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from the publisher Welcome to the February issue. The theme this month revolves around hearts, both literally and metaphorically. February is American Heart Month. Each year, heart disease takes more lives in the United States than any other disease. I invite you to read the heart health article on page 16 where Dr. Jips Zachariah was interviewed. It contains a lot of good information. If you are struggling to keep those New Year resolutions, especially those pertaining to your health, don’t give up! You can do this! Schedule the time to take care of yourself, if not for you, do it for those who love and depend on you. Valentine’s Day comes once a year, but it is our daily attentiveness to our significant other that creates a good relationship. Love and respect are at the foundation of any great relationship, and Valentine’s Day is another opportunity to reinforce that bond. Enjoy February 14th and celebrate the milestones you have achieved together. Thank you for reading the February issue of Iredell Living Magazine. Enjoy!

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Valentine’s Day

Gift Advice By Kathy Wheeler


e just finished Christmas shopping and now we have to come up with a Valentine’s Day gift for our significant other! Choosing this gift may be harder than all the purchases you made this past holiday season. I have a little advice. Put some thought into it, and make it personal. Many times we buy gifts based on what we like to receive, but men and women have very different interests and preferences. I recently watched a Steve Harvey show where a woman wanted to know how to tactfully tell her husband not to buy her a kitchen appliance for her birthday. I think the reasoning behind the appliance was its usefulness, similar to her buying him a new table saw or other tool that he wanted. Mr. Harvey’s response was that she has to teach her spouse the rule: it isn’t an appropriate gift for a woman if she has to work to use it. He also pointed out that women like to show their friends what their spouse or boyfriend buys them. So if you are getting flowers, make it her favorite flowers, and it might mean more if you have them delivered to her at work. When choosing a gift, imagine her answering the question, “What did your husband buy you for Valentine’s Day?” While men may appreciate a gift that is useful, women prefer something she wants, not what she needs. Perfume, a spa gift certificate, or a weekend at a resort may all be great gifts, but when you make it her favorite perfume or spa or a resort she really loves, it tells her that you are paying attention.


Likewise, shopping habits can also be very different for men and women. My husband shops for very specific items. He knows the name brand, where to buy it, and most of the time, could care less what it costs. On the other hand, I want to explore all of my options. Once, and I repeat, ONCE, my husband, two sons, and I went out-of-town shopping at a large mall. My men left me in the first store, while they did their own shopping. Forty minutes later, they came back and swore they had been through the entire mall. I, however, was still in the first store. We will never do that again! So, guys, you can still make the purchasing part of the gift quick, as long as you put some thought behind it beforehand.

loved and creates an experience. Start with a heart-felt card and include maybe a gift certificate for green fees, a massage, stadium tickets to see his favorite team, or concert tickets. If he has a hobby, find something that he would not buy for himself or maybe a new item that he didn’t even know existed.

A family friend once asked my advice on a gift for my spouse. I replied, “If he doesn’t already have it, you and I can’t afford it.” So what do you give a guy for Valentine’s Day who normally buys what he wants? I vote for anything that makes him feel

Valentine’s Day comes once a year, but the best gift of all is your constant love, respect, and commitment throughout the year. February 14th is just a day that lets them know you were paying attention. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Desire By Emily Buckley

Have you ever given up on something you wanted really bad? You strive for that summer bathing suit body but months down the road end up at the beach in a graphic t-shirt and basketball shorts instead. To improve your health, the doctor orders you to cut out carbs, but you find yourself frequently ordering extra rolls and pasta. Or maybe you go from really wanting to learn French to…still wanting to learn French. As my grandpa would say, “You didn’t want it bad enough.” Some statistics say that more than 80% of people who make New Year’s resolutions fail by February. Why would anyone make a resolution if instantaneously there’s a higher chance to be unsuccessful than succeed? Well, it’s not uncommon for a resolve to dissipate if the fire of desire is not fueled by self-discipline. While self-discipline can seem like a harsh trait to possess, it can bring the most gratifying results. It helps heighten our sense of focus. With more concentration, you won’t be in danger of spreading yourself too thin, thus able to more thoroughly achieve what you set out to accomplish. With your attention centered on your goal, your efforts will multiply and allow you to clearly see areas of success and improvement. This kind of discipline can repair and strengthen the broken strands of our deepest needs; we’ll be better equipped to handle what life may throw our way.



