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Design Industry Weekly News Friday 21 March 2014 | Issue 23

Further Success for Earlcrown in the International Design & Architecture Awards 2014 Earlcrown have been shortlisted for the Residential ÂŁ20 Million Plus (Project Value) Award in the International Design & Architecture Awards 2014.

This completely rebuilt 22,000 sq ft London Mansion effortlessly juxtaposes the elegance of London’s grandest architectural period with classic modern design. The property at 40 Upper Brook Street in Mayfair was originally created in the 18th century as the home of the family of the 8th Earl of Pembroke. Today it is a 22,000 sq ft London mansion extravagantly and skilfully redesigned with imagination and modern materials, effortlessly juxtaposed with the elegance and grace of the Grand Regency architecture. To cultivate and realise these ideas and

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ideals at this historic address, Earlcrown has commissioned the finest master craftsmen, professionals, designers and experts. Behind the historic façade the house boasts world-class technology, sumptuous spa facilities and customised art installations thus retaining the individual identity of the original residence whilst creating a contemporary product of incomparable value. With unparalleled quality and historical accuracy this legendary property has been revitalised to its original dignity and splendour. The end result: more than

a living space – a modern palace for the 21st Century elite. The key aspects of the project are the grand entrance hall with solid Portland stone cantilevered staircase, an extravagant ballroom for a party of up to 200. The sumptuous spa with 12.5m swimming pool, beauty salon, gymnasium, massage and treatment suites and the garage parking for four Rolls Royces. The project overall is a carefully engineered flow of space, elegant yet sumptuous interior design palate, hand-crafted and bespoke finishes and fittings creates an unrivalled private residence in the heart of the Capital.

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Shortlisting Luxury Categories: IQ Glass UK, Dalston House IQ Glass UK have their second project shortlisted for the International Design & Architecture Awards 2014, with their project Dalston House, going into the Glasshouse over £50,000 category. This project is a prime example of a rear glass extension and internal renovation in London – with integrating minimal framed sliding doors, minimal steel supports, aluminium cladding and frameless structural glazing to form a coherent contemporary extension. The brief was to create a family house that was minimal but not minimalist, with sleek spaces that still had personality. A home was created that preserved the character of the existing building and merged this with exciting modern design. The major architectural addition came in the form of two slick black boxes to the rear of the property. These structures enclose a new staircase that leads down to large open-plan basement level, an area that forms the social heart of the property. 4 Design Industry Weekly News

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Shortlisted: 1.61 London in the £5 Million+ (Property Value) Award design et al are delighted to announce that 1.61 London have been shortlisted in the ID&A £5Million+ (Property Value) award. 1.61 London, encompasses what it does in its very name and insigne. It stands for creating perfect aesthetic beauty in interior design across some of the best spaces in London. This is achieved through meticulous care and detail, making design not just an art, but also a science. The design brief was to turn what used to be an ordinary, modern, corner house on a quiet mews, to a beautifully designed, and detailed home that was moulded on their company’s notion. Each area was thought through and perfected individually, so that when each section was put together, it not only resonated in its own beauty, but created, as a whole, a harmonious, flowing design throughout. Added into this was the client’s passion for collecting antiques, art, wine and sculpture. The design needed to incorporate and enhance these areas

by returning to what made these pieces wonderful in their time and interpreting them in a modern way. One such example was the main reception room wall. This was designed to have back lit onyx vertical sections, sitting either side of a triplet of antique mirrors, with works of art hanging from them. This area acted as the perfect juxtaposition between ancient pieces of art, beautiful in their own right, and modern design. Thus bridging two worlds with two time differences and forging them together in this new modern, harmonised design fusion. The theme formed allowed the designers to incorporate all these beautiful existing pieces with the design ebbing and flowing with impact and resonance where needed. This gave the client’s collection items a perfect platform to sing from where needed, but where lacking, the design to step up and influence the aesthetics. Read More

