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Lorenzo Gaggiotti Hรถgalidsgatan 27, Stockholm mobile: +46 (0)76 08 34 563 nationality: Italian (in the serious side) born: 17/4/1976 e-mail: my blog/website: Ex Design Studio website: online "QuickFolio" at


Webscience s.r.l. | Milano Freelance as Website Layout Designer and illustrator.

2003/2009 Glitter Comunicazione srl | Verona, Milano As Graphic Designer and Art Director.



2005/2009 Facto s.r.l., Graphic+Design | Milano Co-founder, Art Director and Designer. Facto s.r.l. is the society that invested and manufactured the interactive lamps designed by Progetto25zero1: Elica, Mr.Wax and Pupa.

Fall 2001- Prometheo Italia | Milano

2003/2008 Studio Associato Progetto25zero1 -

Winter/Spring 2000

Culture Twist EGIMS Corp. | South Korea Partner-Designer to design graphics and illustrations for t-shirts sold in South Korea.

Graphic+Design | Milano Co-founder, Art Director and Designer. Progetto25zero1 is a creative studio based in Milan that made concepts, designed products and followed the corporate identity of several clients.

Free-Lance | Milano Corporate Image and website for Glitter Comunicazione s.r.l., Peschiera del Garda, VR. Website for JKR Productions s.r.l., Milano. Concept and Design of furnitures for DDM Advertising, Verona.

Part-time job CorelDraw ver.10 teacher at Prometheo Italia, Milano. DDM | Verona Part-time job as graphic designer and Art Director Junior at DDM Studio Di Michele, Verona.

1999 Virus Digital Service | Milano Part-time job at the copy center Virus Digital Service, Milano. Plots and prints department, graphic design department, design of the logo.

Education University 1996/2003 Politecnico di Milano Industrial Design & Graphic Design (5 years) Attended courses: industrial-design, car-design, yacht-design, graphic-design. Graduated in April 2003 as Doctor in Industrial Design. Thesis title: Emotional “Videotyping” Thesis tutor: Prof. Roberto Pieracini. Score: 94 out of 100

Outbound Experience 2000/2001 Erasmus Project, Antwerpen ERASMUS student at Hogeschool Antwerpen Productontwikkeling (PO), Belgium (10 months).

High School 1992/1996 School of Art, Ancona Attended the experimental course called “digital image”; students learns the basis in video editing and direction, graphic design, art-direction and 3D modelling. Score: 58 out of 60.

Spoken Languages Italian: Native English:


Fluent written and spoken

Creativity, fantasy, imagination and vision.

at “UFSIA/ICTL Steunpunt Taal en Communicatie”

Fast, organized, coordinated.

Nederlands voor Anderstaligen certificaat

Flemish/Dutch: Very good written and spoken. Certificate taken

Experience in teamwork and Art Direction. Respectful of the rules, timelines and deadlines.


Great observer, care for details.

Beginner at Folk Universitetet Stockholm

Skills in freehand drawing and illustrations. Calligraphy and lettering knowledge. Street Art knowledge (ex graffiti writer). Motto: Quality Over Quantity

Exhibitions Events Fairs


International Furniture Fair - Milano

2007 International Furniture Fair - Milano

Fuori Salone/Interni


c/o Galleria Adam’o Eva Art+Design – Via Visconti di

Rho Fiera – pavillion 7, booth G-20 Antidiva Divani.

Modrone 1 - Milano

With Mr.Wax lamps and Pupa lamp.

With Elica lamp, Pupa lamp and Mr.Wax lamps.

2008 Badische Landemuseum Karlsruhe - Germany

2007 International Furniture Fair - Fuori Salone: That’s Design Exhibition - Milano

Design+Emotion – “Produkte die Gefühle wecken”.

SuperStudio Più, via Forcella (Zona Tortona), Milano

With Elica lamp and Pupa lamp.

Mr.Wax lamp and Pupa lamp

2007 Gwangju Design Biennale - South Korea


5 October – 3 November 2007.

Presenting “Mr.Wax’s Luminous Dreams”; the lamp that

With Elica lamp.

changes style over time.

2007 WeekRoma DesignPiù 5-13 October 2007 – Spazio Etoile – Rome. With Elica lamp, Pupa lamp and Mr.Wax lamps.

2007 Triennale Di Milano

International Furniture Fair - Salone Satellite

Art direction and teamwork (Progetto25zero1)

2005 International Furniture Fair - Salone Satellite Presenting “Do U Speak Design?”; 5 prototypes of interactive lamps that need a gesture to turn them on

Luxury foodbag designed for “ilSole24ore” (Economics

and off: Elica (an airblow), K.On (a punch), Kick-On (a

Italian Magazine).

kick), Accordo (a touch on a bass string), Pupa (a caress).

With C-BOX (Progetto25zero1 and Malcolm Dragotta).

Art Direction and teamwork (Progetto25zero1).

