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Welcome to the November issue. We may lose an hour of daylight on November 4th, but I am still elated to welcome one of my favorite months of the year! November brings leaf piles, cozy firesides, apple cider, and gatherings with friends and family. It’s a great time to appreciate your loved ones and the many blessings that surround us all. Please take a moment to appreciate all veterans and honor their dedication and service on November 11th. As General James Doolittle said, “There is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer.” Thanksgiving comes on the fourth Thursday of the month. This is a time to reflect on the things we so easily take for granted and to share in gratitude with those we hold dear. In this spirit of Thanksgiving look for local opportunities, like volunteering, to give back and help your community. Until next month, Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you for reading the November issue of Iredell Living Magazine!

Iredell Living the Good Life

November 2018

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November 2018




• Having An Attitude Of Gratitude


• What Home Ownership Has Taught Me About My Relationship


• Cornerstone Christian Academy Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom


• Foyer Decorating Ideas


• Piedmont HealthCare Welcoming New Providers And Relocating Urgent Care


• Smart Holiday Shopping


• What’s Cooking?! Garlic And Herb Lamb Chops With Marsala Mushroom Sauce


• Iredell Resources


• A Word From The Greater Statesville Chamber Chamber Announces New President And CEO


• A Word From The Mooresville–South Iredell Chamber Small Business Saturday, $12 Billion Day

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North Carolina’s Premier, Individualized, College Preparatory Academy The academy serves children ages 2 - 18.




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Attitude Gratitude OF

By Kathy Wheeler

As long as you are breathing, your life is changing. It is never perfect, and at any moment a major event can alter it for either the better or the worse. You could win the lottery or lose a job, suffer health issues or experience a cure, be betrayed by a loved one or receive their loyalty and love. Regardless, your life never stays the same. There are always circumstances that you can’t predict or control. However, you can control how you respond and how it affects you mentally and emotionally. When things are going great, we often don’t take the time to acknowledge how good we have it but tend to only recognize the point when our luck runs south. Having an attitude of gratitude changes us, the way we think and our response to circumstances. It allows us to look at others less fortunate than ourselves and have empathy for them. When we choose to always look at what is good in our lives, it minimizes the impact the negative has on our happiness, health, and our inner being. When things are running smoothly, we are reminded to not take it for granted and instead prepare for when they are not. When challenges pop up, we look at them as a temporary situation, and that gives us hope for the future. Having an attitude of gratitude allows us to enjoy everything that is good in our lives. In the early 1600s, the Pilgrims gathered with the Indians, gave thanks to God, and had a three-day feast to celebrate their harvest. Thanksgiving is the perfect reminder to adopt an attitude of gratitude as a way of life and not just during this one holiday each year. I encourage you to write your top 10 blessings in a journal daily, or just sit and reflect on your blessings over a cup of coffee. If you are having trouble getting started, there are some huge blessings that have changed our lives over the last century. There are people alive today who grew up when running water, electricity, and a high school education were a privilege, and automobiles were not a given. Mobile phones and desktop computers are less than 45 years old and only became popular on a personal level in the last 25 years. 30 years ago, the Internet didn’t even exist. Google has only been around for 20 years! What did we do before Google?! Advancements in the medical field are curing and treating us of diseases that not so long ago would have killed us. We live in a time where it’s easy to take so much for granted. Today, we have so many choices and resources that were not even available several decades ago, and so much to be thankful for. As you gather around the table this Thanksgiving, I hope that your list is long and your table is surrounded by the people on that list!

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What Home Ownership Has Taught Me About

Relationship By Lauren Davidson

I remember when I first met my fiancé. I was a soonto-be college graduate and was positively insufferable about how wonderful I thought he was. I would tell anyone who listened that he was just the greatest thing since sliced bread. More than six years later, I still think he’s pretty great, but now we share a home and a dog and neither one of us can stay awake past midnight. We’ve reached a different kind of love; we’ve moved past the point of initial infatuation and have now become partners in life. The commitment level has deepened and so have our feelings for each other. We’ve seen each other through the death of loved ones, promotions, sharing bills, adopting a dog, and now through one of our biggest milestones yet: home ownership. © | Jean-philippe WALLET

