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Pat Manko, President

Bonnie Clutterbuck, Editor

May 2012

President’s Message And so another year is almost over. With not having a Showhouse we had to come up with ideas for fundraisers. Allene Groote’s idea for our “Social Register” was a success. Think about it: we had card parties, we went on a safari, we learned how to decorate cakes, we had an ice cream social, we sampled wine and chocolate, we wore our fanciest hats one afternoon as we attended high tea, we saw beautiful clothing at TPC, we were entertained by the orchestra under the stars at Queen’s Harbour and we saw beautiful paintings while tasting wonderful wine. We hired Catherine Grossholz to be the co-Guild coordinator and then lost her as she accepted a full time development position with the JSA staff. Sherrie decided she wanted to be free to travel more so she is retiring. Perhaps we will have a new Guild coordinator by the time you receive this newsletter. Our web site is up and running and is wonderful. You can find anything you want to know on it. If you have a computer please check it out. We have taken on a major role in manning the Symphony office’s front desk Monday through Friday and the “Will Call” ticket desk at the Box Office during performances. Many thanks go to Wendy Catucci and Carolyn Gaspard for taking on these tasks. Our membership chair, Pam Nelson, set and met her membership goal for new members. We have donated thousands of dollars to the JSYO due to the generosity of Guild members and non-Guild members. We have fed the orchestra members as well as the JSA staff. We have poured many cups of coffee for attendees to the Coffee Concerts. In other words we have been very busy. I would like to thank all of you who have been part of all that we do. My two years as president have been such a rewarding time but only because of you. As we start the new year I know that you will be just as loyal to the incoming president, Alberta Hipps, and the new board as you were with me and the previous board. Just remember, you may not have an official title with the Guild but you are still an important part of this organization and we could not do all that we do without you.

Pat Manko, Guild President

Nominating Committee Slate of Officers 2012-2013 President Elect: Allene Groote Secretary: Monica Boccieri Treasurer: Jane Estes Board Members: Judy Ratcliffe, Susan Gordon, Carol Mehrtens, Carol Fryer, Brenda Luten, Jo Carol Hutchins, Wendy Catucci, Rocco Catucci, Rose Littlefield, Sandi Borntraeger, Joy Storms, Martie Yohe, Joyce Hanson and Barbara Fuller

Alberta Hipps Slate of Officers: Special Events Treasurer: Eleanor Maxwell Ways and Means: Naomi Karkanen Membership: (Co-Chairs) Maggie Means, Estelle Chisholm, Shirley Hanson JSA Activities: (Coffee Concerts) Marcia Gardini Music Luncheons (Rakes): (Co-Chairs) Hope Ferrigno, Martha Jo Fender, Marlene O'Connor, Judy Pujol, Carol Fryer Education: (Co-Chairs) Mary Ellen Young, Bonnie Ennis Advisory Committee: Ouida Walker, Ellen Thorne, Marge Burgess, Susan Kelley Parliamentarian: Pat Manko

Queen’s Harbour Pops This Guild fundraiser has always been very successful and this year was no different. Guild members Pat & Mike Manko, Ouida Walker, Mary Lou MacLeod, Peggy Wilchek, Elaine Funk, Terry & Estelle Chisholm, Carolyn Solomon, John & Erlane Tait along with Lynn Alligood, Bernie & Maureen Brockman, Vickie Hettenhouser & Kay Leary put together a wonderful evening of good music, good food and good shopping. Highlights of the musical evening included a military salute by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Color Guard and a third guest appearance of Mr. Will Hagen, violin soloist, currently studying at The Julliard School in New York. Dr. Warner Webb, Sherrie's wonderful husband, was the evening's Guest Conductor and what a great job he did. This beautiful evening concluded with a musical salute to each branch of our armed forces. Thank you to Queen’s Harbour Garden Club for the table decorations: Carolyn Solomon, Dolores Douglas, Sarah Robinson, Julie Proctor, Sharon McEleny, Estelle Chisholm and to Terry Chisholm for the various flags for the floral arrangements which depicted all of the military branches. The Guild would like to thank the staff of Queen's Harbour Country Club for making this event such a special evening. Our thanks also go out to the orchestra members for bringing such wonderful music to Queen's Harbour. Facebook/Twitter- Camille Gregg Thank you very much for the beautiful card in honor of my Dad. He loved music (mainly Motown, Big Band and Jazz), but always supported my efforts and was very proud of my work with the symphony. If you have information, fundraisers or info you'd like to see on Facebook/Twitter, contact: Camille Clement Gregg at or 716-0527

