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Living the Good Life





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Welcome to the August issue. If you haven’t utilized our neighborhood farmer’s market, August is the perfect month to do so. Be sure to check out the delicious, locally grown fruits and veggies offered by our friends and neighbors while growing season is still at its peak. Thanks to our farmers who work hard to provide these items to us and offer this wonderful service to our community by doing so. As the calendar turns to August, school buses roll once again. Both students and teachers are filled with excitement as they head back to the classroom for another school year. We wish them all a season filled with safety, lots of learning, good times they will treasure, and friendships made that will last a lifetime. Here’s hoping this upcoming year is the best one yet for all of them!


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If you haven’t yet made it out to see a Crawdads game this summer, August is the last month you will have to catch a game this season. The Crawdads and minor league baseball offer great entertainment for the whole family! Until next month, thank you for reading the August issue of Hickory Living Magazine!

August 2018

Living the Good Life

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Show those legs withConfidence Do you have bulging and discolored veins? Do you suffer from leg swelling, itching, heaviness, leg pain or leg sores? If left untreated, Varicose Veins can progress to a more serious venous disease.

Dr. Thompson can erase those blemished and bulging veins PERMANENTLY! In-office Procedures. No Downtime. No Referrals Needed. Covered by Most Insurances.



THE CENTER FOR A.D. Thompson, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S. Suite 2109 • Hickory, NC ADVANCED 1899 Tate Boulevard, 828.322.8485


Visit the Busiest Vein Clinic in the Unifour. Over 5,000 Legs Treated! Call today for Advanced Vein Care and Laser Solutions.


Transforming Landscapes into Scenic Views! • Creative and innovative design • Impeccable reputation • Meticulous attention to detail • Integrity as business professionals • Quality that exceeds client expectations

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Vein Care & Dermal Aesthetics Hickory’s Leading Vein Treatment Clinic Transforming Landscapes Into Scenic Views

Healthy Pecan Treats

Where Every Body Is A Work Of Art Of Commerce Life Lessons From Juliette Gordon Low


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Before School Starts By Kathy Wheeler

© | Yaruta

Whether your child is going to grade school, high school, or off to college, you still have a few weeks left before school begins. Make a list of things that have to be done to prepare them for their first day back, and then go out and have some fun! The to-do-list will keep you on track while you attend to the more important things, like creating memories and spending quality time with your family. Children grow up fast. They will never be this age again, so savor just being together before it gets so busy that everyone can barely keep up! For the parents of college freshmen, prepare yourself to let go. It will be harder on you than them. They will be doing new and exciting things, while you will be left with your imagination, going through the worst possible scenarios! However, try not to make your worry



their problem. Just remember, it may be their first time being totally responsible for themselves, so they will have enough adjusting to do without taking your text or calls five times a day. Give them some space to acclimate and be there for them when they need you. After they’ve had a chance to get settled in and into the swing of things, maybe you can take a weekend to visit…that is, of course, if they don’t already have plans. If your young adult will be driving to college this year, a membership to AAA might be a good purchase for them. Regardless, teach them the basics, like how to change a flat and jump-start their car. Have their spare checked for proper inflation and change the oil before they leave. A set of jumper cables and a spare key may come in handy. Do some research to find a local car repair service

for general maintenance and in case they need minor repairs while away. As a parent we like to think we have taken every opportunity to prepare our children to be independent. We’ve tried to make them as responsible for themselves as their age and maturity would allow, letting them taste failure as well as the victory of success so they can build confidence in their abilities. Often, when the time comes to let them exercise real independence, we might feel a void and question whether we have done enough to prepare them. Young adults are resilient and will land on their feet. Have faith in what you have taught them and their ability to figure out the rest. At Hickory Living Magazine, we wish all students a successful year, and hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!

