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restoration center

IDE Restoration Center

Building Perspective modeled and rendered in Sketchup


he IDE Restoration Center is located in Tijuana BC, MX. The city is home to many immigrants from Latin America who come with the intention to reach the American dream and never make it pass the borderline. These lives are left without shelter,food, and clothing. Ide provides these needs with the intention of restoring and settling them in Tijuana through free counseling services and job networking. With these services, IDE is able to reduce the large influx of illegal immigrants that cross the Mexico/U.S.A border each year. It is the intention of the designer to design around the needs of IDE Ministries. In order to accomplish this goal the designer has created a healing environment where everyone will feel welcomed not only by IDE Volunteers, but by the building itself. The spaces have been planned to encourage interaction among end users, through this people will built strong relationships and will open up and will be lead to a true healing experience. Studies have shown that nature reduces stress and depression. Therefore, the entire design concept of this center will be to combine interior aesthetic with exterior aesthetic which nature has already provided for us. Natural primary design elements and materials have been chosen to take part in regards to interior and exterior aesthetics.

IDE Restoration Center tijuana bc. Mexico

Thesis Design

In this senior level studio course, students develop a viable and visual solution for the project initially researched in Thesis Programming. All phases of the design process are covered in depth and implemented into a total design development and contract document package from which a client may place orders or a contractor may build. Skills from the entire program such as lighting, codes and specifications, color theory, furniture and finish selection, and client presentation techniques, culminate into a portfolio project. Students’ solutions incorporate environmentally sound, cost effective and responsible design methods.

This first Collage was developed to represent the floor plan of IDE at a conceptual stage. The concept begins with a spiral leading to well being. Three trees representing nature and floating planks to represent the intent of architectural and design elements.

The second Collage was created to represent the strong connection of the exterior with nature. This is done by creating a pavilion exterior and levels leading to a grassy area where people can sit and interact.

The third Collage explores the essence of IDE Ministries. People interacting, helping each other and a section where children are welcomed, for a place where kids have fun and feel loved, parents will follow.

This model was created to explore the concept of the interior and exterior connecting without architectural barriers. It was the intent of the designer to break the box mindset and add curves and levels that were originally taken from IDE logo and incorporate them into the buildings’ aesthetics.

This set of four conceptual drawings show the analogies done to reach the design intent. First, the site was analyzed in regards to wind currents and solar paths. Second, bubble relationship diagrams were produced to analyze the relationship of the spaces without thinking of proper space planning yet. Third, the bubble diagram is inserted in the building shell. Fourth, the Spaces are properly spaced planned into the shell and the landscape is used as a connector between the interior and exterior. Although the space meets the requirements of the program at this stage, it leaves the idea of connecting the interior and exterior through nature with more to desire. The drawing underneath is the breakthrough if the concept.

Doodle Sketch that emerges after countless sketches, and satisfies the design intent. * All drawings represent original scale

Sketch that is taken from the doodle sketch to clearly understand the concept. Here we are able to see a series of platforms that does not stop at the ground level, but instead submerges the structure into the ground, merging structure and the site into one instead of structure on site.

This set of perspective sketches further analyzes the design intent viewed from the interior and exterior of the building. The perspective on the far right shows the designers intent to unify not only building and site, but the city view on the background. Tijuana is a mountainous city that has no proper organization when building homes. Many of these homes are built on mountain sides and homes are staggered irregularly creating an interesting site from a distance. The viewers eyes are guided through the square-like sanctuary and then leads to the staggered, multi-leveled ceiling of the Center and finally to a design that has been created unintentionally through Tijuana’s’ development, the staggered homes on the mountain.

Floor Plan sketch produced from the idea that emerged from the concept section.

Travertine stone that will be used through the Center as the main field material.

Second from the travertine will be conrete. The natural look of the material will further the design intent.

concrete planters and custom concrete planter/water feature wall. Restoration Ctr First Floor Plan Water feature concept was taken from modern sleek water spout. colored frank gehry twisted stainless steel stools for children area seating.

custom bench designed for the descending platforms.

custom lightweight table made of plastic. White verner Panton Chair.

White onyx, used for custom reception desk. Onyx will be lit from behind.

Restoration Ctr First Floor Plan

* All drawings represent original scale


More than occasional seating, the Wrapp Chair combines a snug winged back and generous contoured seat, inclined slightly for comfort and support. A meeting chair that doesn’t wear out its occupant. Elegantly functional.

