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cards Mayhew Christmas kitten The Mayhew Christmas kitten for 2011 is sweet little Simon, who arrived with his mother and four siblings at only a few days old. The image of this fluffy feline will make anyone feel warm and fuzzy inside this festive season. Pack of 10 cards with envelopes. Reads ‘Seasons Greetings’ inside. Size: 148 x 105mm. Item 2A: £5.00

Mayhew Festive dog The Mayhew’s festive dog for 2011 is beautiful Jenny, who is also the cover star of our Winter magazine. Her beautiful face will brighten up the mantle of any animal-lover this Christmas. Pack of 10 with envelopes. Reads ‘Seasons Greetings’ inside. Size: 148 x 105mm. Item 2B: £5.00

guinea pigs Who can resist sending out this cute, quirky print of guinea pigs in the Christmas spirit! It will certainly put a smile on the faces of your friends and family so snap up a pack today. Reads ‘Seasons Greetings’ inside this pack of 10 cards and envelopes. Size: 110 x 110mm. Item 2C: £4.00

christmas robins The holidays just aren’t complete unless you catch one of these cheerful chaps in the garden. These beautiful cards are perfect Christmas images of everyone’s favourite winter bird. Cards read ‘With Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year’ and come in packs of 10 cards with envelopes. Size: 140 x 140mm. Item 2D: £4.00

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Mayhew International sleigh ride In the global spirit you can send this card far and wide to friends across the world and celebrate the festive season. Cards come in packs of 10 with envelopes and read ‘Seasons Greetings’ inside. Size: 173 x 123mm. Item 3A: £3.50

Mayhew International Christmas Send this bespoke design to friends and family to support Mayhew International’s work helping companion animals in countries like Afghanistan, India and Nepal. Card reads ‘Seasons Greetings’ and comes in packs of 10 with envelopes. Size: 173 x 123mm. Item 3B: £3.50

Peas on earth This fun festive card shares the message of goodwill to all man – and animals! Comes in packs of 10 and reads ‘With Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year’ inside. Profits from the sale of this card will go towards the work of Mayhew International. Size: 148 x 105mm. Item 3C: £3.50

a card for all occasions These beautiful portraits are the perfect way to say thank you for the wonderful gifts you receive this Christmas – or for just about anything you feel thankful for! Cards come in packs of 10, five of each design with envelopes. Size: 148 x 105mm. Item 3D: £5.00

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wrapping paper

Robin Redbreast

Wake up! It’s Christmas!

Christmas is not complete without a visit from everyone’s favourite winter bird, Mr Robin. So why not wrap up your presents in this beautifully classic design and add that red-breasted cheer to every parcel for friends and family. Six large sheets come with six gift tags. Size: 700 x 500mm per sheet.

This gorgeous design featuring a very excited Labrador pup and his kitty chum is a sweet, seasonal wrap with lovely silver detailing to make those presents look a little extra special. Six large sheets come with six gift tags. Size: 700 x 500mm per sheet.

Item 4A: £4.00

Item 4B: £4.00

Happy Christmas Kitten

Merry Christmas Dogs

Every year, we rescue and re-home many little black and white kittens, so we just couldn’t resist including this adorable wrap in our Christmas selection. Anyone who receives a gift parcelled in this delightful print will be smiling like a Cheshire cat for the rest of the day. Six large sheets come with six gift tags. Size: 700 x 500mm per sheet.

Now if this isn’t the cutest line-up of pups you’ve ever seen, then we just don’t know what is! This Christmas canine troop is the perfect way to parcel presents for any animal-lover. Six large sheets come with six gift tags. Size: 700 x 500mm per sheet. Item 4D: £4.00

Item 4C: £4.00

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gift ideas

Trolley key rings Snap up one of these as a stocking filler and the lucky recipient of your gift will not only have a super addition to their key ring, but will never again be stuck at the supermarket without a pound for the trolley. These great little token’s can be used time and again and come in two versions; one for those who are crazy about cats and those who love to dote on their dog! Cat Keyring; Item 5A: £1.00 Dog Keyring; Item 5B: £1.00

Scented garden

Herb garden This mini-greenhouse is a wonderful gift for any green-fingered friend, or for those who love adding fresh herbs to their dinner dish. Just waiting to be planted, these wonderful pots will fill any windowsill with the mouth-watering scents of Mint, Chives, Sage, Thyme, Parsley and Marjoram.