Stephen Clasper Interiors have been shortlisted for the Kitchen Over £50,000 Award Stephen Clasper Interiors have been shortlisted for the Kitchen Over £50,000 Award in the International Design & Architecture Awards 2014. The brief was to deliver a kitchen and family area that was completely out of the ordinary – a space that didn’t look like a kitchen as we know it. The designers rose to the challenge and handled every aspect of the scheme, from initial concepts through hand-crafting the fitted furniture to final installation. The design was focused on delivering a unique room with a strong sense of opulence throughout. Their use of special, dyed veneers with dark, high-gloss lacquer and bespoke inset chrome panels provided a highly luxurious feel. The hand-made cabinetry incorporated the latest fitted Gaggenau appliances. Read More

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Shortlisting Luxury Categories: Senosiain Architects, Amoeba House Senosiain Architects have been shortlisted for the ID&A Awards 2014, with their project Amoeba House entering the Architectural Glasshouse over £150,000 category. Overall, this is a prime example of the new era of an Organic House with a great view to a golf course. The project is located within a private dwelling complex, with a golf course, surrounded by the lush vegetation of the area and located at just 120 kilometres away from the city of San Paulo. The land is privileged, since it faces to the fairway and has the ideal orientation to the north. Moreover, a requirement of this site is that all buildings should be located as ‘islands’ at the centre of a chosen piece of land and there are no fences allowed in their adjacencies. The program needed three different common areas, requiring specifically defined spaces: the kitchen, the TV room and a game room; hence, we decided to create a “three leg” ground floor containing the above mentioned areas which, at the same time, were connected by wide open areas. Those areas include the dining room and

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the living room, offering uninterrupted cross views both to the golf course and to the garden surrounding the house. On the upper floor, supported on three “legs”, there is the intimate area, which has spectacular views towards the golf course from the bedrooms and the family room. In order to ease circulation within the house, most of the furniture was integrated into the construction, except those in the dining room, the garden and the pool areas. Finally, considering Brazil’s climate, sliding doors were suggested to be placed in the dining room to integrate it into the terrace and pool area when they are opened. A key aspect to this project was the intention to adapt the house, the terrace and the pool to the natural ground slope and leave the garden integrating it to the golf course. In other words, the golf course extended within the piece of land. This design works so well because the house seems to belong to the field, like a living organism in the grass, and the inhabitants of the house feel the same. Read More

JPR Architects Shortlisted in the International Design & Architecture Awards 2014 JPR Architects have been successfully shortlisted in the International Design & Architecture Awards 2014. Waterfront House Coogee will compete for the Beach House Award. A casual family retreat on a double block of ocean front land with strong, primitive, architectural influences and bespoke construction. The brief was to design a home which was soft and organic in its ‘feel’ while having the precision of detail, and robustness of fabric to withstand the harshness of the seafront environment with minimal maintenance. The family enjoyed a very relaxed informal lifestyle and had enjoyed vacations in the tropics and the African bush. They wanted a home reflecting the primitive influences they felt most comfortable in.

The earth-bound, rustic style of the house which evolved has its roots in the traditional Cape Dutch fishing village houses of the Southern African west coast. The design conceived the house as a series of ‘BUNGALOWS’ of various function congregated around an entry court which seamlessly dissolved into the exterior. Embracing protective physical form is enhanced through the use of a limited and muted colour palette combined with careful blending of natural textured materials. The design works so well due to the flow of space from inside to outside which characterises the house’s atmosphere. This was achieved through the consistent use of rough render to both the external and internal walls and the continuity of wide timber internal flooring boards flowing uninterrupted through the full height cavity sliding timber windows to matching external timber decking. Read More

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Shortlisted: ID V.K DESIGN for the Hotel Design Award – Africa design et al are delighted to announce that ID V.K DESIGN have been successfully shortlisted for the International Hotel & Property Awards 2014. Their project, Zilwa Attitude, will compete for the Hotel Design Award – Africa.

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The Mauritian culture and art de vivre are the source of inspiration to Zilwa Attitude hotel. Entirely thought out and designed with the aim of sharing the simple and genuine life of the islanders, this hotel is a ‘hymn’ to Mauritius…the ideal address for holidays full of emotions and pleasures, discoveries and sharing; the ideal place to relax, to unwind or just to slow down.