Self-discipline serves as a safe-guard against time traps and dangerous detours. It gives us the willpower to say “no” to the snares that could keep us from our goals. Have you ever seen a cheat-day turn into a cheat-week? Before long, the immediate gratification of a rest-day turns into a routine, then a habit. Fortunately, self-discipline can zap this deadly cycle before it begins. Media, peer pressure, and discouragement will lose their footing because self-discipline is another form of determination. Without it, many accomplishments and inventions would cease to exist! Along the way, you may also find that being in charge of your own determination adds confidence to the parts of your life which lack it most. By training yourself, you gain knowledge and may develop the skills to lead others in your newfound area of expertise. You’ll uncover a sense of assurance that you can navigate through challenges that come your way, knowing you can create a plan and see it through to the end. We all want to reap the sweet benefits of obtaining our wish. Let’s begin with the small step of telling ourselves “no” in the face of distractions. Remember that the reward comes after putting in the steady work. After all, discipline is the difference between the little things you want instantly and what you want most.

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On the cover–Dr. Patricia Littwin, owner of LKN Counseling and Sex Therapy Pictured–Dr. Littwin and office manager Michelle Voyles Opposite page–Dr. Littwin provides personal care and attention to each and every client. 12


By Kristie Darling | Photos by Christian Viera Photography

As a certified sex therapist with a doctorate degree in Psychology, Dr. Patricia Littwin is in a league of her own. With advanced education and training specific to sex therapy and all that entails, her credentials exceed that of marriage counselors, social workers, and other therapists people often see for sexual issues or dysfunction. Her approach to successful sex therapy is based on extensive training in all aspects of sexuality, and she works with people of all ages. “Other therapists might focus mostly on communication, boundaries, and feelings,” Dr. Littwin explained, “but it generally goes way deeper than that. I’m the only certified sex therapist and World Professional Association for Transgender Health therapist in Iredell County, meaning that I am trained in the emotional, psychological, and relational aspects of sexuality where we can experience difficulties, as well as physical dysfunctions that need to be addressed. Medical and mental problems are entwined. With erectile dysfunction, for instance, we might consult with a urologist to get medical issues functioning, but you could be experiencing performance anxiety. Whatever is going on, I can help you explore your sexual concerns and learn to make changes to improve many aspects of your life.”

themselves and their relationships. I was impressed with her ability to make sex something easy to talk about. She is nonjudgmental and encouraging—people feel heard, understood, and accepted. WHAT IS SEX THERAPY? Dr. Patti’s positive outlook about sexuality helps her create a safe setting for conversations about sex. “It’s talk therapy, like any other mental health counseling,” she said. “I lead by example…I’m not embarrassed to say words that aren’t often said—I want clients to feel comfortable so they can speak freely and candidly. It helps to be a little bit of Dr. Ruth, a whole lot of the Fockers, with a kick of Dr. Patti thrown in!”

Self-help books, talking with friends, or Googling key words can only do so much, and certainly won’t do anything very well. Your sex life deserves so much more than a DIY or a let’s-us-do-it-ourselves approach. Working with a certified sex therapist sets the stage for actually resolving issues that relate to you, your partner, and sex. And, when it comes down to it, we all have issues. “Just like you wouldn’t go to an optometrist for a spinal injury, you don’t want to go to a therapist who isn’t trained in sex therapy. My clients have issues of desire differences, sexual disorders, dysfunction, and trauma, LGBTQ issues, gender issues, sex addiction, polyam-