What better than to give this aromatic gift to friends or family, so they can have months of enjoyment from the olfactory sensations in this miniature fragrant garden? The mini-greenhouse includes six pots; English Lavender, Mint, Cosmos, Carnation, Nasturtium and Mignonette. Item 5C: £5.00

Item 5D: £5.00

Robin coasters Christmas isn’t complete without the presence of these wonderful red-breasted visitors. This tasteful set of six coasters will complete any festive table, so why not enjoy the sight of this buoyant little bird while you enjoy your Christmas dinner. Size: 115 x 115 mm per coaster Item 5E: £6.00

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Mayhew gifts To celebrate our 125th anniversary, we asked some of our animal-loving, well-known friends to design an animal doodle for us. We absolutely love what they came back with, so for this year’s catalogue we have an amazing range of one-off goods for you to pick up as presents. You will not find these anywhere else, guaranteed!

Mayhew bags These beautiful bags mean any shopper will be stylish in the aisles as they grab their groceries. Why not give a fashionista friend a bespoke bag for when they go out shopping ? These organic cotton shoppers come in two sizes and the unique designs mean that if you have a relative who is canine crazy, or a friend who loves anything feline you have the perfect choice of present! Small shoulder bags Fearne Cotton’s cat design; Item 6A: £4.00 Sue Perkins’ dog design; Item 6B: £4.00 Large shoulder bags Fearne Cotton’s cat design; Item 6C: £5.00 Sue Perkins’ dog design; Item 6D: £5.00

magnificent mugs! Everyone needs, and loves, a new mug for their cupboard – a perfect present! Kitten Saffron (below) is snuggling up to the fab design by Fearne Cotton and our other bespoke design featuring Sue Perkins’ doggy doodle will certainly brighten up anyone’s morning coffee, or afternoon tea. Why not grab one for yourself and another for a friend and you can toast The Mayhew’s homeless cats and dogs with a steaming brew! Sue’s signed doodle reads: ‘This dog needs urgent medical assistance. Its head is as long as its body. Plus, it appears to be wearing slippers. I wish I had listened in art class.’ Fearne Cotton’s cat design; Item 6E: £6.00 Sue Perkin’s dog design; Item 6F: £6.00

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Mayhew bookmarks Buying a book as a Christmas gift? Or know a relative who always has their nose in the pages of a novel? Each magnetic bookmark features a design from either Ricky Gervais, Joanna Lumley, Fearne Cotton and Sue Perkins. The magnetic strips hold on each side of the page and are a perfect stocking filer! Item 7A, choose on the order form: £1.25 each Tea Towels Every kitchen needs one, so why not give a unique gift in the form of our fab bespoke tea-towels. One features a repeat of Fearne Cotton’s wonderful cat design, with its glamour-puss red collar. The other is Sue Perkin’s doggy doodle and her text, which reads: ‘This dog needs urgent medical attention. Its head is as long as its body. Plus, it appears to be wearing slippers. I wish I had listened in art class.’ Fearne Cotton’s cat design; Item 7B: £4.50 Sue Perkins’ dog design; Item 7C: £4.50

Dog Bowl An essential for every household with a hound, these dog bowls feature Sue Perkins wonderfully funny design and are a must-have gift. Not every dog will get to gobble up their Christmas grub from this limited edition bowl, so grab one while you can! Size: 6½” x 2½”. Every bowl comes with a special Mayhew package inside of a poo-bag holder and pet can lid. Item 7D: £8.00 Block pads These are an excellent choice for a stocking filler and simply brilliant to sit by the telephone, for messages, or doodles of your own. You can even use it to make a list of who you need to thank for your Christmas prezzies! Each side features one of our celebrity designs: Joanna Lumley, Ricky Gervais, Fearne Cotton and Sue Perkins. Functional and fantastic! Item 7E: £4.50 020 8968 2446  | 7