Photos above ©, left to right JaySi, LuckyBusiness, Ihsanyildizli, BowdenImages

262 Union Square Hickory, NC

(828) 323-7200

? s e i d u t S Sociaoels posting a picture of my cute newt? D m coun a r g a st In n o B a u outfit from Aq

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ith , and accessories. W ry el w je g, n hi ot cl y a wide variety of g for everyone! rr n hi ca et e w m , so B a ve u q ha A e t w A e, unparalleled servic d n a es on! ic pr le b a d affor Stop by to see us so

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On the cover–Aaron D. Thompson, Jr., MD, FACS with The Center for Advanced Vein Care. Pictured–Judy Smith, MOA; Aaron D. Thompson, Jr., MD, FACS; Ruth Harvey, CMA (AAMA) Opposite page–Dr. Thompson explains venous disease to a patient. 12 12


cover story

When venous disease causes the internal walls of leg veins to deteriorate, the vein valves become defective and don’t work properly. When this happens, either in deep or superficial veins, blood starts to flow backward and is directed to the ankles by gravity. This is called reflux. As compensation for the increased pressure, the veins become enlarged. That is what causes problems and disfigurement.





Hickory’s Leading Vein Treatment Clinic By Kristie Darling | Photos by Shane Greene Photography

“Vein disorders are common in our community,” Dr. Aaron Thompson told me, “and many patients come to me because the problem has become painful or unsightly. Many patients have had varicose veins for some time, maybe without uncomfortable symptoms. For many, wearing shorts or swimsuits isn’t fun, but they want to be able to do so without feeling bad about themselves. We treat veins exclusively, and at our center we have performed over 6,000 vein procedures. We are the only clinic truly dedicated to the treatment of venous insufficiency in the Hickory area.”

WHAT ARE VEIN PROBLEMS? Varicose vein treatments have greatly improved over the last 15 to 20 years. In the past, the procedure required vein stripping, general anesthesia, and a hospital stay. A catheter would be inserted from an incision in the ankle to the groin. “The current, minimally invasive techniques that I use are virtually painfree and are performed in my office,” Dr. Thompson said. “Typically, patients have little or no pain, bruising, or discomfort and can return to work that day.” Dr. Thompson rarely prescribes anything stronger than Tylenol or Advil.

Varicose vein symptoms include enlarged, visible veins usually in the lower legs, pain and fatigue in the legs, swollen ankles and calves, burning, itching, or discolored skin, and leg ulcers. Spider veins may be the only apparent symptom in less severe cases. There is an increased chance of deep vein thrombosis with severe varicose veins. DVT is a serious condition that can cause sudden, severe leg swelling. Getting immediate medical attention is critical. While spider veins are mostly a cosmetic concern, varicose veins can lead to other conditions and be painful and debilitating. Without treatment, they can become ulcerated and at risk for dangerous infection. Early, effective treatment, before complications occur, is recommended. Diagnostic tools have improved, as well. After a brief physical exam and history, a duplex ultrasound exam that requires little more than passing a hand-held ultrasound transducer over the skin will be done. This 10-minute exam gives an image that allows Dr. Thompson to time how long it takes for blood to flow in the right direction. TREATMENT OF CHOICE Dr. Thompson combines the knowledge he has gained through years of study, his HICKORY LIVING • AUGUST 2018


experience treating diseases of the veins, performing surgery, state-of-the-art equipment, advanced technologies, and a professional medical team to help patients feel good about their body and enjoy pain-free, day-to-day living. After diagnosing the problem, from unsightly spider veins to the most complex cases of varicose veins, Dr. Thompson then develops a personalized treatment plan for each patient’s unique condition. New, non-invasive, highly effective treatments for these conditions are readily available at The Center for Advanced Vein Care. Non-thermal ablation, mechanochemical ablation, and cyanoacrylate glue have been shown to improve the quality of life of patients and are comfortable for the patient. “We are beginning to use cyanoacrylate injections to treat varicose veins with excellent results,” Dr. Thompson explained. “This new procedure seals the vein off and shuts it down so that blood is re-routed through other healthy veins in the leg. It’s an easy, in-office, half-hour procedure that requires no anesthesia and has a 95% success rate.” Foam sclerotherapy was developed in 1942, and the current advancements and cutting-edge methods since then are achieving long-term cure of varicose veins. Dr. Thompson uses ultrasound imaging to guide injections of very small bubbles into the main surface veins. “The bubbles adhere to the inside of the vein wall and this closes the vein. Foam sclerotherapy eliminates the need for surgical methods,” he told me. Thermal ablation uses a thin, flexible catheter inserted into a leg vein. Heat is directed through a catheter to close the targeted vessel. Similarly, laser treatment sends out laser energy or radio frequency energy that kills the diseased portion of the vein, and the vein closes off. These treatments shut down the problem veins but leave them in place so there is minimal bleeding and bruising.