Dr. Patti, as she is affectionately known, is a smart, friendly woman with a big sense of humor. She knows her stuff and wants to share it so her clients feel better about IREDELL LIVING • FEBRUARY 2019


orous relationships, kink, fetishes, and BDSM lifestyles. I see people of all ages, from children to seniors, of any background or sexual orientation, with a wide range of sexual concerns,” Dr. Patti continued. “Other mental health issues that arise from sexual problems are addressed. These can include anxiety, stress, anger, depression, self-harm, communication issues, infidelity, separation, and divorce. A healthy approach to sex can heal a lot of unhealthy conditions.” Getting to the “why” of an issue and not taking it personal when working through it are critical. No couple has the same level of sexual desire and this can cause hurt feelings. By understanding why—perhaps it’s stress or a physical condition—you can resolve your differences around desire. What sex therapy is not: touchy-feely, taking off clothes, or physical interaction. You will always feel comfortable with Dr. Littwin. GENDER THERAPY “I also have specific training in gender therapy,” Dr. Littwin told me. “Gender dysphoria is a strong, persistent feeling of identification with the opposite gender and discomfort with one’s assigned gender. Each transgender person has a unique personal journey. It isn’t all about surgery, sexual orientation, wanting to dress different, or changing into a different person. What’s most important is that young people find support and help with a professionally trained gender therapist, so that they’re not hurt, or they don’t begin to hurt themselves.” Gender or sexual issues can be resolved with the right specialist. If you think your child might be gay or transgender, getting bullied or bullying themselves or others, are harming themselves, or are suicidal, please make an appointment with Dr. Littwin for an evaluation, the sooner the better. Counseling for kids and parents can be very effective.


Above • Dr. Littwin helps individuals, couples, and groups with multiple sexual issues and concerns. • Michelle will check you in, schedule appointments, and help you feel comfortable and welcomed! Opposite page • Dr. Patricia Littwin, PsyD, LPC, Certified Sex Therapist, and WPATH Gender Therapist • Michelle is always there to help you with questions or get you an appointment that fits your needs. • Dr. Patricia Littwin is a dedicated practitioner who will help you meet your needs and achieve your goals. 14


COUNSELING FOR VETERANS Dr. Littwin is a US Army veteran. She has first-hand experience with the trauma of rape while in the military and a unique perspective on returning vets who are victims of sexual abuse. Veterans often don’t want to go to the VA with their issues, because it might have been a superior who hurt them. They feel more comfortable with Dr. Littwin, since she understands what they have been through, sexually and otherwise. Many who return from combat have injuries or stress-related illnesses. Some develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or deal with prolonged grief over the loss of battle buddies. They may suffer a moral injury—guilt, shame, and anguish about their wartime participation. Dr. Littwin can help vets build the healthier, happier life that is possible.

WE’RE ALL SEXUAL BEINGS “I work with the full spectrum of human beings,” Dr. Littwin said with a smile, “as long as their sexual behaviors are safe, consensual, and they are of age. I get referrals from school counselors, gynecologists, urologists, rehab centers, families, and friends. The list of conversations about sexuality we need to have is long, and my greatest hope for everyone I see— whether it’s teens acting out sexually, couples challenged with infertility or miscarriage, couples who’ve lost their attraction or desire, older couples who might be using menopause as an excuse to stop being intimate, people in poly lifestyles or nontraditional relationships, sex addicts, people with spinal cord injuries or disabilities—is that they enjoy the best sexual experiences for them, not for anyone else, and that they are comfortable with their sexuality and become great sex partners.” BUILDING A TOOLBOX Successful sex therapy means you don’t need to go back into therapy. To get to that stage, you need tools that help you build on strengths and eliminate negativity, tools you can use on your own, when you’re home between sessions and after you’ve completed therapy. “I really believe in homework,” Dr. Patti explained. “Working at home privately helps couples achieve their goals together, and new skills mean they’ll be able to work things out if something comes up in the future. I have 100% success with my clients, and when they get there, I exit them from therapy.” The toolbox is filled with techniques and exercises that couples can use if needed. Tools can include ways to develop commitment, listening skills, enhance intimacy, and blending (not to ever compromise). These tools help couples practice new skills and kindle the relationship, because relationships are like campfires—they’ll go out with lack of attention. IF NOT NOW, WHEN? If you’re thinking about counseling or therapy, it’s likely there’s something going on that needs attention. Sexual issues really aren’t that different than anything else—you just need to be willing to do the work with someone who can really help, someone who knows her stuff. Find out if Dr. Littwin would be a good match to work with you. It could change your life in a positive way.

