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CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Kristie Darling • Kathy Wheeler

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• G I F T S • FA S H I O N • A C C E S S O R I E S •

Temporary Location in Hickory 2120 N Center Street (828) 322-7201 Hours: Mon-Sat. 10a-7p Sun. 1-6p www.shopaquab.com Download Our App Hickory • Mooresville • Morganton Blowing Rock

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Mother’s Day! PKOP 6




Welcome to the

May Issue By Kathy Wheeler

©iStockphoto.com | KatarzynaBialasiewicz


t’s time to start planting annuals— my favorite time of the year! Nothing spruces up your outdoors like gorgeous hanging baskets of ferns, potted flowering vines, and planter boxes or pots filled with mixed annuals. You can create faux walls for your outdoor spaces by planting borders and arranging large pots. Style an English garden with colorful flower beds accented by borders and paths. In our area, zone 7, green is the neutral color from which all your spring colors pop. I personally like to keep an evergreen backdrop and use potted annuals to add color. Whatever you have designed for your yard I’m sure will be beautiful! Enjoy getting outside and digging in the dirt this month. Sunday, May 9th, is Mother’s Day. Where would we be without their love, support, and care? If you are looking for a gift, whose Mom wouldn’t enjoy a relaxing day at the spa or a gift from 8


a local boutique? You will find some of our advertisers offering Mother’s Day specials in this issue. Most of all, let Mom know that you love and appreciate all that she has done for you! In this issue of Hickory Living, we are featuring articles on outdoor living. With the Blue Ridge Mountains and the coast, North Carolina is a wonderful area to explore and enjoy. Our beautiful state is a perfect location to go camping. On page 24, there is an article about how one of our readers glamps in style. Do you prefer to spend your time relaxing in your own backyard? Scenic View Landscapes can help you make it a true oasis. Read their article on page 27. On page 28, Killians can help you with the right equipment to make this season’s yard maintenance a breeze. I can’t think of a better way to bring family, friends, and neighbors together than movie night! Check out our ideas about creat-

ing an outdoor theatre on page 29, and don’t forget the popcorn! Our cover story this month features Prime Surgical Suites. This state-ofthe-art facility offers advanced technology for orthopedic outpatient surgery. Patients receive exceptional care from some of our area’s top orthopedic surgeons. If you are suffering from orthopedic issues, please read their article on page 10. Our business spotlight features Polished From Head to Toe on page 18. Owner Kabo Moua Williams and her team of estheticians and cosmetologists address skin concerns, all the while making you feel pampered and beautiful. A great place to visit for a Mother’s Day gift! I hope you take advantage of the warm weather and enjoy the month of May! Thank you for reading Hickory Living.



on the cover


ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY SIMPLIFIED By Kristie Darling | Photos by Shane Greene

The greater Hickory area has recently welcomed Prime Surgical Suites to its many fine health care facilities. Prime’s new building and the medical team who perform surgeries are unmatched in this region as our first outpatient surgical center devoted exclusively to orthopedics—the branch of medicine that focuses on the musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic surgeons specialize in diagnosing, treating, and preventing musculoskeletal injuries, disorders, and deformities. Think 10


knee and hip replacements, sports injuries, broken bones requiring surgery for healing, back and spine surgeries when other options haven’t relieved the pain and returned the patient to normal functioning. The unique option that Prime Surgical Suites offers patients of all ages is the advantage of outpatient procedures in a state-of-the-art, award winning surgical center equipped with advanced surgical technology performed by some of our re-


On the cover–Jeffrey Keverline, MD, performs outpatient total knee replacements at Prime Surgical Suites, a surgical center focused exclusively on orthopedics. He is one of nine highly specialized, board certified surgeons at Prime. Above–Patient care is at the heart of everything we do at Prime Surgical Suites. Our team works hard to ensure a personal connection to everyone we care for.