Counseling center Floor Plan

Office workstation from Steelcase has been modified to fit the needs of the IDE Counseling Center space.


Coalesse Product Specifications: Wrapp Chair/2007 Sled-Base Chair / COWRPSLD Overall Size: 17.69D 19.69W 27.94H Seat: 17.5H


Steelcase Product Number: Circa Modular Seating By Coalesse

This axonometric displays the prototypical of cabinetry in the counseling center

In this drawing, an elevated front view of the reception desk in the conference center is shown. A detailed cut section of the seating bench along the half standing wall is also shown.

This perspective shows the view from the grass area into the Center. To achieve the open feel intent, the concrete block walls have been removed and large glass panels have been placed. This gives the structure a dramatic feel and achieves continuity between the interior and exterior.

This perspective shows the children area and the custom water feature and planter which also serves as a back for the custom bench that runs along the perimeter of planter. The colored stainless steel twisted stools by Frank Gehry will serve as seating for the children and large round pendants placed in a grid pattern will hang from the open Plenum where the red exposed beams are also used as design elements.

This is a detailed section showing the conference room wall which will be covered by translucent architectural resin. a section of the water feature is also shown. Finally, a section of the multiple descending platforms that defy the limits set by the ground line.

Concept thumbnails for wall location floor plan

* All drawings represent original scale

8/9 restoration center

Concpet thumbnails for furniture plan w/ occupancy levels

Concept thumbnails for RCP

Pediatricians’ Office


* drawing represents original scale






Pediatricians’ Office






1. Vetrazzo Coun-

3. Carpet (mr-cr4)

5. Water sensor

7. Water sensor

9. Hippa compliant

2. Vinyl Flooring

4. Water sensor

6. Water sensor

8. Strata ergo-

10. Exam room cabinets

tertops (mr-cr4) By vetrazzo (mr-cr4) By Armstrong

By shaw contract

faucett for exam rooms by Kohler

faucett for restrooms by Kohler toilet by Kohler

Showerhead by Kohler nomic chair by steelcase


Through Greenguard


11. Lab Cabinets

Through Greenguard


hildren will experience a journey to well being when visiting this LEED Certified pediatricians’ office. There will be a well and a sick waiting area to reduce the chances of getting well children sick. An educational exhibition area had to be incorporated into a section of the building, but the designer incorporated the building itself into an exhibition. The theme of the clinic will be that of a tree, educating on the perfect ecosystem where a tree regenerates itself into well being through the process of the four seasons. From beginning to end the fours season and the role of the tree within the season will be explained to end users.

LEED 2009 for Commercial Interiors Project Scorecard Sustainable Sites:

Credit 2: Development Density and Community Connectivity (6) Credit 3.1: Alternative TransportationPublic Transporation Access (6) Credit 3.2: Alternative TransportationBicycle Storage and Changing Rooms (2)

Materials & Resources:

Credit 1.2: Building Reuse-Maintain Interior Nonstructural Components; 60% Reuse (2) Credit 3.2: Materials Reuse-Furniture and Furnishings (1) Credit 4: Recycled Content; 20% of Content (2)

Credit 4.5: Low-Emitting Materials-Systems Furniture and Seating (1) Credit 5: Indoor Chemical Pollutant Source Control; Closed Copy Rm (1) Credit 6.2: Controllability of Systems; Operable Windows (1)

Credit 3.3: Alternative TransportationParking Availability (2)

Credit 5: Regional Materials (1)

Credit 8.1: Daylight and ViewsDaylight; 90% of spaces (2)

Water Efficiency:

Credit 6: Rapidly Renewable Materials; 5% of mtl Cost/grows -> 10 yrs (2)

Credit 8.2: Daylight and ViewsViews from seating spaces (1)

Energy & Atmosphere:

Indoor Environmental Quality:

Innovation In Design:

Credit 4.3: Low-Emitting Materials-Flooring Systems (1)

Innovation In Design:

Credit 1: 40% Water Use Reduction (11)

Credit 1.1: Optimize Energy PerformanceLighting Power. Reduced by 35% (5) Credit 1.2: Optimize Energy PerformanceLighting Controls; Daylight Controls & Occ. Sensors (2) Credit 1.4: Optimize Energy PerformanceEquipment and Appliances; 90% Energy Star (4)

