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An absolutely gorgeous bracelet with loads of options for variation. Use freshwater pearls, precious stones, metal beads, plastic beads or wooden beads.

You have to use: • 4 x freshwater pearls, approx. 12 mm • 8 silver intermediate elementse

1. Place the 5 cords together (70 cm) so that the ends are all aligned. Tie a knot about 20 cm in, then thread on the beads by following the illustration. (step a)


• 350 cm leather cord (cut into 5 sections of 70 cm each)

2. Tie another knot to finish off the first section (step b). Repeat steps a and b over and over to complete the main section. (step c)



3. Then to finish off, place both ends of the bracelet vertically to one another. (step d)


4. Tie a separate knot on the opposite side. Try not to tie the knot too tightly so that your bracelet remains easier to adjust. (step e)



Cut off the excess cord. We recommend that you glue the cut ends of the bracelet (step f) to give a better hold. f

(Cut here)

(Cut here)

Tip Use ink on the cut ends We recommend that you apply a black ink to the points where you’ve cut the ends off in order to “camouflage” the brown ends.


“We know that the quality of our jewellery is above – or beyond – measure. The materials, such as leather, gem stones and agates, equal the best anywhere in the world. Moreover, those involved in the process, from design to production, are incredibly skilled, so the end result is jewellery which both looks amazing and is amazing when examined closely. Our contribution to women – and nature – is therefore the entire concept of jewellery with a new sense of responsibility.”

Make your own bracelets with gems and stones.  

A step by step guide on how to make your own leather bracelets with precious stones and gems. Look good every day.

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