Have you ever seen the movie Money Pit? It stars Tom Hanks and Shelley Long as a couple that could be considered the opposite of Chip and Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper. In the film, Hanks and Long buy a gorgeous older home that is suspiciously affordable. From the title, you can guess what happens next: the house shows its age and then some. It falls apart immediately and crooked construction workers swoop in to take full advantage of the clueless couple. While our house certainly isn’t dilapidated like the one in the movie, it was built in the early 1940s and has presented its fair share of challenges. When we first went to look at the house, we’d been to a few other open houses. We were very excited about this 10


one in particular because of its location in a very nice neighborhood, one with sidewalks, plenty of trees, and even its own park. A plethora of shops and restaurants are within walking distance. We didn’t even notice that the yard hardly had any grass or that the exterior paint was peeling. What we did notice was the interior paint; mud brown, Kelly green, and highlighter yellow were painted non-exclusive to wall locations. “Who cares about a paint job?” we thought. “That’s an easy fix!” And who cared that there was no bathtub or that the kitchen countertops and tile floors were hideous? We could easily fix those things! We were the North Carolinian Chip and Jo, complete with cute banter and good taste. My fiancé was excellent at handyman work, and I had a knack

for interior design. What mattered was that the house had “good bones.” Was I 100% sure of what that meant? Well, not entirely. But I was 100% sure that my fiancé knew! He hung the stars and the moon—I’m sure he knew all there was to know about the structural soundness of a house! The first weekend after we moved in, we had family over to help clean up the yard. It turned out that the previous owners had been into the “natural look.” They’d planted tropical flowers without rhyme or reason and had let the weeds grow around the pops of color. And grass? It refuses to grow in our yard. I cringe to think how much money we’ve spent on the yard. We could have hired a landscaper by this point! The inside

was just as full of surprises—leaks, ants, an air conditioner that needed to be replaced; an old house is a never-ending project. Our weekends now are not like they used to be. We used to paint the town. Now we refer to Lowe’s Hardware as our second home. Our DIY budget and can-do attitude mean that we take on fixer-upper projects ourselves; or rather, my fiancé does the heavy lifting, and I run behind him with a broom and mop. After three years, our house has much more curbside appeal—we made a brick patio all by ourselves and a beautiful walkway. We’ve hung new shutters. Now, we’re working on renovating our kitchen. And, you guessed it, we’re doing it ourselves. We even knocked out a wall! As for our relationship, it’s stronger than ever. Through the process of growing up, we’ve grown together. Through hard work and a lot of love, we’ve increased the value of our house, and the same could be said for our relationship. In the beginning, love is pretty easy. But once you’ve seen each other though the good times and the difficult ones, you know that love takes commitment and work. As the saying goes, the grass is greener where you water it.

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cover story



Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom By Kristie Darling | Photography by Heather Edmunds

“Your love, not your worry, is the most valuable thing any of us can give our children.” ~ Jason E. Royle The places we learn the deepest, most significant lessons about hard work, good choices, and persistence are in our families and in school. Add to the mix of school and family a sound biblical world view that teaches young people to treat others with 12


respect and forgiveness—this is what you find at Cornerstone Christian Academy. Cornerstone families agree that the education their children receive is second to none. In fact, I would say it is outstanding. QUALITY EDUCATION Everyone learns in their own special way. Children come to the table with certain abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. When teachers are trained to tap into those skills, identify the areas that need attention, and present lessons that lead to achievement—students thrive. While some students love to read, others love to run; some can outdo their parents in math, others are natural born musicians. At Cornerstone Christian Academy, teachers and administrators understand that a mastery-based, one-on-one curriculum that is designed specifically for each student works exceptionally well to prepare them for academic success and a full, satisfying life. I met recently with Renee Griffith and immediately sensed a sincere dedication to her students. Renee is founder and the principal at Cornerstone, and she spoke about the school as, “North Carolina’s premier, individualized, college preparatory academy.” That certainly sums it up, but you won’t understand what that means exactly until you understand all that goes on every day between the teachers and their students. INDIVIDUALIZED LEARNING Cornerstone uses the Accelerated Christian Education’s three levels of learning: Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom. The strength of this curriculum is a combination of student self-responsibility and character training in biblical principles. Students at Cornerstone are challenged to master each subject,