Credit 4.2: Low-Emitting Materials-Paints and Coatings (1)

Credit 4.4: Low-Emitting Materials-Composite Wood and Agrifiber Products (1)

Credit 1: Innovation or Exemplary Performance; Greenhouse keeping & Cleaning & Educational Exhibit (2)

Credit 1: Regionally Defined Credit Achieved; WE-CR3 & MR-CR6 (2)

Project Totals: Silver: 59 Points

Pediatricians’ Office Schaumburg, Illinois, USA

Environmental Design

This studio course focuses on sustainable issues concerning interior designer and the construction industry. Students participate in discussions on green design topics and learn about resources for improving indoor air quality and more responsible design choices. Students realistic design problems that specifically address environmental issues. A final project implements responsible sustainable design methods. Specifications and LEED analysis are included in the final presentation.

The nurse staion features multiple levels for accessibilty.

* All drawings represent original scale

12/13 Pediatricians’ Office

Lobby Perspective was hand drawn and enhanced with photoshop






Armstrong Ceilings

3 Form


Armstrong Ceilings


Product Number: 5424235NAR

Product Number: Varia Ecoresin-Birch Grove

Product Number: Circa Modular Seating By Coalesse

Product Number: Uptown-2024 901 Plexi

Product Number: Option Material for Circa Side Table

City Island Greektown To the Right

City Island

This wonderful custom wine cellar has the perfect combination of materials which makes it appealing to the viewer. Upon entering the space, the eye will be directed by a series of indenting walls will draw the eye to the rotating wine rack where the best wine of the house will be sold. A beautiful handmade chandelier by Estudios Hokmah will be placed as the crown of this featured space, which will be admired from all seating spaces within the restaurant seducing clientele to acquire a bottle of wine...!


To the left

A perfect example of elegant, simple design and cost effectiveness can be admired by the wine rack designed with steel construction mesh. The simplicity of the materials and construction allows the wine to be the only star in this space. Wine Cellar perspective. modeled and rendered with AutoCAD


ity Island is opening a new location in Chicago’s’ Greektown section. The owner has acquired the services of various designers to conceptually design this new location. The proposals were compiled into a portfolio from which the owner will choose design elements and ideas that best fulfills City Islands’ need.

Custom Hand made Chandelier By : Estudios Hokmah

The new location of City Island is located in a spectacular location surrounded my industrial buildings. As this design is analyzed it is the intention of the designer that the true Design intent unfold before the readers eyes; restaurants located in an industrial buildings can be beautiful and stylish when the natural beauty of the building is exposed rather than hidden. Wood beam columns, brick walls, large window panels and an exposed plenum are key elements for an urban retreat. Cost effectiveness is the advantage that clients and designers like when designing an urban space. One of the key concepts in urban design, is that much of the design is based on creativity and elements that are used for purposes other than their original intention. It is proposed that this new location of City Island takes this daring and exiting avenue in regards to its interior aesthetics. In this proposal, only the three main features of the restaurant will be shown. First the custom wine cellar, the Custom Bar, and the wonderful birch wall which is the essence of City Island Restaurants.

City Island Greektown Chicago, Illinois, USA

Specialty Design

This Senior level studio covers the physical and psychological factors that impact customers and employess of retail and restaurant environments. Students are expected to graphically show originality, creativity and viability within their solutions. Research on human factors, codes and lighting are combined with product mix and multi-sensory aspects of design to influence perceived value to the customer.


Visually connecting the bar and the host, while considering privacy for clientele sitting in the bar was a challenge. Continuity was achieved by running the granite countertop as the working surface for both pieces of furniture. The hostess station features the granite, an exposed brick wall to the side, two task pendants which chords disappear into the plenum, and a wonderful sign that hangs from the ceiling featuring City Islands’ lit logo. The hung sign also serves as a divider which not only separates both spaces, but gives enough privacy for bar employees and clientele sitting at the bar. A soffit hangs from the ceiling and adjustable recessed luminaries with dimmers are used to light the beautiful countertop that runs straight down and eventually lowers down to 14� making this special bar ADA accessible. The drop down is also used as a service station.

