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Welcome to the May issue. Our moms do so much for us. They nurture and protect us when we are young, are there every step of the way in our teen and formative years, and continue to give us love, guidance and support in adulthood. In their eyes we can do no wrong. As their children we will always be their baby, no matter how old we are, or they are. Thank you, moms, for the sacrifices you make, and for the love and support you give to your family every day of the year...Happy Mother’s Day! This year, Memorial Day is Monday May 29. We remember all military personnel who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we might be free. Many of these brave heroes endured hardships in the service of their country that most of us could not imagine. We can never thank them enough; may they all rest in peace. Until next month, thank you for reading the May issue of Hickory Living Magazine!


LIVING May 2017

Living the Good Life

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May 2017

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• Clater-Kaye Theatreworks


• What’s Cooking?!


• Kiawah Island, South Carolina


• What Are You Waiting For?


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• Happy Mother’s Day!

A Legacy Of Sales, Service, And Parts

Triple Threat Program Producing Successful Stars

Protein Rich Breakfast

A Unique Balance Of Nature And Development


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Happy Mother’s Day!

By Kathy Wheeler


Does your mom have eyes in the back of her head? Does she instinctively know what is going on with you before you tell her? Does she call you right when you are in the middle of doing something you know she wouldn’t approve of? To answer the first question, no, she doesn’t have eyes in the back of her head! What she does have is a love and a protectiveness that exceeds super hero powers. There is such a bond between moms and their children that is so strong that words cannot describe it, time only strengthens it, and death doesn’t sever it. She may get frustrated with your shenanigans. You may get tired of her meddling. She may reprimand you for making bad decisions; however, if someone else has an opinion, it is best if they don’t verbalize it! A mom’s wrath can quickly turn from frustration to protectiveness. The bottom line is she only wants what is best for you, and she goes to great lengths to see that it happens.



© | LiliGraphie

The most precious gift a mother can receive is to see her children happy, so this Mother’s Day, share your goals and plans with her, express your love to her, and give her a little of your time. Put away your cell phone, shut down your computer, and just be in the moment with her. I recently saw a plaque that said, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That’s why it is called the present.” This is so true. If you are looking for the perfect Mother’s Day present just spend part of your today with her. Lend an ear to her advice. She may not know as much about apps or computers as you do, but she knows a lot about life and how to navigate its ups and downs. Whether your mom has an actual career or not, her job skills from motherhood alone are just like those of a CEO–making major decisions and managing the operations and resources of the family. Not to mention the many other hats she wears. She’s probably mastered time management

with all the multitasking that’s required of moms, such as financial planning, bookkeeping, motivational speaking, managing, organizing, serving as chef, housekeeper, caregiver, personal shopper, and event planner. If you took family vacations, you could add travel agent to that list. You may think that you know more than she does, but knowledge can’t replace experience. And with experience you truly learn what is most important and that life is something that should be savored. This Mother’s Day, lavish gifts are not necessary. Instead, give a little of yourself to let your mom know that she is honored and loved. Hickory Living Magazine appreciates all the selfless acts performed by moms and wishes each and every one a Happy Mother’s Day.







cover story



On the cover–Sharon Killian Radke, Jennifer Gott and Susan Killian Kirby Pictured–The Killian’s team

A LEGACY OF SALES, SERVICE, AND PARTS By Kristie Darling | Photos by Shane Greene Photography

Spring is running full steam ahead into summer, and this is the time of year when your lawn and garden equipment really proves its worth. There’s plenty of cleanup from winter’s rough impact, and warm, sunny weather has now pumped up the growth of everything. And your lawn won’t wait! If your property needs attention, Killians Hardware should be your first stop for a new mower, trimmer, blower, or any other type of lawn and garden equipment, or supplies. “We work 50-plus hours a week, especially during this peak season,” owner Sharon Killian Radke explained as she gave me a full tour of the iconic hardware store. “Our team runs a well-oiled operation, from the warehouse, to the showroom, to the parts and service departments. In the store and behind 12