2012 calendars Due to the sell-out popularity of the Mayhew calendars, we have produced Cat, Dog and International ones again for 2012 – with absolutely stunning photography! Each calendar opens to A3 – with a full A4 landscape portrait and an A4 sheet for all your dates and calendar notes. They are spiral bound, with a hole for hanging on your wall. In each cat and dog calendar we have chosen beautiful images of some of the animals that have come into our care, and subsequently gone on to forever loving homes. We hope they make you smile as much as we did when we were choosing the selection. A perfect present for anyone who has a place in the heart for our furry friends. Mayhew Cat Calendar; Item 8A: £6.00 Mayhew Dog Calendar; Item 8B: £6.00 Mayhew International Calendar; Item 8C: £6.00

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cat gifts Sparkipuss cushions Stylish, luxurious and filled with organic catnip, these cushions are the perfect present for any puss who has been especially good this year. These ethical cushions come decorated in Cheetah, Ocelot, Tiger and Zebra print. Item 10A: £4.00

Cat advent calendar Count-down to Christmas with your beloved puss, or buy one for a feline friend. With delicious catnip and cat-choc treats behind each door, you will certainly be flavour of the month for any kitty lucky enough to receive this treat. Item 10B: £3.00

Plastic playground for cats Meow! We can certainly confirm that our Mayhew cats and kittens simply adore chasing the ball and batting the pompom on this fab toy – just look at little Saffron! No frisky feline will be disappointed this holiday to find this in their stocking! Size: Diameter: 10.5” Height: 3” with spring 12”. Item 10C: £4.50

Catnip cushions These handmade cushions sold out in their droves in last year’s catalogue. Why? Because kitties just go purr-crazy for these delightful little heart-shaped toys. Each one has been hand-sewn by a wonderful Mayhew volunteer in order to raise money for our cats and kittens still waiting for their forever homes. Material may vary. Item 10D: £2.50

10  |  The Mayhew Animal Home,  Trenmar Gardens,  Kensal Green,  London  nw10 6bj

dog gifts

Dog advent calendar Any dog who gets to countdown to Christmas with this grrrrreat advent calendar will be one very happy hound! Each December door reveals delicious dogchoc treats and you can see just how much Mayhew dog, Oscar, enjoyed helping test this product on our catalogue photo shoot on page 15! Item 11A: £3.00

Rawhide Tree Hangers These fun and festive tree treats will tempt any dog away from the Christmas dinner and are a wonderful little stocking filler for your own hound or pets of friends and family. Item 11B: £2.00 each

Lily’s Kitchen Cheese and Apple treats

Lily’s Kitchen Bedtime Biscuits

These scrumptious treats were ordered and re-ordered from last year’s catalogue, so there must have been some very happy dogs last Christmas! Made with organic russet apples and mature organic cheddar, if you grab a pack for your faithful friend you’ll make it a very waggy Christmas!

When you put your feet up for an evening cup of tea and a biscuit, why not share one with your canine best friend? These delicious biscuits use the finest organic ingredients and soothing organic properties of whole camomile and passion flowers for a good night’s sleep. Plenty of time for doggy dreams of chasing Santa back up the chimney!

Item 11C: £3.00

Item 11D: £4.00

Lily’s Power flowers The name says it all: these delicious organic biscuits are a healthy, scrummy treat, that will give your dog a daily boost – what better? These traditionally baked flower treats are packed with yummy phytonutrients, essential fatty acids and antioxidants for overall health. The liver and blackstrap molasses provide a wonderful range of vitamins and minerals as well as Alfalfa and Tumeric for their unique range of micronutrients to help with long term health and vitality of your dog. Who says tasty treats at Christmas need to be naughty? Item 11E: £4.00

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gifts for the whole family! snowflake dog chew This scrumptious new addition to this year’s doggy gift range is an adorable set of snowflake shaped treats for your canine to chomp on over the holidays. The pricing makes it perfect as a stocking filler for your lucky hound, or as a special little treat for any doggy friends or family members you may be visiting over the festive season. Each snowflake measures approx 6 to 6.5cm wide. Pack contains 4 delicious snowflakes, made of rawhide and rice starch. Item 12A: £2.00