Bar perspective. modeled and rendered with AutoCAD

The bar also features a lit base. The section below helps one understand the design intent. Separated planks may be wood studs that are either painted by a chosen color or wrapped with a metal texture sheet. The planks are lit (lamps on dimmers) from behind and light escapes through the space between the planks, creating extraordinary shadow effects on nearby surfaces. Existing back bar shelves may be refinished and custom doors are added. The doors will resemble the design of the bar base, connecting both, the base and the wall hung shelves as one design.


Birch Wall and Water Feature

simple modification by dressing and exposing some of the architectural features can make this an extraordinary feature wall in City Island. The modification involves the following: -Removing the drywall by exposing the brick and embracing the industrial beauty of this building and restoring it to its original state. -A simple application of drywall and glass tile will dress up the existing limestone water feature. The City Island logo will be featured in this wall by using the water access and running a water curtain over the logo and adding focal luminaries from underneath to make the logo a clear focal point. -Another branding feature, along with the logo, is the birch wall. It is suggested that this feature be located at the sides of the water feature. Eyeball focal luminaries petrude from a simple rectilinear soffit to be build along the water feature and birch wall. -Stone cladding has been specified to be applied at the base of the birch wall, but for cost effective purposes the existing limestone base can be left and it would not hinder the design intent.

City Island

Featured wall perspective. modeled and rendered with AutoCAD

Ralph Lauren Corp.

Ralph Lauren Corporation


Endless Pool

custom waterfeature

Massage chairs

This extraordinary pool was selected to be part of the corporation’s wellness center and also serves as promotion for exercising and bike riding to work within employees. The pool features the following: -Acrylic water propulsion system within 16” propeller that produces a smooth current -Controls to adjust heat, jets, and lights -Digital swim pace display with 7” high visibility. LED allows you to see your swim pace -water quality system

* All drawings represent original scale

Pool Room



Board of Directors (9)


Accounts Payable (4)

Accounts Receivable (4)

Executive Administration Assistants (3)


Finance (6)


Human Resources (2)

Lawyers (4)

Payroll (3)

Paralegals (4)

Benefits (2)

Apparel Design (6)

Fragrance Design (4)


Home Accessories Design (4)

Business Development (6)

Public Relations (4)

Marketing (4)

Information Technology (2)

Accessories Design (4)

alph Lauren Corporation is one of the world’s premier brands. This company’s strong and flexible infrastructure has allowed them to capitalize on opportunities and grow their businesses throughout Europe with their new European headquarters office to be established in Barcelona Spain. International expansion presents a wealth of opportunities for Ralph Lauren Corporations. Their approach to each world region is specific to its business climate and structure, while their common goal is to broaden their reach through increasing direct brand ownership and control with new specialty retail store openings. Ralph Lauren Corporations has recently leased an office space of 22,635 sq. ft. for their new European headquarters. Estudio Hokmah has agreed to work with Ralph Lauren Corporations to work with this new building interior aesthetics. The designer has taken the leadership of the company within the design industry into consideration. This design will enhance the forty years of the company’s reputation and distinctive image through careful planning of the space and working environment. The space will feature elegant, yet environmental conscious and cost effective materials. The space will also provide a wellness center for employees to re-energize due to the demanding nature of the fashion design industry each space will uniquely represent end users through finish materials, furnishings and color selection. Concept Words: Elegant, Fun, Functional

Ralph Lauren Corporation Barcelona, Spain

AP Commercial Design

This advanced design studio involves the design of a complex, upscale, corporate interior and reflects the comprehensive synthesis of problem identification, research, program, preliminary design, and design development. Problem-solving centers on universal design and space planning with code applications, wayfinding techniques, and specifying corporate furnishings, architectural details, materials, finishes, and systems that are packaged into construction drawings and specification documents.


his custom reception desk has been designed with elegance in mind. The desk is functional and ADA accessible. The traditional and elegant feel that this desk has, respresents the nature of Ralph Lauren Designs.

* All drawings represent original scale

20/21 Lobby perspective. Hand Drawn and enhanced with Photoshop.






