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Iredell Living the Good Life

April 2017

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April 2017

8 • Financially Speaking 12 • Davis Regional Medical Center

Primary Care Is Primary

18 • Thai Kickboxing

Organization (TKO): Muay Thai And American Kickboxing

24 • Planning The Perfect Party


27 • What’s Cooking?!

Easter Brunch

28 • A Word From The

Statesville Chamber The Leader In Me Preparing Our Future

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Mooresville–South Iredell Chamber April And May Events

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Financially Speaking By Kathy Wheeler

© | Dutko

Don’t you wish taxes were a part of April Fools Day?! I’m a self-employed, creative person who hates having to keep track of all those tax deductions. I never get a refund, always have to pay, and really don’t like having to go through my purses to collect my receipts. That last statement gives you an idea of my filing system! Ugh! I’ll probably get tons of calls from accountants offering their services. It’s something I should really consider. I’m now on a mad dash to finish my taxes before the filing deadline of April 18th! While preparing your tax returns, April is a perfect month to look at your finances. Can you save on items you normally purchase and funnel the extra cash into a savings account? Are you making the maximum contributions to tax-free and tax-deferred accounts to reduce your taxes? Contributions made to IRA, SEP IRA, or 401K plans can help reduce taxes for the current year by deferring taxes to the year when withdraw8


als are made, unless it is a ROTH IRA. For example, a self-employed person can contribute up to 25% of their net income into a SEP IRA, but no more than $53,000 in 2016. If you have a qualified health insurance policy, a Healthcare Savings Account (HSA) is free from taxes and some HSAs offer investment options after you reach a certain balance. Also, if you have been delaying a major business purchase, maybe 2017 is the year to make that purchase in order to reduce the amount of taxes you pay. A professional accountant can help you with your plans. Homeowners and auto insurance are something everyone has to have and could be a potential way to cut costs. However it is tricky. It is my experience that with some insurance companies you can’t really make an informed decision depending on how long the underwriting process takes. I recently shopped around and found it to be an eye opening experience. I received

quotes from several companies and decided on one that would give me a cheaper rate for the same coverage. Based on the quote I received, I agreed to switch my insurance. However, more than a month later the premiums came back considerably higher! I had already canceled my previous insurance and paid the first month’s premium. LexisNexis is the company that provided information to the underwriters for the policy I applied for. That information included credit accounts that went back over eight years, insurance claims, driving records and information on my adult children. Things like opening new credit accounts and driving records of anyone in your household can potentially make your premiums considerably higher than the quote. Whatever your financial goals are for this year, it puts things in perspective when you start going through all of your spending for the previous year. I guess every cloud has a silver lining.







cover story


PRIMARY CARE IS PRIMARY By Kristie Darling | Photos by Shane Greene Photography

One critical healthcare decision you will make, for yourself and your family, is, “who should I choose for my primary care physician?” Primary care doctors come in several specialties, and we typically partner with more than one. Affiliated with Davis Regional Medical Center are five primary care practices conveniently located in Creekside Professional Park off Davie Avenue: Davis Family Medicine Center; Davis Internal Medicine; Davis Medical Group - Primary Care; Carolina Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine; and Statesville Obstetrics & Gynecology. I was invited to meet with these primary care providers and report back…and I must tell you, the report is excellent!

Photos: On the cover–Davis Medical Group Primary Care Providers–Seated, pictured left to right; Dr. Lauri Givens, Dr. Tara Moon and Dr. Ali Chhotani • Standing, Dr. NailaRashida Frye, Dr. Samuel Inkumsah, Dr. Michael Salter, Tommy Goodin, FNP-BC

Pictured–Dr. Michael Salter (seated) and Dr. Samuel Inkumsah (left), with Tommy Goodin, FNP-BC, conferring on a diagnosis. 12