gion’s most highly regarded orthopedic surgeons. What does that mean for you, the patient? Choosing to have your surgery at Prime Surgical Suites allows you to undergo surgery that you need during the day and return home the same day to begin recuperation in the comfort of home. WHY CHOOSE PRIME SURGICAL SUITES? As the name suggests, Prime Surgical Suites’ purpose is all about specialized surgery—orthopedic only. The beautifully designed, extremely comfortable, patient-focused facility is state-of-the-art through and through. I met with Dr. Jeffery Keverline who graciously gave me a tour, and I will say without hesitation, it is Architectural Digest beautiful, with a spacious lobby as welcoming as a fine hotel. You will truly feel at ease in the waiting area designed with comfort and patient safety throughout. Beyond the coffee bar, fireplace, and comfy tables and chairs where families wait just three or four hours before taking patients home after their procedure, the surgery side of this enterprise is remarkable in its efficiency and smooth workflow. There are three main operating rooms for procedures requiring full anesthesia, a procedure room for less complicated surgeries, and 15 pre-op/post-op bays. Combine this environment with a professional team of administrators, nurses, technicians, and surgeons caring for each patient like family, and the possibly stressful event of surgery becomes an experience you and your family will undertake easily, all in one day. When Prime Surgical Suites opened its doors October 2019, it had already been awarded a Healthcare Real Estate Insights (HREI) award, the only national awards dedicated to recognizing excellence in healthcare real estate development and executive leadership. Prime’s award was for Best New Medical Office Buildings and Other Outpatient Facilities (less than 25,000 square feet). “The number and quality of HREI Award nominations grows each year,” publisher Murray W. Wolf says. “It has become increasingly difficult to select finalists each year…yet we need to choose only a handful of nominees from among so many worthy entries.” Our community should be very proud of this new entry into our healthcare system.

Photos, Above:

• Prior to surgery, the surgeons meet with the patient to review the plan of care. • The operating room team carefully prepares prior to the start of the surgery.

YOU DON’T HAVE TO LIVE WITH PAIN “My total knee replacement with Dr. Keverline was a great experience,” Darrell Harman told me. “He and his medical staff treated me great. They explained everything they were doing, and, since I’d already had the other knee replaced three years ago in the hospital, I understand how much HICKORY LIVING • MAY 2021


better it is to go the outpatient route. I went in at 6:30 AM—I was home by 3:00 that afternoon.” Darrell’s recovery has been remarkable, too, so much so that his physical therapy team questioned his surgery date. “You’re doing awesome—are you sure you had surgery just two weeks ago?” “Looking forward to getting back to hiking, biking, and kayaking,” Darrell told me, “I want to climb in and out of the kayak without grimacing. It’s all about quality of life…I recommend Dr. Keverline and Prime Surgical 100%.” “There’s a growing need for surgeries like Darrell’s,” Dr. Keverline explained. “When I started in the 1990s, recovery began with about five days in the hospital and then possibly an in-patient rehabilitation stay. Now, people in good general health can have outpatient knee and hip replacements here thanks to considerable advancements in modern anesthesia techniques, such as regional blocks, joint cocktails after their procedure, and multi-modal medicine management that combines non-opiate medications the patient continues at home, and IV medications that control pain and reduce swelling. Our knee-replacement patients get up and walk around with some assistance before they leave and can usually walk unassisted within a week. Range of motion returns to normal quicker; patients resume their routine lifestyle faster.”


Advanced operating rooms, paired with cutting edge technology, allow our surgeons to provide the highest standards in medical care.



OUTPATIENT: A SAFE, COST-EFFECTIVE OPTION “Because we are a much smaller facility than a hospital, we are uniquely equipped to handle the COVID crisis with smaller numbers of patients and family members at any given time,” Dr. Keverline said. “Our staff directs proper social distancing, continuously ensures cleaning of all areas where people gather—we take this effort very seriously.” Cost efficiency and safety of procedures often performed in a hospital are improved in an ambulatory surgical care center (ASC) like Prime Surgical Suites. “We’re a more convenient, less expensive alternative for most orthopedic conditions that require surgery. Maintaining our excellent track record for quality, compassionate care, and positive outcomes is a priority,” Dr. Keverline continued. “Each of our nine doctors strives to ensure that this advanced, specialized surgery enables people to quickly return to activities they love. Orthopedics is all we do.”