the scenes, it’s all very efficient. We have seasoned, knowledgeable employees who know their stuff. Our sales showroom is second to none, and more importantly, our parts and service departments stand behind everything we sell.” KILLIANS’ INCOMPARABLE PARTS DEPARTMENT Howard Mourglea has been growing Killians’ parts department since 2004, and the parts storage area shows it, with floor to ceiling rows of bins and bays full of numbered parts of every type and brand. The old-timey feel of this expansive backroom is misleading: inventory and parts sales are managed by computer, with shipments going out nationwide every day, and some to international customers. “We have the largest inventory in the Southeast, and when you consider the extent that our online Ebay store covers, which we’ve been operating for ten years now (, there’s no reason to look anywhere else,” Howard said. “We carry over 35 lines of parts, and if we don’t have it, we can get it. We make ordering parts, in the store, by phone, or online, easy. We want our customers to be satisfied every time they need something.” Rigo Gasco has grown up in the hardware business, and customers who need a Spanish-speaking salesman know when

he’s in the store. “He helps a lot of folks around here have a satisfactory experience when they order,” Howard explained. SERVICE YOU CAN COUNT ON Service Manager Scott Miller explained, “This time of year the repairs we get are often results from lots of use. Most of our routine maintenance is done December through February when we offer our winter service special. We see equipment from about a seven-county area, so our team has to be efficient.” Killians’ service department is a Briggs & Stratton master sales and service dealer, a winner of the Toro Company’s master service dealer of the year award, and is master certified with Kohler, Kawasaki, Stihl, Husqvarna, and Honda. In addition, the five-man team offers landscapers service within 24 business hours on commercial equipment. “I think of the service department as having the Killians’ advantage,” Sharon said. “Our service technicians are thoroughly trained and certified to the highest level by our manufacturers on a continual basis, so they are up-to-date on all equipment and products. They care about your equipment just like you do.” My tour of the service department was impressive: it was clean, organized, and I could tell they were on task to get their work completed.

Photos: Above–The parts department, pictured–Rigo Gasca, Randy Herman, and Howard Mourglea • Service department unloading a mower for maintenance. Left–Service Manager Scott Miller, and Service Writer Tate Blanton • Chris Houser, the service department’s mechanic for commercial mowers HICKORY LIVING • MAY 2017


NEW LAWN AND GARDEN EQUIPMENT SHOWROOM The showroom is large and impressive. All new equipment arrives here from the on-site warehouse, which is larger, and possibly even more impressive. When I visited, Mike Adcock, warehouse manager, was unpacking a new Toro lawnmower from its pallet. “The key to keeping everything running smoothly is being organized,” he told me. “When the sales team needs something upstairs for a customer, it’s going to be ready to go.” Sharon, her sister and co-owner, Susan Killian Kirby, her daughter, Jennifer Gott, and the sales team take time to listen to their customers so they can recommend the right tool for the job. “We have many customers who have been coming in here all their lives, some with their dads and grandfathers. Now, they bring their kids,” Sharon said. “Our reputation is at stake with every sale, so we want to get it right the first time, every time. The brands we sell are all top of the line, reliable, time-tested, and we’re proud to represent these manufacturers.” Sharon serves on the Outdoor Power Equipment Dealer’s Council, a national organization that addresses industry issues, relationships with manufacturers, training, certifications, and safety concerns. “We stay involved in the industry,” she told me. “We want our commercial and residential customers to benefit from all the information that’s out there.” Killians has developed a strong partnership with the Toro Company, and has won their sales awards over the years. Additional brands you will find in the showroom are Husqvarna, Stihl, Briggs and Stratton, Little Wonder, JRCO, Peco, and top quality, stainless steel Wilmington Grills.

Photos, above, top to bottom:

• The warehouse department–Andrew Kunze, Dave Krzeminski, Mike Adcock, and Art Meadows • Salesman Derek Willis is showing a product to a customer. • Hardware Manager Bruce Hartsell helping a customer with lawncare advice and grass seed.