Photos, top to bottom:

• Judy assisting a patient at checkout. • Dr. Thompson and Ruth discussing a patient treatment • Judy Smith, MOA, preparing for the next patient



Risk factors for getting venous disease are pregnancy, genetics or family history, and trauma, such as fractures or leg injuries. Follow-up for most vein procedures is wearing compression stockings for a couple of weeks and an office visit in about three weeks. With no down time, no pain medications, the ability to walk out of the office after a brief procedure and continue with your regular work and activities, seeking treatment for varicose or spider veins is really a no-brainer. Most insurance plans and Medicare will cover these medical treatments.

Reduction in the veins on the back of the hands might leave them looking older than they really are. Dermal fillers can be injected to help make the reduction less apparent and renew the hands’ youthful look. PREVENTION According to the National Institutes of Health, more than 30 million people in the United States have some form of chronic venous disease. The prevalence of CVD is ten times that of blocked arteries in other parts of the body. The direct cost of treating venous disease nationwide is $3 billion each year. Without treatment, varicose veins will not go away, and more likely, will progress and worsen over time. When this happens, such as in the case of severe varicose veins, the deep vein system may also become damaged and ineffective. Dr. Thompson offers periodic free screenings, along with a short lecture and further testing to help his patients prevent, reduce, or remove blemishes and bulging veins, improve their health, and enhance their appearance. “It’s hard to predict who will develop varicose veins, but family history is a very significant factor,” Dr. Thompson said. “More women than men develop them and people over 50 tend to be more susceptible; however, we do see patients from 16 to 85-years-old in our practice. Obese people and workers who spend long hours standing, like teachers, nurses, and flight attendants, are more predisposed to develop the condition.” Walking is a good activity for everyone, and it can help keep the calf muscles working properly, and hopefully, lessen the possibility of vein disorders. Compression stockings may be recommended at various levels, such as while on your feet for long periods at work, while shopping, or on long car or plane rides, to keep legs healthy. EASY AND CONVENIENT Dr. Thompson opened his clinic in 2001 to provide a local, state-of-the-art location so patients wouldn’t need to go out of town for treatment. His dedicated team of medical professionals is the heart of the practice. Together, they make certain that patients are seen quickly, treated with courtesy and respect, and experience satisfactory, effective health care. If you or someone you care about has concerns about varicose veins, spider veins, or any symptoms, call The Center for Advanced Vein Care. Taking care of your health earlier, not later, is always the best decision. Let Dr. Thompson and his team keep you healthy, comfortable, and more attractive.

Photos, top to bottom:

• Ruth, Dr. Thompson, and Judy discuss the day’s schedule. • Aaron D. Thompson, Jr., MD, FACS, in his office • Ruth Harvey, CMA (AAMA)

1899 Tate Boulevard, Suite 2109 Hickory, North Carolina 28602 (828) 322-8485 HICKORY LIVING • AUGUST 2018


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Left–Kevin Sipe, owner and operator of Scenic View Landscapes, LLC.

Shane Greene Photography © 2018

Below–Fountain area installed and maintained by Scenic View Landscapes providing the perfect relaxing experience in the garden. Opposite page–This Scenic View built fire pit has seat walls and outdoor lighting. It adds beauty to any entertaining area without the hassle of building a fire and the smell of smoke.


Transforming Landscapes into Scenic Views By Meredith Collins

Kevin Sipe’s love for the outdoors grew from a small high school business of mowing yards to a large business specializing in landscape and design. After his teenage entrepreneurial success, he then earned a four-year degree in NC State’s horticulture and design program. In 2000, Kevin opened Scenic View Landscapes. Kevin and his skilled teams have the creativity to help you envision and design a space to fit your needs and the talent to make it come to life. “The focus of Scenic View is to exceed client expectations with impeccable service and creative landscape design and installation,” Kevin said. “With this emphasis, we found we were able to fill a much-needed service that was not offered by most mowing crews. By providing our clientele with proper pruning, planting, and troubleshooting services, our customer base has grown to include garden 18


Photo provided by Scenic View

enthusiasts and those who desire to have a beautiful landscape or hardscape area. Although we did add mowing to our customer service in recent years, developing and maintaining landscapes continue to be our company’s emphasis.” Kevin and his team are all about landscaping, designing for newly constructed homes, businesses, or updating existing properties. Kevin meets with customers to discuss what they need and want for their property. Do they spend a lot of time working outdoors, or do they need something with less maintenance? What types of outdoor activities do they enjoy? Kevin and his team can develop a customized solution to meet specific needs. “I enjoy landscapes that can be a little less cookie cutter,” Kevin said. “I like the creative piece that we can put into design.”

