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20 S/Y Hamilton by Green Marine 30 S/Y Vertigo by Clarity Asset 38 Designer ProďŹ le: Jonny HorsďŹ eld, H2 Yacht Design

Some good news to start with, the frequency of Luxe et al has increased for 2014 to nine issues in total; seven will be in magazine format and two hard back books. At design et al, we are excited about this prospect and growth in what is such an exciting, vibrant and challenging area of design. This issue is all about innovation, conceptual ideas, advancement in aviation and yacht design and bold steps forward from all perspectives. There is also the chance to see award-winning yacht and aviation schemes from the 2013 International Yacht & Aviation Awards and learn who has been short-listed so far for the 2014 Awards. We are also expanding the digital side of our publishing business to bring you a weekly digital newsletter dedicated solely to The International

Yacht & Aviation Awards. This will show you who has been short-listed each week and keep you up to date with all the relevant awards news. It will be published each Wednesday at 1pm GMT and will be followed by a monthly Yacht & Aviation Monthly Newsletter one Friday in four. This longer newsletter/ booklet will look at innovation, announcements and industry news and will be published digitally again at 1pm GMT. To sign up to receive either or both newsletters please contact us directly at: So as always your feedback is vital to us, we are keen to work with you and for you, so please continue to send in your news stories, press releases and innovations. Joanne

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Yacht & Aviation Industry News

World View has been shortlisted in the Commercial Aviation Design Concept Category in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2014. Priestmangoode has designed a capsule to take passengers on balloon flights to the edge of space. They are working on the project with with the Paragon Space Development Corporation and are due to launch in three years’ time. World View will carry eight people to the edge of space bymeans of a helium balloon. The capsule will spend between two and six hours at the intended altitude of 30 kilometres, before returning to Earth. 6 Luxe Et Al

Priestmangoode was brought in for their expertise designing luxury travel experiences. In their initial design meetings with the World View team, they talked about wanting to start the journey before dawn, so that as passengers rose up to space, they would be able to observe the sunrise, the curvature of the Earth, the thin blue atmosphere and the blackness of space. The windows they designed offer the maximum amount of viewing space for passengers, whilst meeting stringent safety requirements. There is also a cupola viewing dome for unrestricted view of the Earth’s curvature.

The idea of space travel naturally brings to mind traditional rocket ships and the aerodynamic forms they command. However, the World View experience is not about speed, it’s about enjoying a once in a lifetime journey.

World View has been shortlisted in the Commercial Aviation Design Concept category in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2014

Priestmangoode wanted to create a stylish, elegant, luxurious environment for this unique experience. The key design feature is the large panoramic windows which maximize the viewing space and will enable passengers to get the most out of this extraordinary journey. Luxe Et Al 7

MBG International Design are shortlisted in the Private Aviation Interior Design Concept Category for Pegasus

Reborn has been shortlisted in the Power Yacht Over 60m Category in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2014 Reborn was originally built in 1999 by the French Shipyard Amels and designed by Terrance Disdale, both interior and exterior. The new Owner wanted to make the yacht a complete refit, so she would become his own. This was achieved with the new birth of “Reborn” in 2010 designed by Sterling/Scott and lengthened by 5.5 meters by naval architects McFarlane Ship Design. The vessel was lengthened, with a new sheer line, hull colour, window pattern, internal layout, sun-deck, swim-deck and benefiting waterline. She now features a double height living area, a reconfigured and updated Owner’s additional cabin with 180-degree views. 8 Luxe Et Al

Project Pegasus is an Airbus 330 Private Stateroom Design with rejuvenating modern touches. This project was designed with the business minded client in mind. For the client using their private aircraft for business meetings and travel. The decorative use of ombre lighting along with calming/stylized modern design touches creates a space that is relaxing after a long day but is also a space to rejuvenate. A key aspect of the project is the ombre lighting. Lighting is such an important part of any space, creating atmospheres people want to be in. CEO & Interior Designer, Nikki Gledhillexplains “My goal is to design an environment to celebrate as well as relax. The design works well because of the lighting techniques along with the calming modern design features creating a space that is inviting, fun and enjoyable to be in. “