Grand Gaube, Zilwa Attitude is different and unique with its 100% Mauritian concept… Zilwa Attitude is not only an encounter with the Mauritian people but also an experience of the Mauritian art de vivre by the sea, Zilwa Attitude is sharing simple and genuine moments and going back to basics.

Situated on the north coast of Mauritius, in Kalodyne, close to the fisherman’s village of

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The Stephen B. Jacobs Group, PC are Shortlisted for the IH&P Awards 2014 design et al are pleased to announce that The Stephen B. Jacobs Group, PC have been successfully shortlisted for the Hotel 50-200 Rooms Award in the International Hotel & Property Awards 2014. The Breakwater Hotel is a combination of two historic, art deco hotels located in the South Beach Historic District. Both buildings were obsolete, and in a poor state of repair. The buildings were constructed around a central courtyard, which fronts on Ocean Drive. The team’s inspiration was the Art Deco theme of the historic district, but their approach was interpretive, creating a modern interior with Art Deco references, either as iconic elements or as art. The program required that the two buildings be transformed into a boutique lifestyle hotel, attracting a younger clientèle. The project’s Ocean Drive location is the heart of the most vibrant and active part of South Beach, with a direct view of the ocean, a perfect location for the target market. The ground floor of the hotel is a centre of activity. The front porch and courtyard are filled with diners enjoying their libations. Pedestrians walking on Ocean Drive are immersed in the activity spilling onto the sidewalk. To add to the vibe, a new glass fronted swimming pool has been constructed on the roof of an existing one story structure at the rear of the courtyard, in the middle of the action, so that guests can enjoy a spectacular view of the beach and the ocean while swimming underwater. The hotel lobby is located in the Breakwater building, and is a study of contrasts. Ultra-modern furniture has been mixed with iconic Art Deco pieces, set against the restored background of the space. The residential scale

of the lobby conveys a sense of intimacy, with many clues that the guest’s stay will be full of excitement and adventure. The new room sizes are very generous, and have been designed with the comfort of the guest in mind. All of the guest’s needs have been carefully considered and incorporated into the room design. The focus of the room is a unique headboard designed by Andi Pepper, inspired by Art Deco fabrics, and printed in ultramarine. This is set against a neutral background with accents of lime, creating a harmonious, beach-oriented environment. Lighting is a key component of guest comfort. An original chandelier designed with Art Deco touches provides the ambient lighting. Goose neck LED lights fill in for reading lamps. Task lighting is also provided at the desk. The bathroom layout is also unique. A huge vanity counter containing two sinks and a makeup area spans one whole side of the bathroom. Guests find ample space for their toiletries and makeup on the multiple glass shelves and niches that are provided in convenient locations. Two walls of the bathroom are sheathed in tiny, golden coloured glass mosaic, contrasted by the white ceramic slabs that cover the other walls. A gray limestone colored floor unifies the other finishes and is in harmony with the neutral background colors of the guestroom. The lighting in the bathroom has been carefully considered, and is both functional and decorative. A recessed light cove illuminates the back wall of the bathroom so that the mosaic tile glistens and reflects the two back lighted mirrors mounted above each sink, emphasizing the spa quality of the bathroom. Read More

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Further Shortlist Success for YachtNext in the IY&A Awards 2014 YachtNext have achieved further shortlist success in the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2014 with M/Y Finishline shortlisted for both the Power Yacht 25-40m Award and the Yacht Interior Design Award. From the finest fabrics and materials all the way through the complete outfitting of this project no details were spared. Beginning from the custom exterior to the interior of this yacht, the opportunity for YachtNext has been profoundly rewarding. Some of