‘Bat It’ Catnip Christmas Pudding. The perfect present to get any feline in the festive spirit! All cats and kittens will adore playing with these Christmas Pudding soft balls, plus it will mean that your pet toys are also in keeping with a Christmasthemed home over the holidays! Each ball measures approx 5cm in diameter. One Christmas Pudding per pack. Item 12B: £1.50

funky mutts corsage For any dog who simply must have the best, snap up this beautiful festive corsage, which attaches to your dog’s normal collar – it’s the ultimate in haute couture for hounds! These delightful additions to your dog’s daily style are all individually handmade out of thick felt and are certain to turn a few heads in the park! Small corsage 4 x 4cm; Item 12C: £2.50 Large corsage 6 x 6cm; Item 12D: £3.00

12  |  The Mayhew Animal Home,  Trenmar Gardens,  Kensal Green,  London  nw10 6bj

Brilliant badges! These fantastic little badges are a brand new edition to this year’s catalogue and just perfect for any son, daughter, nephew and niece. The adorable metallic pin brooches are 2 - 3cm in size and look simply wonderful pinned onto the lapel, or a bag. An absolute must-have stocking filler for any little animal lover. Write the quantity you’d like next to each animals name on the order form. Item 13A: £1.00 Raining cats and dogs Mayhew umbrella Buy yourself this brolly and you’ll be buying an exclusive Mayhew purchase! This unique navy umbrella with its ‘raining cats and dogs’ print is fabulous, functional and a stylish way to show your support for the animals in our care. Item 13B: £8.00

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books There is nothing any book-lover enjoys more than to curl up with a great read over the holidays. We’ve chosen two of the best books for animal lovers for this year’s catalogue. Though we can’t guarantee you’ll get much conversation after your Christmas meal, as any recipient of these fantastic reads’ will be nose first in their present, enjoying the tales these vets have to tell.

vet on call by marc abraham

Pets in a Pickle by Malcolm D. Welshman

When his father sat him down and told him to ‘make something’ of himself, young vet Marc Abraham decided to do it the hard way – by setting up an emergency ‘out of hours’ clinic. If getting used to the long night shifts wasn’t bad enough, emergency cases are rarely straightforward. Whether it was dog who swallowed golf balls, or a gerbil in urgent need of a caesarean, every case had the potential for heartbreak. But animals and their owners could also be hilarious, such as the breeder who unwittingly gave his German Shepherd four testicles... Over the course of twelve tough months, the clinic began to flourish. Would Marc finally make something of himself after all? Marc Abraham writes guilelessly about his early mistakes, and the terror and joy involved in saving an animal’s life. His memoir is a heart-warming, compelling and thoroughly entertaining look at the life of a vet on call.

When Paul Mitchell arrives for his first day’s work at Prospect House Veterinary Hospital, he never expects this... On his very first day, he is bitten by a feisty hamster... but this is a mere prelude to a cavalcade of hilarious - and often painful - encounters with fish, flesh and fowl. From stalking a feral cat to rescuing a cow stuck in a gravel pit, life is never short of animal adventures for the newly qualified vet. On top of treating all manner of creatures at the practice, Paul and his girlfriend Lucy, also nurse a host of waifs and strays back to health at their home. Besides six budgerigars, two love birds, a hoard of guinea pigs and three tabby cats, their menagerie includes Gertie the Goose, whose talent for house security saves her from the Christmas Day table, and Nelson, their lovable - and stone deaf - Jack Russell. Item 14B: £7.00

Item 14A: £7.00 14  |  The Mayhew Animal Home,  Trenmar Gardens,  Kensal Green,  London  nw10 6bj

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International gifts At a loss for what to buy a compassionate friend or animal-loving relative this Christmas? Then why not consider a virtual gift to help animals abroad? All profits will go to Mayhew International.

Part of The Mayhew

Animal home, Register


International medicine package For animals living on the streets or in areas of poverty, any disease can become a matter of life or death without basic veterinary treatment. A medical package sponsored by Mayhew International will provide vaccinations, flea and worming treatments for ten dogs in our overseas programme. Recipients of this muchneeded package will receive a certificate in recognition of their support for our work abroad. Item 16B: £25.00

16  |  The Mayhew Animal Home,  Trenmar Gardens,  Kensal Green,  London  nw10 6bj

ed Charity No.1077588




has given to Mayhew Interna tional. This gift will allow us to send a medical package overseas, providing vaccina tions, flea and worming treatment for ten dogs in need.