Reach out to Dr. Patti by email at:



Heart Health © | onsuda

By Erica Batten

The field of medicine is constantly innovating, perhaps in no area more so than heart health. We spoke with Dr. Jips Zachariah, an interventional cardiologist with Piedmont HealthCare in Statesville, to learn about some of the newest technologies and medications, including:

Jips J. Zachariah, M.D. F.A.C.C., R.P.V.I. Interventional Cardiology and Endovascular Services with Piedmont HealthCare Cardiology

To contact the practice, Call 704-873-7850 PHC Cardiology is located at 766 Hartness Road Statesville, NC 28677



Radial approach – Cardiac catheterization is a procedure in which a long, thin tube is inserted into a blood vessel leading to the heart. The tube, called a catheter, can be used to locate blockages, conduct an assessment of oxygen levels in various parts of the heart, and check heart valve function. Traditionally, the catheter was inserted into groin arteries. The radial approach uses wrist arteries instead, which Dr. Zachariah explained has significantly reduced the risk for bleeding complications. Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) – During catheterization, a sensor measures how blood is flowing across a blockage in an artery to determine if a stent would be beneficial to the patient, or if medications are sufficient. “In the past, we used to rely on our eyes to see how much blockage there is and decide if a stent is needed,” said Dr. Zachariah. “There are now numerous studies that have validated this technology, and I have also started seeing its benefits for my patients.”

Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) – For patients with an aortic valve that doesn’t open properly, this procedure allows physicians to implant a new heart valve through a groin artery rather than having to perform open-heart surgery. “Some patients are too sick to tolerate open-heart surgery,” said Dr. Zachariah, “so TAVR is a good alternative.” PCSK9 inhibitors – These biologic drugs under the trade names Praluent and Repatha inactivate the PCSK9 enzyme, allowing receptors in the liver to capture “bad” cholesterol and remove it from the bloodstream. “Sometimes cholesterol is difficult to control with just statin medications, especially in patients who have clinical atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease or familial hypercholesterolemia,” Dr. Zachariah explained. “The PCSK9 inhibitors can be used in conjunction with diet and statin therapy to achieve optimal results.”

Ultimately, treatment options are a mutual decision between the doctor and patient. “I believe it’s very important for health care professionals to treat patients with respect and include them in the decision-making process. At the end of the day, this is their body. As providers, we should be making recommendations, and the plan for interventions should be discussed thoroughly,” said Dr. Zachariah. Of course, it’s best to maintain heart health so that the need for medications and surgical procedures is minimized. Dr. Zachariah said cardiovascular health is part of an overall lifestyle. He recommends eating relaxed meals with family and friends. Eat fish, especially fatty ones like salmon or mackerel, at least once or twice a week, aim for seven or more servings of fruits and vegetables daily, and eat whole-grain breads and cereals. Limiting red meat and keeping the portions small—about the size of a deck of cards, is also good for heart health. And exercise often: about two and a half hours of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous physical activity each week. Finally, Dr. Zachariah provided some advice that not all doctors will tell you. “It’s okay to Google, [about health information] and you should do it,” he said. “But always clarify things with your health care provider.”

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business spotlight

Left–Emily M. Nabors, MD, FAAFP, with Piedmont HealthCare Nabors Family Medicine Opposite page–Dr. Nabors checks a patient’s heart during an exam. Nabors Family Medicine’s staff

Originally from the Carolinas, Dr. Nabors completed her undergrad and medical school at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine in Columbia, South Carolina. In 2002, she moved back to North Carolina and started working for Primary Care Associates. She practiced there for 10 years and then for six years at Iredell Family Medicine. “I have always worked for hospital systems and now decided it’s time for me to be a part of a physician-owned group to give me more ownership in my own practice,” she said. Dr. Nabors enjoys taking care of patients six-years-old and up. She told me that it’s a unique perspective to take care of multiple generations at a time and to become a trusted advisor for their whole family. Seeing the children of patients she took care of when they were kids is a perk of having a long-standing practice. “I want to be there for families and celebrate their weddings and their graduations,” Dr. Nabors shared. “I enjoy watching them grow up.”