Amtico Flooring

Veritas Ideas

Arch Systems

Arch Systems


Product Number: Wave Slate Black

Product Number: Lancet Black Dimensions Length: 96” or 120 Width: 48” Gauges: 1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”

Product Number: WPAEW053Single-sided

Product Number: Chance-001 Harvest

Dimensions 12” x 12” 12” x 18” 18” x 18”

Product Number: WPAEW500Single-sided Embossed Dimensions 21mm x 41” x 96”

Dimensions Manufactured to your specifications; 36” x 96” maximum

Description 62% Cotton, 33% Polyester, 5% Rayon 54” (137cm) wide 150,000+ double rubs

Ralph Lauren Corp.

The main lobby will incorporate Moorish design arches which motifs have been taken from the veritas lancet black architectural resin. This design will embrace the rich architectural elements of Barcelona.

Grant Residence

Great Room perspective. Hand Drawn and enhanced with Photoshop.


Grant Residence

The great room is a room with ample square footage to accommodate two different conversions functions at the same time. Back to back sofas separate the two spaces. A custom built in also embraces Robert Adam motifs and accommodates state of the art technology.


Pearson Upholstery Product Number: Sofa 2622-3 Dimensions Height: 36” Width: 86” Depth: 38”


Greenwich Living

antiques & design center Product Number: Adam Style Demilune Cabinet Dimensions Height: 36” Width: 48” Depth: 24”


Kindle Furniture Product Number: Shield Back Armchair 76-083 Dimensions Height: 36” Width: 24” Depth: 24”


his extraordinary home is situated in Rancho Santa Fe north of San Diego, CA. The home was designed in the style of Robert Adam for the Grant family, a retired couple. The Grants like to entertain their friends and family, as a result they frequently have guests in their home. Two special guest also visit them quite often, their twin granddaughters. Taking all of the above into consideration the designer was able to transform the Grant Residence into not only a period appropriate home, but also a home which embraces the multiple functions of the residence.


The services that the Grants required where a full space plan of the first and second floor and full designs of the Kitchen, Great Room, Master Bedroom, and Master Bathroom. The home is in the style of Robert Adam. Through carefully researching this branch of English Neoclassical period the designer was able to add architectural features, specify furniture and textiles that embrace the style. The home also features custom period furniture designs that also embrace state of the art technology.

Grant Residence Rancho Santa Fe, California, USA

Residential Design

SECOND FLOOR PLAN * All drawings represent original scale

This class explores the design development phase of the design process. Students research a historical period while making the transition from thinking conceptually to fully developing a detailed residential space. Course content centers on interrelationships of the elements of the 3-D aspects of space such as scale, proportion, and volume. Students apply their historical research to detailing materials, furnishings, and finishes. Discussions include physical and psychological needs unique to the home.

The Master Bedroom has dramatic ceiling heights and architectural features. The bed is a custom designed king size bed and it is in the style of Roberts Adam. Materials in the bed are Mahogany guild bronze and a 100% Linen fabric.

Featured wall perspective. modeled and rendered with AutoCAD


Pearson Upholstery Product Number: Chair 629 Dimensions Height: 19” Width: 31” Depth: 27”


M.S. Raus Antiques Product Number: Robert Adam Demilune Dimensions Height: 29.38” Width: 36” Depth: 18”

* All drawings represent original scale


Walker Zanger

Walker Zanger

Product Number: Autum Gate Deco

Product Number: Autum Spring Leaves Dot

Dimensions 6” x 6”

Dimensions 3” x 3”

Grant Residence



The Master Bathroom has a shower area with separate his and her seating spaces. The large spa tub has two large windows as a backdrop and 100% Linen fabrics are used for the balloon drapes that dress the windows. The roman columns and details in the vanity area are motifs taken from Robert Adam interiors.


Cantu Kitchen

Cantu Kitchen

* All drawings represent original scale


here are five members to the Cantu family. The family built their home in 2002 and has done no remodeling whatsoever to the home since they bought it. After ten year the family has decided to remodel their kitchen. The Cantus wants to replace the cabinetry and appliances. They also want the layout of the kitchen to be functional to their needs, specially their tendency to entertain often.

Field Measure Floor Plan

Field Measure Elevations

After a quick sketch of the proposed display cabinets with glass doors the clients, who at first were skeptical, loved and agreed upon the idea.

Concpet Sketches

After several meetings with the clients, the designer went to their home to review their wants, needs, and to field measure the space. The home currently has a typical layout of a track home kitchen; it has no proper dinning space which causes limitation when entertaining. In addition to their kitchen remodel they want to build an addition to their dinning space to accommodate a table that sits eight people. Three preliminary floor plan sketches were presented to the clients, from which one of the plans was chosen and construction documents were created.