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the materials used on the project consisted of: Custom silk carpets, designed pattern marble/glass stone foyers, imported Smokey quartz backlit bar, high gloss sapele in 2 tone finish with Polish Nickel inlays, custom designer furniture. The process for this yacht began with the General Arrangement and Exterior Styling. YachtNext’s 3D renderings of the interior enabled the owners to approve the concept & design intent. The design brief for this project was inspired by a relaxed family atmosphere: Each stateroom was designed to transform into additional

sleep arrangements and includes a bed conversion into a playroom (queen bed to sofa). Also, twin beds were to transform into a queen bed for guests. The owners’ cabin was to be fully equipped with a full 26’ beam walk in closet. A country kitchen (owner’s kitchen) with walk in pantry like no other, easily seats 8 for just another area for the owners to enjoy. A South Beach inspired fly bridge was included for lounging. The details in YachtNext’s custom design are beyond expectations. Read More

de Le Cuona Shortlisted In the International Product Design Awards 2014 Collection Name: Stormy Serenity, by de Le Cuona Inspiration of the design and description of piece: de Le Cuona’s new collection, Stormy Serenity, is a contemporary twist on our favourite cashmeres, velvets, paisleys and linens. There are five new fabrics in Stormy Serenity, each with a story of their own.

Antoinette Inspired by a 17th Century document, Antoinette is a beautiful velvet which has been decorated with real metallic paint and washed to create an authentic antiquated look. Composition: 60% Viscose 40% Cotton. Shades: Dusk, Dawn Maroc This gutsy linen is an embossed linen complement. Maroc has been washed, stonewashed, dyed and gently massaged to make this weighty cloth, floppy yet full of life. Composition: 100% Linen. Shades: Bay, Ash, Cloud.

Contessa The colours of this new paisley are subtle combinations of blues and taupes and an elegant cream and grey combination. Composition: 84% Wool, 16% Cotton. Shades: Snow, Moon Illusion An exceptionally fine cashmere with a grand paisley inspired design woven into it. Lined the design can be seen clearly however with the light behind it the design disappears to create just a hint of colour and fine texture. Composition: 100% Cashmere Shades: Smoke, Ghost, Breeze, Ember

Buffalo new colours Stonewashed to the extreme to recreate the thick scarred skin of the Buffalo, this fabric is subjected to a unique finishing process. In addition to previous Buffalo colours, Wild, Swamp and Calm join the collection. Composition: 100% Linen Shades: Wild, Swamp, Calm As with each new collection, the latest fabrics marry effortlessly with de Le Cuona classics. Read More

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5 Minutes with Anna Ghomi Tell us a little about your background in design (education, experience, etc)

What are your aims and goals for the next twelve months?

Art & Textile Technology in the fashion Industry

Finish the designs of the back area of our Community Shop in Cobham Kent. I designed the front of the shop and am working n the rear – purely as a volunteer

How would you describe your personal interior design style? Simple and eclectic Where does your design inspiration come from? I am inspired by the client at the time In what direction do you feel that design is moving towards in a general sense?

Name: Anna Ghomi Company: Anna Ghomi Consultancy Position within company: Proprietor Website:

Your most treasured possession? My son’s first tooth Your favourite holiday destination? Barbados

Simplicity with a sense of balance and sustainability

Your favourite hotel / restaurant / bar? The Swan – West Malling

Name five key themes to consider when approaching design in 2014 and beyond

Your favourite book / film / song? Too many, too little time!

1. Lighting 2. Recycled products 3. Heating and Insulation 4. The environment 5. British made products If you could offer one piece of advice when it comes to interior design schemes, what would it be? Accents – you can’t fail with a touch of black – like a pair of black lampshades. How important are The International Design and Architecture Awards as recognition of talent and achievement? It promotes the work of new talent. What projects are you currently working on? - A large duplex apartment in South Street London W1 - A development in Trafalgar Square - Two cottages in Kent

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Final thoughts; tell us a little more about yourself:

Your favourite food and drink? Prosecco and Scallops Your favourite way to spend an afternoon? I love working in our Community shop in Cobham Kent. I often go to the theatre with my son Alexander our favourite Company is Punchdrunk If you weren’t a designer, what would you be? Work in the Iranian Artefact section of a museum Read the full interview at: designandarchitecture/interview-annaghomi.html | @designetal

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