Photo provided by Scenic View

In addition to landscapes, the company also designs hardscapes. “We do quite a bit of paver work,” Kevin said. “Pavers now come in many styles, not just your traditional brick paver. We can develop hand-crafted hardscapes that go well with the landscapes and rolling hills we have in this area.” Don’t forget maintenance. With every good garden, there is upkeep. Kevin and his team come in to change out planters with annuals in the spring and fall/winter. They watch for insects and trim plants. They clean up debris when seasons change.

Shane Greene Photography © 2018

Above–Kevin specializes in creative design innovation providing clients with a clear understanding of what their new scenic view will look like.

To add even more beauty to an outdoor landscape, Kevin and his team design outdoor lighting. “Outdoor lighting is a huge piece of the puzzle to bring more life to a landscape and to be able to enjoy it for longer hours of the day,” Kevin said. “We like to light the landscape versus just adding a string of lights that lead you to the destination.” Customers appreciate the attention to detail and knowledge Kevin and his team provide. “Repeat customers and word-of-mouth referrals are the highest compliments we receive,” Kevin said. “We love building relationships with our customers and partnering with them to create a yard their family can enjoy for years to come.”

Scenic View Landscapes also specializes in the creation of natural water features like waterfalls, small streams, and fountains. 828-256-2517

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Living With Pain? Let Us Help You Get Back to What You Love. Is pain keeping you from enjoying an active lifestyle. We’ll work with you to regain your quality of life and get you back to living. At Southeast Pain & Spine Care, we focus on non-surgical pain procedures and supporting medications to control and relieve the pain of our patients. Our pain management providers have the expertise and experience to offer some of the most advanced pain management techniques available.


Pain & Spine Care

Call For A Consultation:

Hickory Location: 828-330-3351 Valdese Location: 828-475-7004 Facilities of Blue Ridge Healthcare or visit

All rights reserved. Southeast Pain and Spine Care, and the S mark are registered trademarks of Southeast Pain Management Services, PLLC. This material may not be reprinted or utilized by a third party in any form without written consent from Southeast Pain Management Services, PLLC.




Bring a blanket or lawn chair and enjoy an evening outdoors filled with music!



Lenoir Summer Music Madness Main Street in Lenoir August 3: Don't Worry Be HOPPY Blues Bash • 6PM–10PM King Bees at 6:30PM The Alligators at 8:30PM August 10: The Bryan Anderson Project

Music On The Lawn The Inn at Ragged Gardens 203 Sunset Drive, Blowing Rock 5:30PM–8:30PM • Bring a lawn chair No coolers • No pets • Cash bar and lawn menu available

VALDESE Valdese Family Friday Nights Town of Valdese parking lot beside Wells Fargo Bank on Main Street • Bring a lawn chair • Music at 7PM August 3: Carson Hill–Country/Rock August 17: Hannah Kaminer Americana August 24: Fox & Company–Variety August 31: Skate Rink Jukebox–Variety Waldensian Festival August 10–11 • Downtown Valdese • Over 170 Food, Art and Craft Vendors • Amusement rides Friday: 7PM: Little Johnny Trailer Trash 9PM: The Artimus Plie Band Saturday: 9:30AM: Old Colony Players 10AM: Gravity Check Juggling 10:30AM: The Band 28690 12:30-2PM: The Christy Lynn Band 3PM: Tony Bailey Band 7PM: The Band of Oz 20


August 3: TBA August 10: Drive South August 17: Soul Benefactor August 24: Harris Brothers August 31: Shelby Rae Moore

