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Think White membership gives you:

A free wedding card post box on wedding invitation /stationery orders over £250. (Login to ‘Member Privileges’ at to retrieve the privilege code for this offer)

Our supplier’s top tip:

'Task a member of your bridal party to circulate the guest book amongst the guests, there is nothing worse than a beautiful book with no comments!’ Zoe Rusga

It’s all about the details! For the past 7 years, Zoe Rusga has perfected the art of wedding stationery gorgeousness, and putting the sheer giddy fun factor into a wedding is what she does best! You will find a colourful website, crammed full of wedding invitations & co-ordinating stationery, guest books, wedding card post boxes, themed table plans (the New York theme being the most popular to date!) table name cards, place cards, order of service, order of the day, menus, memory boxes, honeymoon albums, bridal party thank you cards & gift bags. Everything she creates is from within her studio, made with the upmost perfection and illustrated by hand. Every piece is as unique as you and your wedding day, from the theme, to the colour scheme to the choice of fabulous lettering. If you don't want your wedding to be classed as ‘just another wedding’ let Zoe work her magic with her original ideas and quirky detailing, guaranteed to set the stage for, let’s face it, the best day of your life! As a client once remarked, ‘there are weddings and then there are bunny delicious weddings!’

Think White Review - Style Suggestions  

Think White Review - Style Suggestions

Think White Review - Style Suggestions  

Think White Review - Style Suggestions