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residential sales

Welcome‌ Our aim is to provide a first class service to vendors and purchasers alike, getting you moved as quickly and as stress free as possible.

Our record of success has been built upon a single minded desire to provide you, our customer, with a first class personal service delivered by highly motivated and highly experienced property professionals. Obtaining the best possible price for your property

Homes and Mortgages are one of


is an important factor in any move. Our experience

Hertfordshire’s more established and successful

and regular research for comparable evidence

estate agents successfully selling houses and

ensures your home is marketed at the right price,

providing great value since 1999.

whilst attractive enough to achieve a sale in your preferred time scale. If you instruct us, we make

In a highly competitive market place, you require

certain every member of our team involved in the

an agency which consistently achieves and exceeds

sale of your property has an in-depth knowledge of

clients’ expectations. A team which has a proven

your home. This enables them to talk informatively

track record in obtaining the maximum return

to all prospective purchasers, whether over the

for your property and which thrives, regardless of

phone, by email or at the property itself.

market conditions.

Why we succeed… Signs of a successful agent

Our reach and presence

We put honesty and transparency at the heart

As well as a continually updated showcase of our

of everything we do, say, promise and deliver.

properties for sale, feeds

Professionalism and expertise go hand in hand with

directly to national property portal sites

this ethos, which is why we choose to be answerable,

to all these professional bodies. It’s a clear sign that

you are dealing with a respected and reputable,

agent confident in both the quality and standard of

the service delivered.

Marketing Whether maisonette or mansion, our approach to marketing is always informed by the same principle: to showcase your property to the widest possible pool of buyers. We put a great deal of effort into producing superior marketing materials because first impressions count. Floor plans and unlimited photographs ensure our sales particulars convey a level of accuracy and completeness rarely found in those of our competitors. An extensive internet presence and an on-going commitment to continued advertising in local newspapers compliments the approach of our dedicated sales team. Distinctive ‘for sale’ boards, and innovative marketing campaigns continually promote our brand and by definition the properties we sell.

Combined, these sites generate millions of hits per week, giving your property huge potential exposure.

residential sales


Our People

Right from the start we embraced the power of

We’d be nothing without them. Quite simply they

technology within our business. From being early

are our greatest asset.

adaptors of the internet and all things digital, to the introduction of specialist estate agency software.

Our staff have been hand picked and trained in house.

Each one is renowned for his/her

Fast forward to the present day and cloud computing

sales ability, professionalism,

allied to a new generation of specialist software

trustworthiness and positive

allows us to stay at the cutting edge. Mobile

attitude to selling houses and

technology frees our negotiators to serve your

providing great customer

best interests from anywhere not just the office.

care to you.

Training is on-going and never just about ticking boxes. We work with all our staff to ensure they

After Sales Service

focus on putting the client at the forefront of all that

We don’t stop working once

we do. A commitment to continuous professional

we have found you a buyer!

development provides them with the necessary

Your file is then passed over

skills to sell your property efficiently and quickly.

to our specialised sales

Assembled in InDe

sign, to amend, all

you need to is upda

te the web image,

positioning will be

control department, where automatic

you will be looked after right

up to moving

out. We will liaise between you, your buyer, your solicitor, your buyers solicitors and the chain above and below you, trying to overcome any problems or queries before you even get to hear about them. You will receive a regular call to update you on the progress of your sale and you are most welcome to call into our office at anytime for any information you require

residential sales

Top selling tips… Instant smell! Instant sell! Everyone knows that trick. Brew up a pot of real coffee just before the door bell rings and make sure the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans wafts through the hall and smacks likely buyers in the face — just as they walk through the door. That’s one. But probably not the best one. Consider these: • In vacant properties, always leave some

cleanliness. So, draw back those curtains and open those windows. • Air in, damp smells out; make use of ‘plug-ins’ or scented candles. • In vacant properties, always leave some furniture behind to give the place a lived in feeling. • If a buyer sits down in a property, it’s likely they feel at home, possibly even thinking of putting in an offer. For this reason, make sure there’s space round sofas and armchairs so viewers don’t have to step over coffee tables and magazines to get to them. • Peeling paint on a window, or a garden gate hanging off its hinges suggests that work needs

furniture behind to give the place a lived in

to be done on the property. This could be


used to re-negotiate the price.

• A freshly painted front door is a good place to

• If you have a garden, check

start. You don’t get a second chance to make a

outside the

first impression.

house is as

• A confident buyer sweeps into a room. An unconvinced buyer has had to sweep through litter, pizza menus, junk mail and last year’s

neat and tidy as the inside. • In winter, if you

autumn leaves in the hall just to get in. Keep

have a fireplace,

things tidy!

have a fire blazing.

• In winter, have lights on during the day time. They can add enchantment... or

Hearths can move hearts.

disenchantment, if light bulbs are missing.

• To a nervous first-time buyer,

• Now there’s a big difference between getting

a damp stain caused by a

a feel of a place and having to feel your way

minor past leakage suggests

around, which is why lighting in a room is

an impending flood; get it fixed

important. In summer, natural light can liven

and painted over.

a place up and give a feeling of freshness and

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