WHO ARE OUR PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIANS? A primary care provider is the first professional we see when we have an undiagnosed health concern. When we talk primary care, it’s either a family doctor, obstetrician/gynecologist or pediatrician. These providers diagnose what’s going on, they recommend treatment, prescribe medication or therapies, and help you get better. They may refer you to a specialist and coordinate that care, see you again in their office at your next check-up, whenever you get sick, or on an on-going basis for a chronic condition. He or she is your personal health advocate. Establish a long-term relationship with a doctor you like, and that partnership will serve you well throughout your life. DAVIS FAMILY MEDICINE CENTER “Benjamin Franklin said, ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,’” Dr. Michael Salter told me. “I want my patients to understand that, so I focus on preventive measures people can take to prevent illness and maintain health.” Dr. Salter is a family practitioner who sees patients of all ages, primarily those over twenty years old, with many who are over 60. “I love getting to know my patients, especially couples who come in together,” he said with a smile. “So often, we’ve formed a relationship. We trust each other, so it’s not about doing a lot of medicine, per se, but listening, understanding, and teaching.” In today’s modern world of healthcare, the focus is evidence-based medicine, and Dr. Salter explained that if he prescribes a treatment or procedure, it’s because modern evidence informs his recommendation, as when he suggests screening for hepatitis C in patients born between 1945 and 1965. “They are more likely to test positive, so getting tested is a good measure. I don’t browbeat my patients,” Dr. Salter continued, “but I do stress certain things and make sure patients understand what’s important.” DAVIS INTERNAL MEDICINE Tommy Goodin is a board certified family nurse practitioner who sees patients at Davis Internal Medicine. He recently spent time in Guatemala providing medical care in underserved communities. With focus on personal attention, patients with chronic conditions, such as diabetes, COPD, hypertension and high cholesterol are seen and benefit from on-going comprehensive care.

Photos: Above, top to bottom

Primary Care providers are involved in all aspects of patient care, including skin cancer checks. Dr. Salter is pictured checking a patient for any skin abnormalities. Tommy Goodin, FNP-BC, is checking the patient’s carotid artery with a stethoscope. He is listening for a whooshing sound which may indicate changed or reduced blood flow due to plaque buildup.

DAVIS MEDICAL GROUP–PRIMARY CARE Dr. Samuel Inkumsah loves to teach. “I believe that when I walk out of the room knowing that my patient has ‘got it,’ then I’ve done my job. Sometimes, it’s difficult to achieve that level of understanding, but once someone understands, they will make changes in their lives to improve their health. The fear is gone IREDELL LIVING • APRIL 2017


Photos: Top to bottom

• On average, one in four people with diabetes will develop foot problems that require treatment. Dr. Samuel Inkumsah has a special interest and expertise treating diabetic patients. He is pictured counseling a patient and examining her feet for problems. • Dr. Ali Chhotani and Dr. Tara Moon are shown examining an infant. Regular well visits allow pediatricians to monitor growth and development, deliver preventative care, and help develop strong, trustworthy relationships among providers, parents, and child. • Infertility is an issue that concerns women of all ages, but new treatments are available. Dr. Lauri Givens is shown examining an obstetric patient who successfully underwent infertility treatment. • Dr. Lauri Givens (left) and Dr. NailaRashida Frye offer a complete range of prenatal and gynecological services.

Photo provided by Davis Regional

and they can handle it. They become personally invested.” Dr. Inkumsah helps patients measure their wellness by teaching them and motivating them. “When I understand someone’s goals in life, then I can explain how working to stay healthy will get them where they want to go. You can’t enjoy your grandchildren growing up if you are not well.” Dr. Inkumsah knew he wanted to become a doctor when he was seven. “I love working with patients, and I like variety. I see patients of all ages—every day is different. I still work some weekends in the ER, but family medicine is more me.”



CAROLINA PEDIATRIC & ADOLESCENT MEDICINE We all want the very best for our children, and selecting their pediatrician is important. Dr. Ali Chhotani and Dr. Tara Moon are partners who bring different experience to their practice, but share a love of children and respect for parents. “I saw all aspects of medicine in my rotation,” Dr. Chhotani explained, “but I knew after I spent time in pediatrics, I couldn’t do anything else. We’re the only pediatricians at Davis, so we get to see all the newborns. We also see teens in this practice, and we make certain they know they can tell us anything. We see them oneon-one, lay out the ground rules, and support them by talking about any issues they’re having.” Dr. Moon has always worked with children, as a tennis coach and mentor. “I was the oldest of all the grandkids, so I’ve been taking care of kids all my life. Our parents have confidence in us, whether we’re helping them become new parents, raise lots of kids, teaching them how to manage something like asthma, or caring for very sick children. We work as a team and empower parents to be parents. That helps them become happier parents.”