Dr. Nabors Opens Piedmont HealthCare Practice By Meredith Collins | Photos by Christian Viera Photography

Dr. Emily Nabors opened Nabors Family Medicine on January 2nd, fulfilling her dream to own her own practice. Dr. Nabors provides individualized medical care to children and adults. “I really 18


cherish that people trust me to take care of them,” Dr. Nabors said. “I strive to be their trusted advisor and give them quality, unbiased information.”

Dr. Nabors recognizes that each patient is different. “I want to provide individualized medical care to best meet my patient’s needs,” she said. “I’m a doctor for everybody. I will be your healthcare advocate, on your team to help you through the rest of your life. Not just a doctor but someone who is really going to take an interest in your life and your health. I want to help you reach your personal health goals.” To do this, Dr. Nabors really tries to spend time with each

patient, thoroughly listen to their concerns, and answer their questions. She explains medical problems in a way they can understand and partners with them to formulate the best plan. One experience that shapes how Dr. Nabors runs her practice is the month she spent in Ghana, Africa, when she provided medical care to the people there. “In Ghana, I saw what it was like in a place where healthcare isn’t readily available,” Dr. Nabors said. “When I get frustrated here with paperwork or insurance challenges, I remember how real their challenges are, and it really puts things in perspective. It reminds me why I do what I do.” Dr. Nabors serves on the Hospice and Palliative Care of Iredell County board of directors.

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She is also a UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine preceptor, which means she has medical students shadow her in clinic. Outside of work, you may find her watching her 15-year-old son, Cameron, play basketball. Staying fit and active is an important part of their family. Dr. Nabors has run two half marathons and her husband, Scott Ellison, is a triathlete who has completed an Ironman. Dr. Nabors welcomes back her existing patients and is also accepting new patients at Nabors Family Medicine.

Piedmont HealthCare Nabors Family Medicine 142 Professional Park Drive, Suite 300, Mooresville 704-696-2083

Jamie Ottinger, Owner; Megan and Sara, Recruiters

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Letting Go Of Valentine’s Day Expectations By Lauren Davidson

© | gpointstudio

Valentine’s Day…It’s like the Christmas of relationships, right? You get all worked up trying to decide on the perfect gift, make reservations, order flowers…it can become a bit nightmarish. All the rushing around certainly takes the romance out of what should be a holiday focused on celebrating love. I remember the year my fiancé and I made reservations at the nicest restaurant in town. We’d never been before, and it turned out to be completely cringeworthy. I’d insisted that instead of our usual “fancy” homecooked dinner, we should go out. I was annoyed that everyone else at work had been getting flowers and teddy bears delivered and was determined that I would have the perfect Valentine’s Day. It was a selfish moment, but it led to a change in mindset that’s affected my attitude towards not just holidays, but also my relationship. The restaurant that night was overcrowded, and we were basically stuffed in a broom closet. There was a special menu that evening that capital20


ized on the high-running expectations of the holiday. My fiancé ordered the scallops for $70. The dish that arrived held three scallops laid delicately atop a tiny bowl of grits. My expensive salad wasn’t much better; it was mostly soggy arugula arranged hurriedly on a small plate. We left in a huff, making a pact that from then on, we’d celebrate at home. Dear reader, this is probably where I should tell you that it wasn’t just that particular year that I had a bad experience. Ever since the sixth grade, I’m convinced that I’ve been cursed on Valentine’s Day. It started when I worked up the courage to kiss my boyfriend on the cheek. My friends psyched me up, and I strode bravely over to his locker, ready to hand over my Valentine’s card and a kiss. Unfortunately for me, he was opening his locker door at the very same time. I spent the rest of the afternoon icing my nose in the nurse’s office. From then on, I’ve gotten speeding tickets on

Valentine’s, ruined expensive dresses, you name it. I tell you this because for a while, along with my competitive nature, it caused me to hold onto an unrealistic dream of having the perfect holiday. It could be argued that some people (even me, sometimes) also have this kind of fantasy when it comes to relationships. The point I’m trying to make is that letting go of expectations for Valentine’s and for your relationship is beneficial to your sanity. Instead of going all out on select holidays, why not celebrate every special moment? Why not take an impromptu trip one weekend or make a fancy dinner just because? When you make the shift to let go, I guarantee you’ll be happier in the moment. Life is short; shouldn’t we enjoy it? What’s the point of rushing around, being in a bad mood? Now, this doesn’t mean you should shock your partner by not buying flowers or a gift. But this year, try being positive and present in every moment. Your relationship will surely benefit from it!