HARDWARE AND LAWNCARE Bruce Hartsell, hardware manager, is the man to see when it comes to hardware and lawn and garden care at Killians. With 27-years of experience at Killians, he is rightfully known as “the lawn man.” Bruce is a helpful resource for any questions about hardware and your lawn or gardens. Bruce has a handle on it all, from fertilizer and seeds to hand tools and plumbing, and everything in between. Have questions about a project? See Bruce. Want to know more about tools? Bruce. Key lawn care advice from Bruce? “Develop proper soil conditions, use quality

seed, and plant at the right time.” You want to meet Bruce; there’s lots more good advice where that came from! STRONG FAMILY TRADITIONS Sharon’s daughter, Jennifer, wears several hats. When I arrived, she was busy at the counter. “Jen is great with the computer and customer service,” Sharon shared. “She grew up in this business, and has come to know some of the older customers and their families who have been coming in for years. She understands how important good customer service is in establishing loyal customers.” Some people shop here several times a week, and some knew Jennifer’s grandfather. They’ve been shopping there for years, just like their fathers and grandfathers did. “For us, that long-standing reputation is everything,” Jennifer told me. In 1953, her great grandfather, Emory Killian, founded the feed mill that his son, Elmer, grew into this fascinating hardware store and landmark on Springs Road. As local business owners, Sharon and Susan go the extra mile to give back to the community and like good neighbors everywhere, they step up and help out in many ways. The company partners with Rising Hope Farm, local churches, and schools by helping them maintain their properties. “We support our local firefighters and police, and our community Christmas Eve party with Santa is a favorite,” Sharon said. “We remember our father and grandfather and the honest, respectful way they ran this business. In the midst of being an up-to-date, full-service lawn and garden equipment sales center and hardware store, it’s the old-fashioned relationships we’ve established over the years that sets us apart.” Killians is so much more than a hardware store—it’s a family friendly, heart of the community kind of destination. Everyone there goes beyond what the big box stores offer, in service, competitive pricing, and personal attention. The look, feel, and friendliness in the store contribute to the nostalgic shopping experience. At the same time, state-of-the-art equipment, products, and helpful advice will be found there. If you haven’t yet visited, add this store to your list of favorite places to shop. It’s that time of year…bring your list and get ready for summer at Killians.

Killians Hardware 828-256-2147 3790 Springs Road • Hickory Hours: M-F 7:30 - 5:30, Sat 7:30 - 2:00

Photo, above:

Product demo and sale to Church of the Master. Churches and non-profit organizations qualify for bid assist and are able to buy at discounted pricing.


TO BUY FROM A TORO DEALER 10. Factory-Trained Service Technicians 9. Genuine Toro Parts and Accessories 8. Products Professionally Set Up, Serviced and Ready to Go 7. Competitive Financing Options 6. On-Site Product Demonstrations 5. Best Selection of Products to Fit Your Needs 4. Delivery Available 3. Competitive Prices 2. Experienced, Knowledgeable and Courteous Staff And the # 1 Reason... 1. Locally Owned and Operated







By Meredith Collins

Broadway, international tours, regional theatre, television, web series, commercials, and reality TV are all dreams that came true through Clater-Kaye Triple Threat. Clater-Kaye Theatreworks founders Robert Clater and Lesia Kaye prepare students for professional entertainment careers from day one by using their unique teaching program to propel success. As Robert and Lesia navigated through their theatre arts training and extensive professional careers, they conceived a more comprehensive way of integrating the teaching of dance, music, and drama at an early age to produce dramatic results. They developed the customized Clater-Kaye Triple Threat Program. “We created a different way of teaching performing arts,” Lesia said. “Over the past ten years, we’ve morphed the program into a dynamic tool for training young artists.” 18


Photo by Shane Greene Photography

Triple Threat Program Producing Successful Stars The results speak for themselves!

• Josh Drake: Currently on Broadway in Aladdin. Previously swing and Johnny Castle cover for Dirty Dancing National Tour. • Natalie Kaye Clater: Currently assistant to the choreographer and dance captain in Dreamgirls at TUTS in Houston. Previously Marty in Grease at the MUNY, St. Louis and appeared in Blue Bloods on CBS. • Robby Clater: Off-Broadway production of Connected nominated for Best Play for the NY Innovative Theatre Awards. • Devin Hatch: Currently on an international tour with Lightwire Theatre. • Mikaela Fleming teaches Communications at Cal State Northridge. Star of the mockumentary On The Air. • McKenzie Townsend: Currently in a Mobile Strike commercial, HULU commercial, and co-star in the webseries Lana Steele: Makeup Spy. (Photos, left, by Jeremy Pope, EyePopPhoto, Eduardo Mozer, Joshua De La Cruz, David Crosby and Cathryn Farnsworth. Photos provided by Clater Kaye)

Photos by Shane Greene Photography

Photos: Opposite page–A Clater-Kaye

Triple Threat class working with levels and patterns. Above–Vocal dexterity and ear training is a large part of the CKT curriculum. • The beginning Triple Threat classes use games to embed basic skills.