from pre-kindergarteners through middle and high school students. The curriculum starts with testing to determine students’ understanding, and those results help determine the appropriate level of classwork and assignments. Teachers support students in setting their own challenges to progress to more advanced work. If academic gaps are present, instead of struggling to learn from a textbook they don’t fully understand, students more easily master lessons from an earlier grade level. When they are successful at that subject’s level and understand the material, they move on. Indeed, everything at Cornerstone Christian Academy is individualized and based on each child’s current academic ability. “We all learn in different ways…some are visual, some audial learners; some progress by reading, some in a hands-on way,” Renee explained. “We get that, and we teach to a child’s individual strengths for better results.” Renee explained that about one-third of students receive an opportunity scholarship or disability grant to assist with tuition. In addition, among Cornerstone middle and high schoolers, $1.7 million in college scholarships have been awarded to help with tuition after graduation. CREATING STARS

“He counts the stars and calls them by name,” Psalm 147:4 Carmen Bandy is assistant principal and STAR Program director. This is her 11th year in special needs education. STAR stands for Strategy, Tutoring, Assistance, Remediation. “In


On the cover–Renee Griffith, founder and principal of Cornerstone Christian Academy, with students Neveahly Alexander and Bella MedwidMauney in the newest expansion wing of the Junior Learning Center. Opposite page–Mrs. Griffith helps Keenan Cooper with his math. All academic instruction is taught through one-on-one instruction. Left–The ABC Learning Center kindergarteners enjoying the fresh air on the playground IREDELL LIVING • NOVEMBER 2018


recent years, the number of students whose needs are not being met has increased,” Carmen explained. “I love every opportunity that walks in the door, and my job at Cornerstone is challenging and rewarding every day. We’re having a huge success in the STAR program.” Because students don’t necessarily fit a traditional, one-sized mold, STAR creates a custom mold for each child’s needs and enables them to create their unique possibilities. Young children who don’t want to go to school respond very well to the STAR Program. In fact, they get excited about school and don’t want to leave! Some children need a low stress setting (at Cornerstone, they work in smaller classes); personalized support (students get one-on-one tutoring); individualized learning methods for specialized lesson plans (learning center support specialists work in regular classes, too); and teachers and tutors establish expectations and goals that align with students’ interests and capacity. IT’S A FAMILY AFFAIR Parents at Cornerstone are encouraged to be involved in all areas of the school. They understand their critical role and the importance of their child’s focus and participation. “Our parents are vital members of their child’s team, in STAR and throughout our school,” Renee said. “They are eager volunteers in classrooms and field trips—who wouldn’t want to take kids to Discovery Place or the zoo? We believe parents are the number one resource for their children’s Christian upbringing and support their role as teachers of Christ-like character and biblical principles.” ENRICHMENT Enrichment means, “to make something more meaningful, substantial, or rewarding. Enrichment improves something.” In education, as in life, enrichment is vital. At Cornerstone Christian Academy, value is placed on making each child’s experience more meaningful and substantial. The rewards of arts education here show up in hallways filled with drawings and paintings—from finger paintings to pastels to photographs— and the sounds of band, choir, hand bells, guitar, and piano.

Photos–left, top to bottom:

• Mrs. Rebekah Solis, K3 teacher, reads a book about bullying to the K4 class. • Elementary and intermediate students enjoy music class with Mrs. Donna Guy. • Mrs. Kelly Knotts works with students in the STAR Learning Center. • Zari Stevenson, C.J. Griffith, and C.J. McClellan enjoy a fun game of United States bingo. 14