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What's Cooking?! Valentine’s Day Treats


6 1

Chocolate Covered Strawberries ounces medium to large strawberries with leaves – approximately 18 ounces chocolate chips – dark or milk chocolate ounce of white chocolate

MELTING CHOCOLATE Microwave Method – Melt chocolate chips in a microwave at 50% power. Start with 1 minute and then 30 second intervals. Stir between each microwave session, until chocolate is melted. Stovetop Method – Using a double boiler, place the top pot of chocolate over a pot of simmering water. Stir until fully melted.


Rinse and completely dry strawberries. Line a cookie sheet with wax paper. Melt milk or dark chocolate. Holding strawberries by their leaves, dip into the chocolate, letting the excess drip back into the bowl. Set the strawberries on the wax paper lined cookie sheet. Melt white chocolate. Dip a fork into the melted white chocolate and drizzle over the covered berries. Place the strawberries uncovered in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to cool. Remove and serve at room temperature.

Cranberry-Orange Mini Cheesecakes

Bri Emery’s recipe courtesy of Leslie Grow for designlovefest • Photo courtesy of Philadelphia Cream Cheese Makes: 24 mini cupcakes

1¾ 1

cup (6 oz.) fresh cranberries cup sugar, divided

© | bhofack2

¼ 1½ ¾ ¼ 1½ 3 3

½ 1 3

cup plus 1 Tbsp. juice from one orange, divided Tbsp. vanilla, divided cup ground nutmeg cup ground cinnamon cups (about 32 cookies) gingersnap cookies, crushed Tbsp. butter, melted pkg. (8 oz. each) PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese, softened cup sour cream Tbsp. orange zest eggs


Heat oven to 325°F. Cook cranberries, ½ cup sugar and ¼ cup orange juice and spices in a saucepan on medium heat until cranberries pop and sauce is thickened. Cool slightly. Spoon cranberry mixture into food processor and process until smooth. Trans-

fer to a bowl and stir in 1 Tbsp. vanilla. Cover with plastic wrap, pressed down onto the surface of purée, and refrigerate until ready to use. Mix gingersnap crumbs and butter until blended; press 1 Tbsp. on the bottom of each 24-muffin-pan cups lined with papers. Beat cream cheese and remaining sugar in large bowl with mixer until blended. Add sour cream, orange zest and remaining orange juice and vanilla; mix well. Add eggs one at a time, mixing after each addition just until blended. Add 2/3 cup of the cranberry purée; swirl gently with a spoon. Spoon 1/3 cup into each muffin cup over crusts. Bake 25 min. or until centers are almost set. Cool completely. Refrigerate for two hours. Drizzle with remaining cranberry purée and garnish with Cool Whip just before serving. IREDELL LIVING • FEBRUARY 2019


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Lisa Bass A Heart Attack Survivor By J.C. Summerford | Photo by Amy Cosey

It started on a typical April evening, about six years ago. Lisa Bass and her husband Scott were preparing for bed, when she felt tightness in her chest. Then, a sharp pain like a knife thrust between her shoulder blades. She turned to Scott and said, “I need to get to the emergency room.” They soon found out that 52-year-old Lisa was having a major heart attack, one which could have ended her life. At Iredell Memorial hospital, doctors told Lisa they needed to airlift her to Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem. There, surgeons treated a spontaneous artery dissection (SCAD) by placing a stent into her blocked right coronary artery. Next morning, she suffered ventricular fibrillation and doctors used CPR and defibrillation to re-start her heart. Later that day, Lisa recalls her surgeon quietly telling her, “I don’t know what your religious affiliation is, but I truly feel there is a higher power watching over you. God is not finished with you.” 26