This Certificate is in recogni tion of the gift of an ‘international medicin generous e package’






Mayhew Internationa l


Item 16A: £75.00


Mayhew International sponsors many vets around the globe and assists them in initiating programmes to help cats and dogs living on the streets in countries such as Russia, Afghanistan, Peru, India and Nepal. These funds go directly towards medication and equipment which enables the vets to run sterilisation drives for the street animals and monitor their health and progress. Recipients of this essential sponsorship will receive a certificate and a year’s subscription to ‘Friends of Mayhew International’ in recognition of the gift that has been bought in their name.


Sponsor an international vet


mayhew international brooches These beautiful, individually handmade and painted papiermache dog and cat brooches all have something unique about them. Guaranteed to cause comment with their sparkly eyes and cheeky expressions, they are helping us raise money for our animal welfare projects around the globe. Each brooch comes with its own gift box, ready to wrap up for that special present. Cat Face Brooch Size 2.5cm; Item 17A: £10.00 including gift box Dog Face Brooch Size 4cm; Item 17B: £11.00 including gift box

Sponsor an international vet visit to the UK One of Mayhew International’s pioneering projects is our International Vet Training Programme (IVTP) which invites vets from around the globe to come and train at The Mayhew’s Community Veterinary Clinic, onsite at the Home. The Mayhew vet team demonstrate best animal welfare practices carried out in the UK and advanced neutering techniques, essential training for these vets to return home and impart to ensure success for the sterilisation programmes for street dogs and cats. The IVTP students also get to spend time with the staff at the Home and observe the best practices employed by The Mayhew as a busy rescue centre. We have already welcomed vets from around the globe, including, Peru, Latvia, Tanzania and Georgia and the programme is in high demand. Sponsorship of this initiative would mean we can continue to welcome further students and fund accommodation throughout their stay. Recipients of this essential sponsorship will receive a certificate and a year’s subscription to ‘Friends of Mayhew International’ in recognition of the gift that has been bought in their name. Item 17C: £250.00

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Sponsor a Mayhew animal’s room Whether it is for yourself or a friend/family member, sponsoring one of our units is a really special way to feel involved in providing for our residents as they wait to meet their forever families. In return for your sponsorship, we will: – Add your name (or the person you are buying the gift for*) to a special plaque by the animal unit you are sponsoring, as well as a personal dedication if you wish; – Send you/them a certificate of your sponsorship; – Send you/them bi-annual updates on the current resident(s) in your unit; – Give you/them a personal guided tour of the Home (upon request); – A sweet soft toy to remind you of the animals you are helping with this gift; *Please include their name and contact information on the ‘additional info’ section of the order form.

Sponsor a dog room Our dog rooms have been especially designed to minimise the stress dogs usually face whilst in kennels. They have solid walls rather than bars, which enables the dogs to remain calm and restful. They have a dual UPVC door entry system, with thick tinted glass on the external door to minimise the exposure to stressful external factors such as other dogs and animal care staff walking by. We have also have lots of toys and bedding for all our residents as well as playing classical music to provide a healing environment and even their own TV to feel more at home. Item 18A: £120.00 one-off payment or £12.00 a month via Direct Debit

Sponsor a bunny burrow Rabbits are amazing animals with complex needs that must be met if they are to be kept healthy and happy. Our bunny burrows are second to none - they have been especially created to cater for this wonderful creature. We have a large, spacious rabbit area with separate roomy cubicles each with sheltered sleeping areas and an outside run with natural sunlight. We also have a separate area for bonding and lots of toys and bedding for all our residents. Item 18B: £35.00 one-off payment or £3.00 a month via Direct Debit

18  |  The Mayhew Animal Home,  Trenmar Gardens,  Kensal Green,  London  nw10 6bj

Animal Home.

Registered Charity







the Thank you for supporting our unique facilities offered to feline guests, until they find . home er forev their


BBBBBBBBBB has given to The Mayhew




nition of the generous This Certificate is in recog gift of sponsoring a cat cabin




Home The Mayhew Animal


Sponsor a cat cabin

Sponsor a kitten cabin

A wonderful way of supporting the cats that come through the doors of The Mayhew is to sponsor a cabin in our cattery. The cabins have two tiers, separated by a cat staircase, the upstairs level is enclosed by a UPVC windowed door for a sense of cosiness, and a personal radiator for the cats to curl up next to in the colder months. We have also have lots of toys, climbing posts and bedding for all our residents.