The practice is very user-friendly. The rule is, don’t be afraid to call us! “I want our parents to be engaged—I’d rather talk with an angry parent who wants to help their child get well than one who doesn’t care,” Dr. Chhotani said. “And you will always get to speak directly with one of us. Same day appointments and online scheduling are available, and we welcome new patients.” STATESVILLE OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY Women’s healthcare gets a lot of press these days because it is so important. And when women care for women, you know you will make a friend. Dr. Lauri Givens’ and Dr. NailaRashida Frye’s practice is caring, compassionate, empowering, and thoroughly modern. “What I love is the opportunity to help women realize they can be fabulous at every age. I also appreciate the advancements and improvements we have now in women’s healthcare,” Dr. Givens shared. “We use minimally invasive robotic surgeries that decrease down-time, pain, and scars, and get women back to normal quicker.” Dr. Frye explained the critical work they do in infertility—helping women become pregnant, sometimes after a long struggle. “It’s a team effort with a personalized plan.” ThermiVa, vaginal revitalization, is another up-to-date, easy and painless treatment that does just what it says, and more. Just ask! All aspects of women’s health are covered—from pre-teens, pregnancy

Davis Family Medicine Center 1414 Fern Creek Drive • Statesville (704) 838-7080

and delivering healthy babies, to menopause and beyond—and all the living that comes in between. “Women often put ourselves last, and when I can use my knowledge and teaching to help women regain, maintain, and improve their health, then I’ve done my job,” Dr. Givens said. Primary care is primary. Contact these medical teams to find a healthcare home, get answers to your concerns, and stay healthy. Your health depends on it.

Matthew Banks, Davis Regional Chief Executive Officer

Scheduling an appointment on-line has never been easier with your smart phone, tablet, or computer. All of these providers offer on-line scheduling, with same-day appointments often available.

“Davis Regional is pleased to offer additional services for our community by having physicians and providers who offer same-day appointments, extended hours, and now on-line scheduling in an effort to provide what patients want and need. We think it’s a critical step in keeping our community healthy and strong. Of course, our ER is always available to help those who need treatment immediately, but a strong relationship with a primary care provider is essential, and we think this team is extraordinary,” noted Matthew Banks, Davis Regional CEO. (Photo provided by Davis Regional)

Davis Internal Medicine Davis Medical Group - Primary Care 1414-B Fern Creek Drive • Statesville 1418 Fern Creek Drive • Statesville (704) 873-7012 (704) 978-2250

Carolina Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine 1410 Fern Creek Drive • Statesville (704) 978-2379

Statesville Obstetrics & Gynecology 1446 Fern Creek Drive • Statesville (704) 978-2820 IREDELL LIVING • APRIL 2017







Left–Owners of Thai Kickboxing Organization Nathan and Hannah Speaks and their daughter, Sara Beth. Opposite page–Sara Beth, 11, has been participating in kickboxing since age five. Confidence and character are among the many traits children build at TKO. TKO’s mission is to provide quality martial arts for the entire family. Nathan strives to provide excellent customer service, while maintaining a professional and welcoming atmosphere for everyone!

Thai Kickboxing Organization (TKO): Muay Thai and American Kickboxing By Meredith Collins | Photos by Shane Greene Photography