Floating Lodge by BMT Asia Pacific Ltd & Henry Ward Design in the Yacht Concept Design up to 30 metres category Floating Lodge is from the Sea-Suite series of egg-shaped floating lodges, houseboats and beach cabins that marry eco-luxury with the spirit of yachting. The Sea-Suites, designed by Richard D Colwill & Henry Ward, offer a novel ‘water loving’ lifestyle concept, of which Floating Lodge provides an excellent example. Crafted from a unique egg-shaped form reclaimed from a previous project, the modern structure features clean lines and organic curves. It had originally been developed as a composite radome for a new landmark cruise liner terminal in Hong Kong and represented a significant investment in design, development and use of material. In order to simplify installation & meet radar requirements, a ‘monocoque’ structure - light enough to be installed in one lift - was developed. The resulting form of the radome suggested both functional and aesthetic value for other uses. Seeing the opportunity for a second life of this compelling shape, Richard D Colwill, Managing Director of BMT Asia Pacific who also led the radome delivery project, worked with designer Henry Ward to develop a series of egg-shaped waterborne and coastal structures. Floating Lodge, along with the other Sea-Suite design concepts stay true to BMT’s maritime pedigree. They have also been designed with the intention to minimize environmental footprint and installation costs, as well as provide a solution to maximize use of space afloat and ashore. Sea-Suite’s uses may range from self-contained habitats - individual houseboats, lakeland lodges and beach cabins, to marina offices, art galleries and other novel commercial spaces. Based on elements reclaimed from a previous project and outfitted with eco-friendly design features, Sea-Suite is truly a sustainable concept that carries with it the spirit of the luxury yachting. The Sea-Suite series also provide an elegant solution for land-based challenges. Given its flexible application, portability and fully customisable interiors, it can conveniently provide a number of coastal lifestyle options where onshore spaces and infrastructure are limited, expensive and/ or undesirable.

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Casa do Passadiço have been shortlisted for the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2014, entering the Yacht Interior Design category with their project from Yacht 88. This project was very special for the interior design trio, because of its specifications they tried to bring a new level of unique style to yacht interiors. They found that a private yacht should be not only a second home but also a special place where one should find well balanced interiors, a charmed warmth and uncomplicated neutrality. Casa do Passadiço’s current projects include the interior design of the lounge of a Private Jets Company Hangar, a fantastic contemporary 2500 sq metres private House in Estoril facing the sea, a modern Villa of over 2000 sq metres in Algarve, a pied-a-terre at an Hotel Particulier at Saint Germain des Prés, Paris, M/Y ILERIA by Proteksan Turquioise Yachts Inc. has been shortlisted for the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2014, entering the Powe Yacht over 40m Category.

white lacquers shades and used of natural materials that creates a very relaxing feeling and cozy interiors all trough the boat. An interior of an elegant simplicity.

The exterior with its soft edges and curved lines is the new trend of PROTEKSAN TURQUOISE in-house styling with large opening windows to the outside but also by the mix of white lacquered superstructure dark glass window shades and polished stainless steel railing giving a very aerial appearance to the boat enhanced by large overhangs of the roofs. The interiors of the boat are inspired by contemporary Eastern touch but designed in a very contemporary style with a scheme of light cream to beige and greige contrasting with the dark walnut wood and

Ileria is unusually spacious and easy living onboard for a yacht this size with large and well balanced volumes all through the boat with great flowing circulations and loads of natural light brought by large openings. Oversized deck spaces allows guests to cruise with best comfort anywhere, indoors or on decks.

10 Luxe Et Al

Giulini Ben Brahim Design and Engineering have been shortlisted for the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2014. Their project, Koot 54, will compete in the Yacht Interior Design category. In Kuwait the word “Dewaniya” describes the place where men used to gather to discuss daily matters away from the family. In modern times this concept extended to welcome business meetings as well as family reunions. The scope of the 54’ project was to transfer this concept from the Bedouin tents to an intimate, relatively small power boat for day use. The Koot offers the possibility of enjoying a day on the water, maintaining the sensation of being at sea when outdoors as well as indoors. A spacious aft deck leads to an unobstructed foredeck. The indoor areas, sustained by an adequate air conditioning system, will give comfort even in the most extreme hot climate of the summer season. The distinguishing feature of the Interior Design is an almost 20 salon which can accommodate 12 people at ease. The design of the seating arrangement allows also for an easy transformation to a luxury master cabin as needed for overnight journeys. The 2 windows of 4 meters each in the salon allow the penetration of natural light as well as the enjoyment, from the inside, of an amazing view to the outside. Therefore life on a yacht, in this case, is really a complete outdoor and indoor package, for discrete business meetings as well as for intimate family gatherings. Luxe Et Al 11

