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Design Industry Weekly News Friday 14 February 2014 | Issue 18

Earlcrown are Shortlisted in the £40 Million+ Category (Property Value) in The ID&A Awards 2014

design et al are delighted to announce that Earlcrown are shortlisted in the ID&A 2014 £40 Million+ Award. This superb London Mansion has been completely rebuilt and effortlessly juxtaposes the elegance of London’s grandest architectural period with classic modern design.

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The property at 40 Upper Brook Street in Mayfair was originally created in the 18th century as the home of the family of the 8th Earl of Pembroke. Today it is a 22,00sq ft London mansion extravagantly and skilfully redesigned with imagination and modern materials, with the elegance and grace of the Grand Regency architecture.

To cultivate and realise these ideas and ideals at this historic address, Earlcrown has commissioned the finest master craftsmen, professionals, designers and experts. Behind the historic façade the house boasts world-class technology, sumptuous spa facilities and customised art installations thus retaining the individual identity of the original residence whilst creating a contemporary product

of incomparable value. With unparalleled quality and historical accuracy this legendary property has been revitalised to its original dignity and splendour. The end result is more than a living space – this is a modern palace for the 21st Century elite.

accomodation for a party of up to 200. The superb addition of a sumptuous spa complete with a 12.5m swimming pool, a beauty salon, a gymnasium, a massage and treatment suites. The garage parking area is extremely large, providing parking space for four Rolls Royces.

The property also boasts an extravagant ballroom which will provide ample

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Purcell achieve further Shortlist Success with Coworth Park Spa in the IH&P Awards 2014 Coworth Park Spa is a sustainable building built into its landscape that provides an exclusive eco-luxury spa with low energy requirements. This sensitive site in the heart of the Surrey green belt necessitated an ingenious design that would minimise the spa’s volume and footprint and maximise its commanding views without compromising on comfort.

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The spa is oriented to the sun’s morning to dusk path so that the outer rooms and terrace maximise natural light. The living roof is profiled to incorporate clerestory lighting to the rear underground treatment rooms as well as to the central radial corridor. It provides differing depths of growing medium that enable a range of natural herbs for use within the spa. Carbon neutrality is the future for all modern designs and Coworth Park Spa is leading the way in the hospitality industry as an environmentally-advanced estate. Spa facilities are naturally energy intensive due

to the high heating requirements, lighting levels and environmental requirements of the various treatment facilities offered. Coworth Park Spa is unique in its design which maximises the natural elements surrounding the building to offset the carbon impact of these requirements. Its excellence and exemplar status is endorsed by being the world’s first spa to incorporate the ground-breaking use of carbon negative lime hemp walling combined with an innovative timber glulam monocoque structure that is reflected in the bowed timber ceiling to the spa pool, reminiscent

Further Shortlist Success for AYKA Design In The International Product Design Awards 2014 AYKA Design enjoy further Shortlist Success for the Flooring Award In The International Product Design Awards 2014 ‘CHAMBRAY’ (The City Lanscapes Collection) by AYKA Designs. The inspiration for this piece was borne out of a love of architecture and fashion. The ever changing climate, the light from dusk to dawn, from colour to neutral, from pattern to textures are all an inspiration. The setting of the industrial cityscape fuses into one, harsh industrial lines melt, faces mellow, colours soften to create this beautiful canvas. As a designer, Michelle’s approach behind the design of each individual rug is its story. It inspires her to be bold and not to be afraid of current trends. This strength creates the soul in each rug which is far beyond one single

element of the designer’s journey. The design is interpreted from a different perspective, as it is not just a rug, it is art itself. The rugs journeys starts from an inspiration to paper to colour to the loom and finally, to the many hands that will patiently create it slowly and meticulously over the ensuing months. The rug is no longer a floor covering but a piece of Art. Both images of the industrial background and the glamorous woman are individual and bold. However when combined together they transform into one canvas creating a softness as they coexist in their daily lives. The rug is a mixture of wool and handspun silk yarns which adds a three dimension accent and life to the design when the light descends upon the silk threads. Slight carving is added in one direction on the background of the curves to echo the structures of the landscapes.

of the underside of a boat. The living roof is at ground level to the rear and merges into the woodland floor of primroses and bluebells whilst creating a 21st century garden of lavender, camomile and thyme, further demonstrating the increased biodiversity of living roofs within the built environment and adding to the thermal efficiency of the building. The project uses some of the latest zero carbon and low energy technologies, many of which are being used for the first time on a project of this nature in the United Kingdom. Design Industry Weekly News 5

Concept2Group Shortlisted in the £1 – £2.5 Million (Property Value) Award design et al are delighted to announce that Concept2Group have been shortlisted in the £1-£2.5 Million (Property Value) award with their Paddock View project. The construction of this 3000sqft five bedroomed detached, new build home is located in the village of Kingswood, Surrey. Kingswood village has a high proportion of property valued at £2.-£3million plus, but the developer felt there was a real gap in the market for quality houses on or around the £1m+price bracket. The brief, therefore, was to appeal to a downsizing market, ie; prospective purchasers living in high value homes in Kingswood but now requiring a smaller property but still within the village, yet wishing to maintain the same high specification and quality of finishes and features that they had been accustomed to. Read More

