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(5) 4 Secs Condom Applicator, …XYZ. (6) Quaddro Scissor Jack, Quaddro Technologies (Pty) Ltd. (7) Modular Traffic Light System, Modular Traffic Light Systems. (8) Cheetah Sump Pump, Cheetah Technologies. (9) Enermax Plus, Strike Technologies (Pty) Ltd. (10) Wiremate Wizard, Wiremate (Pty) Ltd.

Product designs that present solutions to spe-

South Africans are also known to make an in-

cific problems experienced in society also re-

genious plan to come up with a solution to a

ceived excellence awards. The Modular Traffic

specific problem. The Wiremate Wizard is one

Light System is a collapsible traffic light that

such solution. It is a pull cord system that uses

offers very low impact resistance and causes

a hand pump to draw pull cord through elec-

no injuries to motorists and minimal damage to

trical conduits in seconds. Then there is the

pavements and vehicles on impact. Then there

Quaddro Scissor Jack. This innovative mech-

is the ExpoScreens Quick Lock, a compact

anical jack with a central coil spring assembly

device used to lock screens of exhibition stands.

feature provides extreme structural support

The Move-eez is a storage and movement

and safety to the user in the load lifting and

system for hanging apparel that improves logis-

lowering process.

tics in a variety of environments. The Vacuform Truck Bunk Bed is a moulded unit that fits be-

Every year sees an increased focus on product

low the bunk bed mattress in long-distance

designs in the information technology and elec-

trucks to provide additional packing space.

trical engineering categories. The Enermax Plus

DESIGN> magazine (edition 11, 2008/9)  
DESIGN> magazine (edition 11, 2008/9)  

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