Martial arts have been a part of Nathan Speaks’ life since he was 15-years old. At that time, he began training under world kickboxing champion, Rick Davis, and has since earned his sixth degree black belt in American Kickboxing. While training with Rick, Nathan discovered his passion for teaching the art of Muay Thai Kickboxing. Since 2010, Nathan has traveled to Thailand every year to enhance his Muay Thai techniques. In 2016, he earned a ranking of KRU (a certified trainer of Muay Thai) through the World Professional Muay Thai Federation and the Professional Boxing Association of Thailand. In January 2016, Nathan and his wife, Hannah, took a leap of faith on their shared passion and created Thai Kickboxing Organization-TKO, holding classes at a small property they owned. In less 18


than three months, what started out as a part-time hobby, quickly produced 80 students. TKO moved into their current 2,500 square foot location on Davie Avenue across from Walgreens in May 2016. They now have nearly 200 students, including children, women, and men. The studio is equipped with top-notch mats

and training equipment that you will not find anywhere else in Statesville. “We have a clean, comfortable and welcoming facility where people can feel at home to achieve their goals,” Hannah Speaks said. Whatever the class or age, Nathan and

Hannah encourage prospective students not to be intimidated. “Our classes are higher tempo than your standard cardio workouts, but they are practical for most ages and all fitness levels,” Nathan said. “In our classes, participants strike pads, punching bags, and training targets, but never each other. You will learn to strike using The Eight Limbs of Muay Thai, which include your hands, feet, knees, and elbows. You start at your own pace and work up, with no competition among other students. You don’t have to be a fitness superstar to start. Everybody had their first class at some point.” TKO offers children’s Muay Thai kickboxing classes, for ages five to 12-years old, that are structured around the student code of COURTESY, INTEGRITY, PERSEVERANCE, SELF-CONTROL, and RESPECT. “At a young age, children begin building their morals and character,” Nathan said. “With the high-pace lifestyle we live, it’s hard to take the time necessary to develop these important traits. We are happy to offer the youth of Statesville a place where they can feel safe, comfortable,

and supported, while also teaching them life-long lessons in character and selfdefense.” Hannah teaches a women’s kickboxing fit class. “This is an amazing group of women with common goals,” Hannah said. “It’s a high-energy class, and you always have someone pushing you to go the extra mile. This group workout is better than a loner workout, because

when working by yourself, it’s easy to give up way before you actually should. In this class, you will prove to yourself just how strong you are!” TKO offers adult co-ed Muay Thai for students ages 13 and up. “We use the American Kickboxing ranking system, and students wear colored shirts to show their rank,” Nathan said. TKO brings quality and professional martial

arts to Statesville with experienced trainers who want to help you set goals and achieve them.

Thai Kickboxing Organization (TKO) 962 Davie Avenue, Suite B, Statesville 704-380-2049 Find us on Facebook!











Planning The Perfect By Lauren Davidson

No matter the occasion, it’s always a good idea to celebrate all of life’s blessings, and what better way to do that than to throw a party? Although birthdays and holiday gatherings may spring to mind, there’s no reason to wait for a special occasion when you can make your own theme. For example, I recently held a “gin party” where guests made their own gin cocktails and played gin rummy. It was a wonderful way to brighten up a dreary winter evening. To ensure that your fiesta is a smash hit, follow these tips:

Plan and Prepare Choosing a theme for your get-together is the right time to get creative and have fun! This is especially true if you have children. What kid doesn’t want an out-of-the-blue space rocket party? I can’t think of any. If you have a passion for cooking, why not start a progressive dinner club? You don’t need an excuse to get together with friends, and it’s fun to go the extra mile and do something unexpected. It also puts a special touch

on things to make handmade decorations and food. Although this was once a standard when throwing a party, so many decorations are now store bought. When you put your personal touch on things, your guests will be much more impressed. For inspiration, I suggest checking out used book stores. Vintage party planning and recipe books are full of great ideas that not everyone uses. Planning is really part of the fun when it comes to parties. Along with party planning and recipe books, I love to consult Pinterest when planning a shindig. For the aforementioned gin party, once I decided that I wanted to host the event, I found inspiration through Pinterest and created a make-your-own gin and tonic bar. It was fabulous, and my guests loved creating crazy combinations! When shopping for the event, it’s fun to get carried away with all of the creative decorations and activities, but it’s also highly important to make sure that you have enough food and beverages to keep everyone satisfied. Always prepare

more food than you think you need— people will eat it! It’s also important to have options if your guests have dietary restrictions. In this day and age, it’s also important to make things picturesque or have some kind of photo opportunity, especially if there are millennials or Generation Z’ers in attendance. It’s easy and cost-effective to make your own props and have a little photo station at a birthday party, or you could simply make sure that you have a beautiful spread, like I did with the gin bar.