Students can study dance, drama, and sign language or join the Debate Club, Drama Club, Spanish Club, and Bible Club. Enrichment begins with the youngest students and continues throughout their school career. “Our recent expansion enlarged the classroom space we dedicate to enrichment learning and added a new library. And, we’re making plans for a new 400-seat auditorium,” Renee shared, as she gave me a tour of the new wing and inviting new classrooms. Enriching the holiday season will be this year’s Christmas presentation, The Christmas Choir, featuring 80 student actors, the choir, band, and dance students. With over 500 in attendance, this seasonal production is a favorite for families in Statesville…it’s open to the public at Statesville Civic Center. A WELL-ROUNDED YEAR Sports add substance and rewards to a student’s educational experience. “Our 25-member archery team has earned numerous national awards. Most recently, the elementary archery team was crowned the 2018 national champions, and, I am proud to say, C.J. Griffith won the national championship and was

named National Shooter of the Year,” Renee said with a smile. “We also offer individual and team Taekwondo starting in kindergarten, volleyball, track and field, and a full physical education program.” CHURCH AND COMMUNITY Cornerstone of Victory Assembly of God was founded in 1991. “The school is one of several ways our church reaches into the community,” Renee shared. “There are numerous churches represented in our student body. I think our families appreciate and respect our church’s mission statement—love God, love people, pass it on. For us, this is what it’s all about at the school, as well.” 93% percent of the students at Cornerstone re-enroll. “We’re affordable, we don’t have a discipline problem, and above all, we are quality educators with heart,” Carmen said. “We deal with behavior issues from a Christian viewpoint, so teachers can spend their time teaching.” Enrollment is open any time of year. Most new students are referred by word of mouth from parents and grandparents. Cornerstone Christian Academy is an opportunity for your children to experience an exceptional education that will prepare them for a life of learning and

Photos, above:

Brooklyn Justus, Sebastian Sixtos, and Matthew Lackey enjoy reading in the brand new library, which has over 6,500 books. Jaden Holland is reading with one of Cornerstone’s donated reading buddies. These buddies encourage students to read out loud. Below–Tan, Isabel, Kaden, and Ellie pose for a photo before chapel.

success. “I believe I have the best job in the world, and I believe in what we do,” Renee told me. “We love every student.” If you want to learn about all that school can be for your child, I suggest you meet with Renee. Take the tour. Ask all the questions you want— you will be inspired!

CORNERSTONE CHRISTIAN ACADEMY (704) 873-0032 650 Glover Street • Statesville, NC IREDELL LIVING • NOVEMBER 2018


Foyer Decorating


By Becky Bergman

© | monkeybusinessimages

Whether you have a large porch with ample space for rocking chairs or a cozy entryway, there are many ways to create a great first impression for your guests. The right combination of décor, furnishings, and accessories will give your visitors a WOW! moment when they cross the threshold. Your foyer is the first area most visitors will notice about the interior of your home. How you choose to decorate this welcoming space speaks volumes about how you want your guests to feel during their visit. You can do a lot with a little to usher in your guests, from hanging a comfortable porch swing in the breezeway, to tasteful pastels in your mud room. The decorating scheme you choose at your entranceway sets the tone for family and friends’ entire stay. If you’re determined to hang on to fall and everything pumpkin-spice, like I do, 16


there are plenty of foyer design ideas to help you keep your autumn spirit alive.

or on the corner of a bench seat. Tangerines and cranberries work well, too.

These accessories are essential no matter if you have a spacious entryway with room to spare or a simple front door that opens into your condo’s living room:

If fruit is not your style, you can display pine cones, acorns, or a deep red and orange-colored potpourri in a basket. A space-saving shelf trick: stack some large, colorful books on a shelf and put your goody bowl on top for a look that mixes function with creativity.

A Table or Shelf Every foyer needs a table or shelf where you can toss your keys, drop your mail, and display a few photos. I love our foyer table—and my family loves that I don’t lose my keys anymore. A table is a great place to display seasonal accessories. An easy to put up shelf works, too, if you want the same result without sacrificing space. For a super easy fall-theme, fill a large basket or bowl with seasonal fruit—apples, pears or even purple grapes—and place it on a small wooden chair or table

Mirror One of the best features of our family’s foyer is the large white-framed mirror that hangs over the table. Mirrors are great because they create a sense of open space and reflect light, brightening the room, especially useful when there are no windows around. It’s also nice to get one last peek at ourselves before we head out the door. For added ambiance, we like to string a leafy fall garland along the top of the mirror and replace it with tinsel in December.

Bench Seat A bench seat is a versatile piece of furniture that solves many challenges and gives you a platform for creativity. We use our dark-colored bench as a sitting area for putting on shoes or setting down packages. Occasionally, our high-schooler will drop his backpack there on his way to the kitchen. We also hang jackets and dog leashes above, making it a perfect, central all-in-one station for our family’s daily needs.