2007 International Furniture Fair - Milano - Exhibition 10

years of Salone Satellite


With Elica lamp, Pupa lamp and Mr.Wax lamps.

Lecture: “Emotional Videotyping”

Webb.IT (Internet Fair) Padova

Contests+ Competitions 2009


Krispy Kreme Doughnuts upon invitation from EGIMS Corp. for Krispy Kreme Doughnuts | U.S.A./S.Korea Illustrations for merchandising and t-shirts. Result: pending

2008 2out .com - South Korea (now culturetwist) upon invitation from Illustrations for t-shirts Result: design chosen and printed

2007 logotype for “Turin Olympic Park 2006” After the Winter Games in 2006, The Olympic Park needed a new logo to promote the facilities.

2003 A logotype for “Santa Maria di Leuca” Santa Maria di Leuca is a tiny tourist town in the south of Italy that wanted to promote itself with a new logo and a new corporate image. Result: no winners

2002 GameProg Design Contest Participation with Raffaello Dell’Agata, Beltran Berrocal, Nicola D’Antrassi and Daniele Gasparini to invent a new concept for a videogame. Result: 2nd

2001 Riva 1920, Materiale Legno Partecipation with “Draakje”: a table made of curved wood.

meh! OS: Mac and Windows

Adobe Indesign CS3 (very good) Adobe Illustrator CS3 (very good) Adobe Photoshop CS3 (medium) Adobe Flash CS3 (basic) Corel Draw 11 (good) Corel Painter X + Wacom GraphicTablet (very good)

01001000* 01101001 *


Publications Design projects and products 2009

Penthouse #173 SPAIN


Design Diffusion News #54 ITALY


Mix Future Interiors, summer issue UK


Salon Interior #123 RUSSIA


Cosmopolitan #11 ITALY


Da Man – summer issue HK


Design at Home summer issue FRANCE


Come Ristrutturare #10-1 ITALY


Lighting Design Collection #10 ITALY


House and More #1-2007 GERMANY


Elle #4/05 ITALY


Glamour #178 ITALY


Form Designtidskriften #4/05 SWEDEN


Cosmopolitan #11 ITALY


Baumeister Zeitschrift für Architektur #102 GERMANY


Ottagono #194 ITALY


Escala #18/05 BRAZIL


Sneakers Marmalade #3 FRANCE/LUXEMBURG


Diseño Interior - #155 SPAIN


Design Diffusion News #134 ITALY


Atrium magazine, summer issue SLOVAKIA


Next Exit #42 ITALY


Pig Magazine # 33 ITALY


Cosmopolitan #8 ITALY


Activa Fashion Design Management #25 ITALY


Interior Digest #70 RUSSIA

2003 Activa Fashion Design Management - #17

2006 Glamour #170


TV 2008

SKY - Case & Stili – SKY Leonardo - ITALY


NTV - "Kvartirny Vopros" (Changing rooms) - RUSSIA


RAI 3 - TG3 (news)


RAI 2 - Costume e Società (dossier)


RAI 2 - TG2 (news)


NTV - "Kvartirny Vopros" (Changing rooms) - RUSSIA

2003 Activa Fashion Design Management #14



Soil Concept Let's say that a creative mind is like a fertile soil and the seed is a new

project. My philosophy takes inspiration from Nature and how a plant grows up and gives its fruits from a little seed, time after time.

Seed the project



Flowers bloom

Fruits, pick a fruit and taste it

Harvest mature fruits

| 1 | Seed the project

| 4 | Flowers bloom

A new assingnment begins, the project is like a seed and

Everybody knows it takes time before the flowers bloom.

it will be fed by what's inside your mind: experiences,

It's when finally you have something more detailed

memories, thoughts, observations, concepts, people,

in your head and on your papers, you know the right

objects, environment, nature, weather, bad and good


moods, events etc.

| 2 | Feeding

| 5 | Fruits

It's time to study and research, write down concepts and

The design seems ready and like a fruit it takes time to

see what's already done by others. It's time to feed it with

be mature and tasteful. Pick a fruit and taste it, it can be

knowledge, brainstorming, ideas, concepts, case studies

good, but you need to taste it, share it, handle it, play

and work experiences.

with it, eat it and digest it. Put your final drawings and results in a folder for a week, forget about them and wait.

| 3 | Growth

| 6 | Harvest

Sketches and drawings are the first results, like the

With new eyes and a fresh mind you see what was hidden

leaves of a young plant. Many leaves, many sketches and

before. Adjust, change, modify and redesign.

drawings. It's taking shape, step by step.

The fruits are now mature and tasteful; the project is ready.

Honour the concept.

CV+ :: Summer2009  

This is my CV²; I wanted to make it more attractive in order to involve the reader. It's myself on the cover, it's like a magazine (just 8 p...

CV+ :: Summer2009  

This is my CV²; I wanted to make it more attractive in order to involve the reader. It's myself on the cover, it's like a magazine (just 8 p...