolen Street [Club] Butter Factory 1 Fullerton Road #02-02/03/04 Home Club The River-waik #B1-01/06 Rebel The Cannery Clarke Quay #01-07/08 Zirca The Cannery Clarke Quay #01-02/05

Contact us if you’re interested in Nth’Magazine.

You can also scan the QR-code on the left and participate online!

Congrats! RINA, Natalie, and Pei Ting made it through the audition to be Nth’ exclusive models★

Just being pretty is not enough! Sae’s mix-and-match simple Bohemian, this is how fashionable people do it!

IKEMEN Interview, Tokyo DOKUMOs, How to snap cute self-photo, and lots more♥♥♥

Pei Ting’s lecture on how to be “Girly-girly”

A lady in love Wear these latest clothes and be popular! RINA shows what you should wear for different date situations!

Who says you can’t be cutie/sexy in S-size?

MISA’s balance lesson Work your small size to your advantage! LOVE♥ MODE Natalie dresses up in original Singaporean designer brands! HOW TO tutorial: Japanese hair and makeup Wavy hair and cute, sexy eye lines

[ VOL.2 ] Nth’ 83

for everyday girls No. 1 Premier Issue

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Backcover Artist: Aiwei Owner of fashion label ‘See You Tomorrow’. Trained in Fine Arts and Apparel Design and Merchandising. Noted for her originality in her fashion pieces. She’s also a multi-talented creative person who’s passionate about music and art.





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