Thank you- the Front Desk Volunteers!

Coffee Volunteers

I would like to take this time to thank the Guild members who volunteered at the Front Desk. When you said “yes� to help, you not only helped me fill the calendar but you helped all the great people who work in the offices.

Thank you to the volunteers listed below who graciously gave their time, and brownie making skills, to ensure the Symphony Coffee Concert attendees enjoyed the coffee, tea, cookies, and brownies prior to the concert. By the thanks we receive, as well as the tip money put in our "tip jars", I know we are appreciated. I hope you will volunteer for the 2012-2013 season. I will be sending a letter in Aug. with the Coffee dates and hope you'll check the date(s) when you can come put on a Guild apron and help for two hours on a Friday morning. I know you'll enjoy it!

Shirley Bailey, Shirley Hanson, Dottie Hollwarth, Sandy Borntraeger, Dottie Nutant, Jo Carol Hutchins, Judy Ratcliffe, Martha Read, Lorraine Sruby, Susan Collins, Allison Bok, Terree Hays, Jenny Newman, Erlane Tait, Sue Ashby, Martie Yohe and Bill Tumas. Wendy Catucci, Front Desk Coordinator F.LA.G.S. Fleet Landing Active Guild Supporters Several months ago I called my friends at Fleet Landing, Chet & Andrea Davis who are not Guild members, about the Guild Friends. I explained that for $125.00 you could become a Guild Friend and help sponsor a concert. I suggested that perhaps they had a dozen or so Fleet Landing neighbors who might want to put in $10.00 and become a Guild Friend and thus help us to sponsor a concert. Chet thought this was a wonderful idea and went to work on it. That is how F.LA.G.S. (Fleet Landing Active Guild Supporters) was formed. As to date, they have donated over $500.00 Some of the members have donated the entire $125.00 but did not want to be listed separately. They wanted to simply be a part of F.L.A.G.S. Fleet Landing residents are very supportive of the Symphony and the Guild. This is just another way of showing their support. Perhaps you are a member of a group that would like to become a Guild Friend. It is a very easy way to help sponsor a concert. Pat Manko

Sue Patton, Billie Hayward. Maggie Means, Sue Gruesser, Wendy Catucci,Kathy Cosnotti, Judy Ratcliffe, Eleanor Maxwell, Shirley Bailey, Peggy Isgette,Gwen Tomic, Sue Jarecki, Pat Teems, Barbara Arkin, Virginia Meadows, Martie Yohe, Judy Cordes, Jane Davis, Maryann Hocker, Judy Underwood, Eleanor Hughes, Pat McBride, Lorraine Scruby, Joella Baird, Sandy Borntraeger, Dorothy Hollwarth, Audrey Dearborn, Rita Arpaia, Carol Hutchins, Lauretta Clark and Monica Boccieni. And to the following spouses: Larry Hayward, Fred Ouellette, Steve Jarecki, John Tait and Fausto Gardini Marcia Gardini, Chair JSYO Thank you to the Guild for your continued interest and support of the JSYO. We could not provide the scholarships we do without your dedication to our young musicians! Seeing one of our JSYO musicians become a JSO player this year was something of a testament to the quality of our program. We can continue our work because we know you are there to help. Scott Gregg Principal Conductor and Music Director, JSYO