There’s only one chance to make a great first impression, and your home’s front hall and foyer will be the first thing your guests experience when they walk in. Whether you like warm, earthy palettes or cool, crisp hues, there are plenty of opportunities and ideas to personalize your space.

You can do a lot in a small space!

The bench is useful for decorating, too. Whether you place ever-so-popular pillows scribed with seasonal messages or arrange baskets with holiday trimmings on the bench seat, it’s an unexpectedly creative surface where you can show off favorite accessories. And, if holiday and seasonal decorating is not your style, you can always customize your welcome areas with art or accessories that bring you joy and reflect who you are. For example, in our house, the foyer table with the baseball glove key dish and the painting of a multi-colored cow that hangs above the bench reflect our fun personalities and family interests.

Now Open In Denver, NC

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Treat Pain Quickly... WiThouT Surgery SOME CONDITIONS WE TREAT • Back and Neck Pain • Sports Injuries • Diabetic Neuropathy

• Joint Pain • Headaches • Sciatica

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Pain & Spine Care

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All rights reserved. Southeast Pain and Spine Care, and the S mark are registered trademarks of Southeast Pain Management Services, PLLC. IREDELL LIVING • NOVEMBER 2018



Left–Dr. Nikhiel Rau of Comprehensive Digestive Care Center (left) and Dr. Brandon Marion of Northlake Digestive Care meet up at the Endoscopy Center. Opposite page, left to right • Dr. Silvestro Lijoi was welcomed to Sherlock Internal Medicine in October. • Jeff Smith, CEO, announced the opening of Taylorsville Family Medicine with Dr. Steven Merrill in September. • PHC Women’s Center welcomed Dr. Ariel Ansley in September.

• The PHC Women’s Center recently added a new OBGYN, Dr. Ariel Ansley. She believes in respectful, compassionate, and competent medical care for the whole person, not just the disease or issue at hand.

Welcoming New Providers and Relocating Urgent Care By Meredith Collins | Photos provided by Piedmont HealthCare

With more than 50 locations and nearly 200 physicians, Piedmont HealthCare continues to expand their services to meet more medical needs in our area. Seven new providers are joining the group this fall to continue the commitment to provide the most innovative medical care for our community. Since some of these physicians are new to our community, we want to take a moment to introduce them: • Dr. Brandon Marion specializes in gastroenterology and sees patients in both Statesville and Mooresville at Northlake Digestive Care. Dr. Marion believes it is important to always provide top-notch service, which some18


times means going above and beyond the call of duty. • Dr. Nikhiel Rau joined the Piedmont HealthCare Comprehensive Digestive Care Center in Statesville. Dr. Rau believes that treating each individual patient compassionately and understanding their unique history and concerns ultimately ensures the highest quality of medical care. • Dr. Steven Merrill’s practice in Taylorsville joined Piedmont HealthCare this fall. Taylorsville Family Medicine treats the entire family through all stages of life, and they understand your family’s health history.

• Dr. Silvestro Lijoi will join Dr. Moran and Dr. Hatharasinghe at the PHC Internal Medicine location on Sherlock Drive. Dr. Lijoi has worked providing internal medicine and ER services over the last 20 years. He believes in personalized medicine in order to prevent disease and promotes a healthy lifestyle for the well-being of patients overall. • Dr. Jennifer Scharbius, a family medicine physician, will be joining Fairview Family Medicine in Mooresville this November. Dr. Scharbius started out in family medicine because of her dad and his philosophy on life to care for and be understanding of all people. • Dr. Emily Nabors will open a family practice in Mooresville in December. She has been providing care in the Mooresville area since 2002. Dr. Nabors is passionate about bringing guidance and compassion to her patients while providing excellent care.

“We are seeing the explosive growth in Troutman that’s pushed up from the Mooresville area,” Jeff Smith, Piedmont HealthCare CEO, said. “We want to make sure we have providers in place to deliver the services our patients deserve.” Another way Piedmont HealthCare plans to better meet patient needs is to move Statesville’s Urgent Care across the street to the former Lone Star restaurant building on Sullivan Road. The former Lone

Star restaurant building will be torn down with a new Urgent Care built in its place. “This will be a brand new facility, laid out in a very patient-friendly way, paying attention to improved patient flow and reduced wait times,” Jeff said. “Access from Sullivan Road will be improved from the previous location across the street.” The new Urgent Care will open in April-May 2019.