“It gave me cold chills,” Lisa says. She heard stories from nurses who had lost patients with similar medical issues, and deeply considered what the surgeon had said. Why had she been spared? The answers did not come immediately. After a weeklong hospital stay, Lisa returned home, consumed with fear of losing her life – so much so, that she had a massive panic attack a few days later which sent her back to the hospital. Previously an active person, she now could barely walk across a room. It took time, but her natural optimism and determination prevailed. She enrolled in a three-month cardio rehabilitation program at Iredell Memorial. It turned out to be, as she says, “the best thing I could have ever done, because when you have a heart event it really affects you mentally as well as physically. Going through the cardiac rehab program showed me that, hey, if I can ride this bicycle or do a treadmill and an elliptical machine for 30 minutes, that

means when I go home I can go walking, I can do my chores around the house without worrying about having another heart attack. The cardiac rehab was vital to my recovery.”

someone leads a healthy life. “I never had any problems with my heart. I never smoked, my cholesterol levels were always very good,” she says. “I hope and pray that my story can help even one person. It would be so worth it.”

The whole experience has given Lisa a new outlook on life. “I’ve always been a warrior. I really try to not worry about things I can’t control,” she says. “I know this sounds odd, but I noticed at first it was unbelievable; colors were more vibrant, just going outside and feeling the breeze, it’s like it sharpens your senses. I’m still more appreciative, more grateful, and to this day I appreciate the smallest things.”

The Heart Ball campaign supports the AHA’s goals of completely eradicating heart disease and stroke. One in three U.S. adults suffers from one of these afflictions, and heart disease is the number one killer worldwide. Even if a person doesn’t die from a cardiovascular event, it often causes disability or diminishes quality of life. Since 1924, the AHA has provided programs to schools, hospitals, and community groups across the country, and has invested more than $4.1 billion in research. People who cannot attend the Ball may still contribute by joining a live auction, donating directly, or volunteering.

More tangible reasons for her survival soon came into focus. Lisa was there when her father became ill with heart disease and passed away in June 2017. She was there to support her grieving mother, who suffered a debilitating fall and needed to move into the Bass home. “I think the reason God left me here, I really “They just save so many more lives than people realize,” Lisa think it’s to care for other people,” she says. says, “And the funds we raise can make a huge difference in our community and in people’s lives. Every dollar matters, each dolPart of that generosity is Lisa’s willingness to share her story and lar can make a difference in someone’s life, in the whole family.” introduce speakers at the American Heart Association’s annual One thing is clear: because of better understanding about how Heart Ball, February 16th at Statesville Regional Airport. Lisa to recognize and treat heart disease, the Bass family still has Lisa. hopes that her experiences can help educate people about the constellation of heart attack symptoms, which can vary from For more information about the Ball: person to person, and which can come on suddenly, even if For more about the AHA:


Iredell Health Systemcompassionate bringsAs compassionate andhealth qualitycare health care right neighborhood. to your neighborhood. As a ll Health brings and quality right to your As a e right toSystem your neighborhood. a AWARD-WINNING AWARD-WINNING not-for-profit health care system, Iredell takes in providing most innovative procedures or-profit health care system, Iredell pride in pride providing the mostthe innovative procedures while while he most innovative procedures whiletakes delivering personalized care to improve livespeople of the in people in Mooresville. ering personalized care to improve the livesthe of the Mooresville. Mooresville.



PHYSICIAN NETWORK L.L.C. A part of Iredell Health System

Lori Sumner, PA-C Emily MD Nabors, MD, FAAFP JodiAndrea N. Stutts, MD Elmer (Sam) (Sam) H. Stout, Lori Sumner, PA-C Nabors, Jodi N. Stutts, Elmer (Sam) H. Stout, MD rs, MD, FAAFPYvette-Marie Jodi Stutts, Elmer (Sam) H. Stout, Yvette-Marie Pellegrino, Pellegrino, Colvin, NP MD Elmer Lewis J. Tondo, MD Stout, MDMD Jodi N. Stutts, MDMD Lori Sumner, PA-C EvaEmily Imperial, MD MD, FAAFP Batley, MD JudyMedicine Bremnor, MD, FAAFP Emily Nabors, MD,Primary FAAFP Charles DeBerardinis, DO, FACC Stout Jason Batley, MD Judy Bremnor, MD, FAAFP Emily MD, FAAFP CharlesMedicine DeBerardinis, DO, FACC D, FAAFP Charles DeBerardinis, DO, FACC MD, FAAFP MD, FAAFP Stout Internal Tondo Internal Medicine Internal Medicine Iredell Family Iredell Family Medicine IredellNabors, Care