Have Fun When the day comes for your big event, it’s easy to become stressed and start worrying about people showing up and whether or not everyone’s having fun. Let these concerns go, and enjoy the present moment. Don’t spend the whole time in the kitchen! It makes things easier if you have a friend or spouse (or both!) to help with hosting duties. That way, everyone can have fun—including you!

621 East Center Avenue Mooresville, NC 28115


Diana Eshleman, AuD 24


© | Tabitazn





What's Cooking?! Easter Brunch

Quiche is a brunch staple, and no variation of this classic is complete without cheese–in this case, a rich, creamy layering of Jarlsberg’s unmistakable flavor does the trick.

Spinach and Sundried Tomato Quiche Recipe courtesy of Jarlsberg Cheese Serves 6

Pie Dough: ¾ cup butter 1 cup white flour 2 tablespoons water Filling: 1 cup fresh spinach 1 red onion, cut into rings Butter 1 cup milk 4 eggs Salt, to taste Pepper, to taste ½ cup sundried tomatoes, sliced ¼ cup olives 1 cup shredded Jarlsberg Cheese


To make pie dough: Heat oven to 400°F. Mix butter and flour in food processor or by hand until mixture has granular consistency. Add water and knead into dough. Let chill 30 minutes. Roll dough and fit into 10inch pie pan. With fork, make holes in dough and bake 15 minutes. To make filling: Heat oven to 350°F. In frying pan, fry onion and spinach with butter then scoop mixture into quiche base. Whisk together eggs, milk, salt and pepper, and pour over

Directions spinach and onion. Top with olives, sundried tomatoes and cheese. Bake 35-40 minutes.

Brown Sugar Ham and Cheese Sticky Buns

Recipe courtesy of Chef George Duran Serves 12

Nonstick cooking spray 2 tubes (8 ounces each) refrigerated crescent roll dough Flour, for dusting 4 tablespoons brown sugar, divided 12 slices thin-cut ham 12 slices Jarlsberg Cheese ½ cup grated Jarlsberg Cheese Chives for garnish

Heat oven to 375°F. Spray nonstick spray in 8-by-8-inch pan or similar. Unroll dough on floured surface and gently stretch until dough is about 8 by 12 inches. Sprinkle 2 tablespoons brown sugar over dough then evenly space six slices of ham and six slices of cheese on top. Starting on short side, begin rolling dough jelly roll style. Cut into six pieces. Repeat with second piece of dough. Place all 12 buns inside pan. Sprinkle grated cheese on top. Bake 20-25 minutes until buns are fully cooked and browned. Garnish with chives or green onions and serve. Photos and recipes compliments of Jarlsberg Cheese Visit for more recipes. IREDELL LIVING • APRIL 2017



The Leader In Me Preparing Our Future

David Bradley President and CEO Greater Statesville Chamber of Commerce



n 2010, Iredell-Statesville Schools became one of the first school systems in the country to adopt The Leader In Me program, an initiative now coordinated through the FranklinCovey organization based on Stephen Covey’s transformational book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Four schools within I-SS, through some financial assistance of the Chamber and the business community, adopted The Leader In Me platform of teaching. Please understand that this did NOT entail “teaching leadership” an hour or a day each week. This platform called for using the 7 Habits in every lesson plan of every day. The stark reality is that this program required the teachers and administration to FIRST become models through how they used each of these habits. Intensive training was required, and largely embraced, by the staff at the four selected schools. Can we determine success? Three years ago, a group of Chamber folks from Lancaster, South Carolina came to Statesville to see if this program was viable. I had scheduled a tour of two of the schools. Unfortunately, when we arrived at the first school, the principal informed me that she was unable to develop an itinerary for us. It seems, understandably, the business of running a school got in the way. We were on our own to walk the halls and even to go into a random classroom to see what was happening. I was mortified! We knocked on the door of a thirdgrade room, and we were greeted by a young lady who looked us all in the eye, shook our hands, and told us that she was the leader of door greeters for the day. Whew, we passed the first test. After giving the teacher time to come to a stopping spot, we introduced ourselves and…time for the big question:

“Who can tell us something about the 7 Habits?” I closed my eyes, hoping for at least one hand to raise. Peeking out between my eyelids, I melted to see every hand in the room shoot up. I asked a young lady in the front row what her favorite habit was (again, only hoping that she could answer). Before I could get all the words out of my mouth, she chimed, “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” I was ready to pack up and go, thinking our job was done, but someone in our group asked, “Why is that important to you?” The response is one I won’t forget. “I was suspended several times in first and second grade, because I would fight people who disagreed with me. Then I began to get what, ‘think first to understand, then to be understood’ means. Now, I haven’t gotten suspended at all this year, and I am on the honor roll.” Forget about hearing a pin drop…you could hear our tears hit the floor. This year, East Iredell Elementary School was announced as a Lighthouse School in The Leader In Me program. Lighthouse Schools serve as models of leadership and mentors to other schools. There are more than 2,800 schools worldwide that participate in The Leader In Me program, with only 274 earning Lighthouse certification. This is an international honor. Less than 10% of the 2,800 schools across the globe that have adopted this program have reached this level. Principal Amy Rhyne gives all the credit to her staff and to her incredible students. East Iredell, Third Creek, and Cloverleaf Elementary Schools are proving that we CAN be proactive in changing the course of our future. Please take a moment to visit any of these schools to be awed! Our future will be in good hands.



O Photo by Captain Gus

n Thursday, April 27th, we will have our Swinging for Small Business Golf Tournament at the new Mooresville Golf Club.


April and May Events

Kirk Ballard President and CEO Mooresville - South Iredell Chamber of Commerce



Do you need a day out of the office? Prefer to do business on the green? So do many others! As a form of corporate entertainment, golf’s first virtue is that people of any age can play. The sport’s second strength is that, thanks to the handicap system, people of widely differing abilities can compete against each other. This makes the game more fun. Golf’s third asset is that you only spend a small portion of a four-hour game actually hitting the ball, so there is plenty of time to talk shop. Last, and most importantly, golf is a fine test of character. Golf rewards players who remain calm under pressure, never lose their temper, and think strategically. These are all virtues in business, too. This year we have our event at the newly renovated Mooresville Golf Club. The course at the new club features beautiful rolling terrain and scenic views that golfers of all abilities will enjoy. It offers a challenging experience to novice and professional golf enthusiasts alike. The golf course renovations include brand new grasses around the entire course, new cart paths, new irrigation/pump house, and 18 holes redesigned by Kris Spence. It is a well-rounded course with lots of variety that will test your shot making abilities. So, come join us on Thursday, April 27th. The 2017 Race City Festival will welcome food trucks and more than 20,000 people to downtown Mooresville on May 20th.

The Race City Festival is Mooresville’s downtown celebration that coincides with the kickoff of racing at Charlotte Motor Speedway. This is annually scheduled at the start of Race Week and begins the celebration of all things related to racing in our area. The Festival brings thousands to Charlotte Motor Speedway and the All-Star Race. The Festival itself starts on Saturday, May 20th and runs from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. It is a rain or shine event. Main Street and Broad Street will be closed to traffic between Iredell and McClellan Avenues. Filling the streets will be a colorful festival of food trucks, crafts, games, and entertainment. With nearly 200 vendors, this year’s Festival will be complete with the children’s entertainment area, dance troupes, live music, aerobic martial arts performances, a variety of arts and crafts, and even a spotlight on locally grown produce and products. Entertainment will be presented throughout the day with our main stage offering a variety of outstanding performers. The main stage will be positioned on Broad Street in the food truck court and beer garden area near Mooresville Christian Mission. Because this is a racing community, NASCAR will spotlight race cars and historic automobiles from area motorsports museums and other interesting vendors. Pick up a racing collectable or a beautiful piece of locally produced artwork. Family fun and food are available for everyone! The 2017 Festival will welcome young and old to downtown Mooresville. Everyone will be there! You should be, too.






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