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ACJ 319 2A Winner Of The Private Jet Design Award, By Tim Callies Design For Comlux Creatives

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In 2008, the owner of the aircraft was looking for a designer for the future cabin of the ACJ 319 he had just ordered. After a charter flight on board Comlux ACJ 319, he fell in love with the “Prestige” cabin interior concept and decided to select Tim Callies Design for Comlux Creatives to develop its own cabin design. In 2013, this design won in the ‘Private Jet Design’ category of the International Yacht & Aviation Awards. “During the first briefing the client expressed his willingness to use his aircraft for both private and commercial operations. For that reason, the project became a real challenge for us at Creatives, to demonstrate our skills in designing cabins which not only satisfy the personal taste of the owner but are also attractive for the charter market,” says Tim Callies.

“ the inspiration concept has been developed with the idea of creating a flying, elegant and sophisticated Gentlemen`s club in the air with a light touch of Art Déco style ”

Comlux is one of the leaders in VIP charter services operating worldwide with the highest standards of safety and quality. Beyond charter operations, Comlux offers a comprehensive set of services to VIP customers who wish to have their own aircraft, managed personally and professionally. This includes aircraft management, sales and acquisitions, cabin design and completion and maintenance and engineering services. For this design, the inspiration concept has been developed with the idea of creating a flying, elegant and sophisticated Gentlemen`s club in the air with a light touch of Art Déco style. The A319 cabin space allows for the creation of two distinct areas, private quarters and guest area, very well suited for both the Russian and the Middle Eastern Charter markets. The private area features amongst others, a large Cinema Lounge with a spacious, cozy and convertible L-shape sofa, two elegant Club seats which can be directed to the sofa and a state of the art 52” screen with HD quality. The AFT of the Executive Lounge belongs to a convivial and rectangular dining table

18 Luxe Et Al

with its outboard sofa and inboard single seats, providing space for six passengers. The table top can be moved to ease the access to the seats. The double bed in the enclosed private bedroom can be easily transformed into two single beds to provide as many sleeping positions in a charter configuration as possible. A luxurious bathroom featuring mosaic belongs to the Private Bedroom. Comlux Creatives is keeping to its signature style concept “luxury without being obvious”, to which private and charter customers have been adhering to over the last six years. Warm tones in colour, beautiful stitching and metal details, contrasting wood veneers and elegant forms for the monuments, are giving the cabin interior its unique appearance. The aft section, fully independent from the front section, is accommodating 12 business class seats which can be reclined into a full flat sleeping position, ensuring a very pleasant rest to all guests. “The idea was to create an elegantly luxurious style and defined contemporary beauty, giving rise to perfect harmony between precious materials even further refined through sophisticated details,” Tim explains.“All the materials were specifically selected for warmth of tone and contrasting textures.” The project was achieved early 2012, and the aircraft entered into service with Fly Comlux in January 2012. “The feedback Comlux Creatives have received so far from the owner is very positive and the cabin style even exceeds his expectations. We have also the same comments from our VIP charter clients after they experience flying with us on this beautiful ACJ 319” comments Tim. The elegant interior design gives not only a warm and welcome atmosphere during the flight but as well proves that the cabins functionality is just perfect – and this is one of the key points for having success, operating an aircraft not only for private, but for the charter market as well.

Taps, showers and accessories. Beautifully handcrafted in Britain since 1820.

Showroom now open at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour

S/Y Hamilton Winner Of The Sailing Yacht 25-40 metres Award, by Green Marine

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Green Marine is at the forefront in the highly specialised sector of building carbon fibre hulls and structures for superyachts. Founded in 1982, the leading composite boat builder has built more than 160 composite boats, including some particularly high profile race designs such as TP-52s, Open 60s, Mini Maxis, multihulls and challengers for the America’s Cup and Volvo Round the World race. In 2013, they won the ‘Sailing Yacht 25-40 metres’ award at the International Yacht and Aviation Awards with the 100ft yacht, Hamilton, launched in June 2012.