thopaedic Bremnor Family Medicine Iredell Cardiovascular Iredell Orthopaedic Bremnor Family Family Iredell Cardiovascular Iredell & Wellness 544Cardiovascular Brawley School Road 544Medicine Brawley SchoolIredell RoadFamily Iredell for Women ake Norman 136 NC Corporate Park Drive Mooresville, Medicine Center Center Lake Norman Corporate Park Drive NC 28117 Medicine Center Rd., Suite B Mooresville, 28117136 114 Gateway Blvd., Suite B Center 444 Williamson ley School Road School Suite HRoad Suite H 544 Brawley School Road School 544 Brawley School Road ad 544 Brawley School 544 Brawley Road 544 Brawley 544 Brawley School Road Mooresville, NC 28117 704-360-5190 704-360-5190 Mooresville, NC Road 28117 lle, NC 28117 Mooresville, NC 28117 Mooresville, NC 28117 Mooresville, NC 28117 Mooresville, NC 28117 Mooresville, NC 28117 Mooresville, NC 28117 Mooresville, NC 28117 Mooresville, NC 28117 704-360-9310 704-360-5190 90 704-360-9299 704-360-5190 704-360-9299 704-360-9310 704-360-5190 704-360-9299 704-360-5190 704-360-5190 980-435-0406


58-0956 704-660-9780 704-230-0240 704-658-0956 704-660-9780

704-360-5190 704-360-5190

Iredell Health System brings compassionate and quality healthcare right to your neighborhood. As a not-for-profit health system, Iredell takes pride in providing the most innovative procedures while delivering personalized care to improve the lives of the people in Mooresville and surrounding communities.

704-230-0240 704-230-0240

Center amson Road Medicine 704-873-5658 Center 444 Williamson Road704-230-4382 Medicine 704-873-5658 544 Brawley School Road School Road 544 Brawley School Road School Road ad Suite B 544 Brawley 544 Brawley Mooresville, NC 28117 lle, 28117 NC Mooresville,704-230-0240 NC 28117 704-230-0240 704-954-8277 704-658-0956 6 NC Mooresville, NC 28117 Mooresville, 28117 Mooresville, NC 28117 704-954-8277 704-658-0956 60-9310 704-360-9299 704-360-9310 704-360-9299

510 North Main Street Troutman, NC 28166 704-528-3721

Iredell Health System brings compassionate and qualityand quality Iredell Health System brings compassionate healthcarehealthcare right to your neighborhood. As a not-for-profit right to your neighborhood. As a not-for-profit health system, Iredell takes pridetakes in providing most the most health system, Iredell pride in the providing innovativeinnovative proceduresprocedures while delivering personalized care while delivering personalized care to improvetothe lives ofthe thelives people in Mooresville and improve of the people in Mooresville and surrounding communities. surrounding communities.

John Nicholson, MD Robert Ward, MD Stephanie Michel, PA-C MD, PhD Charles DeBerardinis, MDBatley, y, MDPeter D. Miller, Peter D. Miller, MD,Medicine PhD Charles DeBerardinis, Jason MD Nicholson Internal Iredell Internal Medicine Jason Batley, Iredell Internal Medicine DO, FACC DO, FACC Peter D. Miller, MD, PhD Sam) H. Stout, Yvette-Marie Pellegrino, MD MD, PhD Peter D. Miller, Elmer (Sam)MD H. Stout, MD Yvette-Marie Pellegrino, MD 728 Hartness Road 757 Bryant Street 757 Bryant StreetMD, PhD Statesville, NC 28677 Statesville, NC 28677 Statesville, NC 28677 Iredell NeuroSpine ernal Stout Medicine & Wellness Pellegrino Family Iredell NeuroSpine Internal Medicine & Wellness Pellegrino Family

& Wellness 444 Williamson Rd., Suite B Mooresville, NC 28117 704-360-9310 704-360-9310 704-360-9310

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Statesville Family Practice 310 Davie Avenue Statesville, NC 28677 704-873-3269

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310 Davie Avenue Statesville, NC 28677 704-873-3269

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