BOONE Jones House Summer Concerts 604 West King Street, Boone Fridays at 5PM • Bring a lawn chair • Free parking in downtown after 5PM August 3: John Cockman Family Band & Amanda Hill August 10: Clay Lunsford and Matthew Weaver & Dashboard Hula Boys August 17: Bluegrass Showcase– Cane Mill Road, Dollar Brothers, and Surefire August 31: Jazzfest–Swing Guitars, Shane Chalke’s BE Jazz, and Todd Wright

BANNER ELK Concerts in the Park Tate-Evans Park

210 Park Ave, Banner Elk Thursdays at 6:30PM August 2: The Roadrunnerz Band Classic Rock August 9: One Leg Up–Jazz, Gypsy, and Swing August 16: Clockworx–Classic Rock August 23: Cooligans–Rock & Roll August 30: The Collective–Classic Rock

FARMERS MARKETS Hickory Farmers Market Union Square under the Sails Wednesdays 10AM–2PM Saturdays 8AM-1PM Conover Farmers Market 109 1st Street E, Conover Saturdays 8AM–12Noon Catawba Farms Farmers Market & Get Your Newt On Concerts 400 Technibilt Drive, Newton Bring a lawn chair and enjoy music. Food and beverage available Saturdays 4PM–7PM August 4: Michael Miller August 11: River Ratz August 18: Jazz with Maureen Renihan, Troy Conn, & Mike Holstein August 25: Euphoria © | Onradio

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What's Cooking?! Healthy Pecan Treats

Mini Pecan Lemon Berry Tarts Makes 24

2 ¼ 2 ½ ½

cups pecan pieces or halves cup butter, melted tablespoons sugar cup lemon curd cup blueberries or raspberries and powdered sugar, for dusting

Directions Heat oven to 350° F. Line mini muffin tin with paper liners. In food processor, blend pecans, butter and sugar until mixture forms coarse dough. Scoop about 2 teaspoons of pecan mixture into each muffin tin. Use fingers to press mixture evenly along bottom and up the sides of each muffin cup. Bake 12 minutes, or until mini pecan crusts are golden brown. Allow crusts to cool completely before removing from pan. Spoon 1 teaspoon lemon curd into each crust. Top each with one raspberry or three small blueberries. Dust with powdered sugar.

Sheet Pan Eggs with Pecan Breakfast “Sausage” 1

teaspoon extra-virgin olive oil


medium onion, diced (about ½ cup) 1 tablespoon coconut aminos 1 teaspoon sage 1 teaspoon thyme ¼ teaspoon nutmeg ¼ teaspoon garlic powder ¼ teaspoon black pepper ⅛ teaspoon cayenne pepper 1 cup raw pecan halves 12 eggs, beaten ¾ cup fat-free or low-fat milk 1 ¼ teaspoons salt ½ teaspoon pepper 1 cup fresh spinach, chopped Nonstick cooking spray

Directions Heat oven to 325° F.

To make pecan sausage: In a pan over medium heat, add olive oil, onion, coconut aminos, sage, thyme, nutmeg, garlic powder, black pepper and cayenne pepper. Cook about 4 minutes until onion is translucent. In food processor, pulse onion mixture and pecans until a consistency of ground beef is reached, about 8-10 pulses. In large bowl, whisk eggs, milk, salt and pepper until combined. Add pecan sausage and spinach and stir. Lightly spray nonstick 12-by-17inch sheet pan with cooking spray. Pour egg mixture onto prepared pan. Bake 18-20 minutes, or until eggs are fully cooked. Recipes and photos courtesy of American Pecan Council. For more recipes, visit HICKORY LIVING • AUGUST 2018


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The Tapestry of FRIENDSHIP By Emily Buckley

© | AntonioGuillem

Seasons bring shifts in the atmosphere; trials and accomplishments and people in and out of our lives. Some people become strangers or acquaintances, and the fortunate few share our inner passions and challenges. Sometimes we forget how blessed we are to have friends that are able and willing to remain with us throughout the evershifting winds of change.

warrior who has always been within. These friends know how to celebrate happiness, encouraging a childlike joy to emerge. When our heart breaks, they gather the shards and hand them back in perfect progression, reminding us we are not undone. They’re not afraid to question our motives to be sure we are staying true to our convictions and character.