“Through our unique curriculum, students are fully prepared to be successful in the industry in a myriad of ways,” Robert said. “Clater-Kaye Triple Threat is a program designed to target the multi-tasking required to be an accomplished performer early so that it quickly becomes second nature. By using early childhood development techniques combined with the natural theatrical tendencies of children, the neurological pathways being developed do the work for us. Then, they hit the ground running.” Robert and Lesia’s experience and industry knowledge allow their students to soar. “When students come through our door, we discuss their goals and dreams,” Lesia said. “Maybe they are shy and their parents want to encourage them to get out of their shell. We evaluate them and place them in a class based on current needs. Then we introduce them to other theatrical aspects to enhance their marketability. Each child’s curriculum is cus-

tomized toward their skills and desires.” While many students at Clater-Kaye want to pursue a career in theatre or film, for others it’s just for personal growth. “Regardless of their final career path, the curriculum will benefit them in life,” Lesia said. “We target brain development, processing speed and an ability to evaluate information quickly. We encourage self-confidence, discipline, and tenacity. By utilizing full-body training and logic thinking, the curriculum crosses lines from pure theatre arts training to supporting these same traits in academia.” Follow them online for the roll out of Clater-Kaye Triple Threat curriculum. Subscriptions will be available this fall for teachers everywhere. Clater-Kaye Theatreworks 3387 NC Hwy 127 South, Hickory 828-294-2582









What's Cooking?! Protein Rich Breakfast

This Mother’s Day, serve Mom a nutritious breakfast in bed! These recipes are rich in protein and will be a good start to her day!

Blueberry Buckwheat Pancakes

Recipe courtesy of The Chef Next Door Serves 4

¾ cup buckwheat flour ¾ cup all-purpose flour 2 tablespoons sugar 1½ teaspoons baking powder ½ teaspoon baking soda ½ teaspoon salt 2 eggs 1¾ cups lactose-free, 2% milk 2 tablespoons vegetable oil 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract 2 cups fresh blueberries, plus additional for topping (optional) Syrup (optional)


In large bowl, whisk together flours, sugar, baking powder, baking soda and salt. In small bowl, beat eggs then add milk, oil and vanilla; mix well. Stir wet ingredients into dry ingredients and mix to combine. Heat griddle or large skillet over medium heat. Using ¼ measuring cup, pour batter onto griddle. Gently place several blueberries all over surface of pancakes. Flip pancakes when bubbles start to form around edges and bottoms are golden brown. Cook on other side

until golden brown, about 2 minutes. Remove to plate and cover to keep warm.

2 dried figs, halved 1 tablespoon sliced almonds 1 tablespoon honey

Top pancakes with additional blueberries and syrup before serving, if desired.


Ricotta and Fig Oatmeal

Recipe courtesy of Foxes Love Lemons Serves 1

¾ cup milk ½ cup old-fashioned rolled oats ⅛ teaspoon kosher salt 2 tablespoons ricotta cheese

In microwave-safe bowl, stir together milk, oats and salt. Microwave on high 2 1/2 minutes, or until oats are tender and most liquid is absorbed. Remove bowl from microwave; stir in ricotta. To serve, top with figs and almonds, and drizzle with honey. Photos and recipes courtesy of United Dairy Industry of Michigan Visit for more recipes. HICKORY LIVING • MAY 2017









Kiawah Island, South Carolina A Unique Balance of Nature and Development

Photos and Article by Linda B. Wilson

My family first vacationed on Kiawah Island in 1987. The road leading to the island went on and on. With two restless kids in the car, I thought we would never get there, but soon after arrival, that endless drive was forgotten.