“Across everything we do, it’s all about providing the highest level of care and creating a better environment to deliver our care,” Jeff said. Corporate Office: 650 Signal Hill Drive Extension Statesville, NC 704-873-4277

We take Customer Satisfaction to the Highest Degree.

Control your Comfort and Energy Consumption... all at once.

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Diana Eshleman, AuD IREDELL LIVING • NOVEMBER 2018


Assisted Living at its Best!

Nestled off of Davie Avenue, minutes from Historic Downtown Statesville, and convenient to both I-77 & I-40.

We share your love for pets and offer our support. Compassionate Personal Service On-Site Pet Cremation and Memorial Services Caskets, Urns, Monuments and Keepsakes 24-Hour Assistance Locally owned and operated


• Deluxe, Private and Companion Suite options • Residence Medical Director • Full Service Dining Room • Social, Educational, Cultural, Devotional & Recreational programs

Member: Pet Loss Professionals Alliance (PLPA)


492 E. Plaza Drive (Hwy 150) Mooresville, NC

PREMIER SENIOR LIVING • Pet Friendly • Medication Management • Assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, toileting and ambulation. • Transportation Services

Voted Readers’ Choice 2017 AND Best of Statesville in 2018 2147 Davie Ave., Statesville

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Massage Therapy and Cupping Services Services provided by NC Licensed Massage Therapists

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Chronic Pain Management Tension – Stress – Relaxation Toxin Release Improved Circulation and Blood Flow Sports Injuries Infertility issues Headaches, Hypertension, and Menstrual pain

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Holiday Shopping By Cheryl Grant

© | shironosov

The Christmas shopping season kicks off the week of Thanksgiving. 40% of the seasonal shopping will happen from November 20th through Cyber Monday. Many retailers will offer specials the whole week. Black Friday, on November 23rd, is not just for brick and mortar stores anymore, but will be the largest online shopping day of the year. Small Business Saturday is the 24th. It’s a perfect time to shop local for unique gifts that you won’t find in department stores. Cyber Monday, the second-largest online shopping day, is the 26th. If you are like most people and will be purchasing the majority of your Christmas gifts the week of Thanksgiving, make your list and do your research about those special things you want to buy. Checking sale circulars is one way, but allows you to see Black Friday deals from many national retailers with one click and review them well in advance. Check Prices Even Black Friday doorbusters may not be all they are cracked up to be. Tools you might want to use during this shopping season are price comparison apps like ShopSavvy, or BuyVia for tech gifts. With these apps, you scan barcodes to see who has the same item at the best price. Also, take into consideration shipping charges, and make sure the item is in stock.

Gift Ideas For those who have everything, a gift certificate for a service like a massage might be a good option, or a gift card to a favorite restaurant or boutique. A gift basket filled with products like food and wine or a home spa experience complete with skin products and bath accessories might be good gift ideas. When buying for people who have everything, think consumables or a gift that creates an experience. Many times, teenagers are saving up for some larger purchase that is above your budget, so consider getting them a gift card to the store or site they plan on buying from or one of their favorite tech sites. Most small children have so many toys that you don’t want to duplicate. Books or a magazine subscription that is age appropriate are always good options. If you have your heart set on buying them a toy, check with their parents first. Find out what is on their wish list and let Mom/Dad know what you will be getting so they can mark it off. Enjoy the season while shopping. Stop for hot cocoa or meet friends for lunch and discuss your purchases. Who knows, you may get a few ideas. Support your local economy, and get the perfect gifts for everyone on your list! IREDELL LIVING • NOVEMBER 2018


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What's Cooking?!

Garlic and Herb Lamb Chops with Marsala Mushroom Sauce

Holiday gatherings provide perfect opportunities to get creative in the kitchen. Whether you are spicing up a traditional recipe or trying a new one, one versatile ingredient, like cooking wine, can provide a bold boost.