The kitten units at The Mayhew Animal Home are revolutionary. Each one is designed to provide with three tiers the kittens with a spacious, light environment in which to comfortably and safely rest and play in. The upstairs level is enclosed with a UPVC windowed door, behind which there is their own snug bed and personal radiator for cuddly warm kitten naps. We also have lots of toys and climbing posts to keep the ever curious kittens entertained.

Item 19A: £100.00 one-off payment or £9.00 a month via Direct Debit

020 8968 2446

Item 19B: £50.00 one-off payment or £5.00 a month via Direct Debit  | 19

pamper a mayhew animal Everyone deserves a treat over the holidays and our four-legged residents are no different. We love to make the festive season as special for them as if they were in a forever home. Why not spend a little extra this Christmas and purchase one of our Pamper Hamper options and treat a homeless hound, a charity cat, or a rescue rabbit at The Mayhew?

Extra Special Christmas Dinner Give this gift to the animals in our care and purchase a splendid supper of a Christmas dinner with treats and trimmings. Guaranteed to make a tail wag, kitty purr or bunny rabbit kick up their heels in joy. Item 20A: £5.00

Festive Fare Deal Spend a little extra and add some goodies to Santa’s sack! Our residents will get a tasty Christmas meal with some fun toys to play with, after they’ve slept off their sumptuous feast! Item 20B: £10.00

Bumper Pamper Hamper For the bumper treat option, give the gift of a holiday present package, which will mean that our animals receive their tasty festive dinner, some wonderful new toys to call their own and a cosy new blanket to snuggle up in and dream of chasing Santa back up the chimney! Item 20C: £25.00

20  |  The Mayhew Animal Home,  Trenmar Gardens,  Kensal Green,  London  nw10 6bj

020 8968 2446  | 21

our supporters, our friends Friends of The Mayhew

Friends of Mayhew International

Become a Friend of The Mayhew Animal Home today and you’ll enjoy:

Become a Friend of Mayhew International today and help alleviate the suffering of homeless dogs and cats worldwide.

– Exclusive ‘I am a Friend of The Mayhew’ key ring; – Free entry into our annual Mayhew events; – Our tri-annual charity magazine The Mayhew, featuring news, views, events and letters; – Information and updates on our work; – Plus... FREE membership card, which gives you our commitment to take in and care for your cat, dog or rabbit and find them a suitable new home in the event of your death. Membership costs just £10 a year to join, or £5 for senior citizens and the under 16’s. Best of all you’ll know that you are helping us to provide shelter and care for cats, dogs and rabbits and tackle the companion animal welfare crisis through our educational work. Become a Friend of The Mayhew or renew your subscription on our order form or by calling 020 8968 2446. Standard membership; Item 22A: £10.00 Concessions membership; 22B: £5.00

Friends of Mayhew International receive the following: – Mayhew International Newsletter; – Mayhew International badge; – Exclusive entry to Mayhew International events throughout the year; Membership costs just £10 a year to join, or £5 for senior citizens and the under 16’s. Mayhew International, as part of The Mayhew Animal Home, relies totally on voluntary contributions and does not receive state aid or lottery grants. Donations to Mayhew International are held separately from donations to The Mayhew Animal Home as restricted funds for our work abroad. Become a Friend of Mayhew International or renew your subscription on our order form or by calling 020 8968 2446. Standard membership; Item 22C: £10.00 Concessions membership; 22D: £5.00

Our work would not be possible without your support. Thank you!

22  |  The Mayhew Animal Home,  Trenmar Gardens,  Kensal Green,  London  nw10 6bj

Please complete the order form below, then see overleaf for delivery options, payment details, Direct Debit, and Gift Aid. Item




Mayhew Christmas Kitten







Snowflake Dog Chew


Mayhew Festive Dog



Catnip Christmas Pudding



Guinea Pigs



Small Funky Mutts Corsage



Christmas Robins



Large Funky Mutts Corsage



MI Sleigh Ride



Brilliant Badge (choose below) £1.00


MI Christmas




Peas On Earth



Mayhew Umberella



A Card For All Occasions



Vet On Call



Robin Redbreast



Pets In A Pickle



Wake Up! It’s Christmas!