All About Nature Kiawah’s villas are tucked into the natural forestry of the island. Most are so nestled into their surroundings you must be looking to notice them at all. This unique balance of nature and development is what visitors find endearing. Preserving the natural beauty of the island also provides a healthy habitat for the wildlife. Deer are often seen on the beach, and just a few years ago we saw our first bobcat. Along with the many migratory bird species, an occasional alligator can be spotted in or near a lagoon.

For water sports enthusiasts, rent or bring your kayak or paddle board. Guided boat and kayak tours are available, too.

The Beach The ten miles of wide, hard-packed sand are people and dog friendly. Most of the homes and villas are set back from the water behind extensive dunes to create a more tranquil beach setting. If you have always wanted to ride a horse on the beach, neighboring Seabrook Island has stables where you can arrange a guided beach ride.



Freshfields Village is just outside the gate. This quaint Americana village has a large grocery, many unique shops, and several excellent restaurants. The village green in the center of Freshfields is the setting for the farmers market and outdoor concerts during the summer.

Accommodations The Sanctuary, the only hotel inside the gate, offers luxury ocean front rooms and suites. There are private homes and villas from one to seven bedrooms available for rent, too.

Not for Everyone The island is more family oriented than touristy. You won’t find a huge number of clubs or an amusement park. If you want more of a city vibe, Charleston is just 25 miles away.

Exploring The island’s beauty can be viewed by different modes of transportation. One of the most popular ways of exploring is by bike. Park your car and ride a bike to everything, especially going to and from the beach. There are 30 miles of bike paths winding through the island. If you don’t have your own bike, it’s easy to rent one.

Shopping and Restaurants

Sports There are five acclaimed golf courses, including the famous Ocean Course that has hosted the Ryder Cup and the PGA Championships. Tennis courts are plentiful and Night Heron Park offers basketball, volleyball, soccer, and playground equipment.

For my family, Kiawah has always just felt right. Now, our kids take their families there. It is a four to fivehour drive for us, and that last road before the island doesn’t seem quite as long as it did the first time we drove it. The only thing I can say that I personally dislike about the island is, alas, when we must leave.







© | Nastia11

What Are You Waiting For? By Lauren Davidson

Recently, I caught up with a good friend of mine I hadn’t seen in a long time. She was telling me that she had been in a funk. She wasn’t having a lot of success with her love life, and she had taken a job where she really wasn’t very happy. An opportunity, one that wouldn’t come around everyday, had arisen that would take her completely out of her comfort zone. Still, I listened while she hemmed and hawed about making the right decision. “What’s holding you back?” I asked. I reminded her that an opportunity like this was rare. “So what if it doesn’t work out? You’ll just move back and be in the same spot. Why not just give it a shot?” The next morning, I was chatting with a coworker who had a special talent for singing and songwriting. Over his lunch hour, he had written an entire pop song that would sound great on the



radio. Over the time that I had known him, my coworker had written at least a hundred catchy songs and recorded them all. After that, though, he just let them sit. “You have to get your music out there,” I told him. “You are way too talented for your work to go unnoticed, but no one will hear your music if you don’t put it in front of them.” I had also been beating myself up about not working hard enough on my own dreams. Even though I had a fantastic new job, I wasn’t trying that hard in my spare time to be productive with personal goals. After encouraging both of my friends to take a leap, I realized that I should be following my own advice. At some point in your life, you’ll be confronted with a choice. It could be an ongoing scenario, like my coworker’s music career, or a once-in-a-lifetime op-

portunity might pop up, like my other friend’s situation. There will always be reasons not to try. You’re too busy. What if you fail? It’s too late to start over. I encourage you to reverse your thinking. What if you succeed? What will you really lose by giving your dreams a shot? Whether it’s a big career change or a move to a brand new place, life is so confined and short not to give your dreams a chance. In instances like these, the only thing holding any of us back is our own self. Think of it like a swimming pool on a hot day. You could wade in, ankles first, to get used to the water; or, you could jump in and adapt right away. I think we’ve all heard the saying, “It’s better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all.” Sure, it’s a cliché, but it’s also true. Stop standing in your own way and jump in already!

© | Tabitazn



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