PRIME’S ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY SPECIALITIES: • Knee replacement is a common procedure performed on 600,000 people worldwide annually. Patients experience dramatic improvement in knee pain, function, and mobility. • Hip replacement surgery can be performed outpatient and relieves pain and improves function. • Foot and ankle pain, when not treated, makes daily activities unbearable. Painful bunions, hammertoes, and other foot ailments can be treated. • Elbow and shoulder surgery relieves aching joints, improves range of motion, and reduces stiffness. • Spine surgeries are generally not performed until more conservative rehabilitative measures have been tried, but back pain or instability can be improved through spine procedures performed as outpatient treatments. • Sports medicine is a specialty that many families require. From children to adults, injuries happen, and outpatient surgery will lessen your time out and the cost of treatment. Several of Prime’s surgeons serve as medical officials for local high school and college teams. THE SURGEONS AT PRIME Technology and compassionate care go hand-in-hand. The elite group of orthopedic specialists who practice at Prime Surgical Suites are experts in their field and among the most reputable practitioners in the region. With years of advanced training, extensive experience, and friendly bedside manner, these surgeons have privileges at Prime Surgical Suites: Dr. Robert Duggan, DPM; Dr. Alfred Geissele, MD; Dr. Christopher Houdek, DO; Dr. Ross Jenkins, DPM; Dr. Jeffrey Keverline, MD: Dr. Ralph Maxy, MD; Dr. Josh Smith, MD; Dr. James Stanislaw, MD; Dr. Justin Walker, MD.


• Our outpatient total knee replacement patients are up and walking within hours following surgery. • Patients are discharged the same day to recover in the comfort of their home.

“What’s important to each of us is giving people a better quality of life,” Dr. Keverline shared. The good news? Now that you know about Prime Surgical Suites, you’re very likely to explore this opportunity when you or someone you love needs surgery. With a mission to offer patients state-of-the-art technology, comprehensive patient-centered care, and an unparalleled facility, Prime’s surgeons deliver exceptional, safe, and personal care to satisfied patients now living a better life. You, too, will be well served at Prime Surgical Suites.

SURGICAL SUITES 180 Riverbend Drive Granite Falls, NC 28630 (828) 394-6702 primesurgicalsuites@unchealth.unc.edu





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Call Trae!

828.855.1055 3244 Springs Rd NE Hickory, NC 28601



What's Cooking?! Ice Cream Made with Love for Mom

This delicious Very Berry and Creamy Coconut Ice Cream was created with mothers in mind. It’s melt-in-your-mouth delicious, especially when made with fresh ingredients right at home, and a perfect addition to Mother’s Day festivities. From trying new foods together and cooking lessons at a young age to time-honored family recipes, there are few things better than mom’s cooking. However, this time it may be mom’s turn to ask for the recipe.

Very Berry and Creamy Coconut Ice Cream Yields 11 cups

Berry Ice Cream 2

pounds frozen berries (such

as raspberries, blueberries,

strawberries and

blackberries) ½

cup sweetened

condensed milk


tablespoon honey


teaspoon salt

Coconut Ice Cream 2

cups heavy whipping

cream 16



cup sweetened

condensed milk


cup coconut milk


teaspoon salt

mint leaves, for garnish



To make berry ice cream: In blender, pulse frozen berries, sweetened condensed milk, honey and salt until smooth, scraping down sides. Pour mixture into 5-by-9-inch loaf pan. Freeze uncovered 4 hours, or until set. To make coconut ice cream: In large mixing bowl, beat whipping cream until stiff peaks form.

In medium bowl, whisk sweetened condensed milk, coconut milk, salt and 1 cup whipped cream until combined. Add remaining whipped cream and whisk until combined. Pour into 5-by-9-inch loaf pan. Freeze uncovered 4 hours, or until set. Scoop desired amount of each ice cream into bowls to serve. Garnish with mint leaves, if desired. NO ICE CREAM MAKER REQUIRED!

Recipes and photos courtesy of Culinary.net. For more recipes, visit Culinary.net.

Hydration Therapy For Your Health! If you push yourself to perform, hydration therapy can help you restore your body. • Are you dehydrated? • Do you have jet lag or a hangover? • Does your immune system need a boost? • Are you recovering from the flu or other illness? • Are you tired and feel rundown?

Whether you need vitamins, electrolytes or hydration, intravenous therapy is the quickest delivery to feeling better.


LOCATED AT VITALITY 74 8th Street SE, Suite 112 • Hickory



business spotlight


Left, The team at Polished From Head to Toe Below, Kabo Williams applying lash extensions Opposite page A hydrating and firming treatment mask is applied by Christy Yang during a customized facial. Jessica White trying out the Obagi Tinted Sunscreen SPF 50. The team at Polished From Head to Toe are passionate about skin care!