FUNDRAISING BY THE SEAT OF MY PANTS: AKA, WHAT AM I GOING TO DO THIS YEAR? Fundraisers, what new and creative events can we come up with this year???? The annual challenge faced me for the 2011-2012 Guild year, and my mind was on overload. Had to be “different” from past years, something new. And thus it was. It became the year of many “firsts”. In January 2012 the Symphony Guild introduced “The Social Register, Parties of Note” to the City of Jacksonville. Our booklet presented a plethora of fundraisers which covered a vast array of fundraising events: an ice cream social, lunch and safari at White Oak Conservation Center; luncheons to accompany an afternoon of cards and games; a tea and tablescapes at the magnificent Old St. Andrews Church; an enchanting event featuring wine, dinner, and an evening at the Symphony with Aida and sipping champagne with the Maestro; a Sunday afternoon at a private residence touring a magnificent art collection while enjoying the strains of music from some of our own Symphony members, just to mention a few. Ruby Tuesday sponsored a “GiveBack Program” for us from February through June during which they graciously donated 20% of the purchase of lunch or dinner to the Guild. A great fundraiser and all we had to do was eat!!! Several of us renewed friendships with the Daytona Beach Symphony Society and attended their high tea in January at The Shores Resort and Spa in Daytona Beach. We hired a van and driver, had a wonderful time at the event, and then indulged ourselves in a merry and frivolous trip back up I-95! A fun and relaxing afternoon of camaraderie among friends, and one which we hope to repeat next year. Ahhh – and the Mystery Raffle – the lucky winner yet to be decided at our June 12th annual luncheon. We sold raffle tickets from January to June at the Symphony and other venues. Our stalwart committee was everywhere, and hats off to them!

The seventh annual Queen’s Harbour Pops was held on Sunday, April 29th, and as always was a tremendous success. Thank you, Queen’s Harbour residents, for your continued and wonderful support as you are truly a dynamic community! And Rhapsody on the Runway, the fashion forward benefit for the Symphony, was held on April 26th at the beautiful TPC Sawgrass. It was an evening of cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, followed by a lively auction hosted by the Regional Director of TPC Sawgrass. The lovely and handsome fashions were presented by Linda Cunningham and Brooks Brothers. Yes, this was a busy year of several “firsts” for us. It was a year of new events, new challenges, and new ideas. Can I include everyone’s name who I would like to thank for this successful year? No, I can’t. Because it was all of you, each and every one of you. Some of you graciously hosted parties for “The Social Register”; some of you volunteered to sell tickets at evening concerts; some of you offered wonderful suggestions for different events; and all of you took part in this past year’s events somehow with your support. I have been blessed and have grown so by working with many of you and getting to know you, and by that alone, this year has brought to me such fulfillment. With that I say “thank you” – two very simplistic words, but they come from my heart. Have a wonderful summer, and I’ll look forward to seeing you all in September. Allene Groote V.P., Ways and Means

Refreshments The Guild meetings have been enhanced by the refreshments brought by many volunteers. The following have been responsible for the delicious food and pretty table-scapes offered each month. October: November: December: January: February: March: April: May:

Estelle Chisholm, Susan Gordon and Mary Coleman Hope Ferrigno, Marge Medina and Gwen Tomic Sandy Borntrager, Marlene O’Connor. Margie Means and Judy Ratclffe Dotti Cahill, Eleanor Hughes and Mary Ellen Young Sandi Hibbard, Martha Jo Fender, Judy Ratcliffe and Carol Fryer Shirley Hanson, Mary Jeannette Howle, Rose Littlefield and Marge Burgess Pam Nelson, Bonnie Ennis and Joy Storms Lorraine Scruby, Martha Reed and Brenda Luten

Our many thanks to these folks for making Monday morning meetings so enjoyable. Judy Ratcliffe, Chair

Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra 300 Water Street, Suite 200 Jacksonville, Florida 32202

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Guild Notes - May 2012  
Guild Notes - May 2012  

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