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Intimate Living Interiors are Shortlisted for the Residential £2.5 – £5 Million (Project Value) Award 2014 Intimate Living Interiors have been shortlisted for the Residential £2.5 – £5 Million (Project Value) award in the International Design & Architecture Awards 2014. “We chose neutral colours of beige, grey, black and brown with pops of blue and orange throughout.” Explains Kari Arendsen, Principle Designer at Intimate Living Interiors. All of the design choices were made to enhance and accentuate the views of the building. Additionally the designers aimed to elicit the masculine as well as feminine aspects of the exterior architecture and the interior to reflect the lifestyle of the client and his family. There is a beautiful balance of masculine and feminine; masculine in

the massive size, boldness, and strength; feminine in its endless delicate details. On top of the carefully selected color palate, the design included a unique focus on texture in our applications of furnishings, finishings, art, and accessories. Infusing our trademark look of blending the reclaimed with the refined and the unexpected with the essential, we created a space that truly feels like the historic building across the street exists within the residence. With floor to ceiling windows throughout the loft, the building dominates the exterior views of the space and became the foundation of our design. All of the design choices were made to enhance and accentuate the views of the building. The design works so well because the designers successfully integrated the exterior within the interior and executed the appropriate scale and proportions to balance the space as a whole.

Architecture & Design By Oleg Klodt Shortlisted in the City Space Award Category Architecture & Design by Oleg Klodt have recently been shortlisted in the City Space Award in the ID&A awards 2014. This property had originally been two adjacent apartments with their own separate floor plans. The client then acquired both properties and amalgamated them with one single entrance to create one large property . When a problem was encountered reconfiguring the apartment, as the partition which divided the living room from the grand dining room had a television system, hi-fi system and fireplace fitted into it, this was resolved creatively by Oleg Klodt. This was the case with every detail of the interiors, which were thought through thoroughly and immaculately – the panels, the portals, the built-in cabinets, the doors, the bed-head in the master bedroom were all designed by the architect, and created specially to order. The living room floor is paneled in walnut, in a special configuration created by the architect. Read More

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5 Minutes with Nicola O’Mara Tell us a little about your background in design (education, experience, etc)

Name: Nicola O’Mara Company: Inspired Design Ltd Position within company: Company Owner Website:

I have always been creative since I was very young. I was always designing and decorating my bedroom, choosing accessories, making cushions and playing around with the space, so it was natural for me to follow my heart and pursue a career in design. As well as obtaining the usual GCSE’s I gained a GCSE in Art & Design & Design Textiles. Following on from this I completed A’Levels in Textiles and Classical Civilisation, a BTEC Foundation course in Design specialising in Textiles, and a BA(Hons) in Textiles. I was lucky enough after a year out of college to land my first Interior Design position working for a construction company in Bristol. This was my real insight into Interior design and build, I had to adapt and learn very quickly. My hard work and determination for the job I love soon gained me a managerial position within the company. I successfully built up the interiors division, which I then bought out a year later. My partner and I have now successfully been running the company for 12 years and we still love every minute of it! How would you describe your personal design style? I have to say that I do love very dark masculine and understated interiors but with that small touch of glamour. Clean, elegant, smart and contemporary materials but designed with comfort and usability. I love interiors that aren’t over designed; they look like they have evolved naturally over a period of time. Where does your design inspiration come from? My design inspiration is influenced by so many wonderful things. Whether it is travelling in the snow top mountains of the Alps, the hustle and bustle of the big city, or relaxing at home browsing through magazines. I love to take in the atmosphere of an old stately home, a stylish hotel or a busy café bar and observe its character and spirit. I love to source online, look at advertising, watch the Paris catwalks and

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study different eras. I find that looking at objects and materials from different perspectives and scale can be quite fascinating and interesting too. In what direction do you feel that design is moving towards in a general sense? Technology now forms a big part of our lives; potential clients are a lot more comfortable and design aware, they are quick to make assertive decisions and are requesting more challenging designs. Name five key themes to consider when approaching design in 2013 and beyond. 1) Nesting; making a house a home, a return to calm and harmonious environments where mind and body can relax and unwind. 2) A larger aging community is having its effects on today’s design, where people are living and working longer. Commercial and workplace design will need to ergonomically designed to help manage this situation and it’s environmental changes. 3) On a lighter note, lovely trends that we can look forward to is an interest in geometrics, particularly a trend towards folklore pattern inspired by Mexico, Africa and Bulgaria. 4) Men are spending more and more time at home, and working at home, so it will be natural for them to participate in the decisions made about the home design. This trend will bring about more masculine and tailored interiors. 5) A sustainable future; the merging and integration of natural surroundings, farming within the city. If you could offer one piece of advice when it comes to design, what would it be? Listen hard, be proactive and be brave. hotelandproperty/interview-inspired-design. html



Bespoke British Lighting

A beautifully designed light fitting is among the most important details when delivering a truly inspired lighting scheme. A client will not compromise when in comes to the detail and design features of a truly exclusive project. This is why, for the last 20 years, The Light Corporation has been designing and hand_building lighting products of the highest quality to be installed in some of the world’s most exemplary Homes, Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and even Super Yachts. Our elegant products are designed and built in England with a primary focus on efficiency, functionality and simplicity. They are quite simply the best lighting products money can buy.

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