POLISHED From Head toToe

Luxurious Pampering For Every Woman By Kristie Darling | Photos by Shane Greene

Kabo Williams is a licensed esthetician and the owner of Polished From Head to Toe, a full service day spa located in historic downtown Hickory. She has a woman’s passion for self-care and that sense of wellbeing that comes with looking and feeling your best. “The staff here at Polished are dedicated to helping women fall in love with who they are by enhancing their natural beauty. Our passion for creating a meaningful and relaxing experience for our clients, combined with an excellent service, are what sets us apart.” SERVICES YOU WILL LOVE Kabo’s decade of experience in the medical field, most recently with a plastic surgeon, gives her a first-hand understanding of 18


what women want during their day spa visit. “When I’m considering a new line of products or services, I do my research to ensure everything is clean, healthy, and effective. I want to only offer the best to my clients. I want products that work and work well.” At Polished From Head to Toe, you’ll experience refreshment and refinement. You might want to start with your eyes… with your lashes and eyebrows. When our eyes shine, we naturally feel more beautiful. Have you been wanting longer, thicker lashes? Lash extensions may be the answer for you. Carefully applied to your natural lashes, they are soft and lightweight. Are your natural eyelashes straight or light col-

ored? Lash lifting, and lash and brow tinting will make your eyes pop. Great for the hot summer months when you don’t want to wear a lot of makeup. Are your eyebrows unruly? They specialize in brow waxing and shaping. Longer, darker, and fuller lashes with beautifully shaped brows can be all that’s needed to face the world. Caring for your skin is an art. “We are skincare experts. We believe in not only choosing great products but using the correct products and combina-

tions to get results for our clients. Our customized facials are specifically tailored to your unique skin type and concerns,” Kabo explained. “Rosacea/sensitive skin requires special treatment, and we love the delicate, dermatologist tested Hale & Hush products for clients who need a soothing but effective treatment.” Polished offers customized facials that treat acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, and aging skin. “We offer chemical peels, microdermabrasion, hydro facial, and

the Rezenerate Nano Facial—they all produce results.” Leave your skin feeling restored to radiance with the other services offered: back facials, dry brushing, salt scrub, body wraps, and full body waxing. From facial hair removal, to legs, arms, underarms, and the bikini area, professional waxing achieves a clean, soft feel. Rejuvenate your skin, and be silky smooth for the summer months ahead!

The team at Polished From Head to Toe believes in their craft, and it truly shows in all of their treatments and services. As Kabo has said from the beginning “Everyone is beautiful in their own way, we simply work to enhance it.” Let them help you find your best self. 828-838-0163 221 1st Ave. NW, Hickory Suites 205 & 208 in the Harris Arcade www.kmpolished.com

You have a CHOICE for Rehab Ask for Conover Nursing & Rehab! Our goal is to get you back to those you love and the life you love living. You are in good hands at Conover Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. After an illness, surgery or injury, our team is dedicated to your recovery and safe transition back home!

• Rehab Wing with Central Gym and Indoor Track • Results Oriented Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapists on Staff • Family Owned & Operated

Conover Nursing & Rehabilitation Center 828.695.8282


920 4th Street SW • Conover, NC 28613 HICKORY LIVING • MAY 2021





Preparing Financially For Separation and Divorce By Blair E. Cody, III Attorney at Law

As most of us can probably imagine, leaving a marriage is not easy. There are often years of property accumulation, debt accumulation, raising children, financial commitments, etc. that will have to be sorted through and dealt with. If you are thinking about leaving your marriage, there are some basic things you need to do, on the financial side, so you don’t find yourself in a hole that will be difficult to dig out of. Here is a list of things that you will need to do:

Know what your spouse’s income is, and get copies or pictures of pay stubs, W-2s, tax returns, etc. for at least the last three years.

Know who you owe money to and the amount of the monthly payment obligation. When you separate, creditors don’t worry themselves with any “agreement” the two of you may have on who pays what, just whether the debt is getting paid. Know what debts you can afford to pay, and make sure that you can meet those financial obligations.

need the money to live until you can get court ordered alimony or child support. Especially if your spouse is the supporting spouse and makes most of the money for the family, you will need to make sure you can afford the period after the date of separation and before you are able to get in front of a judge.

©iStockphoto.com | dragana991

notice, rectify, and try to discourage by their ultimate ruling, there is simply nothing that can be done to get a spouse to “pay what they are supposed to” until you get into court.