“ a stunning yacht above deck and below, with powerful yet graceful lines and a spacious, welcoming interior ”

Naval architect studio Judel/vrolijk & Co was appointed by the owner in late 2010 to design what would be the first of the exciting new WallyCento class from Wally Yachts. Marcel Müller, Managing Director of Green Marine, explains; “the owner was determined that Hamilton should be extremely competitive on the racecourse yet comply with the fixed requirement for a full-facility, though very light, cruising interior.” From interior and exterior styling studio Design Unlimited the owner wanted a simple interior which would be functional for racing, but still exhibit the contemporary modern feel of a Wally and have a comfortable relaxing ambience. On deck he required a sleek, thoroughbred exterior with a guest cockpit separate from the sail handling area.

of weight would be used to maximise the boat’s performance, Design Unlimited also had to create an interior that met the requirements of the Wally box rule. This included the stipulation that the interior make up at least 54% of the overall volume of the hull, with a large master stateroom with en-suite, two guest cabins again with en-suite and a crew cabin with en-suite/ day head. Additional regulations governed surface finishes and headroom requirements, and other comforts had to be available including air conditioning, a fully functional galley and entertainment systems - all for the least possible weight. The owner’s representative James Stagg and Green Marine’s Richard Clampett together mastered the unenviable task of integrating a luxury interior and push bottom sail management systems into a high spec racing yacht. To them also goes the credit of finishing this boat on time and in just 15 months, although Green Marine’s highly experienced workforce played a major part with up to 38 technicians and engineers working on her at any one time. The result is a stunning yacht above deck and below, with powerful yet graceful lines and a spacious, welcoming interior, a worthy winner at the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2013. “The IY&A awards have a particular resonance for Hamilton and those involved with her as the use of carbon composites is a technology that has been pioneered by both the aviation and yachting sectors”, Marcel comments. “The two areas are at the forefront of materials technology and the IY&A awards stand out as unique in their recognition and promotion of the important synergies that exist between these two hi-tech industries.”

The key aspect of the project was the creation of a boat that adhered to the Wally requirements of a race boat with a genuine cruising interior with all the usual amenities. This required extremely close cooperation between the designers, the yard and all the contractors to ensure that she met her weight requirements, and every component had to be designed and evaluated with that in mind. “We were fortunate to work with It is exceptionally rare to find a yacht that leaders in their respective fields”, remarks is both an exciting and competitive raceboat, You can’t change the wind, but you can adjust your sails Marcel, “including naval architect judel/ and one that can be used for comfortable vrolijk, interior designer and exterior stylist bluewater cruising. Thanks to the latest Design Unlimited, and Adriana Monk of technology and the expertise of all those ! 0208!576!6633! Monk Design.” involved in her build, this has been achieved 9!Silver!Road,!London,!W12!7SG! 23/04/12 and Hamilton has set a new, and very high, While ensuring that every possible kilogram standard in this respect.

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Over 350 International Maritime Organisation approved leathers Please contact us to view our full collection 0208 576 6633 9 Silver Road, London, W12 7SG

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S/Y Vertigo Winner Of The Sailing Yacht Over 40 Metres Award, by Clarity Asset

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The concept for this yacht, winner of the ‘Sailing Yacht over 40 metres’ award in the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2013, was developed in 2001 with Clarity Asset initially responsible for commissioning the naval architect, interior designer, mechanical engineer and shipyard. Later, Clarity Asset directors Tanya Zdebliak and Andrew Senn worked together on its realisation with Alloy Yachts, naval architect Philippe Briand and interior designer Christian Liaigre. On launch, Tanya and Andrew have taken on management of the yacht providing crew, financial services and regulatory support. Philippe Briand, the yacht’s exterior stylist comments; “the challenge was to design a yacht that was large but ‘sensitive to sail’, which explains her modern hull lines. She is the first sailing yacht of her size to have an almost vertical bow. This feature allows for a greater waterline length, thus making for a considerable improvement in speed both under sail and engine power.”

