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Happy Mother’s Day!

By Kathy Wheeler


Does your mom have eyes in the back of her head? Does she instinctively know what is going on with you before you tell her? Does she call you right when you are in the middle of doing something you know she wouldn’t approve of? To answer the first question, no, she doesn’t have eyes in the back of her head! What she does have is a love and a protectiveness that exceeds super hero powers. There is such a bond between moms and their children that is so strong that words cannot describe it, time only strengthens it, and death doesn’t sever it. She may get frustrated with your shenanigans. You may get tired of her meddling. She may reprimand you for making bad decisions; however, if someone else has an opinion, it is best if they don’t verbalize it! A mom’s wrath can quickly turn from frustration to protectiveness. The bottom line is she only wants what is best for you, and she goes to great lengths to see that it happens.



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The most precious gift a mother can receive is to see her children happy, so this Mother’s Day, share your goals and plans with her, express your love to her, and give her a little of your time. Put away your cell phone, shut down your computer, and just be in the moment with her. I recently saw a plaque that said, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That’s why it is called the present.” This is so true. If you are looking for the perfect Mother’s Day present just spend part of your today with her. Lend an ear to her advice. She may not know as much about apps or computers as you do, but she knows a lot about life and how to navigate its ups and downs. Whether your mom has an actual career or not, her job skills from motherhood alone are just like those of a CEO–making major decisions and managing the operations and resources of the family. Not to mention the many other hats she wears. She’s probably mastered time management

with all the multitasking that’s required of moms, such as financial planning, bookkeeping, motivational speaking, managing, organizing, serving as chef, housekeeper, caregiver, personal shopper, and event planner. If you took family vacations, you could add travel agent to that list. You may think that you know more than she does, but knowledge can’t replace experience. And with experience you truly learn what is most important and that life is something that should be savored. This Mother’s Day, lavish gifts are not necessary. Instead, give a little of yourself to let your mom know that she is honored and loved. Iredell Living Magazine appreciates all the selfless acts performed by moms and wishes each and every one a Happy Mother’s Day.


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