Be willing and able to cut back your lifestyle. For some, there is enough money saved and earned by either one or both of the parties that the standard of Make sure that you living for each doesn’t have can afford to leave. If to change after separation. there is not enough money in savings that you have ac- However, for most, that cess to, make sure you have is not the case. You may family/friends who are going likely have to prioritize things that you never had to to help support you finanbefore after separation. For cially until you get in front of a judge. All too often, the example, you may have a car that has a $700 monthly supporting spouse cuts off Know how much financial support during the payment and you decide to money you have in period of separation, includ- trade it for a car with a $300 financial accounts (checking, savings, investment ac- ing not paying child support payment or one that is paid for. Things like cable TV or counts, etc.) and get copies or more monthly recurring of statements or pictures to expenses, like car or health gym memberships may need to be cut so that you can insurance. While this is prove these amounts. Also, sustain yourself financially don’t be afraid to take mon- unfortunate and a decision during this period after I would hope most of our ey out of these accounts, separation. especially if you are going to family court judges would

Making the decision to leave a marriage is one of the most difficult decisions any of us will ever make. Like any major decision, make sure that you plan accordingly and invest the time and effort required to get your ducks in a row so that you will be in the best position to succeed post separation. The first thing everyone who is contemplating a separation should do is to make an appointment to see an experienced family law attorney who can guide them through the process. If I can help you with some answers related to prenups or your marriage, please give me a call.

Blair Cody has been practicing Family Law for over 19 years in the Hickory area. For an appointment, call Helton, Cody & Associates, PLLC 828.328.9966. HICKORY LIVING • MAY 2021







here is no better place than North Carolina to enjoy the outdoors. Our state offers many trails and parks to explore and places to camp. In less than an hour, you can be at area lakes, rivers, and streams. You can take a daycation in the mountains or a weekend at the coast. Add in the different seasons, and each trip becomes new every time you visit—spring being the most beautiful. Creating outdoor living spaces can make staying at home your favorite place to be.

Photos: ©iStockphoto.com | KatarzynaBialasiewicz | Elenathewise | Maridav | Hikesterson

Swimming pools, spas, outdoor kitchens, theaters, water features, and firepits are wonderful additions to enjoy and share with friends. Dining and seating areas surrounded by beautiful landscaping invites you outdoors to relax, read a book, or gather with neighbors. If you are looking to make improvements, see how Scenic View Landscapes can help on page 27. Whether you explore our state or enjoy your own backyard oasis, take the time to get outside and enjoy spring!



Let’s Go Glamping!

By Kathy Wheeler | Photos provided by Rae Palmer

Everyone has their own idea of what camping should look like. For some, it’s all about roughing it in the great outdoors with a tent or even a tarp. Others may enjoy camping with the comforts of home in an RV. For Hickory resident Rae Palmer, it’s somewhere in between and over the top. She is a glamper who enjoys the outdoors in style! Within a month of each other, Rae, her sister, and three of her friends bought pop-up campers with fun plans to turn them into glampers. Why pop-up campers? They’re more affordable than RVs. You are more connected with nature than in an RV, and they still offer a level of comfort. Also, they are small, light-weight, and easy to haul. Rae purchased her used 2005 Rockwood from Facebook Marketplace. “I love vintage things, and an older camper was economical,” Rae said. “I knew I wouldn’t be limited by any decorating constraints, as I might have been with a newer camper. It doesn’t make sense to tear a new one apart just to redo it.” Plus, she loves DIY projects, so it was a perfect fit! Rae suggests when shopping for used pop-ups to check that the canvas is intact with no leaks 24


or previous water damage and make sure it has a solid floor. She explained that because they are affordable, they sell almost as soon as they are listed, so you have to be quick and decisive when looking to buy one. Once the ladies had purchased their campers, the fun began before they even hit the road— sharing the experience and creative ideas for the remodel. The themes, styles, and possibilities are endless. Rae’s inspiration for her rehab came from finding one item she really liked, a colorful dog print on canvas. She loved its bright color palette and used it in her design. She and her friends spent about a month remodeling their campers. “Of course, everyone names their camper,” said Rae. “Mine is The Hippie Den.” Her transformation started with painting the cabinets, replacing the flooring, and reupholstering the benches. Then it was a matter of decorating and adding sass. New curtains, catchy, hand-painted sayings, bedding, and accessories made it worthy of its name.


Above–Rae Palmer’s camper before the transformation and a photo of her in New Orleans during one of her first trips. Opposite page–The Hippie Den after the fun renovation.