Cat Face Brooch



Happy Christmas Kitten



Dog Face Brooch



Merry Christmas Dogs


your subtotal


Cat Keyring



Dog Keyring



Scented Garden


Postage and packing Orders under £20 please add £3.50 Orders over £20 please add £5.00 For overseas orders please add £12.00


Herb Garden



Robin Coasters



Small bag, Fearne’s cat



Small bag, Sue’s dog



Sponsor an International Vet



Large bag, Fearne’s cat



Int Medicine Package



Large bag, Sue’s dog



Sponsor a vet visit to the UK



Mug, Fearne’s cat



Sponsor a Dog Room



Mug, Sue’s dog



Sponsor a Bunny Burrow



Bookmark (choose below)



Sponsor a Cat Cabin



Sponsor a Kitten Cabin


FC cat:

RG cat:

jl dog:


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The following gifts don’t require a postage and packing fee and some can also be ordered overleaf as a recurring gift paid by direct debit


Teatowel, Fearne’s cat



Extra Special Dinner



Teatowel, Sue’s dog



Festive Fare Deal



Dog bowl



Bumper Pamper Hamper



Block Pad



Friends of The Mayhew



Mayhew Cat Calendar





Mayhew Dog Calendar


Friends of The Mayhew concessionary price


Mayhew International Calendar £6.00


Friends of Mayhew International £10.00


Sparkipuss Cushions




Cat Advent Calendar


Friends of Mayhew International £5.00 concessionary price


Plastic Playground for cats



Catnip Cusions



Dog Advent Calendar



Rawhide Tree Hangers



Lily’s Cheese and Apple



Lily’s Bedtime Biscuits



Lilys Power Flowers


i would like to make a donation of grand total

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4. Direct Debit gifts

1. Please complete the order form overleaf 2. Personal and delivery details


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Sponsor a Dog Room



Sponsor a Bunny Burrow



Sponsor a Cat Cabin



Sponsor a Kitten Cabin



total Monthly direct debit payments

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Friends of Mayhew International concessionary price


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Instruction to your bank or building society to pay Direct Debits Please fill in the form and send to: The Mayhew Animal Home, Trenmar Gardens, Kensal Green, London, NW10 6BJ

Service User Number 435117

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3. Payment details

To: The Manager

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Bank/building society

Excluding repeating amounts from the right of this page.

Yes, I’d like to increase the value of my donation to The Mayhew Animal Home by at least 25% at no extra cost. I am a UK taxpayer and I want to treat any donations that I have made during the previous four years and all future donations, until I notify you otherwise, as Gift Aid donations. I pay UK income tax and/or capital gains tax at least equal to the tax amount the charity reclaims on my donations. Please enclose your cheque/PO made payable to The Mayhew Animal Home or complete the credit card details below.

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4. If you’d like to set up a recurring Direct Debit payment for any gifts, please also fill in the column on the right, which should also be sent to The Mayhew.

Banks and Building Societies may not accept Direct Debit Instructions for some types of accounts. THIS GUARANTEE SHOULD BE DETACHED AND RETAINED BY THE PAYER

The Direct Debit Guarantee

• This guarantee is offered by all banks and building societies that accept instructions to pay Direct Debits. • If there are any changes to the amount, date or frequency of your Direct Debit The Mayhew Animal Home will notify you 10 working days in advance of your account being debited or as otherwise agreed. If you request The Mayhew Animal Home to collect a payment, confirmation of the amount and date will be given to you at the time of the request.

5. Please return this form, with payment to: The Mayhew Animal Home, Trenmar Gardens, Kensal Green, London NW10 6BJ. Alternatively please call 020 8968 2446, email or visit us online at

• If an error is made in the payment of your Direct Debit, by The Mayhew Animal Home or your bank or building society you are entitled to a full and immediate refund of the amount paid from your bank or building society – if you receive a refund you are not entitled to, you must pay it back when The Mayhew Animal Home asks you to. • You can cancel a Direct Debit at any time by simply contacting your bank or building society. Written confirmation may be required. Please also notify us. 125Years The Mayhew Animal Home

The Mayhew Animal Home Christmas Catalogue 2011  

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