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UV Resistant Artificial Hedges Let the Sun Shine! | Designer plants

Let the Sun Shine! Artificial Hedges by Designer Plants are made for the Australian sun.

We backup our quality claims with real-life tests, and lab tests

Beautify your home without the worry of the sun fading or cracking your green space.

Why artificial hedges? 

Add privacy to your home

Add security to your business

Beautify unsightly areas

Increase height

Earth friendly

Zero Maintenance

Pictures from someone who used a competitors hedge for an outdoor retail display (for 3 months) – they now come to Designer Plants for all their hedge needs

Artificial Hedge and Vertical Garden UV Performance 

A lot of people make claims, but don’t have any evidence to back them up. How can we claim that our UV stabilized artificial hedges and vertical gardens will last? Simple, we havetested them in a real-life situation. No fancy claims based on hypothetical situations.

Case study 1:

Property Location: Beach front, Melbourne.

Situation: Roof top terrace facing the beach.

Hedge: Boxwood Hedge Mat.

Performance: 6 years ago the boxwood hedge was installed onto a roof garden. The hedge receives full sun all day: one side during the morning, and the other side during the afternoon. What does it look like now? The hedge has, admittedly lost some shine and gloss but when you’re on the roof top terrace looking towards your green wall it is still green – not blue like a number of other supplier’s hedges.

Why do we focus on quality? We’ve tested our products for many years and ensured their quality lives up to the promises we make. We have spent a lot of time and money on research and quality improvements to make your hedges stay beautiful for longer. Our Philosophy is to get it right the first time – no-one likes to end up with broken, malfunctioning or substandard products, we want customers to be happy and come back time and time again, not walking away feeling ripped off months later.

Get in touch with Designer Plants 

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Showroom and Warehouse: 2/3 Sahra Grove Carrum Downs, 3201, Victoria, Australia.

Uv resistant artificial hedges  
Uv resistant artificial hedges  

Artificial Hedges by Designer Plants are made for the Australian sun. Unlike our competitors, we have UV resistant hedges. Our UV range is b...