The First Trips After renovating, the five women were ready to take their first trip. Three of their spouses tagged along. To add a little fun, the ladies wore t-shirts that sported, Glamping Crew. And the men? They wore t-shirts that said, Camping Crew—We Answer to the Glampers. “Our first trip was to Waynesville, near Cataloochee at Creekwood Farm RV Park,” said Rae. “It was a fantastic first trip—relaxing fun with friends, great outdoor cooking, and certainly better than a hotel.” That following fall, Rae planned a second trip with her nieces. They took a girls’ road trip to New Orleans and Laurel, Mississippi, where HGTV’s Home Town is filmed. “People at campgrounds tend to be extremely kind and helpful if you run into difficulties with parking or setting up. There are always friendly faces and experienced hands to help,” Rae explained. “We stayed at two campgrounds and explored a lot of antique and consignment shops.” What a way to make memories with her nieces! I’m sure it was a trip they will never forget, and I look forward to hearing about her next adventures this camping season. However you decide to camp, it’s an opportunity to reconnect with nature and the people you love to hang out with. To get inspiration from other campers, you can connect with vintage camper and pop-up enthusiasts online. They can offer some good advice, and you might make some new friends in the process. The planning can be just as fun as the camping!

Rae’s inspiration

The Campers and

The Glampers






hen speaking about outdoor living, there is no better place to start than in your own backyard...or front yard for that matter! Have you thought about a tranquil waterfall, trickling brook, or a pond to make your backyard more Zen? Would you enjoy gathering with friends while relaxing around a cozy fireplace? Have you considered adding hardscapes to extend your outdoor living space? These features, along with luscious lawns, shrubs, trees, and flowers, create an outdoor oasis for you to enjoy yearround.

in gold. Instead of haphazardly adding to your yard, Kevin can design it so everything works together beautifully, and he’ll save you money in the long run. You’ll get what you want the first time around. A good design can address privacy, water erosion issues, and improve curb appeal. If you have any doubts about hiring Scenic View Landscapes, visit their website at www.scenicviewlandscapes.net, and read their many glowing reviews.

Kevin Sipe, landscape designer and owner of Scenic View Landscapes, adds his design expertise to your vision and ideas, and then his team of professionals create your dream landscape! A good landscape designer is worth their weight

Are you concerned about maintenance? No need. Scenic View Landscapes can help you maintain your beautiful grounds so you have all the enjoyment and none of the work! Now that is outdoor living!

Photo by Shane Greene Photography

Scenic View Landscapes

There are some things in life you shouldn’t wait to enjoy. Turning your land into a slice of paradise is one of those things. Give Scenic View Landscapes a call today and start planning your oasis!

828.256.2517 www.scenicviewlandscapes.net


Transforming Landscapes into Scenic Views! • Creative and innovative design • Impeccable reputation • Meticulous attention to detail • Integrity as business professionals • Quality that exceeds client expectations

Visit us online at www.ScenicViewLandscapes.net Owner and Landscape Contractor, Kevin Sipe

• Landscapes • • Hardscapes • Water Features • • Outdoor Lighting • Garden Maintenance •

For Your Landscape Transformation, Contact Kevin Sipe and the Scenic View Team




Killian’s Hardware

Hardware and More! The mild temperatures make it a perfect time to tackle those home repairs and projects. From electrical and plumbing to a full line of hardware, Killians has it! For those family cookouts, pick up a Wilmington Grill and some propane while you’re there. Serious chefs will love these high-end stainless steel grills.



Photo by Shane Greene Photography


pring starts the mowing season. You want to get that weekly chore done as quickly and efficiently as possible. If your mower isn’t cutting it (pun intended), Killians has everything you need to produce and maintain a beautiful lawn. They have an incredible showroom of mowers and other outdoor equipment, a very knowledgeable staff to help you decide the best equipment for your lawn, and a service department that is second to none! You will find an extensive selection of excellent brands such as Toro, Cub Cadet, Husqvarna, Stihl, and Echo for both the professional landscaper and homeowner alike. Check out their great selection of 60V battery operated products. With 0% financing for up to 48 months, you can’t beat the terms, so there’s no reason to wait to enjoy your new mower or outdoor equipment!

Killians has a rich history in serving our community. They have been family-owned for 68 years. Now in their fourth generation, owners Sharon Radke and Susan Kirby work with their daughters Jennifer and Whitney to keep Killians running smoothly. They embrace the traditions and values learned from their father and grandfather, while implementing new strategies to meet customers’ needs today. “Serving the friends we’ve made through this business is what we’re all about,” said Sharon. Visit them to get started on your spring projects!