I have been extremely privileged to grow up with my best friend. We have been childish together, learned together, laughed together, cried together, and matured together. We leaned upon each other’s support while individually discovering who we are and who we want to be. Most importantly, I have realized how true friendship causes our authentic and genuine self to surface when we need it most.

It is important to remember that this kind of authentic connection isn’t sudden. It is not fireworks and shooting stars. Instead, it is most beautiful in a raw and natural state, coming into our lives as though it was meant to be there all along. It grounds our vulnerabilities, granting them liberty to ebb and flow in a beneficial way. There is something to be said for the vulnerability of allowing yourself to let love in and express it in return. What a lovely thing it is to be able to have the confidence to place your trust in something solid. Swallowing pride to see from another perspective

When faced with a new challenge, true friends remind us of all the obstacles we have overcome and call to front the

is yet another practice. Comfort in vulnerability stems from placing yourself in the path of failure in order to succeed. As we appreciate the myriad of ways a transparent connection can benefit us in the long haul, we must not forget to reciprocate these qualities that enable us to be the best version of ourselves. We must show our dear ones gratitude, compassion, and understanding. We must take the time to be fully present and feel what our friends are expressing to us. As people come in and out of your lives, reflect on the reasons you and your friends have chosen to stay. Live generously, be kind, and run from complacency in your connections. Allowing your friendships to unfurl into a rich tapestry is a one-of a-kind experience, stitching many colorful memories along the way.



SCULPT-IT FITNESS Where Every Body is A Work of Art By Cheryl Grant | Photos by Kathy Wheeler

Sculpt-It Fitness is a new facility in the Mountain View community that provides customized workouts specific to each individual no matter what their starting point, as well as group classes. Owners Wallace

and Christie Yovetich believe that we are all works of art and with the right nutrition and exercise, you can sculpt your body to become the best you, you can be. Both owners have an interesting background in physical fitness.


Sculpt-It Fitness Team Clockwise–Co-owner Wallace Yovetich (kneeling); Sara Carroll, yoga instructor; Charlie Wilkins, boot camp instructor; Christie Yovetich, coowner and yoga, boot camp, core and jazzercise instructor; Pamela Kale, core instructor. Not pictured Danny Campolieta, Lori Shuford and Courtney West. Left–Christie loves jazzercise.

Wallace is a former college football player and former owner of the Billings Outlaws indoor football team, an Air Force physical fitness instructor and NETA certified group fitness instructor. “Years ago, I found myself at 290 pounds with a 48-inch waist,” said Wallace. “While approaching my 50th birthday, I realized a lifestyle change was in order, and I have since shed 75 pounds.” Christie is an IFAS certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist. She has coached volleyball, softball, and soccer, and is a running enthusiast. She applied the knowledge that she learned while becoming a certified personal trainer to reduce her BMI from 30.2% to 12.71%. 26


Sculpt-It Fitness offers classes in Pilate’s core training, yoga, jazzercise, and boot camp training. “Although we offer oneon-one training, the classes add a social aspect to your workout. The group workouts develop a community where you push and encourage each other to achieve your goals,” said Wallace. “Many people feel intimidated going to a gym, but Sculpt-It Fitness does not have that type of atmosphere. You will notice we don’t have any mirrors. It is not about competing with anyone else. It’s about your own personal journey, and we are here to help you.” In addition to Wallace and Christie teaching classes, they have recruited a team of professional instructors includ-

ing Lori Shuford, Sara Carroll, Courtney West, Pamela Kale, Danny Campolieta, and Charles Wilkins. Each has their own personal journey that has led them to become a fitness guru. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or you’ve had that ah-hah moment and know you need to make a change, you will enjoy Sculpt-It Fitness. For more information call, email, or visit SCULPT-IT FITNESS online. 828.672.1012 Located in Mountain View at Marketplace Square 2988 NC Hwy 127 SW • Hickory

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You have a CHOICE for Rehab Ask for Conover Nursing & Rehab! Our goal is to get you back to the life you love living.

Your mortgage is more than just a loan; it’s a home. It’s first steps, family celebrations, backyard campouts, late night movie marathons, graduations, homecomings, homework at the kitchen table, first day of school, last day of school and every day in between. It’s why,

You are in good hands at Conover Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. After an illness, surgery or injury, our team is dedicated to your recovery and safe transition back home!