Garlic and Herb Lamb Chops with Marsala Mushroom Sauce Servings: 7 • Prep time: 30 minutes Marinate: 6-24 Hours • Cook time: 30 minutes

2 4 1 ¾

2 2

tablespoons fresh rosemary, chopped teaspoons fresh garlic, minced, divided tablespoon lemon zest cup Holland House Marsala Cooking Wine, divided tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil racks of lamb (3-4 pounds), trimmed and cleaned

Marsala Mushroom Sauce: 1 1

2 ½ 1


tablespoon butter pound fresh baby bella or cremini mushrooms, cleaned tablespoons fresh shallots, thinly sliced cup beef stock teaspoon Dijon mustard Salt, to taste Pepper, to taste tablespoon fresh parsley, chopped

Directions In large bowl, combine rosemary, 3 teaspoons garlic, lemon zest, ¼ cup cooking wine and olive oil. Add racks of lamb, meat-side up, and cover bowl. Marinate 6 to 24 hours. After marinating, heat oven to 400° F. Transfer racks of lamb to heated, oven-proof saute pan on stovetop and sear each side 2 minutes until golden brown. Transfer oven-proof saute pan with lamb to heated oven and cook approximately 10 minutes, or until lamb reaches 135° F in center. Remove pan from oven and take lamb out of pan to rest.

To make Marsala Mushroom Sauce: In same pan, melt butter over medium heat; add mushrooms and saute. Add shallots and remaining garlic, cooking until fragrant. Deglaze with remaining cooking wine. Add beef stock and whisk in Dijon mustard. Season with salt and pepper, to taste, and cook 2 minutes to reduce and thicken. Carve racks of lamb by cutting between ribs. Serve drizzled with Marsala Mushroom Sauce. Garnish with parsley. Recipes and photos courtesy of Holland House Cooking Wines. IREDELL LIVING • NOVEMBER 2018


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Chamber Announces New President and CEO

Shannon Viera, IOM President & CEO Greater Statesville Chamber of Commerce



The Greater Statesville Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that Shannon Viera, IOM, has been selected as the chamber’s new president/CEO. The chamber’s board of directors voted unanimously to approve Viera for the position after a search committee that reported to the executive committee conducted an extensive nationwide search. The chamber partnered with Anissa Starnes, Swingbridge Partners, LLC, out of Charlotte to provide oversight for the executive search. Viera will begin work officially the first of this month. She will be relocating to the area with her husband, Christian, and their twin sons, Aidan and Max.

million for the chamber. Shannon is a 2003 graduate of Columbia College and holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

“I am honored and extremely excited to join the Statesville Chamber,” said Viera. “The chamber’s work is vital to the business community, and I look forward to working with the chamber’s board, volunteers, staff, and greater community to grow the organization and to promote the interest and ensure the livelihood of local businesses. After meeting with the committee and touring the community, I knew this was the right step for me and my family, and I can’t wait to jump in and get started.”

Viera brings an upbeat attitude and a passion for supporting local businesses to the Statesville Chamber.

Viera most recently served as the president/CEO of the Brunswick County Chamber, located in Shallotte, North Carolina, where she served at the helm of the organization for six years. Shannon is a graduate of the U.S. Chamber’s Institute for Organization Management program at the University of Georgia. From 2008 to 2012, she served as the executive director for the Carolinas Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (CACCE). While serving in this capacity, she simultaneously served as the director of special events and programs for the Columbia Chamber in South Carolina. While working with the Columbia Chamber, she managed the total resource campaign with more than fifty volunteers and raised a total of $1.2

During her tenure as president/CEO of the Brunswick Chamber, the organization achieved regional accreditation and was recognized on multiple occasions for their marketing, communications, and innovative programming through the Carolinas Association of Chamber Executives. Under her leadership, the Brunswick Chamber also planned and executed the North Carolina Oyster Festival which brings more than 30,000 attendees each year.