3790 Springs Road, Hickory www.killiansinc.com • 828.256.2147

By Kathy Wheeler

©iStockphoto.com | Vac1

As the weather warms up, what better way to spend an evening outdoors than watching a movie on the big screen. Reminiscent of the old driveins, outdoor theaters are a fun way to get friends together and enjoy a sports game or a movie. Add in popcorn, drinks, a fire pit, and maybe s’mores, and you have a party! For this article, I wanted to see how easily I could create a portable outdoor theater. So basically, you need a projector, a screen, and a source for the movie. Depending on how many people you have and how loud you want it to be, you may need some speakers. You can spend a little or a lot, but since my the-

ater wouldn’t be permanent, I wanted something that would do the job inexpensively.

PROJECTOR I researched and read reviews on a ton of projectors, lumens, and resolution until it all became a blur. I wound up purchasing a TMY projector with a 100” screen on Amazon for $100. I chose this particular projector because of the price, specs, it came with a screen, and it had Wi-Fi. The idea was to make it easy by mirroring my iPhone as the source— easy being the key word. I connected the projector and phone to my network via Wi-Fi, and it worked great with YouTube videos but not the Spectrum

app. The app would stop working once I connected to the projector. The projector had the option of using my lightning cable to connect directly, but that didn’t fix the problem. I had sound but no picture on both my phone and projector. I spent the first day troubleshooting and called Spectrum for support with no avail. Apparently, Netflix and other streaming subscriptions won’t allow you to mirror to the projector due to copyright issues. It may be the same for the Spectrum app. Tech support didn’t verify. So much for making it easy, right? In my limited technical opinion, Wi-Fi just doesn’t benefit you with this projector. You can connect your iPhone with a lightning cable directly to the projector HICKORY LIVING • MAY 2021


if you want to view photos or video. That being said, within a few minutes I was able to connect my laptop using a HDMI cable, log in to my Spectrum account, and watch the programming within my account. So, if you are looking for easy, forget the Wi-Fi feature!

SOUND The sound on the projector is fine for my purpose, but if you want more


sound, you can connect an external speaker. I already had a JBL Bluetooth speaker. I was struggling with connecting it to my laptop via Bluetooth and just ordered a 3.5mm cable and connected it directly to the projector.

THE SCREEN There are many ways to go when purchasing a screen. Finding the right screen depends on your budget, how

Below: 1 & 2 A PVC screen versus a polyester, anti-wrinkle screen

• 1



portable you want it, and where you are going to put it. Do you have a wall to hang it on or will you stretch it on a frame? Do you want to project from the front or the back? The screen that came with the projector was a thin polyester fabric that you could see through. This is great if you want to hang it on a smooth wall or stretch it on a frame and project from behind the screen. Since I wanted to hang mine from an existing

3 I was pleased with the quality using my laptop, TMY

• 2

LED projector, and PVC screen.

• 3

awning, I purchased a heavier PVC screen with a black back for $15 on Amazon. However, the PVC screen was so wrinkled you would have to stretch it on a sturdy frame to get the wrinkles out, and it is questionable whether that would work. The instructions said to hang it in the sun for three days, which didn’t remove the wrinkles. Also, that’s not very practical unless you want a permanent screen. You can purchase a pull-down screen between $50 - $130, but again not very portable. They make a polyester screen with a foldable frame that has a black backing for around $40 - $50. I’ve talked to several people who used nothing more than a smooth wall, a bedsheet, and even a tarp as their screen. Just keep in mind that the smoother the material, the better the picture. I made some incorrect assumptions during purchase that threw some kinks in my easy plan. My advice is, try everything out before you plan on using it. You don’t know what you need until you need it. Buy your screen and projector separately instead of the packaged deal. You will wind up spending about the same amount but get a better screen. Extras you will need? Two AAA batteries for the remote, a 3.5mm audio cable for a speaker, and of course, your streaming source. Once all the kinks were worked out, I was pleased with the quality for around $120.00. The best part was spending time with family and friends during movie night!





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Hickory Living May 2021  

Welcome to Hickory Living Magazine online. We invite you to read the May 2021 issue featuring Prime Surgical Suites. Our advertisers make it...

Hickory Living May 2021  

Welcome to Hickory Living Magazine online. We invite you to read the May 2021 issue featuring Prime Surgical Suites. Our advertisers make it...

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