Cantu Kitchen Beloit, Wisconsin, USA

Kitchen Design

Chosen Floor Plan Sketch

This course challenges students to use planning requirements including functional work triangles and clear floor space to create universal and accessible design. Theories of construction, electrical, and basic plumbing are taught with emphasis on these applications within residential kitchens. Industry relevant nomenclature and product information are used to create specifications and cabinet plans.

Top Perspectives

The top left perspective shows the view from the garage entrance. A farm sink from kohler was chosen and a small 18� dishwasher was recommended as opposed to the clients not wanting a dishwasher. The perspective to the top right shows the half wall where a large pantry is currently located taking up unnecessary space. This place was replaced with double wall ovens, a modest pantry and counter space for baking. Glass door cabinets are placed for display purposes. 28/29 Cantu Kitchen


birds eye view of the proposed kitchen and Dining space

* All drawings represent original scale

30/31 Frohnmeyer Bath

Frohnmeyer Master Bath

* All drawings represent original scale


he Frohnmeyers are a retired couple living in a high-rise condominium near downtown Los Angeles, California. The couple has hired a design team of two Isaac Rojas and Kaylyn Tunis, to re-design the master bathroom. Since the space is located in a high rise, the team has suggested wrapping the design around existing architectural feature, dropped ceilings and windows that finish into a wall without a pane. The Interior tile material is continues to the exterior creating a connection between the interior and exterior. Three concept models where provided for the frohnmeyers to decide the design route. The couple settled on the third concept model which has a modern/urban feel. The model also echoes the exterior of the high-rise itself. A modern, Elegant, design with clean lines has been proposed for this bathroom and is prone to be a sanctuary for this retired couple for years to come.

Frohnmeyer Master Bath

Los Angeles California, USA

Bath Design

Cooperating as members of a team, students are challenged to use planning requirements including functional clear floor space to create universal and accessible design. Theories of construction, electrical, and basic plumbing are taught with emphasis on these applications within residential baths. Industry relevant product information is used to create specifications and plans.

* All drawings represent original scale

To the left

32/33 Frohnmeyer Bath

The featured materials are the dark maple wood veneer chosen for the cabinets and the field wall tile from Walker Zangerthat reflects the horizontal and linear motifs that are carried out throughout the bathroom.

Bathhaus Internship All drawings are property of Bathhaus and have been used with permission to solely represent the scope of services and experience that interior design student Isaac Rojas was exposed to


Bathhaus Internship

Drawing where taken and interpreted to create 3D models to facilitated clients in making material and design decisions.

* All drawings represent original scale


was an Intern at the bathhaus from April 7, 2011 to June 10, 2011. It was an incredible experience. I learned much through Jay and Leslie and sat on numerous client meetings from where I recieved much experience

History of Bathhaus:


Barrington, Illinois, USA


Bathhaus Internship

Jay and Leslie have had personal relationships with the Kohler family, the Rohl family and the Dornbracht family to name a few, for two decades. They are so pleased to continue supplying their customers with these incredible product lines. Bathhaus is a firm that takes on kitchen bath projects, but the projects consist mostly of residential bathroom design.


Over twenty years ago, Jay and Leslie Eiring started their own business. Jay has a degree in Journalism and Leslie has a degree in the school of Architecture. With their combined vision they spent much of their first years of business traveling to the ISH fair in Frankfurt Germany to learn about new products. In those early years there was very little available to us here in the United States. Jay and Leslie knew that the bath would one day become an oasis for individuals to relax and unwind and the kitchen would become a functional, comfortable, gathering place for the entire family. Bathhaus began in Lake Zurich in 1988. After 10 years of renting in Lake View Plaza, Jay and Leslie decide to move their business home to Barrington. Their relationships with their vendors are long and true.

Internship is a monitored program for upper-level students to work part-time with cooperating employers in design and architecture. Students complete a portfolio of their work experience and employers evaluate their responsibilities, professionalism, and business skills. This class is available to qualified students who obtain approval from the Academic Director.

Design Portfolio  
Design Portfolio  

Graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts-Interior Design from the Illinois Institute of Art-Schaumburg. The Interior Design program is CIDA ac...