Chair of the chamber’s search committee and past chamber board chair, Julia Wilson, said, “The interest level and response to our search within our community and from across the country was high. We had many qualified applicants. Shannon Viera was the most qualified, the best fit for our community, and the ideal choice.” Jeff Smith, 2017-2018 chairman of the chamber board of directors and president/CEO of Piedmont HealthCare, states “Shannon brings a wealth of experience in management and chamber operations to the chamber. With her exceptional background and experience, she is uniquely positioned to represent every stakeholder in our business community; she is an experienced chamber executive and a proven leader with an obvious commitment to supporting local businesses of all sizes, and her wealth of innovative programming experience will be an asset to our chamber. We are pleased to welcome Shannon and her family to our community and feel that her leadership and proven track record will complement the chamber and keep the organization on a path of success for the future.”

New Member Spotlight Scarlett Chapman

recently opened her new Thrivent Financial office in Statesville and actively helps her clients reach their financial goals while living generously. Scarlett graduated from the University of Mississippi where she was active in the Women’s Choir and her sorority, Phi Mu. She attends First Presbyterian Church and sings in the Sanctuary Choir. Scarlett is a newly active member in the Greater Statesville Rotary Club. In her free time she enjoys volunteering at Power Cross, sitting on the board of First Responders Support Services and spending time with her family and friends. 121 North Center Street, Suite 101 • Statesville, NC 28677 • (704) 873-2892

We are Thankful and Grateful to our Readers and Advertisers. Wishing You a

Happy Thanksgiving! FROM THE STAFF OF

Iredell • M A G A Z I N E •



Photo by Captain Gus


he holidays are upon us, and

celebrated on November 27, 2010, it

shopping for gifts and goodies

is the counterpart to Black Friday and

has begun. You might already

Cyber Monday. In contrast, Small Busi-

have everything you need, wrapped

ness Saturday encourages holiday shop-

and stowed away. But if not, or if you

pers to patronize independently owned

need to look for just a few more trea-

small businesses and to buy local rather

sures and treats, remember that Small

than going to the big box stores or buy-

Business Saturday is coming up on

ing online.

November 24, just after Thanksgiving. By making a point to shop on that par-

In 2011, the US Senate proclaimed

ticular Saturday, you’ll be doing much

Shop Small an official day. By 2013,

more than just finishing off your list.

1,450 neighborhoods celebrated the

You’ll be making a difference.

day as champions of their communities, increasing to 7,200 neighborhoods

Small Business Saturday, $12 Billion Day

On Shop Small Day 2017, over 108

by 2017. Last year, shoppers supported

million consumers patronized small

their neighborhood businesses like

businesses. This always includes res-

never before. We spent $12 billion at

taurants, retailers, and more. Last year

small independent businesses on that

marked a 15 percent increase from the

day. Among those who shopped, 32%

year before. Additionally, total spending

reported attending a community event,

among U.S. consumers who were aware

and 81% reported encouraging friends

of Small Business Saturday reached $12

or family to shop or dine at small,

billion, an increase of 14 percent from

independently-owned retailers and

the prior $10.3 billion.

restaurants on this shopping holiday, as well. So this year on Shop Small Day,

For many small businesses, the holiday

November 24th, go out and support

season is their largest sales opportunity.

our small businesses.

The day after Thanksgiving is traditionally considered to be the beginning of

When you buy from a local small busi-

the Christmas holiday shopping season.

ness, you are not helping a CEO buy a

During this time, a quarter of all per-

third vacation home. You are helping

sonal spending takes place. The Friday

a little girl start dance lessons, a little

after Thanksgiving has become known

boy get his team jersey, a Mom or Dad

as Black Friday, with most major retail-

put food on the table, a family pay the

ers offering early sales to their custom-

mortgage, a student pay for college.

ers, and often opening as early as 4 AM.

Kirk Ballard President and CEO Mooresville - South Iredell Chamber of Commerce



Black Friday is described as the busiest

Let’s make this a joyful and profitable

shopping day of the year. American

holiday season for our businesses and

Express created Small Business Satur-

all our families. Working together we

day, and it has become a very popular

can accomplish great things.

American shopping occasion. First





November 2018 issue of Iredell Living Magazine  

Welcome to Iredell Living Magazine online. We invite you to read the November 2018 issue featuring Cornerstone Christian Academy. Our advert...

November 2018 issue of Iredell Living Magazine  

Welcome to Iredell Living Magazine online. We invite you to read the November 2018 issue featuring Cornerstone Christian Academy. Our advert...