• Rehab Wing with Central Gym and Indoor Track • Results Oriented Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapists on Staff • Family Owned & Operated

at Peoples Bank , we believe that the home buying experience should be exceptional. It’s so much more than a loan.

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2.31 Acre Lot For Sale $44,900

The Peninsula At Lake James


Call or Text 828.238.3224 Gated Community With Dock Infinity Pool Private Boat Storage

TURN YOUR BRIGHT IDEA INTO YOUR NEW BUSINESS 1) SUBMIT YOUR EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 2) PITCH YOUR IDEA 3) PREPARE TO LAUNCH The Edison Project is our region’s only entrepreneurial competition that aims to find, potentially fund and help entrepreneurs and business start-ups who have an idea for an innovative, viable business launch in the Greater Hickory Metro. Finalists will have exclusive access to a team of business advisors and local entrepreneurial resources and will vie for seed investment dollars in the amount of $8,000 for first place, $5,000 for second place and $3,000 for third place, as well as incentives for other special categories. To apply, contact the Chamber of Commerce at 828.328.6111 or visit:



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(828) 358-0000 Come see us at our new location.

2105 Catawba Valley Blvd. Hickory, NC 28602 (located behind Valley Hills Mall) HICKORY LIVING • AUGUST 2018


It was a steamy summer in the pit of the south in Savannah Georgia where I first realized that women could lead. I was a bright-eyed, pony tailed seventh grade tourist meandering the cobblestone streets, sporting a green vest adorned with embroidered spheres, along with a group of my closest girlfriends. That’s when I discovered that the passion of one woman propelled her to lead and nurture a global movement that has changed the world. Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of Girl Scouts, believed in the potential of all girls and the importance of fostering their individual growth, character, and self-sufficiency. I’d like to share three brief lessons from Juliette’s lifework and leadership that I’ll continue to apply to my own story:

Inside The Chamber

Life Lessons From Juliette Gordon Low

1. Vision without action means nothing. Vision with action is transformational. A chance meeting in 1912 with Sir Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of Boy Scouts, gave Juliette the vision for Girl Scouts. She left that meeting with a spark and determination. Girl Scouts launched within the same year. One hundred six years later, this preeminent leadership development organization for girls is 2.6 million members strong. 2. Leave something better than you found it. As girls, we applied this to our campsite, however, when you apply it to your life, work, and service, it’s quite powerful and challenging. Use your gifts for a purpose. Juliette’s innate talent for fundraising and public relations, combined with utilizing her vast network of friends and supporters, served as the catalyst for the start and sustainability of Girl Scouts. How can you apply this powerful principle to your life, work, or service? 3. Pour into others, specifically the next generation.

Lindsay Keisler President and CEO Catawba County Chamber of Commerce



It was said that Juliette Gordon Low descended from a long line of strong, independent women. I, too, have been blessed with strong women in my life, connected by both blood and circumstance. They have taken the time to challenge and encourage me and have certainly inspired me to pass along the favor to other young women. They asked the question, regardless of gender, how can you give of yourself to empower someone else? Someone I admire said recently, “Working hard for something you don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something you love is called passion.” Juliette Gordon Low was buried in her scout uniform, and in her shirt pocket was a note that said, “You are not only the first scout, but the best Girl Scout of them all.”

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End Days

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Say goodbye to wrinkles




per unit




per unit

Thursday, Aug. 9 & Friday, Aug. 10 Purchase any syringe of the following and receive $100 OFF each additional syringe: • Belotero • Juvéderm (full product line) • Radiesse • Restylane (full product line)




888.219.9211 315 19th St. SE, Hickory, BUILDING 100 & 200, NC 28602 To take advantage of the special pricing, patients must pay in full on Thursday, Aug. 9 or Friday, Aug. 10. Procedures may be scheduled on either of those days or at a later date. Patients may not buy additional product for future office visits.

Hickory Living August 18  

Welcome to Hickory Living Magazine online. We invite you to read the August 2018 issue featuring The Center For Advanced Vein Care. Our adve...

Hickory Living August 18  

Welcome to Hickory Living Magazine online. We invite you to read the August 2018 issue featuring The Center For Advanced Vein Care. Our adve...