“ the challenge was to design a yacht that was large but ‘sensitive to sail’, which explains her modern hull lines ”

With an air clearance restricted to 68m (for access to the Suez Canal) and a draft restriction of 5m, the designer was particularly concerned with enhancing efficiency of the sail plan and keel. “A Ketch rig was the only suitable option”, Philippe explains. “Mainsail and mizzen sail include roaches that have never before been seen or used on yachts of this size”. More surface area of the sails is exposed up where the wind velocity is greater than it is at the proximity of the water. This led to having sails developing a larger driving force than that of conventional triangular sails. Therefore runners are used instead of permanent backstays. This is another first on a boat of this size, made possible via the technology of mast builders Southern Spars. Draft is increased to 9.10m by a daggerboard extension and both captive and vertical winches have been custom made by Alloy Yachts. Under sail she is expected to reach speeds of almost 20 knots in a reach with a true wind speed of 20 knots. Additionally, with light winds less than 10 knots, she can outperform the existing mega sailing yachts. Under engine power the yacht can reach a maximum speed of 17.5 knots and maintain a cruising speed of 12 knots with an estimated range of over 4000 nm. “Another original aspect lies in the layout”, reveals Philippe, “the main lazarette is

36 Luxe Et Al

situated in the middle of the boat rather than aft, as is more usually the case. As a result, access to the boat from her tender is more central.” The aft lazarette houses a large 8m ‘commuter’ tender: It is enclosed by two doors; one serving as a swimming platform and the other as steps. On the foredeck there are two lockers that house 2 x 6m tenders. The foredeck and passage way are entirely flush. This gives the aesthetic a very sleek appearance, which is unique for a yacht of this size. Inside, she is extremely comfortable; light floods in all around, as the designer intended, especially in the saloon on the main deck. The sides of the superstructure are transparent, bringing the outside into the saloon. The perfect integration of deck saloon and cockpit create a seamless living area 30m long. The lower deck layout shows 4 guest rooms and huge owner’s state room aft. The passage from this cabin leads directly to the lazarette and swim platform. Forward there is enough accommodation for 11 crew. Guillaume Rolland of Christian Liaigre, the yacht’s interior stylist comments; “the interior design process started from a client’s request that the boat must feel ‘urban at sea’. As they plan to stay for long periods onboard, they want to experience a light atmosphere instead of the more traditional ‘nautical’ signature.” The general palette, therefore, provides a large amount of white surface combined with tinted walnuts and black sandblasted woods. All complementary furniture has been custom designed in order to match perfectly with the ‘sport chic’ spirit of the yacht. “The layout increases the perspective effect”, Guillaume explains, “the boats longitudinal lines can be read all along the internal space because many partition walls are stopped before they connect to the hull.” On the main deck, three big black cores shelter the staircases in aluminium and some of the service area. The long, sinuous longitudinal side cabinet creates a link between the spaces. It visually extends the deck and can be read as the edge of an internal cockpit. The result of this design is a cruising yacht capable of worldwide voyages for extended periods that is sensitive yet powerful under sail and designed to deliver absolute comfort at sea.

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5 Minutes with Jonny Horsfield

What direction do you feel design is moving towards in general terms? The yacht projects are getting bigger and this means much more attention needs to be paid to safety and complying with strict regulations. The style of designs requested is still very varied. We are working in both classic and very modern styles. What projects are you currently working on? We are working on two 120m projects, an 80m at Blohm and Voss shipyard, a 73m at Nobiskrug, and a 45m and 50m at Bilgin yachts in turkey. A designer’s work is so diverse – how do you manage to hold down a career and a life?

Name: Jonny Horsfield Company: h2 design Position within company: Owner and design director Website:

For me my work is 75% of my life anyway and it’s a fun and diverse job!

With my kids and my cars! What are your aims and goals for the next twelve months? To supervise my existing projects to a successful launch later this year, as well as developing new ideas and concepts for the market. Final thoughts; tell us a little more about yourself The car you drive? Landrover defender, Porsche 911 Your favourite place to travel to in the world? New York

Name your key themes to consider when approaching design in 2013 and beyond.

Your favourite hotel/ restaurant/ bar?

Originality, quality, value

The Wolesley, London

If you could offer one piece of advice when it comes to design schemes, what would it be?

The place that gives you the most energy?

Always remember to answer the owner’s brief and not your own!

And the place that enables you to totally relax?

How important are The International Yacht and Aviation Awards as recognition of talent and achievement? It is always nice to receive recognition and awards from your industry but I also value that my clients are happy with our work.

38 Luxe Et Al

How do you relax?

Monaco grand prix

My apartment in Cornwall

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Extract of Luxe from The Design Issue  
Extract of Luxe from The Design Issue  

The Design Issue included